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Laptopsunder500bucks.com http://laptopsunder500bucks.com Wed, 25 Mar 2015 11:08:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.4.1 Your Questions About Orange Laptops Contract http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-orange-laptops-contract-11/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-orange-laptops-contract-11/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 11:08:21 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-orange-laptops-contract-11/

Carol asks…

do you need a phone line to get broadband?

i keep seeing adverts saying you dont need phone line to get broadband.i thought tyour internet came down your phone line,so how can you get it without a phone line,and how does it work and does it work for pcs and not just laptops

steve answers:

You can now get fast broadband on mobile networks, i suggest pay as you go service on t-mobile or 3 at £15 per month is pretty good value and best of all no contracts.

In fact when my mums orange broadband contract ends in about 12 months, i hope to buy one of the mobile usb modem sticks at £50 and pay £15 p.m. If i can afford it which is very likely, as i love my computer and the internet.

Paul asks…

how do you connect a CENTRINO laptop to a ORANGE/WANADOO LIVEBOX?

i recently got a centrino laptop, but i can not conect my centrino laptop to it

steve answers:

I used to have wanadoo as my isp. I had to give up the contract eventually as it was costing me too much to call their tech support.


Check out that link. Or google wanadoo livebox and read for yourself.

Good luck mate

Joseph asks…

My Toshiba laptop is over 2 years old. Internet access question

I see a gizmo advertised that looks like it plugs into a laptop and has an arial-like look. Supposedly, it connects you to the internet even if you’re not in a “hot spot”. Can you give me more information?

steve answers:

They use a mobile phone network to connect to the internet, just like when you are using internet on a mobile phone. They are usually sold by mobile phone companies such as T-Mobile, Orange etc.

They do have a set amount of bandwidth allocated per month for a contract amount, and charge you extra per megabyte that exceeds this limit. They are usually on par with most broadband packages in terms of speed, but the max speed does vary with the type of contract you get.

The uk broadband link is attached as a source, but there should be something similar for where ever you are.

Lisa asks…

what is a dongle and how does it function.?

As in the near future I will lose my internet connection I have been advised to use a dongle to retain a broadband connection for my laptop.Not being computer literate I would be grateful for any assistance to fully understand what its functions are and were it is available to buy or am I required to sign a contract to get the benefits from it.
As it is important to have a internet connection any help would be appreciated

steve answers:

Oh its a shame to near about your internet…
A dongle is basically like a USB stick. An internet dongle has the ability to give u access to the internet when ever you plug it into an usb port, on the side of your laptop. Dongles are quite good, in the sense that you can take with you anywhere and still get internet access, such as on trains, cafes, libraries etc.

You can get a dongle from phones shops such at phones 4U, carphone warehouse, but there are a wide range of companies that do these dongles, so its best to find out or talk to someone who knows which are best for you.(other companies are Orange, Vodafone, T-mobile, O2…) I currently have 3, but i can tell you now that even tho the rates are good, it hasn’t got the best connection.

You can pay for these in 2 ways… A) Have a Pay-as-you-go stick, which you have to top up in instalment, and B) get a contract which can vary from 1 month contracts to 24 month contracts. Sorry this is abit long, but hope it helped x x x

Sandy asks…

What is better broadband coverage?

Mobile broadband on the go or mobile broadband in home?

steve answers:

It’s important when choosing Mobile Broadband to look at three different things network coverage, speed and pricing – at present the Three, Orange and T-Mobile networks all have pretty good coverage – 93% or above – for Mobile Broadband, but O2 and Vodafone aren’t so good in terms of coverage. The only way to check for sure is to view the coverage checkers the individual networks provide on their websites.

In terms of speed, the latest generation of Mobile Broadband dongles are all pretty much the same – most of them run at a theoretical maximum of 7.2mpbs, but some are still lagging behind at 3.6mbps. This said, most customers should only expect between 1mbps and 2mbps anyway, so these theoretical maximums don’t really matter.

Which brings us to the most important subject, that of price. Pricing in the UK for mobile broadband is fiercely competitive, which is great for consumers. At the time of writing this Answer the best price is £15 per month for 15GB on Three for contract customers (24 months), and £30 including one month of usage on Vodafone or Three on Pay as You Go. You can also get a bundle with a laptop from Three and Orange.

It’s hard to fit all the details of mobile broadband into a short ‘Yahoo! Answer’, so I’ve included a link to the full Mobile Broadband article on our website in the sources – it compares all the different ways you can get Mobile Broadband and the prices, so it might be worth taking a look if you want to go further.

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Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Problems http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-hp-graphic-card-problems-8/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-hp-graphic-card-problems-8/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 07:08:00 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-hp-graphic-card-problems-8/

Laura asks…

Laptop graphic problem???¿?

i have HP Pavilion DV6 7039TX can i upgrade its graphic to nvidia 680m ??????and it has 8 gb ram(4+4) can i upgrade to (8+8)??????

steve answers:

Upgrades to RAM are not difficult. Take it to a shop to have them install it. But beyond 8GB is pretty pointless for most users.
Upgrading video is more difficult. Take an axe and split the laptop case in two parts. Take the Nvidia card and put between the shell top and bottom like a tech sandwich. Wrap the whole thing in lots of duct tape. Apply power and stand back. Better is to run fast.

Carol asks…

windows 8 graphic card driver problem?

