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Your Questions About Cheap Laptop Cases

Maria asks…

Which Apple laptop is best for Vegas 12?

I am planning to get a laptop so that I can make better videos, and the only program I see that could fit all of my needs is Vegas 12. The only question I need answered is which laptop would be the best pick for it at a good price? I look up to Apple more than I do with Windows for some reason. I tried looking this up on the internet, but it doesn’t just tell me what to get. Instead, I get sales from Amazon or Ebay selling laptops or Vegas 12. I don’t understand the technical stuff, so can somebody please put it blunt and simple on what type of Apple laptop to buy? Thanks.
I just realized Apple isn’t the best pick for Vegas Pro 12, so what laptop in general would be good for this program?

steve answers:

How can I word this without it being considered abuse in Yahoo Answers.
What you are stating is that you want to throw out any advantage the very overpriced MacBooks have in order to run Vegas Pro 12 on it.
Vegas Pro 12 is Windows based. There is no OSX version. Garage Band is a scaled down Sony product (Vegas Pro is the fancy one). So, you want to dual boot a Macbook into Windows to run Vegas Pro 12, where a Windows laptop has more performance at a lower price tag.

Of course the internet does not tell you what to get because nobody throws money away so easily.
You seem to respect hype more than actual specifications.

Now, I do not mean to be abusive, but your question is rather outrageous and blind.

You should really be using a tower PC anyway, but MacPro 15 is what has $1000 Windows laptop performance and this shows its specifications:


and this for the CPU and second tab for the graphics:


You will also want to dump more money into DRAM, and for a copy of Windows to make the software work in dual boot plus the cost of software. Be prepared to spend close to $3000 by the time you are done for a $1500 setup.

If you want to be smart, you buy a top brand Windows laptop and save a stack of money.
Sony, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo Ideapad Y series, MSI
looking for quad core 3rd gen i7 and equal or better than GT 650M with 8GB or more of DRAM.
If it is a little thicker, live with it because you need a computer case anyway to carry around expensive laptops that break when dropped or shaken around. Mac’s also break exactly the same way. Best to go 1080p screens or x900 in a 17.3″ is enough.
Here are 9 nice ones:




and at Lenovo.com, a Y500 1080p

But if you are intent on spending a fortune for midgrade-only performance, get a MacBook Pro 15 with 8GB RAM, a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium OEM, and the software to do dual booting or however that is done.
Per your update:
I provided the higher quality brand names. You are aiming for CPU, Graphics, and RAM performance to a price tag you can live with. Quad core i7 and GT 640M or better and 8+GB RAM would be your goal. The Y500 at Lenovo meets that. You have to just look up the CPU and Graphics in the tables.
921 or higher for a G3D score and 6000 or higher in passmark score would do well.
Samsung Series 7 Gamer NP700G7C-T01US is around for about $1300
Depends on your spending point.
A very nice MSI for $900


You were saying Apple and that is big bucks. These are cheap for the performance.
At a lower spend, you were out of Apple anyway, so would need to start again with the price you have in mind.

Joseph asks…

How much is a new motherboard for an HP laptop?

How much and what kind would be best? I’m looking for cheap but fair quality. Any help would be appreciated – please don’t just put a link but also describe why it’s good.

Thank you for your time!

steve answers:

Motherboards in laptops are custom by model. You need to state the model to find the replacement motherboard. You only change a laptop motherboard if it is broken or defective. There is no such thing really as an upgrade of motherboards in a laptop, unless it is a soldered cpu, in which case, it will cost more than a new laptop.

Sharon asks…

What’s the difference between SSD and HDD in a laptop?

Hi, just wondering what the real difference is between SSDs and HDDs are in laptops.
Any disadvantages of either? I’ve heard speed is a big difference…
Thanks for any help!

steve answers:

Pros of a SSD- Faster, longer battery life of your laptop, and less likely chance of the SSD failing versus an HDD.
Cons of a SSD- More expensive, way less capacity.

Pros of a HDD- More storage space, cheaper.
Cons- Way slower than an SSD, higher chance of failure ( HDD failure is rare in any case fyi), and drains more power from your battery.

Things to consider when buying either.
SSD- Make sure it has TRIM and your running Windows 7.
HDD- If you want a longer battery life and can take a performance hit, get a 5400 rpm drive. If you want a faster drive, get a 7200 rpm drive.

Now, here is where things get interesting. They now have hybrid HDD+SSD drives.
There faster than a normal HDD, but you dont sacrifice much HDD space. There priced higher than a regular SSD of similar size but they are considerably faster.

