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Your Questions About Best Laptops To Buy Right Now | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Best Laptops To Buy Right Now

Laura asks…

What’s the best laptop right now for under $700?

I need to buy it online, and would like to get it from a well known discount website like HHGregg or Costco or something like that. I am in college, little to no money, need something with Intel Processor and at least 4 Gigs of Memory. Also, don’t like anything other than Toshiba, Sony or HP and will not buy anything besides those 3.
Apparently some people don’t like to read. Thanks for the advice from the first 2 people but I don’t buy Dell. Also, the second 2 people were helpful but I needed a specific model to purchase. But thanks.


Buy direct and save: http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/home.to

Thomas asks…

What laptop should I buy?

I’m looking into buying a laptop and was wondering what is the best laptop to buy right now for a teenager?


A Macbook Pro (Use the student discount)

Richard asks…

Best buy invenotry online is it accurate?

Looking to buy a laptop, local best buy show they only have 3 types online for store pickup. I have been in best buy before and they had way more than 3 on display. Is the inventory online accurate? I would call but they are closed right now.


Usually, I’d say their online inventory is pretty good. This close to the holidays, be skeptical. They might have returns or exchanges that have not been updated to their online systems.

Donald asks…

Buy a laptop now or wait?

I am planning on going to college fall 2012 and am in need of a laptop. I have been eyeing the toshiba portege z835 for a while and at best buy it is $699 right now(everywhere else it is 899) should I buy this now (I have the money) or wait until right before I leave? I hear new intel processors will be out by then. Thanks guys.


Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors will be coming out in Q2 2012 so I’d wait till they come out. I’m personally going to get the MacBook pro when it comes out with it

Linda asks…

should i lie to best buy about what happened to laptop so i can use the warranty?

spill nail polish remover on it and its basically screwed. however, i brought the laptop at best buy in january so still under 1 year warranty. i know accidental spills are not under the warranty…but i dont have money right now :( should i lie and tell them idk what happened? would they find out?


If they dismantle the laptop it will be obvious it has suffered liquid damage. If they have attempted to repair it they could bill you for their time given you lied to them.

Don’t do it. It’s fraud.

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