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Your Questions About Edge To Edge Lcd Monitor

Sandra asks…

what are the advantages and disadvantages of plasm and lcd high defintion tvs?

i am shopping for a tv that can be use for both tv and as a computer monitor. It needs to be high def and I am not sure the advantages and disadvantages of plasma vs lcd

steve answers:

Plasma sets still has a burn in concern( not as much as 4yrs ago but still can be a problem) & as far as both in terms of computer use lcd would be the way to go there’s no burn in problems , but they both can double as a computer display but with plasma issues it’s not recommened & as far as advantages & dis well in picture quality they both are close plasma may edge out lcd in one area only & that’s black level they have owned that over lcd since the start & even that is very close now & lcd has a resolution advantage they can do 720p,1080i & 1080p in smaller sizes than plasma 37ins. & up so if you use one of these sets as a computer screen then lcd would be a better choice, that way you don’t have to think about burn in issues.

Donna asks…

Will 720p look better on a 720p monitor than a 1080p?

Here’s the situation: I am looking at purchasing a new LCD tv in the 42″ range and up. I do NOT have HD-DVD or BluRay, nor to I intend to in the near future. I primarily intend to watch broadcast signal, which I understand is largely solely broadcast in 720p in my area.

Here is what I wonder: Would a 720p signal look better on a tv that natively displays at 720p versus 1080p? It would seem to me that in order for a 720p signal to be displayed on a 1080p tv, it would have to be upconverted because 720 into 1080 doesn’t divide evenly, so somewhere there is potential for degraded image.

Untimately, I want the best for my money, but if 1080p isn’t going to benefit me now or the near future, I would just stick with 720p.

All input is greatly welcomed and appreciated!

steve answers:

You are correct, when 720p is upgraded in to 1080 there will be some signal degradation and the picture will not be as clear, There are some 1080p TVs that will down-covert their picture (like black boxes around the edges) to format for the broadcast 720p, check for that first.

Susan asks…

How do you clean a Wii game?

I try to clean the stain off but it won’t come off!!! I used dish detergent already and nothing works!

steve answers:

Sounds like a disc problem.

Here’s something that’ll surprise you: One of the most effective ways to clean a dvd is by using Toothpaste! More info below:

Here’s some quick tips on cleaning DVDs:

– Microfiber cloths are a quick way to clean a DVD. These are the same kind of cloths people use to clean eyeglasses, monitors, and laptop or LCD monitors. Because of microfiber’s very tight weave and the synthetic materials used to make microfiber, dust and particles of dirt are attracted and lifted up into the microfiber, which prevents you from simply spreading the dust around and scratching the DVD further. Every serious DVD collector should have one of these and wash it regularly.

– Rubbing Alcohol is used to clean DVDs and just about every sensitive piece of technology out there because it doesn’t act like strong solvents do, and it evaporates quickly without leaving a residue. Usually a 1:1 mixture of 90%+ Isopropyl alcohol and water will do the trick. Simply dab a small, clean cotton cloth into the mixture and wipe in straight lines from the center of the DVD to the outside edge. To dry the DVD, just let it sit for a moment or two in a vertical position.

And my personal favorite:

– If you have minor scratches that are interfering with your movie watching, you can always use toothpaste to polish them out. Toothpaste is a natural abrasive; that’s how it cleans your teeth, and it will do the same for a DVD. Avoid extra-whitening formulas. Just dab a little bit of Crest or Colgate on that DVD, mix it with a little water and with either your finger or a small piece of cloth, buff those scratches away. But be careful not to over to it. DVDs aren’t as resilient as your teeth.

Glad to help! Good Luck! :D

Betty asks…

Did I hit the limitations on computing power on this video game?

I recently purchased an HP Envy h8-1414

It has 10 GB of RAM, 3.5 GHz 6-core processor, and Radeon HD 7450 (1 GB).

I think it may be the graphics card but when playing Mirror’s Edge, I run into issues. Would it depend at all on the monitor? The monitor is an old LCD that runs 1280×1024 (almost 1080, really upset about that).

steve answers:

I think it’s on the monitor. It can’t support a higher GPU/graphics card, so that’s why you get these issues you’re saying. You could match the graphic settings of the game to the maximum capacity of the monitor, or just buy another monitor for full enjoyment.

