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Your Questions About Google Docs

Daniel asks…

How do I get my Google Docs responses to send to my email?

A couple months ago, I made a Google Docs page survey. I had it so that every time someone answered a question, their response would automatically get sent to my email. Now, I just made a new Google Docs and I can’t find out how I did it… The response destination only lets you make a spreadsheet (which is not what I want). How do I get each response to send to my email?

steve answers:

Google displays a URL that you copy and paste into your email or Web page. 12 … Google Documents collects all responses and stores them in a Google …

Joseph asks…

Can any one tell me what Google DOCS is?

Recently, while looking for a job – usually administrative assistant/office work – ads are saying must know Google DOCS. Does any one know what this means? I’ve worked for many years in offices on all sorts of programs but I don’t know what this is. Thanks.

steve answers:

Google Docs is a free, Web-based office suite and data storage service offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users.

This is a brief introduction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRqUE6IHTEA
you can access it from here : https://docs.google.com
and you can get free basic training here: http://www.grovo.com/google-docs
or advanced training here: http://www.lynda.com/Google-Docs-tutorials/Essential-Training/77960-2.html
or you can simply learn it by yourself :)

Michael asks…

How do I move to a smaller indent level of bullet point in Google Docs?

• Let’s say I’m in Google Docs, and I make a bullet list header, like this.
. – I have something related indented underneath.
. – The problem is, when I want to go back to making another header in the style and indent above (•), I can’t get to that style again.

Unless I completely backspace out of the bullet format, drag my mouse over to the bullet button, and start anew on a line at least one away from the previous list.
. – If it’s on the line directly after, Google Docs will start me again on this indented format of bullet.

• Most of my notes are in bullet format, and lectures go by too quickly for me to be fiddling with bullets.
• Can you help me? I just want to be able to switch between these indented formats easily.
. – Thanks!

steve answers:

Why dont you try at doc? Once it complete then you can upload in to Google docs.. It’s more simple.

James asks…

how can I transfer file from google docs to memory stick?

I have a few files on google docs and would like to transfer them to a usb memory stick to carry with me. Can this be done? If so, how? If it’s a long complcated process, is there a better way to make my data portable?

steve answers:

Just download it on your computer and copy it onto your memory stick or simply download it at the place where you need it. For ex – Your uncle’s home etc.

Carol asks…

How Can I move my presentation from Google Docs to a removable disk?

I made a powerpoint on Google Docs and I need to get it on my removable disk to take to school.

steve answers:

Open the Doc, goto “File” Download as, and after download copy it to your disk

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Your Questions About Samsung Tv

Michael asks…

the permanent female end aerial connected to the back of my samsung tv as fallen off. Can it be fixed?

The permanent female ariel attached to the back of my samsung tv as broken off. Can it be fixed?

steve answers:

Yes…if you have a soldering iron you may replace it. Buy a female F .

George asks…

How do i turn my plasma samsung tv game mode on?

My plasma samsung tv game mode is turn off how do i turn on my game mode?

steve answers:

Find that on menu….push up or down on remote.

Lisa asks…

is samsung tv purchased in usa compatible to the transmission requirement in india?

I want to buy samsung tv for use in India. Will it work there?

steve answers:

If it is multi system and with universal voltage selector,you can buy.

Ken asks…

I need a code to program my Dynatron Dyn100R Universal Remote for a samsung TV?

We have a remote but do not know how to program it to a samsung TV.

steve answers:

Your remote would come with list of codes for different makes of TVs. Find the codes for the Samsung TV and try them till you get it to work with the TV.

You can try these codes (just a shot in the dark) 0060, 01720, or 060

Hope this helps!

Carol asks…

Can u wirelessly use the droid keyboard to text on a 360 or samsung tv?

Ive got a new droid razr and see tons of apps. I was wondering if there is a way to wirelessly somehow use the droid as a keyboard to search or text on the 360 or Samsung tv rather than usin
g the controller or remote…

steve answers:

They have an app for that I believe; just search for it.
Answer mine please? Http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AmJh7H0WiCRlT.TA7WajCFTty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111126172157AAU1FJg

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Your Questions About Macbook Black Friday

Richard asks…

What are the best deals on a MacBook Pro?

