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Your Questions About Best Laptop For Playing Minecraft | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Best Laptop For Playing Minecraft

Sandy asks…

Best cheap laptop for playing minecraft?

I’m looking for a suitable first laptop but I want to be able to play minecraft, lag free at decent graphics. What’s the cheapest, decent laptop? Preferably, please post links for laptops available in the UK. 10 points best answer.

steve answers:

I have never played the game but have heard that it’s one of the least processor demanding games you can get so I’d say any laptop that has at least a 2.0GHz speed

Ruth asks…

What is the best laptop i can buy for playing minecraft smoothly for 500$-700$?

title says it all and i don’t need a desktop i really need a laptop that can run it very smoothly

steve answers:

You should have no problem playing Minecraft on this: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/pd/Acer-Aspire-V3-571-6800/productID.250638700/vip.true

Laura asks…

what is the best laptop for $200 or under?

I am possibly getting a laptop for my birthday next month, but I am on a strict budget of 200 dollars or less. I know I won’t get anything amazing, but I would just like the best laptop possible. I just need to run Minecraft, play some videos and possibly store some songs. I was thinking about getting an Acer one, but I have heard a bunch of bad things about them. Are they true? Any suggestions for me?

steve answers:





You will probably have to buy a used one. Not that much new computers are worth ~$200

Steven asks…

Best laptop for minecraft?

All i want is to be able to play online with little or no lag,
Hopefully a price range of $700-$1100.
And I am a student so I need one that will last a long time.
Also i really dislike bulky laptops

steve answers:

Dont listen to lightkit, you dont need an alien ware to play minecraft.a rip off.this will do just fine, it has a decent processor and a dedicated graphics card so mine craft will work very well on it with no lag or anything.its 349.contact me if you need more help.

Donald asks…

What is the best laptop to get?

I want to get a gaming laptop that I can play Fallout, Battlefield, Minecraft, etc. But I also want a laptop with enough memory to have mods, do school work with, have ITunes and other things. Can someone give me the specs for a laptop like that and/or the name of the laptop that can handle all that. Thanks.

steve answers:

I personally suggest a Macbook Pro. It works great!

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