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Your Questions About Solar Case

Laura asks…

10 points. Describe thoroughly how the solar power is generated?

Describe thoroughly how electricity is generated through solar power

steve answers:

Ok so Solar panels turn energy from the sun’s rays directly into useful energy that can be used in homes and businesses. There are two main types: solar thermal and photovoltaic, or PV. Solar thermal panels use the sun’s energy to heat water that can be used in washing and heating. PV panels use the photovoltaic effect to turn the sun’s energy directly into electricity, which can supplement or replace a building’s usual supply.

A PV panel is made up of a semiconducting material, usually silicon-based, sandwiched between two electrical contacts. To generate as much electricity as possible, PV panels need to spend as much time as possible in direct sunlight (1a). A sloping, south-facing roof is the ideal place to mount a solar panel .
A sheet of glass (1b) protects the semiconductor sandwich from hail, grit blown by the wind, and wildlife. The semiconductor is also coated in an antireflective substance (1c), which makes sure that it absorbs the sunlight it needs instead of scattering it uselessly away.

When sunlight strikes the panel and is absorbed, it knocks loose electrons from some of the atoms that make up the semiconductor (1d). The semiconductor is positively charged on one side and negatively charged on the other side, which encourages all these loose electrons to travel in the same direction, creating an electric current . The contacts (1e and 1f) capture this current (1g) in an electrical circuit.

The electricity PV panels (2) generate is direct current (DC). Before it can be used in homes and businesses, it has to be changed into alternating current (AC) electricity using an inverter (3). The inverted current then travels from the inverter to the building’s fuse box (4), and from there to the appliances that need it.
PV systems installed in homes and businesses can include a dedicated metering box (5) that measures how much electricity the panels are generating. As an incentive to generate renewable energy, energy suppliers pay the system’s owner a fixed rate for every unit of electricity it generates – plus a bonus for units the owner doesn’t use, because these can help supply the national grid. Installing a PV system is not cheap, but this deal can help the owner to earn back the cost more quickly – and potentially even make a profit one day.


Solar panels capture energy from sunlight and generate electricity using the photovoltaic effect, which was first discovered by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, a French physicist, in 1839. Each solar panel is made up of many solar cells (typically 60) that each generates a small amount of electricity.
1.Photons (which make up sunlight) hit the solar panel and are absorbed by the silicon.
2.Electrons within the silicon are knocked loose by this and are free to move.
3.The electrons are captured in an electric field and picked up by metal contacts.
4.This generates a current – a flow of electricity – which you can use.

The solar cells are joined together in a module (or panel) to increase the electrical power, and the modules connected to form an array. The electricity produced can be used straight from the panels in some cases, but an inverter is usually used to change the electricity form from the direct current produced to alternating current that your house uses.

For protection, the front of a solar panel is covered in clear glass and the back with a plastic film. An aluminium frame is added to hold the individual cells in place and to enable easy mounting of the panels.

I hope this helps :)

Betty asks…

Is there an iPhone 5 solar case?

I have seen all over the internet that there are solar powered cases for iPhone 4 and 4S models but not the 5. I also wonder if there are any, if they are affordable and provide a link. If there aren’t any, when would they be coming out?

steve answers:

There are several.
Here is a link to a review

Carol asks…

Solar cycle 24-destruction?

What is the worst case scenarion for solar cycle 24 and what are the chances of anything bad happening? This is not a 2012 question, i dont believe 2012 is the end of the world, but i do believe that if the world loses so much technology because of the cycle that people will be pissed and i might be afraid to leave my home lol
just one thing though, it says that it would take 4-10 years of recovery and 1 to 2 trillion dollars…

steve answers:

The upcoming solar maximum is expected to be notably less intense than the last one.

A worst-case coronal mass ejection, which is not strictly tied to the solar cycle, might cause temporary failure of the power grid, and would temporarily interfere with communications. Losing technology is not even a remote possibility, unless you count being without your email/cell phone for a few hours (most likely) to a few days (worst case).

@Randy P: The 1989 event knocked out power to part of Quebec; that represents a fairly small slice of the Canadian power grid, actually.

Edit: And? Carrington Event scale flares occur every ~500 years at their most frequent. The last one was 1859. Also, that prediction represents a ‘total failure to prepare’ situation. The 4-10 year figure represents replacing every last damaged multi-ton transformer and satellite (which would NOT be required to restore power)… On a worldwide basis. See my second source, point 15. I’ll add more sources to put things in the proper context as I find them.

