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Your Questions About Acer Aspire

Susan asks…

How to format an unbootable Acer aspire netbook and reinstall windows?

I have an Acer aspire one netbook that i got with school, and now that i don’t go to that school anymore i don’t have access to the I.T services they offer. So anyway windows has gone corrupt and is missing drivers and i assume it’s the usb port drivers as none of the ports work for a repair. And I.T has a password on the boot setup so i can’t exactly format it. Is there any way to bypass the password so i can format it? The pc shop wouldn’t do it, thanks in advance :)

steve answers:

No there is no way to bypass the bios password. You will have to either bring the netbook to your old school and have them remove it (and if the netbook is yours there should be no reason for them not to), or try Googling your exact model number and see how you can remove the password. The PC shop didn’t do it because they have no way of knowing if you stole the computer.

Removing the BIOS password often involves taking the laptop apart somewhat and removing things like batteries.

If you have an Acer Aspire One Netbook you can check out this link:

Jenny asks…

How much should i sell my Acer Aspire 7736G laptop for?

How much should i sell my Acer Aspire 7736G laptop for? Its around 6 months old and still selling for around £500-£700 in the shops.

steve answers:

300 big ones. That’s quid by the way xD or better still dont sell it, i love my Acer Aspire 1410. I know its a different model and a lot smaller but Acers are good laptops.

Donald asks…

Where to get Acer Aspire 5739G replacement parts?

I need to replace my Blu-ray DVD/CD drive for my Acer Aspire 5739G and I can’t find any, anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get them? I’ve checked ebay.. Do I need to go to technicians and see if they can order me the part? Am trying to keep costs down if I can. Thanks.

steve answers:

Here is a link.

I have bought a replacement dvd drive from this websites.

Mark asks…

Where can I find a Legit Acer Aspire adaptor?

I have an acer aspire 3680 laptop and need a place to buy the replacement power cord. I have bought 3 online and each one is two big and does not fit. It is very frustrating because I have this laptop and 3 powercords that do not work! Please help I need it for school.

steve answers:

This is the exact one you need for your laptop:


Unless you mistyped the model number, this is the right one. They have free shipping, free lifetime warranty, and their service is outstanding.

Good luck!

Sharon asks…

How do I get my acer aspire 5334-2581 back to factory default settings including the OS?

How do I get my acer aspire 5334-2581 back to factory default settings including the OS? I recently upgraded to windows 8 through a clean install, and I would like to reformat my hard drive back to factory default settings of windows 7. All I have are a recovery disk and a virtual hard disk of my files as a system image. I do not have the installation disk. I have an installation disk on the way of Windows 7 OEM Home Premium. If it is not possible to return back to factory default settings, how do I reformat my hard drive so that I can install this OS? I plan to back up everything anyways.

steve answers:

A clean instal means you erase all data. Including your old os. Only possible thing to do is contact microsoft, tell them about problem and they maybe able to get you a win 7.
What you can do, is upon start up click f10 i think it is, into bios, change boot sequence to boot from cd. Save. Insert new win 7, restart, and should boot into this and be able to install win 7.

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Your Questions About Problems With My Samsung Lcd Tv

Donna asks…

My Samsung LCD TV is flickering and I don’t know how to fix it.?

I have a Samsung LCD TV and it has been having this flickering problem more and more frequently. I have searched for answers but most questions have this problem when the TV is connected to a certain source. My TV is flickering for everything, when i change the source it still flickers and when I open the menu it still keeps going. I don’t know if it will help but we use directv and I also use it with my laptop and xbox 360 and ps3.

steve answers:

I hope it is under warranty because all these lcd and plasma tvs are unreliable and keep breaking down and are generally unrepairable, it is probably due to the cheap poor quality untested components being used by all the chinese manufacturers

Carol asks…

problem with samsung 1080p lcd tv repair ?

