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Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Problems

John asks…

Why is my graphic card not working properly?

Hi, I have HP probook 4520s product: WT125EA and last month video card got fried so i took it to the tech and i got it back after 2 weeks with windows 7 Ultimate installed on it, so when i checked video card in device manager it said that i had Standart VGA graphics adapter, then i tried to install drivers from hp site and also used ATI self detection software however in first case when booting up windows was stuck at windows logo when booting up and worked in only safe mode or just showed me blank screen after windows logo and it was similar in second case however when i tried it again and uninstalled VGA graphics adapter and then installed drivers catalyst control center told me that there are no settings which can be changed so it won’t start and my video card name changed to VGAsave. Does all this mean that my video card is still damaged or i did something incorrectly? How can i fix this problem? By the way I don’t know what video card i have, i tried lot of software to find it out including pcwizard and others. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

steve answers:

Http://www8.hp.com/us/en/support-drivers.html?pageDisplay=support this site may help…

Susan asks…

graphics card driver for my laptop?

i have an amd radeon hd 7670m graphic card but when i was in the options of Tomb Raider game it was using intel hd 3000 graphic and was running like hell.
i have a hp pavillion g6 2137tx laptop with windows 8.
is radeon hd 7670m capable of playing directx 11 game like crysis 3? becuz when i started the game crysis 3 it was showing an error “DX11 Capable GPU is required”.
i have installed a amd catalyst driver but still it uses intel hd 3000 graphics card wht shud i do?

steve answers:

Go to ATI official website download amd radeon hd 7670m latest driver and install next restart your pc.
After restart when you want to launch the game right click on game icon Run with graphic processor and select radeon Card.
Laptop nowadays have multigraphic card, when i first bough laptop i have same problem now everything is solved.

Mary asks…

How do I fix my laptop that has graphic card problem?

my laptop is running windows vista ultimate. it has NDIVIA Geforce 8400.
for some reason, when i play game with high graphic demanded, the screen would freeze and then it will start show vertical lines across the screen. after a while it runs normal but then not for long those vertical lines would show up again. its happen more frequently now and i dont know what to do to fix it. i know the screen is fine so the only thing that has problem is my graphic card. i know it because after the windows running again a message would show up and let me know that its looking for solution to solve the NDIVIA problem.
Please help…. I need the computer for studying.

steve answers:

I dont think it would be as easy as replacing the card on the laptop. Laptops arent very repair friendly for those type of things.

The only thing I can think of is to UPGRADE your drivers. You can go here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_notebook_winvista_186.03_whql.html and download the latest driver, literally only a couple days old with that release.

But you may be best off going to your laptops manufacturers website, dell.com, hp.com, or whatever, and download it from there. That is you best bet, because laptop drivers are usually customized to perform best from the manufacturer.

Visit my website for further help….it’s new and I need the hits, sign up on the forum, and I’ll be glad to help you along the way.

Http://pcrepairnb.hostei.com/ <–my site

Charles asks…

tell me good graphic card of ATI or Nvidia.?

i want to buy a graphic card of ATI or Nvidia any.My budget is around $110. and it should run the latest games like crysis,call of duty5,wolfestien,prototype,etc in medium settings. My PC specs are

HP pavillion a6125in

1) 2 gb DDR2 Ram
2) intel core 2 duo processor
3) Windows Vista 32 bit

steve answers:

Here are the specs for your pc……


you do have a open PCIe slot on the motherboard so you can install a PCIe video card….there may be a problem using one though depending on your power supply..the specs don’t list it….but im guessing its a 300w to 350w unit possibly….if that’s the case,(your gonna have to find out what you have…open the case and look at the label on the power supply)…your best bet is to go with the radeon hd 4670…there around 65.00 to 100.00 bux depending on the manufacture…

They don’t require any 6 pin power connector from the power supply as the card draws all of its power from the PCIe slot….about 70w max under-load…..so if you do have a 300w to 350w unit it will run it fine…..if its only 250w it wont run it…..or it will but will become very unstable and fry and maybe take some other hardware with it…..so its best to make sure what you have…….

