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Sandy asks…

Can it is possible to play crysis2 game on the sony vaio s series of the below graphic card?

The vaio s series has a i5 processor and 4GB RAM. It has both the CPU and GPU combo of intel HD 3000 and AMD Radeon HD 6470 M(512MB).

steve answers:

You should have mentioned what is the o.s.of your vaio.If XP then its ok but if its windows 7 then you might have to turn the antialiasing at a low level or lower the screen resolution otherwise it would get slow and you will be annoyed to play it.

Jenny asks…

Can you add battery to Sony VAIO C series?

The Sony VAIO C has great specs that I completely love. However, the one thing stopping me from buying it is it’s poor battery life -and estimated 3.5 to 4 hours.

Is there anyway I can perhaps attach a 9-cell battery to extend the battery life, or does the C series not allow that configuration?

If so, should I just go on and buy the S series? It has an estimated time of 6 hour battery life and that specs aren’t too different

steve answers:

Estimated battery life with large battery (7950mAh, sold separately)
Default Settings: Up to 8 hours7
Max. Brightness: Up to 6.5 hours7

Betty asks…

What do you think of the Sony Vaio P Series?

Well, I’m thinking of buy a sony vaio P series netbook thing. I really like the design and it looks awesome. I know it’s over priced and everything but what do you think about it? http://www.sony.com.au/product/vgn-p13gh


Don’t give noob answers I know alot about computers so no need to explain what terms and so mean :D .

steve answers:

I too, fell in love with the vaio P until I actually got some hands on experience with it…..

The trackpoint isn’t quite as smooth and responsive as the Lenovo thinkpads or the Dell latitude/precision.

Produces lots of heat.

Ram and hdd are not user-upgradable.

Speaker volume and audio quality are hideous.

Mediocre performance compared to other netbooks.

Tiny keyboard. (This i’m sure i can get used to after a few days of use)

Below average battery life. ~2.5-3hours while surfing the net w/ half screen brightness with the standard battery option. Other notebooks such as the Asus Eee PC 1000HE lasts 6+ hours


Laura asks…

Does Sony VAIO FJ VGN series won’t accept windows vista installer?

I had some problems about installing windows vista in my Sony VAIO FJ Series… It has no OS so i figured it out installing windows vista OS from the family computer, but it didn’t work. It is always say “This computer hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk’s controller is enabled in the computer’s BIOS menu”

How could I fix my laptop?
Did anyone try this already?

steve answers:

You can’t do it. You are only allowed to install one operating System per computer.
You either need to purchase a Retail Version of Windows Vista, and make sure that your computer meets the bare minimum system requirements.Size of Hard drive and Ram.
You cannot install Vista on 2 machines with the same disc.

Paul asks…

sony vaio series S, CW, W,CS,NS,NR or CR better?

steve answers:

Are you intending to buy?
I’m selling off my SR because i’m getting a macbook! :D
email me @ beautifully-borne@live.com

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Your Questions About Acer Aspire 4250 http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/06/16/your-questions-about-acer-aspire-4250-3/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/06/16/your-questions-about-acer-aspire-4250-3/#comments Sat, 16 Jun 2012 05:06:26 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/06/16/your-questions-about-acer-aspire-4250-3/

William asks…

How can I add more memory to my shared video ram?!?

I want to add more memory to my shared video ram but when i got to the bios its greyed out (i cant pick it as an option) Help!!
Acer Aspire 5552-7803
AMD Phenom Quad-Core N970 2.2Ghz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250
4GB DDR3 Memory

BTW: when im playin gta4 it says im using more memory than I have 260mb out fo 256mb and when i checked with dxdiag it said i have 1913mb on Approx.Total Memory

steve answers:


Paul asks…

Is This A Decent Laptop To Play Good Games Like Cod, Grand Theft Auto, Etc.?

Acer Aspire 5552

Processor: AMD Phenom II Quad-Core N930
- 2GHz
- 2MB L2 cache memory

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Graphics card: Integrated, ATI Radeon™ HD 4250, 256MB of dedicated system memory

Screen features: HD, widescreen
Hard drive: 640GB
Battery: Li-Ion, Up to 3 hours 20 minutes



Thank you in advance! :)

steve answers:

On low settings yes. To make it look anything close to how it was intended to look. No. You only have 3gbs of ram, the processor is really slow at 4x2ghz and only 2mb of cache, and your graphics card (the biggest reason) is an integrated from the processor/motherboard. An upgraded 3gb graphics card will do you wonders.

Joseph asks…

Which Laptop is Best for surfing web, watching videos, and watching occasional HD show?

Acer Aspire AS7745-7949
17 inch screen/LED 1600×900 CineCrystal
i3-370M processor (fastest of 2)
Intel HD integrated graphics card
4GB memory
2.5 hours of battery life



15.6 Screen/ LED 1366×768 TruBrite
AMD Phenom II Dual-Core Mobile Processor N660 3.0 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache (bit slower, still fast)
ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics card
4GB memory
4.5 hours battery life

Which appears to be the better deal? The acer processor is slightly faster and has a bigger screen.
The Toshiba appears to have a better graphics card and longer battery life.

