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Laptopsunder500bucks.com 2014-09-29T08:07:44Z http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/feed/atom/ WordPress steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Google Laptop Chrome Os]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/29/your-questions-about-google-laptop-chrome-os-7/ 2014-09-29T08:07:44Z 2014-09-29T08:07:44Z

Susan asks…

I want to test laptops?

You know how Google recently had the pilot program for testing Chrome OS?

Is there any website where I can test laptops (i.e Dell XPS)? I want to test a laptop, receive it by mail and keep it.

Any options? I don’t even care about being paid. I just want to receive a free laptop to test

steve answers:

This doesn’t happen.

Dreams are not Reality

David asks…

Internet connectivity problems…?

I have a laptop with the Windows 7 OS, and I have IE (64-bit and the regular 32-bit) and Google Chrome. A few days ago, my Internet started acting strangely. I could connect to the Internet, but neither Chrome or IE or display web pages (any of them, for that matter). I used the troubleshooter and nothing came up. It told me to use online resources. Today, I discovered that my IE 64-bit still works, but is much slower than the 32-bit IE or Chrome.

I have checked my proxy/LAN settings, changed my prefered DNS and IP stuff to what google suggested for chrome ( and, asked for help on the google help page (and got nothing constructive), restarted my computer, scanned for malware, spyware, and other viruses… I don’t know what I should do.
I contacted google, and it was the address they provided. I am unable to use IP or URLs to access web sites. I changed the DNS thing back to the normal settings, though.

steve answers:

I’m a little concerned to see you setting specific IP addresses for DNS from a third party site. You should be using your ISP’s DNS servers which are normally automatically configured.

Are you able to say, ping google.com and have it resolve to an IP? And can you provide the URL to the resource you got these settings from (for context)?

EDIT: Since changing the DNS settings back have their been any changes? And can you provide the above mentioned? Look forward to your reply!

Mark asks…

Firefox 4 freezes every now and then for about 10-15 seconds?

I’m using Firefox for a long time. Lately, since Firefox reached the 4th version, it keeps freezing every now and then for about 10-15 seconds (“Not responding”). Initially I assumed that it might be a temporary problem. Then the Firefox 5 has been released and I installed it. Nothing changed. I had to reinstall the OS (Windows 7) anyway, and I did that, thinking it might resolve my Firefox issue too. It didn’t. So now, my last resort (actually I should have done that a few steps earlier, but that’s not the point) was launching Firefox in safe mode (with add-ons disabled, bla-bla, like it’s fresh installed). That didn’t helped either.

My laptop has a Core 2 Duo Intel processor, and about 4GB of RAM. I’m using Windows 7 64bit and I’ve tried Firefox 6 (Aurora) and 7 (Nightly) on 64 bits too, and the problem was still there.

I’m also taking into account that some problems might be caused by flash plugin. When I tried 6 and 7, on the 64 bits versions I installed the 64bit flash plugin too. Still no change. From my observations, the problem occured usually when the pages I accesed were containing flash content, but not only in those cases.

Concluding, my best guesses would be: flash plugin or the OS being the 64bit version.

I like Google Chrome too, so that would be my alternative, but I love Firefox especially for it’s add-ons and I’m so used to it, and so on, I have an entire list of reasons motivating my wish to not change the browser.

So, could someone give me a solution for my freezing problem, please?
I forgot to mention: also, during the freeze, the CPU frequency rises to 50% for both cores, I noticed that in the Task Manager. The amount of used RAM memory doesn’t change.


- I ran it in safe mode, so without addons or anything – not working
- I disabled hardware acceleration, and also updated my display drivers – not working
- Without flash plugin I haven’t tried, but there is a lot of flash content over the web, and I wouldn’t “survive” being unable to see it.

The most important notice I had so far, is that I might not have any problems with a new profile. Yes, someone suggested me to delete an addon, not just disable it, so I thauthoughtat if I would start an entirely new profile?

A new profile has no addons, nothing old in it. Just the plugins remained. I’ve imported the bookmarks and installed just ABP addon so far. Seems to work fine, but I can’t fully say that is ok until I’m not finished testing it for a longer period (that idea occuoccurredme last night).

If that’s the problem, has anyone a clue, what could the old profile have “bad” in it? I still tend to belive that not the addons where the cause, because, as I’ve mentioned, I tested F

steve answers:

The only version of Flash Player for 64-bit Windows web browsers is a preview release. It’s basically beta software and probably doesn’t run properly.

Use the 32-bit version of Firefox instead. The 32-bit version of Flash Player will be much more stable.

Sandra asks…

What’s going on with my desktop computer? Items are removing themselves and the internet isn’t working.?

Okay, the internet won’t work even though I’m connected. Anything that I’ve downloaded, if I go into it it says item can’t be found would you like to remove.

Now I don’t have google chrome, msn live messanger, skype and internet explorer won’t connect at all. Why the hell is it doing this?

Recently I downloaded Flyakite OS x, it worked on my laptop and made it look like a mac, but I think it did this to my desktop.

How can I fix this?

steve answers:

START———->PROGRAMS———->ACCESSORIES———->SYSTEM TOOLS———->SYSTEM RESTORE(OPEN)———>RESTORE MY COMPUTER TO AN EARLIER TIME———->NEXT———->select the day or some days before you have installed Flyakite OS x and press next
your system will be restored

Richard asks…

windows 7 vs google chrome os?

i have vista and it is time for a change. should i go with windows 7 or wait to see how well google chrome os will perform?

steve answers:

It depends. Google Chrome is based on Linux, and is good for netbooks, old laptops, computers you don’t want to spend money on to upgrade.

Since you’re using Windows Vista, I’m guessing that 1) you’re not using a Netbook and 2) you find it rather annoying. Either way, I recommend buying Windows 7 instead. It was built to fix the errors embedded in Vista and should provide a much better computing experience.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Macbook Black Screen Fix]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/29/your-questions-about-macbook-black-screen-fix-8/ 2014-09-29T04:07:31Z 2014-09-29T04:07:31Z

James asks…

Screen Cracked on my Macbook Pro help(10 points)?

