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Sharon asks…

Does tablet and android phone hv same software ?

Or does tablet has more feature, android 2.3,

steve answers:

Depends on the tablet.

You certainly can call and text on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Hey, it will even take phone SIMs too. No need to cut it into a micro SIM like an iPad.

You can hold the big thing right in your ear and respond to calls with it. But if you don’t want to look like Maxwell Smart, you can also use a Bluetooth headset with the Galaxy Tab to respond to calls.

Of course, its going to cost ya and it looks like at least 2x to 3x the original poster’s budget.

For the requested budget, none of the cheap Chinese made tablets can make a call and are entirely wifi devices.

If you want a cheap Android at that price range that can call, you need an Android phone. Period. Highly recommended is the LG Optimus S. It comes with Android 2.2 and LG made it a policy that all their Android phones will at least get a one version bump.

Lisa asks…

Are the android tablets any good?

I was thinking about an ipad but android is cheaper is it better or does it break easily get slower over time or is it just a great deal. Thanks

steve answers:

Android tablets are good they come at half the price and give you double the durability the people cursing android tablet might have brought some cheap chinese version of the Android tablet the best tablets come from Samsung and Google itself the Google Nexus you should read their reviews on the web and then make a final decision

Linda asks…

How can i change my tablet to android?

I have a archos Home tablet 7 and i has on it apps lib which i don’t like i would prefer Google play or android market , how can i change the operating system to make it android and get the tablet as an android that works properly and links would be great , or personal experience , thanks !

steve answers:

The Archose Home Tablet 7 already has Android on it, albeit an older (Android 1.5) “dumbed” down version.

You could root the tablet and install a custom Android rom. Doing this is not for the newbies as it could end up bricking the tablet. Http://goo.gl/WZCFkk

Mark asks…

android or ios tablet?

hello everyone santa is going to bring me a tablet and idont know what tablet android or ios can someone help and give some good reason for what i buy!!!i dont care about the money i just want a tablet

steve answers:

IOS Tablet,
Has considerably more tablet optimised apps than others
User interface is easy to use but not very customisable
Tablets are pricey but very well-made
iPads available with a 7.8-inch screen or a 9.7-inch one
Apple revolutionised the tablet with the original iPad, and iOS is the operating system that runs it. IOS is one of the easiest systems to use, even children get it, and if you’re new to computing then it’s one of the best to get started on. It’s had a total redesign recently with iOS 7 and it looks simple and pretty, but more importantly some useful features have been added such as easier access to multitasking and settings.
One of the biggest benefits of the iPad and iOS is the App Store. With almost half a million quality apps and digital magazines optimised for the iPad there really is an app for anything, from fitness to cooking and productivity to gaming. Android and Windows are still way behind in this area.
Another benefit of iOS is Apple’s support of it and second-to-none customer service. If you have any issues with your iPad just take it to the experts at any Apple Store, not only will they help you set it up, you can also attend free workshops to get the most out of it.
IOS is not quite as feature-packed as Android, though. It lets you tweak and change settings a lot more than iOS does, but that also makes Android a little more complex and therefore harder to use.
So what’s the catch? Simple it’s the price. The iPad Air and new iPad mini are still some of the most expensive tablets on the market for their size and don’t allow for external memory to be added like some Android and Windows tablets do. If you like travelling with lots of movies and music you’ll need to pay a premium for the extra storage up front.
Android tablet,
Often cheaper than other tablets – especially 7-inch models
Apps aren’t always optimised for bigger screens
Very customisable – you can make it look the way you want it to
User accounts allow for separate settings for each member of the family
Android has come on leaps and bounds since it first launched in 2008. Because it’s free for makers to use there is a huge array of Android tablets to choose from, some excellent and some downright dreadful.
One of the biggest benefits of Android is its customisability. You can tinker with it to your heart’s content and set up your homepages just the way you want them. For example, you can have a widget to check your emails or a Twitter widget to see and respond to the latest tweets on from your home screen. It sometimes means it’s harder to learn, but that’s not the case with the very best Android tablets.
The Google Play store is much better than it used to be, although most of the apps are designed for phones not tablets, which
means they don’t always make best use of larger screens. It also means 7-inch Android tablets are better to use than 10-inch ones because the screen size is closer to a mobile phone.
Because Android is open, makers are free to customise it to create their own experience. This is a good and a bad thing: it means there’s lots of choice, but also some aren’t as smooth and easy to use as standard ‘vanilla’ Android. Another potential problem is the lack of quality of control in the app store, which occasionally leads to some malicious apps sneaking through. It’s a small problem, however, that a little common sense can avoid it.
One example of a brand that customises Android heavily is Amazon’s Kindle tablets. Amazon goes so far as to make its own core apps and run its own app store, which unfortunately isn’t as well stocked as the Google Play store supported by most Android tablets. This is offset with excellent access to Amazon’s services, but they’re no as flexible.
Our favourite feature of Android, something you don’t get on iOS, is support for ‘user profiles’. User profiles let you give your tablet to your kids, for example, but keep certain apps and settings locked safely away. It’s not fool-proof but it does provide some level of security. Be aware, though, that this feature is only available on Android version 4.3 or later. Most tablets run earlier versions, but should get the upgrade at some point. If you want his feature, check which version of Android the tablet uses – our list will note what version is installed by default.
The other most impressive feature of Android tablets is their price. You can get high-spec 7-inch Android tablets for less than £200 – much cheaper than any iPad.
Which one, depends on your decision. Hope to help you.

James asks…

Android tablet, galaxy s tablet, ect.. whats the difference? which is better?

My boyfriend saw an android tablet in an ad yesterday and was talking about wanting one, So i thought… Christmas! (: but i want to get him a really nice one… i would get him an ipad if i had the money but i do not! but which is better? can someone give me reallly good detail on them… And on android tablet you can access the web right? and are they all wifi capable? thank you

steve answers:

Haha the galaxy s tablet is an android tablet along with multiple more like the motorola xoom. The two best Android tablets are the motorola Xoom and Galaxy tab. I personally think these tablets are better than the ipad since they basically come jail broken. The Ipad is more user friendly but if your boyfriend is tech savy then he will like the android better bc it is more complex and can do alot more. You can get apps like free music and movie down loaders on the android tablets that aren’t available to non jail broken ipads. And yes android tablets have 3g wifi and flash.

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Your Questions About Hard Laptop Case 16 http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/16/your-questions-about-hard-laptop-case-16-16/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/16/your-questions-about-hard-laptop-case-16-16/#comments Tue, 16 Dec 2014 05:08:00 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/16/your-questions-about-hard-laptop-case-16-16/

Donald asks…

Need to buy a laptop under $500. Windows 8 questions!?

So ive had two laptops from my school before. one windows xp , and one windows 7. My parents have a windows vista. I would be fine with any of them, but I really wanted one that runs windows xp. But i cannot find one.

The only new laptops i can find are windows 8.
I looked on walmart.com and it seems like the only laptops they have are windows 8 . I hate windows 8 on phones. I like to customize(like have backgrounds and different cursors and stuff), thats why i have android.

