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Steven asks…

Processor of amd equivalent dual core 3.0 ghz?

which processor of amd is equivalent to intel dual core 3.0 ghz?

steve answers:

Which 3.0Ghz dual-core Intel processor? If you’re referring to the Core 2 Duo E8400, the closest performing equivalent from AMD is the Phenom II X2 555. When overclocked it’s about dead-even with the E8400.



Intel’s Core architecture is more efficient, so Intel CPUs outperform AMD CPUs clocked at the same speed.

Donald asks…

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz vs Intel Dual Core 3.0 Ghz?

Which is better????? Core 2 Duo is newer than Dual Core right???? Whats the difference?????

steve answers:

Yes Core 2 Duo is better, has better architecture.

Richard asks…

Best laptop for an architecture student?

I am going to be an architecture student in the fall and was searching for a solid laptop that can efficiently run design programs like AutoCAD and such. I think this one with a few specs listed below might work but any ideas and opinions are welcome. Thanks!

Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series Touch ($1,299.99)
—PROCESSOR: 4th generation Intel Core i7-4500U (4M Cache, up to 3.0 GHz)
—OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 8.1 (64Bit)
—MEMORY: 16GB 2 DIMM (2x8GB) DDR3L 1600Mhz
—HARD DRIVE: 1TB 5400 rpm SATA Hybrid Hard Drive with 8GB Cache
—DISPLAY: 17.3 inch LED Backlit Touch Display with Truelife and FHD resolution (1920 x 1080)
—WIRELESS: Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 2×2 AGN + Bluetooth 4.0
—PRIMARY BATTERY: 4-cell Lithium Ion (58WHr) Battery

steve answers:

First of all, I am not sure whether you know the difference between core i7U and core i7MQ. The former even though is marketed as i7 but it is considerably slower since the U category focuses on the power consumption but the MQ category focuses more on performance. If you plan to run AutoCAD heavily, I would recommend the latter one.

When it comes to the laptop I would suggest, ASUS N550JK(1060$) is my pick for architecture students. It has Core i7-4700MQ, 8GB of RAM, and GTX850M 2GB, 15.6″ FullHD touchscreen. The specs is better in everyway than the one you posted except the RAM. However, you can upgrade it easily by adding another row of 1x8GB of RAM for around 80$. More info from the link below:

ASUS N550JK(1060$)


Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB

John asks…

dual core 3.0 just as fast as?

i play games only on my desktop.
ive seen these new i7 cpus etc that are like 2.8 etc…the cpu i have now is 3.0 dual core…so for gaming is it worth getting a 2.8 i7 over a dual core 3.0? 2.8 would be slower wouldnt it? do many game use more than 2 cores?

steve answers:

I7s are much faster and use a newer architecture which speeds it up even more. Intel doesnt concentrate on clock speeds anymore, rather the technology in the chip

Linda asks…

Is the amd Athlon II X4 640 3.0 ghz good for gaming?

I have a custom built gaming PC and I wanted to get the Phenom II x4 series processer for my AMD based Rig, but I decided to get a better Graphics Card over better Processor for my budget(I could upgrade eventually though). Anyway so I got the Athlon 2 640 clocked at 3 ghz and is Quad core, along with standard 8gb ram and a 2gb Asus Radeon Hd 7770 this is my gaming setup. Is this processor going to nullify my gaming experience as time goes on, or is this a good choice to get a better higher end graphics card than the better CPU?

steve answers:

Back in its day, the Athlon II x4 was really good, achieving ~90-95% performance of their Phenom II brethren, but games have evolved since to utilize L3 cache, and as a result, the Athlon II’s performance is really hurting in modern games due the total lack of any L3 cache.

Tom’s Hardware recently did an article on AMD’s K10 architecture vs Bulldozer, and they had both the Phenom II x4 965 and an Athlon II x4 640. In that article, the Athlon II x4 640 Overclocked to 3.6GHz was 13% slower in average frame-rate and 22% slower in minimum frame-rate compared to the stock 3.4GHz Phenom II 965. Again, that is 13% slower despite 200MHz advantage in clock speed. Stock clocks (3GHz vs 3.4GHZ Phenom II), the Athlon was 26% and 36% slower in average and minimum frame-rates respectively.

As of right now, it’s a very well balanced combination, but upgrading one component would likely bottleneck the other. As for which component you should upgrade first depends on the games played.

Personally, I’d work on updating the rest of the platform (CPU + Motherboard). You’d want at least an AMD FX-6300 or better, or an Intel Core i5 or better. The 7770 is a solid mainstream GPU, and you can alleviate GPU bottlenecks by turning down details; not a whole lot you can do to alleviate CPU bottlenecks.

One last thing to consider is that the next gen consoles will be utilizing low-power 8-core (AMD) CPU’s, which will mean a lot of upcoming games will likely be programmed to take advantage of multiple slower cores compared to fewer, but faster cores. As of right now, Intel has faster cores, but AMD gives you more cores for less money.

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Your Questions About Titanic 2 http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/28/your-questions-about-titanic-2-4/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/28/your-questions-about-titanic-2-4/#comments Sun, 28 Sep 2014 00:07:39 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/28/your-questions-about-titanic-2-4/

Ken asks…

Can someone please sum up the REAL Titanic story in 2 short paragraphs?

i have to write two paragraphs on the titanic story. it’s suppose to be a summary. it has to be 5 sentences in each paragraph. can someone please sum up the most important parts of the titanic for me please? :)

steve answers:

No. Wanna know what the Home Depot is? It’s the DO IT YOURSELF center.

Richard asks…

Did they film the Titanic 2 Movie on the Queen Mary?

I saw Titanic 2, It looked like the Queen Mary!

steve answers:


Nancy asks…

Is the Titanic 2 movie still true to life?

I just watched the trailer and its so intriguing!

steve answers:

No, it’s not true, and there is no movie of Titanic 2– they only made a trailer, but there is no more then that:( sorry!

Steven asks…

How long do you think it’d take me to write a bad copy report on the Titanic? (min 2 pages)?

It’s due in two weeks. Do you think i’d be able to finish the bad copy today? How many hours do you think it’d take me? If I rushed? If I take my time?
Consider my skills average.

Oh, and please give me some informations or websites on the Titanic.


steve answers:

If you did a bad copy, it could take you and hour or two if you rushed. Here are some websites to help:



hope this helps! Good luck!

Carol asks…

Is there really going to be a Titanic 2?

I was googling Titanic information for a school project… and “Titanic 2” was one of the top searches. I looked at it, saw the “trailer”, and it looked real… then I googled “Titanic 2 release date” and nothing similar came up. Is it because it’s not true?

steve answers:

No. The trailer is fake.

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Your Questions About Netbook Samsung http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-netbook-samsung-13/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-netbook-samsung-13/#comments Sat, 27 Sep 2014 20:07:50 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-netbook-samsung-13/

Steven asks…

Samsung N220 netbook?

Hi All. I live in Australia and want to buy a netbook. Mostly for internet and email use on the bus to and from work, as well as to listen to music and watch the odd video on the same.

I’m currently thinking of the Samsung N220 and am keen to hear thoughts and most importantly where I can buy this model.

Broadcom Crystal HD graphics and subwoofer are the big selling points. And the battery life.
Any tips appreciated

Its funny we seem to have the N210 only. Perhaps the N220 is still on the way?? We can be a bit slow down under..

Thanks for the confirmation though.

Thanks to you both. I will have to keep searching the stores.

steve answers:


Your right it’s got some great features. I myself haven’t owned one of these models but could say it seems like a winner. I’m sure you could find one at your local Harvey Norman/JB Hi-Fi/Retravision or electrical store.

Good luck! :)

Mandy asks…

Symbols on Samsung netbook?

IInstead of showing up to 5 bars of wireless connection I suddenly have an icon which shows a computer with a red cross. I have full wireless connection.

steve answers:

Here is the support site, they will be able to help you, http://www.samsung.com/us/support/contact

Here is the eMail address,


Good luck…

Ken asks…

Samsung N120 Netbook?

Does anyone here use the Samsung n120 netbook? if so, how are the video playing abilities of this netbook? does it play youtube videos in 480p or 720p smoothly? online and offline?

steve answers:

Works ok but not as good as full laptop

James asks…

Is my Samsung netbook dual-voltage?

