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Michael asks…

Can I use 2GB data plan on Verizon to text/call with?

My parents have a shared plan with my sister and myself, from Verizon. I have a Samsung Rogue at the moment (which is the worst phone I have ever owned), and I want a smartphone. My parents think it is too expensive to add another 30 dollars a month onto their phone bill, even though my unlimited texting and unlimited calling to all Verizon customers costs 10 dollars a month. I am wondering if there is any way I can use a data package for both texting and calling with either the new iPhone 4S or the Droid Bionic for only 30 dollars a month with the 2GB plan (I am not done debating over which is better). If there’s any way I could make this work out please let me know! :)

steve answers:

First, the android is a far superior phone to the i- hype phone.( Motorola has THE best phones period! ) Next, texts and calls are separate from the web. The $10 is for the added line to the family plan. It would still be $10 + $30 for the data plan AND the cost of the phone. New with a contract is expensive but since the contract isn’t, it would be even more expensive. You’ll just have to wait.

Robert asks…

Should I get a 200mb data plan or a 2gb data plan for the new iPhone? What’s the difference?

steve answers:

Well, for $10 more a month, 2GB is more than 4 times the amount of data you get to download/access as opposed to the 200MB plan. In the world of data plans, a download isn’t just a song or app from iTunes, it is also every email you read and every Facebook check you make. Unless you are a very disciplined person and have easy access to wi-fi 200MB is very low–and I know from experience that AT&T seems to set their low-end plans TOO low so you either end up paying out the nose in overage fees or pick a higher, more reasonable plan that you might not take full advantage of. I’ve included a link to AT&T’s data usage calculator that might help you get an idea of how much data you would actually use in a month. I typically use about 1.6GB a month on my iPhone, but have never EVER had a month where I used *less than* 500MB, and I have home wifi.

My advice is get the 2GB when you sign up and watch your data usage for a few months. If you can keep it below 200MB EVERY month, you can change to the lower plan, and you’ve only paid an extra $10 a month for a while. If you pick the 200MB plan and then go over every month until you change it, you’ve probably given AT&T anywhere from $50-$100 in overage charges each billing cycle until you move up to the 2GB.

Hope this helps.

Paul asks…

Should I get the 200MB or 2GB iPhone Data plan?

I’ve never had an iPhone before, so I’m not sure how much data I’d use. I plan on using Twitter, email, GPS, and youtube mostly.

steve answers:

Well at&t has a data calculator on their website. If you think you’ll be a heavy data user then go ahead and get the 2GB data plan. It is an iphone so you probably will get apps and go on the intrernet alot.
But if you decide to get the 200MB data plan, when ever you have the chance to connect to WIFI do so that way you are not on at&t’s 3g. Thats what i do, i have an iphone 4 and at first i had the 2gb but i was only using about 300MB a month. So i got the 200Mb and started to connect to wi-fi hot spots to save on my bill. So using wi-fi my data comes out to like around 185-190MB a month.

Jenny asks…

Does the new AT&T 2gb data plan include text messaging?

I’m in the previous contract and wondering if the 25$ data plan include text messaging like the $40 one

steve answers:

What are you referring to …. Previous contract…. Only 40.00 data and messaging plan is for original iphone. 30.00 data and messaging plan is for non-smart phones. The 2 gb for 25.00 data plan is for smartphones and does not include text.

Sandy asks…

I have a question about verizon’s 2gb data plan?

Ok so I just got my first smart phone the droid 3 and I wanted to know wether when your connected to wifi am I using part of my data for the month? Oh and another quick question is free apps from the android market place don’t show up on your bill right?

steve answers:

Android market is sep from your bill, and any fees incurred would show up like:

Additional Fees* for number 111-111-1111

It doesn’t tell you what vendor, just the amount you owe. Also android market apps that are payed for don’t charge to your bill, I believe they charge to your google account. (someone please correct me, I may be wrong about billing) Also correct if you enable wifi you can use it to bypass your 2GB limit.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Orange Laptops Contract]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/26/your-questions-about-orange-laptops-contract-12/ 2015-03-26T11:08:15Z 2015-03-26T11:08:15Z

Linda asks…

Can the iPad or Nexus tablets get wireless internet? (not wifi)?

Like how smartphones have it nowadays? They have wireless internet connection?

Can you do the same for ipads and nexus tablets? how about laptops?

steve answers:

Yes, they both can. (Look out for 3G versions, there are iPads/Nexus also without mobile internet)

The wireless internet is called “3G”, – and you would have to get a plan. For example you buy your iPad at T-Online or Orange – and have a contract with them. Same for the Nexus.

Also laptops – but it’s very unusual that you can put a sim-card into a laptop. Usually need a usb internet stick to plug into your laptop. They can be found on Amazon for example.