I literally was adjusting the screen on my Macbook and my thumb was on the outer black part of the screen and all of a sudden i heard a cracking noise! and now i have a crack across the screen! do you think it would be under warranty where they would fix my screen for free or do you think they would consider it as accidental damage? and how much would it cost please help!

steve answers:

Dont listen to her .. Accidental damage ALWAYS voids what ever warranty you have. APP is very clear in stating that. (apple care Protection). What i would do is take it to a genius bar and have them take a look at it. It may be that the screens on that model were faulty and its a “known issue” if so ONLy THEN even out of warranty they will replace it.

Some advice dont try to lie to the genius bar guy, just show him what you did and then explain what happened. Trust me when know when people are lying we see this same thing HUNDREDS of times a WEEK. Just be friendly with them ask them if it is a known issue at all. You can also say that the screen to be that fragile could that be a manufacturer defect? If you can agree on that then your chances of getting it fixed for free are great.

As for the cost their are Tiers 1-4 cracked screen could be 100 bucks or so, but cracked LCD replacement is like 7-900 dollars.

Mandy asks…

My MacBook LCD screen just died, does Applecare cover this?

It still works when connected to a monitor, but the screen is dead black. Any idea how this happens or how to fix (or how much it costs)? Applecare conveniently never seems to cover anything.

steve answers:

If it’s simply defective, AppleCare will cover it. If it’s out of warranty, Apple will charge you the cost of the replacement screen, which on laptops where I’ve had to price a replacement screen, is usually in the $500-$700 range, depending on screen size.

Sharon asks…

Macbook problems. Black outline + volume issues?

I have a macbook computer, and it has been acting weird lately.
whenever I click on a text box or a screen, it outlines the screen in black. If I try to turn up the volume by pressing the volume up button, it goes to the dashboard. if I try to turn the volume down, it goes to the desktop. If I click the dashboard button, nothing happens.
It started happening when the black outlines appeared. Do you have any idea if there is a relation to this or if I can fix this problem? thanks

steve answers:

I had this same problem and was so frustrated for a day. Then I figured out what was wrong. A feature in Mac OSX called Voiceover was on. It reads the screen basically.

To turn this function off, and to fix your problem press CMND+ F5

Betty asks…

Macbook stuck on white screen?

my uncle gave me his Macbook (black so im guessing its old) and said if i fix it its mine so i turned it on and its just stuck on the white screen and the keyboard seems to be unresponsive i looked online but it tells me to hold the c button and other stuff and no luck is there a way to just restart everything?

also he said he put in a new hard drive if that helps

steve answers:

It may not have an OS if he installed a new HD. If it does have an OSX, try this:

1. Reboot and hold down the Command (Apple) + S
2. You should get a black screen with white text. It’ll run thru processes and end at a prompt.
3. At the prompt, type fsck -fy
4. The system will do a self check and when done should say System Appears to Be OK. If it doesn’t say that, repeat step 3 until it does.

When it’s done, type exit and enter. The system should reboot and fix all the errors. It may ask if you want to replace one configuration with the new one. Do it. If all goes well, you should boot to the Mac OS.

Then again, it may just be broke, right?

Lisa asks…

Why does my MacBook sometimes restart when I close the screen?

Occasionally when I close the screen on my black MacBook (OS X version 10.4.11, 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 160GB hard drive) it restarts when I reopen the screen. I close the screen to put it to sleep, not to restart. It only happens once or twice a month but I’d still like to know why & how to fix the problem… Any Mac gurus please advise. Thanx.
Hmmm, “CJ” must be a gamer. What the dummy doesn’t know is that Mac’s can now run Windows but buying a Mac that runs OS X and then installing Windows on it is like putting on a bulletproof vest then shooting yourself in the head. And if I was cheap, I’d buy a Dell or HP but they run Windows and 7 years of that BS was enough.

steve answers:

You need to reset the System Management Controller:

1. If the computer is on, turn it off.
2. Disconnect the AC Adapter and remove the computer’s battery.
3. Press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds and then release the button.
4. Reconnect the battery and AC Adapter.
5. Press the Power button to restart the computer.

Hope this helps.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Tablet Or Notebook]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/29/your-questions-about-tablet-or-notebook-19/ 2014-09-29T00:07:49Z 2014-09-29T00:07:49Z

Mark asks…

Digital notebook/tablet tech help, 10 pnts?

I currently use a laptop and not very comfy with on-screen keyboards and touchscreen technology

But I was planning on buying the Samsung galaxy note 10. or the Asus Transformer infinity. But seems this android technology doesn’t support regular features like Dreamweaver, right? Are these good tablets for someone who has forever used Windows?

I want these tabs mainly for note-taking, quick scribbling? So I found this other option called digital notepads (DigiMemo or Cyberpad) or something. Are those good? What is the hard drive storage capacity? I found a link, but I dont think this is quite the thing? Here is the link, http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B00264GKXO/ref=pr_all_summary_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

Anyone has any idea/suggestions? Product names in particular? I am from the writing field so basically any software that allows me to write/scribble on the go would be great
@ Georgi, I realise that it is not a very coherent way of putting a question, especially from someone who claims to be from the writing field. But I am going to a techno fair in this evening hence the hurry. Thanks for answering.

steve answers:

It will never be a replacement for a laptop. However, I use it for school and it is amazing. I have a Asus Transformer Infinity and I had the exact same consideration. I was think about the note 10.1 as well. I played around with the note and I loved it. It’s amazing. Even though, it does lag sometimes even with its quad core processor, it is a nice tablet to work with. The TF700 or Asus Transformer infinity is also great for notes. You can buy a stylus if you want and mine came with a keyboard dock. It is fast, high resolution screen and it does everything I want it to do. Great for entertainment as well. I wanted something for notes in class, word processing, creating presentations, creating graphs, watching my 1080p movies and playing high quality games. The TF700 was definitely my choice. If you purely want a tablet for note taking, not entertainment and word processing, go for the Note 10.1. It’s pretty good. Otherwise, get the TF700 (btw, TF700 has jelly bean update available already and the note 10.1 doesn’t)

Betty asks…

What is the difference between an IPad, Netbook, Tablet, Notebook, EReader computers?