I have hp pavilion dv4253ea with windows 8.1 pro installed.
Everything works perfect except from graphics card driver. There are all the animations, skins, colours….but when i play a video it lag A LOT!!!!! I’ve tried to install xp drivers manualy but it says that it is from an older version of windows.


GPU MODEL: intel 915gm
hp and intel doesn’t support drivers for windows 8.1,8,7……windows 7 worked FINE with the xp drivers…..but windows 8 doesn’t accept them….it says there are for an older version of windows.

steve answers:

Go to hp official page and look for the drivers for you product. If you can’t find the drivers or you just can’t make it work – contact hp support.
This page might help you out: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&product=1154620&

James asks…

graphic card problem?


steve answers:

Ancient AGP graphics Very Low 3D capability

maybe you could upgrade?

Robert asks…

graphics card problem?

i have a hp g56-129 model and was wondering can i put another graphics card in and just disable the integraded one and how do i do that and my motherboard what graphic cards are compatible with it
doesnt the motherboard have morethan one slot so you can just put a diffrent graphics card in disable the intergrated one and use the otherone right

steve answers:

Im sorry is this a laptop or desktop? I just searched the model and it says its a laptop. You cant change the graphic cards on laptops. There would be lots of compatibility issues. And its very expensive. Now if its a desktop you can just hook it up sense most desktops from 2007 and up will work with any modern GPU. I would recommend something like Nvidia GT 220, but you never said what you were gonna do with it.

Lisa asks…

I think I accidentally deleted my graphic card?

Right, I know this question may sound a bit retarded to anyone with the least bit of computer skills, but I honestly think I just accidentally deleted my graphic card. I was trying to delete some other program and now some games won’t start anymore, etc, it always says that “XY doesn’t run on 0. No supporting graphic card could be found”. Also, some videos won’t play anymore. I also don’t know if I didn’t also un-install the driver for the card. At least the card, if not both. I’m not sure.

Now, I have a HP 625 notebook. If someone could PLEASE tell me what’s wrong here and how to mend the problem in a way you would explain it to your great-grandmum, that would be great :)

Thanks a lot!!

steve answers:

Maybe you accidently uninstalled your video card drivers? Just go to hp.com and download the video drivers for your laptop and reinstall. This link *should* take you to the OS selection for your laptop.
Good Luck!


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Your Questions About 3rd Grade Math Worksheets http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-3rd-grade-math-worksheets-6/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-3rd-grade-math-worksheets-6/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 03:08:03 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/25/your-questions-about-3rd-grade-math-worksheets-6/

Sandy asks…

I’m really pissed! Do you think I deserved this mark on my grade 8 math test?

I got a 67 on my math test. I’m in grade 8. My average in math is 83. I’m sooo pissed. If i feel i deserved 67, then i would not complain but I simply didn’t deserve it.
Before I reveal the question I got wrong, I just wanted to say that this wasn’t a ‘real’ test, it sill goes on my report card, but my teacher just pulled out a worksheet and wrote how many marks each question was, which I feel was unreasonable.(as in ‘wrote’, I mean she, by herself wrote it, she didn’t have anything to copy off).
A small question was 20 marks (20 marks! for a small question!!!) The question gave me 3 graphs and asked me this: What can you infer from the data, how can each graph show this?. I answered one answer for each of the 3 graphs, In the end, i got only 4/20 for that question. I asked why, and the teacher said she expected 20 reasons, 7 for the first graph, 5 for the second, and 8 for the third. The question DID not state how many reasons you should put. I also believe that such a small question shouldn’t be worth 20 marks. If i had that extra 16 marks, I would’ve got 81! And yes, all my classmates are wrong too.
Just wanted to hear your opinion.

steve answers:

If you give the minimum, you get the minimum. If you read the question and could see that there was more than one possible answer for each graph, you should have written them down. It didn’t tell you NOT to.
If all your classmates got it wrong, then the question was poorly expressed. Hopefully all of you and your teacher will do better on the next test.

Lisa asks…

5th grade math questions?

this is what the worksheet looks like, please help!!

1 –> 1
2 –> 8
3 –> 27
4–> 64

What rule explains this?

steve answers:





It must be right if me and her have the same answer.

Robert asks…

3 more weeks and report cards out, my current grade in Geometry is a 58?

I’ve got three weeks. And generally, there’s one worksheet and one exam per week. The worksheets are 15% of the grade and the exams are the rest. What do I have to do to pass? I am stressing, and I didn’t even get credit for the first semester. I’m an A student at everything else but Math isn’t my strong subject. Please offer me some serious guidance.
He doesnt have extra credit.

steve answers:

58% is a D+. If you were to get 100% on the rest of the assignments, you are looking at something in the C range.

Joseph asks…

8th grade math help?

ok.. im doing polynomials, and we are getting into negative exponents.. I need methods to solve problems right now (we are doing simplifications on this worksheet..)

the questions im having trouble with are:

(to the 1,2,etc = power of the number… like x to the power of a, Also PLEASE answer and explain why it is what it is.. and explain the parenthesis.. why they are there, how to get rid of them and open up the problem.. please!)

