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Your Questions About Netbook Hp Mini 1000

Joseph asks…

Nexus 7, hp mini 1000, or other?

so im wondering whether to buy the nexus 7 hp mini 1000 or some other electronic… so i have an ipod touch…. i have a shared old laptop (by shared i mean i have to share with my brother and the laptops close to 10 years old!!) so should i buy the laptop or the tablet. they r the same price… actually the mini is $1 less LOL. or whats another good electronic if i shouldnt buy either. maybe list some pros and cons so i can decide. most helpful answer= best= 10 pts. thanks in advance

steve answers:

If you use your Touch unless you backup/sync to iCloud you need a PC to sync to iTunes.

If you like iOS on the Touch you might not like Android on the Nexus 7.

An HP netbook is ok for netbooks, but netbooks are pretty wimpy.

Very personal decision depending on how you use your devices.

Betty asks…

Is HP Mini 1000 good for programming students?

Programming Languages:
Perl, C++, Phyton, PHP, and others

steve answers:

I’m a CS major and I tell EVERYONE to steer clear of HP products. I’ve had nothing but problems every time that I have used their products. My previous HP laptop was sent out 5 times for repair before they replaced it, now my replacements hardware is starting to act up.

If you’re looking for a netbook, get a Dell Mini 10, Asus Eee 900HA/1003HD or Acer Aspire One (I can’t say enough good things about Asus and Acer). I’ve never had a problem with a Dell either.

Anyway, I program in Java, C(++), VB, PHP, ASP, etc. And I use an Asus Eee PC during school; I love everything about it except the keyboard is hard to get used to and you’ll make alot of typos even when you do get used to it.

James asks…

what is the difference between a laptop and a netbook?

steve answers:

A mini laptop (or netbook) is essentially a laptop scaled down until the screen size is between 7 and 10 inches across. Most feature simple applications pre-installed. Netbooks aren’t designed to replace laptops, merely supplement it. They cannot match the specs of a laptop, but they can compete on three main things.
1) They are cheaper out of the box – generally, although you can pick up a bargain laptop, it’s unlikely to be brand new
2) The are lighter – with the exception of laptops like the Toshiba Protege R500 which costs a bomb, this is true in almost all cases. Most netbooks weigh around 2-3lbs
3) They are smaller – in almost all dimensions (although the MacBook Air is 194mm thick at it’s thinnest point)

Good examples of netbooks include the Asus Eee PC 901, HP Mini 1000 and Acer Aspire One.

Chris asks…

Visual C# 2005 won’t install?

I’m trying to install Visual C# 2005 Express on my netbook running Windows 2000 (HP Mini 1000).

When I run the web installer, an error message will pop up saying:

“The Windows Installer package:
E:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTempSIT12921.tmpvs_setup.ms_
could not be opened.”

It seems the file is meant to be a .msi file but for some reason shows up as a .ms_ file. I’ve tried manually changing the file extension to .msi and retrying, but it still doesn’t work.

I’ve also downloaded the offline installer, but when I try to run that install, I get another error saying:

“The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2228.”

I’m absolutely positive that Visual C# 2005 is fully compatible with Windows 2000 and I’ve already downloaded all the updates for Windows 2000 from Windows Update. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks!

steve answers:

Install the Visual C# 2012.

Steven asks…


Everyone says that they are failures to the computing world: cramped keyboard, low resolution screen, ridiculously weak, bad quality speakers and overall just a poor solution for people that can’t afford a “real” laptop, and tablets are taking over the ultra-portable computing world anyways.

I love my netbook. It’s an HP Mini 210-4150NR. it’s a beautifully made netbook with a spacious island style keyboard and beats audio that can easily beat the sound quality of some normal sized laptops out there, The resolution is 1024 by 600 and although that may sound like a low resolution display compared to newer screens, the picture of this screen is good enough for me to see every detail on the screen. Since my eyes are horrible, I thought that getting this thing would be a drag since the screen is small and the resolution isn’t much either, I thought I would have to hurt my back by zooming my face to the screen while squinting and straining my eyes. NOPE, the screen on this particular netbook is elevated so that problem is eliminated. This netbook carries the intel atom n2600 clocked at 1,6ghz,,it is a dual core and I’ve boosted the RAM from 1gb ddr3 to 2gb ddr3….BLAZING fast. and I get 8-9 hours from it in every use. I can take this anywhere and do work on it or anything else. (except for game on it ofcourse). Heck, even the adobe suite works great on it.

