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Your Questions About Best Laptops To Buy For Students

Ken asks…

about buying a laptop…?

I am a third year computer science engineering student.I am planning to buy a laptop to suit my academics and projects.I have a budget of less than Rs. 45,000.I need atleast 2 gb ram.And about OS I prefer XP.
Can you suggest a good model which can satisfy my needs?
what about buying acer 4736

steve answers:

Hi friend,
Ask the details abt the ‘HP compaq’ brand also, before you buy any others…


Ruth asks…

What laptop should I buy?

Im a student..
I need a laptop that cost 950$ below
Preferably sony… If apple(macbook air/pro), acer/asus/samsung still acceptable
i5 core or i7
4gb/16gb internall memory
I use them for school work, surfing internet, maybe a little gaming like Sims 3 or GTA , video editing
I dont want touchscreen (half laptop/half tablet)

steve answers:

Hp envy 4 ULTRABOOK series.. It comes with solid state drive(ssd) for speedy performance, 2gb graphics for gaming, 20mm sleek & weighs 1.7kg. Suits for student category.. I’m going to buy in jan2014.

Richard asks…

what all is covered under student loan?

Actually i need to buy a new laptop which is a bit too expensive….. Can that be covered under the Student Loan??

Also, is it possible to buy a PS4 under the same loan?
I’m a student in India… Doing engineering…

steve answers:

Usually banks give personal loan to buy gadgets like laptops, mobiles etc, to get this loan you should be employed under a company with decent sal not the student. But still you can apply your requirements here http://www.rupeezone.in/instant-personal-loan.php?loan=gadget if you are eligible the laptop is yours

Helen asks…

free laptop, too good to be true !!!!?

I was cheeking for discount to buy a laptop, because I’m student ?
I found this website, is that true or there is a trick ??
please any location I can get the best deal for student laptop?

steve answers:

No, don’t trust the internet spam. They want to take advantage of you.

Buy the laptop IN a store, like as BestBuy or Future Shop. It’s better and honest.

Buy a laptop from Best Buy and they have a good deal for the students, actually.

Jenny asks…

What can I buy with my student loan?

Hey, so I can’t get financial aid, and I can get loans. I’m going to do a college online for my associates in criminal justice, so, I was wondering when I get my loan how does it work?? I just want it too buy my books and pay my classes, I also need a laptop and that’s mandatory. So can I use my school loan to buy a laptop about 500 at best buy?? I know I will have to pay it back 6 months after graduation, so just curious if I can buy a laptop with it.

steve answers:

A laptop is considered an educational item and even more so that your taking classes online. Yes, you can absolutely use student loans to purchase one.

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Your Questions About Macbook Black 2008

Helen asks…

How Can I Connect My Macbook To Sony Bravia?

I have a black Macbook that i purchased in 2008 and ever since then i was a PC person and i don’t quite understand the display port do i need a micro dvi or a mini DVI i know that i need the Belkin HDMI to DVI cable but I’m not sure which one i need to connect the DVI end of the Belkin to my macbook can someone please let me know asap

steve answers:

The all-black Macbook has a miniDVI port.

To connect it to your Sony Bravia, you need a miniDVI-to-DVI adapter and the DVI-to-HDMI cable (which you already know you need).

The miniDVI-to-DVI adapter: http://store.apple.com/us/product/M9321G/B?fnode=MTY1NDA3Ng&mco=MTA4NDU1MTM

Hope this helps.

Linda asks…

My macbook turns on but the screen stays black?

My mac goes and makes the start up noise but the screen is black, how do i fix this? Is it my battary cause i had this mac since 2008 and never changed it. It kept telling me i need a new battary.

steve answers:

Here is the support site they should be able to help http://www.apple.com/support/ good luck…

Lisa asks…

Will Call of Duty 4 work on my Macbook?

I was wondering if COD4 would work on my macbook. Here are my specs: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM, VRAM: 144MB. My macbook is the black mid-2008 model.

steve answers:

It should may need to reduce the settings abit if at all

Sandy asks…

What do I do with a dent in my Black Macbook’s trackpad?

I just received a black macbook, early 2008 edition. It has been used and theres a small circular dent in the trackpad. I ordered a cover for my keyboard since it is covered in finger grease from a website, and it covers the whole part where the keyboard is placed, like around it and by the trackpad. I just want to know if you can replace the trackpad with something else or get a seperate cover for it.

Thanks a billion!

steve answers:

That kinda disgusting… You can probably get a trackpad somewhere and switch them out. Take it the apple store and see if it is possible. I dont think u can get a cover over top the trackpad.

