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Your Questions About Black Tablets

Carol asks…

Tablet computer help?

I’m looking for a tablet/computer combo. What I mean is those computers that have a touch screen, but they also have a keyboard. And I don’t want one that disconnects from the keyboard I want the ones where you can turn around the screen and lay it over the top of the keyboard so you can just have the tablet part.
Any help?

steve answers:

Http://www.walmart.com/ip/Acer-Black-14-Dual-Screen-Iconia-6120-Tablet-PC-with-Intel-Core-i5-480M-Processor-and-Windows-7-Home-Premium/16621466 AWESOME TABLET!

Http://www.walmart.com/ip/Acer-Iconia-W500P-LE.L0803.047-10.1-1GHz-2GB-Windows-7-Professional-OS/16529036 this one has the off-keyboard :/

I found one that was a laptop and a tablet a while ago.. But I couldn’t find it on the site. :/

Chris asks…

Black screen on my tablet?

So we got a new tablet a while ago, and I was using it. No one has dropped it, it’s still in brand new condition (It’s a Dell, btw) and the other day I was using it and the screen goes black.
Like all of it.
I shut it off, and turned it on again and I could hear the touch keys as I touched the screen, but I couldn’t SEE anything it’s all black! Any thoughts or ideas on how I can fix the tablet?

steve answers:

Go to the service centre or contact the dealer and say the problems

Donna asks…

which is the best cheap japanesechinese tablet ?

help i need a cheap tablet.

steve answers:

I don’t know what your budget is. So here are a few less than $100.




Some aren’t really japanese/chinese tablets.

Maria asks…

Paracetamol cause black poop?

I’m 16 and got sick about a 2 week ago when I had a whole bottle of red wine, and I thought it was tonsilitis as I had swelling in the throat and has spots on the back of my tongue and tonsils and I have also had chills and a fever but that went away and I still have a cough but not as bad, just a tickly one and about 2 weeks apart I had black poop and I have been taking 2 paracetamol every 4 hours to try and take the pain away!

steve answers:

No but iron tablets give you black poo an red wine contains a lot of iron

David asks…

iron tablets?

My doctor has recently put me on iron tablets for anemia, he explained that could expect some side effects, but as they vary in each person, he didn’t specify, but my poo has become almost black, in colour, and a bit looser, is this an effect, and if so what else can i expect from them, do they affect periods?

steve answers:

Black stool is not a side effect of oral iron, it is an inevitable consequence of taking it. It is just the iron you can’t absorb coming out of the other end. You should not expect any other ill effects.

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Your Questions About Edge To Edge Lcd Monitor

Ruth asks…

What can I use to get fingerprints and dog nose prints off my laptop computer monitor?

Thank you.

steve answers:

You can use cleaners specifically designed for LCDs (office supply stores carry them). Use a soft, lint free (if possible) cloth or wipe dry the screen. It’s not recommended that you spray the screen directly as you don’t want to get liquid inside edge of the screen.

Eyeglass cleaner was recommended to me once but I haven’t tried it.

At work, if the screen is really nasty (and trust me, I’ve seen some REALLY nasty screens), I have to break out the big gun, which is Windex. Windex is not recommended as it is both strong and it has ammonia in it which may bad for the LCD but you have to, you have to!

I recommend you spray your cloth with the cleaner then wipe the screen. Try the screen throughly and do NOT press hard to avoid scratching.

Good luck!

Mark asks…

How to cover parts while Painting?

I’m trying to paint the monitor black, because I got some paint on it by accident.

Since I’m repainting the whole border/back/bottom, and since I am spray painting.. I was wondering what the best way to protect the LCD screen itself would be.

Someone suggested masking tape, but would masking tape ruin the screen? and what’s a better way to get a sure tight protection on the edges, because I don’t want to accidentally get some paint on the LCD.

steve answers:

What you would use is the blue painters tape

Susan asks…

Would you rather have an LCD or a PLASMA?

