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Your Questions About Acer Drivers

Richard asks…

How do I replace Acer Aspire Desktop Hard Drive?

I have a Acer Aspire X1200 Desktop computer and I need to replace the hard drive. I got the left side open, but it looks like the hard drive is behind the disc drive and I don’t see a way to get it out. Can you open the other side of it, or am I not seeing something?

steve answers:

Well…Unsure. But every screw that you undo, make sure you remember where it came from.
Its a simple matter of taking one out and replacing with new one.

BUT: ATA or SATA connection. You will need to know.
Flat wide grey lead? Ir skinny Red lead?
(Plus power connector. And colors may vary, but either wide or skinny is what u need to know)
Skinny – SATA
Wide – ATA
Power – red/black/black/red

Replcaing Windows Partition will result in needing to reinstall windows .
You up for it????
Drivers required first.
See: http://troubleshootit.moonfruit.com/toinstall

Sandra asks…

How can I install camra diver in my laptop acer aspire 5100 ?

How can I install camra diver in my laptop acer aspire 5100 ? i downloaded from web but i don’t know how to install in my laptop plz help me its urgent.

steve answers:

be sure to match the operating system.

You need to manualy extract the downloaded driver.
- right click on the file select extract to ‘xxxfilenamexx/’ (sample filename)
- open folder xxxfilenamexxx and run setup.exe on extracted subfolder.

-i do updates-

Mary asks…

How can i get the touchpad on my acer 5750z laptop to work when i unplug the usb mouse?

How can i get the touchpad on my acer 5750z laptop to work when i unplug the usb mouse? I am using windows 7 pls help me

steve answers:

Try to reinstall the drivers and software this should help if not you may have to replace the pad…

Carol asks…

How do I get the sound to wor on my acer travelmate 4720 laptop?

I am running Windows XP SP2. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers atleast 3 times and still have no sound. This occured after I reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled XP. Any thoughts?

steve answers:

1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2. Double-click Sounds and Audio Devices.
3. Click Show volume control on the taskbar.
4. Click OK.
When you have the new desktop features enabled, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2. Click Sounds, click Speech, and then click Audio Devices.
3. Click Sounds, and then click Audio Devices.
4. Click Show volume control on the taskbar.
5. Click OK.

If that doesn’t work then try this.

Go to “Start”..”Control Panel”…”Internet Options”…Click the “Advanced Tab”…scroll down to multimedia and put a check mark in play sounds on websites.

Then go to “Tools”…”Manage Add ons”…and make sure everything is enabled.

Then close Internet Explorer and reopen


Go to Start -> Run -> and enter Services.msc
Scroll down to “Windows Audio”.
Double click and change the startup type to Automatic


David asks…

How to install the wireless driver to Acer Aspire 5930G?

I’ve installed windows vista x32 on my notebook this morning. Everything work okay but the wireless connection. It is not defined or installed in the windows, so please can anyone give me the driver installation for the wireless in my notebook ?

steve answers:


here is the link for your drivers

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Your Questions About 15.6 Laptop Bag

Michael asks…

Will a 15.4″ Laptop Backpack fit a 15.6″ Laptop?

I was just wondering, if the little difference will make a 15.6laptop not fit in a 15.4″ bag. I think it’ll fit, but I just want to make sure!

steve answers:

Most likely, yeah. The difference is quite marginal so don’t worry.

Ruth asks…

Do you think this is a good deal (New laptop)?

Alright they’re opening a new mall near to us tomorrow and making huge discounts for only 2 days,about laptops as well, do you think this is a nice deal

I can trade my old laptop with a new one, the new one is

Dual Core 2.0 GHz
250 GB H.D
15.6” Monitor
Windows 7

Also i can get for free either a HP Printer OR (Free Laptop Bag + Free MP3 Player + Free USB Light + Free Keyboard Cover + Mouse + Head mic + Free cleaning laptop stuff + Free Laptop underfan)

All of this for 600 Dollars, What do you think???

steve answers:

It’s an OLD laptop. $600 with no trade in is a pretty steep price. (With a trade in it’s theft – they’re stealing your money.) You want AT LEAST 4GB of RAM and an i3 or i5 processor. (And current drives in laptops run 500GB or more.) If I really needed another laptop I’d pay about $200 tops for that one.

