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Your Questions About Intel Atom N450 1.66ghz | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Intel Atom N450 1.66ghz

Steven asks…

Should I keep my netbook or return it?

well I got this netbook to finish my math homework and now I’m not sure if I should keep it. Returning it shouldn’t be a problem cause I got it at best buy and hasn’t been 7 days let. I like this netbook allot cause I can store all my music easily and is small & light so I can transport it to school and back without thinking I’ll break it cause its a cheapo. so should I keep it and save more money for a laptop with a i7 processor and windows 7 professional or return the netbook and be able to buy a better laptop quicker. the only thing I’m not satisfied with this netbook is that its kinda slow and can’t play better games than sega genesis mega drive. either way I want a better laptop but having this netbook at the moment will keep me occupied till I have enough money to spend for the better one. I spent exactly $280 including tax for this netbook. intel atom n450 1.66GHz, 512 cache. I know it doesn’t have a disc drive but I can simply use usb flash drives or mediafire. I like the idea of having two computers, but its hard for me to get money quickly. And if I wait long enough, something better might come out.
yeah to finish homework on aleks.com and I had wi-fi and had no other computer and my pie was due last sunday. i did about 240 math questions with this netbook in four days
I hate aleks, never again unless I can find some type of keyboard for math signals

steve answers:

Keep it i did the same thing. My netbook is an acer and its a year old and i recently bought a 700$ toshiba laptop. I keep the netbook for skype and back up incase my laptop fails on me.

Mary asks…

What shooting games are good to play on a netbook?

I could always match up with any games mininum and recomended requirements,
but my Cpu is always a problem(maybe also my Ram)
I have a “Intel Atom N450 1.66Ghz” and “988 of RAM”
Especially playing online, mutiplayer. Single player doesnt matter much to me but it’s somthing to do.
For example, I have older versions of “Americas Army” and I can play fine with low settings but
the problem is that no one plays older versions of that game.
I’d like to know any good shooters out there….

steve answers:

Get Any last gen valve game.
Half life
Team fortress
half life source
Sniper Elite

Lisa asks…

What modern games can run on my system (NOT GAMES LIKE CS)?

My system specs are:
Processor:Intel Atom CPU N450 @1.66Ghz 1.67Ghz
Installed Memory: 1.00 GB RAM
System Type:32-bit operating system
G.M.A 3150
DirectX 11.0

steve answers:

Well, a lot of games today, sometimes need a MINIMUM of 1GB of Ram to run properly. In my point of view, it’s always best to have 2-3 so it can at least run smoothly. Other then that, your specs look alright, but could be a slightly better Processor. Best thing to do is take out your Ram stick (Lol) and go show it to someone at Best Buy, they can help you find the right one, after that, install your new hardware and give it a go. If that fails to fix your issue, you may need to upgrade your video card.

Maria asks…

will the sims 3 work on windows 7 starter?

Hi there Im wondering if to buy the sims 3 cause im not sure if it ll work on windows 7 starter ?? I have Accer Intel Atom processor N450 (1.66GHz 515KB Cache)
memory 1GB storage 250GB HDD Thank you for your help If it doesnt work Where can i complain?? Windows or EA games

steve answers:

Hello,it will work as long as you dont have many more big things saved which takes up a lot of memory,if this doesn’t work complain at thesims3.com or ea games.

Betty asks…

which computer is better?

used old laptop = AMD Sempron 3200+ 1.60Ghz, 512 mb Ram , windows XP


netbook – Intel N450 Atom 1.66GHz processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory, windows 7 starter

each selling for $250 is it worth getting a netbook over the laptop?

steve answers:

Get the netbook. It’ll have a smaller screen, smaller keyboard and run the crippled W7 Starter, but at least it’s more portable, comes with a 1 year warranty and has 1GB of RAM.

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