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Your Questions About Samsung Corby Price

Mark asks…

What is the latest touch phone of nokia and samsung in minimum budget?

steve answers:

I would suggest Samsung Corby II

Specifications of Samsung Corby II:–

Quad-band GSM/EDGE support
3.14-inch full touchscreen display
Integrated T9 QuickType keyboard
TouchWiz User Interface
Samsung Social Hub – social networking
Email and Microsoft Exchange support
2 mega-pixel camera
Video recording
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth v3.0
FM Radio
Music Player
Video Player
3.5mm headphone jack
microSD card slot up to 16GB
1000mAh battery with up to 9.5 hours talk time
Color : White, Pink and Yellow

Price is nearly 5000-5500 rs


Samsung Star II, comes with more features and same price range nearly 6000 rs

Paul asks…

Which should I choose a Samsung Corby wifi or an LG cookie?

I’m getting a new phone for my graduation but i can’t decide. oh and any other suggestions on other phones i might like.

steve answers:

LG cookie is cheap and not bad.. Many people have it but it is now selling at low prices. You should try the SamsungCorby.. Its also a better brand than LG

James asks…

Whats a good but not too expensive mobile to get?

I’d like to get a good mobile with not so bad megapixels,But mainly i’d want it for browsing the internet and listening to music,So a long battery is a must,Any suggestions?

steve answers:

What exactly do you mean by ‘not too expensive’
if its around 5000 then Samsung corby pro
around 10000, LG optimus one (this one is the best if u can buy)
around 12000, Sony ericsson Xperia X8
around 15000, Samsung wave

i myself have a Samsung wave and Xperia X8 right nowand they both are great but i would suggest LG ‘optimus one’ as it is better than my X8
and if you cant spend 15k then samsung wave is awesome (it might be priced 13k by now but i am not sure)

Ruth asks…

How good is Nokia 5230 touch screen phone ?

How good is Nokia 5230 ?

1. I am planning to buy this. If any major drawbacks are there, pls let me know ur feedbacks.

2. Does touch screen phones last long ( for atleast 3 years)?

Deepak. K

steve answers:

The phone is excellent ……. 16million colors as to 256000 in all samsung phones at this price range ….. I bought this phone a week back …… I did not expect the phone to be this good …. But its delicate ……very delicate ……………:)
but the corby is capaacitive screen is more resonsive and you can expect it to last llonger . In restive screen of nokia u are physically depressing the screen to generate a contact . The capacitive one works on bio electricity and is more responsive …. The problem with samsung is that u will find that all samsung phones wont give u the same per formance in all respects in all components such as battery speaker etc …… The nokia one is having a arm 434 mhz processor and a actual smart phone …… U can install and uninstall applications and will give u 100 times the fun of samsung and the phone is excellent ….. What ever be the case please dont expect ( I REPEAT ) any touchscreen phone to last long … ( max 1.5-2 years ) …. If u have a string budget go for 6700 slide …. Its the smart phone with 5 mp auto focus phone and with outlive any touchscreen .

Robert asks…

suggest me is samsung i5801 galaxy 3 good to purchase .what about battery?

I read in most of the reviews about samsung pop that it has bad battery . pls tell me that is this not worth buying ?? & also pls tell me is samsung i5801 galaxy 3 worth buying and does it has good battery??? pls help i m totally confused . pls suggest me the bestttttt.

steve answers:

*****Samsung Galaxy3 i5801
Price: Rs.7499
The Samsung Galaxy I5801 is an entry-level Android smartphone running the Android 2.1 Eclair OS. The Galaxy3 sports a Corby inspired chassis, and has a 3.2-inch WQVGA capacitive touch screen. The handset is powered by a Qualcomm 667 MHz processor, and runs Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 UI. The TouchWiz skinning brings in several nifty features like scrollable widgets, Swype support and an app drawer. The 3 megapixel camera on the Galaxy3 I5801 offers a range of preset scene modes, and can record videos in 240 x 320 resolution at 15 fps.

*****Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570
Price: Rs.8250
The Samsung Galaxy Pop is a full touch phone, ideal for those who have just joined the party of touch screen handsets. The Samsung S5570 is powered by a 600 MHz processor and runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system. The mobile promises productivity and performance at great value for money.
Key Features

Android 2.2 (Froyo) Device
Music Player With DNSe Sound Enhancement & 3.5mm Port
Wi-Fi & 3G Connectivity
Social Networking Access

These are the best choice. Both have good battery backup, good overall performance and are value for money products. Buy any of these.

