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Your Questions About Sony Vaio | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Sony Vaio

Laura asks…

How do i get my Sony Vaio laptop to autodim when not in use on battery? Is there a program i can download?

It might be called smart dimmer or something, but i’ve seen other laptops (inc Macs) which dim automatically after a period of time when not touched. This would be great for conserving battery – how do i get it on my Sony Vaio? Can i download the software somewhere?

I’m running Vista Home Premium.


steve answers:

> Go to the Control Panel
> Power Options
> “Change plan settings”
> “Change Advanced power settings”
> Expand +Display tree
> Expand +Dim display after
> Change to your liking.
> Apply & OK

Hope I have helped, it may not be absolutely accurate, as I am running Windows 7.

Steven asks…

How do i return a sony vaio laptop i bought 2 months ago from officemax?

I have a sony vaio laptop i bought 2 months ago from office max, for some reson unknown to me, 1 usb port, and the audio stoped working, how can i get it exchanged or get my money back?

steve answers:

Most stores have a return policy and it is just a few days after that it is your but they should repair it for you.

Mark asks…

How long does your Sony Vaio battery last?

I am wondering how long is your battery life for the Sony Vaio. Mine is terrible compared to what it is advertised to get. It is supposed to get 4 hours, but mine only get two hours in the Power Saver mode. If any of you VAIO owners wants to share some of your tips I would appreciate it.
I just got this Sony VAIO NW240F a month ago, and the battery life has always been like this.

steve answers:

Thats because its a 4 cell battery, get the 8cell you will get 4 hrs minimum.

William asks…

How can I disable the sony vaio start up sound?

How can I disable the sony vaio start up sound? Not the windows start up, but the actual start up / power on sound / jingle that is the first thing you hear when you turn on a vaio.

steve answers:

Control panel -> sounds and audio devices

then goto sounds

and check in program events

whether your sony vaio sound is there or not

if it there then remove it…

Tht;s all

for more info : kamaraj_84@yahoo.com ( in yahoo messenger )

Donna asks…

How to connect a sony vaio to a mitsubishi hdtv with hdmi?

i have a sony vaio vgn-fz180e and i have a hdmi cable and i am trying to connect it to my 72″ mitsubishi 1080p tv. it says that it doesn’t recognize the signal. what do i do ? thank you

i am trying to use the tv as a monitor and i dont have that connector just the hdmi

steve answers:

Are you trying to use the Mits as a computer monitor or watch movies through it? Hook up the Sony to the computer input on the Mitsubishi with a vga cable just like you would with a regular computer monitor. Then set tv input to VGA or whatever the Mitsubishi refers to it as.

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