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Your Questions About Google Laptop

Sandra asks…

How do i get wifi on my canon mp495 series printer?

I have a Acer Google Chrome laptop. I need my printer to have Wi-Fi in order for me to be able to print. I heard theirs a software you have to download. I don’t know what it is though. Anyone help me?

steve answers:

Ok you need the following

1, you need a router
2, you need the disk that came with the printer or go the Canon website and download the software and setup as network printer.
3, you have the choice as Wireless printer or and Ethernet connected printer (there is cable that connect the router to your printer)

Chris asks…

Can i use a laptop adapter from a different laptop?

I have an acer laptop adapter 19v , 3.42A and accroding to google(www.Laptop-Adapters.co.uk) i need an adapter for a SONY VGP-AC19V19 of 19.5V,4.7A i guess this wo#t work as the amps are different, could i damage the laptop if i tried this?

steve answers:

No the laptop will be fine. As long as the voltage isn’t too high, it will work without any issues. The laptop chargers that most companies use to replace damaged ones, you will notice are not “official.” These companies save money and would just ship you a “general, multi-purpose” charger compatible with your laptop.

Sandy asks…

Why is my laptop so slow after returning it to factory settings?

It used to have huge issues in which it became randomly painfully slow Friday night and would take 2hrs to start out of nowhere
( I know I had no viruses), and the hard drive was just replaced two months ago. Every time I use it it seems to become slower, and I can’t even open google chrome. The laptop is a Toshiba Sattelite and was purchased March 2011. Any ideas how to get it back to the lightning speed it used to be? I’m starting to hate windows a lot.

steve answers:

Remove all the crapware (TRailware) like Microsoft Trail Version, Norton, etc. Most new computers come pre-installed with a bunch of trail ware that you will may never use. Go to the Uninstall Program in your control panel and remove the stuff you don’t need.

Aftr you taken off all the junk, you will then next install the newest updates from Microsoft. Once this is done, run Disc Cleanup under System tools. Then run the degfrag program, again under system tools.

Now make sure to install a good anti-virus program like, AVG, Avast or even Microsoft Security Essentials. Also download MalWare program. I would also install CCleaner. Run the program to get rid of more junk, then run the other progams to clean up your registry file. Last go to tools and run the disc wiper to write over the old junk that is still there, make sure that you ask it to cleanup the free space only.

Good Luck and Enjoy

The Old Computer Guy

George asks…

Where to buy a recovery disc for a Toshiba Satellite?

I looked on google but I couldn’t find a site where I could order one.

Also my laptop doesn’t tell me what type it is. On the back it says Satellite L500D System unit. But when I google this laptop there are different types of L500Ds and I don’t know which one is my model.

steve answers:

Usually people can get the recovery discs from the manufacturer. You should give Toshiba a call and see if you can get the recovery discs for your model.

Ken asks…

How do I get my home page to go back to the apps that I downloaded on google chrome, laptop?

Okay, so whenever I open google chrome instead of showing the apps I get from Chrome App Store, he goes to a search engine. And how do I get that off, so I can click my apps? I uninstalled and installed it. What should I do?

steve answers:

I have it set up so when going to a new tab it shows my most visited sites, if this is the same for you then look at the bottom middle of the page where it says in light grey “most visited” and “apps” click on apps.
If there is a different page that comes up when you open a new tab, go to the upper right corner below the red X to the three horizontal lines button. Click it and the setting should be in there

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Your Questions About 16gb Ipad 2

Ken asks…

which ipad 2 should i get? 16gb,32gb, or 64gb?

i would keep about 2 or 3 movies. 3000 songs. 3000 pictures. and about 100 apps.
please help

steve answers:

32 gb would be ideal. Since ipad 3 maybe out soon and the whole world may move onto the latest ones, 32 gb would be the best. But if this ipad2 is for long term usage and no moving on, 64 would be the best. But i think that for 2 or 3 movies, 3000 songs and 3000 pictures and 100 apps, isn’t isnt going to be enough. You may have to buy a seperate external hard disk for the movies and song.s

Nancy asks…

Should I sell my Ipad 2 16GB?

