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Sandra asks…

Which Laptop should i get?

I wanna know if i should get the HP Envy 15 (2012) or the Samsung Series 7 Chronos. There basically the same deal but hp envy handles gaming just a tad better though samsung is still very good. Envy also has beats which means good audio. I wanna know since the envy is 100 dollars more is it really worth it or should i just go with the samsung? Does anyone have these computers?

steve answers:

Keep in mind that, if you end up getting the HP Envy 15, that you should only buy it in a configuration that includes the upgraded 1920×1080 display. You should not buy the HP Envy 15 in any configuration that includes the stock 1366×768 display. 15.6″ 1366×768 and 17.3″ 1600×900 displays make things onscreen large and tend to have very poor image quality due to low contrast. I recommend against buying laptops that have this type of display to those who have a budget that allows them to get a laptop that has a better display and still suits their needs, and who don’t require larger text for eyesight-related reasons.

The Samsung’s 1600×900 display is an unfortunate exception to this rule though. Most 15.6″ 1600×900 displays have very good contrast, but the Samsung Series 7′s has very poor contrast.

Also keep in mind that the HP Envy’s 1920×1080 display, while IPS (very good viewing angles), has issues reproducing reddish colors. Reddish colors appear orange-shifted. This is less of an issue than the poor contrast of the stock 1366×768 display, or the Samsung’s 1600×900 display though, so it isn’t a good reason to take the stock display or to get the Samsung instead.

For the HP Envy 15, use this as your base configuration: http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/load_configuration.do?destination=review&config_id=7220056
- This configuration is the stock model plus the 1920×1080 display upgrade. You should not downgrade the display for any reason not related to eyesight, such as to make budget room for the processor. The display upgrade is more important than the CPU upgrade.
- Apply coupon code **NBP9634** to bring this price down to **$974** + tax

If you end up getting the Samsung Series 7, and you plan on using it for playing games, then make sure that you get a model that includes the Radeon 6750M, not the Radeon 6490M.

Consider also the HP DV6t Quad Edition. It has a faster GPU than the HP Envy 15, and a 1920×1080 display that does better at reproducing red (but isn’t IPS). It is also slightly cheaper, but a bit heavier.
- Saved Configuration: http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/load_configuration.do?destination=review&config_id=7220060
- Don’t downgrade the display to 1366×768
- Don’t downgrade to the GT 630M GPU if you plan on gaming
- Don’t upgrade to the 2GB GT 650M over the 1GB GT 650M, because there will not be a considerable difference in game performance.
- Apply coupon code **NBW9325** to make it **$949** + tax

Mark asks…


My system should have more than enough specs to get 99 fps on cs 1.6 what is the deal? I understand with intel you have to turn “flip something” on to disable v-sync….

I have an Intel Core Duo 1.8ghz
2 gigs of ram
and i have vista business 32bit

fps_max 100

…. any other ideas?

i can get 99 fps staring at walls in an empty lan game….. but it fluctuates like crazy… it has nothing to do with the resolution because at 640 it wont stay it hits 99 but drops to like 30 sometimes and then even the highest widescreen it stays around 99 but fluctuates to 30 also…. what could be the deal? i have plenty of ram to share is there a way to give the x3100 (gma965 series) more power? THANKS FOR EVEN READING !

steve answers:

You are lucky to get those frame rates with those specs. Regular laptops are NOT meant to play games and even high end gaming laptops will have lower performance then a dsektop of half the price. IF 1.6 even supports V-Sync, all you have to do is turn it off through the in game video options. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve played 1.6 so I don’t remember if it even supports it. I can tell you that it is NOT enabled for you because if it was you FPS would be capped at the refresh rate of you monitor which is most likely 60Hz so you would never get more then 60FPS and would not see the 99FPS you get when standing still. Even with low resolution to not expect to maintain high frame rates when running and shooting because your system will just not handle it. 1.6 does not support multi-threading so it can only use one core on your Core2Duo so that means you are running it with a 1.8GHz single core. Dual Cores do nothing for programs that are not designed to use them. Crysis and The Orange Box all support Multi-Threading but 1.6 does not, not even CS:S supports Dual Cores so it only uses one core too. The x3100 is an intergrated graphics processor and is not designed for games, at all! If you want to be playing games you need an independent graphics card. Yes your intergrated graphics processor and borrow from the system RAM but on board RAM is no where near as important as bandwidth and processing speeds. Look at the 8800GT, it only has 512MB of on board RAM but is one of the best cards on the market because of it’s high processor and memory speeds. It’s beeter on board processor can also handle 112 stream processes which is a technology that intergrated graphics system do not even use. They still use old pixel pipelines and use very few of them. Do not expect amaziing frame rates off this system and the only way you can improve what you have is to disable unecessary background programs and further reduce the video details. Beyond that you need a real graphics card.

Carol asks…

I Need Help Finding A Good Laptop?.?

Hi. For Christmas I want A Laptop. I want it to be in between 10″-14.” If it is up to 16″ I guess that is okay too, but I would like it to be 10″-14.” I would like it to have a built in webcam. I would like it to be an HD webcam, but if it has good quality that would be good too. I will need it to have a lot of battery time, because I will be portable with it. I would like it any color except brown, pink, red, orange, or purple. Gold is okay. My budget is $500 but if it is a little over that price that is okay too. I know I made this very clear, and thank you for your help. (;
I CANNOT get a Macbook so please don’t suggest it);

steve answers:

Toshiba – Satellite Laptop / Intel® Core™ i3 Processor / 15.6″ Display / 4GB Memory / 320GB Hard Drive – Helios Black
Model: L655-S5117 | SKU: 1443308


Thats a RED HOT deal, & you better grab it before it’s gone
Webcam: 1.3 MP


matter of fact its regular price is not $480 as mentioned in Bestbuy
but $620, http://us.toshiba.com/computers/laptops/satellite/L650/L655-S5117

John asks…

How To Deal With Long International Flights?

I’m pretty sure this flight from Boston to Beijing is going to be around 20 hours long, so it will be the longest flight I’ve ever been on.. What are some tips for surviving the flight? I’m 17 years old, but I’ve heard of people having strokes on international flights since they have been sitting for so long and the blood clots and once they stand up they suffer a stroke..

I was planning on doing the following:
*Bring a lot of books
*MP3 player
*Practice my Chinese
*Chat with someone sitting next to me
*Take Tylenol PM to shave off a few hours

What else can I do? When should I take the Tylenol PM? Even if I take it in the middle of the flight (10 hours in) I will probably be suffering from extreme boredom at that point and I will probably only be able to sleep 5-7 hours.. Thanks everyone!

steve answers:

What I usuallly do :

1 drink lots of water and orange juice..! Dont wait till you feel very thursty
2 watch movies the flight offers
3 play games from your sell or laptop and listen music
4 when you flush the toillet turn your face around and dont inhale so you dont catch some bacteria
5 brush your teeth in your seat and spit in a bottle (dont sound appealing but you wont catch a virus from the toillet)
6buy extra food in the airport..like chocolates in case you get hungry and for energy
7 get up every few hours or more often and walk around or just stand next to your seat
8 have some cream with you..your face and hands get dryer in the flight and putting on the cream will feel goooood
9. Wear comfy clothes and have socks and extra clothes in case you sweat or feel cold
10 have an advil with you in case you get a headache
11 study if you are in the mood
12 have some moist towells to get refreshed
13 leave the person next to you alone lol

William asks…

Programs or apps for game systems and laptops?