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Your Questions About Asus Netbook

Lisa asks…

Which brand Netbook is Better: Asus or Acer?

Just wondering, I was planning on getting a Netbook. There’s one I like from Acer, and another by Asus. They both have 1gb ram and 320gb hard drive. Anyway, which brand is better? I hear Acer’s Are kind if slow and cheap. So which should i get?
They cost the same price at best buy.

steve answers:

By all means get the Asus computer.

George asks…

Windows 7 can be install in Asus 1015E-CY041D Netbook or not?

Reply. thanks in advance

steve answers:

Hello Anurag.

Windows 7 can easily be installed in “Asus 1015E-CY041D Netbook”. It has 2 GB DDR3 RAM + 320 GB harddisk which is more than enough for Windows 7. You can also install Windows XP, Vista and 8 on it.
It is a very good Netbook and comes with 1 year warranty. Go for it :)

Maria asks…

Lightest antivirus for ASUS Netbook?

My netbook is an ASUS 1015PEM, currently using 2GB of RAM. Lately it has been running slower than ever and I think I could help this by changing my antivirus.

I’m using AVAST! Free Antivirus version 7, which after some research I thought would really be the best, but I was wondering, what do you guys think?

I do a lot of downloads in weird websites so security is a must.

steve answers:

Update to Avast 8, download Malwarebytes AntiMalware, SuperAntiSpyware, and CCleaner. Run each of them once in awhile and you should be safe.

Helen asks…

battery life on asus netbook brand new?

i got this netbook for christmas but it had been bought a coupe months before, even though that doesnt have much to do about it, anyways, ive had it no more than a week and the battery is terrible, i charged it fully too 100% shut it down completly i woke up this morning and it had about 75%, it loses life fast and these netbooks are ment to have a good battery life as they are meant to beable to use on the go is it the battery, is there something that could be eating it up, i do have a good virus protction on that is up to date…..does this happen to yours and what should i do, send it back, or deal with it although i am not satisfied at all

steve answers:


David asks…

Asus Netbook Question?

I have 300 dollars and im thinking of getting the eee900 but i dont know if i should save up a few more months and get the 1000.Does it really matter?Is there a big difference?

steve answers:

Definitely save up just $89 more for a 1000HE.

Main reasons: 9.5 hour battery, N280 processor, amazing keyboard, 160GB HDD.

Outclasses all other netbooks out there for just $389.

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Your Questions About Windows 7 Professional Product Key

Paul asks…

I have to activate my Windows 7!?

I used a re installation disk from a friend to try out windows 7 but they had professional… I don’t have a product key so I need to buy a new product key and I was wondering if I could just buy a windows 7 home premium to “downgrade” to so I have a genuine windows product. I only want to do this if it means I that I won’t lose my data after switching the windows 7 version. Thanks!

steve answers:

You can’t downgrade that easily, especially now that you dont even have a product key.

You have to system restore your computer to your previous operating system, then get Windows 7 and upgrade to that version

Chris asks…

Can I downgrade Win.7 Professional to Win.7 Home Premium without the installation disc?

I used Windows Anytime Upgrade to upgrade my existing Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional. But now I want to revert my laptop back to Home Premium. I don’t have the Home Premium installation disc, but I do have the product key sticker under my laptop. I tried using System Restore, but to no avail. Is there any way through which I can restore the OS back to Home Premium without the disc?
Please let me know.

steve answers:

Short answer: no.

What you will essentially have to do is find a copy of a Windows 7 OEM installation disc, format the computer, and reinstall. If that’s too much trouble and you have the money, upgrade to Ultimate – it’s essentially Home Premium + Professional.

Or – if you know what you are doing, set up a dual-boot system that will let you choose which OS to load when you start it up. The downside is…. You still need that OEM disc.

Last resort: take it to a computer repair store, and get them to reinstall for you. As long as you have a genuine Windows 7 sticker on your computer, they should be able to format and reinstall for you. They will have to charge you for that though.

