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Your Questions About 15.6 Laptop

Michael asks…

Does anyone know where I can get a hard shell case for a 15.6 toshiba laptop?

My daughter has a toshiba 15.6 laptop. She wants a hard case for it, but I can only find them for hp’s and Macs. Does anyone know where I could find a case (that isn’t clear) for the toshiba? Or is there a certain name for them so I know better what to search for?


Get one at bust buy or at Mac store

David asks…

I need a backpack big enough to carry my Laptop (15.6 in) and Xbox 360 as a carry on for my flight, any ideas?

I need a backpack big enough to carry my Laptop (15.6 in) and Xbox 360 as a carry on for my flight. Does anyone know of any that are affordable, and decent quality ? Thanks in advance.
It’s preferred if it has cushion/protection on the inside.


Go to a sporting goods store and look at backpacks, I got a good one for $35(MSRP of $110). Get a daypack, most have a decent amount of padding.

Ruth asks…

How good is this laptop for heavy games and work?

I found a laptop which looked pretty good can anyone tell me if it could run average/heavy games like Skyrim?
Thank You



Its a pretty good machine it should run skyrim WOW and COD easily, but remember it cant be upgraded it will have a couple of years life in it and thats your lot.

Donna asks…

Whats the difference between a laptop and a notebook?

Specifically, a Dell 15.6 laptop vs. a Dell 15.6 Notebook. Aren’ t they both laptop computers, same size? What gives? Break it down!


Yea that’s how they are called. Notebooks and/or laptops are the same.

E.g. My laptop is a notebook :)

Jenny asks…

What is the best laptop for videos and games for £500?

i have been looking at this, http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/acer-aspire-5750-15-6-laptop-11318181-pdt.html looks good, I5, 6gb ramm and 750HDD, anyone have any better suggestions for about the same price? All i really want it for is my films, games, and internet.


My Dell M5030 was that price.
Idk if thats the same price for you though in pounds.
ATI HD4500, 3GB ram, AMD 2.4GHz duo processor.
I used turboboost for ram issues, and overclocked a bit for a little more intensive games.
I’d say mine serves me well.

That acer sounds too good to be true… Maybe it’s an intel graphics, but maybe you can use 3Danalyzer to force play on games. Make sure to ask the store about the fans and product structure. It could break easy and I know my friend has an acer with a fan problem and his acer desktop.

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