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Your Questions About Sony Vaio

Sandy asks…

Does anyone have a Sony VAIO laptop?

I was planning on buying a Sony VAIO laptop. Does anyone recomend Sony? Does anyone recomend the Sony VAIO VGNNR160ES from the NR series?

Thank you very much!

steve answers:

Yes, definitely get a Sony Vaio.

They beat Macs by a long end, and even Apple has copied some of the Vaios keen qualities, like the keyboard, and integrated webcam.

I don’t know much about the NR series, but I heard all Sony Vaios are great. I use a FZ and it’s awesome. Several of my other friends use other Sony laptops, and there’s been no problem.

BE AWARE though, Sony likes to bundle a LOT of junkware with their laptops for some reason. Just one minor flaw.

It only take about 10 minutes or less to find them, and delete them off though. By putting junkware, Sony is making the laptops more affordable when they’re paid by other companies to do that. So it’s a good thing.

So definitely get a Sony Vaio.


Paul asks…

HP Pavilion G6 or a Sony VAIO?

I recently bought an hp pavilion g6 but I’ve been having some buyer’s remorse over the sony vaio. The vaio is nicer and sleeker in my opinion and it comes in more colours and it apparently has a faster processor but I’ve heard that the hp pavilion lasts longer. So now I’m having some mixed feelings and I don’t know if I should go ahead and return the hp for a pretty pink sony vaio? Please help!
The reason I chose the HP over the Sony at first was because the HP was $70 cheaper and it has a 750 gb hard drive compared to the 500 gb for the Sony. They both have the intel core i3 inside and the hp is 0.1 inches bigger. So there isn’t a huge difference with how they work but it seems as if Sony is a more popular brand and it also seems nicer. So now I can’t make up my mind!

steve answers:

Personally, I like sony vaio much better. Even though I own nothing but HPs now, if I could afford a sony again, I would buy that brand. About 12 years ago, I bought a sony vaio home computer. It was the first computer my family & i have ever owned. We really beat that thing, it lasted 10 years. I just had to buy new home computer 2 years ago..

Sony is my favorite brand. But, I mean, how come you chose the hp? Price difference? If it isn’t a huge price difference, i’d go back & get the sony, especially if they have it in pink!

Sandra asks…

Sony Vaio laptop questions?

Im contemplating buying a 14 inch sony vaio laptop, and i need something input on people who use or have used them to push me to a decision. Just say any bad things or any good things you’ve appreciated about them, thanks.

steve answers:

I have a sony vaio cr-520e/r, this a very good laptop, i get about 3hours battery life on normal use and 2hours on high usage…
The lcd screens are very good, bright display and colors…
No problems uptill now, been using it for 1 and a half years…
Touch pad is very easy to use (not sticky)…
Sony has a built in vaio care function, with this function you can control your battery charging, this function allows you to stop battery charging when it reaches 80% and this ensures a long battery life…
My laptop has a 14.1″ screen, the resolution is 1280×800, its a reasonable size, because when you watch movies the laptop is very close to you so you dont have problems watching them, on the other hand a smaller screen means less weight and battery usage…
Weight matters a lot and when the screen is small, the weight is reduced and size as well which makes the laptop more handy…
So i’d suggest that you go for a 14″ vaio with your eyes closed!!!

Nancy asks…

Sony Vaio, Yes or No?

So i’m getting a laptop for my birthday. I thought that a white sony vaio looks nice, and my friend has a vaio and she said they’re really good.
I really like it because I think white laptops look really nice.
I don’t want a macbook, those are way to expensive.
If you have a vaio, are they good enough for a grade 9 student? I’m not looking for anything fancy or expensive.

steve answers:

Sony Vaio is good but price is very High In that range You can get Better laptop

this product and it performs really well I would definitely suggest

Toshiba Satellite A505-S6030 TruBrite 16.0-Inch Laptop (Black/Silver)
*2.8GHz Intel Core i7-720QM Processor
*4GB 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM Memory
*500GB Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive (5400RPM); DVD SuperMulti Drive with Labelflash
*16″ CCFL (16:9) 1366×768 Display; NVIDIA GeForce 310M Graphics
*Window 7 Home Premium 64-bit


Also check out at Ebay there are really good deals going

Richard asks…

Would you recommend Sony Vaio laptops?