Thomas asks…

whats the pros and cons for a family of 5 making the new home solar power?

we are looking at solar power for our new land, are you a family of 5? have you done this before, thanks.

steve answers:

Hey Hotmumma, I applaud you for looking into solar power. In my experience, when you look into solar power, the one thing there is an abundance of is misinformation.

We live in a home that has been powered by the wind and sun for 10 years now. Our solar array fits quite nicely on the space provided by our one car carport, it generates 1.4 kilowatts during peak sun, and does not need thousands of square feet of space. Our entire system, including the wind turbine, battery bank and other electronics costs less than $15,000 USD. After state incentives, tax deductions and the small amount we receive selling carbon credits to industry, our cost is just under $10,000. We do have a small, efficient home, just under 1,200 square feet, but the point is clear, you don’t need to mortgage your sisters second home to pay for it. We still have the utility company here, but our monthly bills average about $6. I would estimate our payback at 10 to 12 years, but that is not the main reason we did all of this.

Last year, there were two power failures in our county, each lasting about half a day. In both cases, we were not aware of them. It’s difficult to put a price tag on something like that. There is also the fact that when we do a load of laundry, or run the TV, we are not adding CO2 to the air and mercury to the water because our power is not sourced from a coal power plant. In a few years,we plan on replacing one of our cars with a plug in hybrid, which will charge from our solar array once we add a few more panels to it, at a cost of about $1,000. This will allow us to have transportation in town with virtually no environmental footprint, or any need to buy gasoline.

Beyond our own personal benefits, having a solar powered home has made us the defacto expert on the field in our town. To that end, we started running solar power seminars at our local school several years ago. We spend an hour or so with the 5th graders in school, hooking up a panel, battery, and some small loads so they can learn how it works. Then they run a field trip out to our place to see a working solar powered home first hand. Our hope is that in several more years, they will grow up to persue the same thing you are today.

Powering your home from solar power requires more than mere technology however, it requires some lifestyle changes. People who grow their own tomatoes know a great deal about soil, watering, bugs and sunlight because they have to. Even though it might be cheaper to buy them at the store, they go to the trouble to maintain a garden. People who grow their own electrons instead of buying them at the power company have a similar curse. They have to know where each one goes in their home. When you power your home from renewable sources, there is no such thing as an, “Average House,” or “Standard Size Panel.” Every situation is different. No matter how well you plan your system, or how many contingencies you allow for, there will always be a day where you have a shortage of power. Most solar homeowners I know have a generator for just such a shortage, but they work hard to run it as little as possible. Like I said, it’s a lifestyle, and only you can decide if it’s right for you. What I would suggest is you do some more research, beyond asking people who have never tried it for advice over the internet. First get a subscription to Home Power Magazine, the only periodical devoted to these things. Then check out some of the non profit groups I have listed below. Learn what you can, try to make it to one of the renewable energy fairs in your area. In the end you might decide not to get involved at all, and that’s fine. At least you will be well informed. Good luck, and take care, Rudydoo

Mark asks…


http://news.yahoo.com/strongest-solar-storm-since-2005-hitting-earth-163628746.html WHATS HAPPENING :O?

steve answers:

Yep, solar flares. Wow. The Sun emits anywhere from several solar flares per day at the most to maybe one per week at the least. Every 11 years the Sun goes through a cycle where the number increases, to the several per day point. It’s terrifying thinking that one of my cell phone calls might get dropped, or my cable TV reception might go out for a little while. Whew, at least that’s just the worst case scenario. The average person lives through literally THOUSANDS of solar flares in a lifetime.

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Your Questions About Google Scholar

Betty asks…

What is an appropriate psychological measure to measure mood in children aged 4-5?

I’ve looked on Web of Knowledge and Google Scholar and found nothing! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

steve answers:

Ask them how they feel ?

Best Wishes.

Mars Mission.

Ken asks…

Please help! What is the difference between a research based article and a non research based article?

What is the difference between a research based article and a non research based article? I have to find a article that is research based but I am have difficulty understanding the difference between the two. Can someone please FULLY explain the difference to me! On Google scholar are those ALL research based articles? When can I find a research based article? Do all research based articles have to be peer reviewed?

steve answers:

A research based article is going to cite references and other documentation, opinion, or studies. A non research based article will just be an article written from someone’s experience or opinion.