I just recently bought a Samsung LCD 32″ for nearly $700 and I absolutely love it. But why do people keep saying that Plasma tvs are better?

steve answers:

Alright first off you bought the best possible brand tv…so I applaud you there. First off there is a huge difference between the two! Plasmas have a glass diplay on the outside, where as LCDs dont…Plasmas actually have a glass tube running through it filled with plasma gas, the light is then projected through this gas giving you your image. LCD is an all around digital screen compared to that of a computer monitor. When deciding whether to get a plasma or lcd look at how much natural sunlight you have in the room you putting the tv in. If they’re is alot of natural light stay away from plasma, you’ll have a horrible glare. Plasma’s are known for they’re vividly bright colors but they fade quicker than LCD, but since you bought a samsung…you really don’t have to worry about that Samsung is known for they’re bright display no matter what type of TV you bought, where as Sony is known for Deep blacks and whiter whites…but if you have any doubts in which tv to buy go with LCD because they require less maintance long term and they’re aren’t as fragile…If you put a plasma tv on it’s back this puts pressure on the glass tube and can crack it and once it leaks the gas your screen will be a nasty green color. They both have the same average life now even though LCD once had the edge, but they both last on average of 45,000 to 60,000 hours. But an LCD screen will look overall better during this long time period.

Jenny asks…

Whats the best display preference for gaming on an Xbox 360?

What do you guys think would be better? Playing your Xbox 360 via LCD Monitor? Or something larger like a tv? I know it sounds like a pretty stupid question to ask but just want a little bit of personal opinions from people.

And yea, with either VGA or HDMI inputs. Plus i’m including Input Lag into the topic
Ex: (rate to which how fast and accuracy u can aim with FPS games)

steve answers:

It’s an interesting question although I honestly don’t believe display lag is an issue – that’s more of an issue with WiFi versus hardwire ethernet cable.

I have two boxes at home and definetely prefer the ex-large HDTV for solo campaign gaming BUT the smaller HDTV for FPS because I sit at the edge of the bed – few feet from the set.

Therefore, I suppose using a laptop display with my head even closer could work in a close quarters shooter but not so well in any large scale environment such as HALO VS or GEARS horde.


Donna asks…

what would be the smallest sized tv that could be better then a pc monitor?

I want to buy a mac mini and use the tv with a wireless keyboard and mouse
I want it to be better quality then a pc monitor otherwise there’s no point
I’d use for my ps3 and tv/sky
So what’s the smallest I could get that has good resolution

steve answers:

I’m using my Mac Mini in exactly the way you are thinking of doing.

Since the Mac Mini has a Bluetooth receiver built-in, you should get a Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad combo. I’m using the Logitech DiNovo Edge and it’s very nice. Lightweight, with a range of over 15 feet.

And my Mac Mini is hooked up to a 52″ LCD HDTV. The DVI port on the Mac Mini is a single-link DVI port, so it is capable of supporting up to 1920×1440 resolution. Just get a 1080p monitor or TV set (that’s 1920×1080 resolution) and you are good to go. No point getting monitors with any resolution higher than that. (Above 1920×1440 one needs a video card with Dual-Link DVI).

Get an LCD HDTV with as many HDMI ports as possible– You will be using the HDMI ports to connect to the Mac Mini and the PS3, and your cable TV decoder box if it’s digital HD.

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Your Questions About Samsung

Linda asks…

How do I transfer musics, videos and pictures to my samsung s3 mp3 player?

I got samsung s3 mp3 player for christmas. I don’t know how to transfer songs, videos or pictures. Can you please tell me what to do.
Best answer oficially gets 10 points.

steve answers:

Hey there, i got one too! :D :D i loves it!

First, you have to run the CD that came with the S3.

Then, when it is installed, you will have the Samsung Media Studio on your computer.

Down near the bottom of the Studio are two buttons: “Add Folder” and “Add File”

Select “Add Folder” to add an entire folder of music/viedos/whatever to the Studio

Select “Add File” to add you a single file.

Afterwards, select all of the files you want to move to your S3 by ticking the boxes beside them, plug in you S3, and click the button under “Portable” (If you hover over this button for a second it should say “Transfer to Portable Device”

Good Luck, if you need any more help feel free to talk some more!

Enjoy your S3, i love mine!

Ruth asks…

Do samsung intercepts have a sim card slot or not and is it compatible with t-mobile?

