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Your Questions About Eee Pc Windows 7 Starter | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Eee Pc Windows 7 Starter

Steven asks…

How do I run MapleStory on WIndows 7 Starter?

I’ve heard people say “Open the MapleStory folder and click on *insert file name here* How do I do this?I have Windows 7 Starter on an Assus Eee PC Netbook, if that helps. Thanks!

steve answers:

1. Click on Start Menu>Computer.
2. Type Maplestory.exe into the in the top right box.
3. Open up your internet browser.
4. Go to Youtube.com.
5. Search Rebecca Black – Friday.
6. Watch the first video.
7. Your computer will probably be done searching now, so return to the Explorer window.
8. Double click Maplestory.exe
9. Play.
10. ????

Charles asks…

How do you update to windows 7?

I have a 10in Eee PC that i got for Christmas this year. It has windows 7 starters but i want to update. How would i do that?

steve answers:

I believe you need to purchase to update. For example, you would need to pay if you wanted to go from Starter to Home Premium. Here’s the link for purchase.


Here’s another link discussing upgrading Windows 7

Lizzie asks…

why is my eee pc screen flipped on its side?

I am using starter windows 7
I was just moving my mouse and my screen just flipped on its side.I need help right now,Its very urgent,I have to do a project and as you may know its hard to write and click sideways!PLEASE help I need it now!!!

steve answers:

Right click desktop and select
screen resolution
then orientation
change to landscape

quick enough for you its only taken me 11 hours to find your question

Susan asks…

ANNOYING Eee pc Screensaver!! HELP!! %$^%^$#$@$?

Im about to pull my hair out my husband is deployed so i leave my computer up this stupid EEE pc computer i just bought comes preloaded with windows 7 starter and a annoying screensaver with sea shell and elevator music. i have tried everything Start>screensaver> changed it and u can go back to the screensaver.. ITS BACK! its crap if theres a file i can delete, something please let me know,
i dont have properties when i right click :/

steve answers:

Right click on desktop then click on personalize then screen saver choose none

Donna asks…

my computer uses a lot of ram with nothing open?

i have an eee pc, with an OS of windows 7 starter, and 1gb of ram. i have nothing open, and i have disabled all unessential programs with msconfig. i have about 80% ram used with nothing open. can some1 tell me why i have such a huge amount of ram used with nothing open

(also, resource moniter tells me that system is using 120mb or ram max

steve answers:

Yeah, 1GB really isn’t enough for Windows 7, should have 2GB. It will run with 1 but 2 is much better and you can actually run other programs. I don’t know how any manufacturer can get away with selling computers like that, Microsoft should step in and say if they are going to use Windows 7 they need to install a minimum of 2GB ram!

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