So lately there been a lot of Roberts around where i live they’ve also stolen stuff from our cars but I’m asking since we have a lot valuable stuff in this house what will be helpful programsjust in case they get stole and these are the electronics I need a program for PS3 , wii , laptops ??? Any suggestions

steve answers:

For laptops – lots of software, from “Lojack for laptops”, to some cloud backup services, like BackBlaze.. All will help locate a stolen laptop using any internet connection it tries to make.

Programs for the consoles are not as common.
Speak to local police/sheriff and your insurance agent to see if there are recommended methods. Most of these devices will accept a standard “Kensington” type lock.. This will give you a few seconds / minutes delay, and could discourage burglars (robbers or Roberts?) ..

Depending on how handy you are, or what is available from local shops / police, etc..
.. You may want to take and store photos of each item, especially the serial numbers, and the overall look of the machines. File a copy with your insurance if they will cover them, and save a copy someplace where criminals aren’t going to destroy them.
( email is fine)

For laptop, use a BIOS ( power-on) password, it makes one extra password every time you turn it on, but also makes it more difficult for criminal to convert it to easy cash.
( not impossible.. Just a little more work)
If you have one of the non-”HOME” versions of Windows, or if you aren’t afraid of some extra software – then encrypt the entire hard disk, too. Advanced Windows versions since Win 2000/Win 7 include encryption software, and you can buy or download good free encryption like TrueCrypt. This means if laptop is stolen, all your saved passwords and data are safe from the crooks. All your licensed software that you bought to install is still yours.. The crooks can’t get anything to work on that machine until they replace or reformat the hard disk.

On all machines, you could take some highway-marking or other relatively sturdy and bright-colored paint, and mark up the outside with either a bright green or orange that stands out, or some stencil or design you make up – if you are artistic.
You can also remove a battery cover, or something else easy like the inside of a DVD tray, and engrave your phone & address there.. Or driver’s license.. Something that you can use to prove this is your unit besides just the serial number.

( if you plan on reselling these, then marking them up in an obvious way will reduce the value).

Also keep in mind that criminals want to get in, grab as much valuable stuff as they can carry quickly, and get out. Jewelry, silverware, wallets ( mail from banks) is easier to grab and hide. If they -really- want the computer or PS3/Wii.. They will either take the extra few moments to break off any lock or cable.. Or they will smash it in frustration so you can’t use it either.

Consider using an old refurbished aquarium or other clear box that you can put a lockable cover on. Perhaps even drill holes for cables, or slots for disks so you never need to actually take the consoles out of the “aquarium”. If criminals see this, they know they can’t just break the glass ( they may hurt themselves, and it will probably make noise) , and they can’t stuff this into a duffel bag easily.

Check your insurance, most policies barely cover home electronics, and the deductible will eat up most of the value. ( original purchase price – minus old age, even if the price is still high)
It is also a good time to look at other valuables in your home like large appliances, jewelry, even “art”.. Wedding photos and framed diplomas may cost $300 or more.. And as “artwork” could go up in value. If nothing else, take photos of all, engrave or make a tiny mark on what you can.. ( photo of that if it works).. And see what insurance company can do before you actually have to deal with robbery or vandalism.
Really nasty burglars might fill clothes washer or dryer with eggs and icecream if they are jerks, or could break apart refrigerators/freezers — or clothing closets — even bedroom chests looking for hidden valuables.

Consider basic home security, too. Make sure windows have good locks, and can be locked in a partial-open position. Entry doors should have two locks, handle & deadbolt with hinges inside and no glass within 20 inches of the handle ( push in, reach down and unlock door) . Make sure exterior is well-lit at night, motion sensors are great because they save money while off, and draw attention when they come on. If you are in a bad neighborhood with ground-floor accessible windows, keep the area open and hedges/trees trimmed back, and consider installing bars (a) to prevent windows, and even doors from being forced open while you are home.. Or (b) to prevent entry even if criminals do manage to break a window or door glass.

Good luck! Getting robbed sux.. I know it too well.

Oh yeah.. I did a quick search, and most folks on the PS3/XBOX/Wii user boards agree that the cost of such software – at least as it goes now – would be higher than they want to pay to locate a stolen console. Several folks have purchased relatively cheap GPS tracking units – like you’d find at a spy shop for around $75-100, and hard-wired them into the console. Not only is this expensive, but if you damage the system installing it, or later need “normal” service, you have voided the warrantee by opening it up. Only attempt this if you are a real “gearhead” ( you fix most stuff yourself).. And if you are pretty sure the devices aren’t going too far away [ maybe you live in a rural area with a college town or two nearby.. That won't be too hard to scan.].. If you live anywhere near major coastal cities, don’t bother because you’ll probably just lose the extra GPS equipt, too.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Update]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/02/26/your-questions-about-hp-graphic-card-update-5/ 2015-02-26T19:07:49Z 2015-02-26T19:07:49Z

Joseph asks…

Just bought a dell monitor for my hp desktop and need help with screen resolution?

I dn’t know much about computers but Im running windows vista and I just bought a dell monitor for my hp desktop. The monitor is suppose to have a screen resolution of 1366×768 but thats not an option for my. I think I updated my graphic card but I still don’t see 1366×768 as an option… can somebody help me out???

steve answers:

Hi, big chance your dell monitor is not supported by this Vista operating system. I suggest you go to Dell’s homepage and look up the drivers for your monitor (Vista). If the monitor came with a installation CD I would try that first, check on the CD if it supports Vista , if this does not work give me the exact type,name and number of your dell monitor and i will do some digging for you to come up with a solution.

Another thing when you are trying to set the resolution are you doing that while being an administrator? Sometimes Vista will not let you change anything if you are not logged in as an administrator.

Sharon asks…

Graphic Card Problem Intel ? 10 points?

I bought a brand new desktop in July. A Hp a6120n Pc from bestbuy. It was running before until I ran Microsoft Update and it had my graphic card.(Intel (R) 82945G Express Cipset Family) So I installed the update and tried system restore, but it didn’t work. The computer works but when I try to play Halo they have graphic glitches , I did have before. When I go to device manager then they don’t have the rollback feature to check. I have windows vista home premium. 10 points thxs.

steve answers:

Go to control panel click on add or remove programs and uninstall the Microsoft update that caused the problem. If it won’t allow you to delete the update go to control panel and select and and remove programs click on and and remove windows components click on the last windows update then reboot and try if you need the latest driver go to www.drivers.com to get all the latest drivers for your computer and download then and install them and that should be all you need.

George asks…

Graphic Card problem Intel ? 10 Points?

I bought a brand new desktop in July. A Hp a6120n Pc from bestbuy. It was running before until I ran Microsoft Update and it had my graphic card.(Intel (R) 82945G Express Cipset Family) So I installed the update and tried system restore, but it didn’t work. The computer works but when I try to play Halo they have graphic glitches , I did have before. When I go to device manager then they don’t have the rollback feature to check. I have windows vista home premium. 10 points thxs.

steve answers:

Okay you should have a system restore button that you can restore to an earlyier time this should help you out

Nancy asks…

Changing/Updating Video/Graphic Card?

I have a hp compaq dx2000 MT system which currently runs on Intel(R) Extreme Graphics 2 , which i think is intergrated.

I am wondering if there were any cards out of the list below would work with my system in a PCI slot , for the main purpose to play Spore:

ATI Radeon(TM) series
9500, 9600, 9800
X300, X600, X700, X800, X850
X1300, X1600, X1800, X1900, X1950
2400, 2600, 2900,
3650, 3850
NVIDIA GeForce series
FX 5900, FX 5950
6200, 6500, 6600, 6800,
7200, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, 7950
8400, 8500, 8600, 8800
Intel(R) Extreme Graphics
GMA 950, GMA X3000, GMA X3100

steve answers:

No graphics card will give acceptable performance with that game if you’re limited to using a PCI slot. The main reason the AGP slot was introduced – over 12 years ago – is because PCI was considered too slow (even by 1997 standards!) for good graphics performance in games. And now we have PCI Express which is many, many times faster.