(2/3) to the -1
(xy) to the -1
(3/4) to the -2
(2x) to the -3
(c to the 2; d to the 2) to the -2
(6y to the 2) to the -2
m to the 2; n to the -2
3a to the 2; b to the -3
(-11x to the 3; y) to the -2
(-3) to the -3
5cd to the -9
(-3x to the 3) to the -2
12x to the -8; y
(x to the 2/ y to the 3) to the -2

Thanks in advance!!
Ok, I have writtin down Carl C’s answsers, and read his explanation. When I get the paper back I will tell you if it was right or not.. Thanks so much man! your a lifesaver!!

steve answers:

For the rest of the explanation, I’m just gonna use the ^ symbol to stand for “to the power of.”

Basically, x^a is x multiplied by itself a times.
So, 2^1 = 2, 2^2 = 2×2 = 4, 2^3 = 2x2x2 = 8, etc.

When you have a negative exponent x^-a, thats the same as saying 1 divided by x^+a. (+a means positive a).
So 2^-1 = 1/(2^1) = 1/2 = .5. 2^-2 = 1/(2^2) = 1/4 = .25.

When you have parentheses, that means that the exponent applies to EACH term inside the parentheses. For example,
(2/3)^-1 = 2^-1, divided by 3^-1.
2^-1 = 1/(2^1) = 1/2 and
3^-1 = 1/(3^1) = 1/3.
So, (2/3)^-1 = one-half divided by one-third, which equals 3/2.
For a shortcut, though, any time you see -1 (and only negative ONE) as the exponent, just flip the fraction around. (Whole number n is the same as n over 1.)

As another example, take (2x)^-3.
(2x)^-3 = 2^-3 times x^-3.
2^-3 = 1/(2^3) = 1/8.
X^-3 = 1/(x^3) = 1/(x cubed).
So, (2x)^-3 = 1/(8x^3), or “one over 8-x-cubed.”

When you don’t have parentheses, the exponent ONLY applies to the term directly in front of it. So 5cd^-9 would read, “5 times c times d-to-the-negative-9th.”

I hope this helps with the rest of the problems. Email me at yiwei749@yahoo.com if it doesn’t, I can create a word document with easier-to-understand formatted text and send it to you. Good luck :)

Mark asks…

8th grade math word puzzle?

we got a worksheet–i need help. they give you all the connecting words and the first letter of each other word, but nothing else except underscores to tell you how many letters are in the word. Ok,
3 P_ _ _ _ into which A_ _ _ _ _ _ G_ _ _ was D_ _ _ _ _ _
10 P_ _ _ on a B_ _ _ _ _ _ L_ _ _
77 S_ _ _ _ _ S_ _ _ _

steve answers:

First one is 3 Parts into which Ancient Gaul was Divided
second one is 10 Pins on a Bowling Lane
third one is 77 Sunset Strip

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Your Questions About Lenovo Laptop Charger http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-lenovo-laptop-charger-10/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-lenovo-laptop-charger-10/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 23:08:05 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-lenovo-laptop-charger-10/

Richard asks…

Where can I find a laptop charger?

If I need it today , how could I obtain a laptop charger/adapter for an Lenovo ideapad. The one I bought off eBay was faulty:(

steve answers:

The thought ever occur to you it wasn’t the charger to begin with? Your problem MAY be the jack?

Laura asks…

Lenovo t61 battery issue?

Hello all, I have a Lenovo t61 I just put a brand new battery in. The laptop doesn’t recognize the battery but if you unplug the ac adaptor the screen dims and the laptop will stay alive for a minute or so. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

steve answers:

Try remove the battery and charger/ac adapter/power cord from your Lenovo T61 laptop, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to discharge any residual current inside the laptop. This clears your RAM and is like a hardware reset. Replace the battery and charger/ac adapter/power cord and turn your laptop on.

Check if it’s something to do with your laptop power cord or power source problem. Insufficient power might cause some of those issues as well. Take the battery out and power on your Lenovo T61 laptop with the charger only.

—Make sure your laptop power jack and charger plug tip are securely connected. If power jack is loose you can find laptop power jack on ebay. However, fixing and soldering the power jack requires professional skill.

—Always, the green/blue LED on charger needs to be constantly on. If not, replace the defective charger. Since battery/ ac adapter has its own lifespan and does not last forever, to help you save up some, you can consider getting a Lenovo T61 charger under lifetime warranty from store like topmic.com

Wish the Best.

Sharon asks…

Laptop will not charge?

My Lenovo B570 laptop will not charge. I feel like its not the battery but the charger, because it will not work no matter. Ive tried two chargers and it will not charge. After it died i tried the two chargers but nothing.

steve answers:

I suspect that it is the DC Jack (that is what you plug your charger into on the laptop) that has become loose/bad. It is usually soldered onto the motherboard but some are actually plug-in units which are easier to replace.

Take your laptop to a local small shop that works on laptops and does their own soldering. Stay away from the big box stores, they usually don’t do that type of thing locally.
Ask if they replace DC Jacks and how much it would cost. Don’t phone the shop, go in person and have them check it out. It should only take a day to do, but the most time consuming part of the job is taking the laptop apart and putting it back together again (without having any screws left over).

Expect to pay between $75 and $125 for the job. If they want more, shop around. The shop should warranty their work.

Hope this helps.

Robert asks…

what is wrong with my laptop charger?