Thomas asks…

Who was the Italian sculptor who sketched ancient roman ruins?

please i really need help, i cant find it in my book, or the google scholar, and please dont say anything bad, i really need this

steve answers:

Perhaps you’re referring to Donatello’s and Brunelleschi’s journey to Rome. It is considered a milestone in Renaissance beginnings

Daniel asks…

What are some really good search engines for peer-reviewed journal articles?

For my Cross-cultural Psychology paper, I’m using:

Scholars Portal
Google Scholar
U of T Library

Is there anything else I could use?

Also, I noticed that when I click on some articles, the entire text doesn’t come up – just the abstract. Any ideas how I can get a hold of the entire text?

Hello…?? :O

I need help! :(

steve answers:

Ugh, I guess I’ll bail ya out on this one as well…

Here’s the one I always used in undergrad: http://web.ebscohost.com.proxy.lib.muohio.edu/ehost/results?vid=1&hid=106&sid=89bb991a-e8dc-42a1-a3ef-1c3e02aa2f67%40sessionmgr110&bquery=(acculturation)&bdata=JmRiPWE5aCZ0eXBlPTEmc2l0ZT1laG9zdC1saXZl

I was testing it out before I linked it to make sure it was the one I used to use, so “acculturation” should already be in one of the fields, but yeah, just change the fields to different keywords you want and then search. Once you get results, click the “Find It!” key below it, then once inside the link, click “Full text of this article in the EJC” and then “PDF Full Text” or “HTML Full Text”. Sometimes, you’ll get unlucky and they won’t have a full text of it online, so you’ll just have to find another one, but for the most part they’re all there. I’m pretty sure you don’t need a password to use that. But if you do, just tell me.

As for getting a hold of the entire text for ones that just have only abstracts, I would try googling the article’s name in quotes and clicking on the first links that come up. For the most part, it’s going to be hard to find it, but I’ve been able to find a few online that way.

Edit: Oh, n/m, you already have EBSCO on your list. I probably should have looked before I posted that. Hey, it’s the thought that counts… Well, if you use that and Google Scholar you should be fine. Those were the only two I ever used. Or you can use the EJC directly at http://journals.ohiolink.edu.proxy.lib.muohio.edu/ejc/article.cgi?issn=03064603&issue=v34i0012&article=1023_rcoaapuaafmp&search_term=(refkey%3D(Ch%C3%A9debois%232009%231023%23*)volkey%3D(03064603%2334%231023%2312)) . With that site, it will give you the MLA, APA, or whatever crazy format you Canadians do, for each article (which can be found along the right hand side).

Paul asks…

How to find peer reviewed articles about basic things?

I’m a freshman in college, so I’m still in basic classes. My latest assignment in an evolutionary biology class is to find a peer reviewed article about a species (I chose the African Bush/ savanna elephant – Loxodonta africana.) I’m going to research for the rest of the year. It is NOT supposed to be in depth – just a basic article that classifies the animal all the way down to its binomial, and that has some basic information about habitat, a little on evolution, etc.

I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING LIKE THIS ANYWHERE. She was very specific in that it MUST be peer reviewed. I’ve tried google scholar, I’ve tried every database (that would apply to my research) that my school gives us access to. It’s been HOURS.

My peers have this problem too, and when we tried to talk to her about it, she said there is definitely something out there and that we need to look harder or go to her office hours. I’ll go to her office hours, but obviously I need to turn in the assignment.

So far I’ve put in countless combinations of “loxodonta africana, african bush elephant basic information/ introduction” etc. Nothing comes up with any sort of broad article.

Any sort of advice/ information is appreciated!

steve answers:

There aren’t articles like that. Peer-reviewed articles are for original research, but nothing you listed is original or research, it’s just classification. You might find articles that mention that before they talk about the science they did, but nothing on just that.

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Your Questions About Samsung Infuse

Mark asks…

How can a i get a Samsung Infuse with no data?

well i have a palm centro that i have had for 2 years, and recently my friend bought me a samsung infuse as a birthday gift, i don’t feel like giving 15$ a month due to a fixed income can i just take my sim card from my palm and put it into the samsung phone and not pay for internet..if not is there any other way to use the samsung phone without having data on it?

steve answers:

I think the best thing to do is to talk to your network about this. Most of them require a smartphone data plan, but I’m not sure whether this is when you buy the phone from them. I’m quite sure that they would allow you to put your existing sim in there.

