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Your Questions About Samsung Infuse

Steven asks…

Do any otterboxes fit the samsung infuse?

I just got a Samsung Infuse and i can’t find any Otterboxes and where to get them. Please tell me where i can get a Samsung Infuse Otterbox.

steve answers:



Laura asks…

How to make it so Words with friends does not notify me of my turn on mt samsung infuse?

I turned off auto sync but cannot disable background data or else android market does not work. My question is how do I disable words with friends from notifying me when it is my turn and so I can check it manually. I have little data available on the samsung infuse so I need my phone to not use data when possible. Thanks for the help!

steve answers:

Don’t think it’s available, why don’t you get more data and no worry about data usage.

Linda asks…

Should I get Beats by Dre Studio or a Samsung Infuse 4g for christmas?

I have the Beats by dre Solo HD right now and I’ve been thinking about selling them and getting the studios for Christmas. Or I can keep the solos and get a samsung infuse for christmas and get the studios in the spring when I work again. So ultimately I will be getting both but which one should I get first?

steve answers:

Samsung infuse4g!!!!!!!

Ken asks…

Can anyone help me with water damaged Samsung Infuse?

So a few days ago I dropped my samsung infuse into the toilet by accident, and stuck it in some rice, but now I can’t get it to turn on…Is it dead or is there anything else at all that I can do to bring it back?

steve answers:

Why did u put it in rice u should have just taken out the battery the moment u dropped it in the toilet bring it to best buy or somewhere that fixes cellphones that aren’t ripoffs go to trusted company’s

Robert asks…

Should I keep my iPhone 3GS or switch to my moms Samsung infuse 4g?

I’ve had my iPhone 3 for about a year and my mom just upgraded and she said I can use her old Samsung infuse if I want. What are your thoughts on this phone? Or should I just keep my phone?

steve answers:

I’d personally switch to the Infuse.. Go the link I have here and compare the phones for yourself though.


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Your Questions About Hp Mini

Mark asks…

Where can I buy an HP mini…..?

Where can I buy an HP mini without having to buy a plan with it.

Please have a link.

steve answers:

HP’s website

Nancy asks…

Are the HP Mini laptops any good?

I have a full sized laptop but I think its kind of bulky and not too convenient to carry around to classes and such. I was at the library and they loan out HP Mini laptops to use and I really liked it! It was perfect for carrying around, the keyboard was bigger than i thought and it worked really well.

I’m considering getting one to have for school and on the go but I’m wondering if its worth it to buy one and are there any flaws or things I should be concerned about?

steve answers:

It really depends on what you want to do on it. It doesn’t have an internal optical drive, so if you use discs often you’ll need an external DVD drive. If you’re a power user who runs many resource-intensive programs at once, then the Mini isn’t for you. The HP Minis are netbooks, so they’re portable and have long battery life, but they aren’t as powerful as full sized laptops. It’s for basic tasks like word processing, internet surfing, watching videos, listening to music, and so on.

Donna asks…

Which HP Mini should I get?

What is the big difference between the HP Mini, Hp Mini with MI and the Hp Mini with XP. any suggestions on which one to get or do you recommend another netbook?

steve answers:

The biggest difference I see is that they have different operating systems.

HP Mini XP has Windows XP.

And Mini HP with Mi has a different one called HP Mobile internet (Mi) software built on Linux.

Which is why the Mi is cheaper…

The Mini with Mi doesn’t have a desktop ect. So if your used to windows, I’d suggest the XP one, but check out the Mini HP with Mi in action at:


or search “Mini HP mi” on google. :)

Laura asks…

Should I get the HP Mini with Mi or the HP Mini with XP?

I’m just not sure for a couple reasons and it would be really cool if someone could help me out.

Reason #1
I’m really only into getting a laptop to play MMO’s on… Not some big high spec MMO, so I’m just wanting a nice little laptop that can run a game like Fly For Fun.

Reason #2
I read that the HP Mini with Mi comes with Linux as its O/S. To be honest, I really just want to stick with Windows… (And thank God it’s not Vista!!!)

