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Your Questions About Black Apple Macbook Pro

Sharon asks…

MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

Hello there!:)
I am about to start my second year of college and I am thinking of buying a MacBook as I need something that is going to last!:)
I need one with good memory and that is pretty fast.
I don’t know much about computers, how much does 128gb flash storage hold? Is that enough? Is it better to go with 256gb flash storage? And if so how much does that hold?

Thank you!! :D

steve answers:

Can I suggest this. It may not be an apple, but it is a perfect student laptop. But to answer your question 128 should be more than enough. At the end of the day documents do not take up much space. If you need extra you can get a flash drive.


George asks…

Do Mac book pros come in black?

And another question:
Which would be better for a 15 year old? Mac book or mac book pro?
I would use it for school; obviously. Just doing projects and write ups. And i would also use it for the internet and for my ipod, oh! and for pictures. :D
oh, and for elektrey:
i did! but my friend kept saying they did so i decided to come here for the answer. . .


steve answers:

Go with the MacBook. I have a White MacBook and a MacBook Pro. The Pro is only in silver. I love them both but if you are going to just use them for school, go with the MacBook. The Pro is what I use for work and gaming.

Good luck! You can never go wrong with an Apple.

Thomas asks…


My macbook pro went black after i plugged in my ipod touch charger?

My Mac book pro went black screen after I plugged in my iPod touch 4th gen charger. I went to the apple store and it passed all the test they have so it is not my computer, they gave me a new charger for my Mac thinking that was the problem. I wanted to update my ipod software from my Mac and it suddenly went to black screen.

steve answers:

Unfortunately, apple locks down their products as much as they can because they think the average user is too stupid to need to troubleshoot or repair something, and that’s also how they get you to shell out $1500 for a new mac when it breaks. This may be a hard issue to spot. Your black screen could be a number of problems but there’s so little diagnostic information included with Mac OS that it’s incredibly hard to spot.

Apple store “geniuses” are also functionally stupid so I wouldn’t trust them on telling you what the problem is.

Next time, don’t get a mac. Other laptops are a lot easier to diagnose and repair.

Mary asks…

Macbooks…. Please answer …?

Can you give me the full names and images of Pink Macbooks please? Thnx. ;)

steve answers:

Sorry, but Apple does not make Macbooks in any color but white as of right now. The Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs are aluminum colored with black back-lit keyboards.

However, you can buy cases that are colored, or you can pay to have it airbrushed another color.

Donald asks…

When can i expect the Apple MacBook Pro line to be refreshed this year?

steve answers:

There might be a delay, Intel has had problems with the Sandy Bridge processors in fact actually recalled them, but PC Vendors howled they would lose money so Intel is releasing the faulty chips for computers that don’t use the flawed portions.

Apple hopefully won’t accept such inferior products as it could result in more warranty calls, refunds and replacements. So they might wait for Sandy Bridge rev2 to arrive and pass the tests of a few months in the field.

Rumor has it the hard drives and the Superdrives are leaving the MacBook Pro line, if this is true, then it would mean very expensive FLASH memory. $1200 for 500GB, but then with no Superdrive could cut the cost a little. Also they likely will remove the anti-glossy displays to save money.

It’s not even funny, one can buy a 1TB external drive for a mere $100. But will have to pay $1200 for 500GB of FLASH. Very stupid of Apple to go all Flash, but they are like that. Think we are all made out of money.

I hope Apple doesn’t make ANOTHER mistake like they did removing all the popular black MacBooks for those crappy, underpowered, near worthless iPads.

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Your Questions About Orange Laptops Contract

William asks…

Can i use a dongle just for the evening, once my dad has turned the home internet off?