So, if I can say all of this positive stuff about a netbook and nothing negative, why is everyone against it? I have a ton of bad things I can say about any other tablet on the market.

This is my main machine by the way. Everyone makes me feel so bad for having a netbook, so outdated. If I have this, do I need a tablet?
Andy, you’re right about this netbook being made from the cheapest parts, that is clear seeing that this netbook‘s housing is COMPLETELY plastic. I can’t speak for everyone else, but customer service from hp is great, I can’t say anything bad about them, but that first link’s article definitely says a lot. Here’s where you’re incorrect. The cpu of newer netbooks are NOT slow…older ones, yes..crazily slow…but newer ones, no. They are low powered and made for lightweight applications such as the internet and word processors, however, newer atom processors are capable of running heavier applications smoothly as well. The graphics chip for netbooks are the same as any other integrated graphics chip in other laptops- and yes, they are weaker than dedicated ones of course but we all know that to get a laptop with a good, dedicated card will cost at least $600 and up. The laptop you listed as a comparison is much newer than my netbook therefore it has an update
and about the audio…let me clarify: I know that the audio is NOTHING compared to a middle or high class laptop, but it is on par with entry laptops and at the size it is, it’s just GREAT how they fit that kind of quality in there
I use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, and it’s not like I’ve never used a laptop before guys, I know that they’re stallions and netbooks are pony’s basically. My point is that they’re not as bad as people make them out to be and they are far better in productivity than tablets. Although their performance for high end applications aren’t as good as today’s mainstream laptops, they can still get the job done!< that's my point.
I use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, and it's not like I've never used a laptop before guys, I know that they're stallions and netbooks are pony's basically. My point is that they're not as bad as people make them out to be and they are far better in productivity than tablets. Although their performance for high end applications aren't as good as today's mainstream laptops, they can still get the job done!< that's my point.

steve answers:

Part of the transition between being a teenager and being a grownup is that you stop being so susceptible to peer pressure. What other people say doesn’t matter to you so much, you tend to decide things for yourself. 8^) If you’re happy with your netbook, you don’t have to justify it to anyone. I don’t have either a netbook or a tablet, but I think I’d rather have a device with a real keyboard! A netbook would be smaller, cheaper, easier to carry around, lighter, etc. Etc. And perfectly adequate for most things. For me ‘most things’ is surfing the net, probably in a Starbucks or something. (Though I do use my laptop sometimes to rip CDs at the library, and you couldn’t do that with a netbook).

There’s an ad for the Google Chromebook on TV every two minutes. I really like that ad. But it makes the Chromebook look like something you get for your toddlers, something a 2 year old would be thrilled to have and use. 8^P Nowhere in the ads do they mention that it’s not a whole computer, it’s only for surfing the web. You can’t play games on it. You can’t listen to music on or watch movies on it unless they’re streaming. You can’t even write a document on it unless the doc is stored on your DropBox account or something. I think that kind of sucks.

OTOH how many portables get 6 hrs of battery time? And the atom dual core is moderately fast, probably more than adequate for most things. And your little netbook is probably 20 times faster than the computers that landed men on the moon in 1969, and maybe 1000 times faster than the computer that broke the German Enigma code in WWII. 8^) Whatever works, I say.

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Your Questions About Samsung Corby Plus

Daniel asks…

How much does it cost to cancel a Rogers pay as you go phone?

I have a pay as you go (pay by the month) phone with Rogers and I want to cancel it. How much does it cost to do so, or does it cost anything at all. I have the Samsung Corby Plus.

steve answers:

You have to pay $$$$$$$ mony

David asks…

How do i get pictures from my phone onto my computer?

I have a Samsung Corby Plus, and it didn’t come with a USB cable or anything. How do I take the pictures I have on it, and put them onto my computer? Please help!
sending them to my email will cost me 25 cents per picture :/

steve answers:

Send your pics to your email address. Then retrieve your mail and download them with your computer.