Best Answer and 5 stars for input…Thanks!

steve answers:

The battery life on the Acer is the only thing that’s keeping me from telling you to get that
I have a 17.3 inch Inspiron and it’s great for watching stuff (from a screen size point of view)
Not the most portable thing in the world but that’s to be expected
Are you paring the same for both?
If so I’d have to go with the Toshiba
Of course the processor is gonna be smaller but other than that you get the better battery life, better portability…etc.
Wish I knew what they looked like but looks might only be important to me
Anyway what I’m saying is get the Toshiba

Donald asks…

Why does my brand new laptop keep freezing?

I have just bought an Acer Aspire 5551-A laptop… Windows 7…AMD Athlon X2 Processor P320 (2.1 GHz).. ATI mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics…15.6″ HD LED LCD…. 3 GB DDR3 Memory…250 GB HDD.. 6 cell Li-ion battery (whatever all that means….)

I have only downloaded Google Earth and Skype… I bought this yesterday and prior to using I charged it fully for twelve hours….. it freezes every two minutes… there is an icon in the corner that suggests too much activity though I would only have on window open and when I ALT-CTR-DELETE to see the computers activity…. it’s CPU or whatever is normal like only 12%
wtf is going on….. it actually just froze there for another five minutes…ahhh going insane…. please help!

steve answers:

Your probably using the computer right after it turns on. You have to wait about 5 mins for it to load all of the programs. And then you can use it.

And after you wait a few minutes after you turn it on and it still freezes. Try deleting the last piece/pieces of software/hardware you installed before your computer started freezing.

If the computer keeps freezing and you cant get to the manage software in control panel.

Boot into safemode and delete the programs from there.
To get to safe mode: turn on your computer and spam the F8 key. After you get a black screen with white text. Select Safe Mode.

Your computer will now be in safe mode and you will be able to do what you need to do without any interuptions. Like freezing.

Betty asks…

Call of Duty: 7 – Black Ops PC Menu Freeze?

I was recently surfing the internet for games, then I saw Call of Duty 7. I wanted to see if my Laptop could run it, so I pirated it. I plan on getting it, though it seems that it freezes whenever I try running BO.

Here are my specifications:

Acer Aspire One 5251-1007
AMD v120 Processor 2.20GHz.
3.00Gb of RAM.
64-Bit Operating System (Windows Home Premium)
ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4250 (1405MB Hypermemory)


Thanks in advance and have a Happy Mom’s day tomorrow,
~Kyle C.

steve answers:

Id recommend buying it cos simmalar things happened to me when i downloaded GTA San Andreas for free and since i bought it the menu freezing stopped

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Your Questions About Macbook Black http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/06/09/your-questions-about-macbook-black/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/06/09/your-questions-about-macbook-black/#comments Sat, 09 Jun 2012 11:06:15 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/06/09/your-questions-about-macbook-black/

Donna asks…

Macbook (black)?

So im looking foward to getting a black macbook after purchasing a car. I first would like some information for those who has one or heard things about it. Since I researched it I know alot about it but what im concern and is the main reason im getting this laptop is that its lighter than the laptop im using now. But does anyone know what it weights? Also small screen more portable for college. Simplicity (which I like the most). Now my most concern is that am I able to change the themes on the computer like windows classic. I like how they have the icons all at the bottom actually and is better than always clicking the start menu but can you personalize it to have a classic. I dont like the bubbly and colorful look of the windows themes they have now so thats the reason. Thank you.


The MacBook (I’d get the white, it’s not worth $200 more for a black), runs MacOs X Leopard. You’ll be able to change themes, icons whatever you want. If you go to the Apple website and go to their education store, you can click on the MacBook specs, it’ll tell you the weight. Spend the $200 on a larger hard drive or a superdrive & pick up iWorks 08 which will fulfill your word processor needs. Enjoy a laptop without 115,000 Windows viruses.

Joseph asks…

How to make a whie macbook black?

i need some ways i can make my white macbook look like a black macbook. Should i spray paint it or what?

And i am not getting a skin.
and im not buying a new black one.


Buy a black macbook.

Sandy asks…

What is the average battery life of the black Macbook?

I do believe my macbook is from the very first generation? It’s black and it doesn’t have the iTunes (pause next song last song etc.) buttons at the top. I think it was the first black macbook released?

So my question is, what’s the average battery life? I’m wondering if my laptop needs a new battery.


My Macbook would last probably 3-4 hours without being plugged in.

Jenny asks…

Where can I get black keys for the new macbook?

I got my new macbook a couple days ago. The new one with the new design. I tried to switch keys with someone with an old black macbook, but it didn’t work. Where can I get black keys for the new macbook? Will the new macbook pro’s keys work?


No they will not. I think the only place would be to find them online. Sorry :(

Mark asks…

How Can I protect my new black macbook from scratches and dings?

I just ordered the black macbook and want to protect my investment. I have looked at invisible shields but am afraid of having something actually stick onto my computer, and wonder how it will look. Also, its kind of pricey and you need to leave your computer alone for 24 hours (I use mine every single day for work).

Anyone have suggestions, alternatives, etc? 10 points!


