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Your Questions About Good Laptop For Playing Minecraft | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Good Laptop For Playing Minecraft

Donald asks…

What is a good game playingdesigning laptop?

I’m taking a class for video game designing and I really want a good laptop to make some cool stuff, but that’s not all I will be using it for. I also want to do a lot of gaming on it! Games like fallout 1 and 2, Starcraft, minecraft, counter strike, elder scrolls V skyrim, portal, etc.
My budget is anywhere between $400-700
Ps: I would like to do cool music stuff on it but that’s just a thought, gaming is the primary

steve answers:

Gateway is pretty good for gaming

Carol asks…

Are these good laptops for Minecraft?

I would like a laptop that can play Minecraft at considerably high settings. My budget is at most $600.

Lenovo Ideapad z575


Acer Aspire AS7560G-8480


Or another version of the Acer Aspire: Acer Aspire V3-551G-7696


Thanks in advance!
Yeah, I forgot to add that… I will probably have multiple mods downloaded…

steve answers:

I’d say the Acer would be your best bet for a sub $600 gaming laptop, you won’t be able to get max settings on other games like Skyim and BF3 as $600 just isn’t enough for that, but it’ll run Minecraft flawlessly (unmodded).

Robert asks…

Is this a Good Laptop?

Would this be a good laptop to play games like minecraft,Cod 4,World at War?

Lenovo Ideapad Z580
Intel Core i5
2.1GHz (3.1GHz with Intel Turbo Boost)
nVidia GT630 1GB

Thanks for all replies :)

steve answers:

Pretty good machine except an i5 might be a little slow, but otherwise i think it should work :) (I’ve run minecraft on an i5 with very little lag.)

Ken asks…

is my laptop good enough to play mine-craft and have fun?

So i just got a new laptop. it is about 6m old. i only use it for music and research really. but lately some of my friends started playing mine-craft. and i was wondering if my laptop is any good for gaming. it is 6 GB ram, 750 GB of hard drive, intel core i3. and yeah. i got a intel hd graphic 3000. so is my laptop any godd for minecraft

steve answers:


Jenny asks…

What is a good cheap laptop for gaming?

hey guys.

I am 13 years old so i dont have much money and i am looking to buy a cheap laptop for games like minecraft, runscape etc.
macs are too expensive and i hear they aren’t so good for gaming . i really like the look of alienware m15x , which is too expensive at $1000. so i am looking for as cheap as possible which will play minecraft with no lag.

steve answers:

That is the same thing I have been looking for.
After Christmas, I found a computer with 4GB of ram, 2.3 Ghz processor,
and 500GB Hard Drive with a 14.5 in screen. It also came with a 2GB built-in
ATI graphics card. I am able to play Minecraft on the fanciest settings and no fog!!!
I can also play (on highest settings) Rome: Total War, RCT 3,
Battlefield Heroes, and BeGone.
It was on sale at Best Buy 2 months ago for $400.

Company: HP
Model: Pavilion dv5

In other words, you can get a great laptop for around $400
and spend an extra $40 to upgrade
the ram to 8GB, giving you the opportunity to play a
lot more games if the ones listed upove aren’t enough.

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