Reason #3
From what I’ve been reading all the HP Mini with Mi is good for is browsing the internet, looking at pictures, and checking your email.
The only internet browsing I do is YouTube and surfing the web for information or programs that I need. The other times I’m playing MMO’s or using the programs I downloaded.

So if someone could help me out here and determine which laptop you think I should get, that would be a great help. Currently I’m leaning towards HP Mini with XP. Remember, I really just want this laptop to play MMO’s, and the MMO’s I play aren’t high spec at all. Thanks in advance!

steve answers:

You should get the HP Mini 5101. You’ll love it. If you want to read the specs and features of the netbook, you can do so here. ( http://techkritik.com/2009/06/24/hp-mini-5101-looks-good-available-in-july/ )

Michael asks…

My hp mini wont connect to wireless?

I just recently bought a Hp mini laptop we have verizon internet and every computer in the house connects to the wireless except for mine ..i tried adding the wireless name to my list and still wont find it at all..it finds other wireless networks, but they’re locked so..yeah…i really need help with this so i can get my laptop up and running for my school work…step by step will help because im not to familiar with wireless talk such ass SSID’S nd AP’
My hp mini just will not find my internet connection…i added the name i entered in the password?..idk if thats wat im suppose 2 put for the network key or not or am i suppose 2 put the routers #’s or sumtin lyke that my data encryption is WEP …the troubleshooting services at hp didnt help idk how to get the internet working…this was a hassel with my other laptop as well i had the same problem with my acer travelmate…the router is a fios verizon router nd yes the wireless button thingy is turned on

steve answers:

Lets see…first make sure the little wireless button on your hp is set to on, it should be a button on the outside of your laptop somewhere

then if that doesnt apply

try these two hp diagnostic tools ok



finally read through this step by step explanation


oh i see u didnt get it.

First try connecting with cable to router first then, then open internet explorer, in address bar type, then i think password would be admin, then look under security tabs, it will show you what security you are using, like WEP or WPA, an you should see your key or password.

Then when you try to connect wireless, u just click connect, then type in the key or password.

So solly its hard to explain things sometimes, theres so many things that can go wrong

once i was stuck, i had to go into routers page and do that CLONE MAC thing, but i just have one computer in my house.

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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops

Chris asks…

What is a good affordable laptop?

I’m 15 and i’m hoping to get a job soon and would like to save up money for a new laptop. I will also be putting my money towards other things like helping to pay bills because i’m moving in with my grandmother, so nothing too expensive. My price limit is about 500$ since I don’t have a job yet and I dont know how much i’ll be getting paid since i’m only 15 and will probably have to find a job at a local or family business. What computers do you know of that will last and aren’t too expensive. I’m thinking maybe a used mac if i can find one that cheap or a Toshiba.

steve answers:

You Can Get A Good Cheap Laptop With Decent Specs From ASUS.

Jenny asks…

Branded Laptops?

Can anyone give me or enumerate some names of branded laptops?

Thanks in advance!!!

steve answers:

Asus – for gamers. . .short battery life. . .durable, decent laptops. . .

Sager – for gamers. . .short battery life. . .durable, decent laptops. . .

Alienware – for gamers who have a lot of money. . .short battery life. . .very “fancy” in terms of design. . .

VooDoo – for gamers who have a lot of money. . .short battery life. . .don’t like this brand. . .

Dell – affordable, durable laptops, but from experience. . .horrible customer service. . .

Lenovo (used to be IBM) – business laptops. . .best laptops if you’re looking for reliability and durability. . .good customer service. . .however. . .design of these laptops are “old school”. . .

Toshiba – affordable laptops. . .nice looking laptops. . .durable and decent laptops. . .

HP & Compaq – affordable, decent laptops. . .a lot of laptops to choose from. . .

LG – affordable, decent laptops. . .poor battery life. . .

Panasonic – very expensive. . .the toughbooks. . .but very durable. . .I don’t suggest to get this brand unless you’re going to the army and fight. . .they can withstand anything. . .