my 46″ lcd a few months ago started doing this, when you would turn it on it would be like a dark green color on the right side of the screen, after about a hour or so it would starting coming in perfect. its done this everyday, so its like once the tv warms up it works fine.
now today i goto turn it on after months of it doing this, and all i get is a black screen ?
does anyone who repairs these know what the problem could be ?
is it something i can replace myself ?

steve answers:

Sounds like the bulbs gone out, samsung’s dont tend to last long these days unfortunately its why i vow to steer well clear of them after mine broke after 8 months, id contact samsung if i was you, there is a law that requires tvs to last at least 6 years so i’d take them down to the small claims court unless they fix it for no extra charge

Chris asks…

What about a used 3 year old Samsung 32″ LCD TV?

On googling 3 year old Samsung LCD tv‘s, my results show a lot of people who have problems with theirs. Anybody have any experience with them? Would you buy a 3 year old one? I’m thinking no, but I just want to get some opinions. Thanks!

steve answers:

If the price is right, it would be worth the risk. Don’t buy unless you can see and try it out. Turn it on and off several times. I’ve had no issues with mine.

Mandy asks…

When I turn on my Samsung LCD TV, the volume above the maximum?

I have Samsung LCD TV(don’t know the type but if you need it I can find it). I bought it about 2.5-3 years ago(I don’t know exactly). Recently, I’ve encountered a problem. Sometimes when I turn on TV, the volume is 136 although the max volume is 100. I don’t why this happens. Can this be repaired? What is happening with the TV? I’m not sure if the warranty period has expired but I think it has. I hope someone will help me

steve answers:

Call samsung you might need a firmware update

David asks…

Sound problem with a Samsung 32′ LCD TV?

I bought a Samsung LCD tv last week. The picture is great and I’m happy with it but there is a constant buzz from the tv. I ‘m using a digibox to pick up my signal. I have a 1.2m sat dish and a digibox to pick up my signal which I’m running thought the DVD player to record off.
It’s not an annoying buzz but it’s there if the sound is low. I first noticed it when I set up the TV but thought it was just warming up a week on it’s still there.
I want to know is this normal before I take it back to the shop. I checked out several TV before I bought this and asked many people who have this brand and several other brands.
Any help would be grateful. Many thanks in advance.

steve answers:

We had the same problem when we brought our 32 inch samsung when I phoned currys where we brought it they tried to tell me it was the fan inside the set cooling it, I dissagreed and spoke to the manager and after being told the same story, after persisting that it wasnt the fan they put me in contact with samsung who were going to send out a repair man but after a month they agreed to replace the set, The new one was an updated model with an extra hdmi socket and weve had no problems apparently the older model had a power transformer design fault maybe you have brought one of those that were not modified

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Your Questions About Laptop Case Outlet

Mandy asks…

Laptop battery longterm care tips?

I have two Li-ion batteries for my laptop. I stick to one of them and store the other in case my current one wears down in capacity.

Recently I read that I should not just store the battery away as it can wear the battery down even further, and that it might be healthier for the battery to use it regularly.

Is it a good idea to start alternating between the two batteries then? It’ll be so convenient but I don’t want to wear down both batteries at the same time if what I read wasn’t true.

steve answers:

Hi Panpaper,

To store batteries for more than 4 days follow the guidelines mentioned below:

•Do not store batteries for long periods plugged into or attached to any power source. This includes AC adapters and laptop security carts plugged into an outlet.
Laptop batteries, including those stored in laptop systems, should maintain an Operational Storage Temperature of 0° to 35°C (32° to 95°F).
•Batteries may be stored in the laptop or outside of the laptop.
•Charge batteries before storing. The recommended charging time should not exceed 1 hour. Typically, this should charge the battery to between 80% and 100%.
•Some discharge will take place over time. Stored batteries are expected to discharge 10-15% over a four month period, for your information.

Refer to the link for more information on battery maintenance: http://dell.to/16IZLju

For more laptop battery FAQs, refer to the link: http://dell.to/1h3NR2K

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards
Priyanka S

Helen asks…

Coach Bus and Laptops?