Here are the 3 drives that are out right now. They have gotten really good reviews so id suggest these over anything. Http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=hybrid+SSD&x=0&y=0

James asks…

Is there a way to fix broken laptop keys?

I spilt tea on my laptop keyboard and two of the keys stopped working… I then took the keys off to see if there was anything stuck under them but there wasn’t. Is there a way of fixing them?

steve answers:

Tea with sugar? Check again for suger residue.

Are they working again? The heat from the tea could have caused a shortcut near those two keys. The cheapest way out in this case is to buy an external keyboard and/or mouse (very cheap nowadays).

John asks…

Laptop case?

Is it possible to buy what would be considered a laptop computer case with the monitor and keyboard, and trackpad but without a processor, mobo, or anything in it? Please give an online link. Thanks!

steve answers:

Laptop barebones,
they don’t come cheap because the monitor is built in, around 400$.
Look up alienware laptop barebones on ebay… They look nice.

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Your Questions About Shoulder Strap Buy

Mary asks…

How do I put shoulder straps on my hardshell guitar case?

I’m fifteen years old and play guitar. I recently bought a Taylor guitar and a hardshell case because I wanted to keep it protected. The only issue that I’ve come across is transporting the guitar. I help my friend with playing guitar and I have to walk to her house every week with two guitars. Carrying the case has given me blisters on my hand and all I want to do is put shoulder straps on it, without buying a cover case. I also walk to my school and other friends’ houses with the guitar. Please help I can’t keep transporting the guitar this way.

All suggestions are welcome but I am not willing to sacrifice the safety of the guitar by using a gig bag.

steve answers:

The best way is really to buy a case cover with backpack straps on it. You’ll spend about $75 to 100 for one, but it’s way better than rigging some strap to your case and dropping your guitar on the street when it breaks. Trying to securely attach carrying straps to a nice Taylor case would probably result in a ruined case and/or a broken guitar when it falls off. You could also just try padding the handle of the case so it doesn’t give you blisters if you want a cheap and easy solution. You said you carry 2 guitars, is the other one in a gig bag or do you carry one case in each hand?

Sharon asks…

Britax Pavilion 70-G3 car seat question: Shoulder straps won’t release?

Just bought a Britax Pavilion 70-G3 car seatand the shoulder straps won’t get bigger! I press the release button and the strap gets smaller (so i know i’m doing it right) but the straps won’t release to get bigger to let my daughter in! She’s tiny, barely 25 lbs….what am I doing wrong?

steve answers:

First, loosen the harness straps. The lever is in the front of the seat by the child’s legs. It may be hidden by the car seat cover. Push that in at the same time of pulling BOTH of the straps out.

There is a lever on the top of the car seat by the child’s head. This lever adjusts the shoulder straps up and down.

Here is a video made by Britax that shows how to do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl5w_Grt3Iw

When rear facing, the straps need to be at or slightly below the child’s shoulders.

When forward facing, the harness straps need to be at or slightly above the child’s shoulders. This is important because if the harness were to be positioned below a forward facing child’s shoulders, the child’s spine will compress in a crash.

Also, it is extremely important to read your child seat manual. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of both disability and death for children in the United States. The children who are injured or killed were either not using a car seat or were not using one correctly. If you have lost your manual, you can read it up here; you need the manufacture date of the seat to get the manual. There should be a sticker on the car seat with this information: http://www.britaxusa.com/support/user-guides

If you need further help, you can post your question at http://www.car-seat.org/ A child passenger safety technician will respond to your question.

And here are other videos made by Britax to help you install the car seat; these videos do not replace the manual, which provides all information: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZO3M_XdB7rYyqPXoOmws44f-dkiMTuQL

Chris asks…

where can i buy shirts with shoulder straps?


such as^^^^

steve answers:

I think i saw some at lululemon, but if u cant find one just get a wide shoulder shirt from lululemon, or victorias secret, and wear a white bra/tank top underneath (make sure the straps stick out, obv. :p)

Maria asks…

How to make your bra straps tighter?!?!??? HELP 10PTS!!!?

