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Carol asks…

Where can i get a good laptop for under $300?

I want a good laptop for my school but it has to be under $300…do you know any websites or stores to go to…and it would be great if the laptop was a name brand laptop like acer,hp,compaq,gateway, or maybe even dell..also tell what operating system it comes with…thank you


You can get an Everex StepNote VA4101M for $399.97. That’s the lowest price that I can find for a laptop. I know that you can get a desktop for about $269.99 from eMachines though.

Linda asks…

Whats best for school, notebook or laptop? Under £300?

I want good memory and long lasting battery life. Is there a laptop to buy that fits with my enquiries? (I want a good make for example, Dell, Lg, Acer…)
I want it for school, and work, but I don’t want internet on it but good memroy, so should I get a notebook/netbook or laptop?


Laptops don’t have internet till you set it up on it.i would recommend a dell laptop as they are a decent brand of computer however it’s unlikely you will get one under 300 quid so i would say one of the other brands you listed as they are quite good also.

Lisa asks…

Cheap, Good Laptops? and netbook questions…?

I need a laptop! under 300$ preferably. I was looking at dell inspiron mini netbooks. My friend says they aren’t good, and they only last 3 months, and they’re bad cause they dont have a cd player and they are low on battery. Is this true? If so, do you know any cheap, good looking, fast laptops?


I was also looking for netbook earlier this month.
I got the 10″ hp netbook (red/pink/blue/white/balck) for $255 at Tigre Direct.
There was a cheaper one similar also hp for $199 also at Tigre Direct, however it only came in black.
It’s really light and the battery last for more then a week, which is great!

Helen asks…

dell laptops, why are they so cheap?

im in the market for a good laptop. would like to spend under $700. are the dell laptops this cheap because of the stock plummet and the whole defective battery fiasco? a few months ago i couldnt find a dell laptop for $700 without those $300 off $1000 deals. whats up with these prices? are there coupons out there to bring the price down even more?


The battery thing wasn’t Dell’s fault – Apple is dealing with the same issues with these units sourced from Sony.

But Dell is finally realizing they’ve spent too litle time, resources and attention on two crucial segments of the market:

1) consumers
2) laptops

Historically, Dell’s bread and butter has been desktops for business…and now that the fastest growing segment fo the PC industry is consumers buying laptops (and currently, you can’t find Dell laptops at most consumer retail outlets like you find HP, Toshiba, etc.), Dell is scrambling for a piece of the consumer laptops pie.

Bad for them, but great for consumers like you.

David asks…

What type of laptop/notebook/netbook is best for a budget under £300?

I’m a student, only tend to use the internet and programmes like Microsoft word and powerpoint, so I don’t need anything fancy. However, I want something that will work fast and will last a while, preferably a make with a good reputation (Dell, HP etc).
I have no idea where to start looking, please help me!


Trust me, you will never just use your laptop for internet or Microsot Office. One day you will use it for some gaming. So I suggust you buy a better laptop, of course spend a little more money.
I have bought a HP dv4-3010tx, I think it’s great. Enought for games and design drawing. But it is about $800.
When I buy a laptop, I will check the CPU and the graphics card for they are the most important parts of a laptop, and usually they cannot be upgraded.

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