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Your Questions About Asus Red Laptop

Steven asks…

I am confuse about which Alienware M15x laptop should I get?

There are 2 different graphic cards.One is Nvidia Geforce GTX 26OM and the other one is one of the latest ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850.So,Alienware M15x users out there please help me choose which one is better?

steve answers:

I think Alienware are overpriced.I suggest you get a Toshiba Or asus Laptop it is a pretty good computer and it has an excellent cpu and graphics card. It can run almost anything you throw at it.

Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q887 TruBrite 18.4-Inch Laptop (Black/Red)
*1.73 GHz Intel Core i7-740QM processor
*4GB DDR3 1066MHz memory
*500 GB Serial ATA hard drive, Blu-ray Disc® ROM and DVD SuperMulti drive with Labelflash® supporting 12 formats
*18.4-inch HD TruBrite display, NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M with 1 GB GDDR5 discrete graphics memory
*Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 3.75 hours of battery life


you can visit below link you can find more options here :

Ken asks…

I am trying to find out what these extra bits are for. They came with ASUS M51Vr Laptop series?

So does anyone know how to get a users guide online to tell me, I rang ASUS and they are horrible. m51vr-ap046c ASUS Notebook

One bit has a red LED at the end and nothing els it apears to be used in the microphone or headphone socket.

steve answers:

No idea what your new toys are, but the manual for the M51 series is available here:


“Download” tab – select your OS – and I believe the top entry in that list is your manual, otherwise there are descriptions.

Ruth asks…

What gaming laptop should i buy?

Im looking for a gaming laptop that will run star wars the old republic no problem for less that $1000.any good ideas?thanks!

steve answers:

Well, There is a laptop that you can customize yourself to make it cheaper all up to you. It’s called the ASUS is $1,099 not upgraded at all. The MX14 has to be upgraded just to get what the ASUS already comes with. That being said when you’re done upgrading the MX14 just to get exactly what the ASUS has it’s $1,414.The Video Card Is better than the M14x even with it fully upgraded.
ASUS is 15.6″ 1920 x 1080 Full HD and the MX14 at max upgrade is a 14.0″ 900p/1600×900. This laptop was worth the money i spent on it. Good for any game you wanna play Brink, Red red orchestra 2, and even starcraft 2. Handles all these HD games easily and able to stream without lag too. Has a good price to it If you want to edit it to make it cheaper i’ll leave a link :)
alienware has some of the best laptop’s for gaming and when i found out about this laptop i can say i honestly felt like my money was just stolen from me by alienware


Sandra asks…

How to connect internet with BSNL ZTE ZXDSL 831AII in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5in?

I am using Dell inspiron laptop with Core 2 Duo processor….I need help badly because i m going for RHCE

steve answers:

I use MTNL modem for broadband and Ubuntu Linux as operating system. Even though I can open the configuration page of the modem and change parameters, I cannot save these settings in Ubuntu. Same problem with my ASUS wifi router. I guess that the reason for this problem is the lack of Linux drivers for the modem. Linux does not provide drivers for all peripherals.Now how to solve this
problem ? I carry out installation of drivers from the CD and the configuration in windows and save it. Actually the parameters are saved inside the modem and router. So when the modem is connected to the ubuntu OS it is ready to operate.
After saving and logging out you can use this modem in your Red Hat system.

You can download this document for configuring your modem under Windows :


Carol asks…

Can I hook my Logitech X-540 speakers to my Xbox and Laptop at the same time?

I need to know if I can hook up both my Xbox 360 and Asus Laptop to my Logitech X-540 speakers at the same time. I also want to know if I can hook up my old computer speakers (Cyber Acoustics) to it too.

Thank you!

Thank you

steve answers:

It may require a few extra cables and a switch, but it is doable. In fact I have a similar setup going right now with my X-540. What I have is green/yellow/black audio cables plugged into computer, and yellow/black (center and rear surround) plugged directly into the X-540 subwoofer/amplifier. The other end of the green cable is plugged into the female-female Y-adapter instead of the subwoofer; the red/white ends are connected via RCA stereo audio cables to a AV selector switch’s Input 1. I then run the Output for the AV selector switch to the X-540 sub using a Y-cable, with 3.5mm TRS (headphone jack) on one end (the X-540 end) and two RCA stereo on the other end (the AV switch end). I have other devices plugged into Input 2 and Input 3 of the AV selector switch, and use the switch to change which audio gets sent to the speakers.

Same thing can be done with any powered/computer speakers, actually slightly simpler with non-surround speakers.

