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Your Questions About 2gb Of Data

Lisa asks…

How much is 2GB of data?

I am going to get a smart phone and i have to pay $10/mo. for 2GB of data but all i really plan on doing is leaving the facebook app on 24/7 and watching a few videos on youtube and search Google sometimes when I’m not home and I need to use it. Will doing this make me go over the 2GB limit?

steve answers:

Probably not. But it depends on how you use it. You better check balance data usage periodically.

Maria asks…

Can I change my smartphone data plan without having permission from my parents?

Right now I have a Blackberry Torch and a 2GB data plan. And I’m planning on buying a Motorola Flipside and I want to know how I change the data plan from the blackberry one to the android one without my parents calling at&t. I do have my parents last 4 digits of their social and I have an account on at&t.com. Thank you

steve answers:

You will only be able to make changes to your cell phone if it is in your name, or your parents have added you to their account and told AT&T that you have permission to make changes…AT&T would know because your parents would have to add you to the account.

My husband & I both have iPhones, but the account is in his name (he works, I’m a stay at home mom). For me to make any changes to my phone he had to tell AT&T that it was ok for me to call and make changes to my plan.

Carol asks…

Unlimited 2GB Data on Tmobile?

I have a mytouch 4g and I like to use the internet alot, so when I got this phone like a month ago, also changed my plan to have unlimited everything. Including talk, text, and data. I just got a message from tmobile to my phone saying that I have used up 1.5 of my available 2GB. When I go online and check what plan I have and stuff, it sais I have unlimited talk, text, and data. So if I have unlimited data, why am I being limited to 2GB? I’m not even half way through the month I have unlimited internet and I’ve already used up 1.5GB :(

steve answers:

T-Mobile does their data plans differently than other carriers.

You have the 2 GB data plan which is unlimited but once you go over 2 GB your data speed will be reduced but you will not be charged.

From T-Mobile:

Price plan includes $20 unlimited data. Unlimited high-speed data access (2GB at up to 4G speeds on capable devices). If you use up your 2GB of high-speed data, we will automatically reduce your speeds for the rest of your billing cycle. This means you will never have to worry about data overage.

Donald asks…

If i am only allowed 2gb of data a month on my phone, what happens if i go over?

Im on Verizon. I have used a lot. But if I was to go over what happens.

steve answers:

I have the same and my dad said if I do go over he has to pay extra depending how much you went over.

Charles asks…

How much data is 2GB for the Verizon plan?

I’m planning on getting an iPhone soon and of course I’m going to need data. I plan on buying the $30 a month 2GB data plan. Do you think that’s a lot? I’d stream a decent amount of music, play some games and use some apps throughout the day, maybe use the internet a bit, use YouTube a little bit and use some instant messaging apps for like msn. Oh, and a tiny bit of Facebook and some emails here and there.

Is 2GB enough for that? I can’t really afford anything more. ): I just don’t know how much that really is.
It’s an iPhone 4S so it’s not 4G. I’ll probably try to use wifi as much as possible just I really don’t know how much 2GB is. Sprint offers unlimited data but I can’t switch over. ):

steve answers:

2GB of data is 2GB.

Depends on what on what you define “decent” amount of music. I’m pretty sure you’ll have finished all of data, if you streamed for three hours straight.

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Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Upgrade

Lizzie asks…

I want to upgrade my graphic card??????????

Hi my computer is an hp pavilion elite m9040n…..my 8400 gs is fried and i wanna get a new video card.

On the official site of my computer it says that it has ddr2 memory something


i wanna upgrade mines to this one from new egg, would it work on my computer????

steve answers:

When it says that it supports DDR2 memory, that is the RAM type it supports. It doesn’t mean that the video card memory is restricted to DDR2.

Heck, there are GDDR4 and GDDR5 video cards out there. With that logic, no one could run them (the maximum is DDR3 for RAM sticks currently). So, obviously, there is something wrong with that.

Anyways, the GT220 is OK video card; but it’s nothing to jump through hoops about. My suggestion is to upgrade to a HD4670/HD4650. They both don’t take much power and it should give your PC the performance you want.

I hope this helps!

Joseph asks…

what is the best graphic card i can upgrade for my computer ?

Currently Installed Memory: 2.5GB
# CPU Family: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3600+ Model 15, Stepping 2
# CPU Speed: 2000 MHz

current graphic card: NVIDIAGeForce6150SEnForce


click on the URL to see the details

steve answers:

Your specs


Ok, you’ve got a 300W power supply and the 6150 is an integrated chipset that’s part of your motherboard, not a card. The good news is that you have a PCIe x16 slot.
If you want to know what graphics card can be used with your stock power supply, the general rule of thumb is, nothing that has a max power draw of more than 50W. Unless you want to upgrade your power supply for a better card, your options are limited.
The two best cards would be the GeForce 9500GT or Radeon HD 4650, with the 4650 being the better of the two.