Should I sell my ipad 2 16GB I really like my ipad but the camera is not really good what I like about my ipad that the screen is big i already got $450 dollars if I sell my ipad I’m going to have $750 should I

steve answers:

It depends the iPad air is awesome its thin and fast but if the thickness and speed of the iPad 2 don’t bother you could still keep it. I personally would upgrade because I do a lot of gaming but it depends on you

Carol asks…

How to jailbreak ipad 2 (wifi-16gb) ios 4.3.5?

I tried to downgrade to 4.3.3, but I had no luck and I got many errors.
I haven’t saved shsh Blobs

steve answers:

Currently there isn’t a way that you can JB your iPad 2 on 4.3.5, downgrading on other hand can be done you if saved your SHSH blobs when you were on 4.3.3 other wise this can not be done either!
Read here about downgrading possibilities http://ipadworld.org/2011/07/31/how-to-downgrade-update-ipad-to-ios-4-3-3/

Join our facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/ipadworldorg/156697527732588 or follow us on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/iPadw0rld and we will keep you updated once it become available.

Update: well in that case you have to wait until iOS 5 released and JB’n as there isn’t any dev working on JB for 4.3.5 for iPad 2

Charles asks…

IPad 2 Wifi + 3G question?

How much would it cost a month for a Wifi + 3G ipad 2 @ 16gb for AT&T/Verizon?
(USD please)

steve answers:

The iPad 2 with 16GB storage and 3G service costs $629.

And AT&T’s two data plans for the iPad are 250MB (megabytes) and 2GB (gigabytes) of data. The 250MB data plan costs $15/month, and the 2GB data plan costs $25/month.

Both data plans and the iPad 2 are completely non-contract, so you can cancel your data service with AT&T whenever you want without having to pay a hefty cancellation fee.

Lisa asks…

How much can you store on a 16gb and a 32gb iPad 2?

For the longest time, my mind was deciding weather I should get an iPad or a Kindle Fire HD. I’ve decided to go with the iPad mostly because there’s no lag and I’ve been told through Apple Customer Service that the iPad has a Kindle app. I’m getting and iPad because I don’t want any lag when I’m surfing the web, watching movies, TV shows, playing games and reading since that’s what I’ll be doing. I also want to know which storage device best suits my needs. Thanks! This decision has been bugging the hell out of me and it would help if I got some advice or whatever you can tell me. Thanks again+}

steve answers:


In 16Gb you would be easily able to do all stuff but after few months you would feel like limited storage. So I prefer that you go for the 32Gb version since watching movies is the main purpose and they take too much space.

I suggest you read this Review from an actual user of iPad, should be helpful on this decision:

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Your Questions About Sony Vaio Bios

Steven asks…

How can I change my graphics card?

A while back my Sony Vaio‘s graphics card stopped changed from nvidia to a rubbish intel family chip-set (something like that). I have tried contacting nvidia support and they told me to download drivers, but these did not work. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

steve answers:

Either in BIOS, or from your display settings in Windows, and some machines have a hardware switch for this on the keyboard (laptops). If you don’t have the option, something is wrong with your NVIDIA card and you need to troubleshoot why it’s not detected…

James asks…

Is there anyway of getting my recovery discs for free?

I own a Sony VAIO VGN SZ-680 N and SERIOUSLY need the recovery discs. I cant afford to buy them for $70 US. Is there any way of getting them for free?

steve answers:

If Windows still starts you can create them.


You can go to any PC that has Windows 7 on it and create a System Repair Disc.
Set BIOS to boot from DVD.
Try the Repair functions like Startup Repair or System Restore.
The disc will not re-install Windows.


To use the system repair disc

Insert the system repair disc into your CD or DVD drive.

Restart your computer using the computer’s power button.

If prompted, press any key to start the computer from the system repair disc.

If your computer isn’t configured to start from a CD or DVD, check the information that came with your computer. You might need to change your computer’s BIOS settings.

Choose your language settings, and then click Next.

Select a recovery option, and then click Next.

Charles asks…

Where can I get a Windows XP installation disk?