I bought a samsung intercept on ebay from virgin mobile but me and family are used to t-mobile and every t-mobile phone had a sim card slot, but the samsung intercept doesnt ? Or i just dont where to find it?

steve answers:

Unfortunately, the Samsung Intercept does not have a Sim card slot. Sorry.
Most modern phones no longer have Sim card slots anymore. I’m not sure if they even make them anymore.

If you want a phone with a sim card slot you would have to buy an ‘IDEN’ phone. The Intercept is ‘CDMA’.

My dad had an iden sim card phone, and he just upgraded to a cdma phone and he kept the same number and plan, so it should be easy to upgrade.

As for compatibility, I am not sure about that. Is there something wrong with Virgin Mobile?…. Since there is no sim card, I think it’s a locked phone and it will only work with Virgin Mobile’s network, but if you want to be sure you can go to a phone store nearby and ask them.

Good luck.

Mandy asks…

How can i add music to my samsung gravity using a microSD adapter?

I just got a samsung gravity today, and i wanted to know the steps to put music into my gravity. Also are there any codes for my phone?..

steve answers:

I hope this wil help u :



Helen asks…

How do I upload music onto my Samsung Gravity?

I just got a Samsung Gravity and was wondering how I can upload music (for the music player) onto the phone. I’ve looked in the handbook, and the directions are pretty sketchy. Help?

steve answers:

I also have the samsung gravity and i agree the directions in the handbook arent much help.
So heres what i did:
i went to t-mobile and purchased a memory card so that i would be able to hold more songs (the one i bought was a three pack with the phone memory card an adapter and some other thing)
then i bought an adapter that hooks into your computer.
You just put your memory card into the adpater and from there its quiet simple!
Click and drag the music into the adapter file!
The adapter was only 10
the memory card pack was around 20.
Im sure there are cheaper ways but this way worked really well for me!
Hope it helps!

Lizzie asks…

does the samsung galaxy s4 work with the straight talk bring your own phone?

does the samsung galaxy s4 work with the straight talk bring your own phone. I would really like to know, have a nice day.

steve answers:

Is your phone already “unlocked”? If so, it definitely should…based on the fact that Walmart (who runs on Straight Talk) sells the Samsung Galaxy S4 and because Straight Talk accepts most types of GSM phones.

Just to be sure, I would contact Straight Talk customer service. Here’s their phone number for SIM customers: (855) 222-2355

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Your Questions About Cheap Laptop Cases

William asks…

Are cheap laptops worth it??

Hey guys,
I was reading a magazine that was advertising laptops ranging from 400-1200$ what i could not understand was why some laptops were more expensive than others. I always thought a good laptop was constituted by its insides. I saw one Laptop for 400 bucks that advertised very nice inside qualities, but it was very ugly looking lol. is that what makes it cheap, the ugliness, or are there other factors too? is it worth it to buy a cheap, ugly laptop?

steve answers:

Yea, sure an ugly laptop case is probably made out of cheaper material so it’ll be cheaper overall. The major part that determines the price of the laptop is indeed hardware. The $400 laptop isn’t going to have nearly as good hardware as the $1200 laptop. The cheaper laptop will still be able to perform fine for everyday tasks like internet browsing and word processors although it may not be as lightning fast as the most expensive laptop. Also, it’s not going to be able to do things that needs a powerful computer like hardcore video gaming and autocad.

If you’re just using a laptop for normal purposes, a 400 buck laptop is fine although I’d suggest spending a little more (500-600 bucks) for a faster laptop that will last you a bit longer. For 600 bucks you can get a Dell inspiron 15 on this page: http://www.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/deals/popular_laptops?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&~ck=mn
It has an Intel core i3-350M processor which is one of Intel’s newer processor. It’ll work great and last you for awhile. I’m not saying that you should buy Dell’s. Other brands should have laptops that have basically the same hardware for similar prices.

Sandra asks…

Ideas for cheap laptops?