Nancy asks…

What is the best way to clean my lcd screen?

steve answers:

I use a little bit of alcohol-cleaner sprayed onto a lint-free cloth (normal dusters tend to leave fluff stuck to the screen, but if you use a little more alcohol it should work fine) and gently clean the whole screen area (including the edges) with the damp patch of alcohol (it dries off the screen instantly). Doesn’t damage the monitor at all and leaves it finger-print free!

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Your Questions About Macbook Black

John asks…

Why do some MacBook Pros have a black keyboard and others have a silver keyboard?

I’ve seen some with a black keyboard and others with a silver keyboard. Why are some different?

steve answers:

I’ve never seen an macbook pros with black keyboards. So maybe it’s a different computer model or it could be a customized keyboard.

George asks…

How much will the following CUSTOM macbook sell for?

2.0GHz Black AND White Macbook. It has a black outer shell and white topcase and bezel with a black keyboard. It has a 300gb Hard drive, 3gbs of RAM, and a brand new screen, and customized parts. I have the original box, software, and manuals. It looks new.

steve answers:

Was this an original Black or White macbook before customized? Black is always worth more, so assuming this is a white customized, I would go for $650, only because of the HD. You can get an essentially new model refurb at apple.com for $749 with a one year warranty, but the Ram and HD inherit about $150 as well. Anywhere from $600-$800 is fine, but no more. Remember you can get a new aluminum MBP for $1,099 or $999 refurbished.. If it is an original Black, $700-$900. Sold my 2.4 GHz Black Mac for $1,000.

Nancy asks…

how do i get rid of oil residue on macbook?

I just bought the new black macbook and it is really bad for oil prints from fingers. i can’t get the prints off. is there a special cleaner or something?

steve answers:

MY friend has a macbook and the same thing happens. Just grap some windex. Make sure you spray the windex on the towel, and not the macbook itsself.


Ruth asks…

Why does my macbook whine, but stops when I scroll or press a key on the keyboard?

Ok, I have a black macbook from about a year ago, and I don’t know when this started, but there is this weird whine coming from it. The weird part of it is that it stops when a button on the keyboard is being pushed, and when I am scrolling. Only scrolling, with two fingers, never when just moving the mouse or clicking. Its just weird and extremely irritating. Any input on the subject would be great.

steve answers:

Take it to your nearest Apple store and get them to check it – it should still be under warranty if you have Apple Care.

William asks…

what kind of mac laptop should i get?

i know i want something portable, and i definitely want to work on the mac platform. i’m an artist, and use a lot of photoshop and a little bit of finalcut for video art. i also do a lot of writing and use the internet a lot. i have a 1500 dollar budget. macbook? black/white? pro? refurb, new, used? inches? i understand there are differences in speed and storage space, but i’m not sure how much i need for what i’ll do with my computer. any advice will help!

steve answers:

I just picked up a 15″ MacBook Pro, refurbished, from the Apple store online. I absolutely love this machine, and I saved a grand. I do a lot with my machine, as well. A 2.16GHz Core Duo, 1GB of RAM and a 100GB HD are enough for my needs. I don’t know about Final Cut Pro, but I have no problems working with iMovie or playing Half Life 2. This thing is plenty fast. I’m guessing the MacBook is more like my Core Duo Mac mini, which is considerably slower than my MacBook Pro.

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Your Questions About Gucci Shoes

Lizzie asks…

How do Gucck shoes really fit?

Buying some Gucci shoes that say 9.5 The guy says they basically fit like an 11 is that accurate?

steve answers:

Well. I’ve bought a 2 pairs before and they fit true to size.
If you have a Neiman Marcus or Gucci store near you. I would suggest going

Sandra asks…

What Jeans and shoes to wear with purple lacoste polo?

I’m out tomorrow, wearing a purple lacoste polo, I’m thinking either dark navy blue jeans or black g-star jeans, than black gucci shoes? I have no purple shoes. just black or white.

steve answers:

Wear skinny jeans with flats or sneakers

Laura asks…

Where can I buy Gucci shoes in Vancouver?