Starting next week, the internet will be going off from 11pm due to my sis who is on her laptop far too later at night, shes starting college so dad wants her off her computer ect.

this is starting when he goes on holiday, so it will just be me and my sis at home (i’m nearly 19) so its not a case of taking the laptop away from her, and not turning it off so i can still use the internet.

can i buy a dongle that i can use after the internet is off? whats the best one to get, a pay as you go, or a contract? i’m on contract with orange on my phone if that helps :)

no silly answers – i’m hopeless with computers haha

i’m not in his good books so to speak – i’d rather not turn it on and off – anyway i won’t be able to – its in his room anyway
it will be mostly facebook and skype really – talking to friends who live abroad

steve answers:

A dongle would do the trick, except that they all have usage limit, 1GB/3GB/5GB etc but they go up in price with usage limit, so could work out really expensive, I use an O2 one when travelling , its almost £25/month for 5GB usage, do NOT go with ’3′, they are really crap, you will be in tears after a few days.

Should talk to your dad, why waste money when you already have internet. Sad,

Sharon asks…

Iphone 4s help please! 10 points! and i will answer yours! ?

Ok so I have just took out a iPhone 4s on contract with 600 mins, unlimited texts and internet. It will be delivered to me on Wednesday. I took out the contract from Orange and I’m from the UK. Well my question is will I be able to use the phone as don as its delivered? Or will I have to set it up on a pc first? Ad I don’t have a pc or laptop or even a internet connection in my home. And if I do have to set it up on a pc could I use my friends pc? Even though she don’t have an iPhone, and how do I set it up? Is it easy? I’ve never had an iPhone before and am pretty excited about it :) just want to use it as soon as I get it mainly for apps and siri.

Thanks in advance.

steve answers:

You dont need a computer for anything on you iphone unless you need to download off itunes like music.

Joseph asks…

Look at this?

Can you have more than one broadband supplier coming through one phonle line in the uk if you pay for the both. The reason why I am asking is because pc world has an offer on -
If you get Orange Broadband you get a FREE laptop, you might think well, what’s the point of having another supplier when you’ve already got one? but, for that price you get the laptop so for the broadband price I’ve got the laptop which I was thinking of buying anyway (which is much cheaper this way) and the orange broadband aswell-FANTASTIC!!!! I t does say that you can not get this offer if you already have another supplier but you can if your contract has ended or ending with another supplier but maybe they don’t think about the people that will or don’t mind having two broadband suppliers.The website for the FREE laptop at PC World is here:

steve answers:

No only one broadband supplier on one line at a time.

Maria asks…

What can I get if I want to keep my phone but change my contract?

Hi, my UK mobile contract is coming to an end and I don’t really need a new phone.

I see all these adds for a “free iPod Touch” or “free laptop” if you switch over to them and take one over their overstocked handsets but does anyone know if this there are any companies that will do better if you don’t need a phone?


steve answers:

I went to orange kept my old phone got a sim only deal no contract you can stop it at any time i got 1200 mins to mobiles all landlines free and 150 texts

you can change options to unlimited texts instead depending on if ur a text freek or not you can keep the same number to just port it over prices start at £20 up to £35 good value

go to orange.co.uk sim only deals pay monthly

Paul asks…

Can anybody tell me how good are these mobile broadbands?

I want to use my laptop outside the house, I’ve contemplating these mobile broadbands, vodafone, orange, O2, Tmobile, but I don’t know how good they are and if it is worthy, do you use mobile broadbands? Are they good? Which one is the best one? Please advise me. Thank you folks.

steve answers:

If you need broadband on the go then the only real option is 3G technology as provided by the mobile phone companies. Of course the speeds are not going to be what you would get from fixed line broadband so make sure you do need to internet on the move. If you don’t need it on the move, stick with fixed line broadband and install a wireless router so you would at least have wireless access in yout home.

If you do decided to go for mobile broadband then you have to choose between O2, Orange, 3, T-Mobile, and Vodafone. The most important thing is that you have a good 3G signal in the areas you want to use your mobile broadand. If you currently have a mobile phone, check the 3G signal in the desired areas with your phone, and if they are good stick with your mobile phone provider.

