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Your Questions About Cheap Laptops

Nancy asks…

If I wanted to search for a cheap laptop with wifi on craigslist what words should I type in the search engine?

I was thinking
Its kindof a stupid question but what would you put?

steve answers:

First, try searching reliable brands like Toshiba and IBM in the Computers and Electronics sections. Then, use the min and max price boxes on craigslist to set your max price. If “cheap” to you is under $500 dollars, then enter “500″ in the MAX field and leave min blank.

Just get any laptop you can afford and if it does not have built in wireless, you can always get a wireless adapter card for the PCMCIA slot. They even have tiny wireless network receivers that plug into USB ports now. One of those babies will make any laptop wireless capable.

Joseph asks…

I need a cheap laptop with a non shared graphics card?

I need somebody to recommend a cheap laptop with a non shared graphics card. I will be using the laptop for editing etc. Some help would be great.
How good is an intel HD graphics card?

steve answers:

DO NOT get a Intel HD graphics card.

Michael asks…

Whats a cheap laptop that would work good with a HD PVR 2?

I am looking for a cheap laptop that would work good with a HD PVR 2. I currently have a macbook pro and it doesnt work that well with it so im looking for one just to record gameplay and put it on youtube. Since I already have a laptop im not looking to spend more than 300. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

steve answers:

I would say Acer Aspire One 725, its not expensive, its useful, its fast, and it has a lot of good connectivity options. Most of the low end laptops does not have good storage capacity, Acer Aspire One has 320GB which is quite good for a laptop this inexpensive. See this review for more details and information:


Though it doesn’t support 1080p i still think that for youtube and video 720p is good enough. Hope this answer help.

Richard asks…

what would be the cheapest laptop that can play spore?

I need a cheap laptop that can play spore.

steve answers:

Any laptop should play it unless you got it for dirt cheap. If it has at least 2gb ram and intel intergrated graphics (they suck but they do the job) then you can play most new games and spore is quite old. Just depends how smooth the game runs; the more expensive the laptop, the better the performance is generally.

Donna asks…

A cheap laptop that could record team fortress 2 and Minecraft?

Okay in my last question, I wanted to know this but I want a cheap laptop but that could run fraps and Sony Vegas 12 but could record tf2 and Minecraft smoothly, I dont want a really decent laptop just a simple one that could do this! Thanks :)

steve answers:

ASUS A55A-AB51 15.6-Inch Laptop
Intel Core i5-3210M Processor 2.5GHz
750GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
15.6-Inch LED Screen, Intel HD 4000 Graphics

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Your Questions About Notebook Mouse Computer

Jenny asks…

What kind of computer system would you most like to use?

What kind of computer system would you most like to use (PC, Mac, desktop configuration, notebook, PDA, and so on?

If you were required to use a type of computer you had never used before (say a Mac instead of a PC), how would go about learning the use of the new computer?

What kind of keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer would you like to have?

Would you need any additional input or output devices to perform your job?

What type of computer hardware would make your work life more efficient? What adjustments would you need to make on your current system to accommodate those hardware devices? For example, does your computer have the right kind of port or enough ports to support additional hardware devices?

steve answers:

I prefer using PC but if I were to use Mac and would like to learn to use it, then I’d rather click this site (http://www.apple.com/findouthow/mac/) for video tutorials straight from the makers of Mac.

Lizzie asks…

How do I save the image on my computer screen?

How do I take a snapshot of what’s on my screen? I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook.

steve answers:

For Windows XP

For this demonstration, ensure that you are connected to the Internet.

Then Double click on the Internet Explorer icon on your Desktop until it opens a Web Page.

After the Web Page loads, press the Print Screen (Prnt Scrn) button on your keyboard.

Windows will send the entire contents of your Web Page to the Clipboard in graphic format.

Now open up the Windows Paint Program by first clicking on your Start Button.

Then move your mouse over the All Programs icon to display all Start Menu folders.

If your Start Menu is set to the Classic View, move your mouse over the Programs folder instead.

Now, move your mouse onto the Accessories menu folder until it expands.

Now click on the Paint icon to launch the Microsoft Paint Program.

Then click on the word Edit, which is contained in your top tool bar area.

This will pull down a menu for you to now click on Paste.

Notice how Windows pastes the entire contents of your Web Page into the Paint program.

And all the tools of the Paint Program are available to reduce, enlarge and Print the contents.

To Print, click on the word File, which is contained in your top tool bar area.

This will pull down a menu for you to now click on Print.

Sandra asks…

How do I change what my mouse wheel does?

