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Your Questions About Hard Laptop Case 16 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Hard Laptop Case 16

Charles asks…

How should I go about installing a Solid State Drive?

Hi, I have a few questions about installing a Solid State Drive in my laptop. I have two 750gig hard drives installed in a Raid 1 configuration, but I feel that I want to change things up. I only have about 200 gigs actually used… so I don’t really need to have all that storage, and my hard drives are SLOW at 5400rpm. Also, I keep weekly backups, so I don’t feel that RAID 1 is entirely necessary in my case… I just use it for average daily use and tons of games. I’m mainly looking for speed. I already have 16 gigs of RAM and a respectable i7 for a laptop, so now my Hard drives are the bottleneck…

I was thinking about installing one 320gig Solid State drive and using that as my primary drive. Then I would just keep one of my current Hard Drives installed for storage of any extra flab (Ie, Photos, documents, etc). I want to load my OS, applications, and any other speed-oriented items onto the SSD. I’m totally comfortable with the physical install because I’ve had my laptop cracked open a few times for replacements and upgrades. But I’m not sure about the software process of moving my things over to the SSD.

I know I’ll be breaking my RAID, then installing the SSD in my primary slot… but then what? If the SSD was the same size as my HDD, I could potentially just keep the RAID active and let it rebuild off of my second HDD, but I can’t do that in this case. (Or can I?) Whats the most pain-free way of doing this?

steve answers:

Instead of writing a small book I am going to refer you to the website below it will answer your question fully so you understand what and how to do it.

Hope this helps.


John asks…

How would wire this arrangement?

Over the past several months, my junior high school has been replacing old, outdated laptops with newer ones. They have been salvaging things such as network cards, RAM, Hard Drives, Processors and other reusable items to save money. Basically all that is left of the old laptops is a case, screen, and keyboard. Today I came up with the idea to use the old screens to create a large digital message board. The board would probably be 9 or 16 screens wired together. How would I be able to control the array? How would it be possible to wire the screens together to be controlled by one processor? My Dad brought up the point of wiring the screens in parallel, but I think you would have to account for the power consumption of each screen, and the communication to each individual screen. If you know what I should do, please help. I think this would be a fun project, and an awesome addition to our school. Thank you!

steve answers:

This will be very complicated. Are they all the same?

Get the data sheet of the screen if you can. But you probably can’t.

Thinking about it, this is so very complicated… Your major project will be finding out the drive requirements for each panel, and how to interface to it.

Once you get that, get back to me or others to find out what it takes to drive a bunch of them.

If they are not all the same, or very similar, your job is multiplied.


David asks…

Should I buy this gaming PC?

I’m scepticle about buying this PC as I already have a Xbox 360, PS3 and Laptop. Here are the parts for this PC:

Gigabyte GTX 550 Ti 1GB GDDR5 DVI HDMI FAN PCI-E Graphics Card.
Asus M5A78L-M LX AMD Socket AM3+ onboard VGA 8 Channel HD Audio mATX Motherboard.
AMD 960T Black Edition 3.0GHz Socket AM3 6MB L3 Cache Retail Boxed Processor.
Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz Memory Kit Unbuffered CL9.
Casecom CM-431 Shiny Black MicroATX Case.
Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C HDS721050CLA362 – Hard drive – 500 GB – internal – 3.5″ – SATA-300 – 7200 rpm – buffer: 16 MB.
OCZ Stealth Xstream II 700W PSU – 6x SATA 2x PCI-E.
All of this will be put together by my mate, and all of this will cost £383.22. I just need convincing.

steve answers:

If you already have an xbox 360 and ps3 then DONT BUY A GAMING PC!!

Trust me……gaming is better on gaming consoles
also when the games are ported to pc…..the controls are not very easy to understand

Susan asks…

My PC is not getting any boot screen, the monitors are not acknowledging a signal and the PC reboots itself.?