Is anything customizable on windows 8? Can you even change the tile color?
Can i install utorrent?
Would all my software work on it?
I have a digital tablet, would that work on it?

Does the processing power make a difference?
My current laptop that im using is 2.2ghz and it works okay. Should i get a 2.2ghz for windows 8 though?

steve answers:

You have several questions in one. Will take it in pieces.
Gaming needs a stronger graphics performance. General applications need better CPU performance. Longer battery life is generally from lower voltage more efficient but lower performance speed CPUs and graphics. Multi-tasking or opening lots of internet windows take more ram. HDD size is helpful. Gigabit ethernet is helpful in hardwire (ethernet cable) download and streaming (Gigabit is 10/100/1000).
Brand is a factor. Generally, Samsung, Asus, Sony, Lenovo Ideapads and Thinkpads (not Essentials), and business class Toshiba and occasionally an MSI are better brands according to PCWorld laptop reliability annual surveys, and Dell, HP-Compaq, and Acer-Gateway tend to be more troublesome or weaker performance of keyboards and fans and LCDs, but there is a lot of variability and the lowest priced laptops tend to have more issues than more expensive ones.

The clock speed (GHz) is only one factor. In a laptop, for CPU and graphics performance, these tables are better to use:


(Graphics on a second tab)


15.6″ is generally the best value in a size. 14″ is typically smaller and lighter and more expensive at the same performance. 17″ is heavier and bigger and typically costs more.

About Windows 8 vs 7. Microsoft is supposed to be working on an 8.1 upgrade that is supposed to be offered free. WIndows 8 loses the start button and adds a start page of large icons. It does boot faster. The design of Windows 8 is for tablets and other touchscreen, but does work with a mouse or touchpad; just not as nice. 8.1 should put back the start button, and there is other freeware to do it also:


among others.
Touchscreen laptops cost more for the same general performance.
Windows 8 is like a shell around Windows 7. The Desktop icon puts a look of Windows 7 on the screen. Many applications in Windows 8 are full screen. It is more of a nuisance that most people hate. Windows 8 looks more tablet-like, but unless you get a touch screen, Windows 7 is normally better. Most applications work on Win 8. Some old Vista and XP based ones have issues, and a few Win 7 ones fail to function right. There is not enough testing to know all of the issues yet.
You can get Windows 7 on customized laptops in many cases or on left-over inventory. If it is leftover inventory there are often reasons why it did not sell out.

Newegg.com, Tigerdirect.com, bhphotovideo, Amazon (but hard to search), and lately a few at Bestbuy or an occasional sale somewhere else is best. Walmart mostly is the lower quality lower performance cheaper ones and not the best price.
There are customizing options and applications for Win 8. I posted one link as example already. Desktop backgrounds are changeable.

I won’t answer about file sharing software. It has too much illegal and virus/trojans involved. It kills too many laptops to even discuss it. In theory everything works.

Processing power is how fast things run, but internet is more related to receiving of data speed.

Very basic Lenovo Essentials for $380, but has a core i3-3120M and HD 4000 graphics


Same price for an Asus with A8-4500M HD 7640G graphics


This Acer at $500 has Touchscreen, but the performance parameters are lower, and the customers of the cheap Acer touchscreens are often not happy. You really need to be higher in price for a 14-16″ touchscreen laptop that is any good. I hear the Asus Vivobooks at that size are good, and Lenovo Z400 and Z500 generally get good reviews, but I think the prices are higher than $500.


This Samsung at $380 has a low voltage Core i3-3227U so is slower in speed but good in battery life:


I bought a Samsung with A8-4500M for $400, and am happy enough with the performance. The Asus above should be similar.

An Asus with Core i5-3230M at $500 is a good deal:

William asks…

Need help finding a notebook laptop?

Ok so I need help finding a notebook laptop.I am 13 years old and i want one for christmas.My parents said i could get one under $500 but i cant seem to find any i like alot.Can you please help me and i do not care what color.If you could please list the website with your answer also please.Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it alot.:)
Wow,you guys are really helpfull! Thank you so so so much!!! Keep the answers coming though!!! :)

steve answers:

You can get a Dell Vostro laptop for $430; it has a dual-core CPU, a gig of RAM and a 120 gig hard drive, with Vista. I would supplement that with an upgrade to 2 gigs from Crucial.com. The upgrade will cost you 16 bucks if Dell put a 1 gig stick in one slot; it will cost you 35 if they put a 512 meg stick in each of two slots. I can’t tell right now. At any rate, you can get for $470, a dual-core CPU, 2 gigs of RAM, Vista, and a 120 gig hard drive.

If your parents are going to give you the whole $500 to spend, I would strongly suggest spending that last bit on a laptop case. Most laptops get carried around everywhere (I know, I take mine pretty much wherever I go) and the opportunities to damage them, even if they are in an unpadded bag, are endless. Get a cheap padded laptop case for that last 30 or 40 and you’re laptop will last much longer.

Crucial link:


Dell link:

Mark asks…

For $600, what are the best components to get in a laptop?

I’ve set my cutoff at $600 and wondered what might be the best things to look for when reviewing the papers and the internet for laptop specials. I know I’d want a dual-core processor, but how fast should it be? How much memory should I have at a minimum? Screen size? Anything else you think is important?

We have FiOS with the wireless router in the home. The computer will be used primarily for internet, word processing, yearbook editing (my wife is in charge of her school’s yearbook), and some basic computer programming–I just took one introductory course and plan to take another.

Thanks for your ideas.

steve answers:

Well, for what you want to do, spending $450 on a laptop would do you just fine. Why? Because for that $150 more, you are not going to GET all that much more.


There. A dual core Toshiba. 2 ghz, 3gb RAM, 320gb Hard Drive, 15.6″ widescreen. All that is more than enough for surfing the net, office applications, and basic programming. Is it a gaming laptop? Not by a long shot. But you are not going to be able to get a gaming laptop for $600 anyway. Oh, and that laptop is only $450.

Now, for $600


You get a 2.1ghz processor, 4gb or Ram, same size hard drive, and a 16″ screen. You get SLIGHTLY more of almost everything… But in all honesty, none of those increases will make an impressionable difference for what you want to do. So would it be worth it to get the $600 model in your case? Not really.

You *could* take the extra $150, and buy an external portable harddrive.. Like a Western Digital MyPassport drive for extra storage


… Then you would be getting an additional 500gb of storage of music, movies, pictures, and data you want to keep.

End of line

Jenny asks…

Getting hard drive wiped?

Okay so I’m 16 and my laptop has gotten a virus on it (not from porn or anything). So anyway, my step dad has this guy at work who’s willing to fix it for me by wiping the hard drive and reinstalling the hardware or whatever etc. My question is, will the guy be able to see all my computer history etc as this is happening? Like I said I haven’t done anything blatantly wrong, but I’m gay and have a lot of gay related stuff that I’ve looked at on my computer. How does the whole process work? Oh and a bit of an unrelated question, do you think the guy would tell my step dad what he saw if that was the case?

steve answers:

He could look at your search history if he wanted to, providing that the operating system is still functional. Most people will just format the hard drive though and reinstall the OS. He’ll probably just boot up the OS disc, format the partition and reinstall the operating system. I’d delete your search history if you are concerned though just to be safe.