OK so. today at 2pm (EST) my laptop stopped charging so i turned my laptop off, I plugged in the charger but the light wont turn on to tell me that it is charging… then around 3:40-4:00pm i was trying to re-plug the charger and i see the light blinking so i turned on my laptop and it started charging… For some reason my laptop charges when my laptop is on?? …my laptop started to stop charging yesterday.. and i know i wont get a new laptop or charger or battery because my parents wont allow me to get them (i think) i have had this laptop for about a year or so this has never happened to me before on this laptop D: btw my laptop is a Lenovo

steve answers:

1. Ensure that the power cord and/or AC adapter are plugged into the computer and that the
connection is solid and not loose fitting.

2. Verify that the power cord is plugged into AC adapter completely.

3. If the power cord or AC adapter is plugged into a surge protector, verify that the surge protector
is powered on.

4. Attempt to use a different electrical outlet.

Also, you can try remove the battery and charger/ac adapter/power cord from your laptop, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to discharge any residual current inside the laptop.

Always, the green/blue LED on charger needs to be constantly on. If not, replace the defective charger.

Since battery/ ac adapter has its own lifespan and does not last forever, to help you save up some, you can consider getting a Lenovo charger under lifetime warranty from store like topmic.com

Good luck.

Ken asks…

Laptop Charger isnt charging! [URGENT! 10 PTS]?

My laptop charger is refusing to charge, no matter how hard i push it in.
It is a Lenovo Ideapad p500, I’ve had this problem for a month now.
Even if its open and i plug the charger in, it just refuses to charge.
This is a very annoying problem, and now its gone to its worst level.

Right now, my laptop is OUT OF CHARGE.
I can not check if its charging, nothing. I keep trying to plug my laptop in all ports around the house, clean the insides of the charger and port, it’s not working!
I can’t do anything inside the laptop, as it’s out of charge and the charger keeps not charging!

HELP ME!!!!!

steve answers:

Try the different charger that same your friend got.
Otherwise you have to buy a new Charger
Don’t push so hard inside the laptop port you may damage the charger port in your laptop
That will cost a lot to repair.
Just buy a new charger and check.
Hope this helps.

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Your Questions About Firefox http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-firefox-6/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-firefox-6/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 19:08:21 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-firefox-6/

George asks…

In Mozilla Firefox how do you customize the toolbars to different colors and styles?

In Firefox you have the standard silver toolbars where the address bar and file/edit bars are there is the silver background. How do you customize and change that around?

steve answers:

Toolbar yes u can. Go to mozilla add on. Choose colorfultabs. Here the link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1368

Steven asks…

What is the difference between firefox and Internet explorer?

My school has both and they are the same thing. Everytime I go to a site it says either: You must have firefox, or You must have internet explorer. Also why is firefox downloadable? Wouldn’t you already have a browser?
What are the add ons like? Internet explorer has tabbed browsing.

steve answers:

Microsoft’s built-in browser does not offer the same experience as open source browsers. Why should we not have a choice in which browser we use?

I personally use Firefox and think it’s a lot better.

Just check out this CNET review:

Firefox is better in every way including, installation woes, look and community, tabbed browsing, cool new features, security and performance. The winner is clearly Firefox 2.

Sandy asks…

How do you transfer your bookmarks and RSS feeds from Firefox to a portable version of Firefox?

I have a portable version of Firefox on an external drive and I’d like to export my current Firefox settings form my laptop Firefox to it.

Is this possible?

steve answers:

Xmarks is the best Firefox extension for ongoing synchronizing Bookmarks as well as passwords and even currently open tabs across different computers.

Can’t help with RSS feeds since I use My Yahoo for that.

John asks…

How do I save my Firefox bookmarks when getting a new computer?

I’m getting a new computer but don’t want to lose my Firefox bookmarks. Is there an easy way to save a record of all the URLs in my Bookmarks and then quickly upload them to Firefox on my new computer?

steve answers:

Bookmarks… -> Organize Bookmarks opens a new window, click on Import and Backup to create a backup of them, copy that backup to a flash drive, then on the new PC do the same thing but Import from your flash drive.

Thomas asks…

How come Firefox displays a weird character when it should show a word?

How come I get this ☠ when using Firefox and when I am using Internet Explorer shows what I am supposed to get, (Wed) ,as the text
If you cannot see what I put down it is a small box with the numbers 26 and 20 inside of it.
Is there a fix for my problem?
Thanks in advance.

steve answers:

Some symbols may not show because your computer does not contain the font set and/or your browser is not set to the correct Character Encoding. Changing browser’s encoding is usually done from its View Menu.

If you see squares or question marks instead of the symbol you need to make sure you have the language pack installed necessary to show the symbols.

Installing Windows XP Language Packs:

(depending on the version of XP you have, you may need to insert your Windows XP Setup CD) then go to Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs >> Windows Components scroll down in the list and put a checkmark next to “language packs”. If you cant find that, then go here instead Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options >> Languages then made sure both boxes under Supplemental Language Support are checked. Click NEXT and then let it do its thing. You will probably then have to reboot.

Enabling International Support in Windows XP/Server 2003 Family: http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/handson/user/xpintlsupp.mspx
How to Configure Regional and Language Support for User Accounts: https://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/expert/reginalsup.mspx


Install a display language: http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/help/4a90fe71-cca6-4965-ab39-97f92ca1a03f1033.mspx
Windows Vista Ultimate language pack release information: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/925471
Installing Language Interface Packs: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc766278(WS.10).aspx

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Your Questions About 2gb http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-2gb-5/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-2gb-5/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 15:08:14 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-2gb-5/

Sandy asks…

Can you use a 2GB microSD card with the MOTOKRZR K1m?