You can still buy some graphics cards in PCI format, but they are intended for things like HTPCs and other specialised applications, not gaming PCs which require high graphical performance.

Basically, you need to update your whole system to something that can take modern PCI Express graphics cards. There’s no point in spending any money on a graphics card for your existing system – the fact that it doesn’t have a PCI Express or AGP slot indicates that the manufacturer didn’t intend the graphics to be upgraded.

Carol asks…

BSOD after update on graphic driver.. able to help?

Got a HP compaq nx9500. Video card is Go5700.
I decided to update the graphic driver… no clue why I did. Just felt like it. I updated it and after my restart I get a blank screen after the xp splash. No backlighting. Im guessing a bsod pops up but i cant see it and my comp restarts. I turn off the auto restart on failure, hoping to see the bsod but still the screen stays blank.
I enter through safe mode and uninstall the driver seeing it was most likely faulty. I install another driver off HP‘s site. I couldn’t find a nvidia card driver for the nx9500 for some reason, it only shows the ati card.. much help the site is.. but I found one for a HP zd7000 with a go5700. So I tried that one out, but still no luck
Found a site laptopvideo2go.com they had some pretty nifty stuff. Did a lot of researching on there and other sites. Tried their drivers. Now I get a bsod that flashes every split second. I cant make up anything much since it gives me a headache.
Says something about infinite loop for nv4_disp. I also did a search on that and found nothing to help.
If your a computer geek and know how to solve this problem let me know. If I cant find anything in 2 days or so, I’m just gonna wipe it and redo everything, hoping that works.
It has to be the driver knowing that I can enter safe mode or enter normally if no driver is installed. Let me know! thanks =)
Problem with rolling back is… Since I did an uninstall of the driver.. and many other update tries. It doesnt remember the good ol working driver. T.T

steve answers:

You generally only update drivers when you having problems, like BIOS, so I suggest you roll back if you were not having any problems, old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. To do that r/click on my computer, select your drive and then roll back, or use the graphics card cd for original driver

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About 3rd Grade Math Worksheets]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/02/26/your-questions-about-3rd-grade-math-worksheets-4/ 2015-02-26T15:08:04Z 2015-02-26T15:08:04Z

Joseph asks…

I need help with 6th grade math(i am not asking for answers, just help pleaze)?

K well we need to do worksheets on ” Compute with measures” and here is an example- 3 mi 500 yd – 1 mi 800 yd

i dont get this so could someone explain to me step by step???

steve answers:

There are two ways to do it. I’ll show you one. Know that 1 mile is 1760 yards.

3 miles 500 yards
- 1 mile 800 yards

Like regular subtraction, start from the right and subtract 800 from 500 yards. But you can’t do that. So you have to “borrow” 1 mile which is 1760 yards. Add 1760 to 500

2 miles 2260 yards
- 1 mile 800 yards

Now you can subtract and get

1 mile 1460 yards

Donald asks…

Mental Retarded in Math__some help please?

Ok so since grade 3 i have been struggling with math.In grade 7 i was tested and told i have a learning disability.In grade 8 i started failing. I have been through 3 math tutors and am on my 4th and he is the best i have had yet. When he says things he makes me get it and understand properly instead of just doing it for me. It was going great until i had a math unit test over everything that we had been going over and i couldn’t do more than 4 questions.

Am i mentally retarded in math? I just can’t remember how to do it when i get a test or worksheet on my own. I feel like such an idiot because i always have to have it re-explained. They told me i had a bit of test anxiety but even so, me and my parents are at a loss for what to do. Please. We have tried everything. I have no hope that i will ever be able to do anything other than basic facts.
I do receive special treatment because i am coded with an IPP. I get all of the things you listed but they don’t help my situation and they sometime even worsen it.

steve answers:

Look i know how you feel i have dyslexia
my reading&spelling&things like that are not that good :/
but i just keep trying to work with it.
It’s hard sometimes but just don’t give up just try your best
keep at it i mean i’m in 11gr about to be in 12th and my reading is at like 5/6 gr i know not good but i keep trying and don’t let ppl tell you your dumb cus your not i mean everyelse is good it’s just that but
i try not to let get in the way of my life

here is my myspace myspace.com/yamach
so add me
later kid :]

Lizzie asks…

**SIMPLE 8TH GRADE MATH!** How can i use the Distributive Property to solve these equations?

i do not understand how to solve these at all.. im in 8th grade and ym teacher gave us worksheets and for the past few days i’ve tried figuring these out but i cant so? please =]

1)))) 3(5j + 2) = 2(3k – 6)
2)))) -5x – 10 = 2 – (x + 4)

How do i use the distributive property to solve these equations?
please leave each step and explain why it was done that way.. i need help on this.. nd what is the distributive property??
* thank you *
thank you so much i understand it now.. ugh my teacher sure doesnt help me with this..

steve answers:

The distributive property is when you ‘distribute’ the number into the parentheses by multiplying the number on the outside with each of the numbers on the inside, and then do the operation in the parentheses.

1.) you multiply (or distribute) the 3 and 5j and the same with the 2.
You will get 15j + 6 =2(3k-6)
Now you multiply the 2 and 3k and the 2 and 6 and get

2) you multiply 2 times x and 2 times 4 and get
-5x-10= -2x -8

the reason that they are both negative is because there is a negative sign in front of the parentheses which just makes them negative.

Hope this helps!

Carol asks…

Help me with my math please? (Sixth Grade)?

I was absent for 3 days, and now my math teacher sent me this sheet http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo16/therealmage/howtofindx.jpg with worksheets. I don’t understand how to find the missing value. Can someone please explain to me on how to find the value of x on the bottom of the page in 6th grade terms, please? Thanks!

steve answers:

Well, see the one above, with the triangles? Its just like that. I know its difficult to understand something new when you havent been there but hopefully i can help a little.
Okay.. With the rectangles, 2in is the same as 6in. And 8in is the same as x.
So you set it up like 2=6
and ——————–> 8=x
then you cross multiply.
2 times x = 2x
6 times 8 = 48
so now we have 2x=48
divide each side by 2 to get x by itself.
Now we have, x = 24
the length of x is 24

i hope i helped!

Ken asks…


Hi, I’m currently using my older sis’s account (she let me lol)

I am in grade 7 and today we were tested on adding fractions. I had studied what my teacher had told my class about fractions- word problems, adding the fractions with the same denominators and adding fractions with different denominators etc. however, the test went horribly wrong. Half of the test were types of questions that we haven’t learned in class. Okay, so my teacher wants us to really think during tests, however he never does challenging problems during class time. The examples he gives are always very simple and extremely easy to understand. He never gives us those examples. Now I really had a breakdown in class because I am almost always an A (and sometimes B) student. I had understood how to add fractions. Completely. I did my homework, got everything right etc. etc. I was not the only one in the class who didn’t think they did well on the test. Some of the students who receive As 90% of the time or more (I am one of them) had told me that they didn’t do well at all as well. I am really stressed out right now, and depressed as well. I know that a lot of answers will suggest to talk to my math teacher. My math teacher is a real jacka$$. He gives you a B+ if you get 1 (ONE POINT) question wrong. Yes, seriously. H e has done that to me before. I have never asked him about re-tests, only because I know he isn’t the type of teacher to even consider it. Now we haven’t got the test back, but I know FOR SURE that I did really poorly. FOR SURE. Can someone suggest any ideas?

