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Michael asks…

I plan to get a cheap and affordable laptop, preferably for surfing the internet.?

I plan to get a cheap and affordable laptop, preferably for surfing the internet. What are the things to look out for in a laptop? My needs is to surf the internet, prefer to have a faster loading processor for watching movies, youtube and playing the game or any source of entertainment. What is needed in a laptop for my requirements?


Go with a laptop with at least dual core technology; for what you are using your laptop, having more than two cores is not needed (i.e. I don’t recommend the purchase of a laptop with a quad core CPU.). Also, as far as the CPU goes, it will be a good idea to find one that runs at 2.4 GHz. Now, it is important to have more than 1GB of RAM. Usually, laptops that come with a 64 bit version of Windows Vista will come with more than 3GB of ram, which is more than what you need. For what you are using your laptop, I would go with one that has a 32 bit version of Windows Vista preinstalled; however, you can find some good multimedia Acer brand laptops for around 800 dollars or so that come with a dual core CPU that runs at 2.4 GHz, Windows Vista 64, and of course, 4 GB of RAM. As far as video cards go: if you want to have very good display, then go with a Macbook, but remember that Apple products are very expensive; in general, NVIDIA graphics with over 300MB of memory are good. Also, make sure that you have a decent amount of HDD space, but really, for what you are using your laptop, I would go with speed over space, so try to find an HDD with the fastest R/W speed and smallest HDD capacity. If you want blu-ray drives, then you will have to look at specific brands as not all manufacturers make reasonably affordable laptops with such ODDs. Also, I would recommend a netbook configuration, but you are wanting to watch movies and I think what I have recommended will be sufficient for the multimedia purposes for which you intend to use it.

Good luck.

Joseph asks…

Need an affordable laptop that will run DoW2?

I’m looking to buy an affordable laptop that will run Dawn of War 2 smoothly. Any recommendations on the best bang for my buck?
Here’s a list of requirements/recommendations to run DoW2. A laptop that is affordable and can run these with relative ease would be amazing. I used to be a little more computer savvy but that was really only with desktops and the newer generation computers just confuse me :(
Anyway, here are the requirements and thanks for your time!


For starters laptops are not best suited to play hard core games, unless of course it is a gaming laptop.
And when you look at the system requirments for the game, they normally only show it for the desktops not the laptops.

But here are a couple laptop that may work, a gaming one or a desktop probably would be better.




These would be better




Donald asks…

I want to buy a new, great quality but affordable laptop. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve heard of too many people having problems with dell laptops so that’s one brand I probably want to stay away from.


I have HP and it has not had any problems

If you buy a machine preloaded with Windows Vista after July 1st 2009, you will be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7 once it’s released. There are a number of restrictions, though; you are not allowed to upgrade from one language to another. In addition, the only upgrade paths allowed within the program are from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium, Business to Professional, and Ultimate to Ultimate. All other paths are not allowed; people who buy Vista Starter or Vista Home Basic are not eligible for upgrades, for instance.


Mary asks…

Does anyone know where to get professional (production) type laptops at an “affordable” price?

and would you recommend a laptop for video production and 3d work?
which specifications would you have in consideration?


3D work such as Maya. 3DS studio or what? A fast processor will still be essential to rendering objects.

Dell’s Precision line is quite nice. M4400 is the 15.4″ workhorse, M6400 17″. IBM’s W500 or W700. HP Elitebook 8530w or the 17″ model, 8730w. I’d start looking in the Dell Outlet for a refurbished M4400 or M6400. Under $1000, performance is incredible. Wokrstation card, will help in rendering (CUDA powered also).

People keep recommending Macbook Pros, but the freaking Final Cut software costs $1300. And don’t bother editing anything with iMovie and calling it “video production”.

Sandy asks…

What’s a good affordable laptop that’s reliable?

I want it to have a good, fast processor, 2Gb of space, 15 inch screen or about that and I want to have a three year warranty. I like in the UK so UK laptops only!


This is the UK website for dell:


pick what you want

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For Students http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/04/26/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-students-11/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/04/26/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-students-11/#comments Thu, 26 Apr 2012 23:06:27 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/04/26/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-students-11/

Jenny asks…

Best affordable yet reliable laptop for a new grad student?

I’m about to start a Ph.D. program, and I’d like to invest in a good laptop that will carry me through the 4 years. I’m not looking to spend an arm and a leg, but I do want a reliable and durable laptop that operates fast and has a good bit of memory. It also needs to be compatible with various programs, such as SAS. Any suggestions? A friend of mine encouraged me to think about purchasing a Mac, but I don’t know the first thing about Macs so I thought I ought to get some other opinions before making any decisions. Thanks a bunch for your advice!! =)


I’ve been a network administrator for 12 years. Typically, my rule of thumb is that laptops will only remain viably powerful for 3 years. There are exceptions if you purchase an above average laptop. Now, you’re going to think that I’m crazy for a second, but stay with me. The only laptop I ever had and was satisfied with for more than 3 years was an Alienware. Their reputation for being overpriced is nonsense. Their laptops start at $1,100. The default $1,100 laptop should last you for four years. Http://www.alienware.com Do not get any custom upgrades except the following (at your discretion):

Additional warrantee
Wireless mouse
Bag or carrying case

DO get as much extra RAM memory as you can afford. I recommend 4GB minimum. 8GB would be better for your laptop’s longevity.