Maria asks…

problems when editing windows 7 professional with vlite?

hi, i can modify my copy of windows 7 with vlite, i reduce it too about less than 2 GB, after i have modified it i put it onto my memory stick so i can boot from it on my netbook and install it, it boots into it ok, it goes to the setup and everything but for some reason when i start installing it, when it goes about 1/4 through the installation it gets an error saying there is a file missing and cannot install…It is annoying me… Here is the modifications i did…

i made it skip entering the product key, i made naming the computer and username unattended, i also removed some compnenets like windows windows media center, tv tuners (cuz media center uses Tv tuners anyway) and all the other components i dont need and when i am done i make an ISO, i extract the ISO with 7-zip, this works fine) i put it onto my memory stick using CMD, ( i formatted the memory stick and everything so it is FAT32 which is what is required ( i think lol) and booted it and BAM!!! error, is there some kind of save file on the internet for vlite so i can use it to help modify windows 7, it would help, i am still trying to install it on my netbook btw, still no luck…VERY ANNOYING INDEED -_-

Well thanks anyway and hopefully it will be resolved soon…

steve answers:

The error is telling you exactly what the problem is. There is a required file missing. During your mods you must have removed the file that is required during the install.
You will need to find out what file is required then do it all over again and include that file.
The other option is that you left behind references to the file that you should have removed.

James asks…

Windows XP Professional disc?

I’ve decided recently that it my computer needs to be reformatted. The university I attend is licensed with Microsoft to provide students with products such as office for free. On the list of available products there is Windows XP Professional. I downloaded the file which was about 550mb and was provided a product key.

Now I’m wondering if this file I have, WinXPsp2 (file name), is the operating system? And if so, how can I make a boot CD with the operating system on it so I can put Windows XP after I reformat my computer. Also, I’m currently using Windows 7 and was wondering if that would cause any problems since I’m downgrading. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
the file is a zip file and when I click it reads “Unzipping Windows XP with SP2.” I let it unzip but then nothing happens for some reason. I’ve tried it a couple of times and every time it unzip and I accept the EULA it says it’s downloading something but then goes away.

steve answers:

It is probably an image file intended to be burned to a CD. Is it an ISO file? And it is XP Pro SP2 so you don’t have to upgrade it.
No problems with 7 since 7 will be gone but you will need drivers for your hardware.

Ruth asks…

Can You Install A New OS On An Acer Aspire One Without The Product Key Being Invalid?


I’m asking if you can install a new OS onto an Acer Aspire One Netbook without Windows Activation saying that the product key is invalid. You see, I’ve tried getting Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 starter from friends and both times the Windows Activation has been telling me that the product key is invalid and that I have about 20 days to activate or it will go into “Out Of Grace Period Limited Functionality Mode” This is extremely annoying. I went through this about two weeks ago and that was a week before I installed Windows 7 Starter. Windows 7 Starter doesn’t even have a product key on the disc and it’s the worst piece of crap verison of Windows 7 to begin with so if it does have a product key, well it shouldn’t. If I were to install Windows Vista or even Windows XP, would it say that the product key is invalid? Because I can’t install the original version that came with the computer because it didn’t come with a disc and the OS was in another language.


steve answers:

It sounds like you either don’t have valid product keys or you are not entering them correctly.

Having an Acer Inspire or any other type of computer is not the cause of the message that you are seeing. If it was a problem with the computer then you would see a different message telling you something about not having sufficient resources to install Windows 7.

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Your Questions About Gucci Sunglasses

Sandra asks…

What’s a good non mainstream sunglasses company?

I liked ray bans, then they went completely mainstream, are there any other kinds of sunglasses that aren’t mainstream? Oh and are there any places to shop that aren’t gay or mainstream?

steve answers:

All the top brands produce mainstream sunglasses. Ray Ban is one of them. Here is a list,

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Emporio Armani

You could find more information on the brands at the following website,

Jenny asks…

What kind of person buys Oakley sunglasses they are freaking UGLY?

They look like something from a Sci-Fi movie, the lenses are hideous, the designs are ugly. They are something that looks like is meant to be worn only once. Please, don’t say “You, can’t afford them that’s why you are saying that”, I have $300 Prada Aviators, $600 vintage Gucci eyeglasses, and I gave away $500 Prada frames to a friend.

steve answers:

A person that has a different sense of style than you do. Maybe even someone who has a BETTER sense of style than you do, knowing that different frame shapes are appropriate for different social situations and different “looks”.

Are you also critical of people who buy different styled clothing than you? How about different cars? Do you wonder about people who by Minivans vs Crossovers vs Sport Activity Vehicles vs Sedans?

