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Your Questions About Tablet Notebook Or Laptop | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Tablet Notebook Or Laptop

Richard asks…

What is a good laptop/notebook for graphic design?

I would like to know what would be a good choice.
I will need one that is touch screen, so that I may draw on it.
I want it to have a keyboard and swivel screen so that it can sit like a tablet.
I can not find any good sites about computers or anything helpful.
I have also wondered whether or not the iPad would be good enough? I doubt it.

steve answers:

IPad is definitely not good enough if you want to do anything professional, touch pads are pretty much worthless when it comes to drawing too (have you ever tried to draw by putting ink on your fingers instead of using pens or brushes? I thought so.).

You will need a fairly powerful PC (no monster, but upper medium class at least) to do anything serious. Just tell your local tech store merchants you want to get a PC suitable for multi media editing. For drawing, you’d want to get a graphics tablet to get input as accurate as if you were drawing with an actual pen (takes a bit of time to get used to because normally there is no screen on those things, so you can’t look at your hands while doing it, but you will get used to that pretty quick). Depending on what you want to do, I’d suggest you the Bamboo or the Intuos from Wacom for graphics tablet.

George asks…

Can you use a tablet with a Notebook?

My birthday is this coming Tuesday on the 20th, and I really want a tablet so I can get better at digital drawing. However, I only have a small mini-Laptop, or Notebook. I was wondering if it’s even possible to use with it.

steve answers:

Tablet for digital drawing, i dont think so…..

Mark asks…

Will spray cleaners damage my Tablet Laptop screen?

I have a Convertable Tablet Notebook computer from Gateway and i was wondering- would the spray or wet-nap type cleaners for computer screens damage my screen?

steve answers:


Recommended cleaning of LCD screen

50% Isopropyl Alcohol
50% Water.

Use a SOFT cloth. Dampen with the 50/50 mixture, rub screen lightly, then lightly dry with dry SOFT cloth. IF you lightly dampen your initial cloth, then you may not need to dry the screen. It may evaporate on it’s own.

This is the official Manufacturer’s recommended way of cleaning LCD screens.

Laura asks…

I’m going back to college and wonder what if any computer is a wise purchase?

Should I get a notebook, smartphone, tablet, laptop or just use good old binders and pencils?

steve answers:

Either a laptop or a desktop and a cheap netbook. Paper and pencils are good for taking notes, but you need a computer too. Smartphones and tablets make poor replacements for a full computer.

Paul asks…

What’s better for college: a laptop, a notebook, an iPad, or any other tablets?

I mainly want one to take notes during class, for word processing, power points, and for surfing online for research. I would like for it to be somewhat fast to turn on and have a 5+ battery life at least. Any suggestions?

steve answers:

A laptop, The others aren’t really going to help you in the college life. And a Toshiba does work pretty well, I have it and hasn’t failed at all. But don’t get an HP those overheat quick and have a low battery lifetime. My old HP died completely and won’t turn back on because it overheated.

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