Ok so my bra straps are to big on me… I went to Victoria’s Secret and the lady measured me and they don’t have my proper size. so don’t sat that my bra doesn’t fit… My waste is to small for my cup size… Any ideas on how to make my straps smaller??? Btw the band fits on the tightest one but the straps r to big!!!!!!!!

steve answers:

I always cross the shoulder straps on my bras so that they form an X at the back, this puts the weight of your breasts on your shoulders which is bad but it makes it so that your breasts are more supported… I would highly recommend you going to buy at least one bra that fits because if you don’t you will be prone to headaches, back pain, neck pain, and really sore breasts… You can also try sewing a ribbon along the straps and the band which will decrease how much the band stretches…

I would suggest that you research professional bra stores in your area because they will use the modern fitting method to determine your bra size whereas the method used by chain branch stores is adding inches to the band size was created in the early 1900′s because bra materials didn’t stretch so women had to add inches to the band size so that it would be comfortable. Places like VS and LaSenza still do this today because they want to make their customers fit their bras not their bras fit their customers.

The modern method is to take the under bust as the band size and subtract the band size from the bust measurement to get the cup size.

A bra size calculator that does this can be found here at http://www.sophistocatedpair.com/bracalculator.htm

The perfect band size is one that you can only fit two fingers under at the back and the perfect cup one that fits your larger breast and doesn’t cause any bulges.
Here is how to take your measurements
find a soft tape measure in inches
take off everything and stand up
use a mirror and stand sideways to it so you can see your profile
measure directly below the bust around the rib cage with the tape measure parallel to the floor make sure that the tape measure is tight but not pinching your skin
this is your band size, don’t add anything to it or take anything away, if it is a 38 you are a 38 if it is a 37 I would try a 36 first but you may be a 38, if it is a 36 you are a 36, anything in decimal form then round down, trust me on that one, bra materials stretch a lot
Now write down your band size
for the cup size lean forward so that all of your breast tissue is to the front of your body
measure the same way as for the band with the tape measure parallel to the floor if you stand up but make sure you do this leaning over and measure it across the part of your breasts that ‘hang’ down the farthest when you are leaning over
while still leaning over record this measurement, it should not be tight, in fact it should be loose just resting the tape measure on your tissue and not compressing it anywhere
this is your bust circumference. Subtract your band size from this number
the number you just calculated is your cup size for that band size, round normally to the closest whole number. One inch difference is A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D, 5-DD, 6-E, 7-F, 8-FF, 9-G, 10-GG etc.

Joseph asks…

Where can I find a decent shoulder strap for my Monogram Speedy 35?

I bought my Monogram awhile back and I want to make it a little more versatile by addidng a shoulder strap to it. I understand that a lot of people hate it but I prefer it when shopping.

I need help buying a decent shoulder strap to go with it, that is not 100-200 dollars. HELP ME!

I want it long enough to use it as a crossbody like the one below: (pic)


And a chain link one would also be nice: (Pic below)


PLEASE HELP ME! I would greatly appreciate it!! :)

steve answers:

Okay, so the problem is there is almost no store that you are going to be able to find just a strap.
I would first suggest looking at your speedy, and making sure that there are two hooks, one on each side, that you can attach your strap to. Because i have last-years speedy and mine doesnt have those two hooks
i do agree that the double strap is definitely convenient, as bags can get very heavy and they hurt your wrist
if you are unable to find something however, that will look nice with your bag, im sure you can bring it into the tailor and they will fix it for you and maybe even give you a nice strap to use
the louis vuitton store may be able to sell you one, but youre probably looking at aroun $200-$300

good luck!

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Your Questions About Lenovo Ideapad Y570

Steven asks…

Which will be a good gaming/entertainment laptop?

budget – ~1020 USD (upto or below)
minimum integrated gpu – GT 540M and above
and all other specs with comparative standards

steve answers:

Your budget is much enough to buy a gaming laptop equipped with nVidia GT 555M same as the Aliewnare M14x but its price is $829.99 only!
It is a Lenovo Ideapad Y570 08623TU 15.6-Inch Laptop (Dusk Black)
Spec : 2nd generation Intel Core i7-2670QM processor with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
NVIDIA GeForce GT555M Discrete Graphics
6GB DDR3 memory, 500GB HD

James asks…

Windows Operating Systems?

I need a bit of help. I have a laptop with Windows Vista on it. However, something happened and the OS got completely wiped from the computer. I don’t know what happened, but it’s gone. I’d like to know if it’s possible to install Windows 7 on that laptop instead of reinstalling Vista. Or would that just create problems?