Robert asks…

i need a new college bag?

i need a new college bag and it needs to have room for my 15.6laptop and a lever arch file
any ideas what the best one would be to get?
marie, last time i checked the idea of YA was to ask questions, i was looking for other peoples opinions.

steve answers:

Get a store catalogue or look on ebay and stop wasting our time

Nancy asks…

I need a sturdy laptop backpack (or site) on a budget, any ideas?

I have recently bought a Compaq Presario 15.6laptop. My ACU National Guard backpack (gift) is great but the laptop pocket isn’t large enough. I would like to find a tough backpack for under $75 (or $50 if possible) that will hold my laptop, textbooks, and school supplies.
It would be nice if the pack could double as a range bag. I like the SwissGear ScanSmart and some of The North Face packs but I would prefer something made more like a military spec pack with heavy duty nylon & stitching.

Any pack recommendations or ONLINE STORES that have a wide selection at good prices would be helpful.

I already know about eBay and Amazon.

steve answers:

Bentley.com usually have buy one get one half off sales too

good luck!

Joseph asks…

Where can I find cute but cheap messenger bags for laptops?

Size 15.6 inch laptops
By cheap I mean around 15-20 dollars.

steve answers:

Www.etsy.com they range a LOT in price but if you’re willing to search you can find some amazing deals.

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Your Questions About Tasneem

Charles asks…

Sunnis: How do you know if you are aflicted with evil eye?

Ok this is a proper islamic question

so if u dnt know just say u dnt know, dnt make up your own stuff

@First answerer, just say you dnt know man, i want answers that are knowledge based
@imuslimah HAHAHAHAAAAAAA are using the ‘gosh’ word on purpose

:@ – i hate that word :@

steve answers:

Maybe this lecture will help inshaa-Allaah

“What You Can’t see Can Hurt You – The Jinn, Magic and the Evil Eye!! ”
By: Aboo Tasneem Daawood Adeeb

Jenny asks…

Is it a sin if I want Heaven to be all about me?

Is it a sin if I want Heaven to be all about me? Also is it a sin if I want Heaven to be a place to where I can get all of the rewards I want and to live a lavish lifestyle? Also is it a sin if I want Heaven to be a place to where I can do anything and everything I like to do the most all the time? Also is it a sin if I want to get reunited with all of my loved ones in Heaven and to rebuild my friendships with these people?

steve answers:

My friend, it is very hard to reach heaven. We must worship Him and obey all His rules. We hope God guide us.

The Paradise and the delights that it contains:
“ its ground and its soil, from musk and saffron.
Its roof, is the Throne of the Most Merciful.
Its rocks, pearls and jewels.
Its buildings, made of bricks of gold and silver.
Its trees, does not contain a single tree except that its trunk is made of gold and silver.
Its fruits, softer than butter and sweeter than honey.
Its leaves, softer than the softest cloth.
Its rivers, then there are rivers of milk who’s taste does not change, and rivers of wine that is delicious to those who drink it, and rivers of honey that is pure, and rivers of water that is fresh.
Their food, is fruits from whatever they will choose, and the meat of whatever birds they desire.
Their drink, is Tasneem, ginger, and Kaafoor.
Their drinking cups, crystal-clear and made of gold and silver.
Its shade, then a fast rider would ride in the shade of one of its trees for a hundred years and not escape it.
Its vastness, then the lowest of its people would have within his kingdom and walls and palaces and gardens the distance that would be travelled in a thousand years.
Its tents and encampments, then one tent is like a concealed pearl that is sixty miles long.
Its towers, rooms above rooms in buildings that have rivers running underneath them.
How far it reaches into the sky, then look at the shining star that is visible, as well as those that are far in the heavens that the eyesight cannot possibly reach.
The clothing of its inhabitants, of silk and gold.
Its beds, blankets are of the finest silk laid out in the highest of its levels.
The faces of its inhabitants and their beauty,
Their age, young ones of 33 years in the image of Adam, the father of humanity.
What they will be hearing, is the singing of their wives from among the Hoor al-’Ayn, and better than that are the voices of the Angels and the Prophets, and better than that is the Speech of the Lord of the Worlds.
Their servants, young boys of everlasting youth who resemble scattered pearls.
Their brides and wives, young and full-breasted and have had the liquid of youth flow through their limbs; the Sun runs along the beauty of her face if she shows it.

