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Your Questions About Cheap Laptops Under $100 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Cheap Laptops Under $100

Helen asks…

Cheap Mac under $100?

The only thing I’ll be using it for is making iOS apps. It has to have an intel processor( doesn’t matter what kind just has to be intel) I know it’ll have to be used and I’d prefer it to be a desktop but laptop is ok. I don’t care If it doesn’t come with keyboard mouse and monitor as I have these. Thanks

steve answers:

Sorry, you won’t find any intel macs under $100. You can buy some old, used powerpcs macs on ebay, but no intel macs.

Maria asks…

What is the best possible laptop out there under $1000– with emphasis on photo editing?

Alright, here’s the break down. I’ve had the shittiest laptop in existence for far too long now, and I’ve finally got my head around the idea of actually spending money and buying a new machine. Along with that came a sense of immense determination to not compromise what I actually want. I know it’s virtually impossible to get 100%– but I want to come as close as possible.

So, things that I am looking for:

1) No larger than 14 inches for the body.
2) A decent processor for intense photo editing with a lot of tabs and programs open– I’m thinking about at least going with an i5 processor, but I’ve ever experienced any of those new processors, so I’m not entirely sure what would actually be satisfying to me. I currently have a core 2 duo which is equivalent to a mule dragging a medium sized house up a hill for the things I use my laptop for.
3) A BADASS and display/screen. I don’t know what this really implies having– whether it’s LED, a high resolution, or just having a good graphics card. My biggest thing is that COLORS need to be properly represented. I’ve suffered from having a crappy screen that makes things look cooler and duller than they really are (messed with settings, no help)– It’s impossible to edit and process photos and simultaneously be confident that they look like what my screen is displaying. Soooo, that’s pretty important.
4) I need it to be as strong and resilient as superman. If there’s one good thing about my current laptop, which is a really old Dell Latitude, is that I can throw it across the room and have it hit the wall, and it will be perfectly okay. When I tap it, it doesn’t feel like a hollow and plastic piece of crap. I totally wince in disgust when I see others with cheap feeling laptops. I need something that is REALLY sturdy.
5)Having a backlit keyboard would also be pretty convenient, but not something that would be the deciding factor in my ultimate choice. I also want a decent amount of usbport things. And my preference right now is a touchpad/mouse that has two separate buttons for right and left click. I’m open to change, but thats just what I like right now and I’ve found to be easiest for photoshop.
Also need a webcam.

I would like to keep it under $1000, but going a little over with configurations is okay. I’ve been eyeballing the Dell XPS 14z, and it’s Inspiron counterpart– but I feel like I’m stuck on thinking Dell and would like to know about other options from different companies. I’ve also considered getting a macbook and running windows on it, but someone told me that was a bad idea.

I am in no way informed when it comes to things like this, so advice in general will be GREATLY appreciated! Just tell me what you think I need to know!

A million thank yous in advance!

steve answers:

XPS series has RGB LED screens.



Sony and HP have them but cost more than Dell.


GT 540m or above for graphics chip.

Daniel asks…

What’s a good wireless router that will work flawlessly with multiple connections?

Hello, I currently have a router that is messing up hugely (slow connection + keep losing connection)
So, I want to buy a reasonably cheap wireless router. It needs to be able to support two Xbox 360′s connected to Xbox Live and three laptops all at the same time, without any disconnects.
I am looking for something under £100.

P.S I am on BT Broadband if that makes any difference.

Thank you :)

steve answers:

Any router should be able to sustain those connections, obviously the better the router the better it will keep the connection

If youre losing connection it’s more likely you’re Internet connection isnt able to support it (as your Internet is probably much slower than your router connection)

Run a speed test on http://speedtest.net while using as little bandwidth as possible for an accurate reading. Depending on what your using the laptops for a 20Mb connection should be a reasonable connection for 2 xboxs and the laptops. But remember, upload and download are both important. If you do have a reasonable connection speed there is probably a connection with your modem or router. For a new modem contact your ISP, for router you can pick up a reasonable Wireless N router for less than £50 in most shops

Charles asks…

What is a good Video Card for a laptop?

A cheap one too one that is under 100$.

steve answers:

The NVida 9600, but you can not replace the lap top video or graphics card chip set it is made into the mother board.
Would be cheaper to buy a new lap top for gaming, look at these:

Laura asks…

What is a good router for xbox live?

we have 5 laptops in my house and three xboxs all hooked on live and our connections keep dropping…. we need a good cheap router… right now were using a dlink DI-524

something under 100 would be nice

steve answers:

If were u wouldnt get wireless i would get wired cuz the guys at gamestop said wireless u always loose connection and i have wired and never lose connection

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