How did they dent the trackpad, what the heck do ppl do to their computers these days?

Lizzie asks…

How to clean my black 2008 Macbook?

I have been searching for a youtube video or photo tutorial on how to clean my black macbook, purchased in 2008.
My computer gets really hot and the fan gets really loud. I have never cleaned it before so it has got to be really nasty in there.
Any advice on how to clean my macbook?

steve answers:

Honestly, the computer is pretty dated. It’s about time for an upgrade. That being said, it isn’t really very easy to get into that computer. If you look online for any 2008 macbook, white or black, then you can find how to get the ram and hard drive out, but other than that you are pretty much out of luck.

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Your Questions About Pc Tablet Or Notebook

Charles asks…

What are the marketing materials that work better for an SMB?

I’m just about to start a small sized company and I’m willing to promote it professionally. I’ve done some research about brochures and websites but now I’m a little confused, and honestly I wouldn’t know which one is more effective, or if there’s any other more suitable given that I’m a rookie.

So my question is: what are the best marketing materials for an SMB?
Also: should I hire a professional design team to build a brand identity for my company? is it that much necessary as they say on their web portals?

Thanks a lot!

steve answers:

You’re right Jack. It can be confusing because there are so many marketing tactics in which to spend your precious start-up capital. To help us narrow down your options, we’ll need to know the nature of your small and medium-sized business (SMB), i.e.
- what it sells
- to whom does it sell and
- what distribution channels you anticipate using.
For example, for a B2B business you’ll probably want to have a lead generation system set up to automate the leads you require and the means to prime the sales pump with traffic either through social media or online advertizing or e-mail marketing even offline marketing or all 4!. Here, all traffic will be channeled through your website. But the website will have to be responsive i.e. Viewable on a PC or notebook or tablet or mobile and complement the lead generation or CRM system you will be bolting to it. You need the fuller picture of your marketing strategy. By the way, a heavily branded approach is more useful for a B2C business. SO forr a B2B operation spend your money on the strategy, on your sales funnel, on your traffic generation and traffic conversion efforts as well as properly explaining preferably with nice infographics how your product works and what benefits it brings.

The more you can get right the earlier then the more successful will be your business.

Best Regards

Nancy asks…

Anyone can give me an article regarding how Lenovo was found?

This means that the history of Lenovo company? Any articles? Papers? Website pages?
I appreciate it.

steve answers:

Lenovo Group Limited (SEHK: 0992 ) is a Chinese multinational computer hardware and electronics company with its operational headquarters in Morrisville, North Carolina, United States and its registered office in Hong Kong. Its products include personal computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software and smart televisions. Lenovo is the world’s second-largest PC vendor by 2012 unit sales. [2] It markets the ThinkPad line of notebook computers and the ThinkCentre line of desktops. [3]

Lenovo has operations in more than 60 countries and sells its products in around 160 countries. Lenovo was founded in Beijing in 1984 and incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988 under its previous name, Legend. Lenovo is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the Hang Seng China-Affiliated Corporations Index.

Lizzie asks…

Whats this lapton called and what brand is it by?

I saw a commercial for it like a year ago, you can flip the screen thing over and its like a virtual notebook thing, like you get this pen thing and you can actually write your note onto it, and it saves it into the computer or something?

steve answers:

HP and Dell both make this kind. It’s called a tablet PC

George asks…

I cannot get my ThinkPad 200x screen to rotate 90 degrees?

I am a doctor trying to become paperless. I bought fancy software and had it placed on my ThinkPad Notebook 200x. I would like, as advertised, to be able to rotate the screen 90 degrees but the button to the bottom left of the screen does nothing.
Along this same line, I cannot find the PDF file on the net that constitutes the manual.
So any help would be greatly appreciated.

steve answers:

Are you sure the model you have is a tablet

x200 non tablet > http://shop.lenovo.com/ISS_Static/merchandising/US/PDFs/x200_datasheet.pdf

x200 tablet > http://shop.lenovo.com/us/notebooks/thinkpad/x-series-tablet

check if this helps,

Linda asks…

what is the best tablet pc available on the market?

Im looking for the ideal machine, thinking, light portable and fast. WIN XP for TABLET PCs is a must

steve answers:

I dont know the name of it but Howard Univ. Students had them here at work and you can open the notebook and scan, write onit like a palmpilot and do smething else cool. It was small and they said it cost like 3000. I think Hewlett or something.

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Your Questions About Gucci Belt

Donald asks…

Is this Gucci belt I bought real or fake?

