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Your Questions About Cheap Laptop Bags | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Cheap Laptop Bags

Susan asks…

Hi guys, where do i buy laptop backpack bags which is stylish , cheap and good..with many racks..and please?

locate stores in chennai


Go to American Tourister store. They have cool Laptop back packs in Strivers series (http://americantouristerindia.com/backpacks.html ). They have many stores in Chennai. Choose the one close to the place you live –> http://americantouristerindia.com/store.html

Richard asks…

where can I buy cheap reliable lasting like laptop backpack and laptop in Melbourne City?

I looking for a reliable brand like hedgehog or Samsonite laptop bag with wheeler or backpack where i can put into alot of notes and stuffs into other compartment and at the same time travel the world.


Stumbled on this funky notebook bag which doesnt look like those normal black ones;


Nancy asks…

Where, apart from ebay is the cheapest place for Crumpler bags – photography ones not laptop ones?

Sites that sell seconds?


Several companies sell through Ebay. They tend to be a little cheaper.

Jenny asks…

If i put my laptop in a sleeve, then put in a regular book bag, will it safe?

I find that laptop sleeves are much cheaper than laptop book bags. But i want my new laptop to be safe. So will it be as safe if i put it in a sleeve then my regular ol book bag?


Is better if you have it in a book bag, because in a sleeve you can drop it and in a book bag you are caring it on your back

Sharon asks…

Where can you find really neat, unique, inexpensive laptop bags?

I keep looking online for different laptop bags, all the ones that are the least bit interesting are $300. I am cheap I guess…but I know there is a site out there somewhere.


Have you tried walmart, my 19 yr. Old got one there for $24.and it was awsome, also office max

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