Are there outlets that I could plug my laptop into? I’m going on a three day field trip to Washington D.C. and the bus ride is about 6 hours 30 minutes long. I plan on watching a movie, listening to music, and playing a few games on the way there and back.

If there are outlets, will they be the type you normally find at home, or the ones you normally find in a car?

Any other suggestions on what I should do? I refuse sleeping because my friends and I are devilish, and we like to play pranks on each other (Plus I don’t want any pictures taken of my snoring and posted on facebook lol). I won’t read, because my mom told me that reading in a car can damage vision.
A Coach bus is NOT a school bus… A coach bus IS a tour bus.

And reading DID damage my eyes in some way when I was younger

steve answers:

Well reading in a car will not damage vision haha, on the other hand it depends on the bus line and the model bus you are using. Most buses have at least a car AC adapter plug in. All of the ones I have ridden in however, have regular outlets like you would see in your home. Most also have WiFi, however, there are usually blocks on certain types of traffic such as game traffic. I have never seen a bus allow game packts. My suggestion? Just bring your regular house charger, make sure you are fully charged before leaving, bring headphones, whatever games you want (although you probably won’t be able to play online), and bring a case, that is what I always do and it makes everything 100 times easier.

William asks…

ipad vs. laptop? please helpme?

i want to read at your opinions about if an ipad or a laptop is better that it between each other!!! PLEASE HELP ME

steve answers:

The iPad takes the form of a tablet rather than that of the laptop;
The iPad lacks a keyboard but has a touch screen while it’s the other way around for most laptops;
You can’t install just any application on an iPad unlike on a laptop;
The iPad lacks true multi-tasking present in laptops;
The iPad does not have user replaceable batteries unlike laptops;
The iPad is not upgradeable unlike laptops.

The Apple iPad is a new device in the Apple line-up along with the iPod and the iPhone and it takes on the mobile computing market. Probably the biggest competitor of the iPad is the standard laptop, but unlike the laptop which opens up to reveal the screen and the keyboard, the iPad is a tablet or slate, which does not have any hinges.

The major contributor to the design of the iPad is the lack of a physical keyboard that takes up a lot of space. Instead, the iPad has a touch screen that is used for all input needs. A software keyboard can appear on screen and you can use that to type anything you want. But for typing out entire documents, a physical keyboard is still much better than the on-screen keyboard of the iPad.

A problem with the iPad is the use of applications. Although there are thousands of applications for the iPad, it is nowhere near that to laptops. You also can’t install just any application as there is no way to do that outside of the Apple app store; so you can’t create your own program on the iPad and run it. Another software problem is the lack of true multi-tasking. This is a limitation imposed by Apple in order to prevent users from running too many applications and bogging down the iPad.

Aside from software issues, there are also several hardware limitations to the iPad. First, its battery is built-in to the device and is not user replaceable. This means you can’t have spare batteries and you need to look for an outlet every time you run out of charge. You also do not have the option to upgrade any part or even use external storage like memory cards or flash drives. The only way to upgrade the iPad is to get a newer one in case they release one. Although upgrade options for laptops are pretty limited, it is existent.

A laptop can have anywhere (realistically) up to 2TB (2,000 GB) capacity, where as the iPad’s largest version is merely 64GB.
Not only that, but an iPad is basically a larger, glorified and more expensive version of the iPod Touch or iPhone.

If you want a laptop or an iPad just to browse the web and not do much more, then the iPad is for you. However, if you want to use word-processing software, or have something you can upgrade rather than replace, as technology improves, then you will want a laptop.

So here are the differences between iPad and Laptops, both both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Just choose the one according to your needs!

Maria asks…

Should I buy from the Dell Outlet Store?

I was thinking about buying a laptop from the Dell Outlet store.They have many options to buy from at the store, does this mean that a lot of their laptops break and they get refurbished? In general, are dell laptops made of good quality and are they durable? I was looking at the XPS laptops.

steve answers:

I bought three laptops from the Dell outlet store and I’ve been very happy with mine.