I just use this..
Glad’s PRESS’N SEAL..Works and, it’s SuperCHEAP~!

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Your Questions About Google Tablet Price http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/06/01/your-questions-about-google-tablet-price-3/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/06/01/your-questions-about-google-tablet-price-3/#comments Fri, 01 Jun 2012 02:07:07 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/06/01/your-questions-about-google-tablet-price-3/

Steven asks…

Can anyone help me in getting a killer gaming laptop for 1,300-2,000 dollars?

Alright, I’m in a strange position…I’m what you call a half-nerd. I know lots about computers (I work with several programs on a regular basis), but I’m not really up to date on what’s happening with the newest graphics cards, processors, etc. Google isn’t being very useful, because whenever I find a review site for computers, they’re all at least 2 or 3 years old.

The only “Work” I’ve ever really done was one time when I replaced my graphics card…although, it wasn’t until AFTER I got the card, I figured out the entire motherboard was obsolete. So, it’s been a few years later, and I figured that since I travel around so much, I want a sweet gaming laptop.

Anyways, here’s what I want…

A PC, obviously. Can’t stand macs…and I was thinking of trying out Vista. Lots of my friends have it, and they seem to like it.

I want it to be able to play a game such as Team Fortress 2 on max (or near max) settings with no lag whatsoever. So, I know that this takes lots of RAM and processing power, but I want to know how much to get without having too much. I hate having to blame the computer every time I die.

Also, I was thinking a 16″ or 17″ display.

At least 80 gigs of memory… actually, on second thought, I’m probably going to need way more. I plan on storing a ton of music/video/games

And, this is probably a long shot, but since I use Adobe Flash and Photoshop on a regular basis, it would be awesome if I could get a graphic tablet screen…or whatever you call it when you can draw on the screen…for a reasonable price. This isn’t necessary, though. I can always just plug my so-so graphics tablet into it.

Thanks for reading! Points will be given to the best answer!


Best selling gaming Laptop.

Richard asks…

Where can I buy digital pen in India?

After asking this question: http://superuser.com/questions/209059/what-do-i-need-a-digital-pen-or-a-pen-tablet-or-something-else I realized I need a digital pen.

I’m not looking for a pen tablet. I need a digital pen. These are top 5 digital pens. http://gadgetophilia.com/top-5-digital-pens/ I cannot find any of those in any of those in Google Shopping or Rediff shopping or any other kind of shopping.

Please tell me what is the price & where can I buy it.


You can get this from ebay, but it is little bit expensive, so why don’t you search it out with pc vendors or in Big Bazar or at e-zone, chroma etc.

For More Tech Updates Please Visit To My Tech Blog at:

Lizzie asks…

Looking for a student/web browsing laptop (details…)?

So, I’m currently looking for a new laptop. Size is most important to me – I want something around 13″, but a little more or less is okay. I just know that I don’t want a full-size 15.6″ nor a cramped 10″ netbook. Second most important to me is battery life – I want it to have really good battery life. As for use, I don’t do much of any gaming. I’d want to use it mostly for word processing (done primarily in the cloud via Google Docs) as well as listening to music (again, in the cloud), email, web browsing, etc. I might do the occasional video/graphics project, and I’d like to be able to plug in my graphics tablet. But I’m really not looking for something high end, I want the price to be low. So let me know if there is anything you might recommend, I’m overwhelmed by the choices!!!
Thanks Lavish, that looks like a really nice laptop! However it looks like it’s only available in India and I need something in America. Let me know if you find a US link!!


Those are some beautiful choices you have.
I myself love such lightweighed laptops.
Samsung NP300V3A-A03IN Laptop is the one for you.
It’s loaded with decent features and has a good battery life. I won’t recommend you to go lower than this screen size. Also, Lenovo is not the best choice, those are not durable.

Charles asks…

Which Laptop is the Best for Me? ?

I’m looking to buy a laptop just after Christmas. I haven’t set a limit in stone, but I’m probably looking into a price range of £300-£650 (up to 745 Euros or 960 dollars).

The laptop is primarily for entertainment purposes: for managing itunes, downloading, streaming videos, Photoshop (I’ll also buy a drawing tablet to use with this) and programs requiring a good amount of memory and speed, such as Second Life and Google Earth, etc.

I don’t care about the weight of the laptop, but I want a good screen and a computer that doesn’t run out of battery within five minutes of being unplugged. Can anyone recommend a good laptop for entertainment/internet usage?


Asus Laptop X59GL-AP007C
Intel® Core2 Duo T5800 (2.0 GHz)
HDD 250 GB ( 5400 RPM)
15.4″ (WXGA) Colour Shine
DVD Super Multi
NVIDIA GeForce® 8200M G shared
3072 ( 1024 x 1, 2048 x 1) Mb DDR2 667MHz
4x USB 2.0
Wireless LAN Intel 3945 BGN, WLAN
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
£360.00 (£414.00 Inc. VAT)


should handle all the usage you mentioned with ease

Chris asks…

Its about this drug and prices? Plz lookIts about this drug and prices? Plz look?