Before I updated my video drives, my mouse wheel would scroll up and down if I press it and move the mouse up and down.
However, after I updated, it goes into the alt + tab menu but doesn’t do anything else if I don’t click with either the left or right click buttons. How do I change this to do what it used to?
My computer also apparently updated with a new program, but my brother was the one who updated and I’m not sure what it’s called. But I think it’s Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.

I’m using and HP Pavilion Notebook PC with Windows 7. Any idea on how to get my old wheel function back?

steve answers:

It could very well be “Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center” software. You should be able to find this listed in your Start menu under All Programs. It does have the option of changing what each mouse button does.

Sharon asks…

What to do i have problems with boot screen?

I have a new Notebook and when i try to setup the windows the logo with “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD…” appears but when i click on the keyboard nothing happens, the screen is block.
What could be?

steve answers:

OK…I’m not sure what you mean when you say “…click on the keyboard….” When you get that message, you should either press the space bar or the enter key. The mouse does not work. If pressing the space bar or Enter key does not work, check the connection from the keyboard to the computer.

Richard asks…

What computer is recommended for writers?

I’m a writer, and I have a laptop now, but for the future, what is a good computer that would be recommended for a writer?

steve answers:

For a writer, processing power probably wouldn’t be a real concern.

However, your criteria may include:
-portability (size, weight) or if you want a desktop for home
-software included (word processors, pdf creators)
-packaged accessories (ergonomic keyboard/mouse, good printer)
-big & clear LCD screen for comfortable reading
-windows vs. Mac os?
-compatible with future operating system (i.e. Windows Vista)

So for a notebook, you can look into brands like Apple (love the Macbooks), Dell, Lenovo (great small, lightweight laptops)

For desktops, I always like to buy my own pieces separately and put them together myself, but systems from Apple, Dell, HP would probably do just fine…

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Your Questions About Hello Kitty Halloween Costume

Paul asks…

What halloween costume is way to overused?

hahah, i think a baby is used way to much haha :P
&what are you being, if your going trick or treating? :)
im being hello kitty!!

ps: i accidently deleted all my fans and i had like 200 :(
please add me :)

steve answers:

Princess costume, Dorothy, Spiderman, Superman

I’m going to be Luigi.

James asks…

How should I wear my make-up for halloween?

I am being hello kitty for Halloween, I’m not sure how I should do my make-up… I have every colour of eye shadow, except for yellow and orange. Any ideas?

the dress:

steve answers:

Any way you want it

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find a HELLO KITTY headband?

It’s for my halloween costume, and I really need it before Saturday! /:

I looked on the hot topic website and they had it, but it was sold out. would it still be in the store? :o

also, could I find something like that at Claires?

steve answers:

Yeh, you probably could get one at Claires, it depends on where you live though and what they carry. Also if you have like a Hastings….they would probably have one there.

Michael asks…

Halloween costume size help?

I found this really cute hello kitty teen flapper costume, but it only comes in pre-teen size 14/16 and teen 7-9. I wear a size 2 dress size. Can I fit into the pre teen size?


I weigh about 113 and im 5ft. 1

steve answers:

Oh my gosh, that dress is adorable! :)
It’s too cute not to try it. I think it’ll work.
My sister is 5’2 and she wears a size 2
and I’m pretty sure it would work for her.

Donald asks…

I’m a 13-year-old girl; ideas for a Halloween costume?

I thought about being Hello Kitty, or maybe an 80′s (work out) girl? But I want more fun, exciting, cutesy ideas? Thankss! :)

steve answers:

When I was 13 (3 years ago) I was a fairy. I wore my friend’s old dance costume with fairy wings. It was sooo cute! Hello kitty would be wayy cute also. Haha and I like the work out girl.

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Your Questions About Asus Mini

Susan asks…

asus mini laptop!?

im saving up for the $300 model of this laptop. i really want to know more info about it so if you could post that would be great! i will be possibly picking best answer, if the answer is truthful and helpful. thanks

steve answers:

More details please?

Thomas asks…

ipad mini vs asus google nexus 7 2nd gen 2013?

its main job is reading pdfs ” books ” and internet stuff … not a gamer but useful apps are useful , which one should i get ??

steve answers:

In this case both would do you job just fine. But for the cheaper price and better specs I would recommend you to go for the Nexus 7. Since if it can do all you need in a cheaper price only then why need to spend a fortune on iPad Mini.

Here are few comments on iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 that I found to be really helpful:


Nexus 7 2nd Gen has more powerful specs in most places and at some places it is at par with the iPad Mini.

So IMO Nexus 7 would give you better bang for your bucks!

Richard asks…

whats a good mini laptop?

also what laptop was it that had a 10 hour battery life because the screen was lit by an lcd?

steve answers:

Mini laptop would be asus eeepc. Its got a 7″ screen and is really tiny in person. Sony Vaio ultra portable range often have ~10 hour battery life claims http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=16154&SR=nav:electronics:computers:notebook_computers:shop_compare:ss&ref=http%3A//www.sony.com/index.php

John asks…

My mini laptop LCD screen goes black – How do I fix it?