Acer – I would never recommend this brand to anyone. . .worst laptop quality there is. . .so far. . .however. . .if you’re looking for something really cheap and only using it for a short time (less than 1 year). . .go for it. . .

Sony – decent, durable laptops. . .but can be costly. . .if you have the money, go for it. . .the Sony laptops have a lot of colours to choose from and stylish. . .

Fujitsu – not very known, but this brand does have good build laptops. . .it’s durable, stylish, simple, decent. . .not very costly. . .

Mac – well. . .MacBook Air is overrated. . .it’s not a good laptop. . .but the other laptops. . .I think they’re decent. . .this brand is mostly for people into multimedia such as video editing, graphing design, etc. . .and it’s not very costly exception of MacBook Air. . .

Gateway – this brand builds decent laptops. . .

MDG (I’m not sure if you’ve heard of them . . .) – second worst brand next to Acer. . .

MSI – not very known, but this brand builds good quality laptops. . .they mostly sell whitebooks (barebone laptops). . .

Maria asks…

Which is the best and affordable gaming laptop? HDMI IN laptops?

I want to play my consoles using hdmi to a laptop which uses a HDMI IN function. I suspect these laptops are pricey, but i’m not sure what the current market prices are or which laptops are the best. Anything around £500-£700 is affordable for me.
I don’t mind something more expensive anything around that price, just some good options – companies, models would help!
Thank you

steve answers:

The HDMI input in a laptop is a very rare feature, but some laptops from Dell’s Alienware have it. Check them out here: http://www.dell.com/us/dfh/p/alienware-laptops?~ck=bt

Joseph asks…

I’m looking for an affordable gaming laptop.?

I would like to buy a cheap gaming laptop. I’m not looking for something to play skyrim or call of duty on. All I’d like is to be able to run Minecraft at high video quality settings. I’m far from knowledgable when it comes to video cards and all that stuff so if upgrading my video card on my current laptop would be better, I’d like to know. Thanks.

steve answers:

The problem with that question is “affordable”

Steven asks…

laptop suggestions?

well im planning to buy a laptop, but im not sure of the brands and price of them, so are there any good laptop brands and have a decent price?

steve answers:

Dell and HP make affordable laptops. Sony and Apple are very nice but much more expensive for the same specs. Check out a variety of machines and do some homework on sites like amazon with a lot of unbiased feedback.

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Your Questions About 10 Unique Laptops

Carol asks…

What to do at my birthday party?

I’m having my 14th birthday party in 4 days, and it was supposed to be at a pool, but now we can’t due to a lot of things. So now we’re having it at home. What can we do at my house, maybe the backyard, etc., that would be fun for everyone? I don’t want to play a whole bunch of little kid games. There will be people from 10 years old to like 50 years old. Lots of teenagers, though. Any ideas?
We also have a very low budget…

steve answers:

A karaoke party is always fun. All you need is a microphone and a laptop with some decent speakers. The more speakers the better. You can find lots of karaoke songs on youtube or for $4.95 you can get 24 hour access to a site called karafun.com that has tons of songs. To make it even more fun you can do it kinda like a show. Do each others hair and makeup, throw together some costumes or props and then take turns doing your favorite songs. Similarly for dinner you could do an iron chef type competition dividing into groups to see which team comes up with the tastiest concoction, you might want to include a unique ingredient for each group to incorporate. As far as decor goes bohemian is always fun you can tack up fabrics and put lots of rugs and pillows on the floor so that it feels like you are in a tent somewhere in the far east, google bohemian looks and you’ll see what I mean. Hope you have fun!

Daniel asks…

Sony or Kindle able to support adobe ebook format for laptop?