Chris asks…

My mobile phone contract has expired, does anyone know about new contracts with free laptops?!?

Whats the deal? are the laptops any good?!

What are the phones like?!

Do you think its worth it?!!

Thanks x

steve answers:

Carphone warehouse and orange and 3 do all these deals but they do come with an 18 month contract and a fair usage policy on the laptop so u should shop around laptops n phones r ok

William asks…

Orange broadband question?

I bought the orange mobile broadband at £35 a month ….unlimited it says…but is it really unlimited or some catch?

steve answers:

The ‘fair usage’ on Orange’s ‘Unlimited’ mobile broadband plans, both with and without laptops, is 20GB per month. If you go over this limit, you will be charged. However, this is the biggest Mobile Broadband allowance in the UK, the next best being Three’s 15GB for £15 (£25 with a netbook/£30 with a laptop).

It’s important when choosing Mobile Broadband to look at three different things network coverage, speed and pricing – at present the Three, Orange and T-Mobile networks all have pretty good coverage – 93% or above – for Mobile Broadband, but O2 and Vodafone aren’t so good in terms of coverage. The only way to check for sure is to view the coverage checkers the individual networks provide on their websites.

In terms of speed, the latest generation of Mobile Broadband dongles are all pretty much the same – most of them run at a theoretical maximum of 7.2mpbs, but some are still lagging behind at 3.6mbps. This said, most customers should only expect between 1mbps and 2mbps anyway, so these theoretical maximums don’t really matter.

Which brings us to the most important subject, that of price. Pricing in the UK for mobile broadband is fiercely competitive, which is great for consumers. At the time of writing this Answer the best price is £15 per month for 15GB on Three for contract customers (24 months), and £30 including one month of usage on Vodafone or Three on Pay as You Go. You can also get a bundle with a laptop from Three and Orange.

It’s hard to fit all the details of mobile broadband into a short ‘Yahoo! Answer’, so I’ve included a link to the full Mobile Broadband article on our website in the sources – it compares all the different ways you can get Mobile Broadband and the prices, so it might be worth taking a look if you want to switch providers based on the information above.

Maria asks…

Can i use any dongle network provider for a laptop that came free with a contract phone?

i received a free laptop with an orange contract mobile phone, can i use say a vodaphone contract dongle on this laptop or does it have to be orange as they supplied the laptop? i cant see why i would have to go through orange for this? and they do not have a package suitable to be where as vodaphone and o2 do…can any one help?
obviously not understanding me…i have a free laptop which came with a contract mobile phone.

steve answers:

Hi ok
is it a Asus Eee901 with the embedded sim card or is it laptop and dongle as if we supplied the orange laptop and dongle we would be billing you for a phone and dongle+laptop for 24 months normally at £25 a month for the laptop/dongle + how ever much your contract is,
Now u dont have to use the orange dongle but you will be paying for it so i would use it, but in regards to your question

Yes you can use any dongle with any laptop just remember tho untill you complete the 24 month contract with orange techically the equipment still belongs to us untill the full contract is paid.

I recomend checking your bill to see what your paying for and if you have any other question call us free on 150 (from your handset or 07973100150 (from a lineline (normal call charges apply))

Hope this helps

Carol asks…

Shopping in Dominican Republic (iPhone etc., Punta Cana, Higüey)?

I am going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I might need to quickly get an iPhone, iPad or Mac laptop. How easy/expensive can that be?
I am staying in Punta Cana, I think the most mayor city I can get to is Higüey.

What about having stuff mailed from the US? (Delay and costs in customs).
(Could be other items)

Comparisons to EU are most useful.

steve answers:

Iphone 3g/3gs without contrat brand new cost about 1k dollar, they dont have apple store here
ipad/mac products they sell them personally or some weird stores,
if you buy from usa online pages ebay/amazon, ship to dr, dont ever think about shipping it directly, it can get lost. U need to use some mailbox company such as mailboxes etc. Vimenpaq. Stuff like that. If your on vacation, dont buy any apple products from here, if your staying, then buy whatever you want, it will be cheaper for iphone with contracts i think they are 18months. Www.orange.com.do
www.claro.com.do phone companys from here

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Upgrade]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/26/your-questions-about-hp-graphic-card-upgrade-8/ 2015-03-26T07:07:58Z 2015-03-26T07:07:58Z

Joseph asks…

Graphic Card?

I have the sims 2+expansions fsx deluxe editions. I need a new graphic card for an hp pavilion ze4400 notebook. what card works for me that is really well. and where can i find it help me.

steve answers:

All processors, sound chips, and graphics processors are hard soldered to the motherboard. IF you don’t care to ever use this laptop again, you can try soldering on a new graphic chip. Forget any warranty, you will have to completely disassemble the laptop, removing the monitor and entire case to access the motherboard. If you have the confidence to put the hardware back together, you still have to deal with software support.