Mandy asks…

can you put a iphone 3GS sims card in a samsung infuse?

My aunt has a Samsung Infuse and i have the Iphone 3GS and we want to trade but I heard that you have to have a special Sims for the Samsung Infuse, someone please tell me if thats true or not. Thank You!

steve answers:

If its from the same company just take out the sim card and put it on the other phone and it should work!..

If its not the same company then the phones should be unlocked in order to read the sim card!..

Thomas asks…

Can I use the Samsung Infuse with my SIM card?

I have a used Samsung Infuse. I just ordered a new Samsung Captivate with AT&T. All I wanna know is, when I get my phone, can I just switch the SIM card and everything will keep working normal?

steve answers:

Hi.Yes you can put your sim card in phone & everything will remain working normal

William asks…

Can you transer files from a Samsung Infuse on to a pc computer.?

I wanted to download a mod for a game i have for a pc but my pc dosent have internet. Can i download the mod on my samsung infuse and then transfer the mod from my phone to the computer?

steve answers:

Most android phones dont allow downloading programs that arent supported by the OS.
It MAY be possible, depending on the file- but odds are, you’re going to get an error message.

Donald asks…

Can you transer files from a Samsung Infuse on to a pc computer.?

I wanted to download a mod for a game i have for a pc but my pc dosent have internet. Can i download the mod on my samsung infuse and then transfer the mod from my phone to the computer?

steve answers:

Yes you can if you have a connecting cable(personally i have never transferred any files from a smart phone to pc, but i have heard it from my friend that we can do the file transfer to pc from any smart phone)

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Your Questions About Macbook Black Battery

Joseph asks…

Whats the difference between the MAC Book pro and the MAC book air>?

Apple is having a Black Friday sale on the Pro for 1,000 and the Air for 899 and I was trying to see whats the difference between them? THANKS

steve answers:

The new 15″ MacBook Pro that packs a Retina display featuring 5.1 million pixels, a 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU (upgradable to a 2.6GHz version) and 8GB RAM (upgradable to 16GB) may well be the best laptop ever. Pound for pound, Apple’s 4.4-pound portable is a potent system capable of meeting even the most demanding users’ needs.

Starting at $2,199, the 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display includes a Mini DisplayPort, twin Thunderbolt ports capable of transferring data at up to 10 Gbps, two USB 3.0 ports capable of transferring data at up to 5 Gbps, an HDMI port, and even a headphone jack. The systems also boast 802.11 integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, dual microphones and speakers, a backlit keyboard, and Apple’s renowned Multi-Touch Trackpad. These MacBook Pros are the Cadillac of laptops, and I don’t mean the weak-kneed mid 80s version Caddies, but the proud, audacious late-50s models from the heyday.

Not to be embarrassed, sister MacBook Airs come in 11-inch ($999 and $1,099) and 13-inch ($1,199 and $1,499) models. The entry-level 11-inch versions include a 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 CPU and up to 512GB of flash storage if the maximum storage option is selected, as well as 4GB RAM (upgradable to 8GB). The 13-inch model, with a 1440×900 display, can be purchased with a 128GB or 256GB flash storage disk, a 1.8Ghz Intel Core i5 CPU and 4GB RAM (upgradable to 8GB).

Apple didn’t cut corners on the Air models, either. Both 11- and 13-inch versions include integrated 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, a single Thunderbolt port, two USB 3.0 ports and a Mini DisplayPort.

The MacBook Airs are definitely less capable systems compared to the MacBook Pros. Weighing just 2.3 (11 inch) and 2.9 (13-inch) pounds, however, the Airs are exponentially lighter and, thus, more easily transported.

That said, will it be the Air or the Pro?

Just recently I reviewed whether staff really require the horsepower and capacity of a Mac Pro or can get by with a more reasonably priced iMac (which also includes a display) when ordering a new Mac desktop. While it used to be that MacBook Airs were the flashier model, with the introduction of the new Retina display MacBook Pros, that’s no longer true. Boasting seven hours of battery life (versus five hours for the Air), the MacBook Pros are even better workhorses on the road. So, it’s no longer true that a MacBook Air is the best laptop for mobile users.

