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Your Questions About Gucci Watches

Paul asks…

Where can i find a shop that does a watch buffing?

I just bought a 2nd hand gucci watch yesterday..and since it is not new, there some scratches in the metal..i went to a shop in Greenbelt 1 and they said that it could be done by Buffing..i don”t know which store is doing that..sorry for wrong english..but please help..thanks!!

steve answers:

Washington Jewelry Emporium
I suggest you call before hand and ask about the services they offer:

Betty asks…

how do i know if the gucci watch i have is real?

I have a gucci watch that i have had for about 4 years and i need to know if it is real how do it determan this?

steve answers:

First I would look for a serial number on the watch. Also, try to find out where it was purchased from. If you are still unsure, take it to a jeweler and ask them. They should be able to tell you, or find someone who would know.

I personally wouldn’t call Gucci because customer service, no matter who it is, is never that helpful. Plus, when you hear it over the phone, who knows what kind of answer you’ll get. In person is the best way to go, and you’ll have no doubts.

Susan asks…

How Much Money Should I get for My 16th Birthday ?

Im turning 16 soon , and I want to buy Gucci , Louis , Watches , Hats , Jeans , Hats ?
How Much Money Should I Get ?

steve answers:

Lol wht a knob

Jenny asks…

Abercrombie, Fitch or Hollister are they good brands?

Are these good brands ’cause I wanna know why all the kids on my high school wear them ,and they look like a dog chew on the clothing they wear. I have gucci watch, jacket, eyeglasses and a prada scarf I rarely wear it.

steve answers:

They are pretty good quality but , in my opinion i think there to plain and there all the same, just in differents colors.
If you can afford designer stuff, how bout` you stick with those.

P.S : You should also try Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, James Perse, and tons of other designers out there.

Donald asks…

Can you sell fake items on ebay if you state that theyre fake?

I have a gucci watch and i have been told it is fake, i know ebay dont allow fake stuff but if i say in the listing that its fake is it allowed? because then people wont bid as much as they would if its real

steve answers:

Just be smart on how you word your ad.

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Your Questions About Acer Support

Carol asks…

Acer crystal webcam problem?

i have an acer aspire net book and i downloaded webcam max. it wasn’t working at all so i deleted it and now every time i use the acer crystal webcam a logo of webcam max comes up and i cant take a picture.

steve answers:

You can download and reinstall CrystalEye from Acer’s website:


Trust me, you want acer-euro.com as acer.com has NOTHING.

Maria asks…

Help! URGENTLY acer?

i have an ‘acer laptop’. whenever i turn it on there is a constant beeping noise and i result in removing the battery because there is no way of it stopping. aswell as that the screen remains black! i need help!!!!!!!!

steve answers:

Contact the acer:


they are very helpful.

Good luck!

Sandy asks…

Acer Camera Software?

okay, i had an acer camera software (crystal eye webcam) but my computer had a technical problem and we fixed it, but my software was deleted. i am trying to find one that works, and i have a acer aspire one mini. please help?

steve answers:

Download the right software here is the support site http://support.acer.com/us/en/default.aspx this should do it…

Helen asks…

Acer Driver Support, HELP Please…?

I need the site where I can enter my ID number for the laptop I have and download all the drivers for it, so I can wipe it, and begin a new Laptop, and not what The Geek Squad put on there, …

They have all this crap that starts up with the computer, Not Cool.
They have a seperate partiton set up on it, NOT COOL…

I am going to wipe it, and reinstall Vista, and install all the drivers it needs, nothing more, nothing less, I paid for a new laptop, and I will get a new laptop.

Acer Aspire 6930


Whats the Address…?

steve answers:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just uninstall or shut down all the stuff they put on auto start? Also the partition probably wasn’t put there by them, most new laptops use that now as a recovery partition. You can also format and merge partitions if you really want to.

If you want to be hard headed and waste your time though, see the link.


Michael asks…

Acer extensa problems?

I just yesterday bout a acer 4120 with vista on it and there is a bar on it that says something along the lines of “acer presystem 2/24 please wait”
I already called acer and the guy on the phone said i had to just wait and after a day of waiting I have decided that guy had no idea what he was talking about i also emailed them and got told just to restore to factory default after 4 trys of that i emailed back and was told to make backup cds i then decided that guy had no idea what he was talking about either, could anyone help because it really sucks i saved for so long and my computer wont even work

steve answers:


Mail Acer’s support team…by the way who told you to buy Acer’s system???