That I can’t say, don’t know him.

Ruth asks…

Should I buy this Acer or Sony laptop?

Hi, I’m looking at buying a laptop and was wondering whether I should go for a cheaper Acer with seemingly more impressive specs or a more expensive Vaio.

The models in question are the Sony VAIO SVE1511K1EW (white) and the Acer Aspire V3-571.

Both have i3 processors and 750GB of hard drive space, but the Acer has 8GB of RAM while the Sony only has 4GB. The Acer is also better priced, at €479 compared €529 for the Sony.

Here are some links



On the other hand the Sony ”looks” sleeker, (in my opinion). But what do you think?

Also is it worth paying more for a supposedly better brand such as Sony compared to Acer? Are they generally more reliable/better? etc. Many thanks!
Mainly I’ll be using it for typical activities such as web browsing, word processing along with listening to music, watching movies. That kind of thing. But I don’t want it to be slowed down by numerous tabs open etc. and I want it to run smoothly and consistently fast

steve answers:

Will browse through Pixmania and PCworld UK in a moment. For now, note that ALL laptops are Chinese designed and produced other than Lenovo Thinkpad with a Japan design team. It is a procurement, sales, and support process.
Sony specifies better screens and keyboards, and generally cuts the CPU and graphics power to make up for it. Acer goes as cheap as possible on parts allowed, but assures those cheap parts don’t fail. So, Acer actually has a better reliability, and Sony the better up-front product received unless using the laptop for something more than casual (such as gaming or design) in which you need more CPU and Graphics.
Average in the table is alphabetical. Read the article:


and Macs plain cost far too much for what they offer.
Now, will look at your two, and edit, and then look at what else is around that is probably a better deal.


GPU and CPU on other tab.
Acer: i3-2310M lower end value CPU, RAM8 GB, a good amount, Intel HD 4000, OK for basic use, 750 GB average plus in size and probably 5400 rpm, has USB 3.0, Webcam1.3 megapixels, Windows 8 ready touchpad, Std battery ignore “life” numbers completely as bogus with wireless off, dimmed screen, minimal apps running, Height: 2.52 – 3.32 cm, Width: 38.16 cm, Depth: 25.3 cm
Weight 2.6 kg and the standard combo of both useful and bloatware of software.
Sony: weird on the CPU why it shows HD 3000 vs HD 4000, so it is old inventory of a slightly faster CPU, minimized RAM, kind of similar otherwise.
Neither excites me as a great value. They are just plain basic but more than the cheapest possible, and I think I like the Acer better, because the Ram and HD 4000 is more than the slight CPU upgrade. They could even be made by the same supplier in China.
Will look around for you for € 500 laptops at two sources.
Wasn’t thrilled with any Pixmania offer. Looking at PCWORLD instead.
What do you think of the color red?:


i7-2670 = the power of both the Acer+Sony if working together.
RAM6GB adequate, is the same HD 3000 graphics of the Sony, a standard HDD at 500GB, No USB 3.0, and not as clear at web cam, but this is the speed demon of CPU in the same price and the good Asus brand.
This 350 pound is about the same as the 480 pound, in case that interests you:


A bit smaller in RAM and HDD
And here is another winner – this is the type you should see:


Get this laptop for £399 after cashback. I5-3210M, a deserving CPU to the deserving buyer much better than i3, Samsung is lighter weight. It’s a nice laptop.
If you love the Sony, buy it for less:


How about with a discrete graphics chip:


And a core i5 2nd gen. Looks OK by me also. You never know when you want to try gaming.
GT 630M far outdoes HD 4000, and i5-2450M outdoes the i3′s,
So, each of these sparks me in different ways, instead of the bland products you found.

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http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/16/your-questions-about-hard-laptop-case-16-16/feed/ 0
Your Questions About Netbook Reviews http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/16/your-questions-about-netbook-reviews-10/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/16/your-questions-about-netbook-reviews-10/#comments Tue, 16 Dec 2014 01:08:07 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/16/your-questions-about-netbook-reviews-10/

Donna asks…

what is currently the fastest/most powerful net book CPU out on the market?

At the moment i am looking for a high end, fast/powerful and ultra-portable net book. So far i have come across the Toshiba NB200, which is my most likely option judging by its ideal specifications and positive consumer reviews. Preferably i am looking for a net book which has N280 as the processor model number and a long battery life. Additionally, i do not have any specific budget so please feel free to help!

steve answers:

Netbooks use atom processor that can be as fast as 2 ghz (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Atom)

Helen asks…

Would you still consider Acer Aspire a really good brand ?

I read some reviews about Acer Aspire from about 5-6 years ago,
so would like to know whether nowadays with all the new technology and changes in the computer industry,
is Acer Aspire still considered a rather good brand for laptops?

steve answers:

The Acer brand has always been in question for a lot of people and some people have never even heard of the brand. To give you some statistics most of my customers own a Dell or an HP and rarely I see Acers, Emachines and the like. Dell’s and HP’s are always breaking down and I am always fixing them but of course the average computer consumer owns either a Dell or an HP but does not mean their products are any better it just means they have a better history. For example Dell gives steep discounts for schools and students as well as HP reason why they are purchase more.

However I am a true believer in Acer products. I understand Acer does tend to use cheaper parts however my history with Acer has been pretty solid. Within my family we have owned about 6 and they usually last about 5 years. The life expectancy of a laptop does not usually exceed 5 years anyways regardless of how much money you put into a laptop because electrical parts can only last so long. In most cases you cannot even get more then a 3 yr warranty on motherboards out right without purchasing an extended warranty because the average run time is usually between 3-5 years depending on its usage. So you can purchase a $1,500 laptop with the newest technology that will most likely last you as long as a $300 Acer netbook.

It all comes down to what you think. I hope that helped.

Richard asks…

What is Ubuntu? I am interested in purchasing the dell mini 9 or 12, I dont know much about either…?

Which is better? How does Ubuntu compare to XP or Vista? Can I get XP or Vista on these computers? About how big are they? Overall Product review for anyone who has it.

steve answers:

Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system that closely resembles Windows XP’s style and format. It’s a pretty simple, easy to use operating system that runs well on a netbook.

Vista doesn’t run on netbooks, as they just aren’t powerful enough. You may be able to find some that have XP installed, however; if not, then you should be able to just buy XP separately and install it.

Carol asks…

Is the eMachines ET1831-01 desktop computer good enough for World of Warcraft?

I am looking for a computer for myself that meets all the requirements for World of Warcraft and a low affordable price. I looked it up and saw that this particular computer has all of the minimal requirements listed on the website, but the thing is that i’ve been reading some reviews and they say it is not a good computer for gaming, but just good for the regular computer services like internet and simple applications. Please help me!!

steve answers:

No that is only like one step up from a netbook. At least get a comp with Core 2 Duo and a nominal graphics card for optimum performance.