I hope this explanation dissuades you from even trying this.

It is always cheaper to buy a new laptop rather than trying to upgrade an old one. If games are that important, upgrading a desktop is far cheaper and much more effective. If you get a new laptop, choose wisely. You will be stuck with whatever you buy in the new laptop until your next upgrade.

Charles asks…

Graphic card upgrade recommendations?

I was thinking of buying the pc in the link below:


I wanted to know what anyone would recommend for upgrades on at least the graphics card to run current games decently. I currently play wow but want to run things like rift and mass effect 2 as well as anything else that might come up such as mass effect 3 and SW: the old republic which I have reserved at a moderate frame rate. If anyone knows any cheaper deals similar to this than please recommend them.

I know that it’s cheaper to build your own from scratch but I’m not that great at it and would really just rather buy as cheaply as I can from a pre-built and upgrade from that.

Thanks for any assistance.

steve answers:

The above desktop is great for gaming if you want some cheap graphic card which more increase your gaming performance look below information.

Here are some Top Budget to Mid-Range Graphics Cards

AMD Radeon HD 5670 $95
AMD Radeon HD 4770 / 4850 $110
AMD Radeon HD 5750 $145
AMD Radeon HD 5770 $170

Robert asks…

graphic card upgrade and psu?

ok i want to upgrade my power supply and graphic card this is my computer http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=120&prodSeriesId=4162245&prodTypeId=12454&objectID=c01701270

but i upgraded the ram to 4gb and the processor is now http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103903

i want to be able to run mw2,black ops,battlefield 3 —budgets like 200$ if that’s not enough tell me the best thing i can get for 200$
this is the power supply i have now bestec atx 250 12z rev d7r 250watts

steve answers:

Http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125345 is a good budget choice.

Http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127593 one heck of a card @ that price

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125357 if you like AMD

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817171038 cheaper power supply

minimum 500W power supply.

With the 6870 AND the 560 you receive a 4-10-7 CPU GPU RAM respectively. When you build a computer you want it to be balanced. This computer will not be. You want to upgrade your CPU in the future.



John asks…

Need Help With Graphic Card Upgrade?

I have hp pavilion p6616f i was looking for a graphic card upgrade to play gta san andreass on very high and i do not know what graphic card to get can you please help me thank you…

steve answers:

You may check out for the sapphire radeon 6870 it is an amazing graphics card! It gets the job done. I can play crysis 2 easily with max 30+ fps remember that you do need a 500w+ power supply so keep that in mind when buying a new graphics card. This was an easy install and runs very cool.

Daniel asks…

I am planning to buy an “HP – ENVY Desktop” and planning to upgrade the graphic card, Is it possible?

The specs are:
CPU – AMD VISION FX-6120 (3.5GHz)
RAM – 10GB
Hard Drive – 1TB
Graphic Card – AMD Radeon HD 7450 (Going to upgrade to Radeon 7770 or 7750)
PC Model – h8-1414

Also, here is the link to the PC (Best Buy):


p.s. I just want to know if the graphics card is compatible, and i will upgrade the power supply if needed…

steve answers:

I have that desktop and unfortunately I had bad luck upgrading the graphics card.
I tried an ASUS AMD Radeon 7750 HD 1gb and it would not work for that desktop even though you dont need to upgrade the power supply for that card. I also tried a NVIDIA card and it did not work as well even though it was slightly better than the Radeon 7450 and worked with a test computer that had a very low power supply.
I have yet to try the Radeon 7770 but I had checked with a local computer store claiming it could be either the motherboard or power supply that need to be upgraded.
If you find the right graphics card, let me know please!
I read reviews that the 7770 is just right so its best to try that one first.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About 3rd Rock From The Sun]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/26/your-questions-about-3rd-rock-from-the-sun-6/ 2015-03-26T03:08:05Z 2015-03-26T03:08:05Z

Maria asks…

Where can I watch 3rd Rock from the Sun online?

i recently rediscovered this show. i remember i used to watch this show all the time. Can anyone tell me where i can watch a stream of the complete seasons 1 through 6 online?

steve answers:

You can watch all episodes on youtube.


Hope this helps.

PS: I love this show. It’s my favorite. I can’t watch it unless I dedicate LOTS of time for it- or else, when I put it on, I’m hooked for hours.

Joseph asks…

Does anyone have any ideas like 3rd rock from the sun but for a 4th grade class?

I have a page assignment for my yearbook class but can’t think of anything catchy. Our teacher says we can’t just say 4th grade, it has to be something different. Please help!!!!

steve answers:

4th rock from the sun.

Jenny asks…

In the show 3rd rock from the sun did tommy ever have sex?