Ok i was just thinking and wondering about this i wuld never do it but ik that drug dealers get alot of cash for sellingall the stuff i was just wondering if anyone know how much one tablet of an asthma pill singular 117 mrk is worth just sold as 1 by itself as a drug deal on the streets i wuld never do any of this is was just wonderinf plz answer and i already checked google.


Your going to be arrested

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Your Questions About Tablet Pc Reviews http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/05/27/your-questions-about-tablet-pc-reviews-4/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/05/27/your-questions-about-tablet-pc-reviews-4/#comments Sun, 27 May 2012 14:07:17 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/05/27/your-questions-about-tablet-pc-reviews-4/

Lisa asks…

I’m thinking of buying a hp pavilion tx2000z series pc tablet…will it last long enough?

I’ve heard many reviews on the hp pc tablet and have been doing a lot of research on it. A lot of reviews say its the best on the market but some reviews say that the computer dies after 13 months…I’ve also been considering the new Dell Latitude Pc Tablet that released on Nov. 5 this year. I have no idea if i should buy the hp or the dell. the dell is great too but it has an unbalanced speaker sound because only one speaker is installed and i will listen to tons of music on my computer. What should i pick?? What would you prefer for the best pc tablet? Are pc tablets any good or are regular laptops better?? Please get back!!


Only you know what’s right for you. I think that you should go with the HP, personally, because it sounds more like what you would be wanting. You could always buy a warrenty, so if it dies, send it back. If the majority say it’s a good PC, then that combined with what I know about HP tells me it’s pretty safe.

William asks…

Would you suggest a Inspiron Duo Tablet PC to a traveling writer?

My old laptop that I’ve been using for quite some time now has died. It’s done with life. Now, I’m looking for a new, portable device that I can take with me where ever I go, that I can type on. I don’t like Ipads or any sort of tablet that doesn’t have a real keyboard. But I saw the Inspiron Duo Tablet PC and thought that it looked like what I was looking for, but I couldn’t really find anything in the reviews except that it was a good laptop/tablet. Would you suggest this device to me, for my purposes?


To guide you to the best laptop for your purpose please consider the following:

- as you use it mostly for typing a comfortable keyboard is most important. You do not necessarily need to use the keyboard on your laptop, you can use any usb keyboard, but if you move a lot this is not comfortable. Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless keyboards are a more expensive alternative. External keyboards may prevent RSI better than built in laptop keyboards.
- simple word processor software that runs on your computer without any internet connection may be the way to go. Not everybody needs the facilities of Word 2010 which also likes you to have internet connection to look up help items. If it is possible to install the word processor you were used to on new laptop that would definitely get you up to speed faster. Simple word processor software will also allow you to purchase a very cheap laptop because it doesn’t require a lot of computer resources.
- if you travel a lot compact size and light weight is more important. Smaller size leads to a smaller screen and a less comfortable keyboard and usually means less usb ports, which makes your laptop less versatile. Bigger screen size is more important if you travel less.
- if you are frequently without power battery capability is more important. In real life the given battery life is about 2/3 of what a manufacturer states.
- if you need internet connection all the time, built in 3G is the way to go.

Nancy asks…

Which would be better: A Tablet PC or a regular laptop?

I wanna get a new laptop but can’t decide between a regular laptop or a Tablet PC. The Tablet PCs look really cool to me when they first came out. I’ve heard mixed reviews about them. I was thinking of maybe going for the kind that has the 360 swivel screen and it also has a keyboard, so it really is a Tablet and laptop in one. What I wanted to know is are those Tablet PCs as good as the Wacom tablets? Are there any drawbacks? I’m trying to make a pro/con list before I buy one. You’re welcome to share yours. I would like to be well in formed. Thanks :)

Btw, price is no option for me. I’m looking for quality over quantity. I wanna use it for note taking in class and I’d also be using programs like Microsoft Office and Photoshop and etc. Even gaming.


This has always been an area of interest for many people, my view on this is limited to reviews and opinions.

The biggest advantage of a tablet is – light weight, good battery life, quick startup and then the ability to browse the internet or watch a movie. They claim you can use them for business or for school but the limitations on software and connectivity make this in most situations impractical. The advantage of a computer is – well the ability to compute !!!

My view is that tablets work mainly due to the focus on the unit actually being a tablet – with light weight OS and limited spec’s to keep battery life as long as possible. The issue with hybrid systems is that they never tick all the boxes – the software is never quite as good as a real tablet.

My view here is simple – ignore the tablet requirement I think you will never be totally happy with the actual result. But focus on the lightness and quick start-up ability coupled with good battery life. Seeing is money is no objection then if I was in your shoes I would go for a very lightweight laptop with good battery life – and right now I think the apple air is the top choice, it’s a thin as a tablet and yet has the ability to do most of your above requirements- gaming may be hard as it only has a nvidia 320M. If your happy to wait for 8 weeks apple may have the refresh out with sandy bridge.

Michael asks…

What is the best Tablet PC for someone who wants to draw on it?