I guess I am more technically challenged than I imagined. Can someone please explain what each of these are and how they differ from each other.

steve answers:

Netbook = small computer, low power, no cd/dvd drive, normally runs android, linux, or lightweight version of windows. Normally has a screen 10 inches or less in size

notebook and laptop are the same. Basically they are just computers that have a built in screen, mouse, keyboard and speakers all in one device. Normally the screen is 10 inches to 18 inches

tablet is a generic term for a (normally) touch screen computer without a physical keyboard nor mouse. Generally they are designed to be less powerful but have a longer battery life. Generally they have less than 10 inch screens

EReader is a type of tablet designed to read e-books

iPad is a type of tablet that Apple made to do light-weight computer usage (web browsing, watching videos, small apps).

Sandra asks…

Tablet, Phablet, or Netbook/Notebook?

I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, as well as a Desktop PC that I use for design work. I want to get something inbetween to “bridge the gap” when I’m away from my PC. I can either

A) Keep my S3 Mini and get a Tablet (eg. Google Nexus 7)
B) Sell my S3 Mini and get a Phablet (eg. Galaxy Note 2 or 3)
C) Keep the S3 Mini and save up a bit for a Netbook/Notebook

Which one would you recommend?

steve answers:

A Phablet consumes more power which would mean you’d have to charge a lot, a notebook is worth considering however which notebook would you pick? I ask this because some tablets are now more powerful than notebooks and a lot easier to carry around so you might want to consider it too. If i were you i’d get a tablet. So in my opinion, the first option seems the best among the three. Hope this helps :)

William asks…

does anybody kno how much a tablet notebook computer cost?

steve answers:

Yeah, a tablet can cost anywhere from $1500 to $5,000 depending on what you want in it.

Susan asks…

Notebook vs Tablet (ipad etc) explanation?

Hi everyone

So my HP laptop’s basically on it’s way out (had its day!), so i’m looking to go ahead and get a new computer for personal use. I guess I just do a bit of everyday net surfing, facebook, youtube, hotmail, etc etc.

My question is – I’m well aware of what’s around now with notebooks and tablets (like ipad, samsung galaxy, etc), but is there much difference with what I can do? What I mean is, is a tablet essentially just a notebook with a touch screen, smaller, cooler, and without a keyboard? Would it have a built-in wireless router thing to pick up my household ADSL internet signal etc?

I’m after some info here on whether buying a cool-looking tablet which I’d love to have is going to be just like having a notebook kind of scenario.


steve answers:

@Corndog11, I always find this a very tough question to answer. It all depends on your needs and comfort.

You have mentioned that your needs are very basic: browsing, videos and may be gaming (though you haven’t mentioned that). For these requirements, a Tablet might be a better option than a notebook as it is more mobile.

When it comes to internet connection, most of them come with WiFi support, USB dongle support (for your usb internet data cards). Very few of them come with Ethernet ports (I am not sure if it is popular in your country).

A tablet is a like a notebook in some ways. It is come from the need for people to have a mobile device like the smart phone but with better computing power, easier input and better screen resoluton. There are tablets that allow a keyword to be connected if you want a more laptop like experience. These keyboards may not be as convenient as a laptop’s keyboard because of their smaller size. If you have to do a lot of typing (like typing many pages of documents everyday), then a laptop would be better.

But from what you have mentioned as your requirements, I think a Tablet would be a better choice.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Gucci Sunglasses]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/28/your-questions-about-gucci-sunglasses-8/ 2014-09-28T20:07:51Z 2014-09-28T20:07:51Z

Sandy asks…

What can i get my girlfriend a present for her Birthday ?

What can i get her a present for her birthday ? Shes turning 16 2moro, and i alreayd bought her a jewlerry heartshaped necklace last year, and gucci sunglasses the year before that , and what can i buy her this year ? My friend told me to go and buy her some roses and give them to her at 12 ? but i dunno, what should i do ?

steve answers:

16 is a big deal. I would do the roses thing and maybe another piece of jewelry?? Like a claddah ring or something like that?

I actually just told this to someone else, but it could be a good idea for you too. With the roses/jewelry, you could do something cool/free and just name land after the two of you….that could be really awesome and its different…fits with a big birthday i think. Http://www.ownapieceofamerica.us/

Helen asks…

Would you consider me a douchebag for wearing 2 pairs of LV sunglasses at a time?

So I have 5 pairs of Louis Vuitton sunglasses and 2 pairs of Gucci sunglasses.. I always have a pair on, inside or out, and a pair on the neck of my shrt., people say that guys who always wear $1000 sunglasses like mine are douchebags but I just think it’s fashion.. I’m 14 btw

steve answers:

Wearing glasses indoors makes you a douchebag. Wearing two pairs of glasses indoors makes you a mega douche.

Joseph asks…

What is your favorite more on the expensive side, clothing brand?

dont say like hot topic and aeropostale because those are MALL stores. i’m looking for stuff like 7 jeans( LUV THEM) project e polos gucci sunglasses, louis vuitton jewelery, stuff like that !

steve answers:

Clothes: collette dinnigan, marc jacobs, bcbg, paul & joe
bags: louis vuitton, gucci, chanel, balenciaga
shoes: gucci, dior, salvatore ferragamo
watches: franck muller, cartier, jacob & co
cant get enough of those things =)

Daniel asks…

How young is too young to own designer items?

how young do u think is too young to own expinsive item. im wondering this because im always questioned why i have a movado watch or why i have gucci sunglasses.

steve answers:

To me and this is just MY opinion. It depends. It depends on who is buying. Are you responsible enough? And what it is used for? Other than that, you can never be 2 young. My little sister is 10 and everything she owns is designer.