I want to get a reader for all my ebooks on my computer including adobe format. Which e reader would be the best to buy. I mean most of my formats are in adobe not sure which one supports what.

steve answers:

For me, I will choose Kindle as it does have some advantage over sony readers. Here is a review I’ve found:


For the PDF, you can get them converted for free. See the last paragraph below, it is extracted from the Kindle sales page:

Personal Documents

Kindle makes it easy to take your personal documents with you, eliminating the need to print. Each Kindle has a unique and customizable e-mail address. You can set your unique email address on your Manage Your Kindle page. This allows you and your approved contacts to e-mail Word, PDF documents, and pictures wirelessly to your Kindle for a small per document fee–currently only 10¢ per document. Kindle supports wireless delivery of unprotected Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, TXT, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PRC and MOBI files.

You can email your PDFs wirelessly to your Kindle. Due to PDF’s fixed layout format, some complex PDF files may not format correctly on your Kindle.

If you are not in a wireless area or would like to avoid the fee, you can send attachments to “name”@free.kindle.com to be converted and e-mailed to your computer at the e-mail address associated with your Amazon.com account login. You can then transfer the document to your Kindle using your USB connection. For example, if your Kindle email address is Jay@Kindle.com, send your attachments to Jay@free.kindle.com.

Ken asks…

What r the top 5 online shoping websites in india fr electronics itms acording to ur bst experience?

Best experience on basis of the following facts 1.shipping of the pdt 2.money back/return of the pdt in cse of damage &defect

steve answers:

(1) Flipkart.com – Score(4.76) -You can not only buy books online through Flipkart, but also mobile phones & mobile accessories, laptops, computer accessories, cameras, movies, music, televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing-machines, MP3 players and products from a host of other categories. After takeover of letsbuy.comnow flipkart is largest player of e-commerceof India.

(2) ebay.in -Score(4.88) After almost 6month of dominating at number 1 ebay has come down at number two on indiafreestuff.in list. EBay.in is the Indian version of the popular online shopping portal eBay.com– world’s online marketplace. Ebay has a diverse and passionate community of individuals and small businesses. Ebay offers used and fresh items with a wide network of international shipping. Http://www.ebay.in/

(3) tradus.com – Score(5.32) Tradus.in is owned by ibibo from books to clothes they sell you everything. Tradus offers the Online Shopping in India to buy Books, Mobiles, Cameras, Watches, Apparel, Home Appliances,Ipods & Many More at Lowest Price & Free shipping although their refunding process takes more than expected time and they don’t ship all over India but still at no 3 on our list
(4) futurebazaar.com -Score(5.39) -FutureBazaar.comis owned and operated by Future Bazaar India Ltd futurebazaar offers you wide range with good price The people of behind this company are same from bigbazaar, pantaloon and ezone
(5) infibeam.com -Score(5.69) India’s Online Shopping Platform offers Buy Mobile Phones,Books, Apparel, Jewellery, Cameras, Watches, Send Gifts to India, New/ Used Cars & Bikes in India a report says 40 lakh visits per month by Indians on this site
(6) homeshop18.com -Score(5.82) here you find large range appliances, kitchen, cameras, mobiles, laptops, site, indian, gifts, apparel, buy, online, gifts. And more, HomeShop18 is a venture of theNetwork18 Group, India’s fastest growing media and entertainment Group. Network18 operates India’s leading business news television channels – CNBC TV18 and CNBC Awaaz. HomeShop18 has also launched India’s first 24 hour Home Shopping TV channel. The company has its headquarters in Noida, UP. The website has received the ‘Best shoppingsite” award from PC World Magazine in 2008
(7) Yebhi.com – Score(5.88) Yebhi is India Largest Shopping Destination for your Wardrobe. Shop for shoes, apparels, jewelery, Bags and more. No matter yebhi rules in Apparel catagory and if you want to buy clothes or shoes online this is best site, Their deals become more lucrative with discount coupons, Now they are also selling mobiles at good price.
(8) Snapdeal.com -Score(5.93) SnapDeal offers everything from local daily deals on restaurants, spas, travel to online products deals. They offer you best price with free shipping.
(9) buytheprice.com -Score(5.99) Shop Online – Buy Mobile Phones, Laptops, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, TVs and Hard Disks Free Shipping.One of the unique feature of this site is itemprices get reduce after selling in big quantityfor example a 4 gb pendrive is listed at 350 if 5 people buys it price gets down at 320 if 10-15 people buys it gets down at 285 so on buytheprice is at no 5 on our top10 list
(10) indiaplaza.in – Score(6.06) indiaplaza.inis on 10th place of indiafreestuff.in ranking, Shop online over 8 million items at India’s largest shopping site at lowest prices.