This isn’t the cheapest 4650 I could find, the cheapest was $4 less, had half the memory, and doesn’t have free shipping, which is more than $4. It’s $44.99 after rebate.


Here’s video’s to help you install it.

Laura asks…

graphic card.??????????????

so i got a computer that came with a Nvidia 8400 gs….and its ddr2, can i buy a video card with gddr5?
here is my computer:


this is the graphic card i want

steve answers:

Yes you can but you should check the power supply specifications and see if it’s gonna meet the requirements for the video card you want to buy. If not you’ll have to upgrade the PSU too.

Maria asks…

Can i upgrade my hp pavillion dv600 video card?

right now i have an nvidia 7150m is it possible to upgrade it since some laptops cant be upgraded?

steve answers:

No , upgrade is not possible because laptop’s graphic (video ) card are integrated on to the motherboard. You can’t change it.

Mandy asks…

Can I upgrade my Hp Simline?

I have a HP Slimeline and im gonna buy Sims 3 which needs the power of a good graphic card; not my NVidia GeForce 6150…. So am I able to upgrade it to something like…NVidia GeForce 9800??

steve answers:

Unfortunately, your HP slimline is a very small computer with only 1 PCIe x16 slot and I believe it’s also a low profile system as well. (I’m looking at the specs for the Slimline S3700F) This means that you are excluded from being able to run any of the larger cards such as the 9800 GT. The best card that may possibly fit in your system is a lower budget card, but it wil be a tight fit and I dont believe your power supply will have the proper connections for many newer video cards. The only video card that I can be installed in your system is a DIAMOND BizView BV200 Radeon 9250 and it’s a low end card that fits int your PCI slot. That’s the slot on the bottom of your system that’s already taken up by another expansion slot. I would advise simply building a new computer that ISNT a slimline, low profile, or micro computer.

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Your Questions About 3rd Street Promenade

Sharon asks…

what bus do you take from lincoln blvd to get the third street promenade?

do I take the santa monica bus 3?
lincoln blvd santa monica that is to third street promenade

steve answers:

Well if you at santa monica and lincoln
you would take line 1 or metro 704
but you could also walk it its only 4 blocks
(lincoln is like 8th street) and third street promenade’
iis like 3rd street

Laura asks…

post cavity filling and tooth extraction?

today at around 10 i got two teeth cavities filled and one tooth extracted. would it be completely stupid of me to go walk around 3rd street promenade tonight at 5? also how long does it normally take for the effect of ibuprofen to kick in and the numbing effect from the novacain to wear off?

steve answers:

The anesthetic will wear off in 3-5 hours. If you feel okay you can go for a short leisurely walk tomorrow. Good luck.

Helen asks…

Buying fable:the lost chapters at the apple store?

I am 14 years old and I want to buy The video game “Fable the lost chapters” for mac but it is rated M. Do you think the people at the apple store on the 3rd street promenade today? are they strict about there rules there?
Yea my parents will not let me get it

steve answers:

Just get your parents to buy it for you unless you have strict parents or something.

William asks…

Fun for teens in Santa Monica?

I’ll be vacationing there for a week or so next month with my family, is there anything interesting there that I should check out? Cheap/free and fun stuff, things I can do on my own (only child), places where I could meet some new people, experiences I shouldn’t miss? I’m 16 btw.

Other than the pier and 3rd street promenade. Also, any good thrift stores there?

steve answers:

I second the other person’s recommendation of Venice. It has a lot of outdoor vendors and fun things to look at for free. You can take the Big Blue Bus around the west side. There are some good thrift stores. If you want a nicer second hand store, there’s a Crossroads right off the Promenade. You can google it. I would look on Yelp and enter the types of things you want to look for. There are lots of shopping neighborhoods to explore in LA. Since you’re staying in Santa Monica, there’s Brentwood, Westwood, Pacific Palisades, etc. And there’s also lots of chill hiking like Will Rodgers State Park. Hope you have fun!! :)

Paul asks…

I need 5 Ideas to do in los angeles today with my girlfriend. Think more like OC Fair which we did last week?