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Your Questions About Tablets Computers

Steven asks…

How do I get the international keyboard setting on my computer?

My school uses tablet computers and for french class we learned how to get the keyboard that allowed you to type accents (for example if you press ‘ and then a you get an accent about the a). Recently, something happened to the hardrive in my computer and so now that it’s fixed all the things that were on my computer are gone and I want to get that back so I can do my french homework more easily. I tried going to control panel and then keyboard but there was nothing there about it.

steve answers:

Control Panel, click on Classic View, then Regional and Language Options, click on the Languages tab, and the rest is pretty easy to figure out

Betty asks…

Nokia and Microsoft are partners than why Nokia doesn’t start producing Windows Tablets?

I have Nokia Lumia phone which is incredibly smooth and fast and I have a Samsung Tab too.In comparison between my Lumia and tab,Nokia Lumia works smoother and never hangs or lags.I always trust Nokia for it’s great,reliable and good built quality products.I always wish to buy a Nokia Tablet computer.But what’s the problem that Nokia isn’t launching a Tablet computer? Even when Nokia is very innovative brand and can design really great,energy efficient and reliable hardware for smartphones and Tablets.

steve answers:

You need to wait a while for Nokia Tablet. There were screenshots leaked for Nokia tablet with Windows RT which was abandonded by Nokia latety. From the sources, it is confirmed that Nokia is working on Tablet but this with with Full windows (Pro version) so if you are Nokia fan, just wait for Lumia tablets

George asks…

Why does the dell inspiron 15r have tablet pc features?

If its not a tablet computer why does it have the features? I had a tablet computer once and i loved it, so if this one is a tablet i would like to know. I dont really understand?

steve answers:

It is made for people like you that like tablet pc features… They have a certain part of the market in mind and they make a product for that part of the market…

Donna asks…

How do I get my Roxio Game capture pro software on my new computer with no cd disc drive?

My computer with the software on it died, so my parents bought me this new HP tablet/computer. I want to get the software for my Roxio in here now, but it doesn’t have a thing to put CDs in. How can i get the software on here without downloading it through torrents or something?

steve answers:

Hello Jake, What is the make of your computer is it a chromebook?

Nancy asks…

Which is your favorite tablet computer?

I’m looking to have at least 16 gig of memory and to be able to read a PDF on it.

But in general, which tablet computer do you prefer or are you looking to get? And where will you get it from?

steve answers:

You should get an ipad. You can get an ipad 1 refurbished for cheap and its amazing at everything! From browsing the web, word processing to pdfs. Trust me i have one and its better than a laptop!

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Your Questions About Marcus Luttrell

Lisa asks…

Operation Redwing body count confusion.?

Marcus Luttrell, the sole survivor of the mission said that there were 80-200 enemy combatants, but the White House estimate is only 30-40 enemy fighters.
Why is there such a HUGE difference in the estimations?
Does the White House usually come up with a smaller number as they were not there to see the battle?
True, that would come into consideration, but also I wonder how in the world the White House came up with their numbers as Luttrell was the only witness.

steve answers:

Although I’m not going to judge on who has the right numbers, the heated nature of the situation and feeling of being overwhelmed could certainly cause someone to perceive a larger force.

Richard asks…

Collateral Murder video?

I just watched the condensed version, and I didn’t see any of the guys in the Apache doing that would lead them to bee seen as cold blooded murderers?

Now I am not familiar with the rules of engagement by any means, but they said that they were being shot at by the guys on the ground, and what I saw slung around their shoulders certainly did look like guns.

Now it is very unfortunate that some of those people were in fact innocent, but how many people in the US are killed every day by people who actually are murderers? Why doesn’t the media have a fit about that? I also read the comments and people were talking about how they wish the movie Independence Day was real and that aliens would come down and destroy US cities and other nonsense.

I just don’t get it. If you stand in the fire, you will get burned. It is sad that those reporters were killed, but why were they hanging out with the enemy?

I read the book Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell, and in it he and his SEAL team were found by two goat herders and a younger boy. When faced with the decision to kill them or let them live, they chose to spare them. One of the reasons being because they didn’t want to end up in jail back here. Soon after, 100-200 Taliban were trying to kill them, and eventually killing every member of the team except Luttrell himself. The Taliban also shot down a helicopter killing sixteen more.