Sandy asks…

How to make a widows 7 bootable USB?

I bought my laptop about 2 years ago, with built-in 64 bit windows 7. After some tinkering around with Ubuntu, I accidentally erased windows 7 and got only Ubuntu (12.10) after a while, I got sick of Ubuntu, long story short, I have no operating system at all. Now, my only computer access is my parents Mac running snow leopard. Any way to make a windows 7 bootable USB from my 8 GB USB with my parents computer?

steve answers:

You didn’t specify what edition of Windows 7 64-bit you used to have on your laptop. The edition should be indicated in the OEM sticker at the back. It should also contain the product key which is your license key.

Anyway, download one of these ISO files using your parent’s Mac:
Windows 7 Home Premium Edition SP1 (bootable)
x86 (32-bit) version (2446MB or 2.39GB) — http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-58996.iso
x64 (64-bit) version (3167MB or 3.09GB) — http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-58997.iso

Windows 7 Professional Edition SP1 (bootable)
x86 (32-bit) version (2446MB or 2.39GB) — http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59183.iso
x64 (64-bit) version (3167MB or 3.09GB) — http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59186.iso

Windows 7 Ultimate Edition SP1 (bootable)
x86 (32-bit) version (2446MB or 2.39GB) — http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59463.iso
x64 (64-bit) version (3167MB or 3.09GB) — http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59465.iso

The ISO can be transferred to a flash drive with this tool:


However, as you only have a Mac right now, you cannot run the tool so you have to burn the ISO file to a bootable DVD using an ISO burner:


I suppose you already know your way from here.

UPDATE: @Kyle, sharing or using an installer from someone isn’t illegal. The links above are from Digital Rivers, the authorized online retail distributor of Microsoft products. They are the real and untouched copies. It is not the disc that makes it genuine but the product key. That’s what you pay for, not the installer. As a matter of fact, you can use the same installer on hundreds of machines anytime but each of them should have a unique product key which you have to buy from Microsoft. If the product is not activated within 30 days, that’s the time the OS will start nagging that you don’t have a genuine OS.

Maria asks…

Are any of those wins stuff for free ads true?

Can you actually win frree Ipods and Xbob just by filling out a couple serveys? And if not, isn’t that illegal with false advertising?

steve answers:

Some probably not all give the reward only after you jump through a near impossible bunch of hoops, they make money from search of the 13 or so different offers and product trials you have to sign up to, read the small print and the terms and conditions link carefully.
One affiliate solicitation revealed the stats for one such offer, indicated that something like 1 in 27,778 visitors to the offer ended up getting a prize.

“Program Review Getofferstoday.com is a freebies site that is simple and easy to use and has served over one billion people in the past 3 years. They have sent over 10,000 laptops and 26,000 unique gifts in that time period and they pay for shipping and handling! There are no future obligations, the gift is the user’s when they complete the program requirements.”

Here’s an actual disclaimer from a more shady Free iPad cell phone account billing CPV ad:
“Participation may be required to claim your prize. This page, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story.”

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Your Questions About Acer Eee

Richard asks…

Viruses attacked my net book! what do I do?!?