I turned off my mini laptop the other night but when i turn it on today, the screen wont display the usual starting mode. It’s black, totally black even if the mini laptop is on as indicated by the led lights. Can you please tell me how do i fix this problem? Thank you so much.

My mini laptop is Asus
Windows 7

steve answers:

Assuming there’s nothing wrong with your LCD screen, you may try resetting it to factory defaults. Is it an Asus Eee PC? If yes, follow these:

1. Turn on or reboot/restart the computer.
2. Tap the F2 key repeatedly to access the BIOS.
3. Disable Boot Booster if it is there in the Boot menu.
4. Save and exit from the BIOS setup.
5. Tap F9 when the Asus logo appears. This must be done before your operating system begins to load. If you see the Windows logo appear on screen, you’ll have to restart and try again.
6. When finished with the reset, access the BIOS again and reenable Boot Booster if it is there.

Warning: Resetting computer to factory defaults will erase everything that is stored in drive C. If you need to back up important data, prepare this bootable CD and boot Mini Windows XP:

Mark asks…

whats the best mini laptop?

steve answers:

In order:

acer aspire one
HP Mini

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Your Questions About Tablets With 3g

Sandra asks…

Thinking of buying a dell streak… Is it a phone as well?

I’m thinking of buying a dell streak to replace my Xperia X10. I was just wondering is it a phone? could you text on it? or is it just a tablet with 3G

steve answers:

It is a phone, it may be big but I use for my daily phone and it has almost replaced my laptop

Sharon asks…

Do the Sony S Tablet and Samsung Galaxy Tab come with 3G automatically built in?

steve answers:

Yes, they have 3G built in.

Betty asks…

Bought a PS Vita 3G from the states last ight, was wandering if I can run a Bell 3G sim in it? or is it locked?

I bought the 3G vita last night at the sony store. It is labelled with ATT 3G. I was wandering if i could pop in my tablet data sim and use it with my new Vita right away? I will be using my Bell 3G sim in it.

steve answers:

Yes you can run in it :) all you need to do is remove the lock of it :)

Paul asks…

Does the kindle fire come with the one time pay for the 3g just like the other kindles?

I am thinking of getting a tablet to use for driving around directions and I see that you can get a one time pay for 3g with the other kindles but I’m not sure if it is the same thing for the kindle fire.

steve answers:

Hi, Parker, Kindle Fire is a Wi-Fi-only device thus no 3G on it. More, even new e-ink Kindle Touch or Keyboard with 3G now limit what web sites you can access (only Amazon store and Wikipedia are allowed) thus no point in getting 3G Kindle now anyway. The only models I would take into consideration are Nook Simpletouch from Barnes & Noble and the new Kindle Touch (non-ad-supported) that both cost $139. Ad-supported Kindle models show full page ads to you (and everyone around you) every time they go to sleep mode and also show 2 line ads right there at your home screen – so annoying that Amazon even released a software that for $30 can convert ad-supported Kindle into non-ad-supported one. Non-touch screen Kindle models are such basic stone age devices (with page turn lag, buttons, and black blinks/flashes on each page turn) that I would not even speak about them. Nook (unlike Kindle) supports eBooks in ePub format that is the universal format most used in the world. Current e-Ink Nook Simpletouch has the latest generation touch screen display, no page turn lag, it weights less, its battery lasts twice as long (two months on one charge), it has microSD slot and it doesn’t blink on each page turn – much better than current Kindle 3 or Kindle Keyboard. Nook Touch is still better designed than even the new Kindle Touch with battery lasting two months with ONE hour reading a day with Wi-Fi off thus it’s still twice as long as new Kindle’s two months with HALF and hour a day with Wi-Fi off. It looks like Kindle didn’t get any battery improvement in the new model, they only changed the test condition. More, Kindle Touch still flashes black on each page turn while Nook Touch reduces the flashing by 80%. Nook Touch and Nook Color (unlike Kindle) have microSD card slot to take a card (class 6 or above) up to 32 GB. If you walk in with the Nook to Barnes & Noble store, you’re allowed to read ANY available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi.

Sandy asks…

Will a Netsurfer TOUCH tablet made in South Africa work in USA. It uses UMTS 900, 1900, and 2100 Mhrz for 3G?

Can I buy data bundles on a USA sim card to connect to the internet in the US as we do here in Lesotho and South Africa? It can connect with Wifi also. Is there anything else I would need to be careful about in using my tablet from Africa in America?

steve answers:

Yes, it will work in USA!

Good luck!

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