I found some Gucci shoes I like on the Gucci website and I’m just wondering where around Vancouver/Surrey is Gucci stuff sold? I’m having trouble finding a place.. And yes I want real Gucci not knock offs

steve answers:

900 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6
Neighbourhood: Downtown
(604) 488-0320

George asks…

Is there such thing as overdressing for a job interview? Would a boss feel jealous and not give a job if you.?

Show up in an Armani suit, or wearing Gucci shoes and hundred dollar shirt?

Or would dressing in my most expensive clothes help me get the job?

steve answers:

I am a former chef and did hire in some places and there all correct, if you look to good they may feel your only there for the short term and if you applying for a service position and go in to well dressed then you may not even get considered, there are alot of factor.

For a man a nice dress shirt, tie or no, nice pants and shoes, well groomed, not tattoos showing or piercing, no alot of jewellery, the same for the young lady’s, nice dress or blouse and skirt shoes, nice makeup, none of the other issues, leave your other image outside.

If you going to be a waiter or waitress, go for a drink or lunch see how the place operates and what they do to serve there customers.

Michael asks…

Do they make designer shoes for babies?

My little sister is about 3-4 months old and I want to buy her some designer shoes. Like Gucci shoes, Coach or even UGGS or vans. Do they make them for babies that are about 4 months old? if so, please direct me to a website.

steve answers:

Uggs, yes. The rest, no, you have to wait until they are a bit older. About a year.

And why would you want to buy a baby designer shoes? I’m sure there are better things to buy for them, and it’s a waste of money. I doubt they notice. Save the designer duds for when they start to care.

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Your Questions About Tablets Computers

Mandy asks…

I dropped my tablet computer. Is there anyway to get the scratch off?

I dropped my tablet computer. Is there anyway to get the scratch off? or should I return it if I have a guarantee on it?

steve answers:

First of all you a flip cover can protect your phone. I don’t think any company will give you warranty on scratch.

Ken asks…

Can you tell me the name of a specific program for designing flow charts and websites for tablet PC?

A few years ago, I found a link on Metafilter to a free program for quickly designing websites. The user would sketch rough pages and draw in some connections, and the program would dynamically generate a working version of that page. I remember that it was designed specifically to work on tablet computers and that it was free; I think its name might have started with a D and was one fairly short word. I uninstalled it by mistake and have been regretting it ever since. Do you know the program I’m talking about? And if not, do you know of a similar one, hopefully also free?

steve answers:


Richard asks…

Is it possible to connect a tablet to my DIAL UP service on my home PC?

If not, what’s the least expensive broadband or wi-fi I can get with a tablet computer?
Edit to Mike: That’s what I wanted to know……if a tablet had a phone jack or not. Sounds like not.

steve answers:

I know of no tablet that has a dialup modem. Or even a wired network jack. That kind of defeats the reason for having a tablet.
Any Wi-fi will work with a tablet. Cheapest one will be the free Wi-fi at the coffee shop. If you want Wi-fi at your house, then the cheapest will be DSL added to your land line.

Chris asks…

Tablet versus Laptop poll: Do you prefer tablets or laptops, and how fast do you type?

I can’t stand tablet computers because I normally type about 70 wpm and can’t stand 1-finger hunt and peck on that crappy little screen. I require a full keyboard.

Your thoughts?
My theory is that people who type very well prefer to have a full keyboard, while those who are not strong typists go for the tablets because they notice much less of a trade-off in terms of functionality.

steve answers:

Laptop and i’m a pretty fast typer, i learned proper typing when i was a child using an actualy typewriter

Robert asks…

Do any of you use Tablets for your Business or your work?

What do you do for a living and how do tablet computers help you make your job easier?

steve answers:

My Tablet computer help me every time. Like, after office, at home, business, client meeting.and friends contact.

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Your Questions About Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 4250 Graphics Gaming

Mandy asks…

Would this laptop be alright for gaming?