Ruth asks…

Why didnt anyone answer tasneems question about pooping?

I mean seriously.. it was a good question! -.-

steve answers:

YEA I KKNOW!!!! I bet they dont understand this special unique situation god blessed us with… Like a gift.

Donna asks…

I don’t know how to continue my story?

Hello everyone!

I’m writing this story as a sort of extra curricular project to impress my German teacher. I know it’s kind of odd.

Anyway, I am completely stuck on how to continue it and I really need your help! Here is a list of events as to what has roughly happened so far and who the characters are.

Main characters:
Tasneem, simple maid at Lichtenstein Castle.
Lord Damian von Sachsenheim, a flirtatious idiot who has become heir to the Sachsen fortune and comes to live at Lichtenstein Castle.

Storyline/What’s happened so far:
- Set in 1902 in Reutlingen, Germany in a sort of aristocratic era.
- Damian comes to the castle and Tasneem instantly falls in love.
- Damian is told to fall in love and later marry Lady Sarina, one of the two daughters who lives at the castle. They try and start a relationship.
- Damian meets Tasneem and falls in love with her but then is denial due to the class divide.
- D and T meet up secretly, talk to each other and then kiss.
- T walks to Lady Sarina’s room to find Damian kissing her.

I know it isn’t great and really soppy but my German teacher likes it so I’m going along with it. So any ideas are welcome and much appreciated.

Thanks again!
Natalie x

steve answers:

Go for what is best in your heart, write what you as the character would do! Make the story build up to a big climax ! Or create sepence between the characters. You could use the reader questioned by a big cliff hanger at the end! Have fun writeing. Be inspered in your writeing, use your own memories in your story ! Hopfully you do well and the german teacher will enjoy!

Sharon asks…

what are some good adjective poems and some good adverb poems?

i need to do some poems and cant thing of some good adjective and adverb poems.

steve answers:

***Here’s a fairly good adverb poem:

Swiftly, the birds fly in the air
Slowly,the tortoise creeps everywhere
Tragically, a shark nibbles on a hand
Cunningly, a fox pounces on a creature in the sand

Mysteriously, a black hole is formed in the atmosphere
Desperately, old men drink cans of beer
Gently, the summer breeze blows
Bravely, a doctor cuts off two toes

By Tasneem

***Here’s one of my favorite poems with a decent about of adjectives:

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright,
And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.

Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black
And the dark street winds and bends.
Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And watch where the chalk-white arrows go
To the place where the sidewalk ends.

Yes we’ll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And we’ll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends.

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Your Questions About Archos 101

Chris asks…

anybody got an Archos 101IT?

i would like to buy this for my dad for his christmas, as his laptop has broken, he only ever uses it really for checking his emails and looking on ebay and gumtree. would this tablet be suitable for him? id like an answer asap please? thank you!

steve answers:

I am not sure about the spec of the archos 101 but if you would like to purchase a tablet for your dad then check out my site it is not fully complete but its getting there also can a varity of different tablets Android or windows let me know your budget and specs your looking for and I will give you some opinions

Ruth asks…

Tablet for online school?