How do you know which model users really require?

If users need email and typical Office suite applications and occasionally edit photos, music or video, a standard display 13-inch MacBook Pro should prove a good fit and save the organization hundreds of dollars versus a 15-inch model. If a user frequently performs graphic arts functions and requires carefully matched color coordination, a 15-inch model with a Retina display likely proves justifiable. A 15-inch model with Retina display is likely the best choice when a user chooses to replace a desktop computer and 20″ widescreen display, although even then an external display may be required at additional cost. The larger (versus 13-inch) 15.4-inch MacBook may eliminate the need for an external display, though.

If users travel frequently, the recurring need for a mobile platform doesn’t automatically mean a MacBook Air is required. If these same frequently mobile users also need a fast processor, considerable storage (up to 768GB), and more RAM, the MacBook Pro is still the best bet. Only when users travel frequently and require only email and Internet access; Office apps; and basic photo, music, and video storage with a full keyboard will the MacBook Airs serve as the most appropriate portable.

Richard asks…

How can I keep my macbook from going black to save energy while idle?

I want to watch movies on my mac but every ten minutes or so I have to get up and touch the keyboard or something to pull it out of idle mode.. how can i stop this?

steve answers:

I think this will work…
Go to apple icon on the top bar and click system preferences then click the energy saver lightbulb icon. Then click Battery and you can choose how long you want your computer to be left idle before the display goes to sleep.

Sandy asks…

are macbooks worth the price or are other laptops just as good?

why are macbooks so expensive? are they really that much better that other laptops?

steve answers:

You can consider buying
1)ASUS K52 Series K52JR-X4 15.6-Inch Laptop (Dark Brown)
*Intel Core i5-430M Processor 2.26 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.53GHz
*4GB of DDR3 1066MHz DRAM, 2 slots, 8GB Max ; BluRay Combo drive
*320GB Hard Drive (5400 RPM); Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Operating System
*ATI 5470 Graphics Engine with 1GB DDR3 Dedicated VRAM; Wireless 802.11bgn
*15.6-Inch HD (1366×768) LED Display; 0.3MP Webcam; HDMI Port


2)Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 17.3-Inch Laptop (Obsidian Black)
*2.26GHz Intel Core i5-430M Dual Core Processor (2.53GHz Turbo Mode, 3MB Cache)
*4GB System Memory; Media Card Reader; 10/100 Ethernet; Wireless-N Mini-Card
*500GB Hard Drive; 8X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Optical Drive
*17.3″ HD Display; Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD; 1.3MP Webcam
*Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System (64-bit); 6-cell Battery


Hey you can visit below link you can find more options here :


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Nancy asks…

do the macbook pros have brighter screens than normal macbooks?

i have a macbook and my sister has a macbook pro. her pro has a WAY brighter screen than mine even when mine is on the brightest setting! is this because mine is older? (only older by a year)

also, her battery lasts SO much longer. mine will last only 2 hours after a full charge and hers can last like 4-6 hours. is something wrong with my macbook or is it just because the pro is better?

steve answers:

The Pro and the Macbook have the same overall rated battery life. It may be that she just treats hers better than you do yours.

I do believe the Macbook Pros use better screens, though. They use black LED LCD screens with IPS. I don’t know about the latest Macbooks (before they were discontinued), but the last one I used, a black macbook, had a plastic LCD screen, lower resolution.

Ken asks…

What’s the difference between the macbook and macbook pro?

steve answers:

Mostly just size. Do you want a 13″ or a 15″/17″?

MBP strong points.
1. Way better graphics card.
2. Back light keyboard.
3. Higher resolution display and choice matte or glossy.

MacBook strong points.
1. Smaller, lighter, easier to carry
2. Longer battery life.
3. Easier to upgrade (RAM and Hard Drive is insanely easy to access and swap out).
4. The black or white plastic cases are much more durable, and don’t have the heat issues of the aluminum models.
5. Half the price.

Neutral points:
1. Processor speed. They are all good.
2. RAM and Hard Drives. Yeah the MBP has better specs. But you can and should upgrade those yourself anyway, and the MacBook makes that easy to do.

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Your Questions About Tablet Or Notebook

David asks…

What’s a cheap(est) tablet notebook?