I am an artist who is currently using a Tablet that I connect to my regualar laptop computer to draw. I want a Tablet PC where I can draw directly on the screen. I have been researching this for quite a while now and none of the websites or reviews I have seen say anything about it’s ability to draw easily on the screen, or really any details about drawing at all. If anyone could suggest some good tablet PCs for digital art and drawing, that would be great! Thanks! (Not sure where to put this question, in the art section or the computer section, cx )

An iPad wont work because I want to draw, and you can only use your finger with an iPad, and I need to use a pen. Or a stylus or something.


Most tablet PC screens are fine for a bit of sketching, I would go for a capacitive multi touch tablet pc screen for the best drawing inputs.

I’m afraid though most consumer end tablet PCs aren’t that great for detailed drawings, as they weren’t really designed for that purpose. I would stick to the tablet input for desktop machines. Drawing on one object while viewing on another isn’t the most ideal setup, but it’s the most accurate one when you get used to it.

George asks…

Looking for a Tablet PC?

I’m a future college freshman who is looking for a tablet pc (not a tablet but a laptop that has a touchscreen) within the $300-$900 range. I just want to be able to take notes, write papers, and surf the internet, fairly smoothly and not having to much trouble. I’ve looked and I get the impression that hp makes the better ones but also more expensive. The big thing is still having a keyboard but still writing notes down with a pen. I’ve gone to many different sites (and I took a IT class so I understand alot of the specs and things behind the machine) but the reviews change from site to site. Does anyone having any help on where to go or any suggestions on what to get?


Well, I know you mentioned your budget to be $300-$900 but I think for a bit more you should look at the Lenovo X220 tablet.(I’ll include the link below). Personally I prefer Thinkpad’s over HP for a few reasons. HP’s have always had a heat problem for me and I owned a tablet from them with an AMD processor about 2-3 years ago and the fan was loud. I’m not sure now if they removed the squishy resistive like touch screens but they weren’t really accurate since it wasn’t a Wacom one. The fingerprint scanner mine had never really worked. Battery life…well it was mediocre at best. I’ve never owned a Lenovo tablet but did own a Thinkpad T61 and the only complaint I had was that the battery life wasn’t as bad as the HP but still not to my standards. (Batteries in general I think all suck.Finally, now they seem to be improving). I’ve been looking at the x220 for myself and seen quit a few reviews for it and think its the best one on the market today. Its a shame the only tablets out now are slate tablets with mobile OS’s. Very few manufactures produce true Tablet PC’s anymore. I remember Gateway made a good tablet over 3 years ago and it was very good. So in the end, I’d see the Lenovo tablet. If you can’t get that or don’t like it give the HP a try and if its not fixed with the problems I’ve mentioned in previous generations I’d skip the tablet phase since the only manufacture out there would be Dell. I’m pretty sure you hear the facts about Dell’s quality and service….Good Luck.

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For Students http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/05/25/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-students-12/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/05/25/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-students-12/#comments Fri, 25 May 2012 16:07:25 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/05/25/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-students-12/

Charles asks…

What is the lightest, smallest, affordable, good quality.. laptop for sale?

I am in the market for a new laptop. the main function I will be using is for carrying to work daily so I can show powerpoint presentation to my students. I currently have a dell inspiron. It’s about 3 years old. battery life is not that great. It is small, but not that light. I know apple is coming out with light ones.

what laptop brand and model do you recommend that best meets the criteria of:
a) lightest less than 8 pounds
b) smallest (would like it to fit into my hand bag)
c) cheapest/affordable around 500
d) good battery life with out the external cord
e) wireless of course
f) good for mainly powerpoint usage, not necessary for typing research paper.

please give me the average price also.

thanks a bunch for your time and details



Please favorite.

Daniel asks…

Affordable but great laptop?

I’m trying to save up for a laptop of my own (i’m 16). My dream one would be a MAC but I don’t have that kind of money right now. I also really like ipads (my dad has one), but i feel like its not as practical for a highschool student who’s going to be writing a lot of papers and doing research ans such very often. I feel an ipad is more of a recreational, for fun, easy-going everyday type of computer. My favorite part about the ipads are the apps. I find them extremely convenient and fun. Any ideas what I should do? If you have any laptops ou really like and find them helpful and great for school purposes mainly, please let me know! Thanks so much for all your help!


Avoid HPS they overheat!!! Everyone i know with a hp complains about this and i have one and it gets really really hot after 1h of usage.. A good laptop could be a dell for ur purpose you could get a dell inspiron, their cheap to buy and still good laptops, just dont expect to play games on it, if you want you can get a dell xps, a bit more expensive but good for decent games and excellent sound quality, their about 800$ and pretty good without the need to customize it, though buy it online because they are cheaper on the site.

Jenny asks…

Great Laptop for an Engineering Student?

I am purchasing my first laptop and I have spent the last 2 or 3 weeks researching the most popular ones that are out there. I have noticed that Dell Inspiron and XPS M1210 as well as HP Pavillion and Acer Aspire are among the most popular and affordable ones. I would appreciate anyone’s opinion on any of these laptops as well as any other ones that can be suitable for an eng student. I am looking for something that is not too pricey and not too bulky yet that can meet every student’s requirements.


Info for you

This is from my notes, hope it helps..

Choosing a laptop
You have to decide on weight and battery criteria.