If he didn’t it just seems odd that they where here to learn about human life and he never had sex wich is a big part of human life.

steve answers:

Season 5 Episode 11

“Dick Puts the ID in Cupid”

Valentines Day is approaching and Tommy hopes to get a hotel room and

“lose his virginity to Alissa, however, he is nervous when he discovers that she is sexually experienced and so loses his virginity to Mary’s niece Tiffany first”.

Meanwhile, Dick discovers that Mary is seeing a therapist and, paranoid, he starts seeing her too, in order to find out what Mary has been saying about him. Paranoia fills Sally also, when Don gives her a gift which he teasingly says is from her ‘secret admirer’, and she mistakenly believes she has a stalker.

Thomas asks…

Is French Stewart from 3rd rock from the sun a stoner???

What is the deal with French Stewart from 3rd rock from the sun (harry)?I love the show but why the hell are his eyes always shut?Well very almost shut-he looks like a stoner or druggy of sorts to me!Don’t you think?How the hell does he manage to do that all the time and still see??Is this just his character or does he always look like that?Answer these questions and explain please people.

steve answers:

I love that show a great deal. Just been watching the re-runs on SKY.

He actually does that as part of his character. How he is able to keep his eyes like that for so long, I really don’t know. But it really adds to his character. Yes, you are right, it feels as if he is a stoner. But that kinda goes with the Harry character who is a bit gormless and away with it.

But I have seen him in other movies where he looks perfectly normal.

He is actually my favourite character in 3rd Rock.


James asks…

3rd rock from the sun episode help – harry cooking naked?

What is the name of the episode where Harry is cooking naked?

steve answers:

“Indecent Dick”, season 4, episode 8.


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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Lenovo Laptop Reviews]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-lenovo-laptop-reviews-11/ 2015-03-25T23:07:57Z 2015-03-25T23:07:57Z

Robert asks…

HP laptop or Lenovo laptop, which one is better?

if for students?

steve answers:

Go for HP Probook. Its an excellent laptop with great specifications under reasonable price. It is more durable and reliable as compared to dell or lenovo. Read this opinion from an actual user, and you’ll know why I recommend this laptop


Here is the best price for the laptop:


Laura asks…

Urgent!!! Does the Lenovo IdeaPad Z565 come with 3g or 4g capability?

steve answers:

Lenovo IdeaPad Z565 4311
Installed Size: 4 GB / 8 GB (max)


btw most modern laptops are upgradeable to 8 GB

Jenny asks…

Can someone find a good laptop for me?

i’m in 8th grade and i’m getting my first laptop for christmas. my mom told me to pick out the one i wanted. There are many laptops out there and im looking for a good one that would fit me:

i love to make music videos so there would need to be a movie maker program available
i like to take photos
i play instruments and i like recording my voice and the instrument
i need a writing program to do my school work and reports (such as microsoft word)
i’m very creative

have any ideas for a laptop that would suite me? i dont mind if its a laptop or netbook.

steve answers:

LENOVO U350 = Superb for school, Uninstall everything except windows, install open office, Panda Cloud AntiVirus and your good to go with the best super portable full power laptop (450-800$)
Lenovo makes the Highest quality, sturdy very well thought out laptops for school and business out of ALL laptop manufacturers.




(the one I have)


I also want to note, all those reviews, all over the place are bull doodie, Im a real owner, not a paid worker from a competing company paid to leave bad feedback, I love my laptop its a head turner and Invaluable in my daily routine!!!

HP DV7T = Large, Extremely good for value for the parts you get, pretty much a Power house that will last for at-least 5 years, also pretty simple to repair and maintain on your own, will play all the latest games, and if you get the one with ATi graphics, WILL be the TOP of the very top Multimedia laptop!!!
Overall good everything nothing bad about HP, but they really shine when you want the best bang for your buck!
(I would get this one here)


(The best one but 3 times as costly as the recommended one)


ASUS G73JH = Heavy, Large Lamborghini when compared to anything out there, its one of the Fastest most powerful NEW laptops out there, came out recently and has the best and newest parts but its also quite costly at a whoping 1500$+ It also looks very frigin COOL
Asus is also the MOST reputable manufacturer of the highest quality, Highest end and the newest technology that they sometimes create!




ACER is like HP, but they are also the worlds largest manufacturer of TV/Computer flat screens, Samsung is next in line, Acer isnt bad but they haven’t released anything really really good for the past 6 months so… Nows not the best time to get ACER

EMachines is owned by ACER and is best known for making good quality laptops FOR DIRT CHEEP, FULL size laptops for 240$ !!!!!!!! Brand NEW

To much info?

Here is a good website you should use often when you chose a laptop and you NEED to know what others think about it and What all those parts inside really do!, You need to know!!