Finishing up my degree completely online and was wondering the best tablet I could get to assist me.
-I can not chose the Ipad as it is not Flash compatible.

Does anyone have experience with this?

steve answers:

The Archos 101 Internet Tablet is one of the largest tablets currently available. With a 10.1in display its screen is technically larger than the 9.7in Apple iPad 2, but thanks to its widescreen aspect ratio, the difference in design is much greater than a simple size bump.

James asks…

A tablet?Whats a good one(easy 10 points)?

I want a tablet but NOT an ipad those new ipad 2′s are 5/6/7/8 HUNDRED dollars definetly NOT in my budget i was looking for one around 200$ limit is there any?
Im looking for to play games like an ipad

steve answers:

The build quality Of Archos 101 is actually pretty good, no it’s not made out of the same material as a Macbook Pro or the ipad. But it’s actually pretty well built for only being $299. I mean really, you can’t expect to much for $299.

This device for the price is actually very good. I love mine. I have a 32GB MicroSD in mine and I have plenty of Storage. Android 2.2 should be dropping on the device any day now. I heard tomorrow.. Just a few things that make the Archos 101 way better than the ipad are: Camera, USB Host Slot, Micro USB Slot, MicroSD Slot, HDMI OUT IS HUGE FOR ME. Oh and it runs Android. That little Green Robot that is taking over the world.

HDMI out works great to my TV. Watching movies are extremely clear and audio sync’s fine, Playing games also works great over HDMI. Overall this is a great device. I can access data or files over my network wirelessly, from the internal storage, the MicroSD Storage, and even a USB stick, or USB Hard Drive all at the same time with this thing. So technically it’s storage space is unlimited.. This thing rocks!

Thomas asks…

is there cheap tablets pc ipad look alike ,not Chinese?

I can’t afford to buy a $400 nor $500 and $600 either ipad . what can I buy from $200 up to $300 ? not low quality chinese ipad please

steve answers:

Archos has a variety that appear pretty good. Some are available now, and the larger models will be available for order in November (I think) –

They vary in price from $100-$300 (for base models)


I’d probably only consider the Archos 70 or Archos 101

You can install Google Marketplace with ‘gApps4Archos.apk’.


Here’s a user’s guide for the Archos 101 —


http://www.archos.com/manuals/A101_FR_v1.1.htm – in French

I’d like one, but I’ll probably wait until Autumn 2011 or later with technology such as this — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0STvlyCxog

Sadly, this was announced in early 2009!

I’ll be reading about the tablets to be shown at CES 2011 next January.




BTW, India promises to have a tablet for 2011 release that will only cost $35 to build –


Lizzie asks…

Which is the best Archos device?

I dont really know the difference between these two devices. I know there are a lot of others including the archos 7 but which is the best?
At the moment I’m trying to decide between these two:



Is it that one has android apps and the other is just a media device? Please help and try to explain what each can do. I’d like one that can have apps like the ipod touch. and what about the archos 7? How good is that?

Thanks in advance! :)

steve answers:

You are correct. I would personally get the Android tablet one as it will have a lot of applications and you can highly customize it. BUT….

I would wait for the Archos 101 that is coming out in November….which has a 10 inch screen and i personally thing will be better than the iPad.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Inland Properties

Paul asks…

If a Category 3 hurricane somehow hit Las Vegas, what would happen?

What would be the extent of the property damage? Which casinos and hotels would be more likely to be destroyed?

steve answers:

There would be no damage, just a few rain showers.
That’s because Las Vegas is about 240 miles inland from the shore of Los Angeles. No hurricane has stayed a cat. 1 or higher that far inland.

But if a cat. 3 hit Las Vegas. About 55% of hotels and casinos would be damaged somewhat.
My cost estimate would be around 10 billion US dollars.
The Stratosphere would have a <10% chance it will collapse.
The buildings exceeding 200ft would have the most damage.
But know that this is very unlikely, around 1 out of 850 billion that this will happen.