Now I was only thirteen at the time this happened in 2005, so I don’t know how much coverage this got, but the only interviews I have seen were on The O’Riley Factor (I think?) and GMA (I think?) both on YouTube.

I just don’t understand why the media will make such a big deal out of our men killing the enemy. Even if those reporters weren’t dangerous, aren’t they guilty by association?

Also, why are people so interested in the truth all of a sudden only when it pertains to the killing of presumed terrorists? Why not about people like Marcus Luttrell and his SEAL team or the eight other SEALs and eight Army Nighthawks?

steve answers:

There was ample justification to engage the armed element on the ground; this is why the Army investigation concluded that the action was justified and no punishment was warranted. It is a shame that the reporters were killed, but they had to know there was a certain risk to associating with an armed enemy of the US military.

Laura asks…

Anti war people, watch this?

What do you think? Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. You can tell by his body language that he is 100% honest. So what do you think?


steve answers:

I’m curious why you suggest that “anti-war people” should watch this. I think every person in the US should watch this, especially pro-war politicians who haven’t served.

I was never a Navy SEAL, and I never encountered combat, but I did spend 4 years in the Navy. I never could have imagined how strongly I feel about the commitment I made the day I left for boot camp. Not that I think everybody in the military feels the same way, but right or wrong, I know part of what I was doing was for something greater than myself. Yes I am getting an education out of the deal, and yes I got paid for all of it, but I feel that if it is just that simple, then more people would be doing it.

From my experience in the military, as well as my dad’s, who served as an officer in Vietnam, not enlisted like myself, the military does a good job of putting things in perspective. For Marcus, it was the reality that things were not black and white, as he put it. For me it was two things: to take responsibility for my actions and to simply to be appreciative of what I have. There were a ton of other things I got out of it and I do feel like a bit of a poster child for the benefits of some time in the military, but that’s mostly because the military is what you make of it, and I was at the right point in my life for it. I guess what I am really trying to say is that serving in the military usually has a positive affect on those who take it seriously. It allows you to have a better understanding of what is just politics to most Americans. I know that a war has sailors out away from their families, but doing it because they are doing what they are told; that is their job. And I know that the sacrifice pales in comparison to watching your buddy die a few feet away from you and not being unable to do anything, in part because you are no good dead either. Politicians these days are so quick to reduce issues to a sterilized, yes-or-no agendas. War is not simple. No one group of people is entirely good or evil. Unfortunately, it is easy say that when you don’t have to make the sacrifices.

Sorry if this is disjointed, but his story caused me to reflect a little on my own time in the Navy, and what I took away from it.

Maria asks…

What would you do in this case?

Marcus Luttrell had his beloved dog Daisy shot and killed by joy riders in Texas…

The Texas Golden Retriever Rescue Club is involved in helping Marcus possibly getting him another Golden.

I am so sad over his beloved Daisy.

Here is the link to see him talk about this horrible tragedy on the Glen Beck Show

go to wwwGlennBeck.com

see Headlines in the middle of the page and read about
Punks Kill Hero’s Dog.

You can also send Glen Beck an email of how you feel about this sad story and join in the fight to get these guys jail time for killing the dog. just click on contact us, and it will give the link to email Glen Beck himself, your heartfelt emails will be forwarded to Marcus.

Legit: What would you have done, if you had caught them after shooting your dog????
Please no TD…or rude comments, this is a very sad and tragic story…..

Please star if you will, so all can send an email to him….Thank you all..

steve answers:

When I watched this on the news last night, I was frozen by it. I could barely function. Not ONLY IS this man an American HERO who lost his whole platoon and wound up being the only survivor…..among so very much more………..a true Hero, a Seal who lost his whole team, a lone survivor. THEN, taken by Al Qaeda and the Taliban and tortured beyond anyones worse dreams…..still having medical help, still suffering the pain, memories, like no human should ever have to deal with. Tearing as I type…… Daisy his puppy that was given to him for healing, therapy, love….mending from his grueling service to our Country for OUR FREEDOM loses his baby his little friend, Daisy, his puppy to the hands of punks that were already killing dogs for joy. How horrid, how evil!

I propose that we band together as dog lovers, protectors, good deed doers and write in, or send support to this amazing Hero. He deserves support. These punks should get life in prison as far as I’m concerned, or much worse.

