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Your Questions About Hello Kitty Coloring Pages | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Donald asks…

Hello Kitty coloring page?

I need a coloring page(Picture?) Of Hello Kitty facing to the front
with a dress on :D

Thanks, Its a long story why I need it :P
Make sure she isn’t sitting down.

steve answers:

Would this work?


There’s also this


You know you could just google coloring pages. That’s what I did.

Linda asks…

Where can I get a large poster size coloring page laminated?

My niece colored an adorable poster size hello kitty coloring page and I really want to laminate it in order to preserve it. I really want to hang it in my kitchen once I get an apartment because it is Hello kitty dressed as a chef in her kitchen. I’m a big fan of hello kitty. Where can I get this done?

steve answers:

Check your local kinkos or Office Depot. I laminated a very large scale family coat of arms a couple of years ago, but can’t remember which store did it. I LOVE hello kitty, too, how cute for your kitchen!

David asks…

****Coloring pages**** ?

Can anyone do me a huge favor? It’ll only take a second.
Im making a coloring book. And I need some coloring pages to prink out. They have to have a thin line to color in. Here are some ideas for coloring pages:
hello kitty
valentines day
st. patricks day

Just post a link of the coloring pages.
I will choose best answer for the person who posts the best and most coloring pages. :)

steve answers:






Susan asks…

Hello Kitty Printables?

Ok I am making a back to school packet for my little sister for when she goes back to school and has free time in class. She loves hello kitty and so I was going to make her a Hello Kitty packet. Does anyboddy have any links where i can print activites and coloring pages, etc? Thanks!!


steve answers:

That is such a great idea Kassidy!
Heres a link to the hellokitty website where almost all activities are printable


Sharon asks…

Do i have everything?

Im goin on a 4 hour chartered bus road tip to the mammoth caves.

I have:
Printer paper
Hello kitty notebook
DS Games
AAA batteries X 2-mp3
School sweatshirt
Art bag
Coloring pages
Things to trace-draw created on paint
Food/Drink will be provided

steve answers:

I’d add one of those little inflatable pillows for your head.
Don’t forget your colored pencils/crayons/markers.
Some kind of heavier cardboard or a clipboard to put your papers on.
Little snacks to have on the way
Some pain reliever in case you get a headache
Earphones for your DS

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