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Your Questions About Tablet Comparison | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Tablet Comparison

Charles asks…

Assume that a generic antacid is 21% less effective in comparison to a brand name antacid.?

would you be more inclined to buy a generic antacid that cost 25% less per tablet than a name brand? Why or why not?

steve answers:

The answer you want is yes because of the cost value ratio.

But the assumption that name brands are more affective is wrong,you are just paying for a nice box and brand name.
All antacid paracetamol and ibuprofen is the exact same stuff as branded goods but up to 800% more expensive.

Although i have heard a flashy box may have a placebo value to the ignorant.

Betty asks…

Best Non Apple tablet on the market?

Im not a fan of Apple but i want a tablet to rival or surpass the ipad2. Please provide a link to specs or comparisons


steve answers:

Good question. I only have two right now I show my clients as an alternative to Ipad2. Samsung Tab and Motorola Xoom. The Tab is a 7″ and the Xoom is a 10″, and both run the android OS, although the Xoom runs the newest version of android “Honeycomb”. For me it comes down to what you want to use it for. I like how the 7″ Tab fits my hand and is easy to carry around, I use it for multimedia around the house and when traveling. I don’t have the Xoom or Ipad, but for the size I recommend it to clients who want to use it in a professional capacity like as a semi laptop replacement or to show presentations to clients on, having the extra screen size is a good thing in that situation. Both Xoom and Ipad2 use a dual core processor which is great for running the latest games and such. But the Tab has done everything I wanted from playing music and videos to reading books and surfing sites and email. Hard call, but I wouldn’t turn any of them down! And there are plenty of other tablets coming out as well!

Sharon asks…

Are topical creams absorbed into your blood stream?

I know they are a little, but how much in comparison to if you took an oral tablet of the same drug? I need to use a topical creme (anti-fungal) that if taken orally interacts with the pills I am taking (tacrolimus). So I need to know if using it as a topical cream can cause interactions as well.
Please dont tell me to ask the doctor, I cant get there this week.

steve answers:

Call the doctor, we cant tell you unless you tell us specifically whats in the topical cream, every chemical is different.

Linda asks…

Anyone know how big the One-a-Day Teen Advantage tablets are?

I once tried one of the multivitamins that my brother takes, but they were too big for me to swallow (or rather, I was just kinda scared of swallowing it. I don’t like any big/hard tablet going down my throat). So i was just wondering how big those tablets were (cuz my doctor recommended I take them). Both the size and a comparison to a Tylenol tablet would be appreciated. :)

steve answers:

Use a pilll crusherrr

Joseph asks…

Which Tablet is the best?

I am looking to get my fiance a tablet for christmas, however because there are so many out there I have no clue which one. I want it to be AFFORDABLE (no iPads) but not cheap. Its just for an every day use nothing fancy. Internet searching, movies, photos.
Could someone please if you know anything about the tablets help me out with just a general comparison and which would be the best one to go with. I have been searching myself for the last two days reading and watching videos and Im still just as confused as when I started.
I was looking into the Kindle Fire because a friend of mine just got one, but Im not too sure about the smaller size, Im kind of looking for something inbetween…

I have just been looking at the Motorola XOOM – however on VZW its over $700. On Amazon its $475 and on Motorola.com it says $199 then when you click it changes to $499…

Are there any like the XOOM but a little less pricey?
Just noticed that they talk about plans? Silly question… are the tablets like cell phones where you have monthly bills? What are the plans they are talking about? Do they all need plans?

steve answers:

If she doesn’t play much games or apps, I think Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet (not available yet) would be your best choice. For they are powerful and affordable.
Besides iPad, I think the most powerful and popular one is Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it is really not cheap.

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