Or if you want to look at all providers visit a comparison site (see the links below to resources) and look at the following; coverage, price, contract length, and other peoples opinions.

Look at the links below and you will get everything you need.

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Your Questions About Asus Netbook Battery

Steven asks…

Is MSI a good brand of netbook? Is it better than Lenovo or Asus?

How good are MSI branded netbooks in terms of performance? I was looking for a reliable netbook to buy, and I came across this brand, but I don’t know much about it.
To be specific, I came across the model MSI Wind U210. Is this better than the Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 or the Asus EEEPC 1005P? Here are the criteria:
1. Multitasking
2. Battery life
3. Speed
4. Durability
5. After Sales Service
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

steve answers:

I bought my wife an MSI Wind U100 for Christmas 2008. She uses it almost every day and is very happy with it. I’ve used it a little and it seems pretty good. I looked at netbooks for myself early this year & considered the MSI Wind U135. I thought it looked pretty good, but I preferred & bought the Acer Aspire One AO532 with the 250GB hard disk & bigger battery. I’m pretty happy with it. It gets a good 8-9 hours of usage on the battery between charges. It feels pretty solid.

I looked at the Asus 1005 & really didn’t like the feel of the keyboard. The Asus seemed more cheaply made than many of the other brands.

I think all the netbooks are pretty similar in terms of performance, since they almost all have 1GB of memory and the Atom processor. For better battery life, you want the N450 processor, not the N270 or N280.

The Toshiba NB305-N410 is probably the top of the line, but it’s a little more expensive. Also, the Samsung model that Best Buy has exclusively seemed pretty good, although the battery isn’t as powerful as most of the other models.

The one review of the Lenovo I read said that the S10-2 touchpad was really bad. I never found a Lenovo locally that I could put my hands on to try it out, so I didn’t consider it further.

Donald asks…

If I want a mini netbook from Asus, should I get the eee pc 1005ha or the eee pc 1008ha?

For those of you who don’t know these model numbers, the 1005ha is thicker than the 1008ha, has a little better battery life, but has a removable battery and can have it’s ram upgraded if needed. HOwever, the 1008ha is much sleeker and thinner which allows for better portability but I don’t know if it’s worth the trade off of battery life and not having the option to upgrade my ram if I would ever want to in the future.
Do you think its worth the sleekness to sacrifice customability or should I get the thicker model?

steve answers:

The review for the 1005ha look promising here:


and the http://www.engadget.com/2009/03/04/asus-eee-pc-1008ha-hands-on/

The 1008ha is clearly the winner for looks and technology.
The 1008ha Is one of the more recent machines on the market and that alone is a dead giveaway of which one of the 2 is Better.

Mary asks…

Asus Notebook V/s Netbook?


According to you, which one of these two is better for casual video conversion? Is it Asus A52N http://in.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=Zfkff8kvHmCtwfIK or Asus Eee Pc 1215T http://in.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=rZuUAha4BV6gGBSc# Since 1215T is more compact & has better battery life, I don’t mind if it turns out to be slightly slower then A52N.


steve answers:

Asus Notebook is best from my point of view

Sandra asks…

Which netbook should I get? ASUS Eee PC 1005-HAG or Acer Aspire one A150?

ASUS has 160 GB, Win 7, 48 Wh battery, 1 Gb RAM
Acer has 120 GB, Win 7 Pro, 58 Wh battery, 1.5 Gb RAM
Im buying either from eBay, which one should I choose?!
Im just using this netbook to take to class, notes, websurf, thats it.
Both are valued at $160, I dont have enough money to push over the $200 limit

steve answers:

My opinion…. Is to spend the extra $100 if even that and get a dual core laptop off of ebay… You will be glad you did, most netbooks cant handle simple website browsing and sometimes even note taking. They are very slow an unresponsive. What is the max you want to spend? You should chexk your local criagslist site ass well

Laura asks…

My ASUS Eee 1005PE MU17 battery life…?