I just bought a Gucci belt from ebay and I’m wondering if its fake or not.


steve answers:

That is fake. Belts do not come with “certificates of authenticity”.

Carol asks…

What’s the best o buy mens belt gucci or louis vutton?

Also what about mens wallet which designer brand is better and flashy

steve answers:

I personally prefer louis vuitton because it is sophisticated. For wallets I would pick gucci because it is more out there with the green and red stripes.

Jenny asks…

where can i buy a cheap ferragamo, gucci, or louis vuitton belt?

I recently went to New York and saw several Ferragamo, Gucci, Louis Vuitton belts under 50 bucks. do you guys know any place online where i can buy a Ferragamo, Gucci or LV at less than 100 dollars?

Thank you!

steve answers:


Helen asks…

Are Gucci Belt Bags okay for men?

I’ve seen guys at my school wear them and was wondering. If it is, is it better across the chest or on the belt part of jeans?

steve answers:

Chest if you really want to wear it
that’s hard to pull off though

Linda asks…

Salvatore Ferragamo or Gucci Belt?

I am looking for either a authentic Ferragamo Double-Gancini belt for about $100 or a authentic Gucci interlocking G belt for about $130, does anyone know where I can get this on-line?

steve answers:

Well you can shop online at Gucci.com- however, nothing is that cheap with gucci.
For Ferragamo look at Saks.com, BergdorfGoodman,com and Neiman Marcus.com, and again, it wont be that cheap.

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Your Questions About Sony Vaio Bios

John asks…

How do I make my startup run faster?

I have a Sony Vaio and it locks up on the screen that says SONY for approx 10 minutes. After that everything seems to run fine. I’ve ran scandisk, disk defragmenter, and even reloaded the operating system and this problem will not go away. I’m thinking something could be off in the bios settings or maybe my motherboard could be damaged. Any suggestions?

steve answers:

Go to Start>Run
type MSCONFIG and hit enter and in system configuration utility go to Startup tab and unckeck unnecessary processes

Joseph asks…

How do I remove everything from my computer and start over?

I have a sony vaio vgn-n38e with windows vista.

Please dumb it down as I am very very blonde ;)

steve answers:

can you please do the following to sort ALL your problems :-
Download CCleaner, install it and then run it, this will safely delete all your temp files etc for you, then reboot back into safe mode again (press F8 as it boots up) and defrag your hard drive to get all your free space back again, I think your system is full of rubbish and just needs a good cleanup.
CCleaner will also clean your reg files correctly as well, but please remember to reboot between doing a disc cleanup and a reg cleanup.
Defaggler will defrag your drive quickly and cleanly.
This will help you, (I promise).



This is a completely free download and will not harm your system in any way.
That will sort out your HDD problems.

Now please do this as well :-
From your start menu go start > run then type “chkdsk C:/F” windows will then ask you to reboot your system as your system boots past your BIOS screens it will check and fix any errors on your hard drives for you, then it will boot back into windows again.
This should fix all your problems for you (well I hope so).

my wife is blonde but can still do this, hope this works

Mark asks…

How do I access my BIOS settings on a P4S266VX motherboard?

I’m on a Sony VAIO with a (ASUSTeK) P4S266VX motherboard and have found little information on this motherboard and have not seen any information on the boot up screen prior to Windows starting. I want to change my boot sequence. Help?

steve answers:

It’s usualy one of these:

Ken asks…

What graphics card should I get to upgrade my desktop computer?

My sony vaio VGC-RC310G currently uses a NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT (256MB) and I am looking to upgrade it. My budget is around $300 but I might go a little higher. I also heard that running two lower grade graphics cards gets better fps than a single higher grade graphics card for the same price. What are your suggestions?

steve answers:

Personally, I suggest you spend less as you get seriously diminishing returns when you get into the $300 nVidia cards. There are two setups I would recommend to you:
But first off, ignore anything said about SLI (nVidia dual card), as it will not work on your motherboard. You have an Intel 945P chipset, which supports X16/X4 crossfire (ATi’s SLI). Only nVidia chipsets support SLI:
So here are my two suggestions:

For a single card, the 8800 GTS G92 is only a fraction slower than the 8800 GTX, uses less power and produces less heat, and costs $100 less. It’s quite similar to the 9800GTX. 5-10% performance isn’t worth $100 though.