Refurbished might be simply someone returned it because the software didn’t work, or loose connections… Etc. Mine was “Scratch & Dent” and had a mark less than 1/4″ long on the case but the rest was perfect.

They test them before they sell them and ensure they work. They even tell you what warranty you have before you buy.

I would buy from them again, no problem.


Robert asks…

Laptop does not charge?

Okay so, I’ve had this problem since a while. I first thought it was my battery so I changed it not even 2 months ago. It worked for a month maybe. Then it stopped charging again and thought maybe it was the charger so I changed it too since my laptop doesn’t turn on when it’s plugged. It worked for a week and then again, it stops charging. Help please?

steve answers:

Unless you have really bad luck and replaced the battery and charger with faulty ones it would be difficult to pinpoint the issue. However, based on the information provided it sounds like the laptop or your outlet is having electrical problems. Maybe you should have an electrician check your electrical grid at home to make sure it’s working properly.

You may also want to buy a power surge protector to reduce or prevent damage to your electronics.

Something like this

Monster AudioVideo PowerCenter ( Power Surge Protector )


In any case, it’s very odd for a battery that is only 2 months old to quit charging. Maybe you got a lemon. Just avoid draining your battery below 20% when using battery power.

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Your Questions About Sony Vaio Reviews

Daniel asks…

How can I increase monitor resolution of sony laptop from 1280 by 800 pixels to any higher?

I have a Sony Viao NR180N laptop. The driver loaded is of generic monitor which comes along with 925 Intel chipset motherboard. The OS is windows vista business.

steve answers:

NR180N has the GMA x3100 integrated graphics that supports very high resolution.


Try downloading the latest graphics driver from Intel:


But take note that best image clarity is displayed at native resolution of the screen, which is 1280×800 in your case.

Nancy asks…

What laptop would be good for me?

So I’m a teenage girl in high school and I really need a laptop for homework, a few games, a lot of music and heaps of chatting (Facebook, Skype etc..). Windows 8 definitely and my price range would hopefully be anything up to $950. I have an iPad but its not great for school work. So any ideas on what would be good for me?I’ve been looking around and I really like the Sony vaio e15 series but the reviews don’t seem great, so any thoughts/reviews on that would be welcome. Thanks

steve answers:

Dell Inspiron 15R would suit you best. And i feel $950 is much more for your requirements. Get a Dell Inspiron 15R for no more than $740 and save your money :)

I refer Dell because comparivitley it has no technical problems and Dell Service is the best i could tell you. Moreover there are lot of specifications you can configure to suit your needs.

I recommend this config to you.
Processor: i3 (3rd Gen) or i5
HDD: 500GB

Contact me for further queries regarding laptops and their reviews.

Sharon asks…

How difficult is it to ugrade the RAM and CPU in a Sony Viao?

I want to upgrade a sony viao to be able to run Adobe Premiere CS3. What does it entail?

steve answers:


Right the 2 answers below seem very technical for what you actually need to do.

I own a Sony Vaio CZ1, recently also just upgraded to 2 GB. All you need is a cross head small screw driver. Flip your laptop upside down. Ok then you will see a number of compartments you can unscrew. There should be one flap you need to look for and it only has one screw on it. It might have a picture on it or it will be the smallest out of the others.

If your not sure just have a peak there is no harm in looking and does not break anything. Once you have found it normally on the Sony, if it came with 1GB there will be 2 slots. The combonation will be 2x512MB sticks. You have 2 options i think the max anyway on the laptops is 2GB sometimes 4GB check technical specification for this on www.sony.com.
Anyway, memory sticks only can be inserted one way and one way only NEVER FORCE IT IN.

How to find compatible memory?Which memory do i need?

Easiest way is to do a Crucial online scan, through there site. If you want a quick answer remove the existing memory and check the readings on the labels, your looking for DDR2 PC-****.
Look for where it says “Scan My System”, follow the guidelines install activex, then it will take 5 mins maybe sooner to see what you need to get and also recommends what to buy.