One last thing………….what would I have done? I think I would have to be tied down or held back, cause I would have to dispose of those punks in any way I saw fit. BUT, Marcus who has seen much worse than most of us could ever imagine, continued to be a Hero, having the strength to maintain and hold himself back until the authorities arrived to take these punks away. So, he still continues to be the hero he always was. He proved himself over and over again.

May little Daisy (or DASY, as he said), rest her little precious face, and gentle nature in peace forever. Marcus stated that she had such a gentle nature and would have gone to anyone since she was so good natured. Unfortunately, she went toward these pathetic, worthless, snots. She is at peace, but Marcus continues to suffer.

My prayers are with him, and my thanks go to him for all he’s done for all of us.

Thank you Iggy for posting the comment. I could hardly think I was so upset last night when I saw it on tv. Thank you for taking it further, and I sure hope that all will see this and look to help in some way…….maybe the petition is a good first way to begin.
:o P

Charles asks…

Liberalism has no basis for their claims about Combat, agree?

A direct quote from the “Lone Survivor” written by U.S. Navy Seal Officer Marcus Luttrell about Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of Seal Team 10

“Look backing, during our long journey in the C-130 to Afghanistan, I was more acutely aware of a growing problem which faces U.S. forces on active duty in theaters of war all over the world. For me, it began in Iraq, the first murmurings from the liberal part of the U.S.A. that we were somehow in the wrong, brutal killers, bullying other countries, that we who put our lives on the line for our nation at the behest of our government should somehow be charged with murder for shooting our enemy.
It’s been an insidious progression, the criticisms of the U.S. Armed Forces from politicians and from the liberal media, which knows nothing of combat, nothing of our training, and nothing of the mortal dangers we face out there on the front line. Each of the six of us in that aircraft en route to Afghanistan had constantly in the back of our minds the ever-intrusive rules of engagement.
These are drawn up for us to follow by some politician sitting in some distant committee room in Washing, D.C. And that’s a very long way from the battlefield, where a sniper’s bullet can blast your head, where the slightest mistake can cost your life, where you need to kill your enemy before he kills you.
And these ROE are very specific: we may not open fire until we are fired upon or have positively identified our enemy and have proof of his intentions. Now, that’s all very gallant. But how about a group of U.S. soldiers who have been on patrol for several days; have been fired upon; have dodged rocket-propelled grenades and homemade bombs; have sustained casualties; and who are very nearly exhausted and maybe slightly scared?
How about when a bunch of guys wearing colored towels around their heads and brandishing AK-47s come charging over the horizon straight toward you? Do you wait for them to start killing your team, or do you mow the bastards down before they get a chance to do so?
That situation might look simple in Washington, where the human rights of terrorists are often given high priority. And I am certain liberal politicians would defend their position to the death. Because everyone knows liberals have never been wrong about anything. You can ask them. Anytime.
However, from the standpoint of the U.S. combat solider, Ranger, SEAL, Green Beret, or whatever, those ROE represent a very serious conundrum. We understand we must obey them because they happen to come under the laws of the country we are sworn to serve. But they represent a danger to us; they undermine our confidence on the battlefield in the fight against world terror. Worse yet, they make us concerned, disheartened, and sometimes hesitant.
I can say from firsthand experience that those rules of engagement cost the lives of three of the finest U.S. Navy SEALs who have ever served. I’m not saying that, given the serious situation, those elite American warriors might not have died a little later”

I can go on but I have to leave now.

Liberals have no clue what they are talking about…agree?

steve answers:


It’s pathetic.

They do every single thing in their power to give our enemies every advantage.

And they’re proud of it.

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Your Questions About Macbook Black 2008

Jenny asks…

Are all the macbooks made in aluminum? Where can i buy aluminum macbooks?

I looked it up on the apple website but it seems like they are all made in plastic except for the macbook pros. I live in Canada

steve answers:

Current MacBook Pro models are aluminum. The “Late 2008″ MacBook models were aluminum and can be purchased on the used market, but all other non-Pro models are made of white or black polycarbonate.

Complete details on all MacBook and MacBook Pro models may be useful as well:



Hope this helps!

Maria asks…

I bought Diablo III for my 2008 macbook, but it’s not working. Can someone help me?