Normally I would recommend classic HD 3870 crossfire to you, as it is cheaper than the HD 3870 X2, but because your motherboard will cripple the bandwidth of the second card (16x for the first card, only 4x for the second), I recommend you stick one HD 3870 X2 (two GPU’s on one board, functions like 2 cards) in your one PCI-E 16X slot. This will perform roughly the same as 2 3870′s (also the same as two 9600GT’s).


The 3870×2 is a wonderful card and will take any single nVidia card. That said, crossfire takes CPU, and on a pentium D 940, you may have some reduction in performance. As for nVidia’s answer to this, the 9800GX2, it’s buggy, only likes nvidia chipsets, hogs power, and is overpriced.

Given this, I think the 8800 GTS 512mb (G92 based) is by far the best option for you. Furthermore, I would spend that extra money you have to upgrade to a Core 2 based cpu (Conroe, Allendale). Unfortunately, your motherboard has a low front side buss, so your limmited to the Pentium Dual Core line. That said, their architecture is way better than the Pentium D. You’ll really see the difference when you overclock. These CPU’s reach over 3.0ghz easily (so does the Pentium D), but you get vastly superior performance on par with Core 2 Duo E68′s at stock. I’ll recommend the e2200 as it has the highest stock speeds if your not comfortable overclocking:


The E2200 will slaughter your current CPU at stock as well. Be sure to bios update before installation to make sure it will work. Also check intel’s site. It wins at 2.2ghz vs your 3.2ghz Pentium D, and that same advantage per clock will continue as you overclock.

Steven asks…

How to recover files from possibly failed hard drive?

I have a major problem, which happened a few days ago. When I opened my laptop one morning (Windows 7, Sony Vaio Vpcz115gg), it would get stuck on the Windows 7 Boot screen and not boot up windows like it normally does. I don’t think I’ve done anything out of the normal to it the previous night, just shut down normally. I’ve had this laptop for about 2.5 years now. When I try to go on ‘Last good known configurations’ or try to boot in safe mode, it will not boot and just hang on the boot screen or on a screen with the default wallpaper on and just the mouse is visible. I’ve tried to using the windows repair disk to repair but I don’t have a CD drive, so i installed it to a USB instead. I tried using the “repair windows start-up” option, it said it was successful but hasn’t changed anything. So i don’t think its a booting problem. I read around and tried the MBR stuff, and typed them in the command line interface from the windows repair CD, but has also done nothing. I tried to restore from an image and restore point, but it hasn’t detected my hard disk, therefore no drivers. It says ‘Unknown’ for the hard disk in the windows repair window, and when I try to list all my hard drives on command line, it will only show up my memory stick (with the repair CD) and also another drive which i think holds the factory settings and such (i’m not too sure what this is, because i thought this was supposed to be intergrated in my main drive as I only have one hard drive, so why can I see this?)

So…after trying all this, I installed Ubuntu (linux) onto another USB drive and ran the OS via ‘boot from external drive’ and i managed to get it running fine. I tried to mount my main hard drive (which for some reason shows up on ubuntu, 498GB drive) and it won’t let me mount because of some (input/output error). When I use GParted partition editor, the drive is also visible, but has a red ! marked next to it.

I have concluded it is a hard drive failure and will like to know how to recover my files from it if its possible, as i haven’t backed up for over a year (I know i should’ve done it and regret not doing so). I would like to access the drive and copy everything over if i can, also I’ve heard there are recovery software that can help, but i’m not sure which ones are good and will actually help and to what extent they recover my files. Furthermore, I have asked around, and some people have said it might also be a motherboard problem instead (i’m not sure how everything else can work and not just the hard drive) and people have suggested I try using a ‘cradle’ or ‘caddy’ to hook my hard drive to another computer via USB, but i don’t want to do this unless its a last resort, as i’m not very familiar in how to take my laptop apart. (as everything is so compact and i don’t know about preventing the static from my hands that might damage the parts). Currently i’m trying to install windows 7 onto a external USB or hard drive and try running it to see if i can access my drive through windows (forgot to mention my drive is a SATA drive and NTSC format). I have read somethings about changing the boot of SATA to IDE or something, but i dont have that option in my BIOS because sony restricts it.

If there is anything I missed out that you need to help diagnose the problem, please tell me and i will copy it to here.

I really need to fix this laptop, as all my work is on here and I need it by next week, I don’t want to reformat my laptop until i can get my files back and then I’ll probably get a new laptop or computer. I also don’t want to take it to a repair shop as i’ll know they will just go for the lazy option and reformat everything or install a new hard drive in it. Is there anyway to save my data? Please help! I would greatly appreciate it!


steve answers:

You may try this software that helped me before

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