Another bit of advice for buying a laptop that you want to last for a long time: you can’t concern yourself with size and weight. The smaller, slimmer, lighter laptops will never make it 4 years.

Lastly, I would like to point out some other ways to save you money on your laptop:

1) Don’t buy Microsoft Office. Download http://www.openoffice.org for free. It’s compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point (just be sure to use SAVE AS instead of “save” so that you can choose the Microsoft formats).

2) Don’t spend money on anti-virus. The free ones are just as good as the paid ones. Don’t believe me? Look at the independent test results for yourself: http://www.av-comparatives.org/

AVG Free Edition: http://free.grisoft.com
Avast 4 Home: http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html
Avira Antivir Personal: http://www.free-av.com/en/download/1/avira_antivir_personal__free_antivirus.html

3) Even better than detecting viruses and spyware is avoiding it alltogether. I recommend installing Site Advisor. This free product will pop-up a red balloon if you go to any web sites that have malware. It will also put green, yellow, and red icons next to your Google and Yahoo search results. Http://www.siteadvisor.com/

4) Use Mozy Home Free Edition for free online backups. Here is a YouTube video that I made about how to use Mozy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmhAoPCmOdY

5) Find more free software that I recommend here: http://sites.google.com/site/tobiasrichards/free-software-for-window

Ken asks…

What are some good laptops for a student?

Hey! I’m going to 8th grade this september, and I really want a new laptop. My old lenovo is really big and laggy- i got it when i was 9 or 10, and my parents said I could get a new one for a birthday present. Believe me, I’m really not that spoiled. Hence the LENOVO laptop. They just really want to make sure I have everything I need for success in school. And YES I can use it in middle school. For notes, research and stuff. Plus, someone’s always using the family desktop. :P
It needs to be affordable, but good for web browsing, multimedia projects, and data storage. And, it needs to have good battery life.
I’m neither mac nor pc. I have an iPhone and iPod, but the computers in my house are PC’s.
Mac is really expensive. And the only thing I can probably get is the iPad. But I want more options. Please and thank you.
BTW, affordable =600 and below.



this is the best one for the money and your needs. I guarantee it

Donna asks…

Good, durable notebook/laptop at affordable price?

Basically I need a new laptop because I’m going to be starting college next year. I don’t know much about laptops and what would be the best for a student, but all I know is I will be using it a lot both for work and entertainment. I need something that is great quality and durable but very reasonably priced. Note, however that I won’t be buying something just because it’s cheap. This needs to be a good investment. Anyhoo, if all you experienced laptop users out there could give me advice and suggestions that would be nice. Thank you.


Many of the large computer stores sell refurbished computer at a good price check that out.

Daniel asks…

What is the BEST desktop model that is currently available for a student? (good Quality and affordable)?

Hi everyone.

So I just about had it with my CRAPPY HP laptop. It freezes, heats up, has battery issues and I actually don’t use it to transport around because it’s rather heavy and so I think my next computer purchase will be a good old Desk top. However, the cost is of concern for me but I still need a good quality and affordable computer. Can someone please give me any recommendations for current models? Thanks a bunch!


These are much better systems than HP and Dell. They don’t have all of the crapware on them.


More choices


Have fun

John asks…

What is a good computer program to compose and play music for an alto saxophone?

I play the alto saxophone and I am hoping for something that doesn’t take much memory (I’m on a laptop) and something affordable for a high school student.


Download Finale Notepad. It’s free and will suit your needs.

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For College http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/04/21/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-college-11/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/04/21/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-college-11/#comments Sat, 21 Apr 2012 06:06:15 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/04/21/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-college-11/

Sandra asks…

Best laptop for college?

College life, fun…I need advice on which laptop to buy, I’ve done my research in fact I’ve done tons of it. And I have a general idea of what I want/need the laptop to have, but I’m not sure about the best brand, best screen size, most affordable,which is lighter in weight.And that snazzy stuff that counts.

Here’s what I want/need

-17 in or 15.4 widescreen
-Under $1000 or $1200
-I’ll be traveling a lot before school starts so I want it to be light weight, but still have all the components
-I was thinking HP or Dell, MAYBE Mac
-I’ll have music,pictures,videos,general school stuff + more
-A 120 to 160 gb storage [correct me if I'm wrong please]
-Built in web cam if possible
-DVD/CD burner [if that exists on a new model]

I’ll be using it 95% of the time, and I’ll be traveling a lot. So I don’t want it to be super heavy, and oh tips on buying an afforable backpack and accessories for the laptop?