Nancy asks…

What is the best lightweight PC laptop right now?

I want a PC laptop that is under 4 pounds. No netbooks – gotta have full functionality! No Macs. Ideally one that I can buy multiple batteries for (no built-in batteries).

steve answers:

I will strongly recommend you HP Pavilion dm4-1160us 14-Inch Laptop PC. As it will be under your budget and fulfills your all requirements. You will experience HD graphics and good quality sound. This will last for you for 3-4years. When you are getting all things at reasonable price in this laptop then dont go for expensive one like Apple.You can check this out at


Also see these customer reviews which will help you to make decision


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http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/16/your-questions-about-netbook-reviews-10/feed/ 0
Your Questions About Purple Laptops Dell http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-purple-laptops-dell-7/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-purple-laptops-dell-7/#comments Mon, 15 Dec 2014 21:07:58 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-purple-laptops-dell-7/

Paul asks…

When are the next dell notebook color laptop coming out ?

Last year they had dell 1454 you can choose from green, pink, purple, gray, black, blue orange all sorts but what about this year besides the switch lids my friend still has hers green dell laptop my cousin has purple one as well 1454 still running does anyone know when the next set of notebooks come out ???

steve answers:

The Ultrabooks have already come out, I don’t think that they’ll be anymore coming out this year.

- FunkyFruitCup

Chris asks…

Why does my internet only show blue and black font?

My laptop isn’t that old. I have a Windows xp Dell computer. I recently updated internet explorer, it’s now IE 8. But, for a long time the font and graphics has sucked! What used to have color is now white and there is now only blue and black font. So all the websites i visit are now blue, white, and black. I mean the yahoo sign is still is purple and google is still colorful but other than that no color.

What is up with my computer???

steve answers:

Well, CSS styles internet pages. By default, all font is black, the background is white, and pictures only show up. We use CSS to make everything look better. IE has always had problems rendering this CSS. If the CSS is not properly rendered, or completely failed to render, the browser reverts to the default black font, and white background.

Carol asks…

What is the last thing you bought online?

I ordered some heart shaped sunglasses from Popkiller. Should arrive soon :]

How about you?

steve answers:

My new Dell Studio laptop in purple, my fav colour. Arriving in a week time.

Ken asks…

Can you reccommend a good replacement charger?

My Gateway’s charger always ran hotter than usual. Yesterday it was getting extremely hot and I left my laptop on w/ it plugged in. I got up this morning and it was off. I tried to turn it on and all I got was a red light (low battery, within 5%). I plugged in my charger to a different outlet and left the laptop’s battery to charge for about an hour. It is still not showing a purple (charging) light.

I hope the problem lies w/ in my charger because my battery still says it has between 0-25% left. Can anyone reccommend any good replacements that will run cooler or do I have to stick with whatever Gateway offers?

Thank you in advanced.

steve answers:

Assuming u’r charger is faulty, u got highly limited choices

if u r getting new adapter from different source other than gateway, and assuming it to be ditto 2 original in volts & amps and is a true smps unit, its ok 4 u’r notebook operations, minus the batteries !

Battery charging is a tricky business,
once charged, the batteries r not further charged,, this is controlled by a cut-off mechanism in adapter
> the trickle charge / boost charge & the charge level supervision is done by adapter & hence only an original adapter should be used for permanent solution !

>>> however, i’ve come across a universal charger


i’ve seen it being sold as an extra optional accessory on dell, hp & few other sites
> suggest u ask u’r local dealer bout it & check it out

in case u buy it, i would request you 4 feedback on product plz.

Laura asks…

How do I set my laptops screen brightness and stuff like that?

Its a Dell.

steve answers:

It’s usually a purple button (Fn) and you hold that down and then press up or down on ur keyboard. Or just press one of the keys that has purple stuff on it.

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Your Questions About Google Translate http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-google-translate-12/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-google-translate-12/#comments Mon, 15 Dec 2014 17:08:15 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-google-translate-12/

Helen asks…

Can someone translate the following Japanese text without Google Translate or Babelfish?

Please translate the following: 【猫招き歌劇団】むすんで ひらいて

Google Translate and Babelfish end up giving me a confusing song name. Many thanks to the most comprehensive translation.

steve answers:

Neko maneki kagekidan
cat-beckoning opera company
(maybe named after a lucky cat beckoning customers
‘maneki neko’. But in this case, sounds like beckoning cats.)

musunde hiraite
make a fist then open your hands
(this is a first part of a children song. Like ‘open, shut them’)

Mary asks…

Google translate function I can not find. In the past when I was reading any website, google would translate?

Google translate function I can not find. In the past when I was reading any website, google would translate the words into a foreign language (Spanish, Italian, ect)
For example if I am reading an article on Yahoo news, whenever the cursor is positioned over a word, google would give you the foreign translation of that individual word.

This cool function was on my old COMPUTER, but I can not find it on Google translate. Anyone know what it is called?

steve answers:

I think you need to have Google Chrome and check offer to translate pages. Or you can translate webpage, go to google translate, choose your language and past the link of the page, and will translate that page in choosen language.

William asks…

Which Application which can translate entire file, similar to Google translate?

My company’s risk management won’t allow Google translate as it stores the data in its servers. Hence, I am looking for a downloadable application.

steve answers:

Not sure.

Exodus 20:8-11

Robert asks…

what is the best alternative to Google translate?

I am using Google translate from a long time and now I am looking for good alternative to it.

If I used it for technical article it’s will start making jokes. The technical document become a comic or funny stuff if I do this.

but it’s work fine in context of lyrics. small small paragraph which is not too difficult are easier to get done on GT.

but I feel is this is not something good for students. I have told many time to stop using it. I found some other guys using http://dictionary.reference.com/ which is perfect but I don’t know if I can do this for much more word..

OK, Finally I figure out GT is best for small kind of work and dictionary work fine for learning better.

I am looking for other alternative. Do someone know some better option to make me help on creating better vocabulary.

steve answers:

No machine translator will ever be perfect because “Language” is an inherently human capacity. Machine translators such as Google Translate are okay for private purposes- if you just want to know the general meaning of a text, but if you want a true, natural-sounding, quality translation, then you have to hire a human translator.

Carol asks…

Is my title incorrect french and google translate?

I am making a french brochure. It is called Mont Une Roche .
I want to know if the title is correct or if there is no “une”
Also If I use google translate will my sentences be incorrect? ( English – French )
Im Canadian Sadly I fail at french ;(

steve answers:

Rocky (Rockies) Mountains = Les Montagnes Rochoseuses


Choose the english version.

Mont Tremblant
Mont Sutton
Mont Cascades
Mont Ste-Hélène

My gess is

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Your Questions About Edge To Edge Lcd http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-edge-to-edge-lcd-13/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-edge-to-edge-lcd-13/#comments Mon, 15 Dec 2014 13:08:06 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-edge-to-edge-lcd-13/

Donald asks…

LCD TV problem?