Do you think they’re good? I’m thinking of getting Sony Vaio F series, it looks amazing!

steve answers:

The Sony Vaio F series is really good. The display just so sharp! I never had have this higher class laptop before, it’s just feels so great to own this one laptop!! Keyboard, body, graphic, and etc.. Wow oh nice! I never get trouble with the mouse pad what so ever but it could be better if the pad has the scroll bar. All in all this is a very good price for what this Sony laptop has to provide!

I got mines at a discount and the laptop has been a money saver for its performance…


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Your Questions About Pink Slime

Linda asks…

Do you think Pink Slime Burgers is a good name for a restaurant?

It’s honest and folks will know what they get. I also want to have “Sugary Drinks” on the menu and “Full Fat Fries”. I have a few names for my special burgers too: “Artery Clogger”, “Ammonia Residue Baconburger”, “Obesityburger”. I will serve the “Diabetes Express” double milk shakes too.

steve answers:

No …

Mandy asks…

When will people begin suffering from pink slime withdrawals?

Now that almost everyone has stopped eating hamburgers?
I thought it was an over reaction by the media at the beginning & now there are people in the food industry that are out of work. Also consider that the processed “pink slime” is probably no different than Spam which so many of us love.
I thought it was an over reaction by the media at the beginning & now there are people in the food industry that are out of work. Also consider that the processed “pink slime” is probably no different than Spam which so many of us love.

steve answers:

We’ve been safely eating it for years and we can thank the media once again for blowing something way out of proportion with scare their scare tactics. I’m sure the people who have just lost their jobs die to the reports are thankful the talking heads have saved us again!

Jenny asks…

Will you still continue to eat ground beef with the pink slime?

As for me, I really have no choice since I am a minimum wage worker and beef with filler is cheaper than pure ground beef and around here, chicken and pork are just as expensive as ground beef. And no, I’m not going vegetarian since vegetables are pretty expensive too. And I won’t live on beans, potatoes, and rice for the rest of my life.

steve answers:

It’s never bothered us so far, so we’ll keep buying it since it’s the cheapest. Or at least we only buy the cheapest ground beef since we need the fats and it’s economical. I guess it’s just no big deal, it’s not like an ecoli scare.

Lisa asks…

Is there anything actually dangerous about Pink Slime?

is there any evidence that this is actually dangerous, or is it just public speculation?

steve answers:

Not really. “pink slime” is essentially liquid you get when you wash out the meat residue from a grinder with disinfectant (A weak ammonia solution). It’s not toxic, just kind of gross looking, and isn’t particularly harmful.

Personally, if I had an issue with “pink slime,” it’s that the practice “waters down” the beef, so I’m paying more for less. You’re paying more per pound of actual meat, since a bigger portion of the weight is from added water (the weak ammonia solution).

Donald asks…

If Romney wins will we have to eat more pink slime?

@ Billy Bob; If that’s all it is then why not make all the beef that way? Oh that’s right, it’s just the beef byproducts you would not normally eat. Have a glass of ammonia while you’re at it. You’ll find some in yourPiss because your body doesn’t want it.

steve answers:

Probably. He probably have stock on it. We have been eating it for a while. Unfortunately, they do not understand that it may be the reason why obesity is rampant in the US. It is empty calories.

What bothers me is that they sold it to me as Ground Beef. It is a fraudulent practice.

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Your Questions About Tablet Touch Pen

Donald asks…

What is a good drawing tablet for a beginner?

For now, I just want a good tablet that is suitable for a beginner/hobbyist. I draw a lot of anime/manga style drawings. I already know that the Wacom Bamboo tablets are good, but which one is more suitable? The Bamboo Splash? Bamboo Capture? Are the software included any good? I really have no idea.
I forgot to add that I’m also considering the Bamboo Create! So the three I’m considering are the Bamboo Splash, Bamboo Capture, and the Bamboo Create. Sorry for any confusion.

steve answers:

If you are limiting options to Wacom Bamboo, then the medium may be best , form that you look aty size and costs,
Capture $99, Create $199


next up could be Intuos versions,
Intuos Small $229



there are other models and brands available at some stores,

Adesso tablets


G-Pen Tablets


UC-Logic tablets


XP-Pen — Pen Tablet


Hanvon Pen Tablets & Displays









Richard asks…

What is the best and cheapest Pen Table to buy for doing interior renderings on Photoshop?