Mandy asks…

how is the lenovo G570 for programming ?

im about to buy the lenovo G570 laptop and i want to start learning computer programming (C++,Phyton etc.) how is it for programming ? how is the laptop itself ?

steve answers:

You can program on a 1Ghz netbook if you want.


Lenovo G570 is an exellent laptop.


Compare these



Ken asks…

I am overwhelmed by laptop choices out there. What are your recommendations?

I’m looking for a laptop that HAS to be able to run Adobe PSE, store quite a few photos, connect to the internet and be fast. I know PSE requires 512MB RAM & 1.5 GB Hard Disk – but I don’t really know what that means. I would like the screen to be at least 14-15 inches, but would love 17ish. I don’t care about other stuff – office programs and things like that. I am not looking to spend a ton, ideally around $500-700. Thanks so much!

steve answers:

Well you’re definitely right, there are tons of choices. The perfect site for you would be http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/?tag=TOCleftColumn.0 which is a guide from CNET.com, an extremly trusted electronics review site, you can choose your price range, then browse laptops by brand, screen size, manufacturer, whatever you want to fit what you need, come i found that might be good for you are



Those are two excellent choices I think, they’re both under $600 and come with fairly decent specs, perfect for your needs. Hoped this helped and good luck!

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Fafsa]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-fafsa-6/ 2015-03-25T19:08:12Z 2015-03-25T19:08:12Z

Carol asks…

How soon does the school or FAFSA send your financial aid award if you applied on time but needed to?

How soon does the school or FAFSA send your financial aid award if you applied on time but needed to clear up a problem with the department of education, if you cleared up the problem about 2 days ago. The school is now only waiting for an academic plan to be filled out and then they said the financial aid file will be complete , so when should they send out the financial aid award?

steve answers:

You need to ask this question of the Financial Aid Office. Each Financial Aid Office has a different timetable when financial aid awards will be processed.

William asks…

Do i need to reapply for FAFSA if I want the information sent to an additional school?

I efiled the FAFSA application (The application for federal student financial aid). I intended to have the information sent to one school- but since the application, have decided on a different grad school.. To have the results of my FAFSA sent to a different college , do I need to reapply for FAFSA from scratch?

steve answers:

No. Once you have filed the FAFSA for a particular year, you cannot file another one. It will simply tell you that you already have one on file.

If you need to make changes to your FAFSA after you have filed it, including adding a new school, you can go to www.fafsa.ed.gov to make corrections to an already processed FAFSA. The link will be under Section 3 of the home page. You will need your PIN to access your application and submit the correction. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, you can obtain it again at www.pin.ed.gov by clicking on “Request Duplicate PIN.”

You can include up to 10 schools on your FAFSA.

Mark asks…

When do you start filling out FAFSA and other for UC or CSU?

When do you start filling out FAFSA and other scholarships for UC or CSU? is it before there deadline (Nov. 30) or afterwards?

steve answers:

The FAFSA is available online on January 1st of the new year (so you definitley can’t fill it out in November.) No school really tells you when you should apply for your FAFSA, but the sooner the better. (It’s said that the earlier you apply, the more financial aid you could possibly get.) However, one problem is that you have to get your taxes/income from your family’s (and your own, if applicable) employers – which usually takes at least until february or march. The earlier the better, though.

Richard asks…

How much does FAFSA help a Sophomore student?

I am in the very bottom range as far as income. I am wondering about an estimate of how much money FAFSA might give me since I am a Sophomore student at a university. Please don’t give me the website to FAFSA because that didn’t help me.

steve answers:

You can never be sure until you fill it out. But what I do know is first come first serve; ie the earlier you get it in, the more money you could get.

David asks…

What happens if you miss the fafsa deadline?

So tomorrow is the deadline for the fafsa, but when i went to fill it out today i had to change my pin #. Then when i logged back in it said it would take 3 days before i can use my new pin, which means i will miss the fafsa deadline. So what exactly does that mean? Can i still apply for scholorships and grants if my fafsa is late? Can i still sign up for classes? Or am i completely screwed? Please help!

steve answers:

It means you don’t get your money unless you talk to the federal aid reps at the college you’ve chosen and ask them for an extension which they may give for you.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About 2gb = Mb]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-2gb-mb-5/ 2015-03-25T15:08:21Z 2015-03-25T15:08:21Z

Charles asks…

How much is 64 MB for a cell phone on a SD memory card and what can it be used for? And how many songs is 2GB?

steve answers:

The 64 mb is probably for the operating system and settings on the phone. More then likely it is not user accessible. 2gb of songs is between 1 and infinity. Every song is a different length. Every song is encoded differently. Any other numerical answer is simply a guess.