I’m a 14 year old freshman in high school. I’ve been saving up for a laptop, but I don’t know which one to get. Any suggestions? I’ll be using it mostly for school. At my school, we are allowed to type our homework assignments on laptops during class. I also have messy handwriting, and I end up typing all my assignments anyways. I would have to pay for the laptop myself, so does anyone have any ideas for cheap ones? Thanks! :)

steve answers:

You are 14 so if you buy a cheap laptop expect to last no more than 2 years, and if you plan to go to college it will have to hold for at least 8 years. So before you buy 4 laptops in that span of time, go to ebay or somewhere that sells used laptops, buy a good pentium 4 in good condition, and make back up data of everything(just in case). When it breaks, then you will have enough money saved to buy a new, most expensive one, and also an extended warranty.

Joseph asks…

Buying a Cheap Laptop?

I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to buy a cheap laptop. Right now I have an Alienware laptop which is a beast and I want to buy something cheap that I can take to my classes for notes and such. The Alienware laptop is pretty much a desktop replacement so it is heavy and has a very bad battery life so it is had to lug around campus.


steve answers:

Hmm, depends on what you need/want.

For campus portability, I’d go one of four directions:

1. Compaq. They’re $400 and reliable for a 6 lb model.

2. Netbook. You’ve already got a powerhouse, right? This is for taking notes in class? Way cheap, way light, and you can transfer files to your alienware rig via network or flash drive.

3. Tablet PC. Not cheap, I think they start at $800 or $900. But good glory, if I’d had one in undergrad my grades and sleep would have improved greatly. We had to dash over to a computer lab, print out our power point slides, poke holes in all 20 of them for the day, put them in a binder, and dash to our 8am class. Eww. When freshmen started coming in with tablets and scribbling their power point notes right on the screen I was sick with envy. Would have saved me ten hours a week, and who knows what would have happened to my grades if I’d actually had the slides each day instead of sleeping in?

Of course, if you don’t have the peculiar note-taking system half our professors demanded, why bother?

4. Again, less cheap, but is an ultraportable what you need? The cheapest little powerhorse I’ve seen is the 12″ HP 1030US. I’m amazed by the specs, and at $750 or so it’s half what anything else with the same size and specs cost. I was in the sciences which sometimes involved rendering a molecule or two, so I could justify the purchase, but with a powerful desktop replacement this may be overkill for you. It just depends on how much power you need on the go. Oh, did I mention it’s four pounds? Delicious!

Hope that helped. I’d lean toward the netbook in your specific case, as it sounds like you’re sick to death of all the weight and need very little computing power outside of your dorm room. Happy shopping!

Robert asks…

Cheap gaming laptop? Help?

I am currently looking at gaming laptops I want to invest in in the near future, but I want it to be a cheap laptop, I already have one, and don’t want something that is thousands of dollars. Here is a website of what I am looking for: http://allgaminglaptops.com/best-gaming-laptops-under-1000/#comment-1435

Now, what would be the best laptop to get on that sight, other than the Alienware (I know those are good, but is a high price). I play games like Skyrim, Minecraft, Sims 3, Pay Day 2, Planetside 2, and much higher quality games. Which one would be the best investment for a guy with a small budget? Thanks.
I should’ve mentioned my price range. I know they aren’t cheap, but some are cheaper than others. I want one between $800-$1200, hopefully more near the $800-$900 range. Sorry, forgot to mention that!

steve answers:

3 mutually exclusive terms: cheap, gaming, laptop

Laptops have to be carefully engineered to use as little power as possible and generate as little heat as possible. Gaming requires intense CPU activity and even more GPU activity. Both require large amounts of electricity and generate a lot of heat.

Gaming laptops start at about $750 and go up quickly from there.

Take a look at these rankings:


Gaming laptops:



You might find some of the Asus V55 series around from last year that would do the trick.
Lenovo, Asus, HP, and Samsung are the top 4 laptop brands. I wouldn’t consider any other brands.

Dell makes Alienware and they are not worth the money charged.
Acer makes Gateway. You’d have to pay me to use one of their machines.
Sony hardware has generally been good, but they are notorious for putting huge amounts of crapware/bloatware on machines and gathering information on their consumers without their knowledge or permission.
Toshiba has bottomed the rankings. Personally, I have used them and never had a problem, but that does not appear to be the case any more.

Mark asks…

Cheap, Thin, Laptops?

