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Your Questions About Tablet Pc Prices | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Tablet Pc Prices

Helen asks…

Tablet PC in my price range?

I want a Tablet PC with a 15″ screen (at least bigger than 12″), and I want it to be less than $799, preferably around $499. As long as I can take it with me to my college classes for 10-hour stretches on one charge, I’m happy.

Any suggestions?


IPad 2 lasts for 10 hours and its starting price is 499$


others are lenovo idea pad k1, asus Eee trandformer, samsung galaxy tab, toshiba thrive.

Sandy asks…

I’m looking for a tablet pc and I need help! Do u have any suggestions?

I’m going to college in a few months and I want a tablet pc. I want something that is like a regular laptop but then it also swivels and lies flat over the keyboard. I want to be able to write all my notes on it with a stylus. I want something small and easy to transport and my price range is no more than $600. I’ve looked around but I can’t find anything. Does anyone have any suggestion?


Ipad 2 is amazing! I never owned the iPad 1 so, I can’t compare but, this one blows me away. The screen is clear and very responsive. It’s easy to use and has so many features, it’s just wonderful. Get one!

Ruth asks…

What is a good beginners pc graphics tablet with a screen for a reasonable price?

I am thinking about one ot these to help drawing on my laptop.
Any help appreciated!


Wow.. I just finished reading a VERY helpful article about graphic tablets.. Its at http://www.digitalartsecrets.com homepage.. It basically tells you which is the best digital art tablet to get depending on what you want to do with it.. I think you will find this very helpful. .. Good luck.

Carol asks…

I think I’ve came to a verdict of which tablet pc to buy…?

ello, I’ve been looking around for tablet pc‘s and internet tablets to fit my needs, but is there any better priced + performance tablet pc‘s? my uses will be long distance video calls, buisness so ill need word documents – calendars. entertainment in long distances.

so heres what I’ve come up with…

Archos 70 250gb – £159

Archos 101 internet tablet – £159

Blackberry playbook – £169

im more towards the blackberry as its performance is better than the rest, is there anything else cheaper that you guys could reccomend? cheers


Blackberry playbook is good but their app’s are not great yet. They will possibly be implimenting Andriod apps soon but i wouldnt hold my breath.

If i where you i would go for the Archos 70 (Or save up and get an Ipad)

Donald asks…

Which tablet PC should we get?

My dad is planning on buying a tablet pc for christmas and we are trying to figure out which is best, based on the price. He has three in mind right now: iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and Toshiba Tablet. I’m personally not a fan of all the updates apple continuously let’s out, but I’m wondering about the other two?

If you have a tablet pc, which one did you get and what are the pros and cons? Answer please!


I have a Motorola XOOM 4g from Verizon. I got it for 299.00 with 32GB. I’ve played around with alot of tablets before getting this one. And I have to say I like it plus with the price it could NOT be beat. 10.1″ screen, plus you can add memory with a SD slot up to 64 more GB. Not sure what OS though your talking about are running. The XOOM is running Android Honeycomb and soon to be Android Icecream Sandwich which will be amazing.

I don’t think that helped but maybe it did.

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