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Your Questions About Netbook 12.1

James asks… is this a good laptop for University, Dell Inspiron Mini 12.1 (Netbook)? I want a light VERY light laptop that can do all my homework on. THX answers: Hey i just bought one of the dell mini 12s and i love it. I am in university and i used to have a 16 [...]


Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops Cheap

Mark asks… where can i get good but cheap laptops with windows xp? my dad needs one for work but has never been on a computer before so i will have to teach him and i have never used vista before so it can’t come with vista. i want a reliable place online to get [...]


Your Questions About Netbooks Laptops

Steven asks… What’s the difference between Netbooks and laptops? Netbooks seem to be cheaper so I would like to get one of those but if their is a big difference between them and laptops then I wont. Thank You!!! answers: Netbooks are generally used for web surfing, email checking and word processing. Laptops are more [...]