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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For Gaming

Paul asks…

Looking for an affordable gaming laptop?

Hey, I’m looking for a good solid laptop mainly to play games like borderlands 2 and possibly skyrim online. It can’t be too expensive though. I have around $300 right now. Any suggestions?

steve answers:


How about tablet PCs?:
Asus Transformer Book T100-$399 (Keyboard and Microsoft Office 2013 Included)
Dell Venue 8 Pro-$299 (Optional Keyboard but Microsoft Office 2013 Included)

Both have Intel Atom Processors, and they are compatible with PC games.

Good Luck.

John asks…

Affordable gaming laptops?

I’m looking for an affordable gaming laptop, i’m fond of Lenovo but your answers don’t have to be all from Lenovo.

If there are any good gaming laptops by Lenovo please let me know, I want a gaming laptop which has the following:

Good display and resolution
Nividia GeForce graphics card
An audio port
Two or more USB 2.0 port
An auto cooling system/or not


steve answers:

Maybe the lenovo Y500? I haven’t used it so don’t take my word or anything :D Yeah I’m kind of in the same boat, can’t find a decent one although it really depends on your price range, if it’s around $1000 I’d go with maybe lenovo Y500 or maybe an MSI GE60? These are the laptops I’m looking at and I can’t seem to find anything else. Hope you find a good laptop!

Robert asks…

Affordable 15 inch Gaming Laptop?

It’s Christmas soon and I really want a laptop, but I want it to be able to play games such as Skyrim and MW3 on them, and I have heard that this is hard or impossible on Macs. So, what is a good laptop to get that’s around 15 inch? (Not Alienwares)

steve answers:

Hi Bwuk,

You will not no trouble finding an affordable laptop to run the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim since the requirements are pretty low. I am not sure what your price range for laptops is but you would have to spend over $800 (base price, tax, shipping, etc) for one that would run Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 smoothly.

Here is an example of a laptop will that will COD: Modern Warfare 3 smoothly without any problems.

Sharon asks…

Please list some good and affordable gaming laptops under $1000?

Where i can play all latest and upcoming games!

steve answers:

Go for the bestsellers. The Links given below could get you the laptops at the discounted prices on amazon.

Check Out Toshiba Satellite.. Powerful Affordable Gaming Laptop.
S855D-S5253 15.6-Inch Laptop (Ice Blue Brushed Aluminum) at a discounted price:


Dell Inspiron i14z-8001sLV 14-Inch Ultrabook at a discounted price:


Toshiba Satellite S875-S7248 17.3-Inch Laptop (Ice Blue) at a discounted price:


ASUS G74SX-A1 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop – Republic of Gamers at a discounted price:


ASUS G75VW-AS71 17.3-Inch Laptop (Black) Ultimate Gaming Machine at a discounted price:


Alienware AM17XR3-6842BK 17-Inch Laptop (Stealth Black) at a discounted price:

Lizzie asks…

any good affordable gaming laptops?

i have a 500-700 budget and wanna buy a gaming laptop that can run bf3 at least medium settings
cpu doesn’t matter idc if its amd or intel..

steve answers:

Find a model you can afford here:


Then look for that model on amazon, or other site to get it even cheaper.

Lenovo is the best laptop manufacturer.

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Your Questions About Best Laptops To Buy For Students

Mandy asks…

what laptop should I buy?

Trying to buy laptop computer for my secondary computer. I will be using this computer as everyday use computer (don’t need to be top of the line… I think.)

I might put my budget too low for what I need, but I want to spend less than $500. Don’t need to be touch screen. If it’s possible, I want computer that can add/replace memory (RAM) in the future (it is NOT must have), but I want 4GB RAM at least.

What computer or what brand should I look for? If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

FYI: I am graduate school student

steve answers:

It amazes me sometimes how people think of computers. If you think a secondary computer might be hard to find under 500,what do you think of all the sub 500 laptops? It all depends on your preference in screen size.but stay away from windows 8. It is a complete disaster. Get win 7. Contact me if you need more help. Jdbj32m@yahoo.com

Paul asks…

Student looking for best laptop that fits her needs?

Well I’m a college student and I want to buy a laptop but I stuck on which one I want. Im majoring in psychology, but I also love doing other things like browsing through the Internet downloading music watching movies etc I want a laptop that’s fast reliable with plenty of memory. Now I don’t know if I’m being too specific but I need atleast a little guidance

steve answers:

Basically any laptop is going to work fine for the things you’ve said you want to do. So decide what you want to spend, decide how big you want the laptop to be physically, since you have to carry the thing around, and watch for a sale that meets those criteria. It really isn’t going to make much difference what brand you buy, but you can check some online reviews etc before you buy one just to make sure people don’t hate it.

