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Your Questions About Ipad 1st Generation

Richard asks… Trade iPod Touch 4th Generation? Its in very good condition 8gb.with Case.Im looking for something in equal value like a older generation iphone or a ps3 or ipad 1.I know those are high but work with me. answers: If you trade that in, you could probably get the value of an iPhone 3G. [...]


Your Questions About Samsung Fascinate

Carol asks… Samsung Fascinate?!?!?!?!!? i kinda want to get the samsung fascinate, but it has little issues like minor spelling errors and disconnecting calls when you press the search button… are these issues going to be fixed anytime soon? also, is the screen scratch proof like the blackberry storm? answers: I ABSOLUTELY love my fascinate!!! [...]


Your Questions About Samsung Infuse 4g

Charles asks… When does Samsung Infuse 4G get gingerbread 2.3 in the United States? I know Rogers in Canada got the samsung infuse 4G with 2.3 right out of the box. But when does U.S. Get it? answers: At the end of this year and if not the beginning of next Richard asks… Should I [...]