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Your Questions About Tablet Pc

Maria asks…

How to make a tablet pc from old laptop components?

I am an EC engineering student. I am having an old laptop from which i can get a working processor, ram, harddisk, battery, lcd and the like components. Please tell me how should i again connect all these components to get a working tablet pc with wife connectivity and i then wish to install android os in its Rom


If you have to ask, there’s no way that you can do it, even with step-by-step instructions given.

Charles asks…

What is the best tablet pc on the market thus far in 2008?

What is the best tablet pc on the market thus far in 2008? Please answer if you have done research on this topic, no personal opinions please. Thank you :)


The best tablet PC by research is HP TX2000
its a upgraded model of hptx1000 series.
The best of the best tablet pc available to the market today
extreme graphics and great processor and Hp really worked on the complains from tx1000 and modify it and made tx2000
just search for tx2000 specs and you will know all.

Laura asks…

What is the most powerful Tablet PC on the market today and who makes it?

I am looking for a true Tablet PC not a laptop or notebook that converts. Screen resolution is important because I will be reading from this alot. Also I need something that is readable in the sunlight. Can anyone help.


Buy a laptop with an OLED screen (big bucks$$$)

this is the tech


this is the laptophttp://www.engadget.com/2006/12/02/lg-debuts-ebook-concept-laptop-with-oled-screen-liquid-fuel/

Sandy asks…

What is the best tablet PC for CREATING Powerpoint presentations?

I understand all tablet PCs can display Powerpoint presentations. However, my husband has to create many presentations from scratch for his job, and I want to find a great tablet PC that he can use while traveling for business. Ideally, he wants to be able to create a presentation from scratch, then transfer it to his laptop for adding photos and finishing touches. Are there any Android tablets (and apps) that are compatible between the tablet, and a PC running Office?


Tablet PC? I know a free android office, works good on android tablet. Kingsoft Office. A freeware. The ability to create PPT will be available on its 4.5 version. Which will be released this month.

Susan asks…

What is the Tablet Pc that will allow me to download movies and music directly to the Tablet?

I want a Tablet PC, with the exception of an IPad, that will allow me to use it as a multimedia player as well without having to use a SD or MicroSD. Hopefully a 10″ screen and easy portablity. Any suggestions.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Asus Eee Pad Transformer
Motorola Xoom

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