Joseph asks…

what kind of Laptop??

well i was looking into buying a laptop.. i was looking for a small lightweight laptop mainly because i am a college student and have to travel to and back and ofcourse to walk around campus.

i would love an inexpensive laptop.. it should i believe include.. microsoft word/office/excel[[since i will be writing alot of papers and taking notes]], internet, have a camara, be fast, long lasting battery, won’t damage in a month of using it.. lol

and if you could let me in on how the memory works.. like how much memory would be recommended..

well i guess thats about it..THANK U SO MUCH :D

steve answers:

I just got an HP laptop (dv 6636nr); it has everything you need–vista, 2GB memory, 160GB hard drive, webcam, lightscribe and 802.11 g/b wireless built in! Best of all, it was less than $700 at Best Buy (on sale)…the only thing that might not work for you is the fact that it has a 15in screen, which makes it a bit heavier, but you could always try HP’s 14in model…i’m a college student, and I love my hp! MS Office, you’ll have to buy seperately and install it yourself, because most computers only come with a 30 day trial version. I hope this helps, good luck!

Richard asks…

do colleges have any rules regarding what laptop students should have?

i am a senior in high school and i need to get a new laptop, but my mom is worried because she thinks that colleges might have rules or criteria about what kinds of laptops their students use. is this ever true? if so, what kind of things and at what colleges?
plz respond asap

steve answers:

Most students will be fine with a standard laptop. A Mac laptop is better for certain graphics-oriented majors, as well as for film editing for film students. Don’t buy your laptop now because many colleges offer computers at discounted rates for their students. My daughter bought her desktop computer through her school — it was not only much cheaper, but it was waiting for her in her dorm room when she arrived at school. Once you know where you’re going, you can ask if the school has a discounted purchase plan for computers and you can ask your major department what type of laptop they would recommend.

Thomas asks…

Which laptop should i buy?

i have selected inspiron15(3521) and sony vaio e15135 . I want to use for browsing,movies,gaming and music… I m confused between dell and sony servicing. Sony extend waranty cost 2,500 and dell cost 9,000 which is too high.. I am student want a long lasting laptop

steve answers:

I bought a refurbished pc for 150 dollars 3 years ago never had a problem http://www.walmart.com/browse/computers/laptop-computers/3944_3951_132960/?_refineresult=true&facet=condition%3ARefurbished||system_ram%3A8+GB&fromPageCatId=132982&ic=48_0&path=0%3A3944&povid=cat3944-env202889-moduleA081412-lLinkZone2SpecialOffers3RefurbishedTSTC&ref_values=125875+4292211244 the prices you listed are way to high super rip off where are you shopping you can get alienware for that much http://www.alienware.com/Landings/laptops.aspxhttp://www.alienware.com/Landings/laptops.aspx

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Your Questions About Tablets For Kids

David asks…

How do you get a child to take tablets for the first time?

How do you get a child to take tablets for the first time?
She’s afraid of choking on it and refuses to swallow it.

steve answers:

My daughter has been taking pills since the age of four. I think some kids are just able to swallow them better obviously than others. The bonus of taking pills is not having to taste that yucky syrup that can sometimes be prescribed. For my daughter, that is a good reason to take a pill. We have her stick the pill way back on her tongue and take a drink and swallow. She does it like a true pro now. Another way is to break it into smaller pieces if it is scored. Another thing to do is to stick it in a soft food like applesauce or pudding to try to get her to swallow it then follow it up by a liquid beverage. Good luck!

Richard asks…

How many tablets would it take to kill yourself using panadol?

or paracetamol? because i have 48 tablets is that enough?

steve answers:

A lot more then that…

Take it from someone who has been there kid…

Your not gonna die but you’ll wish you did ’cause your gonna be awfully sick and have a real nasty stomach ache.

Nothing in the world is bad enough to kill yourself over..It’s the cowards way out of dealing with life..

Go talk it out .seek counseling …..get strong in your body and mind .. There is a lot of great living out there to do yet

Take it from me….. I have been in your shoes

PS Panadol is form of Acetaminophen

Maria asks…

Is it possible to die of an overdose of some cold and flu tablets or panadol?

Can you die of an overdose of cold and flu tablets or panadol or some other normal tablet? If you took them all in one day or one go.