I just bought a 42inch LCD HD tv and there is a faint line that appears on the bottom half of the TV the line can only be seen when the picture is white or black….anyone know what this could be?

steve answers:

That’s just the backlighting leaking out around the edge of the LCD panel…occurs on all LCD panels…

Of course the TV station may be showing the first line of the Blanking/Sync/digital data bar that is normally hidden….you’d have to take that up with the station(s)….I’ve seen them on my TV too….

Ken asks…

Which television technology is better for eyes? Plasma, LCD, LED or CRT.?

If a child wants to play game sitting at around six feet distance from the screen for say one hour, which tv will harm his eyes the most and which will be least harmful.

steve answers:

What’s wrong with existing LCD TVs?
Up until now, LCDs used fluorescent tubes to light the screen. As a result, LCDs have trouble creating deep blacks. That’s because fluorescent tubes are always on, and some light leaks through to the front of the display even when a part of the image is supposed to be black. A lack of deep blacks reduces the perceived sharpness of the set’s image.

Also, fluorescents lack a wide range of colors; hence, color saturation is limited.

What’s an LED TV?
It’s an LCD TV that uses LEDs to illuminate the display. There are two ways to do this: either by placing LEDs across the entire back of the display, or by placing LEDs just around the perimeter, which is called an “edge lit” display. Both techniques use less power than plasma TVs and LCD TVs lit with fluorescent tubes.

Which technique is better?
They both have their pros and cons. LCD TVs using edge-lit LCDs can be ultra-thin, because the LED sources are on the side. Edge-lit LED-lit LCDs are also less expensive than LCD TVs using LED backlit technology.

On the other hand, LCD TVs that use LEDs across the rear of the display can create sharply deeper blacks, through a technique called “local dimming.” When a scene calls for a dark image, the LEDs in that area can be shut off completely, so no light leaks through what should look black.

So if I want an LED-lit LCD, I should buy one using back-lit technology?
It’s not so simple. An LED back-lit TV may contain only about 1,000 LEDs. And those LEDs can only be dimmed in large groups, because it is too expensive to control each LED individually. So when you shut off or dim a group of LEDs you may also be darkening part of an adjoining scene on the TV that really should be bright. If you cut back on the dimming, then the blacks will be less dark than blacks in another part of the image that are not surrounded by lighter images.

Theoretically, you could increase the number of LEDs so that each lit just one pixel on the 2 million pixel LCD screen. But then you could just throw away the LCD screen because you would have actually created an LED television — just like the Walgreens LED sign in Times Square.

. Plasma and LCD technology – what’s the difference?

Plasma and LCD panels may look similar, but the flat screen and thin profile is where the similarities end. Plasma screens, as its name suggests, uses a matrix of tiny gas plasma cells charged by precise electrical voltages to create a picture. LCD screens (liquid crystal display) are in layman’s terms sandwiches made up of liquid crystal pushed in the space between two glass plates. Images are created by varying the amount electrical charge applied to the crystals. Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, as you’ll read below.

2. Is there a difference in picture quality between plasma and LCD screens and normal CRT TVs?

It’s not what’s happening behind the screen that’s important – it’s how the screen performs as a television that matters the most. In that regard, both plasma and LCD sets produce excellent pictures, although many home entertainment specialists and gamers still say CRTs produce the best overall images (although plasmas and LCD sets are quickly catching up in terms of quality).
Those same home entertainment specialists will tell you that for basic home theatre-like usage, plasma screens have a slight edge over LCDs. This is because plasma screens can display blacks more accurately than LCDs can, which means better contrast and detail in dark-coloured television or movie scenes. The nature of LCD technology, where a backlight shines through the LCD layer, means it’s hard for it to achieve true blacks because there’s always some light leakage from between pixels. This is steadily improving with every new generation of LCD, however.

3. What advantages does plasma have over LCD?

Apart from better contrast due to its ability to show deeper blacks, plasma screens typically have better viewing angles than LCD. Viewing angles are how far you can sit on either side of a screen before the picture’s quality is affected. You tend to see some brightness and colour shift when you’re on too far of an angle with LCDs, while a plasma’s picture remains fairly solid. This is steadily changing, however, with more and more LCDs entering the market with viewing angles equal to or greater than some plasmas. Plasmas can also produce a brighter colour, once again due to light leakage on an LCD affecting its colour saturation.
Plasma pundits will also tell you that some LCD screens have a tendency to blur images, particularly during fast moving scenes in movies or in sports. While that was true for older generation LCD screens, newer models have improved significantly – so much so that the differences in performance between LCDs and plasmas in this regard is almost negligible (here’s a tip — if you’re shopping for LCDs, check the refresh rate. The lower it is, the better the image quality

Steven asks…

whats the difference between plasma and LCD and which do you recommend?

Getting a 42″ TV, LCD or plasma? whats the difference between the two?

steve answers:

It’s not all doom and gloom for LCD though, as it has the edge over plasma in several key areas. LCDs tend to have higher native resolution than plasmas of similar size, which means more pixels on a screen. If you’re a true high-def junkie who’s keen to see every pixel of a high-res 1080i/p image reproduced pixel-by-pixel (providing you have a source that high, of course), then LCDs are the way to go.

LCDs also tend to consume less power than plasma screens, with some estimates ranging that power saving at up to 30 per cent less than plasma. LCDs are also generally lighter than similar sized plasmas, making it easier to move around or wall mount.

LCD pundits also point to the fact that LCDs have a longer lifespan than plasma screens. This was true of earlier plasma models, which would lose half of their brightness after more than 20,000 hours of viewing. Later plasma generations have bumped that up to anything between 30,000 and 60,000 hours. LCDs, on the other hand, are guaranteed for 60,000 hours.

You might have also heard that plasmas suffer from screen burn in, an affliction not as commonly associated with LCDs. Screen burn in occurs when an image is left too long on a screen, resulting in a ghost of that image burned in permanently. Newer plasmas are less susceptible to this thanks to improved technology and other features such built-in screen savers, but we still hear anecdotal reports here of burn-in with new plasmas.

Mary asks…

When TV manufactures talk about EDGE LED are they referring to the slimline edge around the TV?

What is HDMI?
How can I go about transferring my DVDs to a USB stick?

steve answers:

Edge led means the led are lined up across the edge of the screen full led mean they are spread across the entire tv led are a improved version of lcd so it will often say led-lcd led are brighter produce more color have high hz for motion last longer than lcd and use less power. HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface it is the best cable for hd and support 1080p/i 720p/480p. Hdmi cables transfer high def picture and audio through one cable and are better than componet. And usb sticks cant hold many movies unless you have a lot of space maby a portable harddrive would be better.

Betty asks…

What is the difference in picture quality between an edge-lit LED TV and an LCD TV?

steve answers:

Edge lit uses fiber optics to route the light to the screen and the televisions are thinner. But the difference in length of the fiber near the edge to the center can sometimes cause inconsistent brightness across the screen.

Back lit televisions are thicker but can have slightly better/more consistant brightness.

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Your Questions About Samsung Fascinate http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-samsung-fascinate-12/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-samsung-fascinate-12/#comments Mon, 15 Dec 2014 09:08:01 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-samsung-fascinate-12/

William asks…

Does anyone knw about samsung fascinate?