I am an Interior Architect student and I need to render a drawing on Photoshop and using just the mouse is a nightmare. So! My professor suggested buying a pen table. However, as are most student,
I am tight for money and would like to speed it as wisely as possible. In addition I would not even know where to start in choosing a pen table. So please help me out!

steve answers:

Hello Katy, there are several good pent tablets are available in the market. To doing interior renderings on Photoshop you can use pen tablet such as,
1. Wacom Bamboo 0CTL-470/K0-CX Pen Small Tablet
2. IBall Pen Tablet 8060U(8×6)
3. Veegee Metal Stylus Touch screen pen pencil
4. Amzer 94860 Petite Dual Styli and Pen – Silver
5.iBall Wireless 22.9cm Pen Tablet

all the given pen tablets are cheapest in rate. And best in performance.

Joseph asks…

What drawing tablet is good for beginners?

I enjoy taking photos and making photo-manipulations with photoshop, I’ve been thinking about getting a drawing tablet . Which it best for beginners? I’d one in the low $200 USD price range. I also, move around a lot, so I use a laptop and don’t use a desk. Therefore, I’d need drawing tablet that doesn’t need to lay flat.

steve answers:

I guess you can buy a tablet from Wacom’s bamboo range. Cheapest one is the Wacom Bamboo pen which will cost $69 and the best one in this range is Wacom Bamboo fun which has a medium size tablet and also both pen and touch features. It will cost you $199.


Since your budget is $200 I think you can go for Wacom Bamboo fun pen tablet. Specially it’s better for photo editing because it has a bigger tablet which means bigger screen area.

Mary asks…

What is the best accurate graphic tablet for drawing cartoons?

I need a tablet that reproduces my hand drawing with fidelity i don’t care about other stuff.
Thank you.

steve answers:

The Wacom Intuos5 Touch Medium Pen Tablet is awesome for drawing Cartoon.. It is very accurate and allows you to zoom as well as edit already drawn cartoons.. Overall, it has top ratings from hundreds of buyers.. See full specifications as well as customers review at amazon: see link below

Nancy asks…

How well does a Wacom Bamboo tablet work?

I am looking into purchasing a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet, but before I do so I was wondering if it was really worth it.

steve answers:

The bamboo is really good choice for starter, but the pen and touch model may not really functional if you use with a large monitor. I would rather go with Bamboo Fun which is the medium size instead.

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Your Questions About Tablet Deals

Linda asks…

Should I buy a Nook Tablet?

I am interested in purchasing a table but I’m fairly frugal (i.e. cheap). I mainly want to use it as an e-reader and for the internet with internet usage being fairly simple – read the news, check email through Yahoo, Facebook and possibly on-line shopping. I want something to do the simple things, not pay a lot and be able to take it with me at all times…is the Nook Tablet for me?

steve answers:

Hello, Mindy, I believe Nook Tablet is the best deal on the market for the device of this quality and performance. You can do all the things you mentioned on it and much more. Here’s the features of Nook Tablet – 1.0 Ghz dual-core processor, 1.0 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, battery is 11.5 hours reading and 9 hours of video, microSD slot up to 32 GB, fully non-glare laminated HD screen with the best viewing angles on the market, loaded with optimized Netflix, Hulu Plus and bunch of other apps (Pandora, Angry Birds, etc.), has a built-in microphone can be used with Skype for voice conferencing and for dictations with speech recognition software, physical volume buttons on the side, weights only 14.1 oz. It’s been getting very good reviews on the web and it the hottest item on the tablet market.

Carol asks…

Which site sells Phentemine weight loss tablets online. Best deals needed?

steve answers:

Http://www.phentemine375.com/ is the official seller of Phentemine tablets online. You can get the best and the cheapest deals with them online. Be careful and buy original and genuine products online.