This is an example of a AV selector switch:

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Your Questions About New Macbook Pro Cases

Donna asks…

applpe macbook or macbook pro?

pros and cons? be very specific

steve answers:

Macbook pro. Newer, better processor, nicer graphics, more memory, more hard drive space, thunderbolt, better keyboard, higher resolution screen, OS Lion, more battery life, more solid case, thinner…

Everything about it is better than the original macbook.Thats why they dont make the macbooks anymore.

Dont confuse macbook with macbook air, 2 different things. The air is a pretty good computer.

Jenny asks…

3d intense games on macbook pro.. Harmful?

I have a brand new macbook pro and i just bought the new sims 3 for macs. Every time i play it, my computer gets very hot (up to around 180 degrees). I downloaded smcfancontrol to speed up my rpm hoping it would decrease the heat of my computer. is it harmful to speed up the rpm and for my macbook to get that hot? i really wanna play my game but i also would like to not ruin my brand new computer. any help at all is greatly appreciated.

steve answers:

The Macbook pro is an aluminum case. In addition to having the fan cool it, it uses the case as a heatsink to pull the heat away from the rest of the computer. While those temperatures seem high, the Macbook pro’s get hotter for that reason. If you still have a warranty (and perhaps even if it is up), take it into the Genius bar at your local mac store, and have them clean out the internal heatsink and fan. Dust can clog up there and prevent the fan from working properly. In addition, keeping your fan at max rpm’s may decrease the life of the fan.

I personally think something is wrong with your mac though as the sims3 isn’t that graphically intensive and shouldn’t be causing that much power to run.

Nancy asks…

MacBook Pro questions?

Alright so I’ve decided to use up all the money I’ve been saving up to buy a new laptop..I had a PC and it got completely messed up and won’t turn on…it’s more complicated than that but I don’t feel like explaining. I’ve had an iMac for a while so yes I am positive I want a Mac. For me it was between the MacBook and MacBook Pro but when it came down to it, the Pro isn’t that much more so I figure why not spend the extra money..but did the MacBook Pro (sold on Apple.com) just come out or are they expected to come out with a new one soon? I’m going to be a Junior in high school so I’d like to have it soon, and my boyfriend’s going to college and getting a MacBook Pro so we’d be able to video chat while he’s away (for whatever reason the camera on the iMac doesn’t always work..it’s hit and miss) so should I wait for a few months to get a newer version or just buy it now? Thank you:)
the new Mac Pro was just released…not MacBook.

steve answers:

The 13-Inch MacBook and MacBook Pro models largely are differentiated by case material, performance (modestly), and connectivity. Both were recently updated so this is a good time to buy either and either would work quite well for school and video chat.

Ultimately, only you can decide if the MacBook Pro is worth an extra US$200 to you, but an in-depth comparison may be useful:


Hope this helps!

Ken asks…

MacBook or Macbook Pro ?

I’m getting one soon, but I don’t know which one to get. I really look the Macbook because it’s one color, thin, and shiny. I’ve never really played with the Macbook Pro. Can somone please tell me which one is better.

steve answers:

The 13-Inch MacBook and MacBook Pro models largely are differentiated by case material, performance (modestly), and connectivity. Only you can decide which is “best” for your needs and budget.

If you prefer the look of the MacBook and you don’t need the stronger aluminum case, (modest) speed boost and ports that the MacBook Pro provides, it sounds like you’ve made up your mind, but an in-depth comparison of the two models (as well as the MacBook Air) may be useful nevertheless:

Richard asks…

Macbook vs. Macbook Pro?

Before anybody recommends a PC or insults a Mac (without having one), let me tell you, I’ve gone through 3 PCs now and am tired of all the software malfunctions I’ve had to go through. I’m considering getting a Macbook now. I don’t like spending too much money, but I do want a computer that can last me at least five years. Since I’m a student, I’ll mostly be using the computer to browse the web, use a word processing software, etc. However, for leisure, I do like photography (I have a SLR camera) and use my computer to upload/(sometimes edit) pictures. My only concern is that if I do buy a Macbook, will it be long-lasting and durable, or is getting a Macbook Pro a better investment for the long-run?
PS: I’m really not nitpicky when it comes to looks and aesthetics. I mean if it can work and work well that’s all it matters.
Things I can’t stand:
-slow processing, spontaneous freezing (which thereby leads to turning the on/off button)
-bad battery life (my PC averages to about an hour max without the charger D:)
yeah that’s about it. You probably get the jist of what I’m saying.
PPS: keys falling off is also annoying (my last two laptops have had keys falling off almost 3 times).

steve answers:

The 13-Inch MacBook and MacBook Pro models largely are differentiated by case material, performance (modestly), and connectivity. Either will last for years if you take good care of it. For photography, specifically, you may find the SD card slot in the 13-Inch MacBook Pro to be enough of an advantage to “go Pro.”