I have a sony Vaio, which never came with an installation disk.
I just had to have my western digital hard drive replaced by warranty.
My vaio recovery disks will not work this time around due to a bigger hard drive, but they did originally in 2008.
Being told motherboard may be dead, but bios runs fine.
Where can I get a windows XP installation cd, as I have a valid key code on my laptop, but sony offers no free service

steve answers:

Microsoft about $30 for a replacement disk.

Sandra asks…

would i be able to run leopard on a laptop not a mac?

im planning to buy either a sony vaio or apple macbook and i am getting tired of using windows based programs but still familiar with the mac os. if i buy a vaio can i install leopard and would it function normally?

steve answers:

There are install DVDs for Leopard. This is very difficult and the machine can be unstable, but if you have a newer laptop, it should be ok.



You will need to download a hacked Install DVD of leopard. There are plenty on the torrent sites.

If you really want Mac OSX. Just buy the Mac. Your Sony Vaio would be unstable, wireless internet probably would not work, as well as a number of other things. However, getting Max OSX to run on a PC is very cool, but not if you are really wanting to use your laptop everyday.

I edited this post because of the other posts. It is very possible. These other people don’t know what they are talking about. I have an HP laptop with Mac OSX Leopard on it right now. After adding some drivers, it runs as good as any Mac can run Mac OSX. Do some research before you give some retarded answer about system architecture. Macs run the same motherboard, processors, memory, video cards as PCs. Its called BIOS.

Just visit the websites. There are thousands of people doing this, and many like me have a lot of luck.

William asks…

When I turn on my laptop and click on an icon, my mouse just freezes, any at-home solutions?

Basically I explained it. I am on the desktop and click on something to try and open it and the hour glass comes up and the mouse just does not seem to want to respond…the mouse pad on the laptop. I even tried this with an external mouse and the same thing. It is a Sony Vaio…bout 3 yrs old. Any at home solutions?

steve answers:

This seems to be something to do with the OS.
1. You may firstly want to perform a system restore using only the keyboard tab and enter key, from safe mode, to a date when the unit was working fine.
2. If issue persists, reinstall the OS and check (Eliminates any software related issue)
3. Lastly, run a hard drive test in bios > Hard drive may be faulty and may need replacement

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Your Questions About Most Unique Laptops

Joseph asks…

Need help buying a laptop.?

Ok so I need a laptop that is touchscreen (but not a tablet) has a screen size of at least 15.6in and under 500$. Any suggestions

steve answers:

Touchscreen is a unique and good addition in laptops. Now a days there are many of the laptops which come with touchscreen.

I have one option in my mind from Dell which I find really good and same like what you are requiring. It has 15.6 inch touchscreen, also it is under $500. For further details here is a review about this laptop which you can see and decide:


You can see that besides touchscreen, it has good fast processor, decent ram for multitasking and good storage. So overall it has good features and also it is a good performer which makes it a good choice under the price of $500.

George asks…


I Dont knew what is the existing difference between the laptops of dell,hp,lenovo of same configuration but their prices vary with a great difference….??
could you please tll me if u knew

steve answers:

HP was and still remains one of the biggest and best laptop computer manufacturers in the world. HP is a pioneer when it comes to bringing about innovation in laptop technology. It scores in terms of performance but has seen a dip in popularity due to its lackluster customer support. It’s the only laptop computer manufacturer company that can supply you with custom made products according to your requirements. HP still remains one of the best, despite a large amount of competition from other brands. The sheer range and variety of products makes it one of the most unique laptop brands.

If you want to buy a quality product and price is no issue, then Dell remains one of the best choices. The reason why it’s the best laptop brand 2010, in terms of quality, features and performance is its reliability. The Dell Vostro and Studio lines are some of the best in the business with a great combination of features, geared towards top performance. It is tough to single out one as the fastest laptop brand (2010), but it could be a Dell product with its power packed features. With this, we reach the end of best laptop brands list for 2010.

Known for creating some of the most ergonomically efficient laptop computers, Lenovo is the best laptop brand (2010), if one purely focuses on functionality and features. Its Thinkpad Edge and IdeaPad laptops are some of the best products to hit the market in the recent past.

