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Your Questions About Hpi

Charles asks…

Is the HPI Rush Evo a good first nitro RC car?

Hi I’m looking at getting a HPI Rush Evo as my first nitro rc car and I just wanted to know if it’s a good first nitro rc car (easy to use, robust the usual). I’m planning to buy on ebay for under a hundred pounds is there some where better to buy I don’t mind a second hand car. Thanks.

steve answers:

Dont touch it with a barge pole. Mine never ran properly, the flywheel constantly came loose the carb needed costant ajustment. For the money your talking about buy a thunder tiger, any model will do as thunder tiger dont make a bad one

Donna asks…

What is the difference between HIV and HPI?

If a guy and a girl both have HIV, does that mean they will both die soon or are there cures for it? Also, if a guy and a girl both have HPI will they both die, or are there cures for this?

steve answers:

Question #1: HIV is a virus and HPI means hours post infection. You may have meant HPV, human papilloma virus and which is an STD. HIV usually progresses to full blown AIDS and HPV causes genital warts which have the potential to lead to cervical cancer and which can make it easier to pick up HIV infection.

Question #2: There are currently no cures for HIV infection but Merck Pharmaceuticals has a promising vaccine called Isenstress.

Question #3: There is no cure for HPV but there is a vaccine to prevent it called Gardasil. HPV itself isn’t terminal but as mentioned before can lead to cervical cancer and HIV. Cervical cancer can be fatal but isn’t automatically a death sentence. If one should contract HIV infection, current treatment protocols can keep AIDS at bay for many years.

Steven asks…

How good is the HPI E10 Touring remote control car?

I’m looking at the Hpi e10 touring rc car and i would like to know how fast and good?

steve answers:

HPI is an alright make. The cars asthetic attributes are fine (it looks good). Speed wise depends on the motor and battery you use. 4000mAh battery will make is last longer, and go faster than a 1100mAH battery for example. 15-25 mph on the standard kit, i should think.

William asks…

If you are buying a car from a dealer do you still need to do a HPI or credit/history check?

Also AA do them and HPI have their own site and others; which one is the official and worthy one to go for? and is there any difference? Thanks
yes its used with a low mileage and going for a good price, if the mileage has been altered, how will i know?

steve answers:

If it’s used, absolutely.

I found the deal of a lifetime a couple months ago. A 2000 toyota corolla with 25K on it for 4K. Something seemed off, so i did a check on the car, it had had an odometer role back a couple years prior, but the dealer was selling it as a low mileage one owner car.

James asks…

if i buy a nitro hpi firestorm from rchobbies will it come ready to run like put together already?

i was wondering if you buy a hpi firestorm from rc hobbies will it come ready to run already really put together already?

steve answers:

It will be ready to rock, don’t forget about traxxas, they are easier to start and have a large selection, and you get a lot for your money, I would recommend a revo 3.3

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