Sandra asks…

Why do I crave to change my cell phone every few months?

I’m 15 and I’ve had 4 cell phones since I was 11. Is there really an addiction of cell phones? I owned two nokia models and a sony ericsson yari and presently own the samsung corby plus. Recently I saw a movie, an american girl-chrissa stands strong and the cell phone the girl used got me hooked. Its the motorola razr v3xx I want to buy. Is something wrong with me?

steve answers:

There is nothing wrong with you, you just seem to get bored easily! I do the exact same thing…

I personally think that this just shows that you like change often!:)

William asks…

How can i read an ebook on my cell?

my mobile, a Samsung Corby plus says it supports eBooks but i don’t know how to download or read on it. Can anybody please help me?

steve answers:

Simple just go to www.umnet.com,at the left extreme top there would be a ph. Model option & below it just rite ur mobile model & then press search just beside it,all d features & supported games,apps etc. Will come on ur screen just click on e-book of any format u lyk eg..txt which will b there at d rite,nd u wud get many e-books just click on them and rite the download code. Then go to m.umnet.com , give the download code and enjoy

James asks…

How to convert you tube videos to my phone?

I have a Samsung Corby Plus 320 by 240 resolution 15 fps but idk what to convert it to like wmv files and so on so whats the right one? nd also whats a good site to convet? i dont wanna dl anything accept da vid.
Guys but what file format should i convert it to because when i dl to my phone it says not supported content.. is it wmv, avi or what

steve answers:

You can use Total Video Converter. It can convert video to MP4/MKV/WMV/AVI and other popular formats such as: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, DivX, Mov, M4V, DivX, XviD, ASF, SWF, VOB, DV, Super VCD(NTSC, PAL, SECAM), VCD(NTSC, PAL, SECAM) , DVD(NTSC, PAL, SECAM) and HD video.
It is also multifunctional such as video trim, effect, crop and watermark.
For more information, here:


Hope it helped.

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Your Questions About Asus Netbook Drivers

Charles asks…

Netbook internet slowdown = computer slowdown?

Hi I recently just installed Windows 7 on my net book which is the Asus EEE PC 1000H and what is happening is I have installed all of the necessary drivers and the laptop is connected to a router wirelesly. The system runs good and all but my problem is as soon as I start to download something the internet speed just goes from its optimal speed and slows down to a bog, and its the same with the system the mouse starts to glitch everywhere and programs take an age to open up. If it helps I have 2gb of RAM in the system which is more than enough.

steve answers:

Have check you pc make sure why is your pc is slow.

Linda asks…


I’ve accidently deleted my audio and display hardwares. When i turn my laptop on it says ‘audio driver’ and ‘vga drivers‘ missing, i have an Asus Eee Pc Netbook so i have no disk driver. I have no idea of any other details really. Is there a way to get them back :/ the more i try and fix it i make it worse!! PLEASE HELP

steve answers:

Assuming you’re running windows, go into your device manager as admin, right click on the computer icon at the top and tell it to scan for hardware changes. I don’t run windows at home so this is from memory and my be off a little but I’ve done stuff like this before.

Sandra asks…

How do I get this back?

My wireless driver got deleted off of my EEE asus Netbook, and Im using my ipod touch right now, But I was wondering i get it back without going to best buy , or a computer tech store because it will cost 1000 dollars and i cant afford that.
So how can i get it back?
I cant put in any cds because it doesnt have the place to out dics in . so yeah.

steve answers:

Using another computer, go to the asus website and download the driver to a usb thumb drive, then use that to get the driver onto your netbook.


Chris asks…

asus netbook webcam trouble?

ok so i have a asus netbook EeePC series
and i installed the msn messenger for this certain laptop which is … amsn
i can view my friends cams but when i try it says no webcam detected and obviously i have a build in webcam so i dont know what to do

also any site that you can use your cam on also says no cam detected

and help appreciated


steve answers:

Sounds like you need to install the drivers for the webcam (assuming that you are running Windows XP). The drivers come with the disk that comes with the EEEPC or can be downloaded direct from ASUS.

Joseph asks…

Do you trust Asus laptops?

