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Your Questions About Fandango

Donna asks…

I bought tickets from fandango, do i need to bring a credit card?

My dad bought me a ticket off of fandango and the print out that has my confirmation number says to bring the credit card with me, but I’m going to the the theater with a friend and I can’t bring the credit card. Can i just use the confirmation number?

steve answers:

If it says to bring it, you should bring it just to be sure. You can always call the theater ahead of time and ask if it’s absolutely necessary.

Mary asks…

I have a question about a bought ticket on the fandango website?

I bought a ticket at the fandango website but I could not print it out at the time but I can now but I can’t figure out how to find my ticket and print it. PLEASE HELP!!

steve answers:

They should have sent you an emil with a link to the ticket confirmation page.

David asks…

Can you print the Fandango receipt at a later time?

My sister and I want to buy tickets for Harry Potter 2, the only problem is that our printer is out of ink. Could we purchase the tickets now, and then print the receipt at a later date? Or would we have to print it right after the purchase?

steve answers:

Yes, if you set up an account with fandango before purchasing tickets, you can log into your account later click to view purchase history and view your confirmation page and it will allow you to print it. They also have other methods of collecting tickets depending on theaters, like presenting the credit card you used to purchase them or getting your tickets on your phone but that only works for tmobile, at&t and verizon carriers I believe. I hope this helps!

Michael asks…

How do I play Grim Fandango on new computers?

I can install it, and I’ve run patch gfup101.exe. But after the intial cinematic, the game stopped. I’ve also tried using CPUkiller to slow down my computer and copying all the files to my HD to no avail.

steve answers:

Right click the program–Properties–Compatability—Check the box “run in compat mode for….—-Pick the mode that the game is—-

Also, disabling a few things helps it run smoother.

Ken asks…

where do you pick up your Fandango tickets when you buy them?

I have been trying to get Transformers tickets since it came out but I dont know where you pick up the tickets?

steve answers:

You should have been given a page at the end of your purchase to print out you movie ticket at home (make sure it has the bar code on it), you should also have been given an email that has a link to print it out at home.

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Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Problems

Mandy asks…

Sims 2 Vista problem..?

Okay, so. I’m having issues getting the Sims 2 to work on my HP Laptop. Upon loading a family or entering the neighbourhood after creating a new family the game appears to stop loading. I’ve waited for hours and nothing happens, then if I press ctrl alt + delete and start task manager it says the program is not responding. It worked for months before this started happening.

-My laptop meets the system requirements.
-I’ve recentley installed the patch, still not working.
-My brother f**ked with the registry claiming he could make my laptop run faster, I think this may be the problem but I restored my laptop to before he done it & it STILL isn’t working. :(
-I have lost the 3rd installation disk, so that’s not a possibility.

Any ideas people?
Thanks :D

steve answers:

I have a HP Pavillion DV 6600 Notebook (128MB Shared Memory Intel Graphic Card) 2 GB RAM with Windows Vista Home Premium.

I installed sims 2 but it is not running, it always opens a window stating ‘Unspecified Error’.

Kindly Help.

Donna asks…

Computer graphic card problem?

So a little bit ago, my friend gave me the HP Pavilion d4600y computer. and the other day he gave a AMD Radeon HD 6750 series graphic card. The graphic card works, as i put it in and it worked. But, the one thing wrong is with the video card in, i can neither hear anything through my computer and my mic wont work. I have tried multiple headphones and headsets and none of them work. I then put my old graphic card in and the sound worked on that…can anyone help me please?
Im running Windows XP 32 bit if that helps
Under the audio default device, the original device that was there with my old Graphics card isnt there. now there is Sound2x Cable 1 , Sound2x Cable 2 and so on till 10….HELP PLEASE :(

steve answers:

Sounds like a resource conflict.


See if that helps.

Betty asks…

Alienware M17X or HP Envy 17?

I play games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, COD, Mass Effect3. I want to buy a laptop that can run these games at the highest settings flawlessly.
Alienware M17X: 3610QM+500GB+6GB+7970M+FHD about $1956 after tax
pros: top-end graphic card, good cooling system
cons: high price, does not qualify sales tax exemption in TN, includes only 1-year warranty
HP Envy 17: 3610QM+750GB Hybrid+7850M+FHD about $1330 before tax
pros: qualifies sales tax exemption in TN this weekend, includes 2-year warranty
cons: weak graphic card, may have cooling problem when playing games
Can HD 7850M graphic card satisfy my needs?
Which laptop is a better choice?

steve answers:

The better laptop is the Alienware M17x. With its graphic card, HD 7970M, that much better than the Envy.
The M17x should run World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, COD, Mass Effect3 even Crysis, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim at highest detail setting.
About its price, you may get additional discount with coupon code @ http://M17xCoupon.com

By the way, the HD 7850 is a good graphic card. It should run your games at med – high.

William asks…

Graphic driver problem!?