The model is NP-NF210-A03CA. Anyone know?
@Colinc: Can’t seem to find that. I’m looking for something that says 100-240, right?

steve answers:

My Samsung netbook’s power supply says INPUT… 100-240v. Near the top of the label.  You need a magnifying glass to read it!  Pretty much all adaptors these days will take all mains power domestic supply voltages.

Lizzie asks…

Should i get a asus or samsung netbook?

steve answers:

The Samsung NC10 netbook has better battery life and a better keyboard and possibly a better screen; the asus eee netbook equivalent has better sound.

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Your Questions About Tablet Case 7 http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-tablet-case-7-14/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-tablet-case-7-14/#comments Sat, 27 Sep 2014 16:07:43 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-tablet-case-7-14/

Carol asks…

How can I gain weight in a month, mostly on my legs, thighs and hips.?

Im 15, and I weigh 7 stone and im 5’5. I want to gain weight before summer, which is practically next month, I am also going to a concert and I’d like to feel comfertable in a dress. My legs are really really thin and my thighs dont even look like thighs, they look like sticks. I want bigger hips and bum too. If theres any tips/foods/drinks you can give me to gain weight and make my body bigger could you share them with me please. Thank you.

steve answers:

Are you doing excessive masturbation, if so, stop masturbation !!!
Causes of less weight:
It may be due to the genes.Parents or one of the parent has the nature of not gaining weight even though the person involves in any type of food habbits or regimen.So this will be inherited by the offspring also.

There may be some problem because of which the persons intestine may not be able to absorb the essential materials or end products of digestion which inturn results in malnurishment thus leading to underweight.

3.Digestive problems:
The indivisual may not be in the state of having enough food due to some causes like for eg- some get indigestion if they have even a little extra food,or may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome,or colonitis or something like that.The person may not be involving with correct habbits or exercises to get the food digested well , assimilated and the good part of the end product of digestion to be absorbed to meet the body needs.

4. Low Hb% in the body:
If a person is aneamic also then wont gain weight.so boost up your Hb%

5.Unkown cause:
Here no matter what ever the person does,there is no problems of digestion absorption or malnourishment but the indivisual remains thin but active and helathy.This is ok.That can be called as his inborn constitution which i will be discussing in my future posts.
First of all you should keep in mind that your weight/stamina will not increase till you are doing excessive masturbation, or you are suffering from constipation/low appetite, TB or stomach worms. First you need to get treatment for these.

Take the following for good health :
Zentel tablet 1 only before sleep
2nd dose may be taken after one week.

Take the following medicines for 6-8 months :
Ashwagandadi choorna may be taken with ghee or honey or even milk twice/thrice daily
Drakshasav 2 spoon with water after lunch and dinner
Ashwagandharist 2 spoon with water after lunch and dinner
Divya Rasayan vati 2 tablets morning and evening with milk.
Methi seeds one spoon with water (u can take this lifelong)
Revital capsule for 3-4 months.
Take 2 banana with milk after breakfast
Isabgol ki bhusi (or dabur nature care) with hot water in case of constipation
Don’t masturbate. (or just do once a week)
Double your intake of ghee/honey/fruit/dry fruit/salad/curd/milk etc.
Home Remedies for Weight Gain
•• Eat banana three time a day followed by milk of curd. You can also make the banana shake in milk to gain weight.
•• Take milk and boil it with almonds, anjeer and date palm. It will help you in gaining weight.
•• In summers you can drink mango shake in milk daily to gain weight. Also instead of this consume mango and drink milk after this. Mangoes contain too much sugar but without any protein. But milk on the other hand lots of protein and without sugar. So the combination of both will compliment each other.
•• In case you are very thin eat figs that are excellent for weight gain. Take the dry figs and soak these in water. Take these twice a day.
•• Certain nutrients have powerful effect on your nervous system making it calmer. Calmer the mind more will be the weight. The best nutrients for this are vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6. For Vitamin D drink milk and take sun rays. Milk is again a great source of calcium along with yoghurt. Green leafy vegetables are good source of magnesium.
•• Do not consume products that are made from white flour and sugar as these may harm your body adversely.

Do physical exercise around 30 minutes a day.
God bless you and Good luck

Maria asks…

Is it possible to ovulate while your taking your 5day tablets of Clomid?

…I started my first round of Clomid this month, I take the last tablet tomorrow for this round, but right now I have lower abdomen ache on both sides followed by a lower backache? is it possible that im releasing an egg even though I havent taken all the tablets yet? my last one is tomorrow like I said. is this possible? I thought you dont ovulate for another 5days after you take the last tablet? :s

steve answers:

I had the same question myself two weeks ago. I did a lot of research and asked my fertility specialist and OB and the answer is no. But you will ovulate most likely between 5-10 days after the last pill. In a lot of cases some women even ovulate later than that. Make sure you are have sex at least every other day and around the 8th day after the last pill try every day to do it ;)

so I was on my second round of Clomid 100mg days 3-7, went in the office day 14 of my cycle, she did finally see a mature egg in my left ovary so I had not yet ovulated but was close and so she gave me a trigger shot which will help to release it ;) and I am so happy :) although the effects from the trigger shot are the same symptoms as pregnancy so I am very nauseous already ;( Im in the tww and can’t wait to take a hpt!

So the answer is you will not ovulate until after you finish your Clomid pills, it takes time to mature an egg and to build up your uterine lining.

LOTS of baby dust to you!! Good Luck, I hope this month it works for you too!!!!

Susan asks…

How tall will i be cause im the smallest out of my friends now?

So im 5 5 and 14 boy. And my dads 6 1 and moms 5 7. My sister has grew to 5 10! And both my grampas are 6 4! And im the shortest out of my friends right now! But my sister was too but now shes the tallest! So can i have an idea of how tall i will be? Thanks:)

steve answers:

Advice from a grow-tall, weight-control and body shaping Doctor with copy-right:

Let me gift you an INDICATOR:
Statistically, a 15.5-year old boy is as tall as his father. This indicates whether your average habit is good or not. If you are shorter than your father on or after 15.5th birthday, your mature height may be much shorter than genetic height, because your average habit is bad or you have serious grow-tall obstacles.

Let me assume that you are a boy of about 14-year-6-month old now.

The average grow-tall time limits for male of your age, are 6-month very quick (0-6 inches per year) + 12-month quick (0-3 inches per year) + 18-month slow (0-1 inch per annum) + 18-month insignificant (0-0.5”/year) rate. The rates in warm and hot zone are 2/3 only!

If you keep your habits and do not consult a grow-tall Doctor, your mature height shall be about 172.2cm or 5’7.8″, according to your recent growth curve. Unless you are late bloomer, this is much shorter than your maximum genetic height, indicating that you have bad habits and grow-tall obstacles. Check out and remove them for another grow spurt.

Roughly estimation has been given above. If you want to be looked taller, you can wear high heel shoes, or lay high insoles in your shoes. To predict punctually, Grow-tall Doctor has to consider your year and month; height, weight; health condition; race, genetic, home and living country; habit and grow obstacle. FREE OF CHARGE advice from a grow-tall Doctor, with 98% punctual prediction about your future height, remaining grow-time and speed.

To boost or initiate next growth spurt for those hard to grow taller:
1. Grow-tall obstacles remove your chance. Check out then remove them first.

2. Enough sleeping with good exercise.

3. Mixture of fish, fruit, vegetable, Kefir AB milk , mushroom, grape, cheese, egg, pea, nut, tofu, seaweed, sesame and cellulose are good diet.

4. Accumulation of stool, urine and waste in your body will stop you from grow. Clear them without delay.

5. Like blowing a long balloon, you need excessive air, diet, water; HGH and mineral↓to grow taller.

Dr. Edison LEE has clarified that mineral like calcium cannot lengthen but harden bone only. Before absorbing sufficient mineral, new born bone cells are very soft. Without space in joint, your bone cannot elongate but grow horizontal. You have to widen joint space by jumping, stretching or swimming. Therefore teens with little exercise are short or wide.