William asks…

what do you think of these Gucci sunglasses?

i am over Ray-Ban, so i am thinking about buying these Gucci sunglasses


do you like them. There are for girls, but because they are simple can a boy wear them.

They have black and blue lenses, which one is darker. because the black is only half the lens?

steve answers:

They’re nothing special..
They’re nice, but not worth it.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Acer]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/28/your-questions-about-acer-11/ 2014-09-28T16:08:00Z 2014-09-28T16:08:00Z

Linda asks…

Where can I get the microphone software for an acer laptop?

My friend recently, accidentally deleted his microphone software on his acer laptop. How can he get the software back?

steve answers:

I’m not aware of any microphone which requires software, you may want to try the Acer website.

Donna asks…

How to I turn on bluetooth on my acer aspire 5738z?

My acer laptop has the icon on keyboard but not able to use bluetooth?

steve answers:



Michael asks…

How do I reset my Acer laptop to when it was still in the box?

I want to return my Acer laptop, but I first need to reset it so that it was like it has never been used before.

I do not have any disks and I cannot format the hard drive.

Does anyone know how?


steve answers:

On an Acer laptop the trick is to hold down the alt key and repeatedly press f10 while booting, which will bring up the utility to reimage your disk to the factory default. You can often also do this with an Acer utility named Erecovery from windows.

Nancy asks…

Acer Repair – Acer Aspire 5755G?

My 5755G has a fan issue
First the fan was very noisy then it went quiet but ran hot
I had someone order a new fan and fit it
They told me that they couldn’t fit the fan as it was a sealed unit
But they said they removed a small build up of dog hair from the fan

I got that back now but the laptop still runs hot
Which worries me with it being an expensive laptop

So what would be the best place to have it repaired
I find it hard to trust sending it away to Acer in the mail

Are they good with repairs, does it take them long , will they replace the laptop if it gets lost in the post
Will they take it now its been opened and how are their prices


steve answers:

Acer is Okay, Hey, that is a great question, welcome to answers, I hope this information helps.
Acer is here to help!
To get the most from your Acer product, select from our wide range of service options

Post the brand and complete model number and installed operating system when asking a question to get the best help. You need to post full details of the problem and what you want to do.





I am dedicated to providing you with an excellent experience. I am here to answer your questions and resolve any problems you may have. We promise to persevere in finding a successful resolution. You are my focus. Resolving whatever issues that brought you to Yahoo Answers is our mission.
Hey, If the above information helped or you appreciate the effort, volt best answer…

Source(s): CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

Maria asks…

Are Acer computers any good?

I need a computer fast. Walmart has an 19″ Acer computer with Microsoft Office includied for 498. Should I buy?

steve answers:

Acer has been around for quite some time now and must be doing something right. Acer is a Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturer. It owns the largest franchised computer retail chain in Taiwan, Acerland. Acer’s product lineup includes desktop and mobile PCs (laptops),as well as PDAs, servers and storage, displays, peripherals, and e-business solutions for business, government, education, and home users.[1] They are sold worldwide.

On August 27, 2007, Acer announced it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire the struggling Gateway computer company. Gateway also announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to sell its Professional business segment, including the Company’s Nashville-based configuration center, to MPC Corporation (an American computer-hardware company based in Nampa, Idaho, USA, best known for providing desktops, notebooks, servers and services to customers in the federal, state and local government, education, small and medium business, and consumer markets [2]).

If regulatory approval of the sale is granted, this would effectively put Acer in the number 3 PC sales position in the US behind Hewlett Packard/Compaq (currently #1) and Dell Corporation (#2).

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About 15.6 Laptop Bag]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/28/your-questions-about-15-6-laptop-bag-6/ 2014-09-28T12:07:45Z 2014-09-28T12:07:45Z

Linda asks…

what kind of bags do girls carry in college? northface?

High school girls usually have totes or handbags. I would want a handbag/tote, but its college!!!

Do a lot of college girls carry bookbags? I have a regular jansport, but then I’ll have to buy a laptop messenger bag which I really don’t like. I have a dell Inspiron15 (15.6 widescreen) laptop I need to protect. I was looking at the northface recon which has a laptop protector built in. It saids for laptops up to 15″, but will my Dell laptop fit??

And what do you think of me, a petite girl, carrying a bulky northface bookbag?
Is college like high school where theres a trend that people follow?

steve answers:

College is pretty easy going as far as people following trends. Each person really has their own thing going on.
Just get a backpack that fits your petite frame, and that will keep your books and laptop dry.
At my school there are girls with backpacks ranging from the most basic all black, to girls with cartoons on their backpacks and backpacks covered in patches, pins etc.
Personally, being a girl that is the same size I was in 5th grade, I just go for Hello Kitty Back packs because it looks cute on me. If you go this route make sure your clothes look mature- you do not want to look like a 3 year old, lol =)
Good luck with college this year, it is great and you will enjoy it so much!

Sandra asks…

Gaming laptop how good are these specs?