Crucial and Corsair are major big brands in memory due to personal preference and many good reviews id stay with Crucial price difference if minimal.
O by the way i would buy 2x1GB.

Once you have picked the correct one. Remove old memory make sure you also remove the battery from laptop. Release the 2 latches on either side then pull. The old memory will pop out insert your new sticks. Then when you switch on your laptop will startup and say found new memory press a certain key to confirm changes.


Email me any more questions

Arron Borson
Sony Vaio Technical Engineer
Sony UK

Joseph asks…

Is a sony vaio w series good for a 14 year old 7th grader ?

My son says he really wants a laptop so i am giving in and i am looking for one. I don’t want to spend that much on one because its his first one. Do you have any other options if this isn’t a good choice.

steve answers:

PC World review at http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/product/296903/review/vaio_w_series.html

Lizzie asks…

Can someone help me figure out a topic for a marketing term paper?

The purpose of the paper is to review the key topics covered during the course. The term paper will focus on products that are offered by large companies. Your assignment is to:

Identify a product that is purchased by consumers. You should choose a product with a large sales volume to ensure that there will be sufficient information available. As a guideline, the product should have yearly sales of at least $20,000,000. Also, products that are advertised on television generally fit within this category.

steve answers:

You haven’t told us what key topics were covered in class, so all we can do is give you examples and you’ll have to decide which ones fit the key topics. I’m guessing any consumer product with a large sales volume would fit.

Cars – Honda Accord
Computers – Sony VAIO
Cell phones – Samsung (pick a specific one as your product)
Cell phone calling plans – Verizon
Chocolate – Hershey bars
Cat food – Purina

And those are just things starting with C! Pick something you like to buy. Go to the corporate website for that product to check its yearly sales figures or just assume that if it’s big enough to be advertised on TV it’ll work.

Then list those key topics and relate your chosen product to each one for your paper.

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Your Questions About Lenovo Core I3 Laptop

George asks…

How can i install Ubuntu on windows 8 UEFI?

I need to install ubuntu on my windows 8 Lenovo g580 laptop i dont know what to do at all Realy here are some specs
if it helps Thanks

Operating System
Windows 8.1 Preview 64-bit
Intel Core i3 3110M @ 2.40GHz48 °C
Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology
4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)
LENOVO Lenovo G580 (CPU Socket – U3E1)
Generic PnP Monitor (1366×768@60Hz)
Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Lenovo)
Hard Drives
466GB Western Digital WDC WD5000BPVT-24HXZT3 (SATA)46 °C
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audi

steve answers:

Hey ,
there is two metodes to install ubuntu or other OS on win 8
you can install it as OS (operating system) or as virtual machine by using VMWARE or Oracle virtual BOX

Lisa asks…

What laptop would be good for me?

So I’m kind of tired of sharing a laptop because of figuring out music and a bunch of stuff so I’m looking to get a laptop for myself.
What would you say an ideal laptop for me would be.
Price Range: Probably no more than $700 but if there is something a little bit more feel free to post it.
My main uses:
Music (Biggest thing)
MUST HAVE a CD burner.
School Papers
Web Surfing (Fantasy Sports/Social Networking)

That’s about it. The only thing that is a deal breaker is the CD burner.
Ideally i’m looking for something small but i don’t care too much about that.

Any suggestions?

steve answers:

Every laptop has audio. Although some HPs have BEATS, all that really is would be a cheap sub-woofer added and amplified bass sound that you can do with a equalizer.
You are better off with good earphones/earbuds and/or amplified speakers attached to any decent laptop and get a freeware equalizer if none is included in the laptop.

DVD burners also burn CDs. Almost all laptops at 14″ and larger screens have DVDRW.
They all connect to the internet and a 14″ has a big enough screen and keyboard to use for schoolwork. You can go 17″ or 15.6″ screen or 14″ screen.