Vitamin D helps to absorb mineral. Over 39% people taking artificial calcium tablet, even with magnesium and D3, cannot harden bone. Easily dissolved natural mineral with D3 is better.

Your bones have to elongate by Human Growth Hormone, before mineral can harden them. So you can boost-tall with HGH. But artificial, animal and altered HGH is less effective, with unwanted effects. HGH injection to pre-adult boy over 15.5 or girl over 14.0 is neither effective nor safe.

HGH is a controlled medicine. It is illegal to sold HGH without Doctor’s prescription. Therefore most “HGH” sold online or illegal drug store contains no HGH. They are in fact mixture of amino acids from fish or bean; with mineral. They usually claim to boost the release of your own HGH. But unfortunately, those who can hardly grow tall have the obstacle of HGH secretion, no matter how you boost it.

With the grow-tall Doctor’s prescription, natural HGH from human placenta matches human endocrine system. So no claim of unwanted symptom has been recorded from serious checked human placenta capsule since 1974. But HGH is easily destroyed by gastric juice. Taking stomach-insoluble capsule of first-born placenta from tall women is more effective, safer and far cheaper.

Your remaining grow-time is short. Email your case to me. → Ask for your adult-height and chance. → Find out then remove your grow-tall obstacle. → Boost-tall according to advice from the grow-tall Doctor.

Mark asks…

What is the cheapest iOS device for gaming?

I’m planning to buy an iOS device in the Philippines for the sole purpose of GAMING. I’ve been seeing too many great games for iOS and I want to buy one.
What is generally the cheapest iOS device that is good for gaming.
Note: I have no IDEA about iOS devices, so please excuse me if I am asking a stupid sounding question

What I need:
1. capable of playing most games with HIGH spec requirement.
2. NO LAG in playing a game with high spec requirement.

What I DONT need:
1. big screen.
2. Texting. (i mentioned it in case iTouch/iPod can play games instead of iPhone)
3. Any NON-GAMING app

Basically, if the a mere iPod/iTouch can play games with high spec in the app store without LAG, then I will go for it. IF there at least 1/4 of the games on appstore that can only be played at the latest iPhone/iPad, then I think I will save more to buy that..

I hope I am clear on what I’m asking and I hope it’s an easy question for iOS gamers out there. Thanks in advance.
IF you are in the Philippines or has researched a pricing list, kindly provide one. thanks.
If you are an IOS gamer, can you also tell me what iOS device you are gaming on? and how much do you recommend something?

steve answers:

The cheapest and best ios device that is for you is the iPod Touch 5th Generation or/and the iPad Mini. ITouch is thin, light, fast and almost no lags at all. Previous versions however lags A LOT. I’m not sure about the battery life if its enough for you but the iPad Mini sure would. For me, The screen size of the iPad Mini(7.9 inch) is the perfect size for a small tablet. 7 inch tablets looks too small for me. Many apps in iPhone/iTouch though aren’t available in iPad.

IPod Touch 5th Generation & iPad Mini. It’s your choice.

ITouch 5 – P12,490, P16,490, P21,490
iPad Mini – P15,990, P20,990, P25,990

Chris asks…

Did a 7th century man invent these verses or the creator of the universe?

1. (And you had already known about those who transgressed among you concerning the sabbath, and We said to them, “Be apes, despised.”) Qur’an 2:65, Sahih International

2. “The recompense of those who wage war against Allâh and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off from opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter.” Qur’an 5:33, King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an

3. (Say, “Shall I inform you of [what is] worse than that as penalty from Allah ? [It is that of] those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Taghut. Those are worse in position and further astray from the sound way.”) Qur’an 5:60, Sahih International

4. (So when they were insolent about that which they had been forbidden, We said to them, “Be apes, despised.”) Qur’an 7:166, Sahih International

5. (Whoever thinks that Allâh will not help him (Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) in this world and in the Hereafter, let him stretch out a rope to the ceiling and let him strangle himself. Then let him see whether his plan will remove that whereat he rages!) Qur’an 22:15, King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an

6. “The fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allâh, if you believe in Allâh and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment. (This punishment is for unmarried persons guilty of the above crime, but if married persons commit it (illegal sex), the punishment is to stone them to death, according to Allâh’s Law).” Qur’an 24:2, King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an

7. (O Prophet (Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم)! Verily, We have made lawful to you your wives, to whom you have paid their Mahr (bridal-money given by the husband to his wife at the time of marriage), and those (slaves) whom your right hand possesses – whom Allâh has given to you, and the daughters of your ‘Amm (paternal uncles) and the daughters of your ‘Ammât (paternal aunts) and the daughters of your Khâl (maternal uncles) and the daughters of your Khâlât (maternal aunts) who migrated (from Makkah) with you, and a believing woman if she offers herself to the Prophet, and the Prophet wishes to marry her – a privilege for you only, not for the (rest of) the believers. Indeed We know what We have enjoined upon them about their wives and those (slaves) whom their right hands possess, in order that there should be no difficulty on you. And Allâh is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.) Qur’an 33:50, King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an

8. (O you who believe! Enter not the Prophet’s houses, unless permission is given to you for a meal, (and then) not (so early as) to wait for its preparation. But when you are invited, enter, and when you have taken your meal, disperse without sitting for a talk. Verily, such (behaviour) annoys the Prophet, and he is shy of (asking) you (to go); but Allâh is not shy of (telling you) the truth. And when you ask (his wives) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen: that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not (right) for you that you should annoy Allâh’s Messenger, nor that you should ever marry his wives after him (his death). Verily, with Allâh that shall be an enormity.) Qur’an 33:53, King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an

9. (The example of those who were entrusted with the Torah and then did not take it on is like that of a donkey who carries volumes [of books]. Wretched is the example of the people who deny the signs of Allah . And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.) Qur’an 62:5, Sahih International

steve answers:

Not the creator who is Yahweh, Elohim, Adonai, Jehovah, Yeshua. Here is the god that you talk of:
1700 B.C.: ‘ALLA’ GOD OF “THIS”
Researcher says Babylonian reference dates to 2 millennia before Muhammad

A research article posted on the website of terrorist-turned-Christian Walid Shoebat contends the oldest known references to the Islamic deity Allah are not in Arabian records but in Babylonian artifacts.

Ancient tablets describe “Alla” as a deity of “violence and revolution.”
“This link sheds new light since for many years we have been hearing various ideas on where Allah came from. Christian and Muslim scholars – as well as secular professors – presented numerous arguments on just who Allah really is,” wrote Ted Shoebat, the son of Walid Shoebat.

In his heavily footnoted project, he writes that historians have suggested Islam’s beginnings are found in the Persian religion Zoroastrianism, while others, including Christian writers, argue Allah was a moon-god in Babylon.

The new find, however, links the name to the Epic of Atrahasis, chiseled on tablets sometime around 1700 B.C. In Babylon.
Ted Shoebat said one of the early such references in the Epic of Atrahasis states: “Then Alla made his voice heard and spoke to the gods his brothers,’ Come! Let us carry Elil, the counselor of gods, the warrior from his dwelling.”

The younger Shoebat, whose first book was “In Satan’s Footsteps,” grew up in Northern California, where he witnessed Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

Ted Shoebat explained that no one had found any ancient pre-Islamic inscriptions that describe Allah being “worshiped purely, without idolatrous connotations.”
“The question remains as to why no expert on Assyriology or Sumerology had even suspected that ‘Alla’ had a connection with the Arabian ‘Allah,’” he wrote. “I checked the work of Thorkild Jacobsen, a foremost authority on Mesopotamian history and the dictionary of the translator, Stephanie Dally, and none make a connection between the Bablylonian ‘Alla’ and the Arabian ‘Allah.’

“Allah of the Babylonian Epic of Atrahasis was most likely kept hidden by researchers who feared controversy or even concealed the find,” he wrote. “In the epic Allah, which translators spelled ‘Alla’ (really pronounced the same way), was never even linked by any of the experts on Assyriology or any of the translators who wrote on the subject to the known Allah of Arabia and Islam.

