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Your Questions About Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 4250

Ruth asks…

would Spore or M2TW run on AMD Athlon™ II X2 processor with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 graphics?

will spore or medieval 2 total war run on this if so how well AMD Athlon™ II X2 processor with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 graphics?

steve answers:

Yes spore will run. Hell it runs fine on an intel atom n270 with intel gma 945 graphics.

Sharon asks…

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 driver for my eMachines G640?

I just got an eMachines G640 laptop for Christmas, and I would like to get the latest driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 graphics card. I can’t seem to find the proper driver for my laptop, so could you please help? Thank you. :)

steve answers:

Get it from ATI;


Choose the one that is compatible with the operating system on your G640.

Helen asks…

Can I Play Dirt 3 on ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250?

My config is
Win 7 64 bit home premium
500GB Hard Disk
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250.
Sony Vaio VPCEE3WFX laptop

steve answers:

You can play but u will need to lower graphics. Set visual details to low and resolution to 800X600 or 1024X768

Richard asks…

will an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 play fallout 3 and oblivion well with a 2.6 ghz processor?

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 graphics card
AMD Phenom II (2.6 GHz) processor
Fallout 3 requires about 2.4 GHz processor
Oblivion requires 2.0 GHz processor

steve answers:

On low settings yes because that graphics card is very weak and your cpu maybe weak as well, but it looks pretty decent if it is a ii and has 2.6.

Sandra asks…

ATI Radeon X1800 or ATI mobility radeon 4250 HD?

which one is better? I am going to buy a laptop and i was wondering which one was good

steve answers:

Radeon 4250 HD 100%

aslo go to this website


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Your Questions About Netbook Hp Mini 110

Mark asks…

Questions about HSPA?

Hi, I got a few questions to ask:
1. If my Netbook is HSPA-Enabled, does that mean I do not require a USB modem?
2. Is my Netbook, a HP Mini 110-1117TU HSPA enabled? (There is a SD-MS/Pro-MMC.XD slot)
3.How do I use it then, if I have a SIM Card for the broadband?

steve answers:

1) If your netbook is HSPA-Enabled, that means you can connect to the mobile data service without a USB Modem.

2) Sorry, but your netbook isn’t 3G (HSPA) enabled,(not from what I can see) and a that slot for SD etc, is for camera memory cards, not sim cards, so it wouldn’t work.

3) If your device is HSPA Enabled, there would be a SIM card slot, usually underneath the battery (you would have to remove the battery to check this),
If you are running windows 7 or 8, having a sim card inside the computer (with the drivers installed) would have ’3G Connection’ appear in the connect to a network list, from what I know.

Steven asks…

Netbook graphics under-performing?


I have a HP Mini 110-4100 Netbook running Windows 7 Professional (32 bit Service Pack 1). It has a 1.60 GHz Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM. It also has Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 series with approx. 762 mb memory (according to dxdiag.exe).

The problem is that I’m often pressed for graphics performance and I think my netbook is under performing. Flash games run very choppy and normal/offline games hardly work at all. Now I want to know, is it usual for a netbook of these specs to perform like this with graphics intensive software or might there be a problem.

Thanks in advance.

steve answers:

I say its normal. Every netbook I’ve ever used has ran like complete crap in the graphics department. They are really only build to handle browsing the internet and taking some notes. They wern’t meant to play games, especially not graphicly intense games. The ones I’ve used were choppy even scrolling down web pages. You could try updating your disply drivers, but don’t expect much improvement.

Donald asks…

Need help about buying a new 10 inches notebook pc?

Hi i’m looking for a new notebook pc should have a 10 inches screen. I’m a java programmer and I’ll be using netbeans or eclipse IDE. also my budget is 15000. if anyone can help me in this….thanks!!!

steve answers:

Lookout for HP Mini 110 Series 110-2733TU Netbook – Rs.15086 (Online Price)
Intel Atom Dual Core N570 1.66GHz
Windows 7 Starter
0.3MP Camera
Bluetooth and Wi-fi
3 x USB 2.0
6 cell battery

Carol asks…

How can i fix my HP Mini?