1. Weight – If you are going to carry it to and fro to school/office then consider getting a lightweight model. An external CD drive may be an option as if you not into burning disks or watching DVD then you hardly use the CD drive. Something about less than 2 kg is a lightweight.

2. Battery Life, – if you never going to use it on batteries then you can go bigger processor and larger screen. You can consider not buying the battery if appropriate. You can have two power supplies; one at home and one in the office is good for large heavy laptops.
If you want to use the laptop on batteries then you may have to choose a smaller processor and a smaller screen so
you can get the hours required out of the battery.

3. Minimum specifications –
Games will require more specifications – more ram and –more video card specs – more processor power.
Generally though:
-a decent video card (for projection of power point presentations)
-Wireless networking
-Consider a high speed hard drive
-Consider an external DVD drive or an Internal Burner -depending on your needs
-Consider 1 or 2 Gig RAM
-Consider 80GB Hard drive or larger
-Software able to update from their websites
-Internet security and
-Antispyware (free from net) is a must for internet use.
-Easy accessible USB ports
- built in webcam
- A Mouse
- a keystone lock
-A carry bag. Sometimes the manufacturer’s bag is the best buy

When looking at laptops in the shop do this:
(this is written for XP but should be able to do it in Vista, ask the attendant for assistance.)
Click Start – help and support.
Type in Processor in the search

Go through the results you can see what hardware and what Microsoft products are installed in the laptop/ computer.

Sharon asks…

OK so i need a new laptop with good specs but has to be affordable!?

im a student, i dont get my loan for another 6 weeks but i need a new laptop, i need good specs but around £350 – £400 max!


You won’t get a decent laptop for that money, reckon on spending at least 500. Dell Inspiron 15 series are pretty good at a reasonable price. Go to Dell.co.uk

Robert asks…

Best laptop brand to choose..?

yeap, as the title said.. what are the best & affordable laptop brand to choose (except than Mac & Apple computers.. and Sony also.. hehe..)??

laptop that are fit for both gaming and work, especially student.. and not for business or office laptop type..

please state ur answer with reasons please..
thank you for your cooperate.. appreciate it.. :D


I would recommend you to go for Hp or Dell, they have reasonable prices and are quite good. Other brands such as Acer or Toshiba and stuff are not that good they don’t live up to their hype of quality.

If you are looking for something specifically for gaming and stuff then go for Alienware laptops, they are a little expensive but you will never be disappointed but that is if you’e looking for serious gaming, otherwise a normal laptop from Dell or HP will suffice your needs very efficiently.

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Sandra asks…

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 or ipad 2?

Which one is Better, and can you give me some details? I’m 12 and I want 2 be able to play games, listen 2 music, etc.



I would say the Galaxy Tab is better for you, it is smaller and a lot more efficient especially if you are taking it around. An iPad 2 is quite bulky(But thin…) and it may slip from your hands and you can damage it. Galaxy Tab will be more than enough for playing games and listenting to music.


Daniel asks…

Which is best ipad 2 or samsung galaxy tab 10.1?

please answer me as fast as u can



The Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes with 1280×800 resolution, while the iPad 2 offers 1024×768 resolution. But considering the size of the screens, the resolution of both the devices is relatively more or less the same. There is hence not much to compare here.
Processor Power

The iPad 2 comes with the powerful new dual-core 1GHz A5 processor, which makes the device much faster than imaginable.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor. Interestingly, the A4 chip used in the original Apple iPad had been designed by Samsung, which is known and acknowledged to be the largest part manufacturer for Apple.
Operating System

The Apple iPad 2 runs iOS 4.3, which makes the browser much faster. Besides, this version of the iPad brings with its enhanced AirPlay and iTunes Home Sharing features. IOS 4.3 also provides an improved version of Apple’s proprietary Nitro JavaScript, meaning that the program runs faster on all iOS-based devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 runs Android 3.0, also referred to as Honeycomb. This gives it powerful and effortless multitasking and easily customizable widgets.

The Apple iPad 2 offers a choice of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB internal memory. The Galaxy Tab, on the other hand, offers only two choices, 16GB and 32GB.

Neither Apple nor Samsung have so far revealed the RAM on their latest devices. So we will have to await more information on that.

Both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad 2 come with 2 cameras. The former includes an 8MP rear-facing and 2MP front-facing camera. Apple have yet to reveal specifications on their cameras.

Additionally, Samsung is believed to be offering 1080p video capture support on its new device.
Battery Life

The Apple iPad offers 10 hours of battery life. There are no details yet on the battery life of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. But we all know that Android 3.0 would offer enhanced battery life in tablets running its OS. The Motorola Xoom also offers 10 hours of battery life, so maybe we can expect the same with the latest Galaxy Tab too.

The pricing is the vital aspect of difference between the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Apple iPad 2. The iPad 2 is priced at $499 for the most basic 16GB WiFi version. The price for the best 64GB WiFi + 3G model is $829.

Android 3.0 tablets have so far been quite expensive. The Motorola Xoom, for instance, is priced at $599 with a 2-year contract and at $799 without contract. The 32GB WiFi + 3G model of the iPad 2 costs only $729.

Considering the above aspect, one has to wonder if the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be priced competitively enough.

