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Your Questions About Rolling Laptop Case | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Rolling Laptop Case

George asks…

What is the best rolling backpack or laptop case for someone with a 17 inch laptop and many heavy textbooks?

I am a college student with degenerative disc disease and need a heavy duty rolling bag of some sort that will accommodate my 17 inch Toshiba laptop and many heavy books. It must be able to stand up to rolling across concrete sidewalks every day.

steve answers:

The rolling back pack sounds good to me…

Richard asks…

Can i bring two Suit cases, one carry on rolling suit case, and my laptop in its case.?

Im going to Ireland for a month for school. We need to bring our uniforms, knife kit, rain boots, rain jacket, dress shoes, and out kitchen shoes. I also i need to bring regular cloths.
Can i bring two Suit cases, one carry on rolling suit case, and my laptop in its case.

steve answers:

I’d leave my lab top at home; Unless you have insurance on your computer. This is for safety precautions; Other than that, you could bring it. I think you’ll have to pay extra for all that other stuff.

Mark asks…

Inexpensive leather rolling backpack/laptop case?

I want to find a nice wheeled backpack/laptop case that is between $30-$60, and is preferable made of leather. I know leather is more expensive, but it doesn’t have to be name brand or fancy or anything. Preferably brown or orangey leather. Any ideas of where to find something like that?

steve answers:

Idea at here :
Go to http://www.ebay.com . Just click search with keywork ” bag laptop, laptop case” . You will get very much result with all type you like.

I alway buy item on ebay and i’ve see very much bag for laptop.

Maria asks…

where to buy rolling laptop case in orange county, ca?

steve answers:

Go online to buy it and just have it shipped to you.

Daniel asks…

Will an airline allow a makeup case, laptop case, & carry-on piece?

Want to carry laptop separate from makeup (medium size) case on my trip. Also taking a small rolling duffle for overhead. Both makeup and laptop cases will fit easily under any seat I’m in. But this is 3 pieces. Anyone know if NW will allow this?
Clarification: Makeup bag won’t fit in rolling duffle, and will not have liquids in it larger than 3 oz. Also, computer case is only laptop and access. Can’t fit in rolling duffle either.

steve answers:

From my own expierence, make sure your laptop is out of any carrying case and in the open when you go through the X-Ray or you will get a lot of grief.

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