If so which ones? How many is to many (enough to die)? How long would it take?


steve answers:

Are you kidding me? Killing yourself is the worst thing you can do, no matter how shitty your life might be right now.

James asks…

What is the best tablet out to buy for a 2 year old?

Now first let me begin by telling you that it is a gift from a grandparent because i don’t have money to spend on a tablet for a child so price isn’t a huge concern. Of course i want something that will be educational, durable and not a complete waste of money. It does need to connect to wi-fi and don’t want it to be something that she will outgrow quickly.

steve answers:

To the guy that said that something is wrong with you. You’re stupid she said a tablet and kids usually play with those you idiot. Get him an android tablet. You can get them just anywhere and they’re cheap! (If the grandparents are rich enough then an iPad lol) yea and just get a heavy duty protecter on it and you’re good

John asks…

What kind of tablet like device should I buy my 6 and 8 yr old girls?

I wanted to get my kids a tablet like device for Christmas but I didn’t know where to start looking. I want them to be able to download games, movies (netflix access), books, and be able to access the internet thru wifi at the house. I wanted it to have a camera or video camera ability if possible. I looked at Leapfrog and Innotab, but the apps seemed to be geared toward younger kids. I don’t want something Im going to have to upgrade in a year. I was looking at Ipod Touch with camera but its expensive. I have to think about paying double since I have 2 kids. Is there a cheaper alternative? I want the kids to be able to take it in the car so it has to be portable and not very large. The camera would be an added bonus, but not a deal breaker. I want to stay under $160 for each device. Am I looking for the impossible? Apple is the one brand I see most often, but are there other brands just as good?
I have 2 kids so I would be getting each child a device that can do games, movies, books, etc. I am looking for brand names on the devices. I know there is Ipod touch, Kindle, Nook, etc but I don’t know which would be the best at what I want to have access to. I am not looking for a phone for my girls, just something a little more advanced than the Leapfrog or Innotab. They have enough toys and Barbies, but just sold their Leapster and Vtech handheld games systems and want them to have an upgrade for movies, books, and downloadable free games.

steve answers:

Were you going to get them each a tablet, or get one to share? The 6 year old would get use out of a Leapfrog device most likely, however the 8 year old probably couldn’t use it anymore. I would check Craigslist for a used tablet. However, make sure they understand that a tablet is a big responsibility and that they have to take good care of it and share it and use it responsibly.

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Your Questions About Google Laptop

Ken asks…

Does Google search work differently on iphone versus desktop/laptop?

Google search results come out differently on iphone versus desktop/laptop. What steps should I take for my site to show up on iphone Google Search and Google Map display on iphone?

steve answers:

I wouldn’t image it would work differently, it may tho on the iphone and make mobile versions of the avalible sites higer on the list so you can view them better tho.

That would make sense

Chris asks…

Can I load a mapping program such as Mapquest, or Google Maps into my laptop that doesn’t have internet?

A typical GPS device comes loaded with maps, so it seems that, likewise, it would be feasible to have a mapping program loaded in my laptop. I am a salesman on the road and I need access to a mapping program but I don’t want internet access in my laptop.

steve answers:

I would say the best offline program that can be used for directions would be google earth, it you know how to use it correctly

Mary asks…

how do you make an accent on google translate/ asus laptop?

accent- as in the ` that should go over words like que.
i’ve searched for this question and all the answers have been alt-codes. you can’t do alt-codes on a laptop!
there has to be an easy way. i’m going to be translating a lot of spanish into english and need a quick way.

steve answers:

The easiest way I know is like this:
(1) Go onto Orecle.com or OpenOffice.org either one and download OpenOffice (it’s completely free and much friendlier to use than Word, Works, or Office and takes up have the room while doing all they do and much more)
(2) once installed, copy and paste your document into OO, then go to ‘insert’ and then ‘special character’. It will give you a list of any accent mark you can think of and many greek characters and others from other alphabets as well.
You can also set this program to auto correct these words so you don’t have to go in with every word and manually add the accent.
If you have trouble with it, I use the accents daily and can guide you through it fairly simply. Artemathia.rhaye@yahoo.com

David asks…

why is google and bing not loading on my laptop?

OK… so a few days ago i noticed that google and bing where not working on my laptop but on my pc they are working just fine.

steve answers:

Maybe you blocked these websites.
Hard to say, if all else fails, use Blackle:http://www.blackle.com/

Charles asks…

How can I download Itunes on a Google Laptop?

