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Your Questions About Cheap Laptop Bags Online | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Cheap Laptop Bags Online

Lisa asks…

2 Laptops…Online Check in Cheaper?

I am travelling to Germany in about two weeks and I am taking my own personal Laptop and another Laptop i bought my little brother… I was wondering if it is allowed to carry two laptops… I intend to put one in a carry-on with a few items and the other one in a laptop bag as a personal item. Also, i heard that baggage could be checked in online for a cheaper price than when you check in at the airport…How cheaper? anyone experienced this before?


I would get a carry-on bag that can carry both lap tops

you can go online to check your luggage, it is about $5 cheaper, but depends upon your airline
go to airlines website and look up checked luggage fees!

Nancy asks…

Best place to buy laptop backpack?

I’m looking for a backpack that will hold a 17″ laptop. I wanted to use it for school and/or travel, and it seems to be better that buying a backpack and a laptop bag separately. I’ve looked online and liked Jan-sport and similar, but can’t find any that are big enough in stores(most are only 15″). Does anyone know a place that sells them in Central Florida/Orlando(or national chains)?

Cheaper is better, but if I find a good quality one I would pay more.



I bought a swiss gear one online. These things are honestly some of the best around. They will definately hold up for years!

Payed around 50 bux for it, and it was well worth it.

Mandy asks…

Laptop LCD repair in Tirana, Albania (or buy a new one in Balkans)?

Laptop LCD repair in Tirana, Albania (or buy a new one in Balkans)?

I dropped my old laptop bag on the sand near the coast in Albania, and now find myself without a working machine. I’m slowly working my way towards Tirana (the capital) and hope to find a shop that will repair the damaged LCD. As for the damage, well the computer turns on but the screen stays black, and only “some” of the blinking lights flash on (others stay off). The laptop is old and is on its last legs but since I am dependant on my laptop for travel purposes I need an immediate fix (either a repair shop or a new computer). My 2 questions are:

1) Where is the best place to easily repair a damaged LCD display for an old laptop in Tirana, Albania?

2) Where in these 3 Balkan countries (Albania, Macedonia, or Bulgaria) should I purchase a new simple PC laptop? I don’t need anything super just a slim, wide screen machine with focus on memory (1-2GB RAM), everything else is a luxary. I’m thinking Skopje, or Sofia might be the best places as they are the only capitals I’ll be visiting before returning to Norway (and I don’t want to buy anything there since it’s so overpriced. I’m not sure whether it’s cheaper to find a quality machine online (and have it shipped to the Balkans), or just buy it direct from a local shop.



I dont know about Albania, FYROM or Bulgaria, but its not far from Tirana to visit Ioannina in Greece, where you can find several shops that sell laptops for around 500 Euros (if not less).

I reside in Ioannina, Greece and I can give you a refferal or two for that matter.
Email me if you are interested.

Jenny asks…

Where should I get a school bag?

I’m starting my first year of college (at community college) and I want a bag that I can fit books and my laptop in. One that is kind of cheap, but that I can buy in an actual store, because I can’t buy anything online since I don’t have a credit card… It can be a backpack, or messenger bag style, I don’t really care.


Try tj max or target for a kinda large, over the shoulder messenger bag. I wont be carrying that much with max 4 classes a day, so keep it simple!
Hope that helps :)

Mary asks…

I’m so sick of my mom.?

Okay so for about a month my mom’s been a total b*tch to me and my sister. She’s barely ever home anymore and when she is she’s ALWAYS screaming at us.

& On like Monday night she told me that I was worthless and I was like, if you didn’t want to have another kid maybe you shouldn’t have, and she was like I really shouldn’t have.

Anyways it really hurt to hear her say that. & The next day my parents friends came over for dinner and she was acting really fake, calling me honey, and sweetheart. & Then my dad was like finally I don’t have to have a sandwhich for dinner and my mom said, Well if you came home more often you wouldn’t have to. & I was like mom, you never cook and you’re never home anyways! & Then I went to my room because I wasn’t feeling well and she was cyring to them about how the night before she was about to pack her bags and leave.

& Every weekend her and my dad will go to our cabin and act like they don’t even have kids. & she used to always call and check up on me but now she never does. & She does more but it would be too long to write.

Well last night it was her day off and she wasn’t home at all, wouldn’t call us, and wouldn’t answer her phone, so I was kind of worried because even though i’m mad at her. & Then I call my dad and she told him that she was going to take my sister and I somewhere today, well that was obviously a lie.

So then I find out that she went like 2 hours away to get the same hair straightener that I have. & When I got mine for my birthday awhile ago she was so angry because it was 230 dollars, and she was saying that every straighteners the same. Well she was wrong and she even said so, so then she bought herself a chi, and didn’t like it, so I told her about a Solia, and she was going to get that one because it’s a lot cheaper, and it just pisses me off, that she would get the EXACT same color and everything as mine (I’m home sick today and no one’s here so I kind of found it. Btw don’t say if you don’t feel good you shouldn’t be on the computer. I feel alot better and I needed to ask this question.)

Anyways I wanted a Alice in Wonderland costume for Halloween that’s alot cheaper online than at a Halloween store, and they only sell this one only. So she went out and bought me one instead and I saw it, she got me a freakin Dorthy costume, and she was like all the others were up to your “hooha” and then I looked at the tag and it’s from freakin K-Mart obviously they’re not going to have much and she was like complaining about the price.

Why is it that she can spend 230 dollars on a freakin straightener, go out and buy herself a new Ipod, and laptop, that the total would come up to over 1000 dollars yet complain about the price of a 30 dollar costume?? I know it’s her money but still.

So what should I do about her rude attitude toward me, i’m honestly to the point where i’m about to run away. Sorry for this being so long.

Btw i’m 13 and my sisters 18 almost 19….
my dad lives with us. he’s just not really home very often.
& i can already start babysitting I just don’t have a creditcard so I can’t buy it….
& to the 5th answer, get over yourself. & f*ck you.


Look, I understand your being upset but please look at the bigger picture here. She is being a bit selfish but come on its just Halloween and in a couple of years you can start baby sitting and buy any costume you want. If you think running away will solve anything than your naive and mistaken. Your life will be a living hell dear.

Just do your best to get along with your mother and is going to live with your father an option?

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