Ken asks…

Can i run max payne 3 core todue 2.6ghz Nvidia 8400GS 512 mb 2gb ram?

steve answers:

Big no. It will work but it will be not playable. Ie: very laggy gameplay. Fps will be around 5-12fps even at lowest settings and resolution. I recommend u upgrade graphics card to atleast a HD6670 1GB GDDR5. Priced around 4700/-

Sandy asks…

I have used a 512 MB(533Hz) and 2GB(800Hz) RAM on intel D102ggc2 board. Is it a problem?

steve answers:

They will work but badly. Take the 512mb stick out

Sandra asks…

Is a processor of 233 mhz, 64 mb of RAM and a 2gb hard drive enough to surf the internet and use email?

steve answers:

Well it sure will not play Quake 3 mate. As for the internet, yes it should manage it. The problem would be the operating system. It will not run XP or Vista. Your best bet is to try a Linux distro. Damn small Linux (DSL) would be ideal Hope this helps.

Susan asks…

On a computer what is better; a 4086mb ram or 2gb, and why is it in mb instead of gb?

steve answers:

1 gigabyte is equivalent to 1024 megabytes.
So, the 2gb would be 2048mb

4086mb is 4gb and so is better, than the 2gb.
However, 32-bit Operating Systems cannot access more than roughly 3.2gb of RAM, so you wouldn’t get the full benefit of the 4gb (unless you’re talking about a 64-bit computer) but the 4gb would still be a lot better than 2gb.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Orange Laptops Contract]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-orange-laptops-contract-11/ 2015-03-25T11:08:21Z 2015-03-25T11:08:21Z

Carol asks…

do you need a phone line to get broadband?

i keep seeing adverts saying you dont need phone line to get broadband.i thought tyour internet came down your phone line,so how can you get it without a phone line,and how does it work and does it work for pcs and not just laptops

steve answers:

You can now get fast broadband on mobile networks, i suggest pay as you go service on t-mobile or 3 at £15 per month is pretty good value and best of all no contracts.

In fact when my mums orange broadband contract ends in about 12 months, i hope to buy one of the mobile usb modem sticks at £50 and pay £15 p.m. If i can afford it which is very likely, as i love my computer and the internet.

Paul asks…

how do you connect a CENTRINO laptop to a ORANGE/WANADOO LIVEBOX?

i recently got a centrino laptop, but i can not conect my centrino laptop to it

steve answers:

I used to have wanadoo as my isp. I had to give up the contract eventually as it was costing me too much to call their tech support.


Check out that link. Or google wanadoo livebox and read for yourself.

Good luck mate

Joseph asks…

My Toshiba laptop is over 2 years old. Internet access question

I see a gizmo advertised that looks like it plugs into a laptop and has an arial-like look. Supposedly, it connects you to the internet even if you’re not in a “hot spot”. Can you give me more information?

steve answers:

They use a mobile phone network to connect to the internet, just like when you are using internet on a mobile phone. They are usually sold by mobile phone companies such as T-Mobile, Orange etc.

They do have a set amount of bandwidth allocated per month for a contract amount, and charge you extra per megabyte that exceeds this limit. They are usually on par with most broadband packages in terms of speed, but the max speed does vary with the type of contract you get.

The uk broadband link is attached as a source, but there should be something similar for where ever you are.

Lisa asks…

what is a dongle and how does it function.?

As in the near future I will lose my internet connection I have been advised to use a dongle to retain a broadband connection for my laptop.Not being computer literate I would be grateful for any assistance to fully understand what its functions are and were it is available to buy or am I required to sign a contract to get the benefits from it.
As it is important to have a internet connection any help would be appreciated

steve answers:

Oh its a shame to near about your internet…
A dongle is basically like a USB stick. An internet dongle has the ability to give u access to the internet when ever you plug it into an usb port, on the side of your laptop. Dongles are quite good, in the sense that you can take with you anywhere and still get internet access, such as on trains, cafes, libraries etc.

You can get a dongle from phones shops such at phones 4U, carphone warehouse, but there are a wide range of companies that do these dongles, so its best to find out or talk to someone who knows which are best for you.(other companies are Orange, Vodafone, T-mobile, O2…) I currently have 3, but i can tell you now that even tho the rates are good, it hasn’t got the best connection.

You can pay for these in 2 ways… A) Have a Pay-as-you-go stick, which you have to top up in instalment, and B) get a contract which can vary from 1 month contracts to 24 month contracts. Sorry this is abit long, but hope it helped x x x

Sandy asks…

What is better broadband coverage?

Mobile broadband on the go or mobile broadband in home?

steve answers:

It’s important when choosing Mobile Broadband to look at three different things network coverage, speed and pricing – at present the Three, Orange and T-Mobile networks all have pretty good coverage – 93% or above – for Mobile Broadband, but O2 and Vodafone aren’t so good in terms of coverage. The only way to check for sure is to view the coverage checkers the individual networks provide on their websites.