Thanks a lot^^


If you want to thank me for next few years , go for Dell XPS M1530. It has everything you are looking for $999. This comes with the best after sales service, technical support. In case you have any issues or need help, no one can beat Dell support.

In short, its packed with performance, is trendy (you go to college so you will love carrying it around).
The best you can get.


Helen asks…

What’s a good laptop for a college student?

I’m going to college next year and want to get a nice (yet affordable) lap top. Any opinions on good or bad ones? The more detailed the answer, the more i’ll appreciate your answer. C:
Thanks a ton!
Ps. I’m going into Crop Science (agriculture) not English or computer graphics or something like that. And I have iTunes. Don’t know if that matters.


If you’re bringing it around campus, I recommend getting a Notebook laptop (small laptops with less memory, but lighter, smaller and easier to bring with you).

Mac have a Mini Mac if you’re interested in getting a mac computer (mini mac is a notebook mac laptop).

But, you can get good, notebooks that are cheaper than the mini mac.

Richard asks…

Best laptop for college and gaming?

going off to college next year, i need a laptop thats good for my studies and for gaming, preferably one that somewhat affordable


First link is going to be your best bet on a budget Laptop for gaming anyways, so I choose this particular one because of the Graphics card & the fact it’s dedicated with 1 GB DDR3 VRAM witch should play most games on Medium to high. Doubt you will get Ultra high on anything with this one. But this is the best you will be able to do unless you get on EBay & buy one that’s used but that can be a pain in the ass. Hope this has helped you! $479.99

Second link in source will take you to your best bet but I’m going to assume $829.99 is not affordable sense you did not post a cap on price.

Intel Core i7 2670 QM (2.20GHz) 15.6″ Display 4GB DDR3 1333 Memory 640GB HDD @ 5400 RPM DVD Super Multi & the best part is this bad boy is Equipped w/ 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 540 M witch will play any game on the market on High settings. Some will play ultra-high just not sure witch at this point in time.

Maria asks…

Looking for an affordable laptop?

I’m a senior in college and my macbook is recently out of commission. I don’t use my computer for anything other than Microsoft Word and pretty basic internet usage. I’m just trying to figure out some affordable laptops that could fit these needs, or even a netbook. With my poor knowledge of technology to begin with, all of the laptops I’ve looked at seem the same to me. Looking to spend around $350-500, obviously would rather go on the cheaper end. Any suggestions?



Best Laptop for ~$500 regardless of what you want to do with it…


James asks…

Looking for laptop for art/gaming?

I’m looking for an affordable laptop that I can play World of Warcraft on but can also use for art and photoshop. I was really hoping for a touch screen laptop, but I’m not sure if I should get one since I’ll be gaming. Preferably with 250g + hard drive since I take photos and a fairly large RAM, 1gb+. Battery life is also important since I’ll be using this laptop in college. Aiming for under $700.
CANNOT be an apple product, need windows for Photoshop, Word, etc.


Alienware has amazing gaming computers. I think their cheapest one is a laptop – $800

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/04/14/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-11/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/04/14/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-11/#comments Sat, 14 Apr 2012 19:07:17 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/04/14/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-11/

Robert asks…

I just wondering what kind of laptop you guys recommend me to get im looking for something affordable?

I just wondering which affordable laptop is good right now in the market to buy, i wanna watch movies, videos , etc. Can you guys help me to pick a good one and faster laptop, what brand your guys recommend thanks.


MacBook Pro from Apple

Mark asks…

What do you think is the best affordable laptop in the Philippines that ranges from P15,000-25000?

I am planning to get a laptop soon..yet I am not so familiar on what the great features are..
What i want is an LCD screen with built in camera..good sounds..fast..yet affordable..any suggestions?thanks


If you just need a highly mobile netbook w/ long battery life:


If a laptop:


The faster dual core laptops usually cost over Php 25,000.


The Neo brand is cheaper because it is assembled in Philippines and it also looks cheap.

Donald asks…

what are some affordable laptops that can play the sims 3?


Really any computer, you just need a good processor. I have an ASUS laptop with an Intel i7 processor. Just search for a decent laptop with an intel i5 or i7 processor. I3 may work too, just not as good for gaming.

Linda asks…

What are some laptops that are great and affordable?

Some preferences
vista- so i know it is not very old
web cam
not to big/heavy
some good applications already installed (like a movie/photo editor)

if you have an idea, it doesnt have to meet all of these preferences.

these computers are great.. but still a little to much for me is there anything under $500?


I have a Toshiba A305-S6916 from Best Buy and it’s great. Has Vista 64 bit, a webcam and mic, all the Windows Movie Maker, etc on it, has 320GB HDD, 4GB RAM, amazing speakers for a laptop, and a dedicated graphics card (great for a casual gamer..plays Sims 3 and World of Warcraft with no problems!). It is about 6 pounds..not too bad.
Great deal at Best Buy..only $699! It looks pretty snazzy too.

Laura asks…

What is an affordable laptop with considerable gaming capabilities?