I want to kne if there is an application I can download for my samsung fascinate for mobile hotspot but without having to pay those extra $20 ….pls somebody help me?

steve answers:

This is Words & Wordplay
I would advise you to refer to
Consumer Electronics —> Cell Phones & Plans

Richard asks…

how do you block a number on samsung fascinate?

I have the samsung fascinate and I was wondering if theres a way to block numbers just on your phone aka not going into the store

steve answers:

You can log into verizon wireless website and block a number from there.

Michael asks…

would you recommend the samsung fascinate from verizon?

I’m thinking about upgrading my phone to the samsung fascinate. Wanted to know if you would recommend or if you know someone who has the phone and if they have had any problems or what is great about the phone? Comments and suggestions welcomed! Thanks

steve answers:

Actually AT&T is not faster than Verizon.

Verizon has better service and AT&T has terrible service, but it just happens that AT&T has more (not better) smartphones.

I wouldn’t switch to AT&T if I were you. Also, Verizon is going to get iPhone, 3G, 3GS, and 4.

NOW: Get Samsung Fascinate

pros: cons:

worth it none!!!

Rated 5 stars

great screen display and mobile apps

swipe type technology is awesome

great battery life

5.0 camera

can do skype

lots of memory, up to 32 GB


I was looking at phones too and posted a question about it on Yahoo! Answers and when I came to recover my point loss by answering your question, you made me look at how Samsung Fascinate was and now I think it’s the perfect phone to get!
Thanks again!

Lisa asks…

What are some pros and cons of the Samaung Fascinate?

I’m sorry I’ve been asking so many questions on these phones. This will be the last time because I’m going to verizon soon. So what are some pros and cons of the Samsung Fascinate?

steve answers:

Big, bright screen
light in weight
android operated
touch wiz OS (which i really like)
swype (i dont like it but a lot of people do)
battery life isn’t bad at all for me

some lag sometimes
no android 2.2 update yet, but it is coming

Hope this helps.

Thomas asks…

which phone is better for a 15 year old girl..a droid incredible or a samsung fascinate?

droid incredible or a samsung fascinate?

steve answers:

I highly recommend you with Samsung Fascinate, it’s a great phone. I can provide you with an opinion from an actual user from where you can find the good points about the cell phone. Here is the link:


Fascinate has a faster processor
Fascinate’s GPU is much faster
Fascinate has a bigger screen
Fascinate has smooth and pleasant web browsing
Fascinate has a interface similar to that of Iphone

You can get this phone on a real good price from the links below:


BUT if you to go with Droid incredible, have a look at the link below:


You can get this phone on a real good price from the links below:

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Your Questions About What Laptop Will Run Minecraft http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-what-laptop-will-run-minecraft-10/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-what-laptop-will-run-minecraft-10/#comments Mon, 15 Dec 2014 05:07:45 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-what-laptop-will-run-minecraft-10/

Donna asks…

What would make my laptop run games faster?

I am looking to make my laptop run games faster (Mainly Minecraft, Skyrim and other steam games). I do not know what I may need to purchase to get my laptop to run faster. Would it be more ram, a better graphics card, better processor or what?
It is not slow at running the games, but I just want to have a better edge on other players.
System information;
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Graphics card name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
Monitor Name: ThinkPad Display 1366×768
that is all the info that I think that you will need

Thank you!
If anyone wants to get anymore information please email [f69ab014{@}opayq{.}com]

steve answers:

Go to Black Viper’s site(www.blackviper.com). You won’t be able to upgrade the processor-video card-or display.SSD will help but I’d only resort to that expense after reading blackviper’s suggestions

Chris asks…

Where can I get a cheap Laptop for Minecraft?

My friend and I started a server, and we want to build
But I can only play when at his house on his moms laptop
I need to get one now, but I don’t want a 1000 dollar laptop, only one that can smoothly
Run minecraft, where can I?

steve answers:

Any laptop can run minecraft pretty much. You just need java, in said laptop. I have an HP radeon computer, and minecraft runs fine for me.

Betty asks…

Is it possible to play Minecraft on Windows 8?

For my Birthday I’ve been thinking about buying a laptop as I have been using my mums for the last 5 years. Now, all the laptops me and my parents have looked at that we think are a suitable price etc etc run Windows 8. I’d really love to have Windows 8 (looks epic) but unless it could run Minecraft I’d still be using my mums a lot. I’ve been looking on forums and many people say they have ways of running it, but I’d just like to be sure. So does Windows 8 run Minecraft?

Thanks, Emily.

steve answers:

I’ve been running Minecraft (Versions 1.4.5, 1.4.6, 1.4.7 and Snapshot 13w04a – AKA 1.5 Beta) on my Windows 8 PC (2 TB HD, 6GB RAM, Quadcore i5) and it’s running like a breeze. Of course, like all third-party software, it runs in “Desktop Mode” (AKA Windows 7 Mode) and not “Windows 8 Mode” (AKA Metro Mode). So, yes, it does run on Windows 8 (but NOT Windows RT, make sure to remember that).

Daniel asks…

What’s a good laptop for minecraft and surfing the internet?

I need one that’s under 750 and can run minecraft smoothly on medium settings

steve answers:

This HP can be customized to what you need. If you want better performance upgrade the APU to a A10, the graphics to AMD Radeon HD 8750M + HD 8000 Series Dual Graphics. And increase the ram to 8GB. That will bring it to $700. Add the 1080p screen for just another $40. Starting at $530

http://www.shopping.hp.com/en_US/home-office/-/products/Laptops/HP-ENVY/C9W57AV;pgid=c7twGfjc0ptSRpIq7ZUcoGXQ0000fb8mNv9y;sid=NID2W1inOb6JXwkRbh2qz4GoAJwzDmy78dUe8LW2AJwzDtPc7Kuhl6jI?HP-ENVY-15z-j000-Notebook-PC A8-5550M APU HD 8000 Series Graphics 6GB DDR3 750GB 5400 rpm HD

This HP can be customized to. Upgrade the Graphics to 1GB AMD Radeon HD 8670M Discrete, and 8GB ram should bring it to $640. Do not get this lappy without the graphics upgrade. Starting at $530

http://www.shopping.hp.com/en_US/home-office/-/products/Laptops/HP-Pavilion/C8F68AV;pgid=c7twGfjc0ptSRpIq7ZUcoGXQ0000126GzpjJ;sid=wOckgE5TxtvuuRxANE-PCJZc9Pvh1XpPBbJgQ7vGyjypK_TAAlGILMhM?HP-Pavilion-15t-e000-Notebook-PC i5-3230M 4GB DDR3 500GB 5400 rpm HD

Brand buying advise

You get what you pay for. Systems with high end parts with low prices are to be viewed with suspicion. They have to cut corners somewhere to get the price down. What cost you less today is going to cost you more tomorrow.

Apple makes a good quality laptop. The problem comes when it requires service or minor upgrades. It is near impossible to do anything with them. They even glue the battery and hard drive down so you can not change it. They solder the ram to the logic board so you can not increase it. They lock up most of the software so your stuck with what they approve.

