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Your Questions About Laptops For Kids Age 7 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Laptops For Kids Age 7

Joseph asks…

Survey for anyone 13+?

This is kind of just for fun. I’m trying to entertain myself.

1.] Your age?
2.] Male or female?
3.] Single or taken?
4.] Celebrity crush (if you have one), and why that person?
5.] One turn off when it comes to the opposite sex?
6.] One turn on?
7.] What’s one thing you want to do before you die?
8.] What’s one thing you want to do in 2012?
9.] What are you hoping for for Christmas this year?

For me, it’s:
1.] 17
2.] Female
3.] Taken
4.] Mine would have to be Adam Levine. Gotta love a built, well-inked man. And not only is he hot, but his voice makes my heart orgasm!
5.] Arrogance.
6.] A friendly nature.
7.] Before I die? Get married and have kids.
8.] I want to post one picture each day in 2012 on Facebook of something I did that day. It seems stupid, but it’s a good way to remember good and bad times throughout the year, a way to look back on what I did and learned and how I changed.
9.] A laptop and iTunes cards!

steve answers:

1.] Your age?
Nineteen (:

2.] Male or female?

3.] Single or taken?
Single & ready to mingle :P

4.] Celebrity crush (if you have one), and why that person?
I don’t really have one, but if I had to choose, I’d say Bruno Mars. He’s not that great looking, IMO, but he has a heart of gold, and that’s what matters most to me.

5.] One turn off when it comes to the opposite sex?

6.] One turn on?
A sense of humor.

7.] What’s one thing you want to do before you die?
Swim in a pool of jello.

8.] What’s one thing you want to do in 2012?
Lose weight – preferrably 15 to 20 lbs.

9.] What are you hoping for for Christmas this year?

Jenny asks…

Is it normal to be this detached?

I’m going to go straight into this, I’m terrible with explaining…

I’m a year 7 student, and I’ve got all year 9 grades, in some subjects I’m at GCSE level too. Since I started getting these levels (around year 5-6 I shot up two levels in each subject) I started feeling a bit more accepted (I’ve always felt a loner) because of all the praise I was getting from teachers and peers. I wasn’t a show off, but I dind’t mind showing my work or anything. I was always a bit embarrassed about being a high achiever for my age.

Since I joined secondary school, I’ve gone up in most levels instantly, and I’d get pulled aside by teachers to be told. I felt embarrassed, so I’ve just stopped caring. I haven’t gone down, I’ve been going up, but I don’t see the point in trying, everything in school is too easy, and there is no way to be awarded without standing in assembly, which is embarrassing. Everything is simple, and I’m going along like everyone. But the thing is, I joined school and deliberately didn’t mix with the more popular children; I went up to the more lonely children and now I’ve got friends everybody else hates but I find them normal. Most of them are going through hard times, like divorce, and I can show empathy, and guide them thorough it. But I don’t feel attached to them at all. I feel like I’m just a person in their life, and they’ll forget about me sooner or later, I’m not significant. I’m not pretty, I’m not funny, I’m just the boring girl with the braces.

I’m only attached to one friend, and she’s very depressed, and we talk often even though we hardly ever meet.

I’m not attached to relatives either. Many have died over the last two years, and I just took it in, it didn’t affect me. I’d just say ‘ok’ and let my life continue. I don’t care for my parents either; they buy me gifts, like games consoles and laptops on any day I wish, but it feels like they’re trying to buy me. I recently got a Mac Pro, which cost over a grand. I just took it in. Of course I was appreciative, but it was more faux. They never tell me they love me, and I can’t say it myself, even if I’m lying or forced.

Also, most of the popular people come up to me and say ‘I hate you’ or try to trip me and I don’t react. It just washes over, it doesn’t affect me. I could walk away from anyone in my life whenever. I don’t really care. Mostly I feel like I’m being pushed on academically, it’s like what used to make ‘me’ was the brainy kid, now I couldn’t care less.

Is it normal to be this heartless? I feel faux and like I don’t matter to anyone.

There is only two real people I want in my life: one friend (the depressive) and a guy, whom is a friend, but we only talk in lessons. He just matters to me.

What is wrong with me? Am I an idiot?

steve answers:

Hi Boulevard of,

Interesting questions.

I really don’t think anything is “wrong” with you or that you are abnormal. Some people are “people persons,” meaning that people are important to them; others not so much so. It varies in degrees.
There really is no “normal,” just variations of personality and character. We all have strengths and weaknesses.

Your strength is apparently not in being a “social animal,” a party type. I suspect that you are introverted (“I’ve always felt a loner”), and therefore you don’t make friends easily or trust others easily–in a way that is good. The too trusting are often hurt.

You like to associate with the “lonely” types because you know they will need your companionship, that is for the most part. It is easier to fell needed, wanted, by them. Nothing wrong with that either. Really. You are a help to them; you make them feel more accepted.