Of all the things I do on computers, gaming is by far the most common. But my current laptop, while being reliable, cannot fully support my favorite past time, specifically MMOs like WOW. If you can not give an exact answer to my question then please just point me to a trustworthy website that has good deals on gaming laptops.

I don’t have an exact price limit but I really do not want to spend a thousand dollars for a laptop. anything less then that will be fine.

Thanks! =D


I have a Lenovo B-575 it has good speed good for gaming and normal computer tasks.
I’ve had it for a considerable amount of time and i haven’t encountered a serious error before and it never crashed once. It can run Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on medium settings pretty fast. WOW would run very smoothly.

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/03/10/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-10/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/03/10/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-10/#comments Sat, 10 Mar 2012 04:06:10 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/03/10/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-10/

Mandy asks…

What is a good yet affordable laptop/notebook/netbook ?

Im looking to buy a laptop preferbly a notebook or netbook. Ive been doing some research and some good ones yet affordable ones (Im only 15) is Inspiron Mini 10v. I do like this one although I dont want to just panic buy. What would be another good one that is decent sized (not small or big) has good performance, and is affordable? Im also a big fan of tablet pcs so if any ideas on that :)


Important things for you to consider are how important battery life is to you, how big of a screen do you want, and what type of operating system you plan to use.

If you really want long battery life, I would recommend getting a smaller sized laptop or a netbook. I’m not sure how big of a screen you are looking for, but the Acer Aspire One has great battery life and also a 10.1″ display.

It has enough power to do all of the “light” things that you would typically need for school work. It has the necessities of built in Wi-Fi, built in webcam, Windows XP instead of Vista and so on. It also has a pretty affordable price.

However, if you need more power to do video or photo editing, playing games, etc. Then I would recommend a notebook computer with at least a Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB or more RAM and a discrete graphics chip.

More details on this Acer Aspire One, as well as advice and info about other laptops and netbooks that should fit within your budget, is at the link below.

Donald asks…

What are some of the best laptops for teenagers?

I am a 14 year old girl and my parents wont buy me a laptop so i have to buy one myself… What are some of the best and most affordable laptops? It has to have internet (because that’s what i am mostly going to use it for) and itunes capability. Webcam is preferable but not necessary. Thanks :)
Also i will probably want to download the Sims 2 on it.


I think Sony Viao is best and also affordable and you have to purchase internet connection and it also ha itunes capability.

Joseph asks…

Laptops…affordable. 3 of them are needed?

Ok. My parents are getting me and my sisters laptops. I don’t know what laptop to get. All I know is it HAS to be affordable so, no more than $1,000.


Check out best buy for some good priced laptops. If maybe you provided more detail, i could maybe pin point a really good laptop for you and your sister(s) to use, for under $1000 each.

Jenny asks…

Do you know where to buy an affordable laptop in Paris, London and Amsterdam?

I want to buy a laptop. Not sure about the brand now. I want to buy one at a reasonable price. The thing is that i’m travelling to Paris, London and Amsterdam next month and I wonder if anybody knows a place where to shop and see some laptops. I don’t know where it could be much cheaper. I want to take the opportunity that i’m travelling there for also buying the computer. So, if you know any place and its website. I’d appreciate.


Best place would be Amsterdam out of the three, if in London go to PC World, avoid Paris and in Amsterdam go to MediaMarkt which is at Amsterdam Arena.

Lisa asks…

What’s a good, affordable laptop to view high-res photographs on?

I was looking for a reasonably-priced laptop with a nice-sized and clear/crisp display screen to upload and view high-res photographs on (viewing photos will pretty much be the laptops main use). Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of something in the Toshiba line but wasn’t sure where to start.


Mac. Get the cheapest one. Get a student discount at the apple store. I got mine for 900. Its great for photo viewing, editing, etc. If you need more memory, update it later.

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For College http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/02/28/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-college-10/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/02/28/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-college-10/#comments Tue, 28 Feb 2012 05:05:22 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/02/28/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-college-10/

Laura asks…

Laptop for college?

What is the best laptop to get for college? I’m going to be headed off to college soon and I would like to get an affordable one, but one that is still useful. I don’t want to buy a really old one because I want to be able to use it for atleast the next five to six years. And where would I be able to purchase it from?


Macbooks are most dependable for the hardware, they rarely breakdown and have a good warranty for internal problems. Also, they are cutting edge in comps. Apples makes amazing products and are highly compatible with all their products.

Paul asks…

What would be a decent, affordable laptop to purchase?

What are good brands?
What should I look for?

I will be attending college so Im sure i will use it for research and typing, but mostly for internet browsing.


I suggest u this one
Toshiba Satellite L655-S5065 TruBrite 15.6-Inch Laptop (Grey/Black) -low price
*2.26 GHz Intel Core i3-350M dual-core processor
*4 GB DDR3 memory
*320 GB SATA hard drive, DVD SuperMulti drive supporting 11 formats
*15.6-inch widescreen HD TruBrite LED-Backlit display, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M
*Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 4 hours of battery life

Michael asks…

DELL vs HP laptops. Which to buy for college purposes?