If you are looking for low cost, high performance laptops, Toshiba is one of the best laptop brands to opt for. They have delivered one of best netbooks in the form of Toshiba Mini NB305 and one of the best laptops in the form of Toshiba Satellite E205. One of the most innovative laptop brands, Toshiba is a good choice when you want to make a budget choice. Even if it’s not the cheap laptop brand (2010), it certainly offers many products in the low cost range.

Chris asks…

Laptop Warranties?

I’m going to be getting a laptop computer real soon and my dad isn’t a person to buy warranties. Are laptop warranties a must when buying one?

steve answers:

Laptop’s standard warranties is 1 year, you get it whether you like it or not (some gives 3 years).

And my recommendation is: You really should persuade your dad to reconsider using the warranties. Laptops are fragile things, a laptop might contain faulty hardware, which doesn’t break very soon, so you might be well for the first few months, but problems would start appearing some time later. As you know, laptops hardware are sometimes unique and hard to find, so warranties is the only reliable and cheap way to ensure your laptop is as trouble free as possible.

So I say, yes, in buying laptops, warranties is a must. At least use the standard 1-year warranty to its maximum, don’t let it to waste. If you noticed a problem that is possibly hardware-related, immediately claim the warranty BEFORE IT EXPIRES. It is also VERY important to keep track of when the warranty expires. An easy way to keep track is to buy the laptop on special days, like me, I bought this laptop on my birthday, so I know that at my next birthday, this laptop’s warranty would expires.

As a side note: Don’t consider taking warranties to cover your own mistake, like spilling or dropping the laptop. These are exceptional cases and most likely not covered by warranty. And don’t consider warranty because of viruses, all laptops provide a recovery disk which could be used to reset the laptop to factory condition by yourself.

As a side, side note: But you shouldn’t buy extended warranties, these are hoax except if you’re a really careless person. What I wrote just above is to use the standard warranty to its maximum, and to make you consider the length and breadth of the standard warranty when buying a laptop.

Mary asks…

Google chrome book laptop?

Hi! I’m 15 years old and my twin sister and I want to buy a laptop for us to share. And this one is cheap! Only $250! The google chrome book laptop.

Why is it that cheap? We’ve looked at laptops before(Dell laptops) and they are like +400.
Is there anything wrong with it? Bad quality? Loopholes?

We want to do pretty basic things with it;
My sister wants it for-shopping online, games, facebook, and writing. Can she do this stuff? Can you get Microsoft word on it(or something similar?)

I want it for:YouTube, twitter, games and some shopping. There are so many more choices of clothes and video games online! Can I do these things?

Do you have one? What do you think of it?
Do you think this a good laptop for 2 teenagers? We are very cautious of things like this, as far as breaking them goes. So we’re very careful with expensive things.

Is there a better laptop for us than this one?

steve answers:

The google chrome laptops are unique in that they’re basically just a web browser – the idea is that many people just use the internet when they’re on the computer, so that’s all they need to do. It’s designed to be a cheap, easy to use laptop.

So, you can definitely use it for things like shopping, facebook, youtube, twitter, online games, etc. It won’t have microsoft word, but you can use Google Docs to write papers, presentations, and such. It’s nothing really fancy, but it works well enough.

I have one and I like it. As a basic, all-around computer, it works pretty well. But remember, if you can’t do something in the web browser, you can’t do it on that computer.

Sandy asks…

Should I get a desktop, or laptop? Why?

So, I will be getting a new computer soon, however I am not able to decide whether or not I should get a desktop [because of how much cheaper and better they are compared to a top notch laptop], or a laptop, because of the convenience? In the budget of $1,500, what would be the best desktop to get? Best laptop? And which one is it recommended that I actually get? (I will be using it for gaming, and schoolwork.)
Sorry, but with my recent experience with my macs, I’ve decided to rule them out. Some of the games I enjoy playing require BootCamp and other things that I’m honestly not patient enough to go through.