“To those who accuse me of basing my conclusion, that Alla is Allah, on solely prejudice against Islam, I will present further evidence for my belief. It must be known to the reader that the author of the Atrahasis epic was one Ipiq-Aya who lived under the reign of the Old Babylonian king Ammi-Saduqa, and that he wrote it in the Akkadian language (the tongue of the Old Babylonian kingdom),” Ted Shoebat explained. “The ‘Akkadians’ it must be noted did not originally spring from Iraq, but had migrated from south Arabia, specifically Yemen, into Mesopotamia, where south Arabian inscriptions have been discovered, as in Kuwait on the Arab shores of the Persian gulf close to the borders of Iraq. The deities of Shamash (the Sun), and Ashdar/ Athtar (Venus) were both brought by the Akkadians from South Arabia into Mesopotamia.

He said it appears “Alla” “is an ancestral deity who was worshiped in Mesopotamia.” The writings from the time talk about Allah’s death, he explained.

“By the testimony of the Sumerians, it is clear that this Alla, or Tammuz, was once an infamous king of Erech, to only be deified by the superstitious masses of Mesopotamia.”
http://www.armageddonangelsufos.com Use IE, BING, MSN

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Your Questions About Sony Vaio Battery http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-sony-vaio-battery-12/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-sony-vaio-battery-12/#comments Sat, 27 Sep 2014 12:07:45 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-sony-vaio-battery-12/

Ruth asks…

What is wrong with my laptop battery?

I have a sony vaio FS VGN -FS660 and i have it charged 100%. then when i unplug it, it literally cannot last more than 10 minutes. And on the sticker it even advertises a “large capactiy battery” with extended productivity for long flights or meetings.

steve answers:

It has a short in it. Some Sony batteries, if an original one, were recalled. You can check the Sony website. If this is a replacement battery you bought on eBay, then you got scammed. 70% of the laptop batteries sold on eBay are frauds or fakes.

Maria asks…

how do I improve the battery life of my laptop?

I have a Sony Vaio which is about 18 months old and the battery life is now about 20 minutes whch is abismal, I would like to know how to bring this back to what it used to be.

steve answers:

After 1 to 2 years, batteries start to die, especially if used a lot on battery mode. You cannot bring them back. Time to buy a replacement battery…

Carol asks…

How do i make Windows indicate how many minutes of battery power i have left?

Basically, i always find with my sony vaio VGN-FS 215Z that unlike everyone elses my laptop does not indicate how much “power time” i have left. How do i get it to come up?
Thanks in advance
Hi, just to confirm, when i hover the cursor over the battery icon it only tells me the perecentage, not time

steve answers:

Don’t know alll the answer (using a desktop )
right click desktop and go properties > screen saver tab then click power options
the infomation is here you should be able to place a battery icon in the system tray. Which you can highlight and it will give you power left in battery in %

Jenny asks…

How much would it cost to get my laptop fixed?

I have a Sony VAIO.

I was on the internet earlier today, when the computer just shut down. I thought the battery died, so I charged it up for a couple of minutes. I pressed the power button, the VAIO logo appeared for a few seconds, and then the screen went black, and a little white line started flashing in the far left corner. I’ve done absolutely everything I can think of, and the problem is still persisting. I even chatted online with a Sony Tech and none of her suggestions fixed the problem. I can’t access anything, even Safe Mode.

The only other option I have is to take it somewhere and see what they can do. Where could I go to fix this problem, and how much would something like this cost? I’m assuming I just need the whole laptop converted back to factory settings, but I’m no expert. Does anyone even know what the problem might be?

I have. I’ve even spoken to a Sony Tech and she couldn’t even help me. She reffered me to a few pages and they were useless.

steve answers:

It is likely that the MBR (Master Boot Record) is damaged/corrupt. Let’s have a look at it:
You will need a USB drive/flashdrive and a new blank writable CD.
Step 1: Please do the following on a working computer:
Download GETxPUD.exe to the Desktop.
Run GETxPUD.exe
A new folder will appear on the desktop.
Open the GETxPUD folder and click on get&burn.bat
The program will download xpud_0.9.2.iso, and when finished will open BurnCDCC ready to burn the image.
Please be patient: This could take awhile – download file size 63MB.
Click on Start and follow the prompts to burn the image to a CD.
You will use this CD to boot the ailing computer from.

Step 2: Boot the ailing computer with the xPUD CD.
(You may have to configure the Boot Menu or BIOS Setup Menu to boot first from the optical/CD/DVD drive.)
A Welcome to xPUD screen will appear.
Click on File.
Expand the mnt icon on the left (click on the little arrow beside the icon).
Sda1, sda2 etc. …usually correspond to your HDD partitions
sdb1, sdc1 is likely to correspond to a USB flashdrive, external USB hard drive etc.
Click on the folder that represents your USB drive (sdb1 ?).
Click Tool on the top menu, and choose Open Terminal.
Type the following at the hash prompt:

dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr.bin bs=512 count=1
Note: Leave a space between the following:
dd … The executable application used to create the backup
if=/dev/sda … The device the backup is created from (the hard drive when only one HDD exists)
of=mbr.bin … The backup file to create – note the lack of a path – it will be created in the directory currently open in the Terminal
bs=512 … The number of bytes in the backup
count=1 … Says to backup just 1 sector
It is extremely important that the if and of statements are correctly entered.
Press the key.
After it has finished a file will be located on your USB drive named mbr.bin.
Go to Home > Power Off > Turn Off and remove the flashdrive as the system shuts down.

Step 3: On the working computer:
Insert the USB drive, and navigate to the file mbr.bin
Zip-up the mbr.bin file:
Right-click on the file and choose Send to .. > Compressed (zipped) Folder.
A zipped folder will appear in the same location as the mbr.bin file.
Please attach the zipped file to your next reply.
This will allow the MasterBootRecord of your hard drive to be checked to see whether or not it is infected &/or damaged.

Betty asks…

Can a laptop be burned out with daily use?

I received a sony vaio for xmas and I’ve used it everyday since for like 8 hours a day. I plug it up to the charger and take the battery out so I’m worried about the laptop burning out not the battery. I’m also cautious about the vents so that’s not a problem.

steve answers:

No but it heats up and processor slows down way faster

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Your Questions About Sobriety http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-sobriety-12/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-sobriety-12/#comments Sat, 27 Sep 2014 08:07:35 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-sobriety-12/

Donald asks…

Looking for a good, helpful book about sobriety.?

I am a little over 7 months sober. Looking for any books about sobriety to help me through it a little more. Maybe books with personal stories or anything that will help along the way. Any ideas are appreciated!

steve answers:

These are actual books that will hopefully find you well.
Congratulations on seven months.
My brother was an alcoholic, and ended up unintentionally killing himself because of it.
Stay strong.

Sandy asks…

Is it possible to do 3 field sobriety test in 13 minutes?

Is it possible to do field sobriety test in 13 minutes…?
I’ve been reading some stuff on line say they suppose to wait 4 minutes in between each test…(Legally) NHTSA

steve answers:

I have never been taught to wait four minutes, nor has it ever come up in court, nor do I see it on the NHTSA site. Here is the official NHTSA instructions for field sobriety tests:


But, to answer your question… If you wait four minutes in between each test, that is 8 minutes and still gives you 5 to complete the tests.

The tests NHTSA recognizes are Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Walk and Turn, and the One Leg Stand. HGN takes less than two minutes, the walk and turn about two or three, and the one leg stand only takes 30 seconds to explain and 30 seconds to do.

At that rate, an experienced officer could get it done in 10 or 11 minutes.

John asks…

should I disclose my sobriety to my boss?

I am a recovering alcoholic and I recently relapsed and made some stupid statements on a social network that I am friends with with my boss. I had spoken to her about a possible promotion, and since my posts (which I have deleted) her attitude towards me have changed. I feel like I need to clear the air and let her know about my sobriety but I’m afraid it would jeapordize my current position I currently have. Thoughts?

steve answers:

Recovering alcoholics are like ex smokers, they believe that the world should know that they are an addict, if you say more than you should you are possibly setting yourself up for failure and gossip, personal problems should be kept private.

Mandy asks…

How Do I Find Sobriety / DUI Checkpoints?

Can I obtain press releases of local DUI checkpoints that are scheduled for the weekend, or is there a website that lists sobriety checkpoints in most major cities.

steve answers:

I agree, simply don’t and drive , but to answer your question…..YES, there a couple websites out there, but the site with the most creditability and sends a strong anti drinking and driving message is called Sobriety Alerts. They send sobriety checkpoint alerts directly to your cell phone via text message stating the general area or zip code checkpoints are scheduled.