I’m into college now so i think i need a laptop for project purposes and to view my lecturers’ powerpoint slides.
I heard dell and hp are good for this uses but there are also pros and cons on both so it was really contradicting.
I want use the laptop for powerpoints, words, excels and many other windows programmes.
I may also use it for music entertainment, play some online games and facebook. and i download shows to watch so a memory of slightly above average will be preferred. I don’t know how much memory do the shows takes but if you know please help me out :>
Budget to be < S$1500, to be affordable and good to use at the same time.
I’ll like it to be easily portable and yet not small and not big..Just average.
I do mind on the looks of the laptop. Not too.. scrimpy?(a word for this i don’t know what you know what i mean) Not too much on the looks though because i trust there aren’t those scrimpy laptops around anymore?
Please state which model of dell or hp is better. You can state other brands if you think they suit my purposes, budget and memory..Provided i’ll be able to find them in singapore.
Not too much brands for confusion though, I will panick. x)
Thank you very much and your sugguestion will be much appreciated!


Honestly, I have a vendetta against Dell, so I would say HP. That being said, either one will probably work for what you want to do. I would recommend a minimum of 3GB of RAM and a dual-core CPU if your plan to watch HD, otherwise 2GB of RAM and most any CPU on the market should handle standard def TV shows. If you can, find a laptop with a discrete or dedicated video card and that will really help with watching any sort of video.

In case you were wondering, my vendetta against Dell has to do with them trying to pass off refurbished parts as new and typically having terrible customer support. My brand of choice is Sony Vaio, but that may be just over your price range.

Mandy asks…

What Kind of laptop should I get for college?

I am planning on attending college in the fall and I need a laptop. I know Mac Book Pros are the best but the price shows for it. I would like something more affordable without breaking my wallet because i want to be able to spend on my dorm room. I would like to know if there may be a way yo get a Mac Book Pro for less than retail price. If not what laptop would you recommend and why?


Mac? GOOD IDEA!!!! I worked with computer since I was 8 and my first computers were Linux and Dos. Once I went over to Mac, I would never go back. Check eBay, they usually have great deals. Under no circumstances should you try Craigslist, never for a computer.

Good luck and good luck in school!




Susan asks…

Laptop for College – Mac or PC?

My HP laptop as of now has had too many problems…so I’m already eliminating an HP laptop for the future.

I plan on going to college for film-related stuff. So I know people are going to say to get a Mac. But I’m also looking for something affordable, plus I’m used to Windows computers and they can have more programs on them, correct? Doing some reserach on the internet, I think I would also be interested in a Lenovo model. I also heard that if you get an apple computer and something goes wrong, you can’t get it fixed but have to get a whole new one. Is this true? I need something that’s going to last awhile, can support programs, has good amount of memory, and is affordable. Any UNbiased answers? :D


I don’t know how UNbiased I am, but I can give you some suggestions.

If you really want to be as efficient as you can be with movie editing, you will want to push out that extra 200-700 dollars for a mac. Yeah you will end up paying a little bit for the mac name, but you will undoubtedly get a solid system that has great specs [a really good processor, graphics card, ect] and their customer support, from what I’ve heard, it really great. Mac also has the best movie editing programs around right now. Mac is just the “artist” pc. Like I said, you will be pushing out a lot of extra money, but it isn’t for nothing. It is always a good and solid system.

If you want to go with a PC, you need to make sure you get a PC with a good processor and at the VERY least a decent graphics card. This will end up netting you around 800 dollars in the least.

I still stand with my decision of getting a mac for what you want to do.

I am a PC though, so it’s difficult for me to say this, but it really is true. ESPECIALLY for a laptop.

I know it will be extremely difficult to get used to a mac, going from a PC, but really, it will be worth it for you. Most likely any job you will be holding, if it is film-related, will be running macs, so it would be in your best interest to get used to it.

Good luck! I hope this helps.

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Michael asks…

What are the cheapest laptops available that can sustain an mmorpg?

Im not asking for the best performance, I just want to know the most affordable laptops that can atleast sustain an mmorpg, dont mind a little lag


Acers are pretty cheap and are fairly small. They are usually from 250-350 dollars.
Hope i helped:)

Mandy asks…

Where can I get a good affordable laptop?

I am in desperate need to find an affordable laptop as soon as possible because I will be headed back to college and I need to find a replacement laptop asap!

I will be ever so grateful if you could help me with my search.


Best Buy or Future Shop are the best places to buy cheap and affordable laptops.

Lizzie asks…

Affordable laptops???? Christmas!?

ok so i want a laptop for Christmas and to guarantee that I will get one it has to be affordable ($700-900).

-definitely fast
-stores A LOT of memory
-easy to navigate firewall (Norton, McAfee, System Suite [preferably the ones listed])

Help me out because my brothers laptop was $900 and its a dell.
I would prefer like an HP or Sony or Dell.