Here is a list of the 4670′s======


the gigabyte ,asus,xfx and the HIS are the best cards out of those listed……..


Ruth asks…

Hp Pavilion dv6000 black screen problem? HELP!?

I was on my laptop and then suddenly my screen went faint black. When i tryed to reboot it was still faint black. The lights on it work and the screen is turned on but it just stays black. I tryed removing the battery and power cord and holding the power button for 60 seconds but that dididn’tork either. Please help me without my computer i am fucked.

steve answers:

The DV6 series is well known for graphic card/screen failure. I’ve had 3 in for that this year!

Try a different monitor, if it doesn’t work it’s the graphics chip/card.
If it does, it’s the screen.

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Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Problems

Joseph asks…

Laptop screen size problem?

I have a HP Compaq 6710b with Windows Vista. Since my last internet update the desktop has downsized and is not taking up the whole screen. I can’t change the resolution, and I don’t know if it’s related but since this happened, I can’t put it into hibernation. Can someone help me, please?

steve answers:

Try finding your graphic card drivers and updating them (you can find them on the HP website or on the official site of your card’s brand)

Nancy asks…

Problem with HP Pavilion zv6000 notebook?

I got a HP Pavilion zv6000 notebook for my b-day. recently it crashed and we couldn’t find the recovery disk so we got a new hardrive. Then I tried to install some games. (Spore, Oblivion, Bioshock, and some others) But when I tried to open them they all had a graphic related problem. Spore was: Could not create the Graphics Device, Direct X is not available. (1002).but I made sure Direct X 9.0 was installed. I looked for my video card on my Device Manager and their wasnt one. I look at some other methods and still, no video card. I had a video card before I got the knew hardrive because spore worked fine and I didnt take out the video card. If there’s a disk, I cant find it,

Does anyone know if theres a download I can use. Or a Video card i can buy thats compatible with my laptop? Any help would be great, Thanks!!

steve answers:

You probably just need to redownload and install the drivers for your video card since you lost them when you changed harddrives. Check the original specs of your laptop to find out what video card you have, then go to the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers. You will probably need to restart your computer afterwards for this to take effect.

Hopefully that helps!

Helen asks…

Problem in Laptop Graphics…………..?

I have a HP Pavilion g6 2307TX laptop with dual graphics – Intel HD 4000 and AMD Radeon HD 7670M. However the graphics lag even when I play games like Plants vs Zombies or Bejeweled 3??? My drivers are up to date and I believe I did switch to AMD Graphics when playing. Is there any problem with the settings or is the graphic card that bad? lol

steve answers:

Some settings or hardware problem .
I7 3632QM is an excellent processor .Its Graphics HD is sufficient for playing a lot of 3D games-Need for speed Shift,Call of Duty 4,Crash Time 4 ,…AMD Radeon 7670M is a good 3D graphics card.A lot of games playable with it .See some titles from the link below.


7670M is about 2x faster than HD 4000 and is equal to Geforce GT 630

William asks…

instaled a new graphics card now i have a sound problem?

i got a the ati radeon hd 4670, wich is a great card i believe

i have a on board sound card and now i cant hear anyhting but the graphic card works perfectly

thanks for the answers
whats the problem and how can i fix it, i have a hp pavilion a1330n and its like 2005 but still works great

steve answers:

I had that problem with a Compaq computer after I installed a TV capture card. The sound was there but it was very low volume, sometimes it was distorted too.

At first I thought a critical Microsoft update had clobbered the driver for the RealTek audio, as that was reported to be a problem at the same time I installed the card. I installed the driver update, but the problem remained.

I removed the TV capture card and reinstalled the original software from my first backup – but nothing I did would fix the problem.

I finally decided that when I installed the card, the metal at the bottom of the card bracket had hit the tiny components on the motherboard near the edge of the motherboard and the case frame, and damaged one of them, causing the audio circuitry to fail to operate properly.

Without a schematic or part layout for the motherboard, I don’t know what parts to replace, and there is no way to repair it with the correct parts.