P.S. I can’t remember word for word a question from the test, however I will do my best. Here it is

A glass is half full. When you add 1/2 of liquid the amount is 3/4. How much can the glass hold?

Does this make sense to you? I’m pretty sure that was the question, but not certain.
Is he using logic in this question?

Here is what I’m looking for in a 10 point answer:

Maybe a worksheet with really challenging grade 7 WORD PROBLEMS. Not simple adding fractions excersises?

I may be considering talking to my teacher about it- How I could approach him?

I really really want the worksheets though.


steve answers:


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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Acer Mini Tower]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/02/26/your-questions-about-acer-mini-tower-7/ 2015-02-26T11:07:57Z 2015-02-26T11:07:57Z

Thomas asks…

Some good games to get for my mini laptop?

What are some games that will work on my laptop? It’s a mini Acer Aspire One laptop ( http://www.pcworld.com/product/31863/acer_aspire_one.html?p=specs ) The graphics aren’t too good so all games don’t work.
I’m looking for games like GTA. That game does work. I’m also looking for some fun LAN games like “Unreal Tournament”.. Thanks for your help.

steve answers:


Team fortress 2
-Free steam game that a lot of people are playing
Available on steam

Counter strike source
-Fun shooter with a lot of diffrent ‘gamemodes’
Available on steam

Saints Row the third
-Will probably not work on your computer, still epic game
Available on steam

Dungeon Defenders
-TPS tower defence game
Available on steam

Mount & Blade Warband
-Nice game, you run around in a land where there are wars everywhere, trying to gather an army and
defeat every single army in the land.
Available on steam

Steam: store.steampowered.com

George asks…

Can I put my GeForce 650 Video Card into my Dell Optiplex 755?

I just got this gamer video card. It says on the box: GeForce FTX 650: 2GB GDDR5 / PCI-E 3.0 / Direct X 11. We already tried to plug it into the board, and we did not connect the power cable to the card because the directions said something about plugging it in “if necessary” and the cable they gave me was for Molex and my power supply does not have that. It didn’t start up, and it fried my hard drive. If I get a sata to molex adapter cord, can I use this in my machine, or will it not work? I have a Dell Optiplex 755 “mini-tower

steve answers:

The stock power supply in a Dell Optiplex 755 probably isn’t strong enough for the GeForce GTX 650.

It MIGHT not work even with an upgraded PSU, because some really old motherboards with original PCI-E x16 slots (version 1.0) are only compatible with version 2.0 and earlier cards. Those incompatible motherboards are typically found on brand-name machines like HP, Dell, Compaq, Acer etc from 2005 or earlier.

The Optiplex 755 is new enough (Core 2 Duo/Quad era) that slot compatiblity shouldn’t be an issue, but you’d definitely need a stronger PSU, like these:



William asks…

How do I change a power supply for Emachines EL1352-51 desktop?

Hello, My computer tower stopped working yesterday. And I am most likely sure it was the power supply that burnt out. But like I said I’m “most likely” sure. I was hoping if I tell what happened then somebody could possibly tell me what happened and tell if I am right.

What happened :

Yesterday I was in the middle of burning a dvd , downloading files, and I was just done converting files as well . And my little sister decided she wanted to play games on my computer. And while she was doing that stupid me , I decided to plug in my phone charger to charge my phone…that’s when it turned off. It was about to turn back on, but then stupid me AGAIN try to plug it back in. After that my tower just didn’t want to turn on anymore.

So I figured I fried my power supply. My mother cannot afford to take it to a tech in my area they are so expensive, so obviously she cannot buy a brand new system as well. I figured replacing the power supply would be cheaper. I am going to install it myself , if this is the case.

All I need to know is how to check it, if I’m right. And what type of model I need for my computer. I tried looking it up , but it doesn’t really give me in specific results or answers. Would any kind be okay? And would it not be worth it to buy like cheap one for like $20.00-50.00? Would they not last long?

Thank you so much for any help you can give me!! Five stars to best answer ☺☺

steve answers:

A problem is that little skinny computers have special size power supplies that are often lower in quality and do not put out a lot of power.
Replacing it requires you measure dimensions and note the mounting screw locations of how big a supply can fit in each dimension.
Your power supply is shown in picture #6 bottom right




I believe yours is a modified mini-ITX size, though TFX often fits also.


You are starting with 220Watts and can use a higher wattage supply or search for the exact replacement Chicony brand.
A common test method without meters uses a paper clip to short out two pins of a connector.
The power is live when tested and you need to be very careful, and it is highly recommended to have a system fan connected to it also.



This is about troubleshooting an HP power supply. Yours will not be the same, but some of the things are common.

Donna asks…

What computer build is best for these requirements?

So, I’m a new PC builder. As in: first build ever. I do know a bit of computers and how they work. Not enough to select my own parts (Yet…) , though. So, I want a decent gaming PC at max $700 dollars. Here are my 2 options:
PC Builds

Total: $ 699 Total for PC: $569 Total for Monitor and Keyboard: $130

Parts for PC:
Orange Tier at
http://www.hardware-revolution.com/budget-gaming-pcs-v3-6/ $569

Monitor, Keyboard, & Mouse:

Monitor: Acer- S1 Series 20″ Widescreen Flat-Panel LED HD Monitor – Black $90

Keyboard and Mouse: Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo MK520 $40 with shipping $36 without shipping

Total: $692 Total for PC: $562 Total for Monitor and Keyboard: $130

Parts for PC:

1) Intel Core i3-3220 Dual-Core Processor 3.3 Ghz 3 MB Cache LGA 1155 – BX80637i33220 $121

2) MSI LGA1155/Intel B75/DDR3/SATA3 USB 3.0/A&GbE/MicroATX Motherboard B75MA-P45 $65

3) EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1024MB GDDR5 128bit, Dual Dual-Link DVI, Mini HDMI, Graphics Card (01G-P4-3650-KR) Graphics Cards 01G-P4-3650-KR $145

4) Corsair Vengeance 8 GB ( 2 x 4 GB ) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) 240-Pin DDR3 Memory Kit for Core i3, i5, i7 and Platforms SDRAM CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 $48

5) Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB SATA III 7200 RPM 16 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Desktop Hard Drive – WD5000AAKX $60

6) Corsair Builder Series CX 430 Watt ATX/EPS 80 PLUS (CX430) $55

7) Lite-On Super AllWrite 24X SATA DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive – Bulk – IHAS124-04 (Black) $18

8) NZXT Technologies SOURCE 220 CA-SO220-01 Matt Steel Mesh Front Mid Tower Case with USB 3.0 $50

This build is from youtube user: duncan33303 in video:
/watch?v=O6olutcuXHc at www.youtube.com with RAM Upgrade and Added Optical Drive

Monitor, Keyboard, & Mouse:

Monitor: Acer- S1 Series 20″ Widescreen Flat-Panel LED HD Monitor – Black $90

Keyboard and Mouse: Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo MK520 $40 with shipping $36 without shipping.