I really appreciate any help. Thank you.
It’s a Toshiba, but I don’t remember the specs. I do know that I got it new 4 years ago as a graduation present from my parents. (2009)

steve answers:

In order to find out if that’s possible, I need the name of the Laptop you have, Mine is Lenovo IdeaPad Y570. My Laptop doesn’t support Windows 7 Ultimate. It depends on the drivers that the website provides for your laptop, if you have an OS on it that’s not supported by the Company, like Lenovo or HP, or Dell, then your sound wont work, or your video might not get it’s best performance.

So tell me the or add it to your question, the name of your laptop.

Betty asks…

What Is The Best Laptop I can Get For $1000?

Hi. I have a lot of knowledge on desktop computers, prices, hardware etc. But, not nearly as much on Laptops. So, I’ve came to ask what is the best laptop I can get for $1000. I am willing to spend $100 extra, so it doesn’t have to be exactly $1000. Just close. :)

These are my requirements..

-I want it to be able to handle hours of gaming or using hardware-intense software without over heating, from full battery to low battery.
-It would be nice to have a 3+ hour battery life, but it’s not required.
-It should be strong, durable, and not break easily.
-I want a Windows, not Mac.
-It should be powerful enough to run most new games.
-Possibly an i7, but, if that’s not possible, i5 is good too. :)
-Strong graphics and RAM.
-I do NOT care about screen size. As long as I can see whatever is on it. I would prefer it not have a massive-sized screen.
-And all that good stuff.. Lol.

Oh, and, please give a good explanation as to why it’d be the best to buy. I want to be convinced why I should buy that one over the others. It’d also be nice if you provide a link to the laptop like on newegg or some other place that sells it. :) Err, I guess I should also say what I’m going to use it for. Well, I’m going to game on it, code/program things, and use circuitry design software. And, well, that sums it up for the most part.
What is your guys opinions on these?



P.S. Alienware? No. Their laptops cost more than $1k, overpriced, and I have heard a lot of bad reviews on them. Alienware used to be good, until Dell took over and they just shoving whatever they could find in their computers. Their desktops are alright, I guess. But, I could easily build one that is much cheaper, better, and has fancier water cooling. Actually, I could probably do Phase Change cooling for cheaper… Err, try to ignore my rather biased opinion on alienware when you’re making a post, though. Just know that I’m not getting an alienware. :)
P.S.S. The resolution I use on this computer, and that I prefer on all computers is 1024×768. And, I won’t need a HDD that is more than 300GB.
This one seems amazing for it’s price, and the 1 review it has is good. The wrist thing wont bug me, as I’ll be using a wireless mouse. What do you think? v

steve answers:

If I were getting one for $1000 now, I’d probably get this


lenovo IdeaPad Y570 (08622JU) Notebook Intel Core i7 2630QM(2.00GHz) 15.6″ 8GB Memory DDR3 1333 750GB HDD 5400rpm BD Combo NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M

I’d replace the 5400 rpm drive for a 7200 though

EDIT: Alienwares are a ripoff

Paul asks…

Question about laptops!?

Ok, tell me laptops which have GeForce 555M video card when you buy them. Tell me exact model. And if you know, tell me if they have Intel i7 or i5 processor. Thanks.

steve answers:

Go to google shopping and type in GeForce 555m

I found

Acer Ethos 8951G
LENOVO T71-156306 Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 15.6 Notebook
CyberPower Gamer Xplorer GX9200 17.3″ LED Notebook – Core i7 i7-2630Q

and there are hundreds of them with that graphics chip.

Lizzie asks…

Laptop Recommendations?

I have a Dell Laptop and want to get a new brand. I am unhappy with Dell. Every time I turn around something needs to be replaced, their customer service is poor, it is cheaply made. I am done!

Here is what I am looking for:
Under $800
Durable/not cheaply made
Good customer service/warranty

What I will be using it for:
Personal use
Internet surfing/social networking
Picture editing
Photo storage

Any suggestions? I’ve been looking at the HPs and Sony Vaios, but need more guidance.
Not expecting perfection, just something better than the Dell I have which seems to always have an issue :)

steve answers:

Check out for Lenovo Ideapad Y570 08623TU 15.6-Inch Laptop
2nd generation Intel Core™ i7-2670QM processor
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GT555M Discrete Graphics

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Your Questions About What Laptops Run Minecraft Well

Jenny asks…

What is the best pc to run, and film minecraft gameplay on?

I have an old pc that runs minecraft fine, but when i try recording AND playing minecraft, it freezes up and slows down. I need a new laptop gaming pc anyways, is there a specific gaming laptop to use when filming minecraft gameplay? Ty for the help :)

steve answers:

Film has nothing to do with it. You need a faster video card. Dual output would be helpful as well.