Robert asks…

is samsung galaxy tab 10.1 better than ipad 2?


If the samsung galaxy had all the apps the ipad had it would be way better but the ipad has ALOT more

Laura asks…

is the ipad 2 or samsung galaxy tab 10.1 better?


^^thats all tabs in general not the ipad alone.

Get the galaxy tab

I prefer android over apple for the reason that its open-source, that means that the majority of the apps are free, and you get more revolutionary and cutting edge apps. And do things are even only barely available on a jail broken iphone
The android market already has 250000(only 300 specifically for tablet) apps- closing in on apple 500000; some say it will surpass it before the year is over. Also any popular ipad game or game adaptation can be found in the android market for free.
Another great thing about android as that if you dont like something (keyboard, homescreen, etc.) it can easily be swapped without jail-breaking, unlike the ipads one-size-fits-all approach.

Galaxy tab over ipad
Turn-by-turn voice GPS
Better higher resolution screen
No need to connect to computer to sync
More customizable
More powerful hardware
Flash support, watch ALL the online videos
Better cameras
Lighter and thinner

Apple lovers that say that the ipad is made of better quality material? They don’t realize that Samsung, an android phone/tablet maker, supply’s the screen, processor and memory for apple devices, so android has the advantage here.

Also apple never invents anything, all they do is steal old technology, give it a fresh coat of paint and mass advertise it as “magical” and “innovating”, thus fooling the mass of the population into believing that apple offers cutting edge technology, that in fact has been around for quite a few years.
So instead of innovating, apple actually hinders technology- after 4 years they still have low-power single core phones and tablets, while android, an example of technology in overdrive, has rumored that, after their second year, the release of quad core phones and tablets that will surpass even some desktop computers in shear processing power.

Apple should now feel pretty worried; android has passed it in market share


Then apple panics and sues


The funny thing is that apple can’t sue for being the first touchscreen or tablet, because they weren’t,(Nokia fist touch screen, “archos” first tablet) so instead they sue for much more relevant things like, “the rounded icon corners” and “having a flat screen” or “the square shape of the phone”……..

To top it all, if you’ve seen apples 2011 presentation, they blatantly copied over five “new” features that were previously on android.



1. Notification bar
2. Twitter integration
3. No need to connect to PC to sync
4. Launch apps from lock screen
5. Tabbed browsing

And not only are they copies, but apple didn’t even bother to improve, or change some of them in any way- some even have LESS features than their android counter parts, it’s basically a cheap imitation with the ever-popular iphone skin.
According to Steve jobs, these “revolutionary” new technologies that android users had since 2007 will be available on IOS5, and it would not surprise me to see some more android features from 2008 on IOS6.But the truly sad part is that due to apples marketing, in a few months, apple lovers will really think that apple invented those features and call android the copycats…yet again.

Though I suppose Google should’ve seen it coming….

“Good artists copy great artist steal”- Steve jobs (apple CEO)

Paul asks…

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or ipad 2?

Gosh the toughest decision ever!


Samsung is so much better now…

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Ruth asks…

i want to buy a laptop, i have short listed two laptops, dell inspiron 15r(core i3) & lenovo ideapad z560?

which one is best, which one has more battery life………… plz help me……………


Z560 for sure…it will have best battery life and has the most features compared with the dell

the quality is also better on the lenovo

Betty asks…

can i change my laptop processor from core 2 to i3 or i5, its a lenovo?

i wanted to know if i can upgrade a lenovo laptop from core 2 processor to i3 or i5!!!


You can not do as the system whole structure need to re-build,
1. Motherboard
2. Processor
3. Ram,
this will be not provided by the company,

Mary asks…

Which one better, asus a43sj or lenovo z460 (core i3) ?


Hello, Lenovo will be better.

Robert asks…

Lenovo – Edge Laptop / Intel Core i3 Processor / 14″ Display / 4GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive?

It costs about $570, Graphics Card is Intel® HD. More:http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Lenovo+-+Edge+Laptop+/+Intel%26%23174%3B+Core%26%23153%3B+i3+Processor+/+14%22+Display+/+4GB+Memory+/+500GB+Hard+Drive+-+Black/2821479.p?skuId=2821479&productCategoryId=pcmcat138500050001&id=1218354582653

I wonder something about its performance when running big games like DotA, StarCraft2,COD7,WOW and also, whether it’s worth the price.
I’d appreciate if you answer it for me, thanks!
Well I have not bought it yet.


You can check if they will run or not here. Http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/CYRI/
i think they will run smoothly but this site will give you the full report.

Susan asks…

Lenovo z570(intel core i5 processer, 3GB ram,640GB hard disk,2mp camera) vs dell inspiron 15R (intel core i3 p?

who is good


Lenovo z570 – isn’t a 750GB, 4GB ?

Lenovo imo better processor and bigger HD

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Mark asks…

What laptop should i get for college?

My boyfriend keeps suggesting a netbook with a 12.1 inch screen but I think it wouln’t be powerful enough and too small. I more want around a 14 inch screen. I need it to be portable because I’m planning on taking it to classes. It also needs a great battery life. I’m not into gaming so don’t worry about that and I also prefer windows over a mac. Thanks!