And, the reason I want a laptop is because of the convenience of placing it where I’d like. Desktop seems like it would be a massive pain to move around from place to place. Also, I know that custom computers are likely the best option, however I don’t know too much about computer hardware, and what to buy. If you guys have any suggestions, that would be great.
As of right now, I have an HP Pavilion.
Well, for right now, schoolwork isn’t really a HUGE issue, considering I’m only a sophomore, however most of my homework and studies will be on the computer.
Well, for right now, schoolwork isn’t really a HUGE issue, considering I’m only a sophomore, however most of my homework and studies will be on the computer.
To the people saying desktop, could you please link some desktops? And for the people saying laptop, could you link the laptop? I honestly don’t know how I’d find ‘the best’ for my money, other than going custom. However, if I were to avoid the hassle of making it myself, I’d want to know what I could just straight up buy.

[By the way, you guys changed me from really wanting to get a gaming laptop, to very much considering getting a desktop.]
The laptop I have currently been looking at is the ASUS G74SX. It looks fantastic by what I’ve seen and read about it. Does anybody have any comments about it?
if possible, would like an i7. Thank you by the way for continuing to update. You have been a MASSIVE help.

steve answers:

I thumbs down MAC. Performance for price is awful. Unique operating system ties you into OSX compatible product and service.

Choice is always called form factor first.
Tower: More Graphics power for the money. Bigger screen (unless buying adisplay for the laptop as part of the spend). Larger keyboard+mouse. More upgradable to newer technology. Can be customized. Can build your own with some savvy.
Laptop: More portable by far, generally more reliable, easier to service, no setup

In a laptop, if not carrying it around a lot, can go 17″.
To evaluate laptops and Desktops:


CPU and Graphics power on a second tab.


Some desktop graphics, mostly laptop showing game strength.
Graphics counts a lot more than CPU
Build your own? Case and system fans, motherboard, power supply, CPU+cooling, GPU (graphics), hard disk drive, optical drive, RAM Dimms, operating system, display, keyboard, mouse, audio output as speakers/headset.

CPU+GPU above
RAM – Generally 8GB, 4 for windows, 4 for extra graphics pull and multiple processes. Higher speed a little better, but is limited to what is useful
Power supply, 12V amps to power the graphics, total wattage for the system, higher efficiency is better, modular is less cords
Case – cooling fans, cosmetics, sturdiness, appearance
Motherboard – Matching to CPU, USB 3.0, 6gb/sec, PCIe 2 or 3 x 16, overclocking capability, RST enabled in Intel for a solid state cache, solid capacitors (Japan made better)
Ethernet – gigabit (10/100/1000) instead of fast (10/100)
HDD – 6gb/s (sata 3), cache, rpm, brand
Laptop brands for gaming:
Tier 1: MSI, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung(if available), Alienware(but costly)
Tier 2: Lenovo (limited to 15.6″), customs (Clevo, etc)
Tier 3: HP, Dell non-Alienware, Acer(variable quality)
Desktop: In gaming, Build-your-own saves some money, and allows personalized choices.
Generally in brands, best to buy Cyberpowerpc as #1, Ibuypower as #2, though other customs are possible. These companies sell custom on their web site, plus prebuilt at good prices at Newegg and Tigerdirect.
Current possibilities at $1500
Probably this one at Newegg is best value:


$1250 MSI G Series GE70 0ND-033US Core i7 3610QM(2.30GHz) 17.3″ 8GB DDR3 750GB HDD 7200rpm DVD Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M
2nd choice:


$1550 GTX 670M 3GB, plus a little more RAM that does not help much, and better wireless
Gets about 4 or 5 frames per second, that on a few games are critical difference on ultra.
Relative to desktop, these are only just above and just below a GTX 560 ti.
You can compare these to Tigerdirect, Alienware, BHPhoto, Fry’s Electronics, NCIX using the graphics ranking. Will lookup a desktop next.
WOW! Well chosen parts here:
CyberpowerPC Gamer FTW 2001LQ Desktop PC Intel Core i5 3570k(3.40GHz) 16GB DDR3 2TB HDD Capacity AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB Bluray Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
$1515 delivered. $230 CPU excellent choice, $130 delivered case, GPU $410, $100 DRAM, $120 HDD, $100 Win 7, $30 KB+Mouse, $65 Bluray, $80 power supply, $100 MB, $35 liquid cool CPU = $1400 build-up cost minus combo-discounts (11% for labor). You can look at cheaper with different specs using charts and what I provided in links, and also Game-debate if you like. HD 7970 does not have PhysX, but is #4
GeForce GTX 680 > GTX 670 > GTX 580 > HD 7970 > HD 7950 > GTX 570 > HD 7870 > HD 7850 > HD 6970 > HD 6950 > GTX 560 Ti > HD 6870 > HD 6850 > GTX 560
Can get a cheaper desktop, but I was impressed with the specs. My answer allows you to evaluate one from another. Battlefield 3 on ultra 38 frames per second or close to it. Every known game but Witcher-2 on Ultra smoothly (that takes high end cross-firing). Battlefied 3 on ultra with GTX 560 ti or HD 6870 is 28 to 30fps. You can cut graphics, raise GPU to be more school oriented and cut the price to $1000 or so.