My father installed VGA graphics adapter on my laptop so I cannot play games on my laptop (HP 4720s) So,I cannot see what graphics do I have,I don’t remember.Can someone please tell me how to solve the problem and find out with graphic card do I have ? :)

steve answers:

This will tell you what is in your computer hard ware and software, complete information all in one place.
Processor brand and model
Hard drive size and speed
Amount of memory (RAM)
Graphics card
Operating system,
and a lot more.


http://produtools.com/d/manuals.php this site may help…


Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I hope I have helped you…
Good luck…

CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

Sandra asks…

my hp pavilion dv2000 having problems?

when i turn it on theres white lines everywhere and when the screen is supose to b black its white and sometimes gree fizzing stuff pops uup and starts spreading

steve answers:

Graphic card problem

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Your Questions About 3rd Degree Burn

Joseph asks…

Why is a 3rd degree burn the worst type of burn, but 1st degree murder is the worst of its kind?

Why do they number the burns backwards?

steve answers:

They were developed out of two separate systems to describe two separate things. The difference makes sense when you think about them in terms of what they describe rather than the level of intensity.

A 1st degree murder is a planned, premeditated murder; rather than non-premeditated (2nd degree) or intention to just harm (3rd degree). As the degrees progress, you get further from the intention of murder. 1st degree means the person intended to kill before it happened. 2nd degree, the person was not planning to murder, but was led by the situation to do so. 3rd degree, there was no intention to murder.

Degrees in burns refer to the extent of the burn in the skin. A first degree burn would effect only the epidermis (the outermost layer) of the skin. A 3rd degree murder means that the epidermis has been lost and there’s damage to the subcutaneous layer. It affects deeper layers of the skin. In this case, you could consider the degree to refer to how deep in the skin that the burn affects.

Paul asks…

Where can you find 3rd degree burn habanero doritos?

I am trying to find these chips everywhere to no avail. Are they released yet. If so where can i find them?

steve answers:

Make your own by spicing up any flavor Doritos with cayenne, onion and/or garlic powder, cumin.
Heat the chips after sprinkling in the microwave or oven and let cool for a hot time. Then dip in Cool Ranch Dressing!

Daniel asks…

what are the best scar therapies/solutions for a child who has had a 3rd degree burn on her arm?

when my daughter was 15 months old my idiot, negligent mother-in-law left her outside with a pile of burning leaves(and some insulation). she originally had 3rd and 2nd degree burns spotted all over her head to toe, but the only one that has left a really noticable scar is one on her arm on the elbow section. we did some things when she was little-compression pads, but she was too young to try much else. now she is 8 and starting to be emarrassed about it. we have always gone above and beyond to let her know that she’s beautiful and that the scar is normal(like that eveyone has something they would rather not have), but being a girl i don’t want her to have anything to be self conscious about. should i try something else now?? and what are my options??
we have tried the Curaid Scar therapy pads, i noticed it getting softer, but seemed to stop helping after awhile.

steve answers:

There’s a product called Mederma which is about the best over the counter product out there. You can buy it at places like Walmart. It works best on new scars, but can do quite a bit for old ones as well. If she’s really embarassed by it, you might also consider making an appointment with a dermatolgist to see what they suggest. There are various things available with a prescription, and also they do wonders with lasers now days. Even if they can’t make it go away completely, perhaps they can do something to make it less noticeable for her. Otherwise, it sounds like you are doing all that would be needed. Sometimes love and support are just as important as the medicine, more so in some cases.

Richard asks…

Can having a 3rd degree burn prevent me from joining the army?

I’ve had it since I was 3 and it covers most of my back.

steve answers:

I have a buddy that is currently deployed to Africa that had a charcoal grill fall on him when he was 3. He had burns all over his body and had to wear a burn suit for a year. He still has scars to this day, but is still physically capable to pass the APFT. The Army only turns people away that might have medical problems down the road. It’s kind of like an insurance company not wanting to insure someone with a lot of medical problems. The Army has to pay a disablity if you are accepted, make it though basic training, but later can not finish because of a medical situation. So if you are able to do the APFT and can run, shoot a weapon, etc. Then you can be in the Army. Make yourself proud.

Laura asks…

Where in the Cleveland area can I find the 3rd degree burn Doritos?

I have searched gas stations, convenient stores, and grocery stores. Are they being cleaned out or have they not come out yet? Is there somewhere online I can buy them because Frito-Lay won’t sell them online.

Oh, and I’m not going to buy them on Ebay or any auction/shady websites.

steve answers:

Click onto this website, click in doritos, then it will give choices of specific doritos, type in zip code and it will give you locations where you can purchase it in your area:


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Your Questions About Facebook Login

Laura asks…

How do i delete my name coming up on facebook login?

I have a Mac. And sometimes i mess up my facebook loggin but it’s like stored somehow, so every time i go in to type my email ai … it has a long list of my mess ups. so is there away to remove all of those rememberd names? :) thanks!

steve answers:

1. Go to Internet options.
2. Clear datas.
3. Go back to Internet…

I hope that helps!