The motherboard makers are trying to use all the space on the board, but this is one place no components should be located, as it is difficult to guide the bracket correctly into the thin space between the motherboard and the case, due to the coax connectors on the TV capture card.

I uninstalled the audio driver for the on-board audio, then rebooted and went into the BIOS to disable the on-board audio circuitry. Then I shut down the computer.

After removing power from the computer, I installed an audio card, using up one of my three PCI slots, and then turned the power back on to the computer, and installed the software drivers from the supplied CD. Later, Microsoft Update had a driver update for that card and I installed that.

Works fine !

Paul asks…

quick question about pc graphic cards?

so after hooking up my old desktop hp pavilion 750n i realized that the main vga connection was not showing an image on the monitor, so i connected it the vga cable to the pci graphics card i had installed in it years earlier and it gave my a picture but the screen turns black after the windows xp loading screen. after doing some research i found out to start the computer on safe mode (with the vga cable hooked up on the graphic card and that worked, so is my problem a software issue or is it hardware? what do i do now in safe mode to fix my problem?

steve answers:

I had a 8400gs that did that to and i took it to a comp shop what happened was that the card was working to hard by that i mean the settings was set to high for it to handle so if you start the computer it already is running faster then it should then if you open up for say a game it runs double the speed it should then it basically one burns up like my card did or two jams itself making like you said the screen go black don’t know if we had the same problem but sounds like what i had

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Your Questions About 2gb Of Data

Linda asks…

What happens if I go over my T Mobile 2gb data plan?

well guys I’m a teenager and I really dont want my parents taking away my phone…well anyway I got a samsung galaxy s 4g and yeah I got unlimited everything and my data plan is unlimited 2gb..well anyway I used up 75% ant T Mobile sent me a text saying “High speed data usage for this line is nearing the maximum allowed with this plan for the current billing cycle. Once the maximum has been reached, this line will still have data access at slowed speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle.” So will I still have to pay if I use data? and also my new billing cycle is today but my data hasnt reset at all 0.0 yeah weird I thought it was supposed to reset at midnight

steve answers:

No, you don’t have to pay nothing extra to T-mobile, after you reach your 2GB monthly limit, connection will be slow but “real” unlimited. So, don’t worry about it, but it will be annoying after fast to go slow.

Nancy asks…

16gb iphone 4 for Verizon, is 2gb data plan enough?

So i plan on buying the iphone 4 16gb for verizon. the $30 2GB data plan is what i want to get but i dont understand how much internet time that is. Can someone help me out? or explain what you have and if its plenty or not? (my house has wifi too if that helps)
im 17yrs old. i have a itouch (wifi only obviously) and occasionally use facebook and things like FML app and things like that. sooo help me out with understanding all of this? pleasee and thank you.
the occasional thing i would do outside of wifi would be to google something. i dont even feel the need to do that now (if i was able to) but im just predicting the “if i were ever…”

steve answers:

Whether the $30 data plan is enough data depends 100% on how and where you use your phone. It has nothing to do with whether it’s a 16GB or 32GB phone.

The things that use the most data are downloading/buying apps and games and music and videos, using video chat, or streaming music or videos (like Pandora or YouTube). If you do a lot of this you can use a lot of data very quickly. But simple stuff like emails, facebook updates, FML and such uses very little data.

But when your phone is on WiFi, none of that data actually uses your Verizon data plan – the Verizon data is only used up when your phone isn’t on WiFi and is using the phone network for data instead of WiFi.

So, based on what you’ve said – that you have WiFi at home, and that you don’t do things that use a ton of data anyway – it sounds like the $30 data plan will be fine for you. You can still do the things that use a lot of data, but just try to do them when you’re on WiFi (you’ll be able to tell based on the icon the phone shows at the top of the screen).

Lizzie asks…

Should I get an AT&T Android phone with an unlimited data plan or the verizon thunderbolt with a 2gb data plan?