In terms of speed, the latest generation of Mobile Broadband dongles are all pretty much the same – most of them run at a theoretical maximum of 7.2mpbs, but some are still lagging behind at 3.6mbps. This said, most customers should only expect between 1mbps and 2mbps anyway, so these theoretical maximums don’t really matter.

Which brings us to the most important subject, that of price. Pricing in the UK for mobile broadband is fiercely competitive, which is great for consumers. At the time of writing this Answer the best price is £15 per month for 15GB on Three for contract customers (24 months), and £30 including one month of usage on Vodafone or Three on Pay as You Go. You can also get a bundle with a laptop from Three and Orange.

It’s hard to fit all the details of mobile broadband into a short ‘Yahoo! Answer’, so I’ve included a link to the full Mobile Broadband article on our website in the sources – it compares all the different ways you can get Mobile Broadband and the prices, so it might be worth taking a look if you want to go further.

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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Problems]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-hp-graphic-card-problems-8/ 2015-03-25T07:08:00Z 2015-03-25T07:08:00Z

Laura asks…

Laptop graphic problem???¿?

i have HP Pavilion DV6 7039TX can i upgrade its graphic to nvidia 680m ??????and it has 8 gb ram(4+4) can i upgrade to (8+8)??????

steve answers:

Upgrades to RAM are not difficult. Take it to a shop to have them install it. But beyond 8GB is pretty pointless for most users.
Upgrading video is more difficult. Take an axe and split the laptop case in two parts. Take the Nvidia card and put between the shell top and bottom like a tech sandwich. Wrap the whole thing in lots of duct tape. Apply power and stand back. Better is to run fast.

Carol asks…

windows 8 graphic card driver problem?

I have hp pavilion dv4253ea with windows 8.1 pro installed.
Everything works perfect except from graphics card driver. There are all the animations, skins, colours….but when i play a video it lag A LOT!!!!! I’ve tried to install xp drivers manualy but it says that it is from an older version of windows.


GPU MODEL: intel 915gm
hp and intel doesn’t support drivers for windows 8.1,8,7……windows 7 worked FINE with the xp drivers…..but windows 8 doesn’t accept them….it says there are for an older version of windows.

steve answers:

Go to hp official page and look for the drivers for you product. If you can’t find the drivers or you just can’t make it work – contact hp support.
This page might help you out: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&product=1154620&

James asks…

graphic card problem?


steve answers:

Ancient AGP graphics Very Low 3D capability

maybe you could upgrade?

Robert asks…

graphics card problem?

i have a hp g56-129 model and was wondering can i put another graphics card in and just disable the integraded one and how do i do that and my motherboard what graphic cards are compatible with it
doesnt the motherboard have morethan one slot so you can just put a diffrent graphics card in disable the intergrated one and use the otherone right

steve answers:

Im sorry is this a laptop or desktop? I just searched the model and it says its a laptop. You cant change the graphic cards on laptops. There would be lots of compatibility issues. And its very expensive. Now if its a desktop you can just hook it up sense most desktops from 2007 and up will work with any modern GPU. I would recommend something like Nvidia GT 220, but you never said what you were gonna do with it.

Lisa asks…

I think I accidentally deleted my graphic card?

Right, I know this question may sound a bit retarded to anyone with the least bit of computer skills, but I honestly think I just accidentally deleted my graphic card. I was trying to delete some other program and now some games won’t start anymore, etc, it always says that “XY doesn’t run on 0. No supporting graphic card could be found”. Also, some videos won’t play anymore. I also don’t know if I didn’t also un-install the driver for the card. At least the card, if not both. I’m not sure.

Now, I have a HP 625 notebook. If someone could PLEASE tell me what’s wrong here and how to mend the problem in a way you would explain it to your great-grandmum, that would be great :)

Thanks a lot!!

steve answers:

Maybe you accidently uninstalled your video card drivers? Just go to hp.com and download the video drivers for your laptop and reinstall. This link *should* take you to the OS selection for your laptop.
Good Luck!


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steve <![CDATA[Your Questions About 3rd Grade Math Worksheets]]> http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-3rd-grade-math-worksheets-6/ 2015-03-25T03:08:03Z 2015-03-25T03:08:03Z

Sandy asks…

I’m really pissed! Do you think I deserved this mark on my grade 8 math test?