I’m planning to buy the MOTOKRZR K1m and I’m wondering if it will accept my current 2GB microSD card.

Thanks in advance for any help.

steve answers:

Yes you can, but 2GB is the max.

Richard asks…

What will happen if i run a game that requires 2gb ram and i have 1gb ram?

I want to buy a new game tomorrow but the spec for it says for xp it requires 1gb ram and for vista 2gb ram. I have vista. What will happen if i try playing it?

steve answers:

If you dont meet the minimum specs, it wont run

Lizzie asks…

How do I get pictures from my computer to my 2GB memory card?

I have a Kodak 2GB memory card and I am trying to put pictures on it from my computer. I accidentlly put them on the computer and somehow they got deleted from my memory card. Please help.

steve answers:

Put them back on the same way you put them in.
If your computer has a slot for a memory card put it in there. Then go to my computer and find that drive and place all the photos in there.

Donna asks…

Can I use a 2Gb CompactFlash Card in my Canon A80 camera?

The specs show that the max memory is 1Gb, but I see many sellers offering cards up to 8Gb for this model. Will I be able to use all 2Gb of my SanDisk card, just 1Gb, or will it not work at all? Thanks much.

steve answers:

For compact flash the controller is in the card, contrary to formats like smart media, so you should not have any problems.

Susan asks…

how many pictures can a 2GB memory card of a digital camera can take?

We are going to the ZOO should I bring a reserved memory card for my digital camera? How many pictures can I take for 2GB memory card?

steve answers:

Depends how many mega pix your camera is but at 10 mp you’ll get about 700, 7mp will get you almost 1000, and 5 will get you about 1300 either way this should be plenty for your zoo trip

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Your Questions About Orange Laptops http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-orange-laptops-10/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-orange-laptops-10/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:08:08 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-orange-laptops-10/

Maria asks…

Laptop Question?

Ok so in legally blonde in the first one she buys a orange apple laptop what exactly is that laptop called?

steve answers:

Orange Laptop

George asks…

Laptop ruined? Spilled orange juice disaster.?

I spilled orange juice over my laptop and now understandably it dosn’t work. Is there any way I can repair it?

steve answers:

Oh dear you have done this worse thing possible.

Orange juice contains sugar = sugar is carbon = carbon conducts electricity = shorts in circuit boards.

The only thing you can do is to put it into a workshop and have it professionally cleaned and hope you haven’t done the motherboard in.

Nancy asks…

Laptop Battery Charger Problem?

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525, and I have not had the best luck with chargers for it. My one that came with the computer was destroyed by house animals leaving me to purchase some from ebay and whatnot. I used to get the common “Plugged in not charging” error with my old chargers, but that usually self fixed itself. The charger I had before this one shorted out due to a power outage and it has been at least 2 months since I’ve used the laptop.

Recently I purchased another charger, plugged it in and started up my computer, I received a message that told me the battery wasn’t recognized and that I would be unable to charge. I booted up and started to update my dirvers and google the problem. No real solutions popped up, and Windows update demanded I do a restart. When it loaded back up my “charging/not charging/about to die” button was doing something I had never seen before. The light would come on and remain blue like it had so many times before when it was charging, but only for a second. Then the orange light signifying imminent death blinked twice. After allowing Vista to finish all nessisary updates it restarted and didn’t have the blinking problem anymore, but still refuses to charge.

Any hints or suggestions appreciated appreciated.

steve answers:

Is the most recently purchased charger a Dell branded charger? My guess is that it is probably a universal charger and thus will not charge the battery. The problem with Dell laptop is that they implemented the motherboard and charger so that ONLY dell branded charger will be recognized and allow to charge. Thus, if you bought a universal charger (or a Dell branded charger but the chip is burnt out so not recognized as Dell), the laptop will show “Plugged in, but not charging” message.

My suggestion is to return the charger and buy a dell branded laptop charger online. You can search on ebay, google shopping, amazon, or Dell to buy one.

I would recommend buying laptop charger from Topmic.com because they offer lifetime warranty and free shipping to all chargers at a good price (about $30-40 cheaper than buying from Dell). They sell Dell branded chargers and they have good qualities too. I think that with the benefit of lifetime warranty and free shipping, it is definitely worth it to buy laptop chargers from them.



(1526 uses the same charger as 1525 model).

Best of luck.

Mark asks…

Problem with my laptop?

So, I’ve had my Acer Aspire 5315 series laptop for about 2 years now and a couple months ago it suddenly had a problem charging. Now it’s starting to get worse.
I’m on it right now and I was browsing the web when suddenly the lights on the bottom that indicate the charging status and power started to flash. Both lights will flash a dark orange then just the power light will flash a lighter orange and it won’t charge the battery..
Please help! And thanks! :)
It doesn’t help if I move them. I unplugged it, then turned it off and plugged it back it and it wroked fine. But once I turned it on, they started flashing again.
Well, I meant that it was charging the battery when the laptop is off, but not on. Sorry. I took out the battery and now I’m just using the cord. I’m not going to try and charge the battery until I get a new one haha. Thanks for your help blamay22000 and Jeffrey.
I would give the best answer to blamay22000, but Jeffrey explained more! Thank you! :)

steve answers:

Possibly a bad power port on the laptop itself. Or the wiring inside the insulation of the cord where it plugs into the laptop (just past the thicker black rubber [strain relief] part) is starting to break. Take the battery out of the laptop and just run it on the ac adapter. Try holding the plug in the laptop motionless, while bending the wire just past that part around. Does the laptop keep running or shut down? And as blamay22000 mentioned, the battery could be completely shot.