It kind of sucks. The description and manual says it’s supposed to last 11 hours fully charged. When I got my laptop, I charged it for 8 hours before turning it on. I turned it on, signed in, all that good stuff.

The next day, I let the netbook COMPLETELY die down, then charged it overnight.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anywhere near 11 hours of use, maybe 7, if I was lucky.

Same thing happend today, and right now, fully charged, it says 5 hours and 48 minutes lef, 100%.

Has anyone else had this problem? It’s slightly upsetting, I was looking forward to using this laptop for travel, and trying not to worry about charging the battery so much.
Oh, and my battery life icon bounces rapidly.. From 5 hours, to 3, to 7, to 8. Is that normal?

steve answers:

Battery life is dependent an a number of things, the Operating System, peripherals, etc. 11 hours may be the time you could expect out of an Operating System that’s a little more conscientious with it’s power usage, such as Linux.

You could possibly find out more on the Asus website to get an idea of what to expect for your specific setup.

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Your Questions About Pink

Betty asks…

Is it weird to wear all pink?

I LOVE PINK so much and i dont mind of wearing all pink!
Wearing all black / white/ any other colors are good but why not pink?
Teach me some smart way of wearing pink pleasee??

steve answers:

I like pink too, so maybe wear 2 shades of pink! Add some silver or black! Maybe a dark pink shirt with some plaid shorts with other shades and the same color of pink too. Too much of the same shade is weird, and u can’t do different shades with black or white! You could also wear a cute pink dress, or a pink shirt and jean shorts and maybe add lots of pink accessories! Hope it helped!

Robert asks…

y is it pink???

ok y is pink lemonade pink?is it the flavoring?or just dye???i need 2 kno!!!!

steve answers:

Pink lemonade is made with a type of lemon that has pink flesh, this is pulverized and give a pink hue to the lemonade. Some companies that make it will add coloring but if you get fresh you can taste that the pink is a little more tart than regular.

Linda asks…

Blue or pink hair dye ?

Blue or pink

steve answers:

I love my pink hair and i would personally say pink.
What ever colour you choose i have found the best dyes to use for pink and blue are made by special effects. Dark pink: atomic pink, light pink: cupcake pink and light blue: fish bowl and dark blue: blue mayhem.
I would either do a bit of both colours or flip a coin to decide or try a faster fading dye like directions so you can see what suits you best.

Ken asks…

Pink party food?

my little sister is having a pink party and i just want to know what food she could use that is pink

steve answers:

Those Pink wafer things

you could get some gelatine and flavouring and colouring make pink sweety/jelly type things

jelly beans

pop tarts

dolly mixtures

pink icecream cones and strawberry icecream

strawberry yoghurt

Pink cake – batternburg only the pink bit though you can amke pink icing easy enough

oooo Pink party rings :)

pink fairy cakes

healthy side is harder

pink lady apples

pink grapefruit

Beetroot- pink ish

http://www.cooks.com/rec/search/0,1-0,pink_food,FF.html- Theres pink receipes there :)

http://www.123child.com/color/pink.html- And pink activity party ideas there

Steven asks…

Why Was The Pink Panther…Pink?

I’ve never seen a pink panther before…

steve answers:

Pink panther was pink cuz s/he was not any other color…

And btw pink panther is a name of a pink colored diamond…
Hope is blue colored diamond
kohinoor is a clear diamond

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Your Questions About Pedal Board Order

Donna asks…

Does a guitar cab speaker need a head in order to work?

Or is it possible to to get sound by just connecting the guitar to a pedal board, then the board directly to the cab?

steve answers:

Guitars operate at what is called “instrument level”

This is a really low level signal, and no matter what pedals you send it through it’s not going to get louder. You need to go through an amp to bring the signal up to a level where it has enough power to move a loudspeaker.

Mary asks…

Pedal board signal path help?

