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Your Questions About Asus Netbook Battery

Richard asks… Asus 1005PE netbook battery life? I’ve looked at some sources, most say the battery life is around 10 hours (14 hours advertised), Im wondering why that is, because im in power saving mode and I only get around 5 hours 15 minutes with the screen on. Do these people mean 10 hours hibernating? [...]


Your Questions About Netbook Hp Mini 210

John asks… Which netbook? HP mini 210, Dell inspiron mini 1011 or Samsung N150? I’m after a netbook and have narrowed it down to the Dell Inspiron Mini 1011, the samsung N150 and the HP mini 210. All are very similar but no idea which is the best. My husband has the dell and I [...]


Your Questions About Net Books Laptops Dell

Betty asks… trying to decide on a laptop (net book)? im trying to decide on the dell inspiron mini netbook for 279 or asus eee pc for 239. whats better oh and what do they mean when they say under wireless networking -b+g and -B+g+n. if you know please tell me which one is better [...]