We live here so, we dont wanna go to the beaches or 3rd street promenade etc etc. We are not tourists. However are bored!! She is 20 I am 22 so with her not being 21 takes out TONS of things to do. Please advise and help!! Thanks!
lol your funny. I live by myself, my house is clean, and I work for a non-profit organization. LOL and VOLUNTEER ALL THE TIME. Sorry if you live alone and dont have someone to spend youR FREE TIME WITH!

steve answers:

We live here too- here are some of our faves

Irvine Spectrum- there are some rides, we usually go to cheescake factory or go to the improv and then coffee bean or a movie (our son loves to play in the kiddie fountain)

OC Fair has concerts every night- tonight is Martina McBride I think- tomorrow is Tears for Fears (we’re going)

Downtown Disney- eat dinner and hang out for the fireworks from DL

we like to go to karaoke box places (not bars- but places you can go in your own room with friends and sing/they serve food- but you don’t have to be of age.) There are some DT/KoreaTown and on the westside and in the south bay (We’ve been to
Orchid- Orchid Karaoke Club is located on the Corner of 6th & Oxford in Koreatown at 607 S. Oxford Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Peppermint- 11301 W. Olympic Blvd.
West Los Angeles, CA 90025
some in the south bay- like at western and carson is one called Max’s)

Been bowling lately? Find a place that has rock-n-bowl
We like Gable House in Torrance (Hawthorne/Sepulveda)

Been to mini-golf lately? We used to always go to the one right off the 405 in Redondo Beach or Castle Park in Sherman Oaks

Ice skating?

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Your Questions About Facebook

Michael asks…

How to stop facebook announcing to everyone that I am new?

I want to open a facebook account and I know that people will see that I am new to facebook. Can i stop facebook saying that I am new. If I can do that can u please tell me how to.
Thank you for ur help.

steve answers:

Do lots of things like uploading lots of pictures, add lots of friends, comment on lots of photos and statuses…then it shuld stop thinking that ur new

Thomas asks…

Is Facebook really going to start charging money?

Ok, I’ve seen several new groups and/or pages talking about Facebook charging money to use it next month.
Is this true?
Why are they doing this?
Why haven’t I gotten anything official from the Facebook people saying this?

steve answers:

No that would NEVER happen.

They wouldn’t make as much as they do now if they started to charge.
They have 300million active users right now, they have little advertising yet they make more a day then we could even dream of. If they started charging statistics show more then 80% of people would eventually become unactive. Facebook are smart people. THEY WOULD NEVER MAKE IT A PAYSITE. Facebook is like the 3rd most popular website next to google and youtube. They want to keep it like that.
If it became a pay website facebook would be soon forgotten and people would wind back at myspace.

If you like a laugh & giggle visit http://www.funniebook.com ! Love that site <3

Funny facebook statuses, status fails, funny comments, funny pictures..

Linda asks…

Does facebook preview really show what your page look like for others?

Does facebook preview (the one that you can select under privacy setting) really show what your page look like for others?

And what are the recent privacy changes on facebook?

Thank you.

steve answers:

Yes it does. One way to verify is have a friend log onto their page and look at yours. I don’t know of any recent privacy changes. You can personalize your privacy under account at the top right corner of your home page.

William asks…

How many young people use facebook in place of real human interaction?

I am alarmed to see the number of young people who think that if they don’t interact with someone on facebook, they can’t be friends or socialize with them outside of facebook.

I have also seen people wonder if a person is their friend or not, despite the fact they hang out in real life all the time, because they don’t talk much on facebook.

Is facebook replacing human interaction? Or am I just being a curmudgeon?

steve answers:

I can’t say anything because I never used it after sign up.

Lisa asks…

How does facebook know who my friends are on my yahoo messenger friends list?

In the People you may know section on facebook they are suggesting friends that I’ve never met in person who live in other states and have no mutual friends. How would facebook know that I know them?

steve answers:

When you signed up, you probably added your email address, and there is a check box that asks if you would like to allow facebook to add your contacts from that email address. You probably didnt uncheck it.

Not 100% sure, but i think you can remove your email contacts from your facebook ones in the settings somewhere.

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Your Questions About 2gb Ipod Shuffle

Richard asks…

what is best > sony mp3 walkman B Series 2gb or Apple ipod shuffle 2gb ?

so which one is the best in sound quality !! sony or Apple ?

steve answers:

Apple of course

Donna asks…

Problems with 2GB IPod Shuffle 2010?

Just got myself a 2GB ipod shuffle and i put music on it and it wont play them all it says is please use itunes to sync music to this ipod can anyone help me please

steve answers:

Its because the music sync was not complete. Connect ipod to itunes and delete all the songs and put them back again. Dont disconnect until it says ‘OK to disconnect’.

James asks…

Where can I find a 2GB Blue Ipod Shuffle?

and what does the Generation of an ipod mean?
How do i download music?
OMG theres more than 1 type of an Ipod Shuffle

steve answers:


the generation is the “levels” of the product.

Jenny asks…

Where can I buy a 2gb ipod not shuffle?

I only buy from stores not online.
Please help me.
if it’s 4gb thats ok.

steve answers:

They don’t sell 2GB not shuffles.

It goes like this:
1/2GB Shuffle

8/16GB Nano

120GB Classic

8/16/32GB Touch

Betty asks…



steve answers:

Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Pink (3rd Generation) $49.99


Also check out at Ebay

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