Sony or Dell, I would never buy an hp/compaq I have seen more problems with that brand than any other, to much bloatware, poor construction and parts. Stay away or you will be sorry. Sony’s seem over priced to me (it is like they try to be the Mac of the PC world). With a Dell you can probably custom build exactly what you want. Go with the business models they hold up better.

Also a lesser known but awesome brand is Acer, My Toshiba (stay away from these as well) and I need a notebook fast and inexpensive. It is a great laptop going strong for two years, and it was 600.

Lisa asks…

What is the best quality, yet most affordable laptop?

Im looking for a good affordable laptop. Im hoping to find one that comes with a writing program in it, but I know I probably have to download one. thanks
Also, how would I go about getting security put into it?


There are tons of “basic laptops” available in the market with decent specs. You should at least buy a reputable brand to ensure quality.

Jenny asks…

What is the most realiable and affordable laptop out there?

I have a toshiba laptop which cost about 1500 and it has given me nothing but trouble. It always has to be fixed and im sick of it. Its something usually with the power/battery/ac adapter that is wrong.

What realiable laptops are out there under 1000?
i refuse to buy another toshiba computer


I would suggest Dell labtops. They are the most reliable labtops out there. They have outstanding performance and good consumer report ratings at an affordable price. You can get a basic one for around $450 (Inspiron B130). If you’re into entertainment and music you can get one for around $700, look for either the Insipron E1505, E1705, or E1405 models. Each have different options. Check out their website www.dell.com

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For Students http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/02/09/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-students-9/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/02/09/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-students-9/#comments Thu, 09 Feb 2012 06:05:12 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/02/09/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-students-9/

John asks…

ideal laptop for students?

whats an ideal laptop for a student, i dont really know the specifics about the computer but it needs to be able to

-firm and sturdy
-hold enough space for projects
-enough space for some music
-wireless internet in cafes
-cheap and affordable
it would be best if its something on sale

nothing too fancy
i change my mind, i already have a ipod, so i dont need space for music


Well it won’t store your music but it’ll do everything else.

The asus eeepc

small, less than 1kg

cheap – about $500aud

wireless internet – up to 54mbit

low storage – only 4gb, but can be expanded

very durable because it’s hard drive is a solid state hdd and has no moving parts

but it only has 4gb of storage built in and run’s linux so won’t run windows programs, but it will run open office (free version of microsoft office and does everything ms’s version does, perfect for a student) and thousands of other linux programs can be downloaded from the internet for free

but you can plug in SD cards and thumbdrives to increase the storage

i’m also a student so i’m getting a 160gb ipod and this notebook so i can have my music and a small ocmputer.

One last thing, 16gb sd cards can be found on ebay for about $100aud so if you want more storage, go for one of them

Helen asks…

A good and affordable laptop?

Hi, I’m a student and wants to have a laptop below $600. I’m going to use it daily for school stuff and a little gaming.
* I hate netbooks
Thanks! :)


I would stay away from Dell, and emachine laptops they are made too cheaply and break easily.

Most of the laptops you see at walmart are cheap emachines and acers, there wireless cards are very poor for repeption power and ease of use.

I would got with a toshiba satellite laptop i have had a few of them and find they work the best.

Chris asks…

What’s a good Multimedia Laptop for a Digital Media student?

I’ll be mainly doing animation and 3D modelling work in University as an Undergraduate, so could someone please recommend me a high performance but relatively affordable laptop? Not really into desktop replacements unless it’s really good. Should I get PC or MacBook? If PC, please recommend one with Vista pre-installed, I’m too lazy to do upgrade from XP. If MacBook, please convince me why. Thank you.


Pal, MAcbooks or MB pros are the tailor made solution for you cos its always been famous for you task. Besides it can now run Windows OS so there wont be any “MACBOOKS DONT HAVE SOFTWARE” issues. I recommend you get a MAcbook Pro, but then Macbook is also fine.

Donna asks…

Good and affordable laptop?

I’m a student and I’m looking for a affordable but good laptop. I don’t do much.. internet and download music. My budget is 230$. Were can i get a laptop for that price and what brand?


No way a laptop, but a netbook sounds right for you. I choose the Asus Eee PC 1001PXD
Now it’s a refurb, but that means old case, new hard drive, cleaning the dust out, making sure it works, new battery, etc. If it’s not enough performance, buy 2 GB of Ram for 30 bucks.
Netbooks are not the wimpy little laptops people make them to be. Just take good care of it and you’ll be fine.

Sandy asks…

What’s the ideal computer for an architecture student?

I need a high speed, efficient laptop that can run CAD softwares easily. I am thinking the 15 or 17 inch MacBook Pro will fit my priorities.But, is there any other affordable laptop that can run CAD softwares easily?
Also, what desktop computers can you recommend that are good for an architecture student?


I’m currently studying architecture at University too, and have a laptop that is going on 1 and a half years old. It still runs up to date software, though granted I did pay 600 for this at the time.

Like the previous answer stated most laptops will run the software nowadays, even if you spend as little as 300 pounds.