Lenovo has serious stand behind their product problems. They bought IBM PC division and proceeded to drive the quality of the system into the ground. Their customer service is well below par. They even makes Dell customer service look good. Lenovo will not allow people to read instruction on how to access the BIOS menu or to get info on their puters on their web site unless you connect to them thru Facebook. They do this so they can spy on their users. The last and final thing to remember about them is they are a Chinese Government own company. It is up to you if you want to trust them.

Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony should be avoided because of their heavy modification of Windows and the drivers. If you remove some of the bloat they install, you can cripple the system.

Acer, Gateway, and eMachines should be avoided period. Low end system that are driving the race to the bottom.

Dell once made a good system and fell from grace. They are now struggling to regain their place in the market. Customer service is one of many problems with this company.

Alienware are glorified Dells and are more name than product. Priced extremely high for what you get. They do perform but you can get the same for less by looking around, just not packaged to be eye candy to the gamers.

Samsung has a history of using cheap parts in critical areas. Capacitors has been one area Samsung has a known history of going cheap, causing units to fail early. For that reason I would avoid them.

ASUS and HP do not modify Windows as bad as the other manufacturers. They have excellent build quality. They might add a lot of bloat but they also makes it easy to get rid of it.

Ultrabooks are the higher end of Wintel laptops but they have some of the same concerns as Apple. They make it next to impossible to change any hardware in them. Service of them will have to be done by the manufacturers. With most of them, you can not change your own battery or hard drive. They are designed to catch your eye but they are not any more special then other laptops except for the fact that they are slim or thin. Your paying for it being thin and slim. For the money your going to spend on it you can buy a much better laptop with more power.

Chrome books are useless. They are designed by Google to make you dependent on Google. If you can not access the web then you can not do anything.

Hybrids are the worse of the worse. The flip or detachable touch screens are just a disaster waiting to happen.

Never buy an All In One. They are far worst then laptops of any kind to service and they have a higher failure rate.

Always avoid refurbished units. They only come with a 90 day warranty and have a higher failure rate. The service contacts are normally just a one time replace contract.

Choose wisely.

David asks…

What is this laptop called and will it run minecraft on medium settings?

2GB AMD Radeon HD 7730M
6GB of RAM
750GB Serial ATA (7200 RPM)
What is it called and will it run minecraft on medium to max settings and will I get more then 20fps

steve answers:

Its called overkill and yeah it will run minecraft on medium up to “ultra” settings.

Hell…even my smartphone can run minecraft….if you run minecraft with that computer you will get around 140fps on max settings….

That computer is equal to use a Ferrari to go trough commute traffic…

Get something like Crysis 2 or Metro and see what that beauty can do

And on those specs, its Probably an Alienware, or a Dell XPS

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Your Questions About 3rd Street Promenade http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-3rd-street-promenade-4/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-3rd-street-promenade-4/#comments Mon, 15 Dec 2014 01:08:03 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/15/your-questions-about-3rd-street-promenade-4/

Linda asks…

Who was discovered along Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade right before April Fool’s day in 1995?

steve answers:

Waldo of course!

Joseph asks…

Do I need a permit to talk with a mic on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica?

I’d like to counter a rather bigoted viewpoint being expressed, but the perpetrators have a loud mic. If I bring a mic, do I need a permit? I know you need a permit to do a performance, but I don’t think protesting/responding to a performance is really a performance. There are legal issues with interfering with a performance I’m sure, if their presentation is a performance, so my plan is to set up shop nearby to give a different view.

But I’m terrible with bureaucracy and only just moved to the area (LA). I’d appreciate any advice about how to go about this legally!

steve answers:

Id check with the cops and city with this as you might avoid a ticket

Nancy asks…

Do you have to have some kind of a permit to perform at 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica?

I see all kinds of wacky people there..from the professional to the not so professional… tap dancers, guitar players, singers, …. I wanna go basically dress up in a bear suit as a joke bring my boombox and just start break dancing basically… i thnk it would be funny. Do u think the authorities would take me away?? !! can u just set up shop there or do u have to have a permit.
how can u need a permit when I’ve seen that homeless guy with no legs and arms yodeling with his monkey running around on his back? he’s literally crazy. How is he not taken away??!!! I see all kinds of crazy down there!!

steve answers:

Little bear person, yes you will need a street performing license because Santa Monica is regulated. Call the licensing bureau of Santa Monica for information or applications.

Ken asks…

Do they still customize Keychains on 3rd Street in Santa Monica, CA? Cali License plate keychains?

When I went to 3rd Street Promenade a few years back, there was a cart that customized keychains that looked like a California license plate. I was able to give names of my friends in Japan and they made the keychains on the spot. Do they still have that shop on 3rd Street or anywhere else in the L.A. area?
Cali is the nickname for California. By the way, we call Los Angeles, “L.A.”. Glad I could help…..

steve answers:

They could care less about Cali, but CALIFORNIA maybe.

Sandy asks…

Name of street performer at Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade today?

I went to 3rd street in Santa Monica today and saw these two guys, one on guitar and one on the cello… they were awesome. I wanted to buy their CD but didn’t have any cash, I went to go get some and they were gone by the time I got back.

I saw them around 3:30pm in front of Victoria’s Secret and the Apple Store. Did anyone happen to see them and catch their name? I only remember one song they played that I recognized, it was “Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainwright.

Thanks for any help

steve answers:

That was Ken & Ed. Or to be more specific, Ken Oak and Ed Gorski. They form Oak & Gorski.

Here’s their myspace page. They have a few great albums out, and I personally love them and discovered them the same way. Http://www.myspace.com/oakandgorski

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Your Questions About Acer Mini Pc http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/14/your-questions-about-acer-mini-pc-5/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/14/your-questions-about-acer-mini-pc-5/#comments Sun, 14 Dec 2014 21:08:02 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/12/14/your-questions-about-acer-mini-pc-5/

George asks…

How to reinstall Windows XP Media Edition in a Vista desktop?

My desktop is a Acer Mini Pc.The Media Center XP do not come with a disc. I install Vista Home Premuim given by Acer but i found that Vista is not nice as it does not surpport a lot of things. I want to reinstall XP MC but i cannot. Can give me any hel on this? Pls don’t give floopy disk as my pc don’t have the reader.
erm sry but i found my XP MC disc but how do you reinstall it on Vista.(I want to have 2 partitions) Will the CD Key of both still worked? (I using back the old ones) Pls help me !

steve answers:

I also have acer aspire 360E, It came with xp MCE, today i installed the Vista home premium , every thing went like a charm, very happy with the whole outcome. I have loaded Vista on partition D so i could keepmy XP, so far i find Vista much faster and stable than the XP,im sure many ppl have been having problem with Vista.