I’m looking for a laptop around the $500 range, but it needs to be thin for every day use and carry. I’m not looking for a net book, because I would benefit more from a laptop. A good 13 or 14 inch laptop would do.

steve answers:

I think that anything less than 17 inch will not be good enough for games or video editing. The smaller laptops only have a CPU of about 2ghz, 2gb ram and an 80gb hard drive, and are more suited to Windows XP than Windows 7 32/64 bit.

The notebooks (or netbooks) are smaller, lighter, and can support Windows 7 32 bit and 2gb ram, 160gb hdd, but are more designed for internet, Office use, but can play movies. And music.

The larger 17inch plus laptops can support Windows 7 64 bit, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd but are heavy and bulky. They are good for gaming, video editing, Office use, and many wide and varied other uses.

Perhaps you need to define your actual usage and buy what is really necessary to do what you need to do rather than what you want to do. You could buy a carry case that has wheels, much like a luggage trolley, to wheel it around rather than carrying it.

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Your Questions About Shoulder Strap Buy

Laura asks…

what to do about shoulder pain?

So this morning I woke up and right underneath my shoulder blade was really sore. It felt like a pinched nerve. It would hurt when I would lay down on my sides or my stomach, when I breathe, and when I walk. Last night when I went to bed it didnt hurt at all but when I woke up this morning I was in severe pain. I’m kind of scared. I’m supposed to go to school today but I can barely walk. what should I do about this?

steve answers:

In some cases, pain in the shoulder isn’t caused by a problem in the shoulder joint, but by a problem in another area, such as the
neck, that is felt in the shoulder and upper

Treating shoulder pain–
There are things you can do yourself to treat shoulder pain, including using painkillers such as ibuprofen, or ice packs to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Painkillers for shoulder pain:-
Simple painkillers or non-steroidal anti-
inflammatory (NSAID) tablets and creams that
you can buy at the chemist can be helpful, but don’t use them for more than 2 weeks without seeking medical advice.

If your shoulder is inflamed (warmer to touch than the other side), an ice pack may be helpful. Leave the ice pack in place for 10
minutes or so, making sure you protect your skin from direct contact with the ice by wrapping it in a damp towel.

Rest and exercise for shoulder pain::–
Aim for a balance between rest and exercise to prevent your shoulder from stiffening. Try to avoid the movements that are most painful, especially those that hold your arm away from your body and above shoulder height.
However, it’s important to remain generally active even if you have to limit how much you do.

When raising your arm, you can reduce the strain or pull on your shoulder by:::–
keeping your elbow bent and in front of your
body keeping your palm facing the ceiling when
reaching up.

When lowering your arm, bend your elbow, bringing your hand closer to your body.

Another good exercise is to use your good arm to help lift up your painful arm. Some people find that placing a cushion or rolled towel under the armpit and gently squeezing it can
ease the pain.

You can also try exercises to stretch, strengthen and stabilise the structures that
support your shoulders.

Don’t sit leaning forwards with your arm held tightly by your side. This position can make shoulder pain worse, especially if some of the pain is coming from your neck. Keep a pillow
or cushion behind your lower back when you’re sitting down, with your arm supported on a cushion on your lap.

If your shoulder is painful to lie on, the following positions may reduce the discomfort:::–
Lie on your good side with a pillow under your neck. Use a folded pillow to support your painful arm in front of your body. Another
pillow behind your back can stop you rolling back onto your painful side.
If you prefer to sleep on your back, use one or two pillows under your painful arm to support it off the bed.
Reducing the strain on your shoulders::–
It’s usually best to carry out your normal activities, but try not to overdo it. You need to pace yourself to start with and try to do a bit
more each day.

At home:
When vacuuming, keep your upper body
upright with the cleaner close to your body,
and use short sweeping movements.
Only iron essential items, and make sure the
ironing board is at waist height.
Use a trolley or a backpack to carry shopping,
or divide the weight between two bags and
carry one in each hand. Alternatively, use bags
with long straps and carry them with the
straps crossed over your body from shoulder
to hip.

