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Your Questions About Cheap Laptop Bags | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Cheap Laptop Bags

Ken asks…

any one have suggesttions for a cheap laptop bag?

I need a bag thats reliable and will protect my laptop but won’t fall apart on me anytime soon but it also has to be cheap, somthing in the $30 range perferablly, but has space so that I can fit Text books in it for classes…. any suggestions?


Cheap”, and “Good Quality” are two parameters that do not intercede, cannot process request.

Mandy asks…

Where to buy cheap laptop bag with dell logo Not orignal bag ofcourse in Kualalumpur?


You can visit Low Yat Plaza and Imbi Plaza in Bukit Bintang to shop for your laptop bag. These two shopping centres are a haven for all things relating from personal computers to laptop, printers, mobile phones, PDAs, accessories, softwares and other electronics. In fact, you can spend the whole day browsing, window shopping and have your meals at the various food outlets inside and outside them. Happy shopping.

Susan asks…

Where can i find a cheap laptop bag?

it has to fit a 14 inch


Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Comp USA, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy.
You have to shop to see which ones fit your in your notebook/laptop (same thing)

John asks…

Suggest me a good backpack for LAPTOP + a Digital SLR camera?

Looking for a good/cheap laptop bag which has compartments for storing a DSLR.



they are good, pelican make hard cases also

theres a waterproff to 30m one if your keen but they are price on application – they take 2 bodies, 4 lenses, 2 flashes a laptop and all the leads et cetera


Steven asks…

Where can I find cheap Harajuku lover bags?

What I’m really looking for is the Hot stuff messenger bag, or the laptop bag or the shoulder bag. Please help!


TJ Max! I use the perfume and i get it from there, I always see the bags in there too.

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