EDIT: If that means you removed the battery, and the laptop ran fine with just the AC adapter, then chances are it IS the battery, like blamay22000 suggested. Leave the battery out and just use the laptop without the battery. I have been told (don’t know if it is true) that trying to charge a completely shot battery can damage the laptop.

EDIT: @blamay22000: It had never been conclusively determined that the battery didn’t still have a partial charge. You’ve never seen an intermittant open in an ac adapter cord? Reread the original post. You are such an a s s h o l e.

P.S. And you are also the one with something to hide, apparently, as your questions and answers are private, not mine.

Susan asks…

Just spilled orange juice on my laptop…HELP!?

I just spilled about 1/2 a glass of orange juice on the right side of my laptop. It is saying that it cant boot up…there is no boot device or something like that.
This just happened and im on a different computer now. Is there a possibility that it will it dry out and still work?
What can I do????

steve answers:

First, turn it off. Take the battery out. The less you use it offhand the better. If you have power going through it while it is wet there is more of a chance of something shorting out so make sure you take the battery pack off the back.
Get a can of compressed air and blow the keyboard real good. Just keep blowing and blowing every crack you can find-really go to town with it.
Now this is going to sound strange and is kind of extreme but it might help. Get yourself a large bowl or bucket, large enough for your laptop to fit in. Get yourself a lot of dry oats or dry rice, fill the container with it. Then submerge your laptop in this. Reason being is that oats and dry rice absorb moisture, this might help dry up any excess moisture remaining on or inside of the laptop.
After several hours put the battery back in, boot it up and hope for the best.

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Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Upgrade http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-hp-graphic-card-upgrade-7/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-hp-graphic-card-upgrade-7/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 07:08:02 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-hp-graphic-card-upgrade-7/

Mark asks…

can this graphic card upgrade to this?

i got an 1.5gb nvidia geforce gt230 im planning on upgrading in near future i wanna know if i can upgrade it to a gts260? and how did u figure out if it fits on slot? ty heres link for gt230 and gts260



well i got a hp pavilion p6180t…will that fit in?

steve answers:

The only way to know for sure is to try it!

Meanwhile you’ll have to make do with measuring.
Keep in mind that it’s a full two slots wide, and will be longer than your motherboard!
You’ll need to ensure that you will be able to reroute any cables that are in the way.
On this model HP, the card reader may have to go…
The PSU will need to be replaced, consider both how much power is available via the 12v rail, and that enough of the right connectors are available. I suspect that a budget PSU will be a false economy, so be prepared to dig deep.

The Southbridge heatsink is likely to be the major stumbling block. If it has practically any height at all, it will need to be replaced, if that’s an option – otherwise, you’re scuppered!

Such a large card will effectively divide your case in two, so that cooling characteristics will change. Watch out for excessive temperatures when you start gaming!

It’s likely that you’ll have to take the GTS260 out in order to access (remove/replace) memory – that’s worth knowing beforehand…
The sata ports 0 & 1 will be obstructed by the card, possibly fouled, so that if you need to use them, it might be worth getting some SATA cables with right angled connectors – although one of those might foul the other! The sata fouling may not even happen – it’s all pretty close though.

Good Luck!

Chris asks…

Upgrading a desktop’s Graphic Card?

What gaming graphics card or higher rate graphics card can I upgrade on this computer:

steve answers:

HP’s factory 250W power supply is too weak, it can’t support anything better than a Radeon HD 6450 (which isn’t really a gaming card, but still much better than integrated graphics)


For anything better, you’d need to replace the power supply. So with this:


You could install any of these cards:




While this:


Is enough to support these:






Jenny asks…

i have a HP Pavilion p7-1400z Desktop PC, want to upgrade my graphic card?

alright i bought a HP Pavilion p7-1400z Desktop PC, everything is stock on it.. i want to upgrade the graphic card for better gaming, i dont know which graphic card would be compatible for my computer.. price range: $150-250

steve answers:

That’s easy – for a budget card the Radeon 7770 ($110 or so). For more intense gaming, a 7850 or 7870 ($170 – 200 or so).

Don’t forget the new power supply to feed your new card (around $135 or so). Choose a name brand, modular, 750 watt. You could get by with less watts, if you must; but you should always have more power than you need.

~Cindy! :)

Thomas asks…

What is the best graphic card i can upgrade for my computer ?

my specs are here:



steve answers:

According the HP website, listed in Sources below (look at the “Video graphics” section), you can use any PCI-e x16 graphics card

Note that you will not be able to use the on-board graphics at the same time, it’s one or the other. This will be changeable from the BIOS.

Regarding whats the best, well you have a budget no doubt, so the best would be a choice between AMD(ATI) and nVidia.
If you have a stupidly large budget then you can get something like an nVidia GTX295 or an AMD(ATI) HD4850.

Otherwise it’s a case of picking something more in your price range and decide what you need it for; gaming, movies, video editing etc.