I brought Asus k53sv laptop a month back for my college purpose ( project and stuff ) and it is the best.

Its kinda cheaper than Dell and also very fast.

The cost is around 900$, but its worth it.

Battery life is around 3 hours on normal use, if you are on heavy gaming than it works for 1 hour.

It has 15.6″ screen.

This might help you :-


PS : I have both Windows and Mac installed in it ^_^

Chris asks…

Which netbook’s better? The Hannspree 12.1″ SU4100 or the Acer Aspire One 11.6″ AMD C-60 at Costco?

Both netbooks are very similar,but which one’s better overall?
Please,be very specific about the specs comparisons,if you can.Thank you.


The amd is much better. It is much more energy efficient and has dedicated graphics.

Jenny asks…

Will I keep window 7 if I system restore?

I just installed window 7 over window vista on my laptop/netbook (12.1“) last month and want to do a system restore, but I was wondering would I lose my OS window 7 and return back to window vista?

Hopefully you understand me!

Thanks, Philo



Carol asks…

Netbook or notebook? I need a computer but not sure what to buy?

I’m looking to buy a computer. I have around £250 to spend and can’t decide between a netbook or notebook (laptop)
I want it for internet surfing and downloading of music, tv (iplayer etc). Not interested about games or anything . I am really stuck

Two options are:
Processor Intel Atom N270 / 1.6 GHz
1 gb ram
128 MB video memory
160 gb hard drive
Display Type 10.2″ TFT
Battery will last around 7-10 hours

Processor Intel Core Duo 1.66Ghz
Hard Drive 60Gb Hard drive
Screen 12.1” TFT
Battery 3-4 hours perhaps
they are both very similar and practical but really lost as to what’s the best to go for. They both have pros and cons.
Can i surf the web, download and watch a tv show at the same time or will it stutter?


Well the video memory on the netbook just sucks. So if you play games or something, get the notebook. The only advantage to the netbook is that it’s smaller with a larger battery. If you want to use the internet quickly, but have no problem with a few extra pounds if you carry it, and also want to do things that have nice graphics (including desktop wallpapers) i would go notebook all the way.

Sharon asks…

Sims 2 on laptop? will it work? Netbook? hp?

will the sims 2 game run ok on this laptop? or will it be really slow and crummy?



It’s possible, the graphics are not too bad as long as you don’t go crazy and try and run Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Freetime or Apartment Life on it. But the earlier expansions *should* be fine. The processor is also quite slow for a machine running Vista which might affect performance, although it does meet the minimum requirements. But then the minimum requirements are what are needed to get the game up and running, not what’s needed for a smooth game-playing experience.

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Michael asks…

What is the best laptop for me?

I’m trying to find a laptop that is fast enough for gaming, downloading songs and pictures, and school work. All the laptops I find are like $300+ I really don’t want to pay that much for a medium sized laptop, If you have any suggestions on a reliable store or website please tell me.


I have a few that I would recommend and they have great price tags:
Acer AO532h-2588 10.1-Inch Onyx Blue Netbook – Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life
*1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450 Processor
*1GB DDR2 Memory
*160GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM); 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Certified
*10.1″ WSVGA Acer CrystalBrite LED Display, Intel GMA 3150 Graphics
*Windows 7 Starter; Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life



Susan asks…

What is a Good laptop for a 15 year old?

I use alot of programs of the internet,
I want a laptop from $200-500 but not a little gay net book, i like normal medium sized laptops that i can bring places. I mainly want it to take notes at school and to use for various programs at home, and use it for internet and stuff like that.
Screen size around 12-13 inch.
Battery life around 7-8 is cool.
I like Toshiba the best but any other suggestion is fine.
I paying for this with my own money!!!



Paul asks…

Where can I find medium sized stickers for my computer?

Hi, im looking for a Paul Frank Sticker so I can put it on my laptop seeing as how my laptop cover is really scratched. I just want to collect different stickers and stick them on top of my laptop. I’d like Paul Frank or Roxy.

Also I’ve seen the laptop stickers that are one piece that cover the entire laptop where can i find those? but i’m more interested in the paul frank stickers and roxy stickers.


Try here: Sticker Cover for Laptop Notebook

Mandy asks…

What cheap gaming laptop can you recommend?

I’m looking for a laptop which is capable to run most if not all PC games today. I’m not looking for laptop features; just its ability to run games smoothly on high graphics settings with little or no lag. I prefer to have Windows Vista as an OS, but it can be Windows 7. I prefer to have a medium sized laptop to allow for mobility without having a small screen. My budget is about $500. Please tell me if this is plausible. Thank you.


Depends on the games your trying to play you can find a laptop with a i3 or AMD Vision 2.5Ghz or faster with 4GB DDR3 ram for about 500$ just look at bestbuy or walmart.com

Linda asks…

What make and model of laptop should I buy to run Linux on?

I’m looking to buy a medium sized laptop to run Linux on and use primarily for word processing and web surfing. I’d prefer a computer with an understated design, and I’d like it to have a matte finish that won’t show fingerprints.


Ubuntu and Dell



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