I have had an AT&T for some time now and have always had unlimited data for 30 dollars a month. Verizon no longer offers unlimited data unless you had it before but I really want a droid. A lot of people say that the thunderbolt is the best android phone. I right now have an iphone, my contract is up in august and I wanna get a droid. Should I get an AT&T droid with unlimited data plan or the verizon thunderbolt with 2gb data plan?

p.s. I browse internet, check e-mail, and watch about 1 hour of youtube a day. Also if I should stay with AT&T unlimited data which Android should I get?
I forgot to mention that I also use it to talk on aim and go on facebook from time to time

steve answers:

Unless you’re going to modify your usage, stick with the unlimited plan. 2gb doesn’t go far if you’re streaming for an hour every day.

Sandy asks…

How does at&t data pro works?

So i have the Samsung Focus from at&t with 2gb data plan. And i was wondering how does the data plan works? Like is it 2gb a day or a month because yesterday i check my data usage and i had use 130mb of 2gb and today i check it again and it say 13mb of 2gb.

I check both by txt msg and the at&t wireless app. Yesterday i check at night and today at morning

steve answers:

It is 2GB Per month. In technical terms, and for the purpose of AT&T’s data plans, there are 1,024 MB in a GB, so therefore you get 2,048MB per month with your DataPro plan. I believe either your bill cycle ended at midnight, or you may have misread the text about your data usage. You can check your data usage by dialing *DATA# and then the call key at any time on your AT&T device. If you need additional help or explination you can reach AT&T customer service at 1-800-331-0500 or 611 from your phone.

Thomas asks…

how long will 2gb of data memory last me for an iphone 4s ?

Just wondering on how long or is 2gb good for every month for a data plan on the iphone 4s for AT&T

steve answers:

Two gigs is OK if you dont do a lot of skype calls and watch high def videos all the time

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Your Questions About Hp Graphic Card Upgrade

Laura asks…

what do you need to upgrade my graphic card to nvida 9800?

i need to buy a new graphic card and my frind tell me that nvida 9800 is the best and he tell me that not every pc work on it
before i buy it i need to ask you what my PC need to install the graphic card

my computer (desktop) it hp pavilion slimline
it have 289 GB hard desk
3 GB ram
it is have Intel core 2 duo CPU 2.26 GHz
and my graphic card is nvida geforse 7100

tell me if i can install the new graphic card to nvida 9800
or what i need to install it to my PC

steve answers:

Yep there are PCIe and AGP slots to fit Graphics Cards so if you have an PCIe x16 slot then that is what you need so look it up with the exact Model and Serial Number at HP it even checks all the spec’s for you and writes them down if you want to go HP support to be sure what Card slot you have

Helen asks…

I Have HP Slimline Desktop with GeForce 7100 Graphics card.?

I want to upgrade it to latest Graphic card. Say GeForce 8600 GT 512 MB.
I dont want to remove existing 7100 Graphics card cause I have 3 years warranty with that.
Will my Desktop work with 2 Grapics Cards ?
Will my new Graphics card fit in my Slimline CPU ?
Which is the latest Graphics card that I should upgrade to ?
And What is the Cost?

steve answers:

We really need to know your model computer. Most likely you do not have an actual video card. You have an on board integrated Nvidia graphics controller. There is also an Nvidia 7100 GS graphics card that is an actual video card. You can not use both cards (in either case if you currently have integrated or a separate card). You need to post the model most video cards will not fit in the slim lines (physically) and the slim lines have smaller than average power supplies in terms of watts.

Donald asks…

Graphic Card Question….?

I have HP Pavilion G6-1302TX (http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&docname=c03191354).I Know It says that it has 1 GB DEDICATED ATI Radeon 7450HD.So as far as i know Dedicated graphic cards can be upgraded,but i did some research on Laptop graphic card up-gradation & i found out that most of the people say that it cant be done.So i want a perfectly detailed & sure shot answer whether it can be done or not.I am thinking of upgrading it to any other High end 2 GB ATI Radeon Card……..Also can I change it to Nvidia Graphic cards ???Plz refer to link given……
Also I am providing the details of my graphic card using GPUZ….Can you tell me weather its a good,bad or the worst card…I really need to know if i have made a wrong decision by buying this laptop/GPU…


steve answers:

Your notebook does NOT have a replaceable card PERIOD. That’s all you need for details. You have what’s in it. You want better graphics, you buy a better pc.

