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Your Questions About Asus Netbook Boot From Usb | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Asus Netbook Boot From Usb

Laura asks…

Trying to recover eee pc asus 900 netbook?

When I try to start It says windowssystem32configsystem is corrupt or missing.So I tried booting from a usb flash drive with a bottable windows xp usb and it does nothing.It comes to a black screen that says remove disks or other media.Press any key to restart.then it just goes back to the main screen please help I need this to work
I don’t have an external cd/dvd player thats why im using a usb flash

steve answers:


This is a pretty serious system issue, most probably caused by malware. The file that is missing is one of five Windows files that comprises the registry, which contains all your system settings and parameters. To fix this, you will need to boot into your Windows CD/DVD and choose the “Repair” option. You will then need to use the command line to copy over the files “default”, “sam”, “security”, “software” and “system” to the windowssystem32config directory.

Good luck.

Robert asks…

How do I install XP onto an ASUS 901 netbook?

I don’t have a USB DVD drive but do have an 8gb flash drive. I have the support DVD in my main PC and I have both my netbook and PC networked together, I can get the flash drive to boot but I’m not sure what files to copy from the support DVD to the flash drive.

I’m doing this because I have a new SSD drive in my netbook and want to reinstall windows onto the new memory.

Thanks allot for any help.

steve answers:

I would just buy a USB DVD drive, they’re very cheap on ebay.

Thomas asks…

How to recover my Asus EEE pc 1201N?


I need to recovery my netbook, but it of course has no optical drive. So ASUS in their wisdom included a DVD to recover from. I created a bootable USB key and copied the contents of the recovery disc to this USB drive. I was able to boot into the recovery program, but then when I hit the start recovery button it just keeps saying please insert the disc?!?

Is there something I am missing? Has anyone been able to use this recovery disc without buying an external dvdrom drive?


steve answers:

They also have a hidden recovery partition, nice of them to tell you huh! ☺

On start up (before Windows loads) tap F9 when the Asus logo appears, to access the recovery partition. Follow on screen instructions.

***This will erase all your unsaved data!***

David asks…

Acer Aspire Solid State harddrive failed im struggling to use an O.S on USB HD?

Ive got an Acer Apsire netbook.When it boots up i get the following error PXE-E61… which it claim could be a loose HD connection. But i think the SSHD has died. I have connected a USB External IDE HD to it and set the Bios to boot from USB-HD, but im having problems.
Windows XP Pro wont install on an external HD. and i cant find a Bootable version of Linux that i can burn to CD and will autoboot on power-up and allow me to install it to an external USB HD.
I have tried installing Linux to the USB hd while in windows on my Asus laptop, but it will not bootup on the Acer- it comes up with an non-bootable error, which i take to mean that Linux can not be ripped to a cd( as it wont bootup on cd) and can not be installed on an external USB HD as it requires Windows bootup!!.
I have no expierence with linux and simply looking for an operating system that i can install using my asus laptop, but that once installed will work on my Acer.. help!!
Im not interested in replacing the SSHD as to replace it would cost at least £43 and i have been told that they are renouned for overheating and buring out….
Also i think adding a standard harddrive requires me spending money on it above £10. As i would need an Adapter from a 1inch wide ribbon cable to a 2 1/2 inch IDE HD connection. Coupled with the fact that the space is minimal i think it would just add more heat and risk burning out the maindoard/ HD . I think an external solution is not only cheaper but will not affect the life of the netbook
But thanks for the comment :)

steve answers:

There are many ways to install Linux on many things. The easiest way is to use a Linux USB installer, which you can find at http://www.linuxliveusb.com/en/home and http://www.linuxliveusb.com/en/home. There are also other sites but these are the ones with which I am most familiar.

William asks…

How can I install new OS without cd-rom?

I bought my new ASUS 1000he netbook. It doesn’t have cd-rom and I do not know how to access the bios screen. Can i boot xp from USB? Please help.

steve answers:

What you have is a toy not a computer.

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