I’m looking for a cheap tablet notebook for simple tasks such as scribbling a diagram/notes.
I am NOT looking for one for graphical design, art etc.


steve answers:

The cheapest one I could find that would work nicely (not a cheap ass brand) is the hp touch-smart notebook. Here is a link to the cheapest refurbished one:https://www.eritech.com/detail.php?item=NB221UA

The link to the cheapest new one:http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/computer_series.do?storeName=computer_store&category=notebooks&series_name=tx2z_series&aoid=20715&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=FR239AV

hope this helps!!!

Charles asks…

tablet vs notebook for college?

I’m looking at HP notebooks but I’m open to other suggestions as well.

Tablet would be great for taking notes since handwritten notes would work better with diagrams, but notebooks are less expensive and more powerful.

I don’t game a lot, and I’m willing to forsake the bigger screen.

If I’m getting a notebook, I’ll also be getting 1 to 2 GB of RAM

Any college students willing to shed light on this issue? If it helps I’m planning on going to UT Austin, taking the premed route.

steve answers:

There are two schools of thought when it comes to buying a new computer. Buy more to have more later, or buy the bare minimum.

When it comes to a portable computer for a college student, I typically recommend buying the bare minimum. College is hard on a notebook across the board, and usually by the end of tertiary education it’s battered and beaten, ready for retirement. Acting as a primary computer, it’s spend a lot of it’s life plugged in, killing the battery, the haul from home to class and everywhere in between takes it’s toll on the physical structure, the list could go on forever.

Knowing that a college bound portable is unlikely to survive more than a few years, a more prudent decision is often to buy exactly what you need and can afford, stowing the money aside for other expenses. At the bare minimum, the money saved will come in handy when/if repairs are needed, or provide a great nest egg for a replacement a few years down the road. Heavy use laptops have a fairly finite lifespan, it’s uncommon for them to see more than a few years of use.

A tablet PC may seem like a wonderful investment for a student, but there are some real pitfalls as well. For starters, there is often a much higher price tag associated. But more importantly, effectively using a tablet pc requires a real change in workflow. While I am limited to my own observations on the matter, most people who own a tablet computer very rarely use the tablet functionality, opting instead to use it as a normal (over priced) laptop.

My advice would be to buy a laptop, well within your budget that is powerful enough for what you need it to do today.

Two gigabytes of RAM is an excellent choice, while you may not utilize it all now, in the long run, additional RAM is a great way to extend the life of an ailing system.

I would also recommend talking to your school or computer retailer about educational discounts. Many people purchase computers from a big box retailer when they could order online (with an Ed. Discount) and save hundreds of dollars. Also check with the campus bookstore, you can usually get Student editions of Microsoft Office for less than the cost of bundling it with a new machine.

Hope this helps.

Lisa asks…

Any recommendations for a tablet notebook?

steve answers:

IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad X41 tablet. It received an excellent review in a recent comparative roundup in PC Magazine.

Susan asks…

Who makes the best/economical laptop tablets (notebooks)? Dell, IBM, HP????

Looking for TABLETS!

steve answers:

If you are talking about notebook pc’s then DELL is the leader but if you are looking beyond windows and a more powerfull OS then look at Apple. They don’t have the cheapest notebooks but best value for money. 12″ ibook is the best in that class.

Nancy asks…

What’s your opinion on tablet notebooks?

i’m starting grad school and needed a laptop. i was originally going to go with sony viao but a friend suggested that i look into a tablet notebook instead. while it’s not required, she suggested it b/c it would help me take notes (esp. in lab) directly w/o studying off the black & white bad quality handouts they give you in class. The other obvious alternative is just to print the handouts in color myself and bring it to class instead of buying a tablet notebook.

I don’t know anyone with a tablet notebook, so I wanted to know if you have one, how you like it? WHICH ONE DO YOU HAVE? How long have you had it for? What problems have you had with it? Is it reliable? What brand & series would you recommend?

i’m studying abroad and so I won’t be able to get any warrenties on it b/c it will be useless. ….in other words, i need something that’s reliable and doesn’t cause problems.

thanks for your help, I appreciate it! =)

steve answers:

You could try HP. I have three of their tablet notebooks and they are all fine. It’s reliable and hasn’t caused me any troubles at all.

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