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Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops India | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops India

Thomas asks…

Where can you sell or buy a laptop in Punjab or India, where and/or how much?


Does anyone have a recent experience, selling a laptop in India or buying it or buying it.
Does anyone know how much can you buy say Windows XP, 1 GB RAM and 60-80GB Hard Drive.
I am looking for someone buying/selling it in Punjab and/or Delhi.

Any details will be helpful.


Well i sold the laptop individually to a person not a shop…because in shops they always see the price low..because they have to resell it to earn profit..

If you sell it to a person you can get decent price on that.

Nobody will buy a Windows XP 1 GB RAM and 60-80 GB HDD laptop..well i cant be sure ..but i am sure that there wont be many interested in that..

Which laptop are you buying or selling..if it has the same manufacturer you can put it up for exchange you might get good offers..

Laura asks…

What is wrong with my Dell battery?

1 month ago I buyed new Laptop from Dell Latitude D420. Installed Windows XP Professional 32 bit and Truecrypt to encypt the HDD. After a while, about a 2 weeks, the light showing the battery is charging won’t light up and my laptop works only on AC. Sometimes, but I don’t know why, AC is charging the battery, mostly don’t. I tried Batcal.exe recalibrating and still nothing. I unplugged battery, checked currents on AC and battery and pins to be sure they are clean. Nothing helps.I heard that Dell motherboards are bad coded and there is no solution since Support is located in India or China, so nobody cares. Maybe you care to know how to treat that topic, since I cannot afford me to buy new battery if it’s her problem thou.

Any constructive or destructive, especially about Dell mostly appreciated.


Dell hardware is generally reliable. Seems like you just had a bad battery. Just get them to replace the battery, your covered on the warranty.

EIDT: Wait, the latitude is really old so you will just have to buy a new battery, well that’s if you can get one.

Sandy asks…

problem with internet connection… i’m pissed off big time…plz help.?

i got a broadband installed a week ago(bsnl,india) and started using it through my laptop.at first i was dogged by “win32 error” which i sorted out by help from an online forum.during last week i also managed to lose my windows xp twice.the windows were reloaded and the problem of frequent crashing was attributed to improper shutting down.now coming to the present problem…
whenever i connect to the broadband, the connection is fine but i’m not able to open any sites.when i check the connection properties, it shows that ‘packets’ are being received normally but none are being sent.the count is stuck around 268 packets sent.

please help…


Check to make sure that your DNS is set to automatic. Also make sure your IP address is set to automatic. You can find these settings in your TC/IP settings in the advanced configuration tab. Once your able to connect to the internet, download a firewall and anti-virus.

Ken asks…

How to make NFS Hot Pursuit run in my system?

I have a laptop, Dell Vostro 1015 with-
2.1ghz Core 2 duo
2gb RAM
1gb Intel graphic media accelerator 4500mhd
Windows XP
When I run the game, it starts and works fine but the problem is with the graphics it resembles like far cry without any actual graphic card. Looks fully white. But this game looks fully black. The environment is fully black and the rear view mirror is fully white. But the cars looks good as normal.
What can I do?
Please help, I will be thankful,
By the way I am 13 and from Ranchi, India.


Its do with your graphics card not having drivers to support the rendering that is done in the game with those elements. And sadly there is nothing you can do about it apart from getting a more modern graphics card with new drivers._

Susan asks…

Does anybody know about booting of computer through LAN?

Hi Dear Friend,

I have two or more computer my room or my house (Two computers and one laptop). Therefore I have small networking in my room using Lan cards of my computers and one Dlink Switch (Hubs). I can boot my computers using CD-ROM, Floppies, Harddisk or USB Memory Device. But I am not able to boot my computer using Networking. I have done networking in Window 98 and Window XP, XP2 successfully. But I am not able to boot my computer using operating system of other computer on network. I do not know anything about. Does any body know about it. Please replay me just for my knowledge. It appear that it require Mac Operating systems. Please email me or reply at sukhdev_hisar2@yahoo.com . Thanks in advance. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, take care, cya, ttyl.

Sukhdev Taneja, India.


One more thing the others did not mention. Change your LAN card to a 3COM905 series since this company works better with Microsoft products than any one else. Reason is Microsoft and 3Com worked together to in the 90′s to perfect the remote boot in Windows and those are still the standards used.

Others will work with some tweaking, but if this is your first time. Do it this way.


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