Xplorer X6-9500 Notebook
NTBKX69500, http://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/system/Xplorer_X6-9500_Notebook/
*BASE_PRICE: [+954]
ADAPTER: Universal AC-DC Adapter
BAGS: Free Deluxe Carrying Bag for 15.6 Inch Notebook
BATTERY: 9 cells Smart Lithium-Ion battery pack, 48.84WH
BLUETOOTH: Built-in Bluetooth
CD: 8X DVD±R/RW/4X + DL Super-Multi Drive
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM Mobile Processor 2.20 GHz 6M Intel Smart Cache, Max Turbo Freq. 3.10 GHz
FLASHMEDIA: Built-In 4in1 Media Reader
FREEBIE_OS1: Free Microsoft® Office® 2010 STARTER EDITION (Reduced-Functionality versions of Word and Excel that include advertising)
HDD: 64 GB Kingston V100 2.5 inch SATA Gaming MLC Solid State Disk
HDMI: Built-in HDMI Port
KEYBOARD: Built-in US Keyboard
MEMORY: 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3-1333 SODIMM Memory (Corsair Value Select or Major Brand)
MOTHERBOARD: Intel HM67 Express Chipset Mainboard
NETWORK: Built-in 100/1000 Mbps LAN Network
NOTEBOOK: MSI MS-16F2 Notebook 15.6” FHD LED-Backlit 1920×1080 Display w/ Built-in 2.0MP Webcam, HDMI Port, Li-Ion Battery, & Universal AC Adapter
NOTEBOOK_COVER: Xplorer X6 Notebook Cover
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium (64-bit Edition)
RAID: Non-RAID Storage
SOFT1: McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 OEM [+7]
UPS: None
USB: Built-in 2x USB2.0 Ports + 2x USB3.0 Ports
WEBCAM1: Built-in HD 1280×720 Webcam
WNC: Killer Wireless-N 1103 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi Card [+19]
WTV: None
_PRICE: (+980)
_view_: d

And I no desktops are better but this suits my needs

steve answers:

Those specs are pretty decent for general gaming use. The fact that you chose an SSD, 8GB RAM and a high-end GPU is all good. Some games (Metro 2033 would be one), would not run on Max settings quite as smooth as on high, but for the majority, all games should run fine on Max Settings.

I would say this is a good starting setup. Obviously upgrading to the Extreme Edition processor line would be nice, as would 16GB, but not necessary. The GPU has a great rating for almost all games, and your other specs are quite nice as well. I would really consider upping the RAM to 16GB, though. That processor can chew threw RAM like you wouldn’t believe (Especially if you ever plan on doing any rendering or converting of any sort).

For what you will probably be using this for, I would say it is a great setup!

Jenny asks…

Which Laptop for gaming?

Which Laptop for gaming?
After searching for online for a gaming laptop for a decent price, I heard Asus makes good laptops. Going to be using mainly for gaming and homework. My budget is 1500$. Getting to the point, I’m stuck between:

G53JW-XT1 $1399.97
500GB Hard Drive 7200 rpm
6GB RAM DDR3 (Max 8GB)

G53JW-A1 $1449.97
750GB 7200rpm
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 460M
6GB RAM DDR3 (max 16GB)

Both are 15.6“. The A1 comes with a bag and mouse, but only had 1 feedback. People liked the XT1. Would like to hear recommendations/feedback on either one.
Should have mentioned that the A1 is 1.5GB RAM video card.
My family has an iMac, Macbook, iPad, 2 iPhones, and an iTouch. We’re not far from the complete collection. The last thing I want is a Mac.

steve answers:

It should be pretty much dead even, those two. The only relevant metric that’s different is the hard drive size. 50 bucks for 250 GB is rather much, in my opinion. The A1 looks to be an upgrade to the motherboard or something similar, as it has a higher maximum rating for system RAM.

I think the Republic of Gamers laptops are excellent so I think the G53JW is a good choice, no matter what specific model of that series you choose.

Betty asks…

Is this laptop practical?!? Help?

Ok, I want a laptop that I can create videos using sony vegas and adobe aftereffects, play world of warcraft, Counterstrike, do school work and watch movies. My budget is $800 but Id rather spend 700-750 on the laptop so I can buy a mouse and bag with leftover money.

Im looking at this for $724 with free shipping, is it good? is there better for less?
My System Details :
SYSTEM COLOR Midnight Blue edit
PROCESSOR Intel® Pentium™ Dual Core T4200 (2.0GHz/800Mhz FSB/1MB cache) edit
OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition, 32-bit SP1 edit
OFFICE SOFTWARE Microsoft Works edit
WARRANTY AND SERVICE 1 Yr Ltd Warranty, On-site Service, and 1 Yr Tech Support edit
HD DISPLAY 15.6” High Definition (720p) LED Display with TrueLife™ and Camera edit
MEMORY 4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz edit
HARD DRIVE Size: 320GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM) edit
VIDEO CARD Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD edit
INTERNAL OPTICAL DRIVE 8X Slot Load Super Multi (DL DVD+/-R Drive + RAM support) edit
WIRELESS CARDS Dell Wireless 1397 802.11g Half Mini-Card edit
BATTERY OPTIONS 56 Whr Lithium Ion Battery (6 cell) edit
SOUND OPTIONS Soundblaster X-Fi Hi Def Audio – Software Enabled edit
Thanks and 10 pts for best answer
KEYBOARD Standard Keyboard

steve answers:

Enh its ok

go to tigerdirect.com

Laura asks…

I’m wanting to buy a laptop and I need some tips!:)?

Hi, I want to buy a brand new acer laptop for $400.00
Does this looks good?
Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See the seller’s listing for full details. See all condition definitions- opens in a new window or tab… Read moreabout the condition Brand: Acer
Processor Type: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Type: Laptop/Notebook
Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz Screen Size: 15.6 inches
Processor Configuration: Dual Core Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
Memory (RAM): 3 GB Primary Drive: DVD+/-RW
Hard Drive Capacity: 320 GB

steve answers:

Good laptop


Also check out at Ebay there are really good deals going

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Archos 101]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/28/your-questions-about-archos-101-30/ 2014-09-28T08:07:40Z 2014-09-28T08:07:40Z

James asks…

what tablet is the best to buy?

Im looking to buy a tablet. NOT A IPAD i know there cool but its just a big iphone so theres no point in it. The tablet im looking for i dont really care what brand but it MUST video chat!!! preferably skype. If you know about any or have one please let me know so i can check it out. thanks:)
and if u know prices please tell me. i want to buy asap

steve answers:

The best Android tablet depends on your needs…

If high-end video recording is important to you, consider the LG G-Slate which can record at 1080p.