Steven asks…

Good deal or nawh?…..?

Is this a good deal or no?
Wifi HD touchscreen multi media tablet . 8g memory, 720p HD hdmi. Andriod 4.0

Its brand new, still in box. I saw an ad online for it. And this is the information they gave. Also its only $50.00.

steve answers:

Well nina, if the seller is a legitimate seller and not a scammer then yes it is a fairly good deal. With that said I will caution you to go slowly and investigate the legitimacy of the seller. The scammers and rip off artists are everywhere online and at this time of year they increase in leaps and bounds always trying to make as much money as they can before disappearing never to be heard from again. Anyone with a little knowledge can create an absolutely great looking website with what appears to be affiliations with sites like Microsoft,Norton,McAfee and so many more when in actuality it is nothing more than a nice looking page they use to rip off unsuspecting shoppers. Please before making any purchase from any site or e-tailer check them out and ask either your friends or here on Y!A if anyone is familiar with the seller and are they safe to buy from.

Good Luck, keep your chin up, a smile on your face and may the sun always shine upon your day.

David asks…

iPad1 vs. Android Tablet?

looking to take notes and small stuff like that.
so android tablet and ipad1

already i have the ipod touch 4

steve answers:

Quality Control shop


The only difference is android tablet is much better than a iPad for the half of the price!

I can sugest you two choices ….. New android 4.0 tablets now available. Those tablet are the “iPad killers”!

- Cube U9GT2 (16GB) ~249$

- ONDA vi40 Elite (16GB) ~289$

Both the Onda VI40 Android 4.0 IPS Capacitive tablet PC and the Cube U9T2 ICS have very similar specifications and features. First is the 9.7″ Capacitive multi-touch IPS screen.

Onda made its name way back in 2008 when it released a 4.3″ touch screen mp4 player that please called an iPod Touch wannabe or alternative. This model did well, but the marketing and product development of the company went astray.

This is why I was both suprised and happy to be reviewing first 9.7″ Android 4.0 tablet PC by Onda, the VI40 Elite Edition Tablet PC. Boasting 9.7-inch 1024 x 768 capacitive multi-touch IPS display it seems to be 5-point touch. It adopts the fastest yet 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A10 processor with Mali-400 GPU (graphics processor).

The onda VI40 Elite tablet also packs dual cameras, a 1.3 Mega Pixel front-facing camera and a 5.0M pixel rear-facing camera. More the VI40 supports 2160p Super HD video playback.

It has a 6500mAh battery giving you around 4.5 to 5 hours of internet surfing time.

The Cube U9GT2 also has a 9.7″ IPS screen but with a more responsive 10-point multi touch screen. The processor is not as fast but will do the job clocking in at 1.2GHz on a Rockchip RK2918 CPU.

In addition to a better screen, the Cube Android 4.0 Tablet also has 16gb of built-in memory compared to Onda’s 8gb. The Cube tablet also has larger 8000mah battery for 6 hours of internet surfing or “10 hours music, 4 hours video, 5 hours wifi.”

The Cube doesn’t have a 5mp camera but it does have dual 2 mega pixel cameras for quality photos and video from front and back.

The Onda VI40 Elite may prove to rule supreme as today’s android tablet forum enthusiasts like the cheapest deal, even if the battery only gets an hour less usage from a full charge.

Both have microSD card slots so one could buy a memory card to make up for the 8gb of memory the Onda so dearly misses.

Last thought, the Apple iPad 2 should be wetting its pants now. Both of these tablets are more powerful and have just as responsive capacitive screens. Not to mention extra goodies like dual cameras and open source Ice Cream Sandwich. Yum!

Full specificatons, reviews and buy links here:


Mark asks…

advice on graphics tablets?

im looking to get a decent graphics tablet, one that can be used for digital painting. i have not used one before and don’t know which one i should get. i would appreciate any help and thank you for it.

steve answers:

Any Wacom tablet is a good investment. If you want one for a cheaper price but good quality, the Bamboo Craft(around $100) is really great! If money isn’t an issue, go for an Intuos tablet. Those are for professionals. I would suggest buying a tablet from Amazon because I found that they often had better deals than retail stores.