They say by notifying the public in advance has dramatically reduced to number of drunk driver on the roads. There goal is to deter drunk drives before they get behind the wheel and kill themselves or someone else. It makes total sense to me. Here’s the URL http://www.sobrietyalerts.com

Chris asks…

are there any secular sobriety groups in Akron OH?

i’ve recently been ordered by the court to attend AA meetings, but i am an athiest and would feel extremely uncomfortable with their dogmatic and highly religious approach to attaining and maintaining sobriety. i hope someone else can help me better than google, lol.

steve answers:

I understand how you feel, even though I am Roman Catholic. I attended some meetings with a relative of mine, and I can say that, even though AA was founded on christian principals, it is not by any means a jesus fest. That being said, It was still awkward for me because I have lost faith, and even though they impress upon the members that ‘god’ is whatever you want it to be…a person place or thing…I still had a hard time with it. However, go to the meetings, taste test a few different groups in order to find one that you are comfortable with. Also, at no time when I went did anyone try to turn me back into a jesus freak…everyone was extremely respectful of whatever the other members chose to believe, or not believe. Stick with it and best of luck!!

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Your Questions About Tablet Android 2.2 http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-tablet-android-2-2-26/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-tablet-android-2-2-26/#comments Sat, 27 Sep 2014 04:07:23 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-tablet-android-2-2-26/

Daniel asks…

what the best android tablet?

whether abe to buy now or due for release

steve answers:

The best Android tablet depends on your needs…

If high-end video recording is important to you, consider the LG G-Slate which can record at 1080p.

At the very low end, $250 can get you a Nook Color, which has an ereader orientation but is really a budget tablet running Android 2.2.

For overall value: The ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101) is extremely feature rich for under $400: Android 3.1, 10.1 inch 1280×800 IPS (like iPad, but bigger and higher resolution) display, up to 9 hours of battery life (16 hours if optional dock added), optional ability to dock with keyboard, 1 GHz Tegra 250 ARM CPU with 1 GB RAM, good array of ports (mini HDMI, SD, micro SD), preloaded Polaris Office 3.0 for editing documents (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls) and presentation (.ppt) files. Note, though, no 3G (however people report success in tethering it to smart phones).

Galaxy Tab 10.1 (0.336 inches) is the thinnest Android tablet, and at 1.25 lbs it’s also the lightest of the big-screen (greater than 9 inch) tablets.

The Motorola Xoom is heavier and thicker than both the iPad or Galaxy Tab, the Xoom’s advantage is that it has HDMI out and micro USB ports. It also has a 5MP rear camera compared to Tab’s 3MP and iPad’s lousy 0.7MP.

Finally, if cellular service is important, check with your favorite carrier. At the moment, here’s the breakdown:

Verizon:Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad 2, Xoom, and Galaxy Tab
T-Mobile:G-Slate, Streak 7, and Galaxy Tab
Sprint:Galaxy Tab
AT&T:Galaxy Tab
None:TouchPad, Thrive, Eee Pad TF101, Iconia Tab A500, Archos 101, Archos 70, and NOOK Color

Charles asks…

what tablet should i buy?

steve answers:

The best tablet computer depends on your needs…

At the low end, $249 can get you a Nook Color, which has an ereader orientation but is really a budget, 7-inch, camera-less, tablet running Android 2.2. Better than the color Nook is the new Kindle Fire ($199). If you can do without cameras, SD slots and 3G, the Kindle Fire offers great web browsing with its new (cloud-accelerated) Silk browser.

If Windows OS compatibility and a digitizer pen are important to you, consider the ASUS Eee Slate or HP Slate 500. The biggest differences between those are that the ASUS has a better display (12.1 inch AFFS 1280×800) than the HP (8.9 inch TFT 1024×600) but is larger, heavier and more expensive. Both the Eee Slate and the HP Slate 500 are expensive, however: Eee Slate is ~$1,200; HP Slate 500, ~$770. A more economical Windows 7 tablet is the Acer Tab W500, which runs about $500 and includes a keyboard and dock.

If cellular service is important, you may want to consider which tablet your favorite carrier supports:

None:Eee Slate, Slate 500, TouchPad, Thrive, Eee Pad TF101, Iconia Tab A500, Archos 101, Archos 70, NOOK Color, and Kindle Fire
AT&T:iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab
Sprint:PlayBook and Galaxy Tab
T-Mobile:G-Slate, Streak 7, and Galaxy Tab
Verizon:Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad 2, Xoom, and Galaxy Tab
Unlocked: Grid 10

If high-end video recording is important to you, consider the LG G-Slate or BlackBerry Playbook, both of which can record at 1080p.

For overall value, the ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101) has surprisingly good specs for under $400: Android 3.1, 10.1 inch 1280×800 IPS (like iPad, but bigger and higher resolution) display, up to 9 hours of battery life (16 hours if optional dock added), optional ability to dock with keyboard, 1 GHz Tegra 250 ARM CPU with 1 GB RAM, good array of ports (mini HDMI, SD, micro SD), preloaded Polaris Office 3.0 for editing documents (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls) and presentation (.ppt) files. Note, though, no 3G (however people report success in tethering it to smart phones).

The iPad (0.34 inches) and Galaxy Tab 10.1 (0.336 inches) are the thinnest. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 (1.25 lbs) is the lightest of the big-screen (greater than 9 inch) tablets.

IPad 2 Advantages:

IPads have a higher degree of fit-and-finish than the competition. Like iPhones vs other smart phones, iPods vs other MP3 players, or Macs vs PC’s, iPads are widely regarded as being more refined and polished than the competition. IPad also has a large and refined App Store (although Android Market is closing the gap).

IPad 2 Disadvantages:

1. No Flash.
2. No SD expansion; no HDMI port; no USB port.
3. ASUS Eee Transformer has a better display (10.1 inch, 1280×800, IPS vs 9.7 inch, 1024×768, IPS) for less money.
4. PlayBook and G-Slate have better rear camera video recording (1080p vs 720p).
5. PlayBook has much better front camera video recording (1080p vs VGA).
6. Almost all tablets have better camera resolution than iPad’s lousy 0.7 MP.

Motorola Xoom is heavier and thicker than the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Xoom’s advantage is that it has HDMI out and micro USB ports. It also has a 5MP rear camera compared to Tab’s 3MP. The Xoom has a front webcam and a 720p rear video camera; the Tab has only the 720p rear video camera.

William asks…

best ipad or tablet pc?

Would like a tablet pc or similar and do not know where to start. Would like to use with ethernet if possible.

steve answers:



Processor CPU: Freescale freescale iMX515 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 core

32KB instruction and data caches

Unified 256KB L2 cache

Operating System: Google Android 2.2 Froyo support Flash10.1
Memory RAM: 512MB DDR2 (emphasis: Flash10 fluent
Memory ROM: 4GB (Built-in TF card for easy assembly Upgrade)
Extensible Storage: 32GB TF card, maximum support
Display: 800 × 600 8-inch LCD screen LCD
Three buttons: Power On / off key to open the front side
of the Back button to return to the menu button Menu Home Desktop
Input device: a single point of resistive touch screen
Sensor: 4 to support the weight of gravity sensing 3D games
Audio input: built-in microphone
Audio Output: 3.5mm standard headphone jack built-in speaker
Peripheral support: Standard 30pin interface (multiple data lines extended support)

Built-in Battery: 4200mah (open wifi internet conservative 4 hours, looking for more experience data)




Processor: Infortm X220 ARM11 1Ghz

Operating System: Google Android 2.1


ROM: 2GB (Upgradable to 8-32GB)

External Memory: Supports up to 32GB TF Cards

Display: 1024×600 Resolution, 10”LCD Screen

Buttons: Power On/off, Front-side Back Button,Home and Menu buttons on the side

Input: Resistive touch screen, Virtual keyboard

G-sensor: 3 sides G-sensor

camera: 3.1M pixtel

Audio Input: Built-in Microphone

Audio Output: 3.5mm Earphone Jack, Built-in Speaker

Extension Devices: mini usb


Power Adapter: 9V 1.5A

Battery: 3800mah

gravity sensor

3, ZT-180, 1GMHZ Andriod 2.1 10” Touch screen Tablet PC


Very easy to play games、 internet、 movies、wifi etc..