I have a HP Mini ( http://www.google.ie/imgres?num=10&hl=en&sa=X&biw=1280&bih=677&tbs=ic:specific,isc:pink&tbm=isch&tbnid=GFxj3sIVV__vaM:&imgrefurl=http://walyou.com/hp-mini-110-netbook/&docid=l3BaWk7vJ1-lmM&imgurl=http://www.walyou.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/hp-110-mini-netbook-pink.jpg&w=500&h=497&ei=fjIIUO72B9KIhQf_v6XMAw&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=511&sig=103845268584134955121&page=1&tbnh=126&tbnw=127&start=0&ndsp=18&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0,i:139&tx=67&ty=42 ) and i got it about this time last year. but it only lasted about 7 Months and i barley used it for the first 2 months. I loved it but one day out of no where it stopped working !! it turns on and it goes to this “splashtop” page and then when i click “go to windows” the screen goes black and i cant do anything !!! even if i try to turn it off it doesnt work !! what should i do ? if i cant fix it myself i will take it to be fixed but i would like to try to fix it myself first !!
please help !

steve answers:


The first thing to do is to re-boot and before the windows logo appears press F8 as that will then give you more options.

If that comes up select safe mode and see if that works.

If it does then something is loading when windows fully loads that is causing a problem.

Raise another question or amend this one if you can get that far.


Sharon asks…

Has anyone ever tried running The Sims 3 on a HP Mini?

So I got a HP Mini 110 with 1 gb of ram and it runs the Sims 2 fine, some lagging here and there of course but it can run it the same on best quality no problem. I havent tried installing The Sims 3 until I know for sure its not going to be a waste of money, I’ve seen videos on youtube but they have 2 gb of ram on the netbooks. Does it work on a HP Mini 110 with 1gb of ram? On low quality? Will it give me an error message saying my computer is not compatible? PS: I know my computer isn’t really compatible

steve answers:

It doesn’t run on my 1GB HP Mini

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Your Questions About Samsung Corby Pro

Mary asks…

How do i use Find Music in Samsung Corby Pro?

I find the search results but how do i buy it?

steve answers:

At 1st go to the menu then to music………that is………..

Sandy asks…

Does the Samsung Corby pro play avi files?

I am thinking of buying a good multimedia phone with a decent camera and good video playback options. my budget is till 12k. I have shortlisted the Corby pro. Can it play mp4 or avi files.
If not, then please suggest me a decent phone in that range. Are there any apps that can help?
Thank you in advance.

steve answers:

Yes….but i think u should also check out Samsung “Galaxy 3″….it is better than Corby pro becoz it has Android 2.1.,bigger screen…& b/g/n WiFi ….. Which makes gr8 value for money…as per current news it is priced around 12kilo Rs……& plz like most dont make any confusion between Galaxy3& GalaxyS….

Daniel asks…

how can i use my samsung corby pro as a web cam?

i want to use my samsung corby pro b5310 as a wb cam.please help me how to use it as a wab cam otherwise my friend would kill me….

steve answers:

Webcam is a camera or a video capturing device which is connected to a network through a computer or any such devices.most mobile phones have a video calling or a conferencing camera like Nokia E72,Even Samsung corby pro also,it has a video calling camera in front and can function like a Webcam. If a 3G network is supported,the other person who is connected and talking to you from some other 3G supported phone can also watch your face,gestures,movements during a call through his front camera in the phone and vice versa.More details are found in the URL that I give as a source,Please Refer to it.

Robert asks…

Is there a way to play more video formats on samsung corby pro?

i know the phone can support mp4 and 3gp… Is there a player i can download to play files such as avi, rmvb or even mkv on the phone, or do i have to stick to converting them on pc to mp4 then put them on the phone?

steve answers:

You can’t. The Corby Pro doesn’t use Android. So you have to convert the videos.

Charles asks…

Any anime streaming site for my mobile(Samsung corby pro) besides youtube?

Hey!! I like to watch anime on my mobile!! But youtube does not have many anime. So is there any alternative to youtube? I have SAMSUNG CORBY PRO and I do not want to download any anime just watch directly on mobile web.

steve answers:

Have you tried http://www.gorgeousanime.com

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Your Questions About Asus Netbook

Donald asks…

i have a asus window7 netbook and i cant change the deskpot background?

pllzz. help …i try everything but i cant change it to any image i want to.. since i bought my laptop the backgound is all blue with a window 7 logo at the center , i try to chabge it but i cant.

steve answers:

You can’t change your desktop background because netbooks come with Windows 7 Starter. This edition of windows is a stripped down version for netbooks that doesn’t have many of the features that other version of Windows 7 have. Netbooks typically don’t have enough power to run other version of Windows 7.

Michael asks…

What type of RAM does my Asus 900HA Netbook take?