I recently got a Google Chrome Laptop and it works well. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t allow me to download itunes. I have tried downloading it more then 5 times and each time it tells me that the file type is not supported and i have to go to the app store to find an app that can open that file type. I searched for apps to help me but i cant find any. Help????

steve answers:

Sorry to break it to you, but itunes definitely cannot be installed on a chromebook. The only solution would be to use google play instead, however i am not sure how you would move your existing songs from itunes to google play. Better check online for tutorials.

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Your Questions About 16gb Ipad 2 Price

Ruth asks…

Should I buy an iPad, then sell it before the 2nd gen. comes out?

I’ve used the iPad several times at the Apple Store and at friends’ houses. I really like it, but I know the 2nd gen. will be much better. Should I buy it then sell it before the next one comes out?

steve answers:

Hi Jason,
You’ll have to trust your gut on this one. The timing of buying gadgets is always a gamble. I’ve had an iPad since early April and I use it every day. I’d hate not to have it if it disappeared.

Here was my logic in deciding to get the 1st gen model.
+ I wanted to be able to enjoy it now. :)
+ I got the 16GB wifi-only model (aka cheapest) knowing that a better model would come around later
+ If I upgrade in the future, I’m planning on jailbreaking my 1st gen model to see what fun I’ve been missing out on

Depending on the economy of course, I suspect that there will be a flood of used 1st gen models for sale when 2nd gen drops. It might be a hard sell, especially if yours ends up with a couple dings and scratches along the way. I write iPad app reviews, and in talking with independent app developers, I’ve noticed that quite a few of them don’t have iPads yet to test on. I bet they would be apt to buy used models to test their apps with, if they haven’t already purchased one by then.

You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether to buy now or wait. I haven’t heard what the price point of the 2nd gen models will be, but I have a hard time believing they’d be the same prices if they include cameras and multitasking. If I were you, I’d come up with a plan on what to do with your 1st gen iPad. Like, keep it and jailbreak it (like me!) or find a relative or friend who wants an iPad but maybe can’t afford one brand new at full price. If you have a guaranteed buyer at the start, it’s an easy decision.

Rose @ iPadAppsHUB.com

John asks…

Price ipad 2 in philippines?

steve answers:

Apple iPad 2 (WIFI ONLY)
16GB P31,000
32GB P36,000
64GB P40,300

Apple iPad 2 (wifi + 3G)
16GB P40,200
32GB P45,000
64GB P50,500

Apple IPad 2 WiFi (16GB) White
PhP 35,900.00
Apple IPad 2 WiFi (16GB) Black
PhP 34,900.00
Apple Ipad wifi (64gb)
Price: P27,300

Apple Ipad 3G + wifi (32gb)
Price: P29,000

Apple Ipad 3G + wifi (64gb)
Price: P33,100

Nancy asks…

iPad 2 after taxes price?

How much is the iPad 2 after taxes. I wanna know the price for the 16gb w/ wifi only and the 32 gb w/wifi only. I live in California >.<

steve answers:

Find the price by going to the store and looking. Now take that price and multiply by your state tax rate. Don’t make others do your work for you

Steven asks…

Price for Used iPad 2?

I have been looking to purchase an iPad 3 or iPad 2. For the past couple weeks I’ve been checking Craigslist for local sellers looking to sell their iPad for a decent price. I found one person with a 16GB Black iPad 2. He originally posted it for $350 but figured I’d take a crack at it and offered $220. He surprisingly said yes because he’s never home and doesn’t use it.

Is $220 a good price for a used iPad 2 Black 16GB in “like new condition”?

Thank you.
By the way, the iPad is still under Apple’s warranty.

steve answers:

I would think so. However, are you sure it is functioning correctly. It maybe that the person is just eager to sell for whatever reason. Just take steps to ensure that you don’t get ripped off. I paid about $300 for an Ipad 1 that had more memory.

Lisa asks…

ipad 2………………………………..?

i am planning to get the new ipad but am not sure if i should sell it on ebay for a profit. do people actually buy them for like 800 dollars on ebay? and if i choose to keep the ipad what color should i get?

steve answers:

Lol you should keep it!
Yeah on eBay you can make profits like maybe 20 or 30 dollars! Because people looking to buy the the new like me from Pakistan will always know the actual price of which apple is selling!
Apple iPad 16Gb starts at 499$ so if you will be selling it for 700$ no one will buy it of course!

Hope I helped! :) )

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