The laptop I’m currently using for gaming really sucks, only because of the graphics card (Intel (R) HD graphics). I found a used laptop on ebay that I am considering buying, since it seems to be better than mine, but I am unsure if it would be a good buy. It is an HP ProBook 6455b Phenom II, with a 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD4250 Video graphics card. If it can’t run things on high settings or even medium settings that’s fine. It can run everything on the lowest settings imaginable, as long as it can run it with minimal lag. I’m not intending to play games that are more graphic-intense (like Skyrim for example). I just want to be able to play the games I got on steam, such as The Stanley Parable or Rogue Legacy, or even TF2 (my laptop crashes even when playing this). So how would this laptop do?

Here is a link to the laptop in question. It has a lot more details that I didn’t mention here; http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-ProBook-6455b-Phenom-II-Dual-Core-2-8GHz-4GB-320GB-ATI-HD-4250-Gaming-Laptop-/271357689446?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item3f2e2dbe66

steve answers:

That will play the games mentioned above no problem.

Charles asks…

What games can my laptop play?

I have a Dell Inspiron M5010. Here are the specs:

AMD Athlon II P320 2.1 GHz 15.6″
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit pre-installed w/CoA
AMD Athlon II P320 2.1 GHz dual-core processor Supports HyperTransport 3.0 technology
3 GB DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM 320 GB hard drive DVD RW Drive No floppy drive
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250/HD 550v graphics processor

Give me a list of games I can play instead of telling me to go to System Requirements Lab please. Thanks!

steve answers:

You can play:
Modern Warfare series
Counter strike 1.6 and Source
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 3 on low stinks
Counter strike global strike on low settings
Crysis 2 on super-low settings.
Starcraft 1 and 2.
Probably all of the strategy games.
All online games.
All flash games.
There are hundreds more, but it will be too much so I just put down famous games.

Maria asks…

Can I update the graphics card on this laptop?

Its an HP Probook 6455b. I have my eyes on it online and ill use it for some gaming, work, etc. and can it play games like runescape, world of warcraft on lowest or mid settings, drakensang online, and dark souls, battlefield 3 with the current graphics card or if i can update it to a more better AMD or nvidia?
Processor: AMD Phenom II DualCore 2.8 GHz
Graphics: Dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon Hd 4250
4GB Ram upgradeable to 8GB
320GB HDD 7200 RPM

And what card should i upgrade it to if its possible, like the best card it can support?
Also is it possible to change the processor??

steve answers:

No, and no.

Go to the HP website and look for the “maintainence manual”. It’ll show you what’s the max available.

Sharon asks…

Good games that fit my pc specs?

i want a new game to play that will run on my pc some games i have right now are silent hill 4, ManHunt 2, Amnesia, Terraria, Garry’s Mod, COD2, and Killing Floor
all these games except gmod run just about perfect
Here Are My Specs

Processer: AMD V140 Processer 2.30GHz
RAM: 1.74GB
Graphics Card Name: AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250
idk if this is important but
DAC Type: internal DAC(400MHz)

Thanks In Advance
I know of cyri i just want recommendations for games

steve answers:

- Left 4 Dead 2
- Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
- Binding of Isaac
- Super Meat Boy
- Half Life 2 + EP1 + EP2
- Fortix 1 & 2
- World of Warcraft
- Borderlands
- Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY
- Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY
- Warcraft III Battle Chest
- Age of Mythology
- Titan Quest Gold
- Torchlight
- Assassin’s Creed I and II
- Portal 1 & 2
- Saints Row 2
- Braid
- Hitman Codename: 47, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin & Hitman: Blood Money
- Plants vs. Zombies GOTY
- Garry’s Mod
- Amnesia: The Dark Descent
- World of Goo

Steven asks…

ATI Radeon 9700 Pro a good graphics card?

I dont know much about graphics cards but i do know that the one i have in my laptop sucks. Its a “AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250.” I found an “ATI Radeon 9700 Pro” in my closet today and I was wondering if its good to run PC games. Also is there a way to take out my current one and replace it with the one i found? My laptop is an HP Pavilion dv6.

steve answers:

Its pretty old depending what your planning on doing with it if your just going to serf the net itll be ok but if your planning to game with it playing the latest and greatest it will fail if youve got the cash get yourself anevga 780gtxoc from tiger direct itll make your 97oo pissitself excuse the language ones a 4 cylinder the other a v12 so yea go for the v12 itll kick ass

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