Ruth asks…

What are my rights when my landlord wants me to leave after 2 weeks?

I recently signed a 6 month assured shorthold tenancy agreement, but 2 weeks later the landlady told me she had an offer to buy the flat and would like me to move out. We had already agreed to her showing agents around to value the property, and even realised she had allowed an agent to enter without our permission (she apologised and said she forgot to tell us when we challenged her). After this she has bombarded us with phone calls every day to ask whether we have found a property.

We finally got fed up and found somewhere else, and went round to see the landlady to discuss options regarding the return of our deposit and whether or not we would have to pay rent this month (as we can move into the new property on the 12th, rent is due on our existing flat on the 6th). But she now says there’s no way she can give us any money yet as the buyer has not exchanged. I feel we have accomodated this woman, even though she has broken the agreement many times and we have not broken it once.

steve answers:

You have been more than decent … You have every right to stay for the whole CONTRACT period of 6 months – and so long as you pay the rent she can’t get you out (actually, if you stopped paying the rent it would take about that long to get you out anyway).

Check out with Citizens Advise, but I believe you have a right to sue for compensation for Breach of Contract (a Solicitor would assist).

However it might be better to simply ask her for, say, 3 months Compensation (plus your Deposit) and inform her that
you are NOT moving out until you get a written agreement with her Solicitor that you will be paid.

If she won’t deal, advise her that :-
1) you will be contacting the Estate Agents, her Solicitor AND the Buyers Solicitors to inform them that you have a 6 month Contract and that so house can NOT be sold with ‘vacant possession’
2) and you will not be moving for 6 months.

If she agrees, get the details of her Solicitor and write to them to confirm the agreement and get their written response that you will be paid by the Solicitor when the sale Completes.

PS = I wonder if she has been declaring the rent to the Inland Revenue & paying Tax on it ? Also – is she declaring this house as her ‘main residance’ ? (maybe her Solicitor needs to be informed it’s a Rental Property and the sale needs to be notified to the Inland Revenue so they can assess her for Capital Gains Tax…)

Steven asks…

how long should it take for a insurance company to respond on a home property theft?

i had a trailer stolen with car parts inside and it has been 6 weeks and my ins. company has not responded. i have been calling but keep getting excuses.

steve answers:

You should have a claim number and adjuster name within two business days. You should have your denial letter within about three weeks.

Trailers aren’t covered under homeowner policies. Car parts, assuming they are for business use (resale or installation) are also not covered under your homeowners policy.

Call your agent.

If they have a copy of the police report, and they’ve had it over a month, and you’ve provided the proof of loss, etc, there’s no excuse for the lack of content.

You can also file a written complaint with the state insurance department, HOWEVER, there’s no “legal time frame” where they have to accept or deny the claim. They COULD still be investigating. And again, I don’t think this is going to be covered. You’ll have to get the trailer covered under your auto or inland marine business policy, and the auto parts under your business contents coverage or inland marine.

James asks…

How do you go about buying your parents property for an agreed minimal price?

My husband wants to buy his fathers house for the most minimal cost possible so that if his father has to go into a nursing home, his father wont have any assests and therefore wont have to sell his house to pay for costs. Is this possible or is it breaking the law?

steve answers:

It does NOT work ! Your husband and his father are far from the first to think of this. Firstly, if your father in law sells the property too much below market value the inland revenue consider it as disposing of assets to avoid inheritance tax and 7 years have to go by before it is no longer counted.

If your father in law has to claim for the costs involved in going into nursing home care, stringent financial checks are made and finding that he has disposed of a property (and all property sales are recorded) to a family member at a give away price will result in that family member being held responsible for the costs.

Thomas asks…

What is an inland area,its properties and climatic conditions?

Thank you

steve answers:

Inland areas are away from the oceans and tend to have more extreme temperatures and often (but not always) less precipitation than coastal areas

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