Lisa asks…

what is the best tablet on market today?

i like the ipad 2 btw

steve answers:

The best tablet computer depends on your needs…

At the low end, $199 can get you a Nook Color, which has an ereader orientation but is really a budget, 7-inch, camera-less, tablet running Android 2.2. Better than the color Nook is the new Kindle Fire ($199) or the new Nook Tablet ($249). If you can do without cameras, SD slots and 3G, the Kindle Fire offers great web browsing with its new (cloud-accelerated) Silk browser. The Nook Tablet lacks the advanced Silk browser and is more expensive but does have an SD slot and more memory (16G).

If Windows OS compatibility and a digitizer pen are important to you, consider the ASUS Eee Slate or HP Slate 500. The biggest differences between those are that the ASUS has a better display (12.1 inch AFFS 1280×800) than the HP (8.9 inch TFT 1024×600) but is larger, heavier and more expensive. Both the Eee Slate and the HP Slate 500 are expensive, however: Eee Slate is ~$1,200; HP Slate 500, ~$770. A more economical Windows 7 tablet is the Acer Tab W500, which runs about $500 and includes a keyboard and dock.

If high-end video recording is important to you, consider the LG G-Slate or BlackBerry Playbook, both of which can record at 1080p.

For overall value, the ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101) has surprisingly good specs for under $400: Android 3.1, 10.1 inch 1280×800 IPS (like iPad, but bigger and higher resolution) display, up to 9 hours of battery life (16 hours if optional dock added), optional ability to dock with keyboard, 1 GHz Tegra 250 ARM CPU with 1 GB RAM, good array of ports (mini HDMI, SD, micro SD), preloaded Polaris Office 3.0 for editing documents (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls) and presentation (.ppt) files. Note, though, no 3G (however people report success in tethering it to smart phones). Note that there’s a successor in the works going by the name of “Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime” that’s expected to have an even faster (quad-core) processor.

For all-out best hardware, the ASUS Transformer Prime is top dog at the moment with its quad-core (!) 1.3 GHz processor. Its full array of expansion ports, 8MP camera, and docking keyboard option (that extends battery life to 16 hours) rounds out its impressive specs.

The Transformer Prime (0.33 inches) , iPad (0.34 inches), and Galaxy Tab 10.1 (0.336 inches) are the thinnest. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 (1.25 lbs) is the lightest of the big-screen (greater than 9 inch) tablets.

The iPad (0.34 inches) and Galaxy Tab 10.1 (0.336 inches) are the thinnest. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 (1.25 lbs) is the lightest of the big-screen (greater than 9 inch) tablets.

IPad 2 Advantages:

IPads have a higher degree of fit-and-finish than the competition. Like iPhones vs other smart phones, iPods vs other MP3 players, or Macs vs PC’s, iPads are widely regarded as being more refined and polished than the competition. IPad also has a large and refined App Store (although Android Market is closing the gap).

IPad 2 Disadvantages:

1. No Flash.
2. No SD expansion; no HDMI port; no USB port.
3. ASUS Eee Transformer has a better display (10.1 inch, 1280×800, IPS vs 9.7 inch, 1024×768, IPS) for less money.
4. PlayBook and G-Slate have better rear camera video recording (1080p vs 720p).
5. PlayBook has much better front camera video recording (1080p vs VGA).
6. Almost all tablets have better camera resolution than iPad’s lousy 0.7 MP.

Motorola Xoom is heavier and thicker than the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Xoom’s advantage is that it has HDMI out and micro USB ports. It also has a 5MP rear camera compared to Tab’s 3MP. The Xoom has a front webcam and a 720p rear video camera; the Tab has only the 720p rear video camera. The new XYBoard (aka Xoom 2) and XYBoard Media Edition tablets, compared to the Xoom, are thinner, lighter, a bit faster, and have a 65G configuration.

Finally, if cellular service is important, you may want to consider which tablet your favorite carrier supports:

None:Eee Slate, Slate 500, TouchPad, Thrive, Eee Pad TF101, Iconia Tab A500, Archos 101, Archos 70, VIZIO VTAB1008, NOOK Color, Kindle Fire, and NOOK Tablet
AT&T:iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab
Sprint:PlayBook and Galaxy Tab
T-Mobile:G-Slate, Streak 7, and Galaxy Tab
Verizon:Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad 2, Xoom, XYBoard, XYBoard Media Edition, and Galaxy Tab
Unlocked: Grid 10

Laura asks…

Akash tablet vs BSNL TABLET?

steve answers:

BSNL Tablet is better than aakash

UbiSlate will be powered by Android 2.3 and will have a resistive touchscreen, Cortex A8-700 MHz processor and graphics accelerator, an HD video processor, 256 MB of RAM and 2 GB of internal memory. Besides, it will have one standard USB port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, a 7 inch display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution, GPRS, and WiFi support.

The 7 inch Aakash tablet has Android 2.2 operating system, an Arm 11 366 MHz processor, a 2100 mAh battery, WiFi, and support for a 3G modem. UbiSlate7+ has the same specifications as UbiSlate except for the additional SIM and phone functionality.

On the other hand, Penta IS701R is a WiFi-only tablet with Android 2.3 operating system, a 1 GHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. The tablet has an HDMI port through which it can be connected to a TV. Its 7 inch resistive touchscreen has 800 x 600 pixel resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.

The tablet has a 3000 mAh battery and 2 GB internal memory that can be expanded through a micro SD card. It also has a VGA front facing camera for video calling.

In terms of specifications BSNL’s tablet has an edge over Aakash.

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Your Questions About Pedal Board Cables http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-pedal-board-cables-5/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-pedal-board-cables-5/#comments Sat, 27 Sep 2014 00:07:45 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/27/your-questions-about-pedal-board-cables-5/

Steven asks…

information about guitar gear?

i recently got into guitar and want to make a career out of it. my uncle is a retired musician and has a lot of leftover gear he says he’ll give me, he sent me an email with a list of the stuff he has, it reads:

“The list of stuff I know I have is:
JS100 Guitar
Washburn Acoustic 6 string
Presonus Tube Preamp with a Telefunken tube in it
Midiman 4×4 Midi port USB
Roland JV1080 rackmount synth with Bass and Drums collection
Emu Proteus 2000 rackmount synth
Line6 POD 2.0
Lexicon MPX1 Effects Processor
Mark Of The Unicorn 896HD
DBX 1066 Stereo Compressor Gate
Rolls Headphone Amp system
Lexicon Studio Core 32 System with PC90 daughter board and 2 LDI-10T input boxes
Otari 1/2″ 8 track reel to reel recorder
KAT DK10 midi drum pad
Bellari Volume Pedal
Opcode Studio 64 XTC
Roland 16 channel rack mixer
Senheizer MD421U Microphone
Beyerdynamic Mic (Pretty sure it’s an M201 or similar)
Yamaha NS10 monitors
Echo MIA sound card
A ton of patch and miscellaneous cables I made for my studio.
2 Mic stands
Sony MDR-7506 headphones

I know I have a bunch more stuff just cant remember it and I have to wait until the weather turns better in order to get into my storage and go thru this stuff”

the thing is, i dont know what half of this stuff is or what it does, i tried looking it up on the internet but i still have no clue, if anyone knows what any of this gear is, and more importantly its application, your answers are welcome and will be VERY appreciated

steve answers:

In that list i saw at least 2 guitars (JS100 & Guitar Washburn Acoustic 6 string) you’ve got bits and pecies of a drum kit, alot of chordes, and somewhere in there you’ve got effects for a guitar (like reverb, wawa, overdrive, ect.) mics for singing, TONS of amps. The only thing you’ll need to start a band is a bass guitar

Donna asks…

Do i need 2 guitar cable to use a pedal board?

steve answers:

At a bare minimum, yes. You’ll need a cable from your guitar to the first pedal, and one from the last pedal to the amp.