Also, when choosing a tablet size, the smallest size will suffice, trust me. Good luck choosing a tablet! :D

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Your Questions About Google Laptop Chrome Os

Donna asks…

I got laptop formatted and i want google chrome is it safe to download?

I used to have firefox but my grandad dont trust it and told me off everytime he uninstalled it i re installed it.

steve answers:

Google Chrome is indeed Safe and lightweight..

Already installed it on ALL my Friends their laptops and Desktops ^_^

And Google Chrome OS is in the make, can’t wait =)

Also according to the papers here, Google Chrome (and safari) are officialy faster than Firefox

(Ps: It never hurts to have a good Anti-virus ;-p )

Helen asks…

Google Chrome OS… Well?

Google will shortly bring out their operating system… what are your expectations ?? …. I think it will be much better than windows…. all google applications are smooth and friendly …..
If you have any information other than that on google blog , please share it …. thanksss
Unbuntu sounds great,too …
I didn’t take notice that Chrome is for netbooks … I read it as notebooks :p…
Are they willing to make it for all computers ??

steve answers:

*Yes, it will work on DeskTops and most likely including NoteBooks/LapTops!. Because it most likely will be Linux, and most likely FREE download, you heard me correct, FREE download.

*Make a ISO (not data ) BackUp of your Windows Operating System, before installing any other Operating System, unless you have a Windows or Recovery Disk (not upgrade). All you need is a CD or DVD blank.


Google News


Windows Killer? Nope.

Ubuntu is close to being a killer (owner Mark ShuttleWorth)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Ubuntu (Super Version)
http://ubuntu.com (Standard Version)
http://lubuntu.org (Light Version)
http://u-lite.org (Light Version #2)
http://xubuntu.org (Lighter Version)

All Operating Systems Website, DisCluding Windows and MacOSx


Google’s focus will always be internet.

For the time-being, ChromeOS will be available on NetBook’s, hence the word, “Net” or “Internet” or “mostly for Internet Surfing”, but , won’t happen till 2010.

Until ChromeOS is released, check out Google’s Cloud-Computing:


( also available on http://distrowatch.com )

Robert asks…

Problems with Google Chrome OS?

Hi. I desperately need to meet a deadline for Monday. The problem is is that I just bought the Google Chromebook Samsung laptop yesterday and I was hoping to complete work for Monday. I inserted my USB but I’m trying to open up a document that is a Microsoft Word document but it won’t open it for me and it doesn’t give me any apps for it. I tried downloading Microsoft Office for free and that won’t open either. Please tell me there is some way I can work on a document that is a Microsoft Word document on Google Docs… PLEASE D:

steve answers:


That’s the problem with a Chromebook, it’s only meant for internet usage. Can’t you upload a file to Google Drive from your flash drive and edit it there?

Charles asks…

Is Google’s Chrome OS practical for a college student?

Alright, so I’m going to college next year and my parents said I can get any laptop I want. I’m undecided between getting a Macbook Pro or the Google Chrome Pixel. The problem is I love the hardware of the Pixel, but I am skeptical if Google‘s operating system is good for college. I realize the Pixel is pricey, but I’m not asking about the laptop itself. Also keep in mind that I have also own a Mac desktop computer that I could always use as a fallback.
Cronin: I will probably go with a Macbook then. But not with windows. Everything I need for college is covered with Apple’s OS, but thanks for your suggestion.

steve answers:

I say don’t get either one and get a PC laptop.. Both will cripple your ability to run necessary software for school. Granted you can run windows on a macbook pro.

The extra cost of an Apple product can be spent buying you a much better PC laptop.

Google Chrome Pixel is a waste of money under Google Chrome OS. It’s like buying a nice car but only an old lady with vision problems can drive it and you can only get rides.

Either way you go, if you want the most bang for your buck you have to wait for the Intel Haswell chips later this year.

Richard asks…

Is Adobe Photoshop Elements available for Google Chrome OS?

I would like to edit my photos on the new Google Chrome laptop.

steve answers:


Adobe Photoshop (Elements 11 and CS6) only runs on Windows or Macs.

Google Chrome OS is a Linux based operating system.

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