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Your Questions About Netbook 12.1 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Netbook 12.1

James asks…

is this a good laptop for University, Dell Inspiron Mini 12.1 (Netbook)?

I want a light VERY light laptop that can do all my homework on.



Hey i just bought one of the dell mini 12s and i love it. I am in university and i used to have a 16 inch which was a nightmare to carry from class to class but this one is sooo light and so thin. I really like it. The only complaint i can give you is that the period, comma, and / keys are a bit smaller than the rest of the keys on a standard keyboard which took some getting used to but its been two days and im almost used to it. I would say that this is a great computer for school.

George asks…

can i use eeectl to overclock my 1.66 ghz cpu in my netbook?

I would like to use eeectl to overclock my 1.66 ghz cpu in my eeepc shell 12.1 inch netbook and im just wondering if it will work. Or if it will do anything harmful to the netbook.
The netbook is a few months old and is running windows 7 home premium.
It is an intel atom cpu if that matters


The speed is pre set to its clock temperature if you speed it out the heat sink will just eventually shut down the computer during use by flat ot turning off. Not shut down. This protects the motherboard here’s the problem if it doe sit to many times then a thermo break down sets in and mother board will fry so I would not speed the cpu up at all.

Ruth asks…

Dell Inspiron Mini 12.1 (Netbook)?

can i load Microsoft office, and will it run good?


Yah Sure. It will work fine

Thomas asks…

help me find a cheaper netbook (~$350)?

I am in the market for a netbook

the things i want are

2GB of RAM (no less)
at least 160 gb harddrive
a medium end GPU (ATI Radeon 3200, Intel GMA 4500mhd or equivalent)
and an operating system (a lot of the ones i found on newegg did not come with an OS)

this is the best one that i found but its about $75 above my price range


i am looking for something closer to ~$350 and i dont care if its used
battery life isn;t important because i will be able to plug it in anywhere i go

and also if there is a laptop at a similar price with those specs that would be OK as well


There are really not any new netbooks within your price range, but there is a Lenovo Notebook that is close to your price range. It is about $30 US more expensive, but it has the specs you want and will do more than a netbook.

Ken asks…

12.1 Laptop versus 8.9 Netbook for school?

Hey I will be a new university this year and need a laptop for school.
My current idea is to buy a small, light laptop for in-class/school use and keep a separate bigger monitor + keyboard/mouse in my dorm and hook up the laptop to those via a dock.

I was thinking between a subnotebook (netbook) at a tiny 8.9 inches or a 12.1 inch laptop. The 8.9 is ultralight but the keyboard is not full size and therefore not comfortable for long typing, while the 12.1 is bigger/heavier but has more power, RAM, memory full keyboard etc.

All my classes are geography (non-science) and I don’t use a computer for much more than Word, Powerpoint, internet and music.
So would you be able to tell me which laptop would you recommend. Would the subnotebook (tiny 8.9 inch) be too small to act as my main computer, and from your experience is a non-full size keyboard (the subnotebook has a 95% size keyboard) too uncomfortable to use?

Thanks for your help!


The netbooks don’t always run Windows. Many run Linux. I would say go with the 12.1 for Windows/the extra power.

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