Now, I want it to run relatively smooth in medium and sometimes low settings with these games: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Planetside 2, Starcraft 2: Heart of The Swarm, Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, Simcity (I know some problems right now are the servers’ fault.), The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and just RTS, FPS, MMO, and general Indie video games. Thanks in advance! Also, I’d rather have one of those options, but other builds are also good. But, please, no more decisions! :D

steve answers:

The 2nd build with the gtx 650 ti is good, you can play all games on high-max settings smoothly =P

Lisa asks…

graphics card upgrade, advice needed?

hi everyone i want to upgrade my pc but need some advice.
i currently have an acer t671
Mini Tower
Processor Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz intel Socket LGA775
Installed Memory 3 GB (DDR2 SDRAM)
Operating System vista premium 32 bit
i have a pcie x16 slot, pcie slot
here is full spec


i have a budget of £140 ($180)
i want to upgrade my graphics, i know i wont be able to run new games but i just want to run some games in low-medium settings.
i am looking at the Sapphire HD4670 512MB PCI E ddr3 Ultimate Graphics Card
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sapphire-HD4670-… £60
i have a generic 300w psu so i know i need to upgrade this as well so i am looking at the
CIT 450W Gold 12Cm Silent Atx Power Supply £18


now is my current processor fast enough the get the best out of the new card or should i get a new processor.?
this is what i am thinking of
Intel Celeron E1400 2GHz 800MHZ FSB

Intel Celeron Dual Core E1400 / 2 GHz processor
Intel Celeron Dual Core E1400
Multi-Core Technology
64-bit Computing
LGA775 Socket
Clock Speed
2 GHz
Bus Speed
800 MHz
Manufacturing Process
65 nm £37


like i said earlier should i upgrade the processor as well or just spend more on the graphics card?
also any other recomendations would be helpfull. eg. better graphics card
thanks in advance

steve answers:

If I were you I’d spend the lot on a Radeon HD4870 (£120)(much better card than the 4670) and then start saving again to do something about your processor. I was quite surprised that when I put an HD4870 in a PC that had a Pentium4HT – 3.6GHz that it was able to run every game that I tried on it at 1680×1050 and fairly high quality settings. It didn’t get the framerates that the same card does with my daughter’s Core2Quad Q6600 but it still worked surprisingly well. It’s better to buy a decent card and then buy a decent processor/motherboard at a later date than to buy better but outdated replacements for both at once. Unless you have a very powerful graphics card then your processor spends half it’s time waiting for the graphics to catch up, rather than the card waiting for the processor, hence a good card and a weak processor is often better than the other way around.

As has already been mentioned, the Celeron chips are just crippled Pentiums.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Gucci Watches]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/02/26/your-questions-about-gucci-watches-13/ 2015-02-26T07:07:48Z 2015-02-26T07:07:48Z

Nancy asks…

how can i prevent the face of my watch from getting scratched?

my mother bought me a really expensive Armani watch…but the face of it always seem to be knocking against things and im worried about scrathcing the face of the watch..

just wanted to know if there is something that i could put onto the face of the watch to prevent it from getting damage?..
..you could still leave any suggestions even if you may not know the answer.

steve answers:

I have this problem too with a gucci one. A friend of mine is a jeweller, there isn’t anything to prevent it as such, but if you dont mind paying out a bit of money, find a good jeweller and they will actually ‘buff’ it for you, which removes scratches to an extent.

Mark asks…

Would I be able to pawn my old Gucci watch?

It was a present (had it for 12 years) but I’ve seldome worn it. It’s a gold bracelet watch; does anyone think it has any value?

steve answers:

If it is real, sure, it has some value. Just don’t expect to get top dollar for it at a pawn shop. If it retailed for say, $1,000 (example only) the pawn shop would only offer you about $200 to $250 for it IF that. You would have 4 months to get it out of pawn if you just need to borrow money.

Donald asks…

What is a good quality men’s watch to give as a gift?

Which namebrand in men’s watches is better known for its quality? Bulova, Invicta, or Guess? Any other ideas? I am looking to buy a mens watch as a gift, but I don’t know anything about men’s watches! Help!

steve answers:

Bulova is classy looking and accurate and i spent only 300 dollars. I have many watches for different purposes and over time i found that my Gucci was perhaps the worst watch i ever owned and the most expensive at 600 dollars. While it looked great and kept perfect time ,, the clasp kept having to be replaced so i found out that no one could touch it but Gucci in newyork which brought on a whole new set of problems . I have a Casio diving watch that looks great but it tends to gain a little time over the course of a month . I have a number of others as well but i find the gold bulova with a plain black square face to be a bit ecclectic but very dressy and classy

Ruth asks…

Did you Guys know i found the Great Gucci Watch and Fendi Watch Store?

I Was browsing Online and bump into GenuineWatches.com which they Carry Gucci Watches and Fendi Watches with Great Discount Prices! They only Specialize Gucci Watches and Fendi Watches. I order Gucci Watch and fendi Watch from GenuineWatches.com for my early Christmas Shopping , I was impress, what was impress about GenuineWatches.com when I said it was for Christmas gift they expedite the return policy till January 15 ,2008 . I love this company and I will recommend everyone to shop here.

steve answers:

Hello, Yes i belive you , i ordered from GenuineWatches.com a Gucci Watch last week for my wifes Birthday i mean there customer service is Great! And it was very fast shipping came on time, i was very satisfied. Good think about this company is since they speceialize Gucci Watches & Fendi Watches Brand they have experience about the watches, they can answer all kind of question….

Betty asks…

How do you get a good service from a flight attendant?

Of all the trips I’ve gone, I have not encountered a friendly flight attendant. I felt like they look at me as if I could not afford a trip. One attendant asked me sarcastically if I paid my son’s seat when I ordered his sandwich. I would not asked if I didn’t.
Then on another trip, AA’s attendant got mad when I asked her for a snack box after my son woke up from his nap. Do I need to wear a gucci shirt and rolex watch to get good service? I am Asian and 5’4″ by the way.

steve answers:

Poor customer service is rampant today. Write to AA or whatever airline you’re on and tell them how you were treated. There’s no excuse for poor behavior.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Hello Kitty Halloween Costume]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/02/26/your-questions-about-hello-kitty-halloween-costume-9/ 2015-02-26T03:07:46Z 2015-02-26T03:07:46Z

George asks…

Halloween costume ideas :) ?

Long story short me n my friends are going out on halloween n we’re all dressing up. I want to be something cute but sexy. I was gonna do like a sexy hello kitty but i dont think I like that . My best friend is being a sexy rainbow bright. So idk what I want to do. helpp??? Best costume gets the 10 pts

steve answers:

What about Little Bo Peep…I love that costume! Strawberry Shortcake, a Care Bear or bunny.
Or you could go as one of Rainbow Brite’s friends.

Nancy asks…

Halloween costume ideas for teen girl?

So, Halloween is right around the corner and I have NOTHING. No ideas, anything. I’m 14 years old. I’d be described as a ‘scene kid’ although I don’t like labels. I’m willing to buy things online but I can’t spend a lot, so most of my stiff should either be home made or something like that. I like pokemon, World of Warcraft, hello kitty, Batman , etc. I’m kinda nerdy haha. But I want my costume to be original. Not like a nurse, nerd, witch, etc. i was thinking of maybe a night elf (WoW) but I don’t really know how that would work… Any ideas on what I can be..? PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance! :)

steve answers:

Try dressing up as a Pikachu or jigglypuff. Just buy some pink-thick fabric, dont worry you can hand-sew. And try making a hat. There are lots of pikachu-how-to hats in youtube. In short, cut 2 semi circles (not perfect) and cut a small V in the middle of each semi’s. Hand sew the both sides of the V on each, and then to make pikachu ears, cut a yellow rectangle and a black triangle, put the black fabric ontop of the yellow fabric,and sew. Now, pull the black fabric up and sew both sides, paralel way. You should get a long strip, grab a stick and reverse the ear the right way and stuff it. Attach both ears to one of the semi circles,then sew both semi’s. Now, you could fold like an inch inside and sew, so the ends arent visible. To finish up,paint the eyes of the character on the hat. The other half of the face of thr character will be put as face painting, like the cheeks,the whiskers,the nose, etc. You could also put on a shirt thats te same color of thr character. Or make a tail the same way as the ears, but bigger. LOL this is long
Have fun :) if yr going as pikachu,put on black pants. ;)

