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Your Questions About Rolling Laptop Case | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Rolling Laptop Case

Susan asks…

Seemingly new problems with laptop while running videos or games?

I have a eMachines e627 laptop I got just last summer. I was pretty happy with it as it worked well and did what I needed it to do… I have not upgraded it at all, it comes with the hardware I bought it with.
Anyways, heres the problem, I use my laptop quite a bit, and lately I’ve had to pause or close videos or games and actually wait for around ten minute intervals for my laptop to regain itself because the videos and games become laggy or choppy. This happens at around 20min of video or gaming. (In games, my fps goes from 30 to 8.) And in videos I am watching, they will start to freeze up or the pixels will become all scrambled. I never had this problem before, I even upgraded my drivers (but rolled them back after… because I thought that could have been the issue) and this has not been fixed.
I have not opened my laptop yet, but is it possible that the equipment could be damaged? I was hoping that wasn’t the case, but I’m really not sure at this point…
I am also not sure as to whether getting other things such as a cooling pad would help this, as it has run perfectly fine without a cooling pad before (I could watch 8+ hours of video and it would not give me any problems at all).
Anyways, if anyone can give me advice on what I should do, please let me know.
My Specs are:
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Processor: AMD Athlon TF-20 1.6GHz
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3200

steve answers:

Try vacuuming out the cooling intake and exhaust or use a can of compressed air. Dust builds up on the cooling fins and the computer can overheat. If the computer is overheating, the processor rate will slow way down. I blow mine out about once a year. It can make a big difference on some computers. Make sure you put your laptop on a smooth surface (like a table or desk) so it can get air. Laptops on laps or blankets can sometimes suffocate. Otherwise get more RAM.

Donna asks…

Laptop not recognizing my 5870m graphics card.?

About 2 hours ago I updated my 5870m’s drivers to ATI’s latest catalyst release (10.6). Every time I would play a game however (Modern Warfare 2, Eve Online, Bad company 2) the game would black screen and I would have to do a hard reboot. Well, I decided to roll back to the 10.5 catalyst drivers, but when I installed them, in my device manager it is no longer saying I have a 5870m, just the standard VGA adapter. I was using the earliest drivers for this card that came with my laptop (g73) 9.4 i think? I also didn’t install the drivers right on top of each other, I did the whole process of going to device manager and uninstalling the Radeon drivers, restarting in safe mode and using driver sweeper to clean it all up, then re-starting and then installing the new drivers like you are supposed to.

Edit: Tried installing 10.4 in case the 10.5 files were messed up from the AMD website but the problem is the same, device manager is still not recognizing my 5870m and Catalyst Control Center is saying I don’t have a compatible card installed. Also tried using the drivers off of the driver disc that came with the laptop, no luck either.

steve answers:

At that time you can install games software in that you can play any games because some memory cards cann’t save some games.

Daniel asks…

Should I leave my laptop in charge or take it off once it’s fully charged?

Hi, I recently purchased a Toshiba NB-205 (netbook), and I wanted to know what would be the best way to go around to preserving the battery. The main reason I bought it was it’s long battery time (9 hours) and so far it’s great. But the thing is, I want to preserve those 9 hours as much as possible by the time August/September rolls around so I won’t have any problems with the battery. I’m going to school in New York City and use it at Wi-Fi hotspots to do work without having to lug around a case/charger.

My question is whether or not I should leave it in charge even though it’s fully charged? I’ve read that most batteries have 300-600 charge cycles, and I was wondering if I could preserve battery by using less cycles (leaving it in charge for a few weeks and taking it off for a discharge)? Or, should I continue doing what I do now; charge the laptop until it’s 100%, then use it until it gets under 10% and charge it fully again?


steve answers:

The laptops charger also acts as an A/C power

If you were to take out your laptops battery, and have it plugged in, It would work

I recommend keeping it plugged in, even if fully charged

If you feel you want it unplugged, that is fine

One rule you ALWAYS follow, DURING Thunderstorms, IF your laptop is ON, have it unplugged, if it is OFF, you can have it plugged in, but a power surge could damage the laptop’s Hard Drive

Simple Answer: Keeping it plugged in is fine, I recommend it, but If it’s fully charged, and YOU want it unplugged, that is also fine

It’s a matter of choice and opinion

Ken asks…

Tiny white insect on flower?

I went and picked a ton of different flowers for my gf some weeks ago.
When i got home and put them in a vase.. i noticed tiny white spiders hanging down from webs and was like omg and squished them.

I then noticed tiny tiny white insects crawling around the counter, in which i grabbed a napkin and started killing every last one i could see.
I notced none were falling from the plants unless i shook them..
so as i tried to find them, in which was near impossible..
i finally saw that they were on one particular flower..
i had about 4 of thise flower and they were only one these ones..
they’re very small.. white.. i have a camcorder that zooms WAY in and i got them up close on video climbing up the tiny stems of these flowers.

Note: The flowers are weird.. like.. they’re pretty stiff in the middle.. kind of pointy in the middle.. the petals are long and dark.. maybe about 5 long petals per flower.. not too close together, pretty separated.
They grow decently large while some smaller than others.
I noticed tons of these little white bugs were crawling up and down the stiff pointy deals in the center of the flower..

to get rid of everything, i just took tin foil, engulffed all the flowers with it, ran outside and through them in the garbage with the tin foil.

Well i dress pretty covered up, i wear fingerless gloves all the time, with tyes and thigh highed striped socks and shorts and long sleeved shirts rolled up a lot.

i had my socks rolled down the night i got these and it seems like every time i wear my socks now, i end up with weird bites on my legs..
i don’t see any bugs though..
and i’ve checked my bed and i see nothing.
i noticed today two of what looks like the same insect on my laptop case in my room..
i squished them and that’s the last i saw..
someone said they might be chiggers?
though they don’t look like chiggers.. and i’ve heard chiggers go in your skin etc.. so i’m thinking maybe some of these bugs are in my skin and everytime i wear my thihg highs it’s like it’s suffocating them or something so maybe they’re biting me?
i don’t feel biting at all, but i’ll wake up and have like 2 or 3 new bites..
or later on in the day i’ll have a crazy itch on my leg and yeah.

i’ve also had only a few bites on my arms but they remind me of spider bites.
i live in a nice house and it’s not infested with anything..

what are these bugs or what might they be?

they climbed decently fast up these stem like deals of the flower
were incredibly small..
and i noticed occasionally they jumped.. and super fast.. like a flea or something but i don’t think that’s what fleas look like..
and i don’t think they live on specific flowers…
they were there.. then they were gone when they jumped..


steve answers:

Same thing happend to me
im pretty sure its crabs
go to the doctor and he/she will give you this cream stuff the you rub on you body all over and it kills them
trust me it wors i had those bumps everywere too

George asks…

I need help to convince my parents…?

I am going to 9th grade next year and I have had a wheeled/roller backpack for 6 years, I really dont want one anymore because in high school no one has one. I just want a laptop case (we have to bring laptops to school), and a plain jansport backpack. I told my dad and he doesn’t like the idea…
How can i convince him?
I already told him it’s cheaper, i wont be “made fun of”, and i wont roll over peoples feet.

idk what else to say…HELP?!

steve answers:

Well, you can tell him that there is no room for rolly backpacks around the hallways, and people will hit into it and damage whatever is in your bag. You can also ruin your bag one by taking off the wheel or something, so then he will have to buy you a new one.

Hope i could help :)

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