Of course, you will also need short patch cables to go between each effect. And you’ll need some way to power up the pedals as well.

I write a weekly blog on live music production, and two of my most-read articles deal with setting up pedals boards. They might be helpful to you:



Good luck.

Greetings from Austin, Tx

Ken asks…

Guitar Pedal Setup Help!!?

Okay, so I just bought a boss rc-2 loop station , morley power wah/volume, boss dd-20 delay pedal, and a 9volt powered pedalboard( the pedalboard has 6 little 9v holes and a main one that i plugged into the wall. it came with the little holed 9v ones that i can plug into the pedals and the light turns on. but I have no clue what to do with the input and outputs. i have a superchamp xd amp. their is an input, output, headphone, and footswitch holes. I have no clue how to set it up. I only own 3 of the cables that plug into the guitar to the amp ( no clue what they are called), and i would only like to use 2 because one of them makes this static noise cause there is a cut in it. Can anyone please thoroughly explain to me how I should set this up. The guitar i am trying to make it work with is my strat and my breedlove.

steve answers:

The idea of the pedal board is to let you pre-wire all of your pedals. You’ll want some shorty guitar cables to daisey chain the pedals. You plug yout guitar into the first pedal. The output of that pedal goes into the input of the next and so on. Youll run a cable from the output of the last pedal to the input of the amp…just like plugging your guitar in. The pedal board has 9v a power supply so that all your pedals can plug into there rather than using a battery for each one. In the diagram below, you need a total of 4 cables.
Guitar →→→[[Wah/Vol → Delay → Loop]] →→→ Amp input
You already have two long ones…from the guitar to the pedal board, and from the pedal board to the amp. What you need is 2 short ones, just a couple of inches long. You can buy these inexpensively, or cut up your noisey cable and make your own. You’ll need some jacks and a soldering iron. It’s a good skill to learn.

Sharon asks…

How should my pedal board be set up?

Ok I have a wah pedal, tuner pedal, noise reducer, delay, tremolo, chorus, overdrive, reverb, and phaser. How should they be aligned? Do I need a compression pedal, or eq pedal?

steve answers:

There is no one “right” way – but I’ll tell you how I would do it, and why.
Generally speaking, most players would tell you to put pedals in this order

- Tuner
- Compression
- Then Dirt Boxes (Fuzz/ Overdrive / Octave splits /
- Then Volume/Wah
- Modulation Effects next
- Delay Effects Last
- Noise gate
- Amp

One thing you need but didn’t mention is a “noise gate” – you put that LAST – right before the amp. Noise gates clamp off ALL hiss, hum, etc. When you’re not playing. Professionals have quiet rigs and that’s how you get one. You also need a volume pedal – at the beginning of the chain

Tuner – First. Right after your guitar. You want a pure signal here. Put it here so you can have volume pedal OFF and still have signal at the tuner.

Next are your Dirt Boxes
- Compressor
- Overdrive True overdrive needs to push the front end of the chain.
- Fuzz (for later)

Next is the Wah. I like it here – some guys like it just before your dirt boxes. Personal choice, are you going to “Fuzz the Wah” or “Wah the fuzz” ? I think it sounds more interesting AFTER the dirt boxes.

- Volume Pedal Next – go buy a high-quality optical volume pedal – you’ll thank me)

By putting a volume pedal here, you can accomplish a couple things – you can back off the volume knob of your guitar to drive the dirt boxes less… But then recover the overall volume after the dirt boxes. That lets you set up a more “fuzz” sound and back it down to “overdrive” without having to bend over and change the settings all the time.

Modulation Pedals are next :
- Tremelo
- Chorus
- Phaser (when you get one)
- Flanger (when you get one)

Delay Effects – Last.

- Delay
- Reverb

If you’re not using the Effects Loop of your amp (or if you don’t have one) – put the Delay next-to last, and the Reverb last before the noise gate or amp. Why? B/C you probably want to be able to delay all your other FX sounds in the chain. And by putting the Reverb last you can go from “Dry” delay repeats to “Wet” delay repeats. If you do have an FX loop -try putting the delay (only ) in the FX loop. That lets you control it separately

- then -
- then –

Some techs want the compression at the end of the chain.

RE: EQ. This is controversial, but let me give you some thoughts. If you hate the sound of your GUITAR, then put the EQ toward the beginning of the chain. That way the rest of the boxes “see” something different than the pure guitar signal. If the EQ can be switched in/out or has multiple presets- In this way you can also “fake” single coil-piezo – humbucker types of sounds.

If the rest of your gear has wrecked the sound of your guitar (try it straight in to your amp – no FX) – then put the EQ at the END of the chain- maybe before the delay/reverb, but after all the other boxes. EQ here is usually set up for the room you’re in – and left alone. That way if one string is really “boomy” or “thin” – you can fix just that frequency for the night. I know plenty of guys who use BOTH kinds of EQ – one to trick out various guitar sounds at the front of the chain…and another just to correct room or gear issues at the end.

Finally -use the best power supply you can, the best (and shortest) cables, and keep everything neat and organized. Don’t run power cords parallel with your signal cords – etc. That’s how you control hum/hiss and other bad sounds. I’d MUCH rather have a better bunch of patch cables than another dirt box that sounds like all the others.

Hope this helps . I was gigging 6-nights a week with a large pedalboard back in the ’70s and ’80s- years before most guys were that organized. There’s nothing carved in stone. You might wind up with one song where you need the pedals in a different order – you can do that too with creative use of some A-B switches. Much also depends on the type of music you’re playing and the sounds you need.

One bit of advice – remember that your stuff will sound MUCH more nuanced in the recording studio than it ever will live. For playing gigs there is NO reason to have 8 different dirt boxes with just slightly different sound profiles. Nobody will be able to tell (or care) at some rowdy bar. Ditto for everything else – buy the best -quality pedals you an afford but keep it as simple as possible. Less to go wrong. Also – an iPhone or iPad today with the right pedal models makes a dandy “plan B”
Even if your amp were to crap out – you could go Guitar–> iPhone –> PA system and get by for a night or two if you had to.

Lisa asks…

What is so special about pedal boards?

I know they hold effects pedals……….. But, do they do anything else?

steve answers:

They hold the pedals in place, quicker to set up / take down, keep cables tidy, and can have a power supply installed.

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Your Questions About Intel Graphics Card Comparison http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/26/your-questions-about-intel-graphics-card-comparison-4/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/26/your-questions-about-intel-graphics-card-comparison-4/#comments Fri, 26 Sep 2014 20:07:53 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/26/your-questions-about-intel-graphics-card-comparison-4/

Betty asks…

Graphics card performance ?

Will this PC spec handle the latest games on very high settings

CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 (2.33GHz)
BIOS Press F2 to enter
Motherboard Intel DG45ID
Memory 8GB DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz (4 memory slots. Max 8GB)
Hard Drive 1000GB SATA II
CD Drive Blu-Ray Super Multi Double Layer DVD±RW
Video Card nVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT 512MB PCI-Express
Sound Card IDT 92HD73E HD Audio Codec
Network Intel 82567LF Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mb/s) Ethernet LAN controller
PRO-NETS WP61R2 Wireless LAN
Ports (front) 1x Microphone
1x Headphone
2x USB 2.0
1x Media Card Reader
Ports (rear) 1x HDMI
1x DVI
6x USB 2.0
1x IEE1394 (FireWire)
1x eSATA
1x LAN
1x Optical Digital Line-Out
5x Audio Input/Output

Will this spec handle the games well, if not what do i need to change in order for it to handle the ganes on very high settings ????

Also what is thew comparison between this spec and ps3 graphics which will produce better graphics ??????

Help appreiated

Thanks Sam

steve answers:

But if you only would have written the games you want to play bc in order to know if something will work, you need to compare them that way you know.

John asks…

Between higher PC processing speed and a more powerful graphics card – which is important for performance?

I am planning to get a laptop soon – but I’m torn between getting a laptop with a better graphics card or a laptop with better processing speed. This is a comparison between the two:

Laptop A has:
- 3 GB RAM
- Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
- NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
- 250 GBs of hard drive space
- Retails for 1560 USD.

Laptop B has:
- 2 GB RAM
- Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz
- NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS
- 320 GBs of hard drive space
- Retails for 1400 USD.