Mandy asks…

i need a halloween costume im ten years old and im a girl?

ok so i need an idea for halloween cuz i hav no clue whatsoever i wanna be ive checked every website party city spirit costumes america all tht shhit all i need is one great costume the past years i have been
2009-Hocus Pocus Witch
2003-Snow White
as you can c for my first two years of birth i was obviously nothing but i really need some ideas and plz i dont want homeade i hate having to buy everything and having to figure it out on my own an having to bother my mom with it because in 2010 when i was tinkerbell my mom was stressed u shuldve seen my wig agh so much work i was thinking maybe lady gaga or hello kitty or a regular cat or a kandy corn witch :P also i wanted to follow in my aunts footsteps by being a french maid but im scared its guna be a lil unconfortable since she just had a baby 2 weeks ago b/c i live near her and we go tricking or treating there practicly every year so idk please help i need costume ideas by tomorow oct 2 ik it says i wrote this on oct 2 but im writing this at 4:00 am ive been awake all day trying to find costumes ik its bad for me but i need a costume also i want to be this witch my bros gf was but im not sure what its called the costume colors were black and pink and there was no with hatt :( tht sucks wells any ways my friend recomended i be spongebob b/c i have humor just like him and i like the color yellow alot so yeah my cousin said i shuld be a greek goddes but idk b/c she was tht last year and what i wanted to do is i havent gotten the chance to ask her but the third ima sk her if she would like for us to be twins on the 31st b/c she wants to be hello kitty and earlier in the summer time we were talking about it and kinda agreeing so i think i might be twins with ehr if she aprroves cuz my cousin is way strict she takes things seriuos liek it was a test or sumthing yeah oh and no short,slut,whore costumes my mom would kill me she hates slluts idk y i mean lady gaga is like a slut lil bit and she still likes her o.e. hmm so please answr quickpy preferably by the 2nd or hird of october oh and plz include price and shop no online shopping cuz thhey wil steal ur identity bye thanks to whoever to the time to read this :)

steve answers:

Wow You know what you want That is awesome.
Try these sites and browse around you will fine something..
This is wear i got my daughter her costume



Richard asks…

Is this a cute halloween costume? [:?

So for halloween I’m going as a little girl.
I’m going to where these black and white hello kitty pajama bottoms.
and i’m not sure what i’m using for a shirt yet.
but i’m also going to tease my hair and put it in low pigtails.
and i plan on putting freckles and using little make up.
maybe carry around a little blanket.
and i have a ring pop for one of my fingers and i might get a big swirly sucker.
also i have a small hello kitty doll that doubles as a back pack that i’ll be wearing.
and i have a pacifier that i’ll be wearing on a bead necklace.
what do you think? [:
also do you know of anything else i might be able to use for my costume?

steve answers:

I like it!

If you really want to look like an authentic little girl you may need to smudge some raspberry jam or chocolate around your mouth.

Don’t make the pigtails too symmetrical. Have one noticeably higher than the other to give extra character.

And don’t forget kids have big eyes, so start practising holding your eyes as far open as you can.

Carol asks…

Cute halloween costume ideas? 10 points for best answer! please answer! i’ll answer any of yours:)?

Ok so i have no idea what i’m going to be for halloween. i want to be something cute, but original. i’m planning on trick or treating with my friends. i’m in 8th grade and a girl. here some things i’ve thought about:
a dougnut or cupcake
hello kitty
maybe on of the disney princesses?
yeah i don’t ahve much haha

here are things i’ve thought about and absolutly hate:
angel or devil
ladybug or bee
minnie mouse
ragady anne
i like these things its just that EVERYONE dresses up like those. i want to be orginal and have something most people don’t have haha

i’m open to pretty much anything and i don’t need links just ideas. if you have a link to a really great costume though feel free to add a link. thanks everyone!

steve answers:

My friends were m&ms last year
you can use felt and make a slip on circle thing with 2 sides and cut out a white felt m
u can then get poofy mickey-mouse style gloves and wear colored leggings
it turned out super cute

im going to be hermione, go harry potter!
Some more ideas:
-banana (more boys do this than girls, though)
-the pac man ghosts
-iPod (u need a huge cardboard thing for this tho)
-rockstar (mix and match with fishnets, combat boots, the brightest, torn up clothes possible and buy a neon wig :D )
-and u cant fail with a nerd :D

good luck :D

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Tablets With Usb Ports]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/02/25/your-questions-about-tablets-with-usb-ports-10/ 2015-02-25T23:07:51Z 2015-02-25T23:07:51Z

Lisa asks…

how do i utilize the usb ports on my tablet?

i dont know if i need a new app to use it or what but i just got it and would like to watch movies off of my portable hdd. please help me out
it was a free tablet from my credit union, the only thing on the box says intelligence computing. that’s it, but i have two full size ports along with a full hdmi out. i understand this doesn’t say much but i really don’t know, its not even on the tablet its self

steve answers:

Model name of your table please. Because it depends the features of the tablet

Richard asks…

USB port or Tablet not working properly? Please help!?

You know that little “dun-dun” (one-two) sound the computer makes when you connect something to the USB port? For some reason, whenever I try to connect my tablet, it makes this low, almost exhausted sounding “dun-dun-dun” (one-two-three, really quickly) sound and won’t read it. I plug my printer in and it works fine, though. Also, when I unplug it, it makes the appropriate sound. So is it the tablet itself, or is it the computer that’s just not reading it?

Please help! I have to finish up a project and it’s totally flaking on me and I have no idea what to do.

And sorry if this is in the wrong section!

ETA: I use Windows 7, if that helps, and it’s (meaning my intuos tablet) been working fine so far. It’s only a few months old, so I don’t know what’s the problem.
Sean: Yeah, I bought it and installed the CD months ago. It’s been working fine for months until just yesterday. I don’t know why it’s suddenly not reading it. Maybe I should re-install the CD. I was still using Vista when I first installed it, so maybe that’s the problem? Though, since transferring to Windows 7, it’s been working fine.

steve answers:

As with any computer problem first of all reboot ur computer (shutdown the computer completely and unplug it form the wall. If its a laptop also remove that battery.).
Have you tried the tablet no another computer? That way you can rule out the tablet.
If its not the table uninstall the drivers for you tablet and reinstall them.
Window orb
-control panel
–device manager
—Human interface devices(or mice and other pointing devices)
—-Find where the brand name of the table in and right click it and uninstall
—-then reboot and install.

Hope this helps

Charles asks…

Does Sony Xperia Tablet S has USB port ?

What if i want to buy an external DVD player, and i want to connect it with USB.
Can i ?
And also printer and scanner

steve answers:

Yes u can

William asks…

Tablet information needed?

I’m thinking of getting a windows 7/8 tablet with a USB port, and a hub for extra ports, and using it for a computer. Would i be able to install a regular PC version of iTunes onto a tablet? and what external keyboard works best with windows tablets? and what external CD/DVD drive could i use? would i be able to listen to CDs and Watch DVDs?

steve answers:

First off, do not get a windows 7 tablet; they suck.

If you are going for the functionality of a full laptop, then I recommend the microsoft surface pro, or failing that the microsoft surface rt version. The pro version costs more and is in the same range as modern high end laptops. Both versions have a usb port. However, the rt version is much more like a tablet in the sense that you cannot download anything outside of the windows app store.