For overall value: The ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101) is extremely feature rich for under $400: Android 3.1, 10.1 inch 1280×800 IPS (like iPad, but bigger and higher resolution) display, up to 9 hours of battery life (16 hours if optional dock added), optional ability to dock with keyboard, 1 GHz Tegra 250 ARM CPU with 1 GB RAM, good array of ports (mini HDMI, SD, micro SD), preloaded Polaris Office 3.0 for editing documents (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls) and presentation (.ppt) files. Note, though, no 3G (however people report success in tethering it to smart phones).

Galaxy Tab 10.1 (0.336 inches) is the thinnest Android tablet, and at 1.25 lbs it’s also the lightest of the big-screen (greater than 9 inch) tablets.

The Motorola Xoom is heavier and thicker than both the iPad or Galaxy Tab, the Xoom’s advantage is that it has HDMI out and micro USB ports. It also has a 5MP rear camera compared to Tab’s 3MP and iPad’s lousy 0.7MP.

Finally, if cellular service is important, check with your favorite carrier. At the moment, here’s the breakdown for non-iPad tablets:

Verizon:Galaxy Tab 10.1, Xoom, and Galaxy Tab
T-Mobile:G-Slate, Streak 7, and Galaxy Tab
Sprint:Galaxy Tab
AT&T:Galaxy Tab
None:TouchPad, Thrive, Eee Pad TF101, Iconia Tab A500, Archos 101, Archos 70, and NOOK Color

These non-iPad tablets have front-facing video cameras for video chat: PlayBook, Slate 500, G-Slate, Xoom, TouchPad, Thrive, Streak 7, Eee Pad Transformer, Iconia Tab A500, Galaxy Tab, Archos 101, and Archos 70. The PlayBook can do 1080p recording from the front camera; rest are VGA/Webcam quality.

Sandy asks…

xbox not seeing/showing all videos?

My xbox is suddenly not recognizing all the videos in my drive. I can still see the main folder as usual, but now if I have 20 videos in the folder it may only show me 15. Any new ones are taking days to show up on my xbox, despite any reboots (of either my computer or xbox). Also, it won’t play all of my mp4 files anymore. I can see them in the folder on my xbox but it says they’re not supported. It plays *some* mp4 files, but not all. I don’t see any difference between one or the other.

Any idea how to fix these issues? It just changed suddenly a week or so ago. I’ve opened Windows Media Player on my computer and done an “apply media info changes” but it doesn’t appear to make any difference when I turn on my xbox.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining this very well but hopefully it makes sense and hopefully someone can help me! I’m pretty tech illiterate, apparently! ;)


steve answers:

I am having exact same problem, I did same thing, even reinstalled “optional media update” to xbox. Didn’t work for me but you may want to delete that particular update on you’re console if got haven’t done so already. You can download it again in game market place under “games” then go to the letter “o”. But it didn’t work for me, I am running vista with wmp11. Would love to be able to stream my mp4 and 3g2 files again, only way I can do so is thru a mobile device, Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Application “imediashare”, (best application I’ve ever used). This will allow you to stream content from your phone to your television thru your xbox, no wires or cables or transferring at all. I have no need for a pc except for storage which is went I want this Archos 80 our Archos 101 tablet which has 250 GB and runs on honeycomb. Hope someone knows a fix to this otherwise only business I’ll be doing with Microsoft is xbox and saying goodbye p.c, goodbye windows!

Carol asks…

I’d like some advice on what ebook I should get?

So I would like to buy an ebook of some kind. I’ve decided that I would like to get either the nook color from barnes and noble or purchase some kind of tablet like an ipad (more specifically the ipad 2) and use the ibook app on it. Does anyone have both that could give me some insight? Price isn’t a problem even though the prices are both very different. I’ve still got to think about it myself, but I haven’t had an ebook before so I’m looking for some experience from others.

steve answers:

Minor terminology matter: An ‘ebook’ is read on an electronic book reader (‘ereader’).

First decide on your priority: long-run reading or apps (games, web browsing, etc)?

There simply is no ereader that excels at both currently. For long-run reading, the E Ink ereaders (Kindle 3, Nook Touch, Kobo Touch, Sony Reader, etc) are ideal because of their paper-like displays. LCD ereaders have back-lit displays and offer a computer-monitor-like reading experience. For apps, the LCD ereaders (or tablets) are better. E Ink technology does not offer color and is not fast enough for video.

Source: http://www.howtodecide.com/ereader/

For LCD ereaders, the Nook Color is basically a budget tablet. It’s great out of the box or can be rooted fairly easily to allow running of Android apps. An iPad 2 is at least double the price but has a larger screen and many more apps. Unlike the Nook Color, iPads can be bought with 3G for Internet access where cell signals are available. If price is no object, go for the iPad 2 over the Nook Color, or consider one of the many tablet competitors to the iPad.

Here’s a list of tablets organized per operating system:

[Apple iOS] iPad 2
[Android 3.2] Xoom
[Android 3.1] Thrive, Eee Pad Transformer, and Iconia Tab A500
[Android 3.0] G-Slate and Galaxy Tab 10.1
[Android 2.2] Streak 7, Galaxy Tab, Archos 101, Archos 70, and NOOK Color
[webOS] TouchPad
[BlackBerry Tablet OS] PlayBook
[Windows 7] Eee Slate and Slate 500

Of the tablets, the Eee Pad Transformer has outstanding specs for the money.

Source: http://www.howtodecide.com/tablet/

Joseph asks…

what are the best tablets?

they need to be in the the 500 dollar price range i was thinking about the blackberry playbook should i get that or an android?

steve answers:

Base configurations of these tablets can be bought for around $500 or less: Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad 2, Xoom, TouchPad, Thrive, Streak 7, PlayBook, Eee Pad TF101, Iconia Tab A500, Galaxy Tab, Archos 101, Archos 70, and NOOK Color.