I’ve got an Asus netbook, and it’s really sturdily built but when I got it, it was slow and was a virus magnet though I never visited strange websites. The touchpad mouse-thing also is unreliable. However, it seems to be a good laptop to the core, and it is only a netbook.
Do you trust Asus, or do you think they’re low quality?
Also, which brand do you prefer?

steve answers:

Netbooks in general suck, no matter what company.
You can not blame the laptop for getting a virus only the user. You cannot not blame a car for wreck-less driving, only the driver. Laptops have no power to prevent you from getting a virus. Its your job to use safe practices, and have antivirus. Just like for a car, its your job to fill it full of gas, the car isn’t going to fill it for you.

Netbooks are cheap because they use low quality components, don’t expect them to be great.
Asus is a fantastic band if you buy a laptop or PC. Never rely on net books from any company.

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Your Questions About Windows 7 Professional Download

Nancy asks…

What does “(x86)” mean in Windows 7 Professional (x86)?

Windows 7 Professional (x86) – DVD

I’m trying to download windows 7 on my netbook but it only supports 32 but so i’m confused? help?

steve answers:

(x86) means 32-bit. I never really understood why they just didn’t use x32, but that’s what it means.

Windows 7 Professional (x86) – DVD is what you want.

Joseph asks…

Which windows 7 download do i pick ? (not standard)?

I dont meant the home premium etc. Im downloaded it free from college, but theres a few options. Just wondering what they all mean. Heres the page pasted:

Product Name Platform
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Debugging Symbols (x64) – (English)Windows
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Debugging Symbols Checked Build (x64) – (English)Windows
Windows 7 Debugging Symbols (x86) – (English)Windows
Windows 7 Debugging Symbols Checked Build (x86) – (English)Windows
Windows 7 Language Pack (x64) – DVD (Multilanguage)Windows
Windows 7 Language Pack (x86) – DVD (Multilanguage)Windows
Windows 7 Professional (x64) – DVD (Chinese-Simplified)Windows
Windows 7 Professional (x64) – DVD (English)Windows
Windows 7 Professional (x86) – DVD (Chinese-Simplified)Windows
Windows 7 Professional (x86) – DVD (English)Windows
Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (x86, x64, ia64) – DVDWindows
Windows Driver Kit for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (x86, x64, ia64) – DVD (English)Windows
Windows Software Development Kit for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (ia64) – DVD (English)Windows
Windows Software Development Kit for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64) – DVD (English)Windows
Windows Software Development Kit for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (x86) – DVD (English)Windows

steve answers:

It’s one of the options below, depending on the type of processor you have. X64 is a 64-bit system, and x86 is a 32-bit system. Most modern processors are x64. However, you should check which version you have before deciding. See below.

Windows 7 Professional (x64) – DVD (English) Windows
Windows 7 Professional (x86) – DVD (English) Windows

To find out what type of processor you have, follow the instructions below. I would recommend that you match it with the new OS. For example; if you’re currently running x64, go for the x64 version (unless you have a good reason not to).

1. Click Start, then click on Run.
2. Type msinfo32.exe and then press the Enter key.
3. In “System Information”, review the value for the System Type item:
* For 32-bit editions of Windows, the value of the System Type item is x86-based PC.
* For 64-bit editions of Windows, the value of the System Type item is x64-based PC.

Mary asks…

Question about switch from Windows Professional 7 32bit to 64bit?

I upgraded to Win7 Professional 32bit but I want to clean install to 64bit so I was told that I could just use my previous key and that would work.
I was wondering if the following are links to legit versions of the iso


and can I just use the 64-bit Windows 7 Professional x64 ISO even-though the iso isn’t marked an upgrade?

Oh and do I have to somehow deactivate the key first so I can reuse it again or will it just accept it right away?

steve answers:

You can. If your key doesn’t work for some reason, just install without a key (in trial mode), then use Windows Loader (google it) to activate.

Richard asks…

How can i fix an error when i install window 7 professional at expanding files the error comes?

I downloaded window 7 professional and burned to dvd. When i tried to install at expanding files an error comes 0*80070570, how can i fix this error? Please help me friends.

steve answers:

There may be some hardware incompatibility like amount of RAM memory. There can be a problem if you already have Windows XP installed and trying to install Windows 7 in the same partition.