George asks…

Could I run minecraft on max settings with a nvidia geforce gt 520 graphics card?

i want to get a new computer that i can run minecraft and vindictus on without lag.

steve answers:

I have a cheap laptop.. And I always play with high settings, I have mods, and I put my render distance to far..
Yet I never lag.
If you are lagging it may be because you’re computer has too many programs on it. :)
(that was minecraft)

I’ve played Vindictus only once, and on a different computer. So I cannot really help you with that.
Is your minecraft and vindictus lagging on your computer? Or are you asking ahead of time?

Hope I helped.

Lisa asks…

Can you run minecraft on a toshiba satellite c855-s5214?

I’m wanting to buy a new laptop and buy minecraft, but I’m not sure if this one can run minecraft without lag.

steve answers:

Maybe, wouldn’t count on it running smoothly. Toshiba satellite c855-s5214 is very low end, doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card, and has a low quality processor. If you can, buy a desktop. You can find way better hardware for the same price while at the same time you’ll be able to have room to upgrade later on. Laptops are a dead-end.

Donna asks…

How do i make sure Minecraft is running on the dedicated graphics card?

So minecraft has been lagging for me. And i want to make sure its running on the dedicated graphics card or whatever. how do i do that? its a fujitsu laptop running on windows 7

steve answers:

Minecraft doesnt need a particularly great graphics card to run, but it’s gameplay is very heavy on the CPU and RAM.

Maybe you need more RAM?

Mark asks…

Is it dangerous to run a minecraft server?

I am running a minecraft server on my laptop,which only me and my sister play on it.I would like to let my foreign friends play on it too,but i’m not sure about it.I think that i might get hacked,have my personal data stolen or get viruses.I set a static IP and portforwarded to port 25565.
Could you please tell me the dangers of publishing my server to other people?

steve answers:

There are no real dangers. By giving out your IP address so they can join you do basically give them your pc’s “phone number” – but any time you go to a website, send an email, you also leave your IP, so this is really no different from doing anything else on the internet.

Go ahead and let them join!

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Your Questions About I5 Lenovo

Daniel asks…

Lenovo laptop price help?

I just bought a lenovo g500 15.6 laptop 4gb memory 1tb hard drive black from bestbuy for $400 dollars was it a good deal i want it for gaming ps it has intel gen 3 intel i5

steve answers:

Depends on the graphics card it has as well. Laptop these days are pretty cheap with intel graphics but desktops are ALWAYS better for gaming because the card is generally bigger and faster. However, I think it was a decent deal. I have a laptop for school that is 13.3 inches with 8GB memory, 500GB SSD! And i5 for $600 and I think it was well spent.

Lisa asks…

HP probook VS Lenovo g580?

HP ProBook: Intel core i5 3rd generation 3210m @2.5 Ghz ; VGA AMD Radeon HD graphics 7670m 2gb; 6gb ram ; 750 gb hdd
Lenovo G580 : Intel core i5 3rd generation 3320 @ 2.6 Ghz ;VGA NVidia 635m 2gb ; 6gb ram ; 750 gb hdd

steve answers:

I would be careful buying Lenovo. Lenovo has serious stand behind their product problems. They bought IBM PC division and proceeded to drive the quality of the system into the ground. Their customer service is well below par. They even makes Dell customer service look good. Lenovo will not allow people to read instruction on how to access the BIOS menu or to get info on their puters on their web site unless you connect to them thru Facebook. They do this so they can spy on their users. The last and final thing to remember about them is they are a Chinese Government own company. It is up to you if you want to trust them.

You get what you pay for. Systems with high end parts with low prices are to be viewed with suspicion. They have to cut corners somewhere to get the price down.

What cost you less today is going to cost you more tomorrow.

Go with the HP. Far better build quality and customer service.

John asks…

Fastest Lenovo laptop?

Wanting a Lenovo laptop (could really care less about anything else at the moment) and I was wondering which one of their laptops is the fastest and best for gaming?

steve answers:

Get one that has i5 or i7 cpu and 64 bit OS lots of ram…

Nancy asks…

Alternative to Lenovo Ideapad Y500 (59-346619) Laptop?