I got a 67 on my math test. I’m in grade 8. My average in math is 83. I’m sooo pissed. If i feel i deserved 67, then i would not complain but I simply didn’t deserve it.
Before I reveal the question I got wrong, I just wanted to say that this wasn’t a ‘real’ test, it sill goes on my report card, but my teacher just pulled out a worksheet and wrote how many marks each question was, which I feel was unreasonable.(as in ‘wrote’, I mean she, by herself wrote it, she didn’t have anything to copy off).
A small question was 20 marks (20 marks! for a small question!!!) The question gave me 3 graphs and asked me this: What can you infer from the data, how can each graph show this?. I answered one answer for each of the 3 graphs, In the end, i got only 4/20 for that question. I asked why, and the teacher said she expected 20 reasons, 7 for the first graph, 5 for the second, and 8 for the third. The question DID not state how many reasons you should put. I also believe that such a small question shouldn’t be worth 20 marks. If i had that extra 16 marks, I would’ve got 81! And yes, all my classmates are wrong too.
Just wanted to hear your opinion.

steve answers:

If you give the minimum, you get the minimum. If you read the question and could see that there was more than one possible answer for each graph, you should have written them down. It didn’t tell you NOT to.
If all your classmates got it wrong, then the question was poorly expressed. Hopefully all of you and your teacher will do better on the next test.

Lisa asks…

5th grade math questions?

this is what the worksheet looks like, please help!!

1 –> 1
2 –> 8
3 –> 27
4–> 64

What rule explains this?

steve answers:





It must be right if me and her have the same answer.

Robert asks…

3 more weeks and report cards out, my current grade in Geometry is a 58?

I’ve got three weeks. And generally, there’s one worksheet and one exam per week. The worksheets are 15% of the grade and the exams are the rest. What do I have to do to pass? I am stressing, and I didn’t even get credit for the first semester. I’m an A student at everything else but Math isn’t my strong subject. Please offer me some serious guidance.
He doesnt have extra credit.

steve answers:

58% is a D+. If you were to get 100% on the rest of the assignments, you are looking at something in the C range.

Joseph asks…

8th grade math help?

ok.. im doing polynomials, and we are getting into negative exponents.. I need methods to solve problems right now (we are doing simplifications on this worksheet..)

the questions im having trouble with are:

(to the 1,2,etc = power of the number… like x to the power of a, Also PLEASE answer and explain why it is what it is.. and explain the parenthesis.. why they are there, how to get rid of them and open up the problem.. please!)

(2/3) to the -1
(xy) to the -1
(3/4) to the -2
(2x) to the -3
(c to the 2; d to the 2) to the -2
(6y to the 2) to the -2
m to the 2; n to the -2
3a to the 2; b to the -3
(-11x to the 3; y) to the -2
(-3) to the -3
5cd to the -9
(-3x to the 3) to the -2
12x to the -8; y
(x to the 2/ y to the 3) to the -2

Thanks in advance!!
Ok, I have writtin down Carl C’s answsers, and read his explanation. When I get the paper back I will tell you if it was right or not.. Thanks so much man! your a lifesaver!!

steve answers:

For the rest of the explanation, I’m just gonna use the ^ symbol to stand for “to the power of.”

Basically, x^a is x multiplied by itself a times.
So, 2^1 = 2, 2^2 = 2×2 = 4, 2^3 = 2x2x2 = 8, etc.

When you have a negative exponent x^-a, thats the same as saying 1 divided by x^+a. (+a means positive a).
So 2^-1 = 1/(2^1) = 1/2 = .5. 2^-2 = 1/(2^2) = 1/4 = .25.

When you have parentheses, that means that the exponent applies to EACH term inside the parentheses. For example,
(2/3)^-1 = 2^-1, divided by 3^-1.
2^-1 = 1/(2^1) = 1/2 and
3^-1 = 1/(3^1) = 1/3.
So, (2/3)^-1 = one-half divided by one-third, which equals 3/2.
For a shortcut, though, any time you see -1 (and only negative ONE) as the exponent, just flip the fraction around. (Whole number n is the same as n over 1.)

As another example, take (2x)^-3.
(2x)^-3 = 2^-3 times x^-3.
2^-3 = 1/(2^3) = 1/8.
X^-3 = 1/(x^3) = 1/(x cubed).
So, (2x)^-3 = 1/(8x^3), or “one over 8-x-cubed.”

When you don’t have parentheses, the exponent ONLY applies to the term directly in front of it. So 5cd^-9 would read, “5 times c times d-to-the-negative-9th.”

I hope this helps with the rest of the problems. Email me at yiwei749@yahoo.com if it doesn’t, I can create a word document with easier-to-understand formatted text and send it to you. Good luck :)

Mark asks…

8th grade math word puzzle?

we got a worksheet–i need help. they give you all the connecting words and the first letter of each other word, but nothing else except underscores to tell you how many letters are in the word. Ok,
3 P_ _ _ _ into which A_ _ _ _ _ _ G_ _ _ was D_ _ _ _ _ _
10 P_ _ _ on a B_ _ _ _ _ _ L_ _ _
77 S_ _ _ _ _ S_ _ _ _

steve answers:

First one is 3 Parts into which Ancient Gaul was Divided
second one is 10 Pins on a Bowling Lane
third one is 77 Sunset Strip

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