Laura asks…

Can I upgrade my graphic card?

Hello everybody.
I am going to buy a new OEM desktop Pc and I was wondering if I would be able to upgrade my graphic card.
Here’s the PC: HP Elite 510be
I would like to put an Nvidia GeForce Gtx 460 into the Pc.
Do you think it will fit and it be supported by the computer (in matters of space and of performance)?

Links for pc info:



Link for graphic card info:


Unfortunately one of the two links for the Pc is in French. If you can understand French is ok, if you can’t I think the other one should be enough (or you can try to search for something in French). Anyway the French part is easy too understand ;)
Thank you very much in advance.

steve answers:

Well, in terms of physically fitting in the case, it’s a mid tower case, so it would probably be ok…

The main thing you need to worry about is PSU providing enough power for the card, and also providing the correct connectors to provide power to the card. The GTX 460 needs TWO additional 6-pin power connectors, and compared to the ATI card that comes with the PC it’s a lot more power hungry. You can get attachments that turn molex connectors into 6 pin power connectors for the graphics card (one might actually come with the card itself) but I’d be a bit dubious about whether the PSU will even provide one 6 pin connector, since the ATI card doesn’t apparently need any, meaning BOTH would have to be adapted from molex, which is probably less than ideal.

On the other hand the PSU that comes with it provides 460watts, which is on the lower end of acceptable for a GTX 460. Plugging the numbers into this website: http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine it came up with a recommended value of 417w, so it thinks you’d be fine there.

Still, you might want to try to find out if there are any 6-pin PCI-e power connectors available on the PSU (get in contact with them?), or be prepared for the fact that you will either need adaptors or a new PSU to attach the GTX card.

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Your Questions About Windows 7 Professional Oem http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-windows-7-professional-oem-12/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-windows-7-professional-oem-12/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 03:08:03 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/24/your-questions-about-windows-7-professional-oem-12/

Jenny asks…

Windows 7 Upgrade Question?

I purchased the Windows 7 Home Professional Upgrade from digitalriver. I am getting a backup DVD in the mail in short order, I believe this ‘backup DVD’ is the same package that one gets when purchasing the upgrade disc at a store.

Anyway, on to my question. I have installed Windows 7 — upgrading (ie not clean) from Windows Vista — via the electronic download. I then activated Windows 7. However, now I want to do a clean install as there are some issues rising through the cracks after performing the upgrade.

I can not reinstall Vista and do the ‘double install’ trick or custom install as my Vista was OEM and I was never given the disc.

Is there a way to reinstall with a clean install with my Windows 7 Upgrade disc?

steve answers:

Have a look at this it may help


Donald asks…

I have the oem version of windows 7 installed & have its product key. But i lost the installation disk. I wann?

steve answers:

Every iso of windows 7 contains every other version.

Downloading these ISO images from Digital River is
Downloaded ISO images will be of virus and malware free
as Digital River is the official Download Channel.
However you need to purchase a license key
to activate Windows 7 after using for 30 days.
As you already have a key then this is no problem to you.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 U : http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59465.iso

Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 U : http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59463.iso

NOTE : These are huge downloads, use Firefox or a Download Manager.
(the U denotes all media updates included)

To make an all 32 or 64bit version disc, use.
Eicfg removal utility.zip : http://code.kliu.org/misc/winisoutils/eicfg_removal_utility.zip

To change ultimate to another version, use.
Iso image edition switcher : http://code.kliu.org/misc/winisoutils/windows7_iso_image_edition_switcher.zip

Note :
(1) Ultimate ISO’s contain,
Basic, Starter, Home premium, Professional and of course Ultimate versions.

(2) These ISO’s are Bootable

(3) you will have to activate by telephone
as these disc are not oem. They are retail versions.

an iso is a disc image

you need to burn it to a DVD,

using iso burning software.


In XP or Vista

1. Download and install Infra Recorder, a free and open-source image-burning program.

Infra Recorder : http://infrarecorder.org/

2. Insert a blank DVD in the drive and select Do nothing or Cancel if an autorun dialog box pops up.

3. Open Infra Recorder and click the ‘Write Image’ button in the main screen.
* Alternatively you can select the ‘Actions’ menu, then ‘Burn image’.

4. Select the ISO/image file you want to use, then click ‘Open’.

5. In the dialog box, click ‘OK’.


In Windows 7

1. Right-click on the ISO image and choose ‘Burn disc image’.


Mark asks…

I have Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 7 Professional. Unfortunately the computer was formatted by mistake.?

How can I get the Windows 7 Professional again? and how much does it cost?

steve answers:

Did your laptop come with a recovery disc or did you burn one when you first started up the laptop? If so, you can use that to recover to factory default values. You may also have a “hidden” (not really hidden, but not part of the OS usable partition) partition that has a set of recovery files. If that doesn’t help, try contacting the laptop vendor to see if you can purchase the recovery disc from them. They should provide it at a lower cost than buying a retail copy of MS Windows. Generally vendors provide this at a shipping and handling price. Worst case, you’ll have to purchase a new OEM (online vendors sell this with a piece of hardware) or you can get a retail copy (online or in store)..

Joseph asks…

What version of Windows 7 should I upgrade to?