With its 7-inch display, the PlayBook will be more portable but show less information on the display at once than the higher-resolution ~10-inch display tablets.

If you want to record at 1080p, the PlayBook (or the more expensive LG G-Slate) is for you.

For overall value, consider the ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101) for under $400: Android 3.1, 10.1 inch 1280×800 IPS (like iPad, but bigger and higher resolution) display, up to 9 hours of battery life (16 hours if optional dock added), optional ability to dock with keyboard, 1 GHz Tegra 250 ARM CPU with 1 GB RAM, good array of ports (mini HDMI, SD, micro SD), preloaded Polaris Office 3.0 for editing documents (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls) and presentation (.ppt) files. Note, though, no 3G (however people report success in tethering it to smart phones).

And, for completeness and comparison even though you didn’t mention iPad, here’s BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad 2 (leader in tablet category):

BlackBerry PlayBook Advantages:

3 MP front camera (vs VGA), 5 MP rear camera (vs 0.7 MP), 1080p rear video (vs 720p), 1080p front video (vs VGA), micro HDMI & micro USB ports, Flash support, 0.9 lbs (vs 1.33 lbs)

iPad 2 Advantages:

Display: 9.7 inch, 1024×768 IPS LCD (vs 7 inch, 1024×600 LCD), 10.4hr battery life (vs 7hr batter life), huge apps market.

Another difference: PlayBook is available on Sprint; iPad, on AT&T and Verizon.

Laura asks…

Ipad2 or Android tablet?

i am going to buy a tablet to write notes on it at school. Which one has the best and fastest keyboard?

steve answers:

Typing notes: You’re going to want a real keyboard; typing via on-screen keyboards is only good for short notes or short messages. Get a tablet with Bluetooth that can be coupled with keyboard, or consider the ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101), which “transforms” into a laptop via a dock and keyboard.

Your school probably has great WiFi coverage, so you can probably save money by skipping cellular service. These tablets are WiFi-only or have WiFi-only versions: iPad 2, Eee Slate, Slate 500, TouchPad, Thrive, Eee Pad TF101, Iconia Tab A500, Archos 101, Archos 70, NOOK Color, and Kindle Fire.

IPad 2 Advantages:

IPads have a higher degree of fit-and-finish than the competition. Like iPhones vs other smart phones, iPods vs other MP3 players, or Macs vs PC’s, iPads are widely regarded as being more refined and polished than the competition. IPad also has a large and refined App Store (although Android Market is closing the gap).

IPad 2 Disadvantages:

1. No Flash.
2. No SD expansion; no HDMI port; no USB port.
3. ASUS Eee Transformer has a better display (10.1 inch, 1280×800, IPS vs 9.7 inch, 1024×768, IPS).
4. IPad’s camera resolution is a lousy 0.7 MP.
5. Expensive.

If you’d like an Android tablet with an even better display than the iPad 2, with a good array of ports (mini HDMI, SD, micro SD), with better cameras, at a lower price, and with a slick dock/keyboard option, choose the ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101).

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Architecture 3.0]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/28/your-questions-about-architecture-3-0-31/ 2014-09-28T04:07:37Z 2014-09-28T04:07:37Z

Steven asks…

Processor of amd equivalent dual core 3.0 ghz?

which processor of amd is equivalent to intel dual core 3.0 ghz?

steve answers:

Which 3.0Ghz dual-core Intel processor? If you’re referring to the Core 2 Duo E8400, the closest performing equivalent from AMD is the Phenom II X2 555. When overclocked it’s about dead-even with the E8400.



Intel’s Core architecture is more efficient, so Intel CPUs outperform AMD CPUs clocked at the same speed.

Donald asks…

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz vs Intel Dual Core 3.0 Ghz?

Which is better????? Core 2 Duo is newer than Dual Core right???? Whats the difference?????

steve answers:

Yes Core 2 Duo is better, has better architecture.

Richard asks…

Best laptop for an architecture student?

I am going to be an architecture student in the fall and was searching for a solid laptop that can efficiently run design programs like AutoCAD and such. I think this one with a few specs listed below might work but any ideas and opinions are welcome. Thanks!

Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series Touch ($1,299.99)
—PROCESSOR: 4th generation Intel Core i7-4500U (4M Cache, up to 3.0 GHz)
—OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 8.1 (64Bit)
—MEMORY: 16GB 2 DIMM (2x8GB) DDR3L 1600Mhz
—HARD DRIVE: 1TB 5400 rpm SATA Hybrid Hard Drive with 8GB Cache
—DISPLAY: 17.3 inch LED Backlit Touch Display with Truelife and FHD resolution (1920 x 1080)
—WIRELESS: Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 2×2 AGN + Bluetooth 4.0
—PRIMARY BATTERY: 4-cell Lithium Ion (58WHr) Battery

steve answers:

First of all, I am not sure whether you know the difference between core i7U and core i7MQ. The former even though is marketed as i7 but it is considerably slower since the U category focuses on the power consumption but the MQ category focuses more on performance. If you plan to run AutoCAD heavily, I would recommend the latter one.

When it comes to the laptop I would suggest, ASUS N550JK(1060$) is my pick for architecture students. It has Core i7-4700MQ, 8GB of RAM, and GTX850M 2GB, 15.6″ FullHD touchscreen. The specs is better in everyway than the one you posted except the RAM. However, you can upgrade it easily by adding another row of 1x8GB of RAM for around 80$. More info from the link below:

ASUS N550JK(1060$)


Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB

John asks…

dual core 3.0 just as fast as?

i play games only on my desktop.
ive seen these new i7 cpus etc that are like 2.8 etc…the cpu i have now is 3.0 dual core…so for gaming is it worth getting a 2.8 i7 over a dual core 3.0? 2.8 would be slower wouldnt it? do many game use more than 2 cores?

steve answers:

I7s are much faster and use a newer architecture which speeds it up even more. Intel doesnt concentrate on clock speeds anymore, rather the technology in the chip

Linda asks…

Is the amd Athlon II X4 640 3.0 ghz good for gaming?