It should be 13 or 15 inch with Retina Display with an appropriate amount of gigabytes. Also Black Friday is near so they must be cheaper. Additionally, I live in the U.S.

steve answers:

Best Buy is selling them for about $1100, $200 less than Apple

Mark asks…

What are the best online black friday deals?

What are the best online deals for an ipad or kindle fire and macbook also what kind of deals do ebay and amazon have? Thanks

steve answers:

Have you checked out www.blackfridaydealsbest.com ?

George asks…

should i get a new macbook or wait till after the holidays?

i really want to get a new macbook. should i wait until after the holidays, will they have any price decreases, or should i buy it now?

steve answers:

Apple almost never decreases their prices and if they do its only by like 5% or maybe 10% at the most just go buy it lol.

Your best bet might be black friday like that other person said
but even then i wouldn’t count on it

Joseph asks…

Does Apple have good deals on black Friday?

I want to try and get a Mac Book next Friday. Has anyone ever lucked out at Apple?

steve answers:

I wouldn’t count savings from Apple. Atleast not much.

I do know that Best Buy will be selling white MacBook’s for the usual price, but they will come with a $150 gift card. I think that is the best MacBook deal you will find.

James asks…

Should I get the Microsoft Surface RT or iPad Mini?

I am looking for a tablet that I can use to do mostly everything that I can do on a laptop. I have all apple products (Macbook, iPhone, and Apple TV) so it would be nice to get an iPad but I hate that it is pretty much just like a bigger iPod but it would be nice to have everything synced together. I’m trying to decide between the iPad Mini 16GB with WiFi for $200 or the Microsoft Surface RT 32GB with black touch cover for $250 on black friday. So my question is, which of the two is better and why do you think i should get that one?

steve answers:

Don’t get a Microsoft Surface RT. Here are the reasons

1) You are used to Apple products already. You know where the settings are and how to run each app.

2) Surface RT allows only Microsoft Apps and they have very little of them. True that the iPad can only install from Apple App Store too but the latter has way more apps.

3) You can sync between Apple devices

I am not a Apple user. I just had hands on experience with both products and I really don’t like the metro-tile-style of Surface and Windows 8.

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Your Questions About Tablet Or Notebook

Lisa asks…

What is you opinion on Notebook Tablets?

I was thinking of getting a notebook tablet but, I don’t know if it is worth it and which one is the best to go with? Can anyone tell me what there experiance is with one and what is the best brand to go with…

steve answers:

I’m in the same boat as you. My daughter is starting college in June (summer session) and claims this is what she wants. I have looked at a great number of tablet notebooks. The only PRO I have is my girl’s friend who has a Gateway and claims she has no problems with it and handwriting recognition software works great. The one CON is a salesman claims that the hinge (?) that allows it to be turned can come loose or break. So if you drcide to buy one I would suggest an extended warranty and that you don’t invert into tablet mode unneccesarily.

James asks…

Tablet vs notebook. windows 8 vs iOS vs Android?

my dad interest in buying something for the main purpose is to watch remote cctv and open excel files on the go..

he ask me what should he buy.. i’m very confused..

tablet vs notebook.. and then there’s the hybrid (touch tablet with portable keyboard -> i don’t know what this is called)

then the OS.. Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, iOS (iPad)..

what should i recommend ?
any specific brand and type ?


steve answers:

I think it would be the Surface Pro.
It can be both a tablet and a somewhat notebook.
It is also running windows 8.
I personally think windows is better as its more universal.

Lizzie asks…

What is a good laptop/notebook/tablet that is under $500?

steve answers:

Laptop is better than tablet and notebook because it has better function compared to both of them. One of the laptop which is really good under the price of $500 is from ASUS. It is perfect in its features and most importantly it is good performing laptop. There’s a very good user review here, from an owner of this laptop. It will help your decision:


It has really good features as well which includes Intel Core i5-3230M (2.6GHz) Ivy Bridge and 8 GB DDR3 for high performance of different tasks. It has a huge storage with 750 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive. It has15.6-Inch Screen with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and Windows 8. So overall it is a feasible option to go for. Alongside this option there are other ones as well under the price of $500. See the list here for most popular laptops from which you can also decide:


Carol asks…

My Tablet notebook Hp 2000z help!