This is how u reinstall the XP MCE. First format the whole drive in to a c:partition and a d; partition,, Then just boot up the disk 1 and follow the instructions, It will take abt 30 mins. Dont bother calling Acer tech support, bunch of morons, most of them dont even know the confi guration of their own products and they r suppose to provide tech support what a pathetic bunch, The only answer u get frim them is acer dont support it, no matter what the problem is .Seems like the only thing acer support is the power on/off switch lol . Otherwise the quality of their prodcut is not bad

Lizzie asks…

How do I upgrade my Nvidia GeForce GT435M Graphic card ?

I got an Acer Mini-PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

I have the NVIDIA GeForce Driver version 259.33. I can’t start playing NFS The Run as it tells me I should get the version 285.38 of my graphic driver !
I downloaded the newest from http://www.geforce.com/Drivers

Once I try installing the graphic driver. the installer tells me that the Installations program cant locate any compatible Graphic Hardware … ( Translated that from German to English .. )

So please. I bought the game and I don’t want to lose the money for it now ;o !

steve answers:

You cant upgrade it.

Not all drivers are compatible, sometimes the latest driver might not be designed for your GPU.

GT435M is a mobile graphics card. (for laptops/small computers)

If your laptop has one of those removable graphics cards, then you can upgrade it but it is unlikely since only the higher end graphics cards in laptops are upgradeable.

Try activating the game on a computer that is more powerful and has better specifications.

Next time, you might want to review the specifications. Even if it might say a 1GB graphics card is needed, and you have a 1GB card, it might not work. You need to determine the kind of card you have and look up benchmarks for the game with the card.

You might want to ask on a forum next time if the game will work with your computer.

Try “Can You Run It?”


It isn’t the best thing to use, but it does work. It will tell you if your computer can run it, but even if it says you can your computer might not be able to. It’s not always accurate.

Chris asks…

Is this PC a mid tower, or mini tower?

Im planning on a Graphic and Power supply upgrade in the future if I buy this system.

And can you look at the pictures of this pc and tell me if it will be difficult to upgrade, and what the Motherboard brand is because I cant find the name of it.


Please and Thank you.

And is the PC worth the money.

steve answers:

>It looks like a small tower to me. The fact it has a graphics card usually indicates a mid or small mid tower:


The problem is that pictures can be deceiving and so I cannot be sure because they aren’t saying. If you want to know for sure, call them and ask.

They are probably using a generic motherboard which they contracted with one of the motherboard makers to make just for their computers. This is true for all the OEM system builders except for very specific models (I am talking, Dell, HP, Acer, etc.) not one of the OEMs you contract with to build one from scratch.

Sandra asks…

Which PC is better?

Philips LX2000 Mini-PC
Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor T2060
1.60GHz, 533MHz FSB, 1MB Cache
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
1024MB RAM Memory
160GB Hard Drive


Acer Aspire L100 Media Center PC 2.0GHz, 250GB HD, 1GB
Place a bid on brand new Acer Aspire L100 Media Center PC

Featuring the power and performance of an AMD/NVIDIA platform in an ultra-quiet, compact chassis, the Aspire L100 enables you to play music, view photo albums, create home movies, watch the latest DVDs, and much more. The Aspire L100 boasts a modern design and intuitive layout to enrich your entertainment experience and seamlessly fit into your home environment.

Features and specifications:

Processor – AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (Dual Core 2.0GHz)

Hard Drive – 250GB SATA

Optical Storage – DVD±RW (+R double layer)
Graphics Controller – NVIDIA GeForce 6150
Audio Output – Sound card
1 x network – Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T – RJ-45
1 x Fi
Both are Vista Home Premium, I am not bias just got more info on one over the other.

steve answers:

Althou I favor Intel cpus I’d still go with the Acer. Im not a fan of mini-pcs plus games such as Call of Duty 4 require a 1.8 dual core cpu and you may not be able to even install some games with a puny 1.6 dual. Of course, you’ll have probs with those onboard graphics for games but that can always be addressed somewhere down the road with a nice video card. You’ll want to put in another 1GBs of ram especially running onboard graphics and Premium that has Aero that loves chomping on ram. After getting whichever rig you choose make sure to put all the Windows updates in as they really help Vista run smoother. Also go into “power options” in the control panel and select the “high performance” power plan. Also turn that annoying UAC off.

Helen asks…

wich computer is better?

i want to buy a new computer and i have 2 computers selected and i want to now which one is the best. plz comment why that comp is better.

Acer Aspire L5100
Processor:AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core 5000
ram: 2048 MB
Harddisk:500 GB S-ATA
videocard: 527 MB (max.) ATI Radeon X1250
(it’s a mini pc)

Acer Aspire M3640
Processor:Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Processor Q6600 2.4 GHz
Ram: 4096 MB (2x 2048 MB)
Harddisk:500 GB S-ATA
videocard: 512 MB nVidia GeForce 8600GS

if someone else got any suggestion for a good pc for 400 – 600 euro
(i think it is 600 – 900 dollar) post the name of it, i don’t want to build it myself because i am not so handy with pc‘s. sorry for my english.

steve answers:

The Acer M3640 is better for a couple reasons. First the processor is a quad core vs a dual core. As time goes on, our software will be written for multiple cores, making the quad a better choice. Also the quad cores are usually a slower speed to offset price. 2.4ghz is a great core spead for a quad core. Although I believe the Q6600 is 1.8ghz. It is still the better choice if it is the 1.8ghz quad core, since you can overclock up to 3ghz quite often with these cpus. Invest in good cooling if you can either way, since either of these machines will get warm, if not hot.

Also, that is another great point. The mini pc holds a lot of heat, which is the major holdback and enemy of all computers. This lack of space creates more heat, less air flow, and less expandability as well. This is why I’m guessing the video card is 527mb(max) memory. That means it is onboard/integrated. That means it shares your cpu, and memory for 3D graphics. You can change the amount of memory shared in your BIOS settings to “527mb (max). If you have integrated graphics now, you can usually tell how much is dedicated by right clicking my computer, and looking at memory amount. If you were sold 512, and see 496, this does not mean the salesman pocketed the extra or sold you a lesser computer. The 512mb total computer ram amount dedicates 16mb to your integrated graphics. Giving you 496mb total for your system… Like I said, you can change this amount in BIOS.

Since the mini pc has integrated, as has less space, there might not be an expansion slot for graphics or offer as many PCI slots.

The M3640 has 4GB of ram, that is twice as much as the mini pc.

Also, the 8600GS might be a PCI-Express graphics card. If it is, you will get much better 3D performance and of course gaming. Also, with that expansion slot, you can later replace the 8600GS with a better one, if you have the PCI-Express x16.

If you are looking for a new pc, I’d stick with the new pentiums. I own both, and right now the Core 2 Duo is amazing. Quad cores too. They are more bang for the buck, and overclock nicely even on air cooling systems.

If you game, I suggest you look into PCI-Express atleast. Or running multiple graphics cards in SLI or Crossfire. That is for extreme gaming, and might be out of your price range as well. Either way, the options are nice to have on the motherboard if you ever do plan to upgrade down the road.

M3640 is better choice here. For more great deals try TigerDirect.com or Newegg.com. Compare a build your own Dell too. Add what you want. And have fun =)

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