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Your Questions About Asus Netbook Boot From Usb

Laura asks… Trying to recover eee pc asus 900 netbook? When I try to start It says windowssystem32configsystem is corrupt or missing.So I tried booting from a usb flash drive with a bottable windows xp usb and it does nothing.It comes to a black screen that says remove disks or other media.Press any key to [...]


Your Questions About Hp Mini 210

Laura asks… What is the difference between the HP mini 210 series and the 110 series? answers: The 110 series is cheaper and has basic design features, average battery life and the standard touch button pad, upgradable ram/HD, old chick-let style keyboard, dolby logic speakers, Mic, Webcam. The 210 version is more stylish with customizable [...]


Your Questions About Bags Netbook Computer

Ruth asks… need some advice about a netbook or laptop for uni? I’m going to university soon and want to get something that’ll make it a little easier to do my work and make notes. I was thinking about getting a net-book as I could just put it in my bag and make notes with [...]