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Your Questions About Sylvania Tablet | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Sylvania Tablet

Helen asks…

My brand new Sylvania 7in Android tablet won’t turn on?

It goes to a screen that says infotmic and then it won’t go any farther. It turned on last night when we got it out of the box but it won’t turn on anymore. Any help?


Try to leave it off and charge it 4-6 hours….if that doesn’t work…I hope you kept your receipt, my friend.

Laura asks…

Force Android market or Barnes & Noble nook program onto Sylvania mini tablet?

I just purchased a Sylvania mini tablet (SYNET7LP) as an ereader for my husband for the holidays. I’m trying to set it up with Barnes and Noble’s Nook program and I’m running into a roadblock. The tablet does not come with Android market, even though it is an Android device (running 2.1). I did my research before purchasing and found that Barnes and Noble’s software only needs Android 1.6 to run properly. I’ve called Barnes and Noble’s tech support to see if there’s a way to email me the program file, but they seemed as dumbfounded as I am and couldn’t help.

Can anyone tell me a way to force Android market AND/OR Barnes & Noble’s Nook program onto this tablet?

Thanks in advance!


Well, other than trying to get Android Market on your tablet, here is complete list of alternative Android app stores you can try, http://www.digi-go.com/android/ Nook should make their app available to you. No excuse there.

Lizzie asks…

whats the sylvania wireless touch screen tablet 7?

is it like the ipad?


Http://sylvaniacomputers.com/ you can take a look here on the sylvania site, good luck…

Jenny asks…

I recently bought a sylvania 7″ mini tablet, where do I get a user manual ?


The best source, I hope, is Sylvania…

George asks…

what is the max sd card that can be put in a Sylvania SYTAB7MX 7-Inch Tablet?


The owner’s manual, if there is one, should mention any limits in this regard.

No manual? Ask Sylvania’s customer service department about it.

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