The surface pro has the full windows 8 experience, and you would be able to download any program you want. You would have to connect it to an external optical drive in order to watch dvds. I do not believe you can connect the rt version to an external drive, since this would require it to download the drivers, which im not sure if it can do.

If you decide you dont like the surface, then also check out acer, as they have windows tablets too.

Robert asks…

Can we connect USB data modem to tablets?

if yes, what is the name of tablet?

steve answers:

Not all Tablets that have a USB port support data modems. Some of them support through USB dongle like NXG Xtab A10 Tablet, Swipe Monster Tab, Zync Z930. Actually, there are many of them. Check the link that I have given in the source which lists all Tablet PCs in India with USB port. The tablets that have 3G support through USB dongles in that list are the ones that you are looking for. But be sure to check with the vendor which USB modems the model that you have chosen supports. Some models support all modems while some have support for only specific operators (like Reliance, Idea).

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Lenovo Thinkpad]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/02/25/your-questions-about-lenovo-thinkpad-11/ 2015-02-25T19:07:58Z 2015-02-25T19:07:58Z

Susan asks…

The screen on my Lenovo ThinkPad keeps rotating?

I just got a new Lenovo ThinkPad, and the screen will randomly rotate. I have auto-rotate turned off, but it will randomly rotate the screen when I press a key or try to use the mouse pad. Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this? I tried googling it, but with this problem, it’s really hard to type and click on the answers as it keeps rotating. I’m in college, and the ITS desk isn’t open yet, so any help would be appreciated!

steve answers:

Hey, that is a great question, thanks for coming to answers, I hope this information helps.
LENOVO http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/

Here is a site you can get a recovery disk http://www.recovery-disks.com/

I am dedicated to providing you with an excellent experience. I am here to answer your questions and resolve any problems you may have. We promise to finding a successful resolution. You are my focus. Resolving whatever issues that brought you to Yahoo Answers is my mission.

Post the brand and complete model number and installed operating system when asking a question to get the best help. You need to post full details of the problem and what you want to do.

Source(s): CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

Laura asks…

How do I disable the TouchPad/MousePad on lenovo ThinkPad Edge e430?

I tried every possible way. could not find any answers on Google or Youtube!

I used to have a Samsung laptop and things were easy as the Fn+F8 was enough to disable and enable the mousepad.

steve answers:

Here is Lenovo technical support if you haven’t already called them or looked at the website.

Whatever it is, it sounds as if it has to do with your chipset driver.

You may try to download a new chipset driver and install it on your laptop. Here is the website:


There is a sticker on the back of your laptop contains the Part Number, Serial Number, and make of the laptop. All things you will need in order to select the correct laptop drivers from this site .

Chris asks…

Lenovo thinkpad X1 carbon vs. 13″ MacBook Pro?

My parents are buying me a laptop of my choice as a graduation present; I will be taking this laptop with me to college. So far my top two are the thinkpad X1 carbon and the MacBook Pro. Which would be better? And why? I am not too familiar with laptops so all help is appreciated!

steve answers:

Lenovo X1 Carbon . In my opinon its more realible and built just a bit better i have a lenovo and its amazing it even fell down 18 stairs and works just fine . The X1 is a ultra book and will be realy powerfull you cant go wrong with the X1 carbon

Helen asks…

Feedback on a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E130?

Basically I’d like to hear your experience on the E130 whether you currently own, or have owned it at some point.

I’ve read about these on review websites, but I’d like to hear from owners/users.
I’d like to hear every bit, does it heat up quickly? Convenient to carry around? Battery life in considerable load long enough? Any other problems? How long have you owned it? And so on…

Thank you, thank you very much. :)

steve answers:

You left out people who do service work.

I would be careful buying Lenovo. Lenovo has serious stand behind their product problems. They bought IBM PC division and proceeded to drive the quality of the system into the ground. Their customer service is well below par. They even makes Dell customer service look good. The last and final thing to remember about them is they are a Chinese Government own company. It is up to you if you want to trust them.

You get what you pay for. Systems with high end parts with low prices are to be viewed with suspicion. They have to cut corners somewhere to get the price down.

What cost you less today is going to cost you more tomorrow.

Ken asks…

Lenovo Thinkpad T420 vs Alienware M14x?

Which is better overall for college and some gaming?? They come out at about the same price.

steve answers:

You need to post your configurations as well.

From a basic standpoint, the Alienware will provide better game performance.

For the Alienware M14x:
- You must upgrade the display to 1600×900. Do not buy the Alienware M14x in any configuration that includes the stock 1366×768 display. The stock 1366×768 display limits multitasking because it makes things onscreen large, and it has very poor image quality due to low contrast.
- Don’t pay the $100 upgrade cost to upgrade to the 2GB version of the GT 650M graphics. The GT 650M GPU core will tend to be more of a bottleneck for gaming than 1GB of GDDR5 memory will be, so upgrading won’t make a significant difference for gaming.

For the Lenovo Thinkpad T420
- Upgrade the display to 1600×900. Don’t buy a Thinkpad T420 in any configuration that includes the stock 1366×768 display. In this case there is not a significant difference in image quality between the two display options (both are meh) but there is a considerable gain in multitasking friendliness of the higher resolution.
- To get the best deal on the T420, buy it through the Barnes and Noble discount.
- Barnes and Noble Discount Signup Link: http://shoplenovo.i2.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/barnesnoblegold/StdAffinityPortal/en_US/Lenovo:EnterStdAffinity?sexpired=1&requested-affinity-cmd=StdAffinity:Home&home=barnesnoblegold&menu-id=products
- Barnes and Noble Discount Thinkpad T420 link: http://shoplenovo.i2.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/barnesnoblegold/StdAffinityPortal/en_US/catalog.workflow:category.details?action=init&current-catalog-id=12F0696583E04D86B9B79B0FEC01C087&current-category-id=19C791A03AF24034A0011B825513BCED

If you like the game performance provided by the Alienware M14x, but want something cheaper and lighter:
- Sager NP6165: http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np6165-clevo-w150er-p-4344.html?wconfigure=yes
- Select “Windows 7″ under the configuration option for “Operating System”

If you would like more game performance without spending more than on the Alienware M14X:
- Sager NP9130: http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np9130-clevo-p151em1-p-4340.html?wconfigure=yes
- Lotus P150EM: http://www.malibal.com/boutique/pc/configurePrd.asp?idProduct=524
- Select “Windows 7″ under the configuration option for “Operating System”

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Laptop Cases Walmart]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/02/25/your-questions-about-laptop-cases-walmart-10/ 2015-02-25T15:08:04Z 2015-02-25T15:08:04Z

Donna asks…

I’m looking for a laptop for gameing in my budget.?

I’m looking for a good laptop for gameing it doesn’t have to be a gameing laptop but it has to run games well. My budget is 775 or under
Dear Troy. Do u know what king of processor like what speed and which model.

steve answers:

Just go to walmart and get one for 500. Mine works. Then go and by a mouse and a USB cerial converer. Last buy a external Blueray drive and a case of CDs, dvd’s and bluerays for programs. Next go to susestudio.com or http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AvpEm2xpabw5rkahWia1hHojzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20120916120315AApOetV and download the Linux distro that you would like. Last start playing with style.

Chris asks…

Help Right laptop mouse button not working?

idk wats wrong my laptop mouse button the right one it works but i have to click like very heavily so it works and when i type i find my laptop automatically highliting stuff and mixing up sentences like the mouse is moving by its own dont tell me to get an external mouse i want this problem fixed ASAP thanks
Btw it still does that with an external mouse like highlighting stuff and moves my words

steve answers:

I say you would need a USB mouse . . . Round 15 – 30 dollars or so at walmart

You can go to control panel -> mouse -> and select the switch primary and secondary buttons and see if it works. In this case the left will act as a right, but the right may still not work. In that case, your mouse may have hardware issue. You may try to open it or clean inside with a q-tip and switch back the buttons and try it. Worst come to worse, just use a $5 usb external mouse

Laura asks…

Which laptop is better?