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Your Questions About Macbook Black Screen

William asks…

My hdmi port wont work on my macbook retina, it comes up with a black screen and a mouse?

Recently I bought my macbook with retina display and when I plugged it into the television with using the HDMi cord it worked perfectly fine with the image on the television. But now I when I plug it in to the television it comes up with a black screen and a white mouse. Before this incident I was mucking up with the setting of the mac book and I dont know what I did wrong. Can someone tell me how to fix this ?

steve answers:

” I was mucking up with the setting of the mac book and I dont know what I did wrong. Can someone tell me how to fix this ?”

To fix this you will need to undo whatever you did that messed it up.

Chris asks…

How do you perform a complete system restore on a macbook?

My friend has the new 13 inch macbook (the one that has a black screen part and a white bottom), and she wants to give it to me, but she has all her info on it, which takes months to remove unless we can perform a full system restore. I would like to know the steps on how to do that. Thank you!

steve answers:

If the Macbook came with the system restore disks, just insert the disks and boot from them to re-install Leopard. Just hold down C during boot up to boot from the CD drive.

Lisa asks…

The Walking Dead Game is a black screen whenever I try to play?

I bought it and downloaded it on Steam a couple months back, and played it all the way through and had absolutely no problems. About a week ago, I got the desire to start a new game and play it again (because it’s such a great game). I got through episode 1 fine, and then when I clicked on episode 2, all there was was a black screen, I let it wait for like, an hour maybe, and then had to force quit the game. I tried this a couple more times after rebooting my computer to no avail. I als tried re downloading the game and uninstalling and reinstalling it.

I’m on a 2010 Macbook Pro.

If anyone knows how to fix this, that’d be awesome. Thanks.

steve answers:

This may work, but when you go to your library and click on application support and try to find a file that is related to the game (or it could just be the title ” The Walking Dead’ I’m not sure)If there isn’t go into application support and check in there for something relating to the game and delete the file then try playing. Tell me if it worked or not if you want

James asks…

How do I get my mini dvi to video component to work on my macbook?

When I connect my magnavox hdtv to my macbook via the mini dvi to component adaptor, then the adaptor to the tv via yellow component cable, all I get is a black screen on my tv. I have tried every display setting on my macbook and still get nothing. I am now completely lost have have no idea what to do.

steve answers:

Yellow is not the component input on your TV. It’s the composite input. Yellow expects all the picture information on a single wire, including color. You need to find the set of 3 connectors on your TV that match the wires – green/red/blue. It will be called component video and/or y pb pr.

Green is brightness info and sync
Red is red info
Blue is blue info
(the color green is figured out inside the TV using math)

You are seeing a black and white picture because you plugged the Green cable into the yellow socket, thereby giving your TV everything it needs for a black and white picture.

Sandra asks…

Is anyone else on Nikon ImageSpace experiencing a black screen when they log on?

Last night I suddenly started getting a black screen when I log on to Nikon Image Space. I would e-mail them for support, but the login screen for My Nikon is also blank. I’ve tried both Firefox and Safari. I am running a MacBook Pro 2.17 ghz, 2gb RAM, and Mac OS 10.6.8. Any help would be appreciated.

steve answers:

I have also been getting a black screen for a couple of days. Thought I was going crazy. I am using Windows 8. Can anyone please help? Thanks.

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