I made all the necessary software upgrades, but even so, whenever, I want to play Diablo III, I’m getting this black screen. Any suggestions for what may be wrong?

steve answers:

Ask Apple here for free 1-800-MY-Apple ,and check out the sites for more informaton http://www.macworld.com/ http://www.apple.com/support/ and






http://www.ifixit.com/iPad-Parts and Mac parts
Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I
hope I have helped you…
Good luck…

CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

Michael asks…

Update software on MacBook 2009 to download Microsoft?

I have a black MacBook that I bought back in 2009 I believe. I checked the software and it says version 10.5.8
I need to download Microsoft Excel for school but on Microsoft’s website they only download to Mac’s 10.6 or greater. What do I do? I went on Apple’s website to see if I could update the software but I guess my software is still too old to update to a newer verison. Please help me! I don’t want to have to buy a new MacBook because this one still works like new. How can I update the software so I can download Microsoft? Or can I download an older verison on Microsoft somewhere??


steve answers:

You have some options.

One is to upgrade Mac OS to version 10.6 (about $30) and then install Office 2011.

Another is to use the free version of Excel on line at docs.com, but it doesn’t have the full feature set of Excel 2011.


Shop around for a copy of Office 2008. It’s discontinued so you should be able to find it pretty cheap.

Betty asks…

What are some common issues with Macbooks (hardware) and osx (software)?

Dont say none cause every machine has problems. Im looking into making the switch from pc to mac, so i was just wondering what are some common problems that arise with macs over the years?

steve answers:

You can only get guess-work answers from PC guys who have not used any Apple computer for more than a few hours. I have owned a white MacBook, a MacBook Air, and a MacBook Pro. I have used OS X since before the official release, since I worked for Apple then. Here is my assessment:

– MacBook white (older models also came in black) has combined audio in-out port. It is auto-sensing, but when the speakers or mic is intermittent, it causes the port to switch to the other data path (“out” switches to “in” or vice versa) to seek any new device. The seek takes as much as a minute, and makes many users think the hardware has failed.
– MacBook white models after the “Mid 2009″ plus the “Aluminum Late 2008″ lack Firewire, and thus cannot boot to target disk mode, or copy files quickly to an external device. Long-time Mac users were angered by this degrading, but most new users didn’t know the benefits of Firewire, so it is now all but forgotten.
– I only know of one huge drawback of OS X: It can’t run Windows software (filename.exe) without adding certain third-party enabling software (VMs or Winebottler). It is only the extreme popularity of Windows that makes users who need Windows think this is a major problem.
– QuickTime has the obvious limitation of not including old codecs (such as AVI), codecs that are not well-known (such as MKV), and codecs for formats that were never intended to be played from a HDD, such as FLV. Third-party codec packs solve all of these issues (Perian).
– QuickTime Player cannot show soft subtitles with MPG format movies.
– DVD Player in OS 10.6 is a degradation of the 10.5 version in that it jumps directly to the last point played for any DVD disc rather than offering the option to start at the beginning.
– OS 10.6 installer no longer has a “clean install” (archive option), so one can only chose between reinstall (acts to archive the system, but with altered user account status) or erase and install.
– OS 10.6 Finder does not play multi-media files directly in a Finder window for preview as does OS 10.5.8 and before. One must take extra steps to launch the file in Quick Look layer.
– Easy themeing of the interface is all but eliminated in OS 10.6. This is an eye-candy issue, not performance related.
– Font cache can become corrupt. This is easily resolved by starting in Safe Boot, but most users have not learned this maintenance step, so they make the mistake of reinstall instead.

Donna asks…

Is this laptop a macbook or a macbook pro?

ok the weird thing about my laptop which i bought on craigslist is that the design looks EXACTLY like macbook pro (silver case, black keyboard/screen outline). However, on the bottom of the screen, it just says “macbook” instead of “macbook pro”. How is this a macbook when it looks just like the pro?

steve answers:

The model name below the screen is correct. The MacBook Late 2008 was definitely a maverick. It had the same style case as the Pro. Internal hardware items and the screen quality are mostly still the same as that of the polycarbonate case models. Compared with the MacBook models, the Pro has higher pixel density screen, Firewire 800 (most polycarbonate models had FW 400, but your model has no Firewire), discrete graphics, glass trackpad (your model has this), and separate audio in / out (your model does have separate audio ports).

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