Basically I have Windows XP Professional that came with this computer. It worked fine for years but now it turns out that an update proved my version of Windows was not authentic and genuine even though I didn’t know that. Unfortunately, I cannot get in contact with the suppliers since this PC was a gift. Thus I am stuck and have to update fast. I have 39 days before this PC becomes useless. Basically I want to know what version of Windows 7 to get as I hate Windows 8 with a passion. The update version from windows XP makes sense but I heard that it needs the installation disks in order to work and I do not have the installation disk or the activation key needed. So would the update still work or do I have to spend 150 quid to get it? In that case I might just switch to Windows 8 since it’s cheaper for the full version despite how much I hate it. Any advice and suggestions on my predicament would be greatly appreciated!! Also I would like to do this online if possible since I need it right away and have limited transport. Meaning I want to download and install it from online but legally of course.

Many thanks in advance!! :)
P.S. Many thanks so far guys! I love the support for Windows 7 but what I want to know (without sounding rude and obnoxious) is that am I able to get the Windows 7 upgrade from Windows XP even though I do not have the disks and activation code? Many thanks! Problem is I can’t afford 200 quid for the full version though if I could I definitely would.

steve answers:


If you hate windows 8 so much, I would say get windows 7, get the home and premium if you need it as a home user but if you need to join a domain then you will need professional, I would also recommend you get 64-bit (x64) instead of 32-bit (x84).

Unfortunately to upgrade to windows 7 you must first upgrade to windows vista, you might be better of doing a clean install (backing your data up first), however this would mean buying a windows 7 oem, you get Home premium x64 for £143.35 from amazon, however as I said earlier if you need to join a domain you will need professional.

I use windows 8 it would be a lot different from what you’re used to, I get along with it fine but that might be because I am a IT technician.

Hope it Helps,

IT Technician for TechMates

Michael asks…

windows 7 key change has gone how get it back?

i have windows 7 ultimate installed i did use a keygen to activated it but roundomly on the bottem right of screen it say not genunie thing basicly saying i havnt activated it but if i go to Control PanelSystem and SecuritySystem leave it for cople of sec and it gose away how can i fix this and change activate code thank for ur time :)

steve answers:

If you can’t afford to buy Windows 7 Ultimate as either OEM or Retail edition. I would suggest that you get one of the three options; the first being a student version of Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional as most universities and schools are doing special deals for students and staff at a very reduced price. You can also just visit http://www.microsoft.com to look at special deals and offers.

Or you can go to a computer shop and buy the student version of Windows 7 which will still be the Home Premium. The Upgrade version is one option you can go for which you need to install twice before entering the CD KEY, as there is a trick to installing it without having a genuine or existing Windows operating system.

Or thirdly, you can buy a Tech Net subscription which u have to pay a yearly subscription depending on whether you are going to use a Standard or Professional edition. You will have access to a full range of Microsoft software, not just restricting to operating systems.

As for your answer, I’m not going to promote copyright infringements and piracy in this nature and secondly you should not be asking this question at all and I’m guessing you are fairly tech savvy already, so you should look at alternative search engines to attempt to look for your answer rather than here because you will be ridiculed, hated and no doubt sarcasm will follow.

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Your Questions About 3rd Person http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/23/your-questions-about-3rd-person-5/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/23/your-questions-about-3rd-person-5/#comments Mon, 23 Mar 2015 23:08:02 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2015/03/23/your-questions-about-3rd-person-5/

Sandra asks…

Is there a Star Wars 3rd person game where you can slow down your fall with the force?

Is there a Star Wars 3rd person game where you can slow down your fall with the force? Coz in the movies they can always do that and it’s frustrating that most of the games don’t…you just end up dead jumping off cliffs.

steve answers:

StarWars Batlle Front 2

Its an older game about 3 years old but it is a great Starwars game which does allow yout o slow down your fall with the force and also lets you play story mode, conquest mode or individual battles and allows for multiplayer split screen and multiplayer online.

Helen asks…

How come when I remember long ago childhood memories I remember them from a 3rd person view?

It is just weird. It’s like i’m remember some of the things I did and they always seem to be from a 3rd person view. This is going back 26 or more years

steve answers:

The same thing happens to me. I think it might be normal unless we both have a mental sickness or something

Steven asks…

When smoking weed what is that 3rd person type view you go in?

what is it? its like 3rd person and you see the world from another perspective or something , what is its called?

steve answers:

Your becoming an observer… When ppl smoke others see u as a retard but in all reality your just observing every last detail in full depth.. Dunno what its called other than being stoned

Mandy asks…

Is it possible to shift from 1st to 3rd person in a persuasive essay?

The topic is 1.Discuss a major life choice or decision that you have made that may be harmful/detrimental to others

and I want to discuss co-dependency and trying to take on other peoples problems when they should be doing it themselves…but I don’t want to stay in first person…I want the reader to feel involved in the essay, and I’m not allowed to shift to 2nd, Would I get points taken off if I used both 1st and 3rd person to get my point across?

steve answers:

It’s possible to write lyk that. Idk ur teacher but if the finished essay is very good and correctly written i would give you the points.

Paul asks…

Should i right the story in 3rd person or 1st person?

I have been having crazy dreams lately, but i feel they would make outstanding books/movie scripts. I feel more comfortable making it 1st person, but they are fiction stories. Should i change it too 3rd person?

steve answers:

I detest reading books that say I or me etc. Much prefer a character to be involved. Good Luck with your stories.

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