So it sounds like you’re more into the “preppy” or classic look. Not everyone is going to like your style. Do these look like they belong in a Sci-Fi movie? You might want to educate yourself on the product line first:




I mean really, these Prada glasses look pretty Sci-Fi:


In terms of your “high fashion” glasses, you may be able to afford them, but you obviously don’t know much about the technology that goes into sunglasses. Sunglasses aren’t just there to “look good”, at least they shouldn’t be. Sure your Prada glasses look great, but what kind of materials are they made of? How safe would they keep your eyes if a passing car kicked up a pebble and it hit you. It happens more often than you think.

Just watch these videos and ask yourself if your Prada or Gucci glasses can do the same thing. HINT: they can’t.


Just a few things to consider when you wonder about the TYPE of person who buys Oakley sunglasses.

Remember, everyone has their own style. Just because it doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean its wrong or that there’s something wrong with the person.


Mandy asks…

Where can i get cute designer sunglasses?

i am looking for new sunglasses. i like really big sunglasses. i am looking for a pair that is around $65 or under. i have searched many websites and designers but i am not having any luck in finding big ones that are cute. ive already searched places like american eagle, dillards, macy’s, von maur. any suggestions?

steve answers:

A really good place which offer variety of brand designer sunglasses(Ray-ban,Oakley,Gucci,Armani….)
from http://www.flshoppingmall.com
Free shipping and only pay usd $33.00/Pair

Lisa asks…

What brands of sunglasses are sold in india?

Hi im 13 and im trendy stylish and fun.
I really wanna buy sunglasses from india but i wanted to do a bit of research from a website b4 i buy it. What brands are sold there that are also sold in us?
Btw i wanted something simple not like aviators or some tacky huge white frames

steve answers:

Armani, Bvlgari, Chanel, Gucci, Diesel, DG, Dior, Fengi, Oakley, Prada, Versace, YSL. Fasttrack

Chris asks…

Are all these online stores that sell designer sunglasses really selling authentic designer sunglasses?

I’ve always bought my designer sunglasses (Gucci, D&G, Dior, etc.) from Nordstrom for retail price. However, I’ve come across so many websites online that are supposedly selling all these real designer sunglasses for discounted prices. Are these websites really legit, and are their sunglasses really authentic? If so, how could they sell them for so cheap?

steve answers:

If they’re too good to be true,they’re not legit.

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Your Questions About Titanic

William asks…

How come human remains were never discovered at the Titanic wreck site?

There have been shipwrecks that were discovered from the 1700′s – 1800′s that had some skeletal remains of humans.

The Titanic sank in 1912 so how come there are no human remains if the sinking was more recent?

steve answers:

Who said there haven’t?
Its a site that would provoke protest as there still people descended from the people who died and you don’t think they would be up set at the site of their possible relations remains being shown1
Its possible for human remains to still exist even at that depth and pressure!
Bones would still be there.
The site is still part of an ongoing augment whether it should be left alone as a grave site!
Robot submarines have explored Uboats at the same depth and in a few cases deeper and have discovered human remains still at their posts skeletal state!
This was doneillegallyy as these aredeclaredd by international agreement as war graves.

Paul asks…

Why did the Titanic list to the port side?

Why did the Titanic list to its port side, not the starboard side, for much of the sinking? It was listing to the starboard side in the very early stages of the sinking, but it is known that it shifted its list to port. Does anyone know why? This seems odd as it hit the iceberg on the starboard side.

steve answers:

Water always seeks its own level.
The Titannic listed to the port side because the water found its own path to the lowest parts of the ship, which on the port side, were not sealed as thoroughly as on the starboard.

Therefore, the water collected on the port side earlier on during the disaster. .

Jenny asks…

What store sells Titanic models that I can assemble?

I want to find someplace that I can buy a titanic model that isn’t already assembled. I don’t want to buy it online because I’m worried pieces will be missing.

steve answers:

You could buy it at Revell (but you must build it together). They have Titanic 1:1200, 1:570 and 1:400.
Good Luck!

Nancy asks…

What’s the difference between California and the Titanic?

At the least the Titanic had the lights on from its own power source when it went down and it didn’t have a 20 billion dollar deficit.

steve answers:

It’s closer to Exxon Valdez. Our new Captain is intoxicated, technically he’s been taking some Medical Marijuana.

John asks…

How many people were the 20 lifeboats of the Titanic inttended to hold?

Out of the 2207 people aboard the Titanic only about 700 made it. But how many people were the lifeboats supposed to hold?

steve answers:

Titanic carried 20 lifeboats, enough for 1178 people.

The boat was designed to carry 32 lifeboats but this number was reduced to 20 because it was felt that the deck would be too cluttered.

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