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Carol asks…

Samsung Fascinate?!?!?!?!!?

i kinda want to get the samsung fascinate, but it has little issues like minor spelling errors and disconnecting calls when you press the search button…
are these issues going to be fixed anytime soon?
also, is the screen scratch proof like the blackberry storm?


I ABSOLUTELY love my fascinate!!!

I have not had those problems and have had it for two weeks now.
Honestly I was paranoid about getting this phone because of the bugs that they always have but i have not experienced ANY problems with mine.

If you do get it I recommend getting the spare battery and charging box thing that they offer, i have to change mine once a day but i never have my phone actually plugged into the wall.. I just change out the batteries.

Maria asks…

How is the battery life on the Samsung Fascinate from Verizon?

How is the battery life on the Samsung Fascinate? I text a decent amount of time and will check facebook several times a day. How will the battery life last for me?


I do the exact same as you and i charge mine every other day. You DEFINITELY don’t need to charge it 3 times a day.

Ken asks…

How do I change my Samsung Fascinate calling back to a puzzle piece?

Sorry if the question is unclear, but I have a Samsung Fascinate and usually when someone calls, there are puzzle pieces (representing the options: Ignore, etc) that I would have to drag.
But this time, there are just regular old options on my screen
What do I have to do to change the option back to looking like puzzle pieces?


If ur fone is locked it will hav tha puzzle pieces that u want but if u r on tha phone it wil hav tha regular buttons.
But if that doesnt work u may hav changed tha settings sumhow. Jus check the settings

Jenny asks…

What is the difference between the iPhone and the Samsung Fascinate?

Okay so I am trying to figure out what phone to get. So I like the way the Samsung Fascinate looks. but people are telling me that it is just like the iPhone. There is an app that I like and I don’t know if I can get it with the fascinate or if I can get iTunes on the Samsung. so what is the difference. thanks.


Alright, now I know much more about the iphone than the fascinate. The iphone has a much larger app store. To my knowledge, the fascinate is android, and one of the top reasons i went iphone is the app store. Android market had no quality games other than angry birds. Android runs widgets, so you can say check the weather without opening an app. You can also check your mail with widgets. The widgets also drain battery life. The iphone has horrible notifications, but has itunes. My music is my life, and I was stressed cause my android droid x didnt have my itunes music. Also the iphone has managed to replace my dedicated camera. It may be only five mega-pixels, but quality is crisp.
The iphone is more user friendly and easy to use.

Think this way:

-Personalization: Fascinate
-Easier to use: iPhone
-Camera quality: iPhone
-Notifications: Fascinate
-Gaming/app store: iPhone
-Music/movies: iPhone

Now think about this choice before just deciding. What are you looking for in a phone. DO NOT PURCHASE A PHONE BECAUSE OF ITS LOOKS!!!!

Sharon asks…

When is the Samsung Fascinate going to be released for Verizon?

My birthday is August 3rd. and my parents promised me to get me the Samsung Fascinate for my Birthday. i hope i can get it as early as i can.


Not until the droid 2 that will be coming out on Aug. 12th has some time to shine. Look for it around Labor day.

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