I think your not having feelings of affection, caring, or attachment to relatives and others is a defense mechanism. It shields you from the hurt others can cause you. That too is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially since you care about some people.

I think you are honest, for the most part, with yourself. You don’t like to pretend you care when you don’t.

If you are introverted, that is not a bad thing. Some others will look down on you. Even some misinformed psychologists at times. Ever heard in the movies “He’s an loner, an underachiever.” Preferring to be alone is taken as a psychological problem, often leading to criminality, etc. It’s simply not true. Introverts get their energy from within, from being alone and working out things on their own. Extroverts tend to need other people around them and involved with them. They get their energy from other people. The Ken and Barbie types are usually more popular, though, aren’t they. But popularity can be a type of prison, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Back to you. If you prefer to be alone, or at the most with a close friend or two and find groups uncomfortable, you are very likely introverted. I suggest for you, strongly, 3 things:

1. Go to this website and take the free test: http://www.keirsey.com/ Try to answer the questions factually, not with answers you think will make you look good (a tendency we can all have at times). You want accuracy. When you get your 4-letter score (like INTJ, for example), look it up at Wikipedia.org and read up about your personality/temperament. You may be surprised at the accuracy.

2. If you scored as an introvert, get this book “The Introvert advantage” and read it cover to cover. It will help.

3. You’re definitely not an idiot, nor a freak or abnormal person. But keep doing good in school. It isn’t the awards that matter or the grades ultimately (although some people will judge you by such things) but continuing to develop you ability to think, reason, listen to your intuition, and so on. That is important. Seek to strengthen you strengths more and your weaknesses when you can. And, realize that you will need to develop your social skills a bit too, mainly so that you can get by in life.

I know all this because I myself am strongly introverted. I’m less than a month from 70. I had a successful carrier in government, am happily retired, the father of two great happily-married gals and grandfather to 6 fun grandchildren. I learned to speak in public with confidence most of the time, and on and on. In other words, if I can do it, and I did, you can too.

Best wishes.

Michael asks…

What should i do? help pleasE? what do you think?

So, I had a neighbor for about 7 years now. We barly started talking like 3 years ago. When I was 15, and now im 18. So, yea we finaly started talking because of my other neighbor and we exchanged numbers. Then we talked alot. Like maybe twice a week but long time. And on holidays we would be on the phone all day.Especially valentines day. I dont know if he just wanted to be friends because I dont know why else would he like to be on the phone with someone younger. And he would call me all the time. And we were cool friends. And yes I kinda had feelings for him. Then his phone got disconnected and we didnt talk no more. So then he had a myspace and had no pic so i took him of my top and forgot about him, then on 4th of july he called me and asid how i was doing and stuff. And he had sold me a laptop for 50 dollars also, but havent paid him until i get the piece i ordered to see if it works. So then he called me and we talked for about a few minutes, then he said try not to send him messages on myspace, i was like ok. I forgot about his myspace and hadnt sent him messages in a long time. Then he has a girlfriend right, a few months ago, at the begining he didnt. He barly got her. She wrote comments about me on his page saying who am i and that she aint jealous kuz she hot and im not and blah blah. And then i told him to erase me and ma number so his bi*ch wont say nothing. And then he said no its not like that. Then i told him ima pay him his laptop right after i get the piece back and he said i can have it. And then he said dont erase me. And then I told him it was nice having him as a friend. And its been 2 weeks and we havent talked. What do you think? Oh yea she has cheated on him and has a kid, my other guy friend told me she ***** with dudes in the clubs and parties every friday and saturday. Also when we had that arguement later on that day he told my friend tat showed us each other told me that he called him and told him about our arguement. Why would he tell him? I dont know what now. I miss having him as a friend and I think she is going to do him dirty, also he has a cute brotehr that barly moved in. Should I talk to him? He is kinda cute and my age!

steve answers:

If he is interested in you he will find any way to talk to u.

Ken asks…

not focused as i used to be. help?

i am a rising sophomore at a competitive university. i feel that i am not as focused as i used to be. in fact i worked the hardest when i was in 7th grade (i know it sounds really crazy, but i’m from a country in asia where kids are forced to study at early ages). at that time nothing really distracted me. no laptop, no boombox, no females (i went to an all boys’ school in 7th grade), etc. Back in 7th grade, i was so disciplined that i could sleep for just 3-4 hours and then wake up to study. I worked pretty hard in high school and now i am attending one of the most selective schools in the US, but i am easily distracted and not performing as well as i did in 7th grade. the second semester of my freshman year was relatively weak. i aspire to go to a top med school, so i need to get my life together and work as hard as i can. at the same time, there are things i can’t live without; music, workin out, etc. what should i do to become more focused and efficient?
i don’t smoke. what the heck. i neither drink nor smoke. i don’t believe in substance abuse.

steve answers:

I would seek help on campus find a counsler there and speak to him or her about this. Also speak with your instructors too let them know you are struggling. My college professor told me that if one studies for twenty minutes that is more than enough cause the brain grasps the first twenty minutes and shuts down after that. She said to study in small doses.
Find a study group too that might help too.
You can do that you have kind of lost your discpline but you an have it back do this in baby steps and don’t over load yourself.
You can do this!!
Best wishes,

Lizzie asks…

Self harming – should i tell my mum?

