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Your Questions About Cheap Laptops Under $200 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Cheap Laptops Under $200

Ken asks…

What`s a cheap laptop under 200$ that can hold more than 3GB RAM?

My old laptop can only hold hold 1.5 GB RAM and I need more so what are some cheap laptops than can hold at LEAST 2.5 GB RAM. If its more than 200$ its ok just tell me if its not too much money.

steve answers:

Sorry but 200$ is definitely not enough for a decent computer. I would recommend saving at least 500$ for a laptop. However, to answer you question I would recommend this laptop — http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834215112. This has 3GB of RAM and Acer is definitely a trusted brand. Also, sorry I did not get one that’s 200$ (This is the cheapest one I found).

Hope this helps!

Susan asks…

Cheap laptops under $200?

I want a laptop thats nothin too fancy, i mainly go on the internet a lot so if you PLEASE add links that would get me a good laptop under $200 that would be great. im not asking much, so im hoping its not too hard to find. Thanx!!!!

steve answers:

Buy a used on on eBay, there’s tons of them. There are no new laptops for $200.


Michael asks…

i need a cheap cheap laptop under 200 not on ebay?

i need a cheap laptop not on eBay or craiglist. I need it under 200. Of you have or know of one let me know. PLEASE

steve answers:

What you should do is google cheap laptops under $200!! That way you can find a bunch of different options! Or, you can go to best buy or circet city and try to find some optons there!! Don’t give up!!

Nancy asks…

cheap laptops for under $200?

i want a laptop but one for $200 and under apple dell any kind really
dont be mean i have no idea how much laptops really are or any thing thats why im asking

steve answers:

Check with walmart and best buy on black friday. Some stores are having previews,like u can get black friday deals early.,.,.,..a few days ago best buy had a laptop on sale for 199. Just keep checking with walmart and best buy

Donald asks…

Where can I geat a cheap laptop (under $200 with Windows 95 or any OS)?

steve answers:

Ebay, search old laptops on google, or refurbished laptops.

Remember, anything is free if you steal it.

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