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Your Questions About Tablet Cases For Kids | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Tablet Cases For Kids

Betty asks…

Is it safe to give multivitamins with iron to kids?

I’ve read just about everything I could find online about this and mostly what I’ve found says vitamins with iron are not safe for kids because of the potential for “iron poisoning” from taking too many vitamins at once. I’ve also read that girls really don’t need extra iron until they reach puberty. I can see the worry if children are very young, unsupervised and/or the vitamins are left where little hands could get hold of them, but that’s not the case for me. My daughters are 11 & 9, supervised and none of our vitamins or medicines are easily accessible to them. My concern is whether giving them a multivitamin each day that contains iron is or could be harmful to them in any way when taken daily as directed. Both of them are healthy and both eat well, so I’m not worried about anemia or anything like that, but it’s hard to find a quality multivitamin without iron. I recently bought Rainbow Light Nutri Stars with iron (they don’t make one without), and it contains 6mg iron/2 tablets. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. :-)
***Please disregard the answer left by ! below. It has nothing to to with my question and is a copy-and-paste answer they gave to another user who was talking about their stomach growling.

steve answers:

The recommended daily intake of iron for girls ages 9 to 13 is 8mg. Children require iron because as they grow, their blood volume also grows. Iron is needed to make hemoglobin, which helps red blood cells carry oxygen. As long as your children are taking a pediatric multivitamin (such as the Rainbow Light Nutri Stars) as directed on the package, there will be no harm to your child. Usually only about 10% of iron is actually absorbed from food, so supplementing iron using a multivitamin is ok.

Helen asks…

5 year old ALL OF A SUDDEN started wetting / peeing in the bed? :( ?

PLEASE read all.
This concern makes me so very worried (hence why I’m up at 3 in the morning) because this is COMPLETELY out of the ordinary.
Since our son was potty-trained (just before 3 years old), I mean, that was IT, he WAS POTTY-TRAINED! Never had to use diapers AT ALL, even during the night. He is awesome when it comes to going to the bathroom.
The past 3 nights he has peed in the bed. The first night it happened, we thought, ‘odd, but no biggie’. Second night he peed in the bed it got a little questionable. Tonight, he woke up daddy bc he had woke up, went in the garage, turned on the light and just peed there, in his clothes, standing up. We went in the garage and there was a puddle of pee right outside the door.
I am completely shocked! I have no idea what to think? What would cause this? This is NOT like him at all!
I have read it may be Urinary Tract Infection, but then they say the kid will pee in their pants all throughout the day. This is not the case. He will hold it for hours during the day if he has to go pee (never had to, but, just sayin).
Only changes we can think of are:
A week ago he just started taking ‘Centrum Kids Chewable Tablets’.
He started school August 24th.
He just started up soccer about 2 weeks ago as well as Wednesday night church.

We are planning on taking him to the Dr. Monday.. any and all suggestions, even experiences, as to what may be going on with our 5 year old is appreciated.
Thank you.

steve answers:

My son had issues with enuresis for an extended period of time. His occurred more during the day (diurnal) then at night (nocturnal) which was puzzling to me and the doctors. He had many possible causes because of other health issues. He had cancer that was diagnosed just before his 3rd birthday. Embyonal rhabdomyosarcoma of his right maxillary sinus and also ADD. For a time it was thought to be possibly related to the radiation therapy he received to rid him of the cancer. I took him to a pediatric urologist to ensure it was not related to any physical problems with his bladder.
I have linked you to a couple of interesting sites/articles. The Centrum Kids has no known side effects relating to enuresis.
According to the other articles your son is experiencing secondary enuresis. Simply put that means he was “dry” for at least 6 months prior to the problem occurring. Sounds like the garage incident was quite unsettling to you and that is understandable. Sounds to me like he was in a really deep sleep when he got the urge to go and opened the wrong door. You might try waking him a few hours after he falls asleep and take him to the bathroom.
In my son’s case it is believed to have been related to his ADD. He was not paying attention to the “cues” that his body was sending to him. Therefore he would not go when he first got the sensation (especially if he was involved reading or playing) and then invariably would have accidents.
My opinion- if you and your husband had enuresis issues when young then it might be a genetic hand me down that will most likely resolve itself. Restrict fluids in the evening. Make sure his last stop before bedtime is the bathroom and he does empty his bladder.
Sit down with him and discuss school, soccer, and church attendance (avoiding specific mention of enuresis). It is possible that the changes in his routine might contribute to the problem or that he is getting over tired from the additional activities.
Urinary tract infections usually will cause a spike in body temperature so if he has no fever that pretty much rules that out.
Take the simple steps of restricting fluids and making sure he goes to the bathroom periodically and before bed and it most likely is a temporary bump in the road of life. Best of luck to you and to the young man.

Ruth asks…

Madeline McCann?

Do you beleive the media coverage of this case helped or hindered this case?

I beleive that it hindered the case as if she was kidnapped it was most likely a pedophile as no ransom note was ever sent, and she would of been to well known to sell so they would of killed her to get the heat off them. As for the sightings of the girl who would be stupid enough to take her out in the open? Unfortuantely I think the little girl has been murdered.

Is it true that the parents gave the kids sleeping tablets so they wouldn’t wake up while they were out having dinner or is this just a case of chinesse whispers?

steve answers:

You are right….the media coverage coverage has not helped this case. I am totally confused as to the McCann’s appearing to try and make money off of their tradgedy. Makes me wonder if the rumors of them giving their children sleeping medicine are true. If we ever find out the truth…it will totally be by accident….as you so noted…if somebody had her…they would have killed her and buried her by now.

Steven asks…

i have had recurring mastitis for the past 10yrs at least 3 a yr why is this I’ve no kids?

i have been treated with antibiotics every time, i get them so often now i always have antibiotics in the house but they dont seem to work anymore i am taking 1gram of flucloxacillin 4x daily and co-amoxiclav 3x daily all the advice i read are geared for lactating mothers but thats not the case with me ive asked my doctor to remove my breast but he says this is a bit severe, but im fed up dealing with this its taking over my life, it always occures on my left breast and at the moment my left breast is double the size of the right and the doctor just gives me more tablets and i go to breast clinic to get it drained againwhich is really painfull can they not put me too sleep to have this done. this latest one started 2 days before xmas and i havent slept properly because of the pain as every time i move the pain is dreadfull please can someone tell me if there is anything else i can do or something my doctor should be doing other than test me for diabetes for the millionth time

steve answers:

What is preventing you from seeking a second or third medical opinion? You should see another doctor if you’re unhappy with your treatment. Why trust people here to advise you? A real doctor would not advise you here, not without an exam and tests.

John asks…

Can pregnant women take de worming tablets?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and my cats have worms – i am sure that if the cats have them then with how much my kids love the cats then they will have them too. So best soloution is to treat everyone in the house just in case – BUT I am unsure as to weather it is ok for me to take them.
gussie – how on earth do you think they treat humans for worms??? of course I was not refering to the animal ones – I am refering to human ones!!!

steve answers:

Any over the counter drugs should be cleared with your doc. So call your advice nurse and talk to them or call and leave a msg with you doc asking if it’s OK and she or he will call you back.

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