Hello, I am thinking of buying a laptop for gaming, multimedia and graphics purposes. My budget is around ₹63000-65000. I am really considering this Lenovo Ideapad Y500 ( http://www.flipkart.com/lenovo-ideapad-y500-59-346619-laptop-3rd-gen-ci7-8gb-1tb-win8-2gb-graph/p/itmdh2p7vnq2ym3x ). BUT, recently one of my friends bought this laptop for ₹63000 and he’s getting trouble with the touchpad and what scares me is, this problem is not exclusive to his laptop, the lenovo Y500 is infamous for this touchpad problem (Google it and you’ll know) . Now, my question is, is there any alternative to this laptop in the same price range with comparable configuration? The expected configuration is given below:

> Intel Core i7 3rd Gen 2.2-3.2Ghz (6MB Cache)
> Full HD 1080p display.
> Nvidia GT650 2GB GDDR5 (or AMD/ATI Radeon equivalent)
> USB 3.0 port.

Battery life doesn’t matter much. (OS doesn’t matter, even DOS is okay.)

Thanks in advance :)

steve answers:

Firstly, yes the lenovo500 is plagued with the unstable touchpad problem but it only exists on y500s manufactured before November 2012 with elan touchpads, the newly manufactured y500s after jan 2013 uses a snyptic touchpad which has no issues anymore.
Alternatives to y500 would be :’
1)Dell inspiron 17r turbo special edition laptop : It is highly customizable from dell , you can get 4-8gb of ram , an intel 3rd gen i5 processor or upgrade it to an i7 3rd gen , a NVidia 2gb 650m ddr5 graphic card , 768p,900p,1080p display , dvd drive/blue ray disk drive , 750gb-1tb hard disk space, 2x usb 3.0,skullcandy speakers.
Price will depend on the configuration you choose ranging from 59k-75k

2)Samsung series 5 laptop : i5/i7 3rd gen , 900p screen, NVidia 650m 2gb ddr3 , 8gb ram , blue ray disk drive,1tb HDD , jbl speakers with subfoofer. Price would be around 59-60k

3)Alienware m14x r2 : it is also customizable like most dell laptops i7/i5 3rd gen , NVidia 650m DDR5 1gb , 14” screen , 900p display , 750gb-1tb hard disk ,6gb ram backlit keyboard , dvd drive,2X USB 3.0.
Price would be around 70-89k

4)Lenovo Y580 : If you can find this laptop in india then this would be a good alternative for y500 , with 3rd gen i5/i7,1tb,backlit keyboard,2gb NVidia GTX 660m graphics,1080p screen ,8gb ram, price should be around 60-65k.

Still Lenovo y500 would be a better choice if you get it with a snyptics touchpad , best part about the y500 is you can add the 2nd NVidia 650m GPU for SLI,when it be available in india , also Lenovo y500′s in USA are now offering NVidia 750m ddr5 graphics which is around 20% faster then NVidia 650m ,you might also wait a bit for that to arrive in india.

James asks…

Lenovo Z580 or Lenovo G500 ?

I am searching good laptop for my friend. he like only lenovo. his total budget 40000 rs.. which good choice to buy below?

1. Lenovo Essential G500 (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 500GB/ 2GB Graphic

2. Lenovo ideapad Z580 (3rd Gen Ci3/ 4GB/ 500GB/ 1GB Graphic

suggest me good laptop under 40000 rs with graphic card.

steve answers:

There are three laptops that I see at Flipkart that look good, and there may be better prices at other stores. The descriptions you show do not define how good a laptop is.
The amount of graphics ram has no effect. If this is about gaming, this is what I see:
The highest graphics strength under 40,000 Rs is a Sony:


Sony VAIO Fit 15E F15213SN/B Laptop (Core i3-3227U/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win8/ 1GB Graph GT 740M)
The CPU is relatively weak and graphics strong.


Rank #80
There are some games that do take a strong CPU, and in non-gaming general use, this core i3 has a low performance:


Core i3-3227U @ 1.90GHz2588
Skyrim plays medium-high


It is available in white or black, and Sony generally has a good keyboard and LCD.


This Samsung is only 35,100
The i3-3120M scores better at 3288
The gaming rank or graphics strength is #102
Samsung is a reliable brand

The Ideapad I see that is OK, is at the top of the budget


It has a strong i5
Core i5-3230M @ 2.60GHz4004
but the graphics is lower than the other two. Listed as NVIDIA N13P-GLR, it is a GT 635M.
The gaming rank is #127

Lenovo Essentials is similar to Acer, Dell Inspiron, HP Pavilion.
They are the economy brand. AN Ideapad is of higher quality.

Each of the three is different attributes.

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