My girlfriend has had one from argos for 350, an acer and it runs it fine.

So i would not worry about the cad software, look at what other uses you want out of it. How long you want it to last etc =]

If it is just for the cad software, I can tell you all you need really is 2 gigabytes of ram at minimum, ideally 3.

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For Gaming http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/02/01/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-gaming-9/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/02/01/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-gaming-9/#comments Wed, 01 Feb 2012 12:06:03 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/02/01/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-gaming-9/

Donna asks…

Is this a good gaming laptop?

Looking for an affordable gaming computer for DH to take overseas when he deploys. I found one for Black Friday on sale:
ASUS A72F-X1 Laptop Computer – Intel Core i3-370M 2.4GHz, 4GB DDR3, 320GB HDD, Blu-Ray/DVDRW, 17.3″ Display

If this isn’t a good one can you tell me some that ARE that are reasonably priced?!

When I said *reasonably priced* I meant in the $1000 to $1200 range. Something that won’t totally piss me off when hubby breaks it while deployed. :)


Gaming system did you say
& you do not mention the graphics which is the most important aspect of gaming
anyways, i find that the graphics is ‘Intel HD’


& that must be a big joke

laptop graphics are non-upgradeable unlike desktops, so get the very best you can afford in the first instant and now that you have indicated your budget … Here you go
Asus – Laptop / Intel® Core™ i7 Processor / 17.3″ Display / 6GB Memory / ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics / 640GB Hard Drive – Black
Model: G73JH-BST7 | SKU: 1257894


guess you wont find anything sweeter for the price tag
& you can checkout the customer reviews as well as editorial reviews on page tab

George asks…

Affordable laptop good for gaming?

I would like to buy my wife a laptop that would be decent for gaming (she really enjoys Spore and the Sims 2), but would like a laptop that won’t break the bank.

What kind of laptop can I get that’s under or between 700-1000 dollars that won’t run majorly slow while playing the Sims 2? What’s more, what are my options with regards to upgrading a video graphics card on a laptop? Is that even possible?

Thank you for your help!
Okay, if you aren’t going to give me the exact model number, your answer doesn’t really help me. While I appreciate the intent, I’m looking for specifics. Thanks.


100% latest information on laptop and more in http://laptopspecial.blogspot.com

Sandra asks…

Looking for an affordable laptop mostly for gaming, also for school.?

I need to get a laptop for school and I see it as a chance to branch into PC gaming, (I own all next-gen consoles and buy a new game atleast once a month to give you an idea of my addiction). Price wise, I’m looking around 1500. I’ve been looking at the Toshiba A305 Satellite customized w/ Intel Duo T9300, 4 gb memory, ATI HD 3650…
I dont know how benificial it is to have 2 hard drives or having either more than 120gb. Im not going to keep music on it past getting it onto my zune, (thats right, screw apple). And Im not going to go buy 50 games and play them all at the same time.
Which brings my final concern- I need to know that the system I have will run the games I play, smooth. I want to get the StarCraft 2 if that ever comes out and I dont want to have to worry about buying a new pc if it does in a couple years. Other games are or like the Witcher, WoW, Tabula Rasa, Hellgate: London.
If Im asking for too much for too little, or not even the right questions, please inform me!


Exclusive laptop informations

Steven asks…

im looking for a good inexpensive gaming laptop?

so i like gaming on the computer but i hate having to sit stationary with a desktop. i know theirs pretty much no cheep gaming laptop but an affordable one. some of the games i would want to play would be PSU, FFX, and MGS3 i think those would be the ones with the best graphics and im not worried about memory because i would just end up buying an external hard drive for it. as much help as possible would appreciated.
im not good at computer terms if you can tell


Based upon those titles, I’m assuming you would be using emulators?
Those games are all PS2 games and cannot run on a PC without the use of an emulator.

Such emulators require A LOT of CPU power.
Emulators rely on the processor more than the video card.

Many people run PCSX2 (a PS2 emulator) with a 9800GT, which is an obsolete video card.
So, a mid-end video card would be fine. I run PCSX2 with a Radeon HD 5770. The graphics card isn’t nearly as important to an emulator as the CPU is.

If this is the case and you wish to run on a laptop, you need a high-end i5 or i7.
Even then, the games may not be very smooth.

I’d recommend something like this

Mary asks…

Whats the best Mac laptop for gaming?

I play World of Warcraft and Sims 3 and I’m looking to get a mac laptop for uni.
Which laptop – needs to be a new one, so one being sold from Apple at the moment – is best for gaming, yet affordable?


You’d have to go with one of the MacBook Pros. Just check the specs on line at the Apple store and find one with the best video card you can afford.

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For Gaming http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/01/23/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-gaming-8/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/01/23/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-gaming-8/#comments Mon, 23 Jan 2012 10:05:14 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2012/01/23/your-questions-about-affordable-laptops-for-gaming-8/

Sandy asks…

Affordable laptop for gaming and recording?