Robert asks…

I have HP Touchsmart 506, is there anyway to upgrade the hardware such as memory RAM and graphic Card?

steve answers:

Take it to the computer shop, or know what make – model your motherboard is, to know what ram and graphic card you can upgrade to. You can use lavalys everest to do this. For ram, you can use kingston.com to track which kind of ram card is ideal for your pc. It has a choosing app in the website.

Sandy asks…

what graphic card can i upgrade to or use in my machine?

ok i have a very crap graphic card its a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

my computer is a Compaq presario SR5401UK
my specs are
AMD Sempron(tm) Dual Core Processor 2100 1.80GHz
32 – bit OS
(RAM) 8.00 GB (2.87 GB usuable)
Win 7
i think i have a PCI bus, there is a black one with a lever in my motherboard and a white one in my mother card and a very small black slot in my motherboard.
my power supply is 230V ( well thats what it says on the back of the machine)

on device manager it sez ACPI x86 based PC ( dunno if this helps at all)

pls help me wht graphic card shud i buy that will actually work for me?? im confuzed with these kind of things.
so many graphic cards which one can i upgrade to so i can play games better!!

steve answers:

Your machine has 3 PCI-e slots, one is a PCI-e x16 slot for a video card


The 230V on the power supply only means that you are in Europe or a country that uses 230V AC power. It doesn’t signify how much power the supply provides to the computer, that would be the output Watts rating of the PS. But typically, budget machines like this have a weak power supply because it is one place they can save money on production. If your PS is under 350W, you can only choose video cards that do not need supplementary power, so you will only be able to install an entry-level gamer card.

BTW if you have 8 GB in the machine you are wasting 5/8ths of it because you have a 32 bit version of Windows

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Your Questions About 3rd Person

Mandy asks…

How to write only in 3rd person, is my line considered third person?

Is the line “These are all interesting things that you will learn throughout this essay.” considered 1st or 2nd person lines? i can only have 3rd person lines in my essay but i’m not god with identifying 1st,2nd,and 3rd person phrases.Dose any one have a better alternative sentence then the one above but says basically the same thing in meaning?

steve answers:

It is in second person. You is used for second person. Try “These are all interesting things that will be learned throughout this essay.”

Linda asks…

Any suggestion on how to improve on writing in 3rd person?

I usually write in 1st person, but I think my story would be better in 3rd. Any suggestions on writing in 3rd person?
I feel like all I’m writing is this person did this, then they did that. Then another person did this.
Any help would be wonderful.
Sorry if I’m being vague.

steve answers:

Pretend you are in your story and you are invisible. Close your eyes and imagine everything happening then write it down.

Joseph asks…

Is there a 3rd person camera view in morrowind?

i picked it up today in the sales and installed it on my computer. i didn’t realise it was 1st person view and i hate that. couldn’t see where to change the camera view to 3rd person. can I?

steve answers:

There is a 3rd person camera view in Morrowind, only i cant quite remember how to change it on the computer. On the xbox it was the right thumb-stick, i prefer the 1st person easier to steal lots of things quickly :) .

If you bring up the menu in game you can check the controls there should be a change view or something similar.

You defiantly can :)

Michael asks…

how does 3rd person omniscient affect the novel Of Mice and Men?

I am reading the book Of Mice and Men and I know that the novel is written in 3rd person omniscient but I cant figure out how it affects the novel?

steve answers:

Because if it was told soley from the point of lenny of goerge (i believe that is his name) you would only be getting one persons veiw. By writing in 3rd person stienbeck is able to convey bith sides of the story

Mary asks…

What is better to write in 1st or 3rd person?

Okay I love to write in 1st person for stories but I notice most of the stories I read do it in 3rd person. Is 3rd person better? Can some one give me some pros and cons of using 1st and 3rd person.

steve answers:

I personally like 1st person better because you get inside the head of the main character/narrator and it feels like your there.
Check out these sites, they might help you:



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