Also try this : Start the computer in your old operating system. Insert the DVD in the DVD Drive and try restarting the computer with the DVD still inside the DVD drive and see if the installation goes ahead without an error.

Remember to backup all your data before trying to install Windows 7 – even after a successful installation you may face data loss.

Mandy asks…

How do I install a downloaded version of windows 7 using bootcamp?

I’m wondering how i can use bootcamp to install a downloaded version of windows 7 (aka not a disk version. First off I’m getting windows 7 professional so I’m wondering how big it is and if it can fit on a usb drive or cd so could I just rip it there and then use that disk or usb to install onto the partition? or is it absolutely necessary for me to have a disk copy?

steve answers:

Downloaded from where? MSDN/Technet distributes ISO files which can be used as install media without burning to disk, additionally you can create USB bootable install media with the MS windows 7 dvd tool http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/html/pbPage.Help_Win7_usbdvd_dwnTool

Looking through


it looks like this shouldnt be a problem if you dont also have a windows machine handy.

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Your Questions About Hp Printers

Maria asks…

are low priced hp. printers ok for a starter?

I am looking for a desk jet HP.F335 printer
would one make me a good starter. I only need a printer ocasionaly

steve answers:

Yes, HP’s are great starter printers. They are user friendly and the particular model you are considering is cheap on ink (cartridges will cost you around $14 each).

My grandmother has the same printer that you are looking at. She liked it so well that she got one for my grandfathers home office. Both printers are working fine and the ink, like I mentioned, is cheaper than most printers. Be sure only to purchase HP ink though because refilled cartridges are unreliable and can ruin your printer. Refilled cartridges will also void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Laura asks…

Difference between HP printers?

Our office has had an HP Color LaserJet 3600N for a long time. Recently a new HP laserjet Pro 400 color showed up and I need to know which would be better to keep as the principal color printer of the office.
We do general color printing throughout the day and so we look for price/durability of the toners/cartridges and also functionality in general network printing.

steve answers:

The HP Color LaserJet 3600n is well designed, handles paper well, and has a low cost for consumables. – average-performing color laser printer
There are a lot of HP LaserJet Pro Printer, but most them are specifically built as a workgroup printer with a high quoted print speed.

Thomas asks…

hp photosmart 8238 printer is showing ink system failure with error 0xc18a0406.?

i hav hp photosmart 8238 printer. suddenly it is showing ink system failure with error 0xc18a0406.
i replaced all cartridges with original and new cartridges. but same thing.
i want to know how to full hardware reset, firmware upgrade and meaning of this error .
also send me procedure to overcome this problem.

steve answers:

HP Photosmart printers with this type of error usually means a hardware failure of the printer itself & would require a printer replacement. If the printer is still under warranty, HP will replace the printer. If the printer is still under warranty, call HP and talk to their technical support people who will walk you through some tests for troubleshooting verification, and depending on the outcome, will arrange a replacement.

If not under warranty, there’s really not much else you can do other than buy a new printer. I know it’s frustrating.

Ken asks…

question about installing hp printer?

I have an hp pavillion laptop.I’m trying to install an hp deskjet 932c printer.the download site says it can only install into windowsxp.My new laptop runs vista.Can I still install this printer?The cd that came with the printer says it is not comptable.

steve answers:

HP have Vista and vista 64 bit drivers built into windows for “basic printing”


Click vista and follow their info.

Might be time to upgrade to a newer printer really !

Helen asks…

How can I connect my Packardbell laptop with my HP printer?

I need to print off homework for tomorrow or ill get an after school detention! I have a packard bell laptop and a HP printer/scanner. How can i connect the two? Will i need to connect wires of will it do it wirelessly? My laptop is about 5 months old and my printer/scanner is about 3-4 years! Please help! Best answer will get 10 points!

steve answers:

HP Printer scanner is not much to go off. You ask can it be done wirelessly and that depends on the model. First thing, If in the USA this website will have the drivers for your printer
.http://www8.hp.com/uk/en/support-drivers.html In the UK http://www8.hp.com/uk/en/support-drivers.html Find the drivers for your printer and download them. Try to find installation details and follow them. You may also need a USB cable whic you can get at Agos in the UK. Sorry but I am not sure where in the USA.

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