Hey! i want to know which laptop should i buy?

- HP dm3 -> http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=12347236
- VAIO nw -> http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=13377944&findingMethod=rr

Which one would you choose?


Oh yes and tell me why plz!

steve answers:

The Sony in this case, the Intel processor is faster inside it than the AMD processor inside the HP, the Sony comes with a CD/DVD drive, the HP doesn’t, the Sony is capable of faster wired Internet speeds because it has a 10/100/1000 Ethernet card, the HP only has a 10/100 and the size, I own two laptop computers, a 14.1 inch and a 17.3, the 17.3 is much nicer because A. The screen is easy to see and B. The keyboard isn’t so cramped. In this case the HP is even smaller so unless you going to strictly use it for short periods of time I would recommend the larger screen, which in this case is the same price and is a better computer anyway.

John asks…

Toshiba Laptop from Walmart…Advice?

Is Walmart a store that I want to purchase a Laptop from?
I found a Toshiba Laptop at Walmart for $600.00 – Here are the specs:

Brand: L305D-S5900
3 GB Ram
250 GB Hard Drive
Read & Write CD
Built in Wireless Card
Windows Vista
Built in WebCam
15 ” Screen
AMD Processor
Ati Graphics Card

I’ve heard that Walmart Does not honor certain service warranties?

The Computer will be used for Simple gaming like Pogo.com, World Series of poker CD., Seek and find game CD’s….( Not the extreme gaming). I want to see movies and streaming media without it pausing every other minute, I want to be able to open multiple windows without having the puter freeze up, see good graphics, and the basic uses. Is there anything missing in the specs that I need? Thanks

steve answers:

I am actually using that laptop to answer your question. I love it, it is reliable and fast, although I prefer Windows XP. It is great for multitasking, the only downsides that I have experienced include:
-short battery life
-Can’t play games like COD4(which in your case doesn’t matter)

As far as Walmart goes I, personally, have had no problems with them(and I shop there a lot…good prices usually), but there are records of people making claims of them exploiting loopholes in their contracts, also Walmart normally tells people that in order to use the warranties on their customer’s products they should take it up directly with the manufacturer.

Mandy asks…

what are good specs for a laptop?

what is good ram, memory, processer speed, screen size?
anyone suggest good website or computer for under 500$?

steve answers:

Office depot usually is good.

Here’s my YA! Laptop buying guide:

with any computer, you need to sit down and make a list of 3 things:

1. Budget. By far, this will decide your choice more than any other factor.

2. Uses: here, you have to be brutally honest. Don’t think about what you _could_ do, but what you _need_ it to do.

3. Do the research, wait for sales, check different places, etc.

A few rules of thumb:
1. CPU: you definitely want at least a dual core chip. A single core chip has trouble even with XP, much less Vista, and a quad core chip will drain the battery faster.

2. OS: A few budget computers come with Linux or Leopard, try to avoid those unless you are relatively tech savvy, since you have to locate drivers individually in most cases. Vista uses more battery than XP, so if you have to choose, pick XP over Vista.

3. Weight: in general, the “best” laptops have 13″ or 14″ screens, because of the tradeoff between weight, convenience, and graphics. Bigger is not better in the laptop world. Avoid 17″ screens unless it’s going to be a desktop computer. If you plan on carrying it around at all, 5-6lbs is the maximum weight you should consider, and don’t forget to include 1-2 pounds for accessories and the power supply. As a general rule, a 7 lb computer will end up 10 lbs in the case, a 5 lb computer will end up ~6.5-7lbs. 14″ laptops usually weigh in at under 5 lbs. My coworkers have 4 lb macbooks, and they don’t bring their computers to work anymore.

4. Memory: as a rule of thumb, you want 1 gig minimum for XP, 2 gig for Vista.

5. Battery: couple things you need to know here:
Type: Li-Ion is the industry standard now, because batteries without Li-ion explode from overcharging. It’s rare now, but if you buy a used one or old one, make sure you check for that.
MAh: what this means is the storage capacity of the battery. 2000 mAh means a 3 cell battery, 4000 mAh means 6 cell, etc. As a general rule, the bigger the battery, the longer it lasts and the more it costs. Most netbooks come with 3 cell batteries and run 2-3 hours. A 15″ laptop will run the same amount on a 6 cell battery. However, a 13-14″ laptop will run around 5-7 hours on a 6 cell battery.

6. Return policy: I bought mine from Office Depot. They have a no-return policy (exchange only.) If you aren’t sure you will like a particular laptop, my advice is to buy it from Walmart, that will do refunds within 14 days on laptops. My first purchase was an Acer Aspire One from walmart, and the battery was so pathetic, i returned it.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Hp Support]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/02/25/your-questions-about-hp-support-11/ 2015-02-25T11:08:07Z 2015-02-25T11:08:07Z

Lizzie asks…

can anyone give me the legit hp technical support number?

i google for the number and i still cant find the legit number for hp

steve answers:

HP site:


All Tech Support:


you select what help you need there.

Joseph asks…

Hp Help and Support Does Not Work?

When I open HP Help and Support and then click on any topic it shows this

Script: C:Windows|Help|OEMscriptsLaunchHPSF.jse

Line: 51

Char: 3

Erroe: Unable to open register key

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE|Wow6432NodeHewlett-PackardHP Active SupportHPTCA” for reading.

Code: 80070002

Source: WshShell.RegRead

Then when I close that window this pops up;

Execution of the Windows Script Host failed. (0×80020102)
And no I cant run system restore either, so that is not an option
There are no system restore points, I have searched and I can not reinstall the hp support

steve answers:

So: restore your registry backup.

Or: Download and reinstall the HP help & support centre.


Or if you really are technically minded – doesn’t matter if you can’t run system restore as long as restore points exist you can easily mount an old one and even convert it to a VHD and then to a drive image.

Can’t run system restore but can search for restore points? Can’t install software? Just reinstall windows. Ideally make a backup first. And if you’re going to say you can’t do it – get a friend to help you boot into Linux from USB as it runs outside windows but can still grab your files.

Daniel asks…


I have a hp Officejet 7410 All in One Printer which has poor print and makes a loud noise when printing. I have changed cartridges and still have the same problem.

steve answers:

This isn’t HP’s support site. You need to visit HP’s support site (link below) and find troubleshooting information there. You could also get help by posting your question in a printer support forum.

My initial thought, however, is that your printer needs cleaning. As with finding troubleshooting info, visit HP’s support site to find how they recommend you do it. Good luck.

Maria asks…

Is HP support assistant legit?

I was just minding my own business on my laptop when suddenly I notice there’s a icon I’ve never seen before and asked me to restart my comp it was called “HP Support Assistant” I am curious as to if this is a virus or it is actually supposed to help me and if anyone knows where it came from too that would be great.
Already clicked on it and nothing bad happened but I still am worried about it. Don’t know how to get rid of it though.

steve answers:

Do not click on it or open it. Here is HP support http://www8.hp.com/us/en/support-drivers.html?pageDisplay=support contact them.

Ruth asks…

How can i contact hp customer support ?

Is there any email of hp company ??,
Cuz I have prob with my laptop so I want to ask to them ,
If u know the email address please tell me !! :)

steve answers:

Http://www8.hp.com/us/en/support-drivers.html icon at top right

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