Ruth asks…

how do you change your facebook login email?

i can’t figure out how to change my login, which is my old email address from college which i have no access to.
anyone know how to change it to a new one with out having to check that other email?

steve answers:

Account > Account Settings > Change email address

Lisa asks…

How do you get the Facebook login history deleted….?

I have tons of friends and family that have come over and logged in and when i go to find my name in the login like 30 names come up and i wanna know how to get rid of all of them and the saved passwords.? I tried to go to internet options and delete history but that just got rid of url stuff…

steve answers:


Paul asks…

Is anyone else having problems with Facebook login?

My sister and I both have our own computer but neither one of us can login.Please let me know if you are too.

steve answers:

It wont even come up with me.. Thought i was only 1

Daniel asks…

How to login to Facebook on the computer if you registered on a mobile ?

I made my facebook on my mobile/cell phone but now I cant login to the page on the computer.

Please Help ;]

steve answers:

It could be that your cell phone is using a wap proxy through your service provider. You need to reconfigure your phone to use a direct internet connection. These settings are similar to when you teether your phone to your laptop and use the phone as a modem.

Your true value depends entirely on what you are compared with. – Bob Wells (http://www.profitableguide.net)

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Your Questions About 2gb Sd Card

Susan asks…

Does a 2gb sd card, work with the Samsung L80 Camera?

In the manual it says up to 1gb guaranteed, so i was wondering if anyone knows whether a 2gb or even a 4gb sd card would work with it? I am going on holiday on Wednesday, so i need an answer pretty fast!!

steve answers:

My friend has a 2gb card in his L80 and it works no problem.

Not sure about 4gb…only very recent phones seem to be set up for those to be guaranteed to work.

Mandy asks…

Will my 2GB SD card hold all my 3DS ambassador’s games?

So I’m rather peeved that only a couple of days after I purchased my new 3DS did I find out that Nintendo was going to reduce the price, but oh well. Anyway, I’m wondering if the SD Memory card that came with my 3DS (I think it’s a 2GB card) is going to be large enough to store all 20 free games along with the 5 or so I have downloaded already? Should I buy a bigger card?

steve answers:

I am thinking it should be enough but if you really need it and worry about it buy a 3 GB. Hope I help in someway. Good luck.

Sharon asks…

Why doesnt my droid read my 2gb SD card?

so i just got a new blackberry and i took the droid’s 16gb SD card and inserted it to my blackberry with all my pictures and songs…
on the droid it said to insert a memory card for it to be able to work properly…
so i inserted another SD card that is 2gb, but its not reading it it keeps telling me to insert a memory card….

does it necessarily need to be the 16gb one for it to be able to work? or wat am i supposed to doo ?

steve answers:

You need to format the SD.
In case you no longer have your manual, go to;


Page 38
Remove or format your memory card
Before you remove or format your memory card you
need to unmount it. Touch Menu > Settings > SD
card & phone storage > Unmount SD card.
To format your memory card, touch Format SD card.
Warning: All data on your memory card will be
End quote.

Laura asks…

how many pictures does a kingston 1gb memory card hold and how many does a kodak 2gb sd hold?

How many pictures does a kingston 1gb sd memory card hold?
How many pictured does a kodak 2gb memory card hold?

steve answers:

It all depends on the size of the pic files.
Jpegs can be as small as a few dozen kb where RAW can be as large as 500+ Mb, either way the Kodak would hold twice as much as the Kingston

Mark asks…

Can I use a 2gb sd card with an xbox?

I am planning on buying the arcade system with 256mb, I was just wondering if I could put my 2 gb sd card anywhere to help out with memory. Im not going to go crazy with saves and stuff, but I would like to download game demos and things, is that enough?

Also, I have dial-up right now, is there anyway it would work with live, or should I just wait for better internet? Thanks.

steve answers:

1) Dial Up will not work with LIVE. You need a wireless router or an ethernet port (commonly found on a router), there are a few other methods but Dial Up is not one of them. Broadband only. Besides Dial Up would be far too expensive to use on LIVE (imagine how much a 2 hour online game of CoD4 would cost in internet fees) and it would be too slow.

2) The 360 cannot read SD cards. It cannot save to USB devices either. It’s the 360 Memory Unit or the Hard Drive. Also demos are getting bigger these days, around the 1GB mark each.

3) Get the Pro. The New XBOX Experience (NXE) is coming (a major new update) and it requires at least 128MB of memory and further memory for other features. The memory included with the Arcade will not cope. If you want LIVE, you might need a headset and Hard Drive (to store all your downloads) so, the Pro works out cheaper than buying all the needed stuff separately (Pro has it all already included, Headset, ethernet cable, HD capable cables, 60GB HDD etc.)

EDIT: To my knowledge, the Arcade has no included ethernet cable (so no connecting to LIVE unless you buy one) and the Pro definitely has one included

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