There are so many possible, I will suggest one:


Lenovo Ideapad Z580 priced nice at $450
It has core i3-3110M with Intel HD 4000 graphics
It has 4GB RAM and an open slot if you wanted to buy and install another 4GB card
It has a 750 GB hard drive for storage.
It has DVDRW.
It has OneKey Theatre, with touch-sensitive hotkeys, for one-touch audiovisual optimization, Dolby® Home Theater® v4, with specialized stereo speakers for crisp, clear surround sound, Intelligent TouchPad, supporting multiple-finger gestures, Integrated 720p HD webcam, HDMI



A 14″ Sony is another nice choice:


HDD a bit smaller. But as a 14″ is lighter in weight and smaller size and it costs a bit more.

Here is an Asus on clearance with Windows 7


Intel Core i5 i5-3210M 2.50 GHz with HD 4000 graphics, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD, 4.21 pounds.
Only $550

Mark asks…

Is the intel su4100 or the intel U5400 dual core processor better?

I want to buy a hp touchsmart laptop and on paper the newer tm2 2050ea is worse than the older tm2 1010ea on processor speed. the SU4100 is 1.3ghz and the U5400 is 1.2ghz thanks.

steve answers:

I have here a LENOVO u350 with SU 4100 and im not complaining.
I also want to note, that the SU4100 sips a cool 10 wats AT THE MOST, is is, by far, faster then the intel ATOM even with lower clock speed, its plain and simple FASTER.

The U5400 is an underclocked i3 Intel CPU, overclocking (turboboost) is disabled.. In effect, its most likely a pre release i3 experiment or the chips that did not pass certain testing during manufacture (bottom of the food chain) (my educated guesses)

here’s a nice comparison of them:



in the end, I would have to favor the SU4100 over the U5400

Thomas asks…

I am wanting to buy a new laptop, can anyone suggest one that is not to expensive that has good graphics?

I would like to play sims and do photo editing with it without it being to slow.

steve answers:

You would generally want something with at least an Intel core i3 in it and a dedicated graphics card, or at least an AMD Turion in it and at least hybrid graphics card, or amd a-6 cpu. Here are a few models to consider that will be able to play sims and do photo editing.

ASUS K52DR-BIN6 $579.99 at Best Buy
AMD Turion IIx2 2.3 ghz
500 GB Hybrid Hard Drive(combines small SSD with traditional drive)
Radeon 5420 dedicated graphics

Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7210 $579.99 at Best Buy
AMD A-6 Quad Core 1.4 ghz-2.3 ghz
640 GB Hard Drive
Radeon 6520m Graphics

Lenovo Z570-10243TU $599.99 at www.newegg.com
Intel Core i3 2.1 ghz
500 GB Hard Drive
NVIDIA GeForce GT520m dedicated graphics

Lenovo Z565-431135U $559.99 at www.newegg.com
AMD Turion IIx2 2.5 ghz
320 GB Hard Drive
Radeon 4270 Graphics

Toshiba Satellite L755D-S5250 $549.99 at www.newegg.com
AMD A-4 Dual Core 1.9 ghz-2.5 ghz
500 GB Hard Drive
Radeon 6480G Graphics

Joseph asks…

I have no idea what laptop to get, or what to include with it?

I’m heading off to college in the next year or so and need to familiarize myself with a good laptop for school work, itunes, youtube, cd-rom playing, web searching. I know I don’t want a notebook because it wouldn’t be able to handle more than the school work, and a desktop wouldn’t be portable enough for me. I just need a suggestion for a good laptop that fits my needs, that isn’t too pricey, and a list of what I may need for my laptop.


steve answers:

I recommend Dell brand (Dual Core/Core2dou,) at least 2GB Memory
w/250GB+ Hard drive capacity
-laptop with i3/i5 processor are very good but they are expensive

Note: Dont buy laptop’s w/ ATOM processor coz they are slow

other recommended brands:
Toshiba,Fujitsu,Asus,IBM Lenovo, (Expensive) Sony, Mac

Not recommended:

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