200 Pin DDR, DDR2 or 3? Can you recommend some with faster MHZ? Thanks!

steve answers:

It takes DDR2. I would go with PC5300 DDR2

hope this helps

Ken asks…

Asus – Eee PC Netbook with Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 – White?

with laptops high priced,i was wondering if this asus netbook would be a good choice.i found this at the bestbuy site and i wanted to get it,but can this netbook have the full internet?i mean like can it run youtube,email,and have the full internet?

steve answers:

Yes but don’t think it comes with a cd. Better buy is www.radioshack.com on the compaq

Chris asks…

Photo Software for an ASUS Netbook?

is there anything like Photobooth for an ASUS netbook? As far as I know, nothing like that is actually installed into the computer. Well I could just be stupid, but I’ve searched through all of the files on my Netbook.

steve answers:

Try these sites, they do the same thing as photobooth, only online!



Laura asks…

How do I get GTA IV on my Asus Eee netbook with Intel Atom processor?

I want to get gta iv on my netbook but i don’t know how to. what do i do??????

steve answers:

LOL, sirously a netbook!!! Gta iv wont even run on most laptops. Sorry but if you want play it get either 1. Ps3, 2. Xbox 360, or a desktop pc or laptop with a fast processor and enough vid mem.

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Your Questions About Asus Transformer

Mark asks…

Can you jailbreak an asus transformer?

If not can you get free games or movies? Thanks

steve answers:

Jailbreaking on android is referred to rooting on android devices,
rooting IS legal, by rooting a android all you get is full control of the system, even Google play gives app which require a rooted device (rom toolbox)
whereas on iOS, it sort of is illegal since the only reason someone would do it is to get free games from cydia.
On Android you do not require a rooted device to download 3rd party apps,
for example there are some apps which don’t appear simply on the market because the producer wants it only to be gotten from their website, therefore you just Google search “(app-name) apk download”

now, to root a Asus transformer there is a very handy and simple app called “one click root” (I’m not sure if I can give a direct link but it’s easy to find),

the app is for windows which roots the device via a USB cable, as the name suggests, it’s really easy to do it.

Chris asks…

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Asus Transformer Infinity T700?

I am in college and my laptop is really heavy so I plan on buying a tablet to take to school. This tablet will be primarily used to take notes, read pdfs and write papers on. Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Asus Transformer Infinity fit this need and are around the same price. Which one should I go with?

steve answers:

Get.The.ASUS.Transformer.Infinity. It’s by far the best tablet out right now. Since you are replacing your laptop you can also buy a keyboard for the Infinity which gives it over 8 hours more battery life. My cousin has it with the keyboard, and he uses it for his college and only charges it around twice a week.

Linda asks…

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Asus Transformer Pad Infinity?

I can’t decide which to get, they both seem like good tablets. I’m more drifting towards the Asus, but I want to be able to draw on it as well as enjoy the tablet, and the Galaxy looks better for drawing (the stylus pen might make it easier)

I’m open to suggestions if there’s one better than those two :)

steve answers:

Always buy Asus transformer pad infinity,one of the best tablets I ever had.Best,best best.I have heard that galaxy note is also good but I always suggest you for asus transformer….

Richard asks…

Ipad or Asus Transformer Prime?

I want a tablet. I love the app market on the apple products but the asus prime has a keyboard that the tablet can connect to and turn into a laptop which is so thin and sickkk! If you’ve owned any of these which do you think is better? I know ipad is much more well known than asus but I’m still thinking that asus would be pretty good also. Thank!

steve answers:

Ipads are popular but not really impress with them because people boost and brag about them until they break then the world would be a different place, we have to listen to all the bad reviews day after day ,”i wasted my money”, “what a piece of crap”,could got a android tablet ,apple s**ks, etc.,besides that asus tablet you mention got great reviews from different pc mags and rated pass my favorite samsung tablet in which i have getting ready to upgrade to the samsung galaxy plus 7.0
has even better features ,get the asus transformer prime already tested it out and give it a 5 star rating just a little out of my budget,the keyboard interact well with the tablet .

Carol asks…

Google Nexus 7 vs Asus Transformer Prime (Pros and Cons)?

Both are made by Asus. Which one is better overall?

steve answers:

Nexus 7′s Jelly bean has the better operating software, its androids latest. Asus Transformer Prime is better because it is proven out here in the real world. It has a track record. Until Nexus 7 proves itself in the field its barely beyond a good idea. The one con I have heard is the glass is thin on the 7, which makes if have the tendency to have spider web cracks fairly easily. I don’t know this first hand but it is what I am hearing. Asus costs more, but it does more, far more. One is a tablet, the other an e-reader (Nexus 7) while it can do other things it does best providing reading material. Asus tablet is a lightweight computer that technically can run circles around the lesser Nexus 7 if light computing is what you want to do primarily.

Unfortunately it becomes less clear when all these slabs of tablets look alike, but they are far from the same. If you can, remember to look into the processor(s). The secret is in the processor’s capabilities that separate the men from the boys so to speak.


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