Any idea which one I should get? I need something that has great performance for video editing and gaming, but I don’t want a desktop.

steve answers:

8600M GT = 9500M GS (Check the nvidia website. They have the same specs)
2.1GHz = Plenty for laptops (if you wanna do video editing, gaming etc, DO NOT buy a laptop)
3 Gijibytes = Not necessary
Go for the cheaper one. But get a better price. Those specs in Aus = ~$AU1300

Joseph asks…

Which graphic card better?

Im planning to buy a laptop. So i need some opinion on the comparison of graphic card.
NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS , Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 , Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD , or 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570 .

steve answers:

ATI 4570, the Intel IGPs are horrible for games and shouldn’t be considered.

Maria asks…

Nvidia Vs ATI Graphics card?

pretty much it really , which is the better to buy for a decent gaming rig?
I have a HD 512mb 4670 saphire , which when i bought was like a special edition/ultimate/pro something and that seems to run black ops on high at 1400×900 relatively well same as MW2 apart from GTA 4 bit laggy on medium and to me it seems bit dated, where as my brother has Nvidia GTS 250 he got fOR christmas 2009 and that eats games up well on his AMD rig (Mine is intel I-5) and its only thing that my windows rates lowest is GPU and i want to replace it for future games can any one suggest a decent budget card £75-150 mark as well as a comparison site?

steve answers:

ATI (which is now AMD) offers better value for the dollar at MOST price points, but it depends upon how much you’re looking to spend as to whether AMD or Nvidia has the best card.

What’s your computer’s power supply capacity? That’s the major limiting factor in choosing a gaming graphics card, because pasta certain point you might need to factor in the cost of a new psu in addition to a new card.

The best card for a 300W psu is the GeForce GT440- anything better requires a stronger psu. The best card for a 400W psu is the GeForce GTX 550Ti. The best card for a 500W psu with a single 6-pin connector is the Radeon HD 6850.

I find that Techspot, Anandtech, Hot Hardware, Xbitlabs and Tom’s Hardware are good sites for reviews of graphics cards.





The passmark rankings from videocardbenchmark.net are NOT particularly useful, because those numbers only reflect how cards performed on artificial benchmarks, not in actual game titles, which is what matters.

Tom’s Hardware isn’t “extremely biased” as the previous poster stated. You simply have to remember the point of their monthly graphics card roundups (which is made clear in their introduction/disclaimer). Their picks aren’t necessarily the best graphics cards… But the best cards FOR THE MONEY. They weigh the pricing of cards relative to the competition as much as the technical specs. So while the GeForce GTX 550Ti is slightly better than the Radeon HD 5770, being priced $25 higher on average means it doesn’t get the recommendation. The price disparity is higher than the performance difference.


While their April 2011 recommendations are almost all AMD cards, that’s due to AMD aggressively cutting prices. Just a month earlier, the GeForce GTS 250 and 768mb GTX 460 were also top picks in their respective price ranges.


Paul asks…

Could somebody help me choosing a gaming laptop and graphics card?

I’m looking to buy the Alienware M17X laptop, and there are two options.

I’ve linked the comparisons here:


The difference is 4GB of RAM added to the more expensive version, and a 1.5GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M in the more expensive version rather than a 1GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon™ HD 6870M in the lesser version. I know nothing about graphics cards, but the more expensive version is $200 more and I was wondering if it’s worth it?

I’ll probably be playing mainly World of Warcraft while doing a lot of recording and editing of games and footage on the computer. I’m currently on a 2009 13 inch MacBook Pro with a 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM graphics card and it’s pretty bad.

steve answers:

MSI released a great gaming laptop


Intel Core i7 2630QM

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570M (DDR5 1.5GB)

1TB hard drive

12GB DDR3 memory

USB 3.0




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Your Questions About Netbook Os http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/26/your-questions-about-netbook-os-8/ http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/26/your-questions-about-netbook-os-8/#comments Fri, 26 Sep 2014 16:07:55 +0000 steve http://laptopsunder500bucks.com/2014/09/26/your-questions-about-netbook-os-8/

Chris asks…

How can i recover windows on my netbook without admin password?

I recently changed my password before the OS stopped working and i can’t remember it!! It’s driving me crazy, i need to fix windows but i’ve typed in everything i can think of.

steve answers:

Hello there,

If you do not have another adminstrator account on the computer, and you didn’t make a password rest disc, you will need to re-install Windows 7 in order to set a new password.

To make sure this doesn’t happen in the future, you can create a password reset disc – http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Create-a-password-reset-disk

Microsoft Windows Outreach

Carol asks…

How will a 64bit os perform on a 32bit processor if possible?

I am just playing around with my netbook and want to know if I can remove everything from windows 7 32 bit format the hdd and install a 64 bit and if so will it work well.

steve answers:

If your motherboard supports 64bit you can install 64bit OS if it doesn’t you can’t. 64bit performance is better and can only be observed if you have a RAM more than 4GB. 64bit can operate 2^64 bits of data per second but 32bit can operate 2^32 bits of data that allows 32bit OS to use not more than 4GB of ram but 64bit can use at most 128GB of ram if mother board supports.

Right click on Computer –> Properties—-> Performance Information and Tools—> then click “view and print detailed performance and system information

there you can see if your computer is 64bit capable

Thomas asks…

How to install mac os on normal laptop?

Currently my laptop runs on Windows 7 Ultimate.

I want to install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. But the problem is that I have no experience with Mac at all. Can someone tell me how to install Mac on my laptop?

By the way, I do not have access to any Macbook/ other Mac installed device.

Please note that I do not want to run Mac on a virtual machine. I want to create a dual boot machine ( Windows 7 + Mac Lion ). Hopefully that is possible!

steve answers:

You can’t fix this. There’s basically no way you’re going to run Mac OS on your laptop laptop or computer. Getting OSX operating on a PC is possible, but only on certain PC’s with certain components adjustments. And even then, it’s very challenging.

I’m not trying to criticise you, but the truth that you mix up a generate with a car owner indicates you don’t have the specialized encounter to even effort this.

Even if you could get OSX onto your program, it’s not developed to combined start with anything, so you’d need to create your own start changing program that modified categories from being dynamic to non-active (only one can be dynamic at the same period – you start from the dynamic partition) and you’d probably need to create your own components individuals for OSX as none of your netbook’s components will have OSX individuals, such as your video card, audio card, etc.

Your program just isn’t developed to run OSX and OSX isn’t developed to run on your program. Think about trying to set up Ms windows XP on a Mac. Well, you’re trying to do the same factor backwards.

Chances are that if you go forward with this you’re going to eliminate your Ms windows partition at the very least and probably keep your laptop laptop or computer non-functional.

If you really want a go at this, I’d recommend that you have a look at PearPC. It’s an emulator that will allow you to run OSX on any PC. It’s doesn’t run incredibly well (30% of brand rate at best), but it doesn’t include doing anything that can separate your laptop or computer. You don’t need any categories or anything strange like that either.

Michael asks…

How do you perform a factory reset of a Dell Inspiron 910 Netbook?

It is a Dell NETBOOK, very little HD Space and I need to perform the reset because I just want to clear EVERYTHING off of here.

steve answers:

Doing full reinstall just to clear space is a little extreme. Why not just delete unwanted files and uninstall unwanted applications? You can also use CCleaner (free download) to clean up all those pesky temp files that accumulate over time.
However if you simply MUST reinstall your OS you are going to need an external cd/dvd drive or make a bootable flash drive with your os files on it.
Just attatch the drive, put in your setup/recovery disks and reboot. Follow the instructios and Voila, shiny new system. :)
Good luck.

Helen asks…

How to reformat a modern computer without an OS CD?

Im thinking about getting myself a netbook, and probably an external DVD drive. (Windows 7)

But what happens when i have a harddrive failure, or atleast feel the need to reformat the whole thing, as computers normally need? Would i have to buy another licence for W7, seeing as the last one, just got fried?

steve answers:

You can boot XP, Vista, and SEVEN from a pen drive/thumb stick now so its not so bad
and if you know how to get passed the product key checks you wont need a new key
if you cant do that I’m sorry
i can’t teach that here lol

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