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Your Questions About Hp Support | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Hp Support

Robert asks…

HP support assistance should be uninstall or not ?

i have a new pc from compaq & it has some preinstalled software lik HP support assistance so should i keep it or uninstall it bcoz as i heard from hp call center is tht we indians dont have online support i.e our computer cant be repaired online . as lik another countries? so should i delete this software ?

steve answers:

Hi:)It is recommended to have a copy of the software if u move to other countries! I’m also using compaq but i’m getting many good things and info from the HP Support Assistant! If have a lot of space in your disk, then use it! Otherwise uninstall and just have a copy of the Setup file!

Joseph asks…

What should you do if a HP Support Chat person says to download something illegal?

I asked him a question about a game, and he gave me a link to download it for free…..
(illegal, and NO i didnt download it)

steve answers:

Contact HP customer service and report it. Or you can report it to your local authorities and they may look into it.

Here is a link that may help you out…


Nancy asks…

How much ram can my HP Pavilion a705w support?

I’ve tried looking it up but there’s sites that say it could support up to 2 GB of ram and other sites that say it could only support up to 1 GB of ram. There’s another computer “HP Pavilion A705w (Walmart exclusive or whatever)” and it says that it could support up to 2 GB of ram. Is my computer the one that supports up to only 1 GB or the other? I’m confused?

steve answers:

Since there are apparently different variants of that model with different maximum RAM capacities, I suggest going to Crucial’s website and running their system checker. It will scan your system and tell you exactly what’s installed, and what upgrade options are available. They’ll include prices for their memory, which you can compare against other vendors.

Daniel asks…

windows 7 hp help and support now opens in notebook how do i fix?

I have a new laptop with windows 7 built in. Everything was working fine but I noticed the other day my hp solution center was not working the same and now i tried to use hp help and support but when i click on icon it opens up in notepad. I don’t no what to do. Help please.

steve answers:

Hi Jennifer,

I am not quite sure how your HP support appeared before, but you can reach HP support here: http://h71036.www7.hp.com/hho/us/en/pclc/articles/hp-support-assistant.html. When you reach out to them, you can ask about reaching them through that icon on your laptop :)

Microsoft Windows Outreach

Donna asks…

Does anyone know where HP Support is located and staffed? We find it nearly impossible to communicate with th

in 12/2007 we purchased a HP Pavillion Laptop. We had to return it for warranty servicing a week after we got it because the power jack was not functioning. Less than three months later the same problem came back. The HP agent wants us to ship it back again. Unfortunately we do not have a shipping address because we are travelling in a motor home. The HP agent seems unable to comprehend this.

steve answers:

Check out the link below, look down to the bottom, and click on » Locate an HP service center (U.S.)

Most Best Buys are authorized HP Care centers.

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