Ok I am like computer challenged and I know nothing about virus protection. My net book has been attacked. I just bought a McAfee protection plan…. but of course with the netbook there is no cd drive. I cannot get it on the internet and my bar at the bottom with the start button just dissapears. So my question is how do I transfer the McAfee onto the flash drive and onto the netbook? Or if you know an easier way please let me know? And if you can break it down computer – challenged style…. Thanks in advance.
I have an Acer net book
I have an Acer…. I’m not really worried about any pictures or n e thing else being lost….. I just need to be able to get online because its my only way of talking to my husband

steve answers:

Mcafee might not get rid of the viruses so you can restore your computer to the date that you first turned it on but you will lose all of your information… And i need to know what kind of computer you have to help you
well thats great beacuse i have an acer to is what model is it? Mines an acer eee pc 1005hab look on the bottom of your netbook and then see what it says
ok then youll need to turn off your computer by holding down the power button until it turns off then turn it on and as sooon as the acer symbol pops up hit the Ctrl F10 button continuesouly until somthing pops up about restoring your computer and then follow the directions and then wait for it to do its thing and in about 15 min you should be back on the internet

Carol asks…

When does the Acer Aspire One hit the shops?

Just saw this new notebook was “launched” yesterday.

Bottom line, I want one. Does anyone know when they will be hitting the actual shops, specifically in the UK?


steve answers:

You’ll have to keep a look out – I googled “Acer Aspire One Stock” and got nothing so even a dedicated stock watch website isn’t up yet as is the case with the Asus EEE PC

You could try ringing Acerdirect for more information – good luck

Ruth asks…

Acer Aspire One, SSD + Windows XP?

So I’m looking to buy the Acer Aspire One this Saturday but the only models available in-store in my area are the Linux ones with the 8GB SSD. So being that, I’m probably just going to end up buying one of those.

I’m also buying a tablet to go along with it but I don’t know if it will work with Linux, plus OpenOffice is nice, but I use Microsoft OneNote and there’s no alternative for that.

Therefore, I’m considering wiping Linux off and installing Windows XP on it instead. Anyone think that, considering this is an SSD, it’ll be a bad idea?


steve answers:

Not really you can also do it with the asus EEE’s so it should not be a problem

Sandra asks…

Is this a good laptop for 13 year old?

This laptop called the Acer Aspire One in Blue looks good, can it play my Sims 2 games and Sims 3 when it comes out?
Heres the link-


I have an acer desktop and it works fine, even cheaper then this.. so I don’t understand if the Sims wouldn’t work, and as for the Eee, that computer I heard is much worse then the Aspire One.
I do not only want to use it for gaming, I need it for working too, and instant messaging.

steve answers:

The laptop CAN play the Sims 2. Barely. I have played the Sims 2 on a similar computer, and it was painfully slow and choppy. I would not recommend this laptop if its purpose is for playing The Sims 2. As for The Sims 3, no minimum requirements have been released as of yet, so i can’t say anything for sure. But by looking at pictures of the game, and based on the advances in programming that have taken place during the time between the Sims 2 and The Sims 3, i would say it is a pretty safe bet that the Sims 3 won’t work on that laptop. The laptop is pretty underpowered, and it is part of a breed of laptops which are released and are already considered underpowered at release date. I would recommend a laptop with better specifications if you intend to play games on it.

Some people are recommending the Acer EEE PC. That computer does not run windows. It runs a modified Linux Operating System that WILL NOT run any Windows or Mac programs. I have used the EEE PC before, i know from experience.
Do not listen to people who tell you this is a great computer: it isn’t. This is a cheap computer designed for Web Browsing and Document editing. Go for something better.

Edit Edit:
An Acer Desktop is not the same as an Acer Notebook. Remember that. Desktops can be cheaper or the same proce and pack more of a punch because they dont need Built in screens, battery’s, etc… This is not a good laptop. Don’t judge a computers power by its cost, judge it by its specs.

You stated in your question this laptop was for a 13 year old who wanted to play The Sims 2 and 3. This is my opinion for a laptop witch needs to do that.

Chris asks…

What is a net book laptop?

steve answers:


Theyre laptop computers that are very lightweight and portable. Usually 10 inches or smaller. The Acer Aspire One and Acer EEE pc were among the first that really caught on with consumers. The link on the top is to the Acer Aspire One netbook.

So basically, theyre just like laptops except smaller and slower. Great for travel though! And the batteries last for an average of 8 hours on one charge. A laptop’s battery life is usually only around 3 hours.

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