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Your Questions About Medium Sized Laptops | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Medium Sized Laptops

Betty asks…

Wants an awesome laptop that meets standards.?

I’m wanting a laptop REALLY badly, so I don’t have to use the family computer, and so I can go on it anywhere and not have to use my phone. I like a small-medium sized laptop, with 6-10 hours of battery life. A webcam. Lots of room, like over 100gb. Maybe earth-friendly, I want it to be, but it depends on the price. And all of that for under $800. Please post links or suggestions (if suggetion, be specific, please).


Quite honestly, almost any laptop that isn’t Dell or Compaq branded will satisfy those conditions.

You can get a fine laptop that fulfills everything you asked for at almost any computer store for about $600. No joke. Check out Sony VAIOs, anything ASUS, and HP usually makes good machines.

Dells and Compaqs are cheap, but in my experience malfunction more than other manufacturer’s machines.

Hope I helped a bit, but you need to find the right machine for yourself, and the internet isn’t a good place to look. Go to a computer shop and just use their demonstration models. See which one has the feel you like – keyboard, mouse, heat, &c., &c.

Ken asks…

Good laptops for teenagers.?

im looking for a laptop
with a medium sized screen
lots of space
windows 7
and a webcam.
I want one that will have a nice webcam built in, and can hold all my files.
i dont want a huge screen but i dont want a netbook either.
your opinions please!
and links!
it would be nice if it came in different colors too.
thanks (:


Dell Inspiron 15(r)

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64-bit, English
Optional Intel® Pentium® dual-core processor no overheat
High-definition (HD) content on the 15.6-inch HD widescreen LED display, integrated graphics
Built-in webcam and microphone
Muti UBS ports with easy recovery mode
Comes in pink, red , blue, green , black and few more.

Web review http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-15-n5030/pd

Helen asks…

Suggestions for a laptop?

I want a laptop for Xmas, so I’m sort of looking for an Apple.
This is why-

If you bought 1 of those cheap, small, $250 laptops, you have to pay about $60 a month. This adds up to about $1,100.

But, if you bought an Apple, it costs somewhere around $1,000, and, you don’t have to pay every month. This one laptop I’m looking at:


…..Is a medium-sized laptop. And, I’m pretty sure The Apple is a really reliable company.

These are your answers and I really really need them! Thanks so much!!!!!!


I have a MacBook Pro and it is amazing!! Got everything you need. I also have a MacBook air but wouldnt recommend it. The reason it is so thin is because it has nothing on it. No disc drive.

Chris asks…


Getting a laptop this summer. where can i buy cheap but good laptops? i want a medium sized one withh a webcam, wifi, all the good stuff. any good stores with cheap ones? also what brand is best? also any other info would be amazing!


Stores- Best Buy, Office Depot,
Best Brands — Personally l do not not recommend Toshiba. Good ones (Compaq, HP, Dell, Gateway.

Linda asks…

Can someone find a laptop that I would like?

I’m searching for a laptop that I’d like.

What I’m looking for is a laptop thats:

Medium Sized
Any color
Microsoft Office
Can play some games well
Good for work too
Nice Graphics
Optical drive
2 or 3 ports
Not Apple

The laptop doesn’t have to fit all the requirements (except the Not Apple requirement), find one that can fit the most and I will be happy, thank you.


The HP DV6 is great for such applications..I’ve it.

Or you could try the Toshiba Satellite series..they’re really good too.

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