Computer Specs: Gigabyte 775 Intel p45 mother board
Corsair 650watt PSU,
Intel Core Duo E8500 3.16 CPU
EVGA GeForce 9800 Graphics card
Corsair 4gigs RAM
1.5Tb HDD space (3 drives)

The Problem: I was noticing that one of my hard drives was making an odd sound when it was spinning up for about a week, I was uncertain which of the drive it was that was making the sound so like a fool I did not take any initiative before it gave out. I was working on my PC one day just fine and had completed my work and left the room. About 2 hours later I returned and had found that the computer had shut itself off and had attempted to reboot itself was it was sitting in a boot screen where it appeared to not be able to boot from the harddrive and was asking for a CD to boot from.

This lead me to assume that the hard drive that had gone bad was the one that the main windows vista OS. I wanted to recover the documents on the hard drive without having to open the case up, so I booted the computer up with Puppy Linux, I had some issues with PL recognizing all three drives as I was only able to mount the 1 drive that had nothing but movies saved to it. Since these were file I was not concerned about and was not able to get either of the other drives to mount I shut the PC down, opened the case and removed the HDD that had the OS on it.

Using a IDE/SATA Device adapter, I hooked up the PC to a spare laptop that I had and was able to retrieve all the files I thought were necessary to save. I went back to the desktop PC and hooked everything back up and was planning on just reinstalling the OS on one of the 2 drives that was left. But once I turned the PC back on it immediately shut itself off and then turned itself back on. The monitors did not turn on to acknowledge any video signal and the PC continues to shut itself off and back on.

So that is where I am now. The PC is not getting to any boot screen, and if it was the monitors are not coming on like the PC was never turned on, and the PC constantly shuts itself off and then reboots itself and just keep repeating the process.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

steve answers:

If you could retrieve the data from your HDD, which you assumed it failed, it is not broken. Maybe it had some bad clusters at some vital parts of the Vista core system and wasn’t able to replace them with good ones, so the OS got corrupted.
What a HDD failure means is like complete headcrash or the mechanics gone bad or motor isn’t spinning or the IO-board is fried, at this point you can’t recover any data. So this does mean it’s not your HDD which causing those errors.
Now it can be the
2.Video card
5.or the PowerSupply unit
As for checking the RAM for failure, stick one ram-module out if you have got 2, and start the PC and see if you get a post screen. Do so with the other.
I recommend that you disconnect all HDDs and optical drives, as it is not good to have them spinned up and down all the time.
And look if the video card is seated properly, pull it out and reseat it once. Check all the cables are plugged in properly.
You have to try to start you PC with the minimum of devices. If you have got soundcards, network cards and other boards in the slots, pull them all out. Use onboard Graphics if you have any on your motherboard.
If possible try to replace the Ram modules with healthy ones, suppose those are DDR2 *(lent them from a friend or whatever).
If this isn’t working there is a high chance that, your motherboard has gave up. This cant be checked easily. If you or a friend of yours have another computer with similar parts, you can check the CPU RAM and video board in the healthy computer by switching the parts.
Lastly it can be the power supply, which cant provide stable power anymore. The Video board 9800 and CPU draws a lot of power at the point you are starting the computer, and crashes at the critical peak level.
I know that Corsair is a very good brand, the PSU is and RAM is, but you have to look out for every possibility.
I would personally say either it’s the ram or the mobo.
Good luck

Paul asks…

Sims 3 game goes slow when I update the game?

Ok, so this has been happening for a long time now.

I use to play the game normally before but then one day ,the screen that goes to the neighborhood wouldn’t load! it would but really slowly and it wasn’t like that before. So then I stopped playing for a while. Then uninstalled it and installed it again but it worked fine and now I updated it and the same problem of before was happening. I really don’t know what to do and I really want to play the game. I would really appreciate if someone helped me. Just in case you need the details of my laptop :

2.10GHz Intel® Pentium® Processor T4300
Operating System:
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium with Service Pack 1
16.0″ Diagonal High-Definition HP Bright View Display
Hard Drive:
320 GB
Memory (RAM):
3 GB
Graphics Card:
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M (shared) with up to 1309MB total available graphics memory
If I dont update it then the time clock is slow.

steve answers:

Then don’t update it.

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