I was just wondering when putting it in tablet form how do I make it landscape not portrait?

steve answers:

You need to install the latest version of My Display if it does not already exist on your tablet laptop. Where to get it:

Sharon asks…

Should I get a notebook, netbook or tablet?

I’m a uni student and I’m tired of bringing my heavy laptop so I’m planning of buying a new one but I can’t make up my mind which to buy. I want a light weight one but at the same time will be functional for most of my school works.

steve answers:

With notebook you will get lots of features.

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Your Questions About Gucci Gucci Lyrics

Daniel asks…

What gucci mane song says something like”I don’t need lights my ice lights up the room”?

I know the lyrics may be off,I only herd the song once from a distance and that’s all I could mKemout. Plz help

steve answers:

Gucci mane sucks

Jenny asks…

What is a rap song that talks about what the rapper wants out of life?

Looking for some funny lyrics along the lines of “All i want are bitches, cars, weed, etc” Any songs that you can think of that match this?

steve answers:

Anything by:

Lil’ Wayne – Sex, weed, purple drink
Gucci Mane – Getting wasted, sex
Plies – Sex

William asks…

What song has the lyrics says “i like to stick it stick it i like to kiss it kiss it i like the gucci gucci”?

Can someone help me?….i’ve been trying to found out who sings this song for the longest time

in the song it goes “i like to stick it stick it i like to kiss it kiss it i like the gucci gucci i like the dollar bill”

it almost sounds like someone lady gaga would sing but it isn’t her

steve answers:

I think this is the song you are referring to:

I like that -
Richard Vission & Static Revenger ft; Luciana


John asks…

What are the lyrics to Throw it in the bag by lil wayne ?

On Lil Wayne’s new mixtape there in a song called Throw it in the bag. I am trying to figure out what the song he sampled in it. The part I want to know says something like “Ya’ll know me, cuz all I do is ride around with my crew (????) or something like that. If you can give me the lyrics or the song that he sampled it would ve appreciated Thanks

steve answers:

Lil Wayne]
Yeah No Ceilings baby,

Swimming in Polo, sleeping in Jordan’s,
Bought a cell phone and I don’t even much call it
New imports make her fell important
No bull****, ***** no Ben Gordan
Get her information, take her on vacation
Give her dope ****, now she under the sedation
Wake her in the mornin, breakfast where she slept at
Tell her go shopping, I cant wait till she get back
Louis flip-flops and a pair of pink sweat pants
She wear that on my jet, I **** her after jet lag
I take her to da vet, cause she a bad *******
You cant be broke and happy so me im mad rich
Im talkin Young Money ****, she love the way I think
lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
L’Oreal all over my bathroom sink,
Betsy Johnson all over my bedroom counter
My pockets too deep, I **** around and drown her.

[Verse 2]

Ok,****** on Versace, napping on satin
I love to hit it backwards, call it pig latin
I bought her *** a Mac, now we be iChattin
****** swag jackin, but I got my patent
Fre Fresh out the salon, I took her to Milan
I speak a lil french, and hers is no better then mine
I pass her the blunt, she probly hit it one time
Catch us at the game sittin on the baseline
lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
We can call a timeout, take a lil time out
Pockets too deep, shawty you gon have to climb out
Babiana prom dress with your spine out
And I live on the beach, you can get that panty line out
She wants to own me and I aint tryna to fight it
She said is her ****, she got it copyrighted
And I dont pay for ******* because im ****** priceless
I go fishing in it, and I ain’t a Pisces
Uh, Gucci only to the grocery store
Stop playin *****you ballin like Okaford
Ha, And now we headed to the dealer
im goin to cop my baby with somethin with no ceilings. Ahhh

Donald asks…

I need lyrics from the following rap artists?

I need lyrics from Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Raekwon, 50 Cent and/or Fabolous.

But the lyrics need to negative influential.

steve answers:

Started off on the island, AK Shaolin
Niggaz whylin, gun shots thrown the phone dialin
Back in the days of eight now, makin a tape now
Rae gotta get a plate now
Ignorant and mad young, wanted to be the one
Till I got (BAM! BAM!) thrown one
Yeah, my pops was a fiend since sixteen
Shootin’ that (that’s that shit!) in his blood stream
That’s the life of a crimey, real live crimey
If niggas know the half is behind me
Day one, yo, growin all up in the ghetto
Now I’m a weed fiend, jettin the Palmetto

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