Hi guys,
I’m sorry this is such a long story but to be able to undertstand i believe you have to know the background and where it all came from.
To start with I’m 16 :)
Right, it started about 2 months back,i was at my dads house cleaning, he payed me to clean occasionaly whilst he was at work (he works shifts) and i got a bit bored so i went on his laptop on facebook and stuff when i found liks in his faves section to teenage porn websites. i was absoulty disgusted but i didn’t really know what was going on but something in my couldn’t leave it at that i had to know so i did soem investigation. gosh i wish i hadnt….
.I looked around his house then in his room under his bed i found a massive suitcase full of porn stuff – there were about 50 discs, mags everything it was horrific, disgusting beyond words but not as vile as what i found next. I knew he was into the porn stuff i found some stuff on his comp when i was younger but i had to know whether it was child porn or not. i put a few of the dics into the comp and my heart dropped there were loads and loads of child porn pics, some of the kids were like 6, 7 some of them were my age some of them looked like me when i was younger. i like froze i couldn’t even cry i couldn’t move or anything.i then did something really silly i took the disc i coudln;t bear the thought of this perv lookinghis looking at it again i thought i could be evidence or something.
I didn’t tell anyone for 3 weeks, it was horrible i coluldn’t sleep/concentrate and was getting angry. i tryed to tell my mum i ended up telling some of my closest friends who persuaded me to talk to this teacher at school, she is like the welfare officer and my eng teacher and i know her really well she helped my best mate last yr and i trust her. I told her everything and the next day she phoned the police – i wasnt navie i knew by telling her this would happen and i guess by telling her i wanted it to be over. telling her took my ages, i so nearly walked away but i didn’t. i made the right decision – and still stand by it now
So the next day she phoned the poilice they were in school within 20mins, i hid and cryed my eyes out my friends were crying i couldn’t even talk – this was at break while we were waiting. she then found me and persuaded me to talk to them- i had come this far .so shetook me to the police, they interviwed me- i dont even remmeber it i just remember sitting there with everybody.
I had to tell my mukm everything when she got home. The police took the disc, then searched his house – there were 3 poilce vans, he was arrested and they found an awful lot of evidence and he later got bailed but has been charged with a lot the trial is near my gcses, he wil get anythin from between 5 moths – 3 years. then in the evening the police came round they wanted me to give evidennce at the station but i ran away for a few hours until they were gonem -i couldn’t handle it, it had been the day from hell and i wanted to escape get out. i was the worst day of my life!
My dad then ran away to thailand to 3 weeks, that wimp, he never faces up to it,stupid man!.
I miss him but at the same time i hate him. he knows it was me that did this and we can never have a proper realtionship again – hes gone forever. I’m really angry at him and what hes done and scared that maybe he took advantage of me when i was younger. The worst thing is hes got to me, i started self harming on the night everything happended – 3 months ago i just couldn’t bear it anymore, i just wanted anything to make me feel that little bit better.
It was such a horrible time, my head was everywhere and tbh it still is – i miss him so much yet i’m so angry at him. I told my best friends and they convinced me to go see my teacher at school and i was able to get help there and things started to go better. I havent harmed for about a week now – i wouldb’t say i was addicted, i would say i didn’t want to stop. I kept me sane, it kept me acting as though everything on the surface was totally normal even though underneath it was a different story – i had to stay strong i couldn’t let peopel i know i wasn’t okay. I would say that i did have control over it, i knew it was bad but i still did it regardless because it was what i had to do at the time. Now i’m left with lots of scars at the top of my thighs, they are the most disgusting things ever, they make me feel physically sick looking at them! and i dont know what to do about holiday in july (greece) because i used to always wear a bikini and my mum think its really odd.
Also how do i actually tell her?How would you approch the subject?
Thanks guys :) xx

steve answers:

I would tell her. Seeing that all this stuff has happened to you, shouldn’t she understand? As a mother, I think she would. So definitely tell her.

On the other hand, you should try to stop self-harming for good after this. What happened with your father had to happen and even if you miss him or feel bad that he had to run away, there is nothing you can do about it. You did the right thing by telling on him; at that rate it seems that he may have gone down eventually anyway so it was better late than never. But you needn’t feel bad, because you are young and have a life to live! Just let time work its magic and enjoy your holiday as best you can. [=

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