However, only you can decide whether the lower cost of the MacBook or the additional functionality of the MacBook Pro is a larger advantage for you, but an in-depth comparison of the two models (as well as the MacBook Air) may be useful to choose for yourself:


Hope this helps!

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Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Update

James asks…

hey i have an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC dv9500. What’s the graphic card of it? Drivers needed! Screen lag!!?

I have lags while scrolling down at webpages so I figured out that my graphics card needs an update. So what is my graphic card (i can’t find it through the properties- windows xp) and where can i find updates for it..?

steve answers:

Go to the site at the link below and you should be able to find the driver for your graphics card.
If you go to device manager and click on ‘Display Adapters’ this will tell you what graphics card you have.

Betty asks…

Secret of the Solstice Graphic Card?

ok, ive had this issue before on my older computer and i know that i solved it by updating my graphic card on the hp site (i think)
the issue is the all knowing black screen
when you try to run the game it comes up with a black screen (and maybe a few things, chatbox ect..that arent black)
it told me that i need an opengl 1.2 or above, but i know opengl is for MACS ONLY
i have windows vista 32bit, can somebody help me with my graphics problem and give me a link that i can download updates with?

(direct links plz!!)

steve answers:

OpenGL is the Mac equivalent of DirectX for MSwindows..

Http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/directx.html This should do the trick, but there may be a choice setting on the game itself under its OPTIONS section eg. Run in OpenGL or directx…

Good luck too yoooo

Mark asks…

Will any PCI graphic card work in a computer?

I am trying to update my card. I will need a PCI Graphic card that can run games, like TF2. I have a HP Pavolion a705w. Any idea what card will work on my computer. Also maybe something not to expensive.

steve answers:

Check your motherboard to know if you have an available PCI or PCI-express slot. Also you need to check the power supply to see if you can handle the cards wattage requirements. Make sure you meet all of the cards requirements- RAM, Operating system, hard drive space, etc.

Linda asks…

PCI Graphic/video card help, Sims 3. 10 Points.?

So I bought Sims 3 last night I installed it, & a pop up came along
saing I need to update the graphic card. I have a 2002 Palivin Hp. I think
that’s how you spell it. I know PCI’s are old, but my computer is 7 years
old. Do I need to buy another PCI or do I need to get a PCI express?
Or do I need a certain computer for a PCI express.

I need one in the price range of around 60 dollars. Thanks in advance.

steve answers:

Well, first you need to find which type of video slot your computer has. It’s not PCI-Express (those weren’t around in 2002) but it might be AGP or PCI.

Open the case and take a look. If the slot closest to your CPU is a different color and indented further in than the others, you’ve got an AGP slot. If all the slots are shorter white ones in a row, then all you’ve got is PCI.

See photo below for reference:


Unfortunately, decent AGP cards are more expensive than PCI-Express cards. Good ones cost about $85. Good thing the Sims 3 doesn’t need a high-powered card, it just needs something better than your integrated video on the motherboard.

If your slot is AGP, here are some ok cards for Sims 3:



If you’re stuck with only PCI slots, here are some cards:



Sandy asks…

graphic card problem (installed wrong driver)?

After having problems with a game i Decided to update my graphic card drivers (radeon hd3650).

I didn’t check and mistakenly (I now dont tell me…) installed the vista 64bit drivers (I have 32bit) :(

So now the screen doesn’t work, I can see the boot-up screens but after i put in my password it all goes blue. I’ve tried booting in safe mode, I’ve tried safe mode with command prompt and rstrui.exe (also fails).

Help, what can I do? I could remove the hard drive and use it as an external drive to make changes from another computer, but what do i change, lol???

Or, should I disable the card in bios, will i then be able to see enough to actually boot up and do a restore.

I am eternally grateful to anyone who can help my with this, I am desperate.

Thanks in advance for your input :)

HP DV7 laptop, Radeon HD 3650 card, Vista 32bit OS
Vista disc was a great idea, but i was told that I didnt have any restore points (odd I thought I did…).

steve answers:

Boot with your vista disk and use system restore

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Your Questions About Notebook Hp Mini

Maria asks…

HP Mini 1033 notebook?

whats the memory of my hp 1033 mini? Like the total amount of gigs? i want to be able to use itunes on my laptop.

steve answers:

1gb. It will run itunes fine.