So im about to get my first job and ive decided I want to save up for an awesome laptop. I will be using it for gaming (Minecraft, Ems and Roms), youtube, music, work, downloads, etc. The game I will be playing the most is Minecraft. It might seem like it doesn’t need much Ram but it’s quite the contrary. We have a Dell XP5 420(or XPS not sure. Whichever one is the desktop.), which is supposed to be a really nice and powerful machine from what my uncle said……. Anyways it crashes constantly when playing Minecraft unless I keep all the setting in the game to the lowest possible (I can sometimes push the render distance to Normal). So this worries me because I need a laptop. NOT a more powerful desktop. I am aware now that our desktop might not have much ram (which I think is rediculous considering the price). It also runs on Vista which makes matters worse. So ive done some research and I know that a 64 bit laptop is just too expensive. So I need a 32 bit, atleast 4gb of ram quad core laptop capable of handling minecraft and any mods that I want to throw at it, and I want to get into recording gameplay. Great multitasking is a must. So it obviously needs to be very well rounded. Anything 800$ or under would be great. That would only be 3-4 months of saving which I think I can do. Any 64 bit laptop would take 6-8 months which is rediculous. I could use some tips from more experienced gamers who play Minecraft maybe, and know all the different goodies on the inside that make a laptop capable of handling all these things. I don’t know much about laptops, just what I need from one, so please don’t be harsh lol. Thanks!
@Scott Thank you for the super fast reply. So do you have this laptop? The price is great. And it looks like it has 6gb of ram right?
@Scott Thank you for the super fast reply. So do you have this laptop? The price is great. And it looks like it has 6gb of ram right?
@Scott Thank you for the super fast reply. So do you have this laptop? The price is great. And it looks like it has 6gb of ram right?
@Jay Ess Thanks. But that laptop just doesnt have enough ram if it is a 64 bit. If im going to decide to get a 64 bit i want more ram. Paragraphs? Really? Don’t be a Prick.
@Jay Ess Thanks. But that laptop just doesnt have enough ram if it is a 64 bit. If im going to decide to get a 64 bit i want more ram. Paragraphs? Really? Don’t be a Prick.
@Jay Ess Thanks. But that laptop just doesnt have enough ram if it is a 64 bit. If im going to decide to get a 64 bit i want more ram. Paragraphs? Really? Don’t be a Prick.
@Jay Ess Thanks. But that laptop just doesnt have enough ram if it is a 64 bit. If im going to decide to get a 64 bit i want more ram. Paragraphs? Really? Don’t be a Prick.


You can afford a 64 bit machine. I wouldn’t buy anything else. Here is a great machine with dedicated graphics, well within your price range:


No, I don’t have that laptop, but I’ve had a different model, and I’ve worked on many different brands. I highly recommend MSI and Asus. Get Alienware if you can afford it… But who can afford it?

Yes, it has 6 GB RAM and 1 GB dedicated video RAM. Awesome specs for the price.

Richard asks…

Good gaming laptop for about 800 euros?

Can someone send me a link to a good affordable gaming laptop. Recently i’ve been looking at this site http://www.gateway.com/computers/index.php?cmpid=topnav_computers
but they’re not amazing. Thanks.


The most important for a gaming laptop is video card and speed of cpu,the size of Ram, the speed of the hard driver. So I recommend you to buy a laptop with independent video card and buy an additional keyboard and mouse.(Keyboard of Laptop sucks). I know Dell has gaming laptop but it is too expensive.

Linda asks…

What kind of laptop should i get for gaming but for an affordable price?

I’m looking for a gaming laptop and not quite sure what to buy. I don’t need or really want the top of the line but i want something that can run games smoothly. I don’t care about the highest graphics settings or anything like that either. Price range is about 600 dollars but a little higher wouldn’t be that much of a problem


If you want to play graphical games, run heavy spreadsheets, do photo editing, etc. Then a laptop with 4gb and processor is going to work for you.

Lizzie asks…

What is the best affordable gaming computer?

I’m looking for a laptop around the 900-1500 mark for gaming and entertainment. I was thinking about getting this package http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=9999106300050010&type=product&id=pcmprd106200050010.

Gaming computer brands would help a lot.


AlienWare laptops are supposedly (I don’t have one) very good for gaming.

Betty asks…

Where can I find a gaming laptop that’s affordable?

I’m looking for a laptop to take to school that I can use for gaming and school stuff. I’m thinking I want either a Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, or Core i7. I need atleast 4 gigs of ram, and a 250 gb hard drive will suffice. I also need a 1920 x 1080 screen (full hd res) and a blu ray player. Other than that I don’t really care what brand it is or anything. As far as the graphics are concerned, I’d like a 260m or 9700 gts or 4650 hd. I’m open to other suggestions.

Anyway my question is, where can I find cheap gaming laptops (refurbs are ok)? I already checked newegg and tigerdirect so don’t tell me that.


You can find good gaming laptops on different website such as follows:

1) www.electrocomputerwarehouse.com

2) www.dell.com

3) www.geeks.com

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