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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Affordable Laptops

Michael asks…

I plan to get a cheap and affordable laptop, preferably for surfing the internet.?

I plan to get a cheap and affordable laptop, preferably for surfing the internet. What are the things to look out for in a laptop? My needs is to surf the internet, prefer to have a faster loading processor for watching movies, youtube and playing the game or any source of entertainment. What is needed in a laptop for my requirements?


Go with a laptop with at least dual core technology; for what you are using your laptop, having more than two cores is not needed (i.e. I don’t recommend the purchase of a laptop with a quad core CPU.). Also, as far as the CPU goes, it will be a good idea to find one that runs at 2.4 GHz. Now, it is important to have more than 1GB of RAM. Usually, laptops that come with a 64 bit version of Windows Vista will come with more than 3GB of ram, which is more than what you need. For what you are using your laptop, I would go with one that has a 32 bit version of Windows Vista preinstalled; however, you can find some good multimedia Acer brand laptops for around 800 dollars or so that come with a dual core CPU that runs at 2.4 GHz, Windows Vista 64, and of course, 4 GB of RAM. As far as video cards go: if you want to have very good display, then go with a Macbook, but remember that Apple products are very expensive; in general, NVIDIA graphics with over 300MB of memory are good. Also, make sure that you have a decent amount of HDD space, but really, for what you are using your laptop, I would go with speed over space, so try to find an HDD with the fastest R/W speed and smallest HDD capacity. If you want blu-ray drives, then you will have to look at specific brands as not all manufacturers make reasonably affordable laptops with such ODDs. Also, I would recommend a netbook configuration, but you are wanting to watch movies and I think what I have recommended will be sufficient for the multimedia purposes for which you intend to use it.

Good luck.

Joseph asks…

Need an affordable laptop that will run DoW2?

I’m looking to buy an affordable laptop that will run Dawn of War 2 smoothly. Any recommendations on the best bang for my buck?
Here’s a list of requirements/recommendations to run DoW2. A laptop that is affordable and can run these with relative ease would be amazing. I used to be a little more computer savvy but that was really only with desktops and the newer generation computers just confuse me :(
Anyway, here are the requirements and thanks for your time!


For starters laptops are not best suited to play hard core games, unless of course it is a gaming laptop.
And when you look at the system requirments for the game, they normally only show it for the desktops not the laptops.

But here are a couple laptop that may work, a gaming one or a desktop probably would be better.




These would be better




Donald asks…

I want to buy a new, great quality but affordable laptop. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve heard of too many people having problems with dell laptops so that’s one brand I probably want to stay away from.


I have HP and it has not had any problems

If you buy a machine preloaded with Windows Vista after July 1st 2009, you will be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7 once it’s released. There are a number of restrictions, though; you are not allowed to upgrade from one language to another. In addition, the only upgrade paths allowed within the program are from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium, Business to Professional, and Ultimate to Ultimate. All other paths are not allowed; people who buy Vista Starter or Vista Home Basic are not eligible for upgrades, for instance.


Mary asks…

Does anyone know where to get professional (production) type laptops at an “affordable” price?

and would you recommend a laptop for video production and 3d work?
which specifications would you have in consideration?


3D work such as Maya. 3DS studio or what? A fast processor will still be essential to rendering objects.

Dell’s Precision line is quite nice. M4400 is the 15.4″ workhorse, M6400 17″. IBM’s W500 or W700. HP Elitebook 8530w or the 17″ model, 8730w. I’d start looking in the Dell Outlet for a refurbished M4400 or M6400. Under $1000, performance is incredible. Wokrstation card, will help in rendering (CUDA powered also).

People keep recommending Macbook Pros, but the freaking Final Cut software costs $1300. And don’t bother editing anything with iMovie and calling it “video production”.

Sandy asks…

What’s a good affordable laptop that’s reliable?

I want it to have a good, fast processor, 2Gb of space, 15 inch screen or about that and I want to have a three year warranty. I like in the UK so UK laptops only!


This is the UK website for dell:


pick what you want

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