So i’m starting my journey into my pedals… I currently have a Cry Baby but plan to get a lot more soon, so what order should I put these in for the cleanest signal?
Cry baby
Boss TU3
MXR Carbon copy delay
MXR 10 band eq
Dunlop volume pedal
Digitech whammy
MXR Smart gate

Any help would be amazing, thank you

steve answers:

Since you do not mention a distortion pedal of any kind, I am assuming you will be relying on your amps distortion.
Most modern amps have an effects loop. I strongly suggest using it. This helps keep the signal clean and strong.
There is a basic order that effects usually go in. There are no specific rules, but just general guidelines. The 1st in the signal chain is usually preamps. This includes distortion, compressors, and equalizers. The 2nd step is usually modulation effects such as chorus, flanger, phase shifter, etc. The 3rd step is time based effects like echo/delay, reverb, and harmonizers. There are some utility devices that do not exactly fit any one specific criteria, such as volume pedals and noise gates. These cab be placed in almost and position but they are often used right before the echo pedal to insure that any echos and reverbs will not be cut off. There are some “musts” that should be observed. The primary one is that the wah pedal is best placed right after the guitar and before the amp. They just seem to function the best that way.
For your set up I would recommend the following order;
Guitar>Wah pedal>Amp input. Then from the effects loop out>Tuner>E.Q.>Noise gate>Volume>Whammy pedal>Delay>Effects loop return.
You can, of course, experiment with the order of various components such as whammy after delay, or E.Q. After other units.
You might wish to consider the use of a single, high quality, multi-effects unit as opposed to several single pedals. The sound quality is generally much better and you have the added flexibility of getting many effects for the cost of a few.

Sandra asks…

Guitar Pedal Board Question?

When putting effects in the order i want them, will i change the sounds any by putting certain effects in front of or behind other effects?

Example: Distortion- Flange
Flange- Distortion

Would that change the sound any??


steve answers:

Just to explain that a little more (the other answer was pretty much sufficient, but…) when you put the flange after the distortion its more noticeable, and tends to be more pleasing. Sometimes putting modulation before distortion can muddy the sound up, and sometimes it just ends up minimizing the sound of the effect… But when you put it afterwards, it tends to complement the sound better.

You should try both, and go with what you like the best, but just so you know, the normal order is distortion -> modulation -> time-based (ie metal zone -> boss chorus -> boss digital delay is a setup that I’ve run before). Ideally modulation and delay sound best in the fx loop, but they don’t *have* to if you don’t want to or don’t have an fx loop.


Laura asks…

Does My Pedal Board Look Good?

(Not In Order) MXR 10 band EQ, Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensembe, Digitech Digidelay, MXR Micro Amp, Boss CS-3 Compression/suistainer/, Digitech Digiverb, Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor, MXR M115 Distortion III I Know I have alot of pedals but does it all look good

steve answers:

If it sounds good

Jenny asks…

Guitar pedal board order?

I need some advice on a good order for my guitar pedals. I usually play either very ambient music or very reverbed/fuzzy/dirty blues. The pedals I have are all made by Boss. The pedals I have are:

TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
RC-2 Loop Station
RV-5 Digital Reverb
CH-1 Super Chorus
DD-6 Digital Delay
TR-2 Tremolo
DS-1 Distortion
FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz

Also, I was wondering if I should just take the DS-1 distortion pedal out of the chain since I have the hyper fuzz. Any advice is much appreciated!

steve answers:

Hello there,

First there are no absolute rules for pedal order. It becomes a matter of perference. The sequence determines the shape of your tone. To get exactly the tone you want you may decide that some particular pedal sounds best for your needs when placed out of the normal sequence. So do experiment. Place your time effects first and then a distortion to see how that sounds (normal sequence) Then try it the other way around, distortion before time effects to see the difference that makes. I always put my tuner first. I see no reason to remove the DS-1 as long as you still use it some. It will sound different than the Fuzz. So having both gives you more options.

Rather than writing a long explanation about the normal sequence of pedals, I will give you this link to an article on pedal order. I think it covers your questions.



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