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Your Questions About Hp Probook 4530s | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Hp Probook 4530s

Jenny asks…

Gateway NV75S17u LX.WXW02.006 Notebook ($650) or HP ProBook 4530s XU073UT Notebook ($650)?

I want a laptop for school and gaming i am not a hard core gamer. I will play games like diablo 3/ Starcraft 2/ Wow/ Guild wars 2 and LOL, besides that not much. I am buying these from circuitcity.com

steve answers:

I think HP ProBook 4530s XU073UT Notebook is good one……..

Mandy asks…

hp laptop probook 4530s-g worth being bought?

hey to u all

wanna buy HP Probook4530 s-g laptop & i wonder whether any one approve this model

steve answers:

Yes it is a good computer…

Ken asks…

what would be the estimated battery time of HP 4530s given on initial usage?

i bought HP Probook 4530s yesterday. i charged it to fullest and then keeping the brightness on 70% started using it. i used it to install windows updates, copying data from two USBs at a time. using internet and downloading n installing utility softwares. restarted 2 to 3 times in 1 hr and 45 minutes and it consumed 45% battery. how long it would last upon a normal usage of study with screen reduced to 20% brightness. any Idea?

steve answers:

There is no such thing as “normal usage”. The 4530 only comes with a 6 cell battery which is enough for MOST people.

You are correct in knowing that screen brightness has alot to do with it, but also whether mechanical devices like optical drive and hd are used. They us TONS of battery power ( you can reduce hd usage some by having more ramm so it hits the page file less). If you are restarting your computer, obvously that takes more power because your HD is loading each time. If you are “playing a blueray, it will obviously use more power than if you are surfing the internet, which gets us to another point. Also wifi uses a ton of energy, you get more battery life if you’re using NIC (not to mention faster speed and more security). But most of us are mobile so we need wifi. If you remember to turn it on or off and you can save power and money.

IF you can, you should be using your computer while plugged in. Your computer gives better performance when on ac than when it is on battery. PLUS when you are using battery, you will obviously need to recharge it. Lith ion and lith polymer batteries have a finite recharge limit. EACH time you charge it, it reduces your capacity. If you keep it plugged in most of the time, you can get 4 years out of a lith ion battery, If you have to charge it alot, you might only get a year and a half. At 75-150 for a battery, I try to limit my recharges.

Lizzie asks…

Graphics card for my Probook 4530s.?

I have an HP Probook 4530s, Intel Core i3 2310M, 4 GB Ram, CPU 2.10 GHz. I want to be able to play a game like minecraft at a decent speed, but not laggish. Any reccomendations? And no guesses please, I want something that will work on my laptop. Please and Thanks.

steve answers:

You cannot upgrade the graphics in a laptop. Laptop graphics are not upgradeable or interchangeable, and there’s no retailers in the business of selling them – for you to just run out and buy one. You are stuck with the graphics it came with, period.

Steven asks…

How to make recovery disks of ProBook 4530s?

Hi there, I have recently bought HP ProBook 4530s. Unfortunately there is not recovery disks inside the box therefore i want to make them as I’m willing to install Windows again with a whole new stuff. But in case of any trouble i want to recover my machine to factory condition thats why I wanna make recovery disks. Now i have tried my best to find HP recovery manager for windows 7 but i have failed. Also as I’m in Pakistan therefore i can’t order them from HP. Now please give me a solution. Thanks a lot already

steve answers:

Please use F11 key while bootup it will start recovery of windows7 from recovery partion & it will give you all fectory defualy settings….

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