I have a custom built gaming PC and I wanted to get the Phenom II x4 series processer for my AMD based Rig, but I decided to get a better Graphics Card over better Processor for my budget(I could upgrade eventually though). Anyway so I got the Athlon 2 640 clocked at 3 ghz and is Quad core, along with standard 8gb ram and a 2gb Asus Radeon Hd 7770 this is my gaming setup. Is this processor going to nullify my gaming experience as time goes on, or is this a good choice to get a better higher end graphics card than the better CPU?

steve answers:

Back in its day, the Athlon II x4 was really good, achieving ~90-95% performance of their Phenom II brethren, but games have evolved since to utilize L3 cache, and as a result, the Athlon II’s performance is really hurting in modern games due the total lack of any L3 cache.

Tom’s Hardware recently did an article on AMD’s K10 architecture vs Bulldozer, and they had both the Phenom II x4 965 and an Athlon II x4 640. In that article, the Athlon II x4 640 Overclocked to 3.6GHz was 13% slower in average frame-rate and 22% slower in minimum frame-rate compared to the stock 3.4GHz Phenom II 965. Again, that is 13% slower despite 200MHz advantage in clock speed. Stock clocks (3GHz vs 3.4GHZ Phenom II), the Athlon was 26% and 36% slower in average and minimum frame-rates respectively.

As of right now, it’s a very well balanced combination, but upgrading one component would likely bottleneck the other. As for which component you should upgrade first depends on the games played.

Personally, I’d work on updating the rest of the platform (CPU + Motherboard). You’d want at least an AMD FX-6300 or better, or an Intel Core i5 or better. The 7770 is a solid mainstream GPU, and you can alleviate GPU bottlenecks by turning down details; not a whole lot you can do to alleviate CPU bottlenecks.

One last thing to consider is that the next gen consoles will be utilizing low-power 8-core (AMD) CPU’s, which will mean a lot of upcoming games will likely be programmed to take advantage of multiple slower cores compared to fewer, but faster cores. As of right now, Intel has faster cores, but AMD gives you more cores for less money.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Titanic 2]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/28/your-questions-about-titanic-2-4/ 2014-09-28T00:07:39Z 2014-09-28T00:07:39Z

Ken asks…

Can someone please sum up the REAL Titanic story in 2 short paragraphs?

i have to write two paragraphs on the titanic story. it’s suppose to be a summary. it has to be 5 sentences in each paragraph. can someone please sum up the most important parts of the titanic for me please? :)

steve answers:

No. Wanna know what the Home Depot is? It’s the DO IT YOURSELF center.

Richard asks…

Did they film the Titanic 2 Movie on the Queen Mary?

I saw Titanic 2, It looked like the Queen Mary!

steve answers:


Nancy asks…

Is the Titanic 2 movie still true to life?

I just watched the trailer and its so intriguing!

steve answers:

No, it’s not true, and there is no movie of Titanic 2– they only made a trailer, but there is no more then that:( sorry!

Steven asks…

How long do you think it’d take me to write a bad copy report on the Titanic? (min 2 pages)?

It’s due in two weeks. Do you think i’d be able to finish the bad copy today? How many hours do you think it’d take me? If I rushed? If I take my time?
Consider my skills average.

Oh, and please give me some informations or websites on the Titanic.


steve answers:

If you did a bad copy, it could take you and hour or two if you rushed. Here are some websites to help:



hope this helps! Good luck!

Carol asks…

Is there really going to be a Titanic 2?

I was googling Titanic information for a school project… and “Titanic 2” was one of the top searches. I looked at it, saw the “trailer”, and it looked real… then I googled “Titanic 2 release date” and nothing similar came up. Is it because it’s not true?

steve answers:

No. The trailer is fake.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Netbook Samsung]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-netbook-samsung-13/ 2014-09-27T20:07:50Z 2014-09-27T20:07:50Z

Steven asks…

Samsung N220 netbook?

Hi All. I live in Australia and want to buy a netbook. Mostly for internet and email use on the bus to and from work, as well as to listen to music and watch the odd video on the same.

I’m currently thinking of the Samsung N220 and am keen to hear thoughts and most importantly where I can buy this model.

Broadcom Crystal HD graphics and subwoofer are the big selling points. And the battery life.
Any tips appreciated

Its funny we seem to have the N210 only. Perhaps the N220 is still on the way?? We can be a bit slow down under..

Thanks for the confirmation though.

Thanks to you both. I will have to keep searching the stores.

steve answers:


Your right it’s got some great features. I myself haven’t owned one of these models but could say it seems like a winner. I’m sure you could find one at your local Harvey Norman/JB Hi-Fi/Retravision or electrical store.

Good luck! :)

Mandy asks…

Symbols on Samsung netbook?

IInstead of showing up to 5 bars of wireless connection I suddenly have an icon which shows a computer with a red cross. I have full wireless connection.

steve answers:

Here is the support site, they will be able to help you, http://www.samsung.com/us/support/contact

Here is the eMail address,


Good luck…

Ken asks…

Samsung N120 Netbook?

Does anyone here use the Samsung n120 netbook? if so, how are the video playing abilities of this netbook? does it play youtube videos in 480p or 720p smoothly? online and offline?

steve answers:

Works ok but not as good as full laptop

James asks…

Is my Samsung netbook dual-voltage?

The model is NP-NF210-A03CA. Anyone know?
@Colinc: Can’t seem to find that. I’m looking for something that says 100-240, right?

steve answers:

My Samsung netbook’s power supply says INPUT… 100-240v. Near the top of the label.  You need a magnifying glass to read it!  Pretty much all adaptors these days will take all mains power domestic supply voltages.

Lizzie asks…

Should i get a asus or samsung netbook?

steve answers:

The Samsung NC10 netbook has better battery life and a better keyboard and possibly a better screen; the asus eee netbook equivalent has better sound.

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