At work:
Try to maintain a good posture when sitting or
standing. Avoid holding your neck in fixed or
twisted postures.
If you use a computer make sure the keyboard
and monitor are directly in front of you, so
you don’t have to turn your head or twist your
body. Keep the mouse within easy reach so
you don’t have to stretch.
When using the phone don’t trap the receiver
between your head and your shoulder.
Avoid any manual work that hurts while you’re
doing it.
It’s important to seek advice if your job
involves repetitive actions or awkward postures
that might contribute to your shoulder pain.
Some companies have an occupational health
department which might be able to help.
Alternatively, contact your local Jobcentre Plus
office, who can put you in touch with advisors
specialising in physical difficulties at work.
Read more about looking after your joints.
Complementary medicine for shoulder pain

There are many different complementary and
herbal remedies that are believed to help with
pain relief, and some people do feel better
when they use some complementary
treatments. However, these treatments aren’t
recommended for use on the NHS because
there’s no conclusive evidence that they’re

Susan asks…

my bra straps never stay up!?

my bra straps never stay up on my shoulders! does any1 know how to fix it? and another Q where are some cheaper nice places to buy bras?


steve answers:

Get a bra with racerback straps! That way there is no way they can fall off. Or buy a bra with removable straps and criss cross them:)

John asks…

Saxophone strap discomfort? Tips?

In my marching band there is a boy (11), and he plays the Saxophone. We are going to have a parade in a few weeks, and his neck strap is causing him a lot of problems. By the end of practice is neck is very red, bruised, and raw. Are there any tips I could tell him so that his neck strap doesn’t hurt him as much? It’s very basic nylon adjustable, with no padding. I play the clarinet, so I don’t really know what you would do for a strap like that. I offered to help him sew something on to it, I think it’s the the edges of the strap cutting in. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep it from hurting his neck so badly?

steve answers:

Two thing might help, he needs to buy a cloth strap, or he can get a strap pad or a padded strap.
Or wear a turtleneck sweater.



You can also get gel pack filled strap pads for guitar straps, that wrap around the strap and secure with velcro.




I’m sure you could use one on a sax strap.

I have a doublenecked electric guitar that is really heavy. Right now I’m using two thick socks with the toes cut out, one inside the other, and use that as a strap pad, until I can get to a music store that sells the pads. It works just fine, I had the same problem with my nylon strap, it rubbed me raw, too.

So he can even try that for now to see if it helps.

Daniel asks…

know of good small vacuum with shoulder strap and good attachments that would be light and easy to haul aroun?

steve answers:

I haven’t seen any shoulder strap vacuums. Vacuums small enough to be carried that way are generally hand held, and impractical for cleaning floors, as you would be bent over the entire time. A canister vac is likely your best choice for portability. I recommend you buy from a store that will allow you to hear how loud the vacuums are; some are loud enough to cause hearing damage over time.

I have a mid-size canister by Simplicity that is quiet compared to my previous Kenmore (Sears) canister. The old vacuum was leaking a lot of the dust it picked up, but the Simplicity has double hepa filtration. It cost around $450 compared to $130 for the old Kenmore model. Still, Consumer Reports rates Kenmore models Intuition and Progressive as Very Good, but they were larger canisters costing $600 and $300. Consumer Reports also lists Electrolux Oxygen ($430) as 2nd to Kenmore’s Intuition. Hoover’s Wind Tunnel also rated highly at costs of $250 to $300.

Unfortunately, Consumer Reports cannot test every brand and model offered. I recommend you look up the different vacuum manufacturers to see what size models they offer. I’ve provided several links below, but other brands are Bissel, Black & Decker, Bosch, Digipro, Dirt Devil, Dyson, Emer, Eureka, Euro-Pro,Germ Guardian, Kalorik, Koblenz, Metro Vac, Metropolitan, Miele, Oreck, Panasonic, Rainbow, ReadiVac, Riccar, Sanyo, Sebo, and Shark.

William asks…

bra shoulder straps are always too long. why is this?

every time i buy a bra which seems to fit, the shoulder straps are always too long to hold up the breasts properly, even when they are tightened as much as possible.
does this mean the bra is the wrong size or what?

steve answers:

I have ridiculously small shoulders and i have the same problem lol!Go to Debenhams and get fitted properly and then spend hours trying on various bras till you find some decent ones!The women working there are fab and will run around after you,so it won’t be too much hassle-just a sake of trying on,taking off,trying on,taking off.etc!Good luck girly!x

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