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Your Questions About Netbook Mouse Not Working | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Netbook Mouse Not Working

Ken asks…

My Asus Eee PC netbook mousepad not working?

I have an Asus netbook & recently my mousepad has not been working..the cursor gets stuck in the middle of the screen & does not move & I get a pop up that says hotkey serwvice (spelled just like that) saying unable to find touch pad . Ocassionally, I’ll turn it off and on and it’ll work untill I turn it off again. Why is this happening? Can I fix it by adding my own mouse? Or any other way


Try using a regular USB mouse and checking in Device Manager to see if there is anything up with the drivers. How old is the netbook? I have had mousepads wear out on laptops but they usually will just work erratically rather then give an error like that. Good luck!

Susan asks…

Dropped my Eee PC netbook, won’t make any noise, mouse no longer works…?

I dropped my netbook about 3 feet onto a wood floor… turned it on and everything seemed fine, then after maybe 20 seconds the mouse/track was non-responsive and the left and right click under it stopped responding too. I restarted the computer and still no response, so i plugged in my USB mouse and continued. When I tried to open iTunes I got a message saying, “iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/Video playback may not operate properly.” When I tried to play music in iTunes it didn’t play. I went on youtube and tried to play a song, the video worked but no music.


I think some connections inside your computer are either outright broken, bent, or otherwise damaged. I think you may need to get a computer repair shop to take a look at it, and I also think you should back up any important files from that computer IMMEDIATELY.

Robert asks…

netbook left click not working?

The left click in the embedded mouse in my new toshiba netbook isn’t working. It was working before and now all of a sudden it’s not. The right click works fine. Is that a mechanical problem that needs to be fixed by a pro or is there some other (simpler) solution?


Try fn+F3 or F7, but it’a probably a mechanical problem..

Mandy asks…

Why isn’t my NETBOOK SYNAPTICS mousepad not working?

I formatted my computer, and like 10 minutes later the mosue pad was not responding. I checked the mouse properties, and no program appears to function for it.

What I do? I restarted and reformatted the computer- no work.


Just re-install the drivers for it. Here’s the link for the drivers. Http://www.synaptics.com/support/drivers

Lisa asks…

Netbook buttons not working. Help?

I’ve had my netbook since Christmas. A few months ago, my right button stopped working. I didn’t think much of it because I could use the touch pad, but just recently my left button stopped working as well. I went into the control panel and checked the settings for my mouse but nothing there helped. Should I just get them replaced or is there more I can do?

I have Windows XP Home Edition, by the way.


I would first try using a new external usb mouse to see if the buttons work.

I would also turn the netbook off…remove the power cord and battery from under the netbook for a few minutes…reconnect everything and try again.

If the buttons on the mousepad are still defective I would get them fixed while they are still under warranty.


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