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Your Questions About How To Play Minecraft 1.2.5 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About How To Play Minecraft 1.2.5

Susan asks…

Minecraft : How to find abandon mineshafts ?

Hey there when I play Minecraft 1.2.5 I never came across a mineshaft . How deep do have to dig to find it and what is exactly in it ?

steve answers:

Look in ravines and large caves. They usually are not very far underground. Inside, there are spiderwebs, cave spiders, tunnels, rails, and chests with bonus items here and there. They are huge and its very easy to get lost, so be careful when you find one. If you really, really want to see one, use an xray mod.

James asks…

Bukkit Server Not Working (Minecraft 1.2.5)?

I’m running a CraftBukkit Server on Minecraft 1.2.5. The version of Craftbukkit is 1.2.5 R3.
The server loads fine and I’m able to play on it. However, none of my plugins work and I am not greeted by that welcome message that says if I have any messages or which players are online, etc. I was wondering if anyone was having this problem and if I could get step by step instructions on how to fix it.

I am running the most up to date version of craftbukkit and any other version I had of craftbukkit before 1.2.5 was working.

steve answers:

Try downloading CB again, if not, get CB 1.2.5 R1 and see if that changes anything.

Hope this helps

Sandy asks…

in minecraft ocelots and wolfs spawn around me in mass quantetys its imposible to play how to fix 1.2.5?

steve answers:

You cant, tame them

Carol asks…

How to play online on minecraft creaked?

I got minecraft creaked and i want to play with my friends.
how do i play online and what do i need to download to do so?
can you put it step by step how to please?
just encase i have minecraft 1.2.5.

steve answers:

Find a tutorial on youtube. MANY people have cracked

Donald asks…

how to just have a creative mode in minecraft 1.2.5?

i haven’t played this game in a very long time and last time i did is wear there was an option to turn off monsters and crap just so i can build without any interruptions.. how can i do this? there isn’t an option..

steve answers:

You can build on Peaceful.
Peaceful=no monsters

If you want a creative world, when you make a new world go to ‘More options’ keep clicking on world type until creative shows.

You could also download Too Many Items

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