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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For College | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For College

Sandra asks…

Best laptop for college?

College life, fun…I need advice on which laptop to buy, I’ve done my research in fact I’ve done tons of it. And I have a general idea of what I want/need the laptop to have, but I’m not sure about the best brand, best screen size, most affordable,which is lighter in weight.And that snazzy stuff that counts.

Here’s what I want/need

-17 in or 15.4 widescreen
-Under $1000 or $1200
-I’ll be traveling a lot before school starts so I want it to be light weight, but still have all the components
-I was thinking HP or Dell, MAYBE Mac
-I’ll have music,pictures,videos,general school stuff + more
-A 120 to 160 gb storage [correct me if I'm wrong please]
-Built in web cam if possible
-DVD/CD burner [if that exists on a new model]

I’ll be using it 95% of the time, and I’ll be traveling a lot. So I don’t want it to be super heavy, and oh tips on buying an afforable backpack and accessories for the laptop?

Thanks a lot^^


If you want to thank me for next few years , go for Dell XPS M1530. It has everything you are looking for $999. This comes with the best after sales service, technical support. In case you have any issues or need help, no one can beat Dell support.

In short, its packed with performance, is trendy (you go to college so you will love carrying it around).
The best you can get.


Helen asks…

What’s a good laptop for a college student?

I’m going to college next year and want to get a nice (yet affordable) lap top. Any opinions on good or bad ones? The more detailed the answer, the more i’ll appreciate your answer. C:
Thanks a ton!
Ps. I’m going into Crop Science (agriculture) not English or computer graphics or something like that. And I have iTunes. Don’t know if that matters.


If you’re bringing it around campus, I recommend getting a Notebook laptop (small laptops with less memory, but lighter, smaller and easier to bring with you).

Mac have a Mini Mac if you’re interested in getting a mac computer (mini mac is a notebook mac laptop).

But, you can get good, notebooks that are cheaper than the mini mac.

Richard asks…

Best laptop for college and gaming?

going off to college next year, i need a laptop thats good for my studies and for gaming, preferably one that somewhat affordable


First link is going to be your best bet on a budget Laptop for gaming anyways, so I choose this particular one because of the Graphics card & the fact it’s dedicated with 1 GB DDR3 VRAM witch should play most games on Medium to high. Doubt you will get Ultra high on anything with this one. But this is the best you will be able to do unless you get on EBay & buy one that’s used but that can be a pain in the ass. Hope this has helped you! $479.99

Second link in source will take you to your best bet but I’m going to assume $829.99 is not affordable sense you did not post a cap on price.

Intel Core i7 2670 QM (2.20GHz) 15.6″ Display 4GB DDR3 1333 Memory 640GB HDD @ 5400 RPM DVD Super Multi & the best part is this bad boy is Equipped w/ 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 540 M witch will play any game on the market on High settings. Some will play ultra-high just not sure witch at this point in time.

Maria asks…

Looking for an affordable laptop?

I’m a senior in college and my macbook is recently out of commission. I don’t use my computer for anything other than Microsoft Word and pretty basic internet usage. I’m just trying to figure out some affordable laptops that could fit these needs, or even a netbook. With my poor knowledge of technology to begin with, all of the laptops I’ve looked at seem the same to me. Looking to spend around $350-500, obviously would rather go on the cheaper end. Any suggestions?



Best Laptop for ~$500 regardless of what you want to do with it…


James asks…

Looking for laptop for art/gaming?

I’m looking for an affordable laptop that I can play World of Warcraft on but can also use for art and photoshop. I was really hoping for a touch screen laptop, but I’m not sure if I should get one since I’ll be gaming. Preferably with 250g + hard drive since I take photos and a fairly large RAM, 1gb+. Battery life is also important since I’ll be using this laptop in college. Aiming for under $700.
CANNOT be an apple product, need windows for Photoshop, Word, etc.


Alienware has amazing gaming computers. I think their cheapest one is a laptop – $800

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