Paul asks…

What do you think about the HP mini?

steve answers:

One of the best notebooks but only good for surfing the web mostly. But in my opinon hp is the best computer manufacturer. Hp also has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

Robert asks…

Does the mini HP laptop notebook have a DVD drive?

In the ad i saw in the paper, and online, I didn’t see any, but I am really hoping it does… Please… Thanks In Advance!! :D

steve answers:

No it does not. The mini HP laptop is really a Netbook and they don’t have an optical drive.

Donna asks…

I have an HP Mini-Notebook, which doesn’t have a disk driver…?

Basically I want to know how would I install a certain program if the program wants me to run a set-up disk?

steve answers:

You have to either set up a network that shares a drive from another computer with your HP Mini Netbook, use a USB drive with the files on it, or you would have to buy an external drive and hook it up to your HP Mini.

You can find an external CD/DVD drive for about $50; if you look hard I am sure you could find one for less.

Betty asks…

Can someone help me with my HP laptop problem?

My laptop is HP pavilion dm4-1063cl entertainment notebook. Today I just barely got on to watch some shows on the internet. Like a few minutes in my laptop kept turning on and off when I didn’t touch anything. Later I decided to take out the battery and press the power button for like 30 second. Afterward it would just pop up to the Hp icon and just show a black screen and a white underscore blinking. I even did the startup test and everything is fine. Now I’m totally lost.

steve answers:

HP Is cr*p
I have a HP mini notebook.

Obviously, all HP electronics are Sh*t and aren’t worth the money

I’m sorry I cant help, I’m trying to figure out my own laptop problems.

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Your Questions About Tablet Cases For Kids

Betty asks…

Tablet for kids that is movie capable…?

I’m looking for a tablet for my 3 year old son, I would like him to be able to watch full length movies on it but I also want it to have all the latest educational games and apps. I know there are plenty of kid friendly tablets out there but I haven’t seen any that say you can download movies to them. The reason I ask is I would like it if he could watch movies while in the car or anywhere else that I need to keep him quiet and entertained but I want him to be able to play games on it too.Any info would help because I’m not having any luck searching the web for one.
I’m not looking for an adult tablet that I can download kid games to, I’m looking for a kids tablet that will survive a 3 yeard old and comes loaded with games but is also movie capable.
I’m not looking for an adult tablet that I can download kid games to, I’m looking for a kids tablet that will survive a 3 yeard old and comes loaded with games but is also movie capable.

steve answers:

Definitely the Tabeo tablet. The tablet is solely meant for kids and has a hard rubber case around the edges of it. I know Toys R Us carries them.

The tablet has:

7″ capacitive multi-touch TFT LCD screen offers 16 million colors
Pre-loaded with 50 apps, including Angry Birds and Cut the Rug, with more than 7,000 additional apps available to download for free from the Tabeo App Store
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system
Built-in speaker, microphone, G-sensor and front camera
4 GB of expandable flash memory
SDHC-compatible micro SD slot accepts cards up to 32 GB
Mini HDMI output
Soft, removable bumper case protects the tablet from accidental drops and bumps
Browser includes parental controls for online safety
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or higher, Mac OS or Linux in mass storage mode
USB 2.0 interface

**Also take a look at the new LeapPad 2 Explorer

Mandy asks…

Tablet for kids for Christmas- i just cant seem understand the computer jargon :( ?

I want to get a tablet for the kids for christmas- I cant seem to get a straight answer on the following questions…

Once i buy it, the only thing i need to pay for will be apps i buy right? meaning, i do not have to pay a monthly fee for netflix, internet use,etc?

If i have netflix at home,can i use that account for the tablet i buy or do i have to get a new account for the tablet?

I would like your recommendation on which tablet would be best for the following- I want the tablet that best meets the following “wish list” i have:

good educational apps available to purchase or that come on it already (I have the leapster but i dont like that i have to purchase game cartridges; hard to keep track of and expensive!)

utilizing Netflix

purchasing books for them to read- Dr. Seuss, Berenstain Bears, Fancy Nancy etc.

not concerned with parental controls or having fast internet connection

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU TIME!!!! Ive been looking for over a week and i just cant seem to put it all together…..

steve answers:

Once i buy it, the only thing i need to pay for will be apps i buy right? Meaning, i do not have to pay a monthly fee for netflix, internet use,etc?

- Correct. You wont have to pay a monthly fee unless you buy the tablet through a carrier and sign up for a contract, in which case you may have to pay a monthly fee.

If i have netflix at home,can i use that account for the tablet i buy or do i have to get a new account for the tablet?

