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Your Questions About Google Laptop Chrome Os | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Google Laptop Chrome Os

Betty asks…

Google Chrome OS CR48 Laptop?

So I signed up for a Google CR48 laptop running the beta versions of Chrome OS, I did this three days ago. I was wondering when they might e-mail me back and tell me if I got accepted and will be receiving one. Or if I didn’t get accepted will they just not tell me? So basically I was wondering if they would e-mail me back.

steve answers:

They’ll only contact you if you’re accepted to get the CR48. I’m pretty sure most of them have been given out at this point though.

Robert asks…

What are the minimum system requierments for Google chrome OS ?

I have an old laptop and I would like to know if google OS will run on it.

steve answers:

That’s one nobody can really answer. The Official version of Chrome OS isn’t out yet. Details are being worked. Your computer will be more than capable of handling the light-weight operating system it’s more of a question of will Chrome OS support it.

If you would like to try an unofficial (and *very* buggy) version of Chromium OS go here:


I won’t go on into explaining Chrome vs Chromium. Basically, Chrome is Google branded and Chromium is used by Google for Chrome. Chromium is unofficial buggy all that jazz. Basically it’s a Pre-Dev/Beta channel for the browser or the OS.

Just make sure you read all the directions. Because if you don’t do one thing right it won’t work. It could *not* work otherwise but doing one thing wrong will keep it from booting.

The link I give you does cover *some* computer that will work and will not work. Just search around. Like I said it’s all unofficial stuff so the OS ain’t very user friendly (and neither is the website). If you don’t see your computer then you’re just gonna have to find out for yourself.

(It’s a 250mb File)

There’s directions and everything. This here goes on a USB Flashdrive, not the hard drive.

Linda asks…

Can i install Google Chrome OS in my computer which is currently running on Windows xp?

im currently using a laptop which has windows xp
Is it possible to install and use Google chrome os?
will it affect my drivers?
and when is the actual Chrome os coming out?

steve answers:

I would recommend virtualizing because that’s the only way you can really do it. Download the OS from here http://gdgt.com/google/chrome-os/download/ download either virtual box or vmware player.

Tbh it’s not ready for normal use, if it’s just because you wanna try it give it a go. It’s basically a web browse,but that’s the idea of an CLOUD OS.

Lizzie asks…

Does Google Chrome OS Work On Intel Core i3 Based Laptops?

I have a Compaq laptop with intel core i3, 2gb ram, 250 gb hard disk. Can I install Google Chrome OS? How is it in comparison with Windows7 Ultimate? I just need to browse the web for emails and download games, movies, songs etc. I dont do anything else. Is it OK to have Google Chrome OS? I cant afford to buy Windows7. I am preferring Google Chrome OS because its free.

steve answers:

Google Chrome OS isnt anything like windows. Its made for netbooks, you see netbooks are ment to surf the web so google decided to make a os for netbooks to surf the web for greater speeds and better results.

So really Chrome OS is only ment for netbooks, not laptops. Its also only ment to surf the web.


David asks…

How To Uninstall Google Chrome OS on USB?

I had used Win32DiskImager to write the Google Chrome OS onto my 8GB SanDisk. Now I want to uninstall the Google Chrome OS on there but I need to figure out how and I’m unsure at the moment. I would really appreciate the help because I just got this flashdrive today and I really don’t want to lose all my GBs on there just because I wrote an OS in there. I put this info on my Acer laptop (Windows 7 OS).

steve answers:

Even if you format the flash drive there’s going to be lot of stuff left in the registry and maybe file association problems.

You might want to download ccleaner and run the registry fix.

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