- You can use the netflix account that you already have.

I would like your recommendation on which tablet would be best for the following- I want the tablet that best meets the following “wish list” i have:

good educational apps available to purchase or that come on it already (I have the leapster but i dont like that i have to purchase game cartridges; hard to keep track of and expensive!)

utilizing Netflix

purchasing books for them to read- Dr. Seuss, Berenstain Bears, Fancy Nancy etc.

Not concerned with parental controls or having fast internet connection

- You really have two options. Do you want an Android Tablet or an iPad? They will both do what you want.

If you want 7 inch tablet I would recommend either a nexus 7 ($229 – http://www.google.com/nexus/7/) or an ipad mini ($319 – http://store.apple.com/ca/buy-ipad/ipad-mini)

if you want a 10 inch tablet I would recommend either a nexus 10 (http://www.google.com/nexus/10/) or a ipad (http://store.apple.com/ca/buy-ipad/ipad2). Both cost $399,

It comes down to which platform you prefer. IPads are generally easier to use but lack some of the more advanced features Android tablets have.

Helen asks…

The scroll wheel for my tablet’s mouse suddenly stopped working?

It was the weirdest thing. I was scrolling a page, then it felt like all of the traction in the wheel just let go, it feels entirely slack when I try to use it.

I can still click with it and everything, scrolling just doesn’t work anymore.

Should I send a query to Wacom, or will they just insist I purchase a new mouse? I haven’t had my tablet for an entire year yet, would I be qualified for some sort of replacement plan?

I use a small Bamboo Fun tablet in case anyone was wondering.

Uhm.. ^^; It doesn’t have a ball. It has rubber-like fabric on the bottom.


steve answers:

It probably has a worn ball.


The scroll wheel in your mouse is basically a wheel (duh) attached to a tiny switch. This controls the clicking and seems to be working. If it was broken, the wheel would actually pop out of the mouse.
How the scrolling works is.. There is a tiny arm that goes into the middle of the scroll wheel. It is attached by 2 tiny tiny little plastic clips, and attached to the little arm is a spring to keep it firm. When the mouse wheel moves, a little LED sensor picks up the direction of the movement and scrolls in that direction.

Since you said that it became very slack, it SOUNDS like either one of those tiny plastic clips or the whole spring itself seems to have snapped off.

This IS a warranty reparable situation, and since you’ve only owned it less than a year, it still applies. Here is Wacom’s return policy:

“Wacom warrants the product, to the original consumer purchaser, except for the Software and consumable items such as the pen nibs, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year, from the date of original retail purchase, as evidenced by a copy of the receipt and registration with Wacom by mail or online within 30 days ”

The kicker would be the “registration with Wacom by mail or online within 30 days”. I’m not sure if that means 30 days after purchase, or 30 days of warranty expiring. Might want to try registering the product online now, and it should be good for warranty.

Joseph asks…

Agree disagree tablet computers are the most awkward gadgets?

Can’t type with both hands unless you use a stand
Need to buy a case with a stand
Keyboard takes up half the screen
Can’t do anything serious like use word or photoshop
It’s like a toy computer for kids
Friggin ridiculous
Why frikin make something that can’t stand by itself and pretty much everyone buys a case with a stand
Better of getting a small laptop than getting a tablet if portability is what people want
At lesst then they could do real things with it.
Tablets are so awkwark not a phone not a computer

steve answers:

I agree.

But then again tablet devices like Androids tablets and iPads were never really designed to create content, they were designed to allow people to consume content. They certainly seem to fulfil that role quite well since they are very portable.

I suppose the usefulness of a tablet device ultimately depends on whether you are a creator or a consumer. Using a tablet is a bit like someone in a restaurant using a plastic knife and fork to eat their dinner, but a chef needs a meat cleaver.

Steven asks…

Have I had too much tablets?

Have ibeen taking to much paracetamol and aspirin?

on thursday I had two 100ml bottles of paracetamol and 15ml of cough medicine and on friday I took 14 aspirin tablets and 6 paracetamol and today 11 paracetamol tablets and 1 aspirin tablets all of them within an hour

steve answers:

Omg! Stop stop stop! You’re killing yourself. DO NOT TAKE ANYMORE! I repeat DON’T take one more tablet!… Throw em away right now. Did you even see a doctor? What are you taking those tablets for?

Too much Aspirin will bleed you to death! And you’re not suppose to take more than 1 paracetamol at least per 4 to 6